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Cena And Lita's Live Sex Session
by ThePac

The familiar sound of John Cena's theme song `My Time Is Now' plays from the
big screen as Cena steps out onto the Monday night Raw stage, hands in the
air giving the crowd his signature hand signal. As always when Cena makes his
way to the ring the crowd is spilt all the kids and women are screaming their
heads off at the arrival of their hero while the 18 to 34 male demographic
starts booing and cursing the WWE champion who to them is the most overrated
superstar in WWE history. Cena charges down to the ramp with a purpose before
sliding under the bottom rope then in the centre of the ring he raises his
title belt high in the air giving all the fans in the arena a chance to take
a picture of the champ posing with his belt. The lights in the arena rise and
we can now see the props that have been put in the ring like a huge king size
bed in the centre of the ring. Cena gets a mike from ringside then lays his
belt down on the bed before addressing the crowd.

"What's up Dallas," Cena says yelling out a cheap pop making all the fans in
the arena scream just for a moment for the hometown shout out before the
other half of the fans go back to booing Cena, "Once again the Champ is
here," the crowd pop, at hearing his catchphrase before going back to booing
him again.

"For those of you who don't know last night I defied the odds one more time
to beat up that trash talking Canadian and won myself a little booby prize,"
he jokes to the crowd before turning his head towards the giant screen
hanging over the entrance way.

"Let's have a little back story here, Edge the `Rated R Super lame Superstar'
challenged me to a WWE title match last night at Summerslam and to try and
scare the hell out of me made us both sign a contract for some special

Cena pauses to check out the crowd and all of them are hanging on his every
word, "So if Edge won I would have to quit the WWE forever but if I won I
would get to spend one night with his amazing looking slut of a girlfriend
Lita and guess what folks I WON."

The crowd cheer big time now knowing they are about to see Lita in another
live sex session here live on Raw and it will be with the WWE champion John

"So without any waiting and before her pimp comes around to send her out on
some street corner here comes LITA," Cena does a great job in talking Lita up
before pointing to the ramp as her much underused entrance music starts up.

Lita looks so pissed off as she arrives though the curtain, staring in
disgust at the thousands of fans in the arena all on their feet calling her a
whore. She is also staring at Cena with pure hatred in her eyes not only did
Cena outsmart Edge in beating her but he had also hit her with the FU causing
her real back pain. As she moves further down the ramp the fans in the front
few rows are snapping picture after picture of Lita's very sexy outfit, which
is a red and black top cut low enough to expose a lot of her cleavage. She
also has on black knee high leather boots with ripped black stockings on her
smooth brown legs, which lead up to a plain black mini skirt. In the fans
eyes Lita looks every bit like a true slut that they all chant that she is.
Cena is nice enough to hold the ropes open allowing Lita to get in but she
has a looks of such hatred in her eyes that she looks like she wants Cena to
be 6 feet under. Standing in the ring looking unusually worried Lita does
everything but look Cena in the eyes as he walks all the way round her
checking Lita out. He is checking her out from every possible angle every so
often shaking his head for the amazement of the crowd before picking up his
mike again.

"Well Lita it nice to see you in a place you are the most comfortable in,
another man's bedroom," Cena quickly jokes making the crowd cheer and making
Lita scowl.

"Anyway Lita all joking aside it's nice for you to be here knowing that this
morning you turned down a man offering 25 thousand dollars to go into a place
no man has ever been with you," Cena pauses for a second before carrying on,
"Apart from Essa Rios, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Kane, The Blue Meanie, Big
Dick Dudley, the ring crew, the announcers and everyone on the east cost of
America have ever been before."

Lita is past mad and is shaking trying to hold back her rage at John Cena who
is just standing their calling her a slut on national TV. She is also upset
at the stupid deal Edge made leaving her stuck here while Cena insults her
before getting a good look at her pushed up tits.

John steps closer to Lita reaching out lightly stroking her right arm and
Lita does try to move away but Cena shakes his head and tell her to remember
the deal. So Lita grunts and lets John rub her arm like some teenager taking
a girl out on a first date. Cena's eyes haven't left her tits as he can see a
fair bit of Lita's light pink bra underneath her top. His wandering hand
moves further up Lita's arm past the Diva's shoulder, up her neck and cups
her chin. He then pulls Lita's face forward into his kissing her full on the
lips making the arena go wild with loud cheers and catcalls. Lita tries to
fight the lip lock but Cena's hand is on the back of her head pushing her
into his lips. Also to Lita's disgust Cena is trying hard to shove his tongue
into her mouth and as much as she tries to resist Cena is kissing her well
and she eventually lets her guard slip allowing Cena's tongue to wrestle
itself into her mouth. This long kiss has last over a minute before Cena
pushes Lita away knocking her backwards onto the huge bed. Quickly Cena grabs
hold of Lita's left leg holding onto her thick leather boot. Lita looks on in
amazement as Cena leans his head down and sniffs the sole of her boot before
licking all the way down the sole to the heel of the shoe. He finally stops
the strange foot-worshiping act and unties the boot before pulling it off her
boot and dropping it down to the other side of the bed. Cena removes the
right leather boot to very little fan fare leaving Lita's legs and feet in
only her ripped black stockings.

Moving upwards John's face is now a few inches away from Lita's pussy but her
only has eyes for the very top of her stocking. Taking the flimsy fabric in-
between his bright white teeth Cena slowly pulls the stocking down Lita's
brown and freshly waxed leg. He finishes removing the stocking before he
sniffs it for a brief second before throwing it over his shoulder. Doing the
same to her other stocking covered foot Cena now stares down at Lita's bare
feet and he can't help but cup her tiny ankle in his big hand. Giving the
sole of her foot a quick kiss Cena then lets her foot go and steps backwards
picking up his microphone again.

"Now that we are all nicely relaxed," he says while kicking off his own white
trainers so that he is stood barefoot as well, "Lita, baby it's time to turn
this little `meeting' up a notch."

Cena clicks his fingers and the arena lights dim so that the crowd is in
darkness and the only lights are the dull purple lights shining on the ring
making the whole thing look like some bad 80's porno.

"Where were we oh yes Lita take off that top lets let all these Raw fans see
what Edge uses to cry himself to sleep on," Cena says with a smirk as the
crowd cheer him for telling Lita to strip.

Lita looks around in desperation hoping that someone will come out and save
her but no one is coming to help her. So with a sigh she looks down at the
mat not wanting to see the look of pure lust on Cena's face. Unclipping the
top most button of her top Lita slowly undoes the zipper not as a tease but
because she really hates stripping off in front of the boyfriend's enemy. The
top breaks open before Lita catches it in her arms and looks up at Cena a
look on her face silently begging him not to make her lose her top but Cena
just stands there arms folded shaking his head. Lita drops her top to the
floor as the crowd pops at seeing her light pink lace bra on full display and
to their even bigger delight the material is so thin we can already see
Lita's darkish nipples thought the lace. Cena's jaw drops as her stares at
Lita's big rack incased in just a tiny bra that looks as though it will pop
out any minute. Staring firmly at the ground Lita tries to block out the loud
cheers from the fans or the gob smacked look on John's face.

"Holy crap Lita they are some BIG improvements man your doctor must have been
so proud when he put those puppies in," Cena jokes about her breast implants
as her walks over to the embarrassed red head and poking one of her tits with
his finger feeling all the softness of her big boobs.

Lita can't help but softly moan as Cena wraps his hand around her tit softly
squeezing the skin gently giving her a tit massage. After nearly a minute of
touching her boob Cena can feel his hard on pushing hard against his jean
shorts before he remembers he is live in front of a worldwide audience who
all want to see a little more than tit fondling. So he backs away from Lita
but he still hears her tiny cry of disappointment as he has stopped rubbing
her tits.

"Oh man this is going to be so hot but Lita sadly you are still overdressed
to qualify to ride the John Cena space mountain so that slutty little skirt
you are wearing will have to go," Cena proclaims before the arena is shaking
again from the loud near deafening cheers of the live crowd.

Lita can feel herself blush a bright shade of red but knows there is very
little she can do about being embarrassed right now so she removes her black
leather belt. Dropping it to the mat with a loud crashing sound of the metal
buckles hitting the canvas Lita grabs hold of her tiny little skirt's
waistband before taking a deep breath and pulling it down her legs. The fans
and Cena are silent in shock as Lita's bright pink thong comes into view
barely covering her pussy lips. Flicking the skirt off her feet and away into
the corner, Lita just stands there trying to half hide her thong by keeping
her legs crossed but behind her the cameraman already has his lens firmly
placed looking at Lita's big juicy ass. Cena groans as he twirls his finger
around making the red head former woman's champion do a full 360 spin letting
everyone get a good look at her in her bra and panties. Lita has closed her
eyes in humiliation as she slowly turns around fully aware of what part of
her body the crowd and TV cameras are getting a good look at. She finally
stops the slow twirl and looks straight at Cena trying to guess what the WWE
champion has in store for her next.

"Wow Lita that's amazing you actually wearing panties tonight," Cena jokes as
the crowd bursts into laughter after yet another slut joke.

This for Lita is the worst night ever in her wrestling career, being stood in
the centre of the ring in her underwear with thousands of people in the arena
laughing at Cena's hooker jokes and millions of people at home are probably
jerking off to this.

"But Lita it is now time to see the most ripped and strong body in the WWE
and guaranteed to make you wetter than a Brazilian rainforest so get ready,"
Cena finishes with a yell as all the girls in the crowd go wild as Cena
removes his basketball top.

He then unzips his black jean shorts and tugs them down his legs to reveal
his bright blue boxer shorts with the faint outline of cock pushing up
against the material. Cena throws the mike away out of the ring as he moves
closer to Lita who backs away before hitting the very edge of Cena's large
bed. Standing right next to her Cena wraps his strong arms around pulling her
into his chest then to her shock and horror he starts moving slowly rubbing
his throbbing erection against the top of her thigh. Leaning forward kissing
her neck Lita can hear Cena moaning into her ear as he rubs his cock over her
smooth legs leaving behind a few spots of pre cum on her tanned leg. He is
heaven as Cena dry humps Lita's leg by moving his hips from side to side
rubbing his cock all over her leg nearly taking him to the edge of pleasure.
Trying to get his hands out from behind her back but his grip is too strong
so Lita tries pushing her palms against his shoulder hoping to push him away.
Cena doesn't budge but looks at Lita trying to push him away so hard and all
he can do is grin before ducking down and picking Lita up. Now stuck on
Cena's shoulder in a fireman's carry Lita loses all her control and calmness
and starts yelling and screaming for the champ to put her down. Her legs and
arms are flying around hitting every inch of Cena's toned body they can find
but Cena is unhurt by those wild blows and he just enjoys the feeling of Lita
wriggling around on his shoulder. The crowd is getting an amazing view of
Lita's ass as it is bent over Cena's shoulder and all her struggling and
movements is making her big ass jiggle around to the male crowd's delight.
Cena is also watching her big ass shake around just a few inches away from
his face and he can't help himself raising his ring hand and giving her a
quick spank on her left cheek.

Lita yelps in pain and shock as Cena has just swatted his hand against her
ass and she stops trying to get free of Cena's grip to scream at the young
superstar for spanking her. Taking this chance of Lita not moving Cena takes
two huge strides across the ring towards the bed before throwing Lita off his
shoulder and onto the bed covers. The red head bounces up off the bed for a
second before lying still checking out her underwear scared in case something
had fallen out because the last time she did a live sex session her right
boob popped out for the whole world to see. Everything is still in place but
when Lita looks up she sees the large figure of John Cena standing over her
cupping the bulge in his boxers looking at her body with a look of pure lust.
Second-guessing what Cena wants to do to her Lita tries to run but Cena is
once more just too fast for her to escape as he leaps on top of her pinning
her down to the bed. Once he is on top of her the loud mood music that was in
the background is now turned up loud as the backstage crew turn up the mics
covering the ring meaning the fans around the world will be able to here
every grunt and groan. Cena's sweating face is just inches away from Lita's
who is trying to wriggle free but can't quite get away as the 250 pounds of
WWE champion is keeping her pinned to the bed. She can feel his hot breath
against her neck as he moves in close kissing her neck softly surprising Lita
at his soft touch she can't hold back a dull moan that brings a smile to
Cena's face. He moves his hips around a bit as he kisses her neck before he
is able to get the bulge in his boxers to lie right on top of Lita's thong
covered crotch which to his amazement is already damp. Both superstars moan
as they private parts touch for the first time sending shockwaves though both
of their toned fit bodies.

"Hope you don't mind Lita," Cena whispers into her ear but is picked up by
the microphones, "But I think I'll be on top for a while, I might get a
little feel for how your boyfriend sleeps every night."

He kisses her cheek and before Lita can scream and complain he starts to
grind his crotch into hers making them both cry out from the contact. Lita
now knows she is trapped and just relaxes allowing Cena To rub his dick all
over her body without her fighting back. Not that Cena notices a thing as he
makes sure his cock rubs against all of Lita's thong leaving trails of pre
cum all over the pink fabric soaking it clean though. In a whole world of his
own Cena lifts himself up onto his elbows before dry humping his cock into
her thong but this does very little for Lita but for Cena it seems to be
doing a lot. He is moaning and shouting while moving his hips faster and
faster over Lita's amazing body his boxer-covered cock rubbing against her
crotch and upper thighs as he closes his eyes tight with pleasure. Lita's
eyes are also closed but more in gross disgust rather than pleasure as Cena's
hips bash hard against hers before Cena cries out loud.

cock twitches and cums into his own boxer shorts.

Lita cries out as she can feel Cena's damp crotch resting on her legs lightly
coating them in John Cena's cum. He is breathing heavy and after a minute he
rolls off Lita and lies next to her as the camera man zooms in on the wet
patch covering half of Cena's blue boxers nearly soaking them clean though.
Cena is now fully reclining back on the bed as his arms go out and his left
arm goes around Lita's shoulder for a few seconds before Lita shoves his arm
off her. Looking down at her bronzed, tanned legs to see a wet patch where
Cena's crotch has been. With a disgusted look on her face Lita grabs part of
the bed covers and tries to wipe up the remains of Cena's cum left lingering
on her legs. Just as she finishes cleaning up Cena pulls himself to his feet
and looks down at Lita and shouts at her.

"No more playing Lita, that's the foreplay done and dusted now GET THAT BRA
OFF," Cena screams at her as his face turns bright red and veins bulge out of
his neck.

Lita sheepishly looks around, her eyes begging for someone to help her get
out of this nightmare situation but no one is coming to save her as the fans
are all on their feet staring at her chest. The atmosphere in the arena is
thick as Lita's hands slowly move behind her back finding the back clip of
her bra. Cena waits with baited breath as he hears the loud snap of a bra
being unclipped as Lita looks up to him one last time begging him with her
eyes to stop. To the crowds delight Cena shakes his head and motions for the
red head to throw away her bra as her hands shake on the cups of her bra
cups. Lita takes a deep breath and throws her bra off allowing her big and
slightly brown boobs to bounce free to the shock of the whole crowd. Her big
D cup tits don't sag in the slightest, they just balance there on her chest
making a mockery of gravity but most of the attention is on Lita's large pink
nipples. The cold air in the arena has struck Lita's nipples making them go
hard which a cameraman catches in a close up and Lita goes red as her big
nipples appear on the big screen. Cena is just stood their in total shock and
awe as he stares at Lita's nearly perfect plastic tits and the WWE champion
is just stood their open mouthed at her boobs. Lita grins at him and looks
straight at his boxers as for the second time tonight the fabric of his
shorts is stretched by his rock hard cock. In a world of his own and his eyes
are as wide as saucers as her looks on in wonder at Lita's tits, which are
just hanging there perfectly in front of his face. He is so out of it he
doesn't hear the loud screams for the fans or the rumbling of the ring as
another body sides inside the squared circle.

Edge takes a second to balance himself in the corner before charging at the
dumbstruck WWE champion spearing him down hard to a mix of cheers and boos
from the crowd. Grinning at Lita who herself has a massive grin on her face
as she covers her breasts from view of this sell out crowd. Kicking Cena in
the head a few times to make sure he stays down Edge then drags Cena's body
across the ring towards the ropes. He pulls two sets of metal handcuff from
the inside of his jacket before waving them provocatively at the fans. Cena
is still dazed from that massive spears as he feels something cold being
attached to his wrists but as he tries to get up and fight off whoever
attacked him a jean clad knee cracks him in the face knocking him back down.
Edge has a sick smile on his face as he looks down at one of his most bitter
rivals who is dazed and now handcuffed to the top rope totally defenseless.
Holding his arms up in celebration Edge basks in the 50/50 reaction from the
fans as Lita moves to his side holding him softly as she looks in contempt at
a chained up Cena. Shaking his head Cena looks up to see Edge and Lita
standing a few feet away from him, he tries to charge at them but is held
back and to his horror he sees that his writs have been cuffed to the top
rope. Cena looks straight at Edge with a look of fear on his face as he knows
that he is total helpless in front of one of the most dangerous superstars
ever in the WWE. Lita grabs a handful of Edge's long blonde locks and pulls
the rated R superstar's head down into a kiss that has both of their tongues
flicker in and out of each other's mouth. Edge ends the kiss by licking the
top of Lita's upper lip as his flame haired lover leans forward and whispers
something into his ear.

Looking on is shock Cena knows whatever the idea was it is going to be very
bad for him as Edge is laughing like a super villain before taking a step
back leaving Lita on centre stage. Taunting a bound Cena even more Lita cups
both her large tits in her hands and slowly massages them while she fake
moans loudly forcing Cena to shut his eyes and prey that his cock doesn't
harden any more. To his utter embarrassment it doesn't and the whole world
can now see Cena's cock pitching a pretty big tent in his boxers and just
like Lita before Cena's face has gone a bright shade of red. Lita walks up to
him before resting her chest into his and Cena can't help but groan loudly at
the contact of her soft breasts on his chest but Lita is also sliding her
index finger down his chest and teases the fingertip along the waistband of
his boxers. Cena looks Lita in the face thinking of begging her to stop but
one look at Lita's revenge driven face tells him he has no chance of getting
out of this so he stand up as straight as he can before closing his eyes
tight shut. Both of Lita's well-manicured hands are inside the sides of
Cena's boxers before grinning like Edge to the nearest camera before tearing
Cena's boxers clean off. For only the third time tonight the whole crowd
cheers the girls at seeing Cena naked and the guys are cheering at the
embarrassment that Cena is suffering. Lita giggles as Cena's 7-inch cock pops
out standing fully erect and the red head can't help but to tease the chained
up Cena more. She softly licks her middle finger then runs it on the
underside of his cock making his legs shiver from the sensitive contact as
his cock flex at the soft contact. Cena is moaning from Lita's touch who
finishes her sensual assault by flicking her finger against Cena's cock head
making him yelp in pain and making the whole sell out crowd laugh at him.

Edge opens his arms out wide taking Lita in his strong arms giving her a hug
for the total humiliation of the WWE champion. He can feel Lita's amazing
breasts pressing hard against his t shirt and when he looks up his eyes are
drawn towards the king sized bed sitting in the middle of the ring. Lita
looks up and see where Edge is gazing and gets a naughty little smile on her
face as she breaks the hug and steps back next to the bed. Watching in
amazement as his topless girlfriend falls backwards onto the bed before
beaconing Edge over, while blowing the tied up Cena a kiss. Edge stands in
front of the bed quickly kicking off his trainers and removing his leather
jacket then he yanks off his Rated R t-shirt exposing his well build [steroid
built] upper body. Lita licks her lips as Edge strips in front of her as he
unclips his belt before lowering her jeans showing off his package in his red
boxers. To the fans shock Edge then pulls down his boxers letting all 10
inches of his massive cock leap out of his pants getting gasps of shocks from
all over the arena. Edge turns around to look at Cena eyes are wide in shock
at the size of Edge's massive cock making his own straining cock look tiny
bringing yet more public humiliation for the WWE champ. Kicking his boxers
off his feet and out of the ring a naked Edge turns to look at Lita who is
moaning already staring at Edge's cock, the main reason she left Matt Hardy
who could just never fully perform in the bedroom. Leaping on top of Lita
Edge quickly presses his naked form into Lita before kissing her and pushing
his tongue down her throat making the former woman's champion writhe around
in enjoyment.

Lita wraps her legs around Edge as the Canadian superstar forces his tongue
deeper into Lita's mouth but making sure his hips slowly grind into Lita's
panties. Out of breath Lita breaks the kiss and looks up at Edge who is
stroking her hair out of her face before he slides down Lita's body and
burying his face in between Lita's tits. With Edge's head down Lita gets a
clear view at Cena who is trying to shut his eyes so he can't get more
aroused but Lita starts over moaning like a porn star faking her enjoyment.
It's working as Cena with his eyes nearly welded shut is rubbing the insides
of his legs together trying to jerk himself off. Lita would be laughing at
Cena but Edge has picked up his attack on her boobs and is now biting down on
her soft nipples making her cry out in pleasure as his tongue licks every
inch of her large tits. In a heaven of pleasure Lita starts grinding her body
into the bed giving her body and her tits to Edge's tongue that is
sensitively bringing her to a wonderful moment of sexual enjoyment. Edge
looks up and sees the wonder on Lita's face so to tease the sultry Diva Edge
stops worshiping her tits and continues his slide down her body. Lita gasps
in disappointment as Edge crawls down her body leaving only his salvia
covering her tits but see is soon happy with her lower as his hand brushes
against her crotch. Lifting her hips up to allow better access to her panties
Lita lets out a dull moan as she feels Edge take a strong grip on the lacy
fabric covering her pussy. Nearly tearing her panties clean off her, Edge
hungrily looks at Lita's shaved pussy already gleaming under the arena lights
with her own juices making her pussy lips shine.

Edge starts to jerk his own monster cock to the sight of a totally nude Lita
who is doing her best to get Edge back to the job of pleasing her. She
spreads her legs wide and the whole arena is surprised when they hear a moan
from the corner and see their WWE champion pulling at his bonds like a wild
animal trying to get out. Both Lita and Edge grin at each other as they watch
Cena fight to escape in pure sexual frustration as his rock hard cock is
really throbbing, begging to be touched and there is no one there to relive
the pressure. Lita is still laughing at the plight of John Cena when Edge
dives between her legs and drives his overworked tongue deep into her pussy.
Screaming like a mad woman Lita's scream of pleasure has most of the fans
holding their ears as the tattooed red head tilts her head back letting out a
loud primal scream. Edge knows that Lita is a slut who just loves cock so
when he uses his amazing tongue it makes Lita scream like no woman he had
ever heard before and doing this make Lita very wet and made it so much
easier for him to smash his cock into her. Lita slaps her hands on the bed
like she's tapping out from a submission as Edge's tongue has already found
her clit and is now lapping away at it nearly making Lita cry from pleasure.
Pushing his face deeper into her pussy Edge takes a few seconds to lap up
some of Lita's juices before pushing his tongue inside her once more making
her yell out again and she starts bucking her hips smashing her crotch into
Edge's face. Edge struggles to keep his face still as he gets Lita's hairless
crotch hitting him in the nose but because he knows the rewards of giving
Lita a good pussy licking he digs his fingers into her hips keeping her
straight before driving his tongue in more.

COCK," Lita screams at her boyfriend who instantly stops licking her out and
drops her hips back onto the bed.

The crowd is just standing in shock as the Diva they have taunted about being
a slut for so long suddenly screams out for dick like a true slut. Edge
pushes 7 inches of his large dick inside Lita in one thrust making Lita moan
but soon adapts her body to cope with the large chunk of meat pushing into
her vagina walls. Slowly Edge starts to rock back and forth his cock sliding
easily inside Lita's pussy using the red heads own juices as a lubricant
aiding him to pick up a rhythm quickly. He starts to pick up the pass Edge
starts to fuck Lita faster as his lover pushes her own hips into the
thrusting 2 time WWE champion bringing their flesh colliding together sending
jolts of pleasure though their bodies. All of Edge's monster cock is now
inside Lita who can feel Edge's cock head thrusting into her ultra sensitive
clit. Having sucked Edge off so many times Lita can just about picture that
thick, dark purple head that had bruised the back of her throat so many times
pushing into her pussy and that mental picture alone has Lita rolling and
moaning. Edge hears Lita's wild cries of passion and quickly changes his
attack focusing on short, sharp thrusts into Lita wanting her to explode
while his cock was still buried inside her. He doesn't have to wait long,
Lita has been so sexually frustrated today that she can't last as long as
normal when one loud throaty yell makes her cum buckets of thick cream
completely coating Edge's cock. Lita screams her head off as her large orgasm
takes full effect and her body buckles under the pure unadulterated pleasure.
Edge pulls his cum covered cock out of Lita as she rolls around trying to let
the last few seconds of pleasure coursing though her veins last a bit longer.

Edge gets to his feet and looks over at Cena who's whole upper body is a
bright shade of red from the effort of trying to break free looks at Edge and
his cock caked in Lita's cum. Grinning at his chained up rival he walks over
to Lita's mouth and goes to talk to her but before the words escape his mouth
she sits up. Wiping her hair and sweat from her face Lita takes one look at
Edge's dirty cock and lowers her head into Edge's crotch. Edge looks over and
grins at Cena who is trying to look away from the full on erotic act
happening a mere few feet away from him but Edge's over enthusiastic moans
have the WWE champion moaning softly as well. Watching in delight as his
girlfriend bob her head sucking and licking all her own cum off his cock
before taking all 10 inches down her mouth and sucking on his cock has Edge
groaning for a release. Lita's left hand slowly moves up Edge's inner thigh
before deftly taking his medium sized balls in her soft hand and rubs them.
Edge's eyes roll backwards into his skull as Lita does what she does better
than any women Edge has ever meet, suck cock. Lita's head is moving faster
along Edge's cock sucking ever inch of his big dick, while giving his balls a
very strong massage and soon enough Lita can feel her payoff coming. Groaning
like a very bad porn star Edge lets several gallons of cum shoot out of his
cock and down the throat of Lita who like any good cock sucker she swallow
ever bit of cum that roils down her throat. After such an intense orgasm Edge
loses control of his knees and falls onto the bed and onto Lita who has just
finished swallowing his cum but has a bit of the white goo on her lips like
some kind of slutty lip gloss. Edge grins at his dirty slut of a girlfriend
before kissing her passionately.

To say that the wrestling fans in the arena are in shock would be a huge
understatement, no one had ever seen anything like this but most love it.
Watching Lita act like the slut everyone knew she was has most of the guys in
the crowd either reaching for their cameras or their cocks. The females in
the crowd also loved this act of raw sexuality mostly for the fact of seeing
both Cena and Edge's cocks live and in front of them. Cena is mumbling to
himself having given up his fight with the handcuffs and knows his punishment
for beating Edge last night is to watch them both having sex right in front
of him. Edge has stopped the passionate tongue kissing and is like before
sliding down her body kissing every inch of flesh he can lay his eyes on.
Lita loves having Edge treat her like this, like some kind of princess who
derives all the attention that is a good way to turn her on but unlike other
men she has been with Edge lets her act like at total whore, sucking off
random fans, flashing police men, sleeping with any guy with a good sized
cock. Thinking all these wonderful slutty thought Lita is brought quickly
back to reality when she feels Edge's cock pushed deep inside her once more.
Edge yells out as he pushes his half hard cock into Lita's dripping wet pussy
and soon he feels his well sized cock harden up inside Lita making her groan
as she can feel so much of him inside her. To Lita's dismay Edge stops'
thrusting inside of her but when she looks up Edge is already on his feet
grabbing her by the ankles before flipping her onto her back. Now Lita gets
it and quick pulls her body onto all 4's sticking her big ass in the air
giving the fans behind her the most awe inspiring view of her ass and cum
soaked pussy lips. Edge gets behind Lita giving her ass a light smack making
her moan in anticipation for being fucked from behind.

Edge and Lita are both facing the handcuffed WWE champion who is still as
hard as a rock and begging them to let him go or help make him cum. Edge
pulls back on Lita hair before they both look John Cena dead in the eyes as
Edge's cock slides into Lita's damp pussy. Lita groans on first contact but
feels Edge's strong hands digging into the flesh of her asscheeks making her
giggle with delight at how rough Edge is now treating her. She starts to rock
her body back into Edge before the Rated R superstar rams forward the force
of the blow nearly knocking Lita onto her face. Digging her elbows into the
messed up bed sheets hoping to at least keep her on all fours as Edge fucks
her. His second powerful but slow push forward brings up a loud scream from
Lita who feels Edge trying to send every single inch of cock he had into her
pussy and feeling all that dick imbedded in her pussy has Lita very turned
on. She cries out for more as Edge teases her with yet another hard spank on
her ass before moving his hips at a quicker rate. Lita closes her eyes and
bites her lip as Edge's cock is now going further and further up her pussy
hitting the most sensitive parts of her anatomy making her cry out in pure
bliss. Looking up Edge grins at a crying Cena who's is trying everything to
jerk himself off but nothing is working and he falls to his knees as Lita's
loud screams invade his ears. Moving faster Edge slams his own hips into
Lita's ass as his cock pumps in and out of her dripping wet pussy making both
of them groan and cry. Edge reaches forward pulling back on Lita's long red
hair lifting her face up off the bed and putting her in direct eye contact
with the near in tears Cena. Lita grins at the stress on Cena's face as he
has to watch this Edge and Lita porno style fucking right in front of him and
his cock is basically screaming for a relief.

Grunting like a cavemen Edge picks up the pace in fucking Lita's well lubed
cunt and he can feel his cock flexing inside her as he is getting close. Not
as close as Lita who is bucking and screaming as she is fucked doggy style as
her big breasts shake around as she lets out another loud cry. Cursing her
own body's weakness Lita moans out as her legs grow weak and her second heavy
orgasm of the day hits her and she falls face first onto the bed. Edge grips
Lita's bucking hips tightly, holding her steady as her whole body shakes from
the force of the orgasm as Edge feel yet more of Lita's hot, sticky cum
coating his dick. She stops shaking but is still panting hard face down on
her bed as Edge grinds his still hard dick into Lita's overworked pussy. Just
a few seconds of fucking Lita's cum filled pussy has Edge ready to cum but in
the knowledge Lita hates cum being shot inside her he pulls out. Lita feels
Edge withdrawn but is on the same wavelength as her lover and rolls slowly
onto her back sticking her chest out ready for Edge's seed. Standing up on
the bed Edge takes another quick second to glance at Cena who is still
pulling hard at his bounds but is going no where allowing Edge a quick laugh
at the desperation of the WWE champion. He looks down at Lita's tanned body
and starts to jerk his cum covered cock aiming it at Lita and it doesn't take
Edge long to have himself on the edge of cumming. Shutting his eyes tight
Edge screams like a opera singer before blowing his load all over Lita's
chest some of it even lapping up to her face. 30 seconds later Edge drops
back onto the bed exhausted, while Lita rubs her index finger in the thick
wad of cream on her chest before licking the small amount of cum off her

Lita uses the bed covers to wipe the rest of Edge's cream off her chest while
Edge uses John Cena's t-shirt to clean himself up. The WWE's power couple
looks over at Cena watching his puffed out red face begging for some sexual
relief. Lita is getting dressed but after slipping her boots on she looks at
Cena's begging face and walks over to his shaking body and points to his
oversized cock. Cena looks up at Lita and sadly nods his head before closing
his eyes ready to be jerked off. Lita looks at Edge who is sat back watching
his naked girlfriend in front of Cena. Withdrawing her hands Lita stands
directly in front of Cena, arms folded and a scowl on her face. Cena looks up
at Lita in hope that she will relive his aching erection but instead he
watches the red head collect her boots and slowly zips the back up her legs.
Still totally naked Lita stands up admiring the look of her black boots
against her tanned brown skin. Without any form of threat or warning Lita
swings her foot upwards smashing her boot into Cena's balls making the WWE
champion scream out like a girl. His legs give away and Cena is keeping his
legs tightly crossed as the handcuffs keep him hanging in mid air. Lita
watches in satisfaction as tears roll down Cena's face as his already sore
balls start to swell up in pain. Edge hugs Lita before giving Cena's tied up
body one last glance before leaving the ring hand in hand with his girlfriend
as Cena cries and tries to hold his aching balls.


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