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Challenging The WWF Superstars
by 1GB

At WWF Headquarters at Stamford, Connecticut, new Live Event News anchors Tamara Murphy and Stephanie Wiand sit in an empty conference room having a coffee and discussing their duties as the new announcers of the Federation. They're recently going over their notes for their upcoming news segments for syndicated tv shows such as Superstars and Wrestling Challenge.

"So, you have everything covered?" Stephanie asks Tamara.

"Um yeah, looks like all of it," Tamara tells her quickly looking through her notes for the final time and puts them down on the table. "Hmm..."

Steph was eager to ask, "Everything okay?"

"No, I'm fine," Tam says as she takes a sip from her coffee, "Anyway,since we're on break, us girls can talk."

"Oh, sure I'm always up for a conversation!" The excited woman smiles at the sunny blonde next to her.

"So, I discovered that you're the new WWF Mania co-host," Tamara says, "any moments you'd like to share."

"Everything was great, but the best part was when I finally arrived in the studio room as Todd's present!" Stephanie said happily.

"Any special moments, let's say...when you two went off the air?" questioned Tamara, with a sly smirk.

"...errrr...maybe one thing happened?" Steph unconsciously smiles.

"Details, tell me what was that one thing you did?" The sunny blonde asked with impatience.

"Well, I told Todd that he's been good this year, that he deserved a special gift and...that I..." Stephanie takes a huge slurp of coffee, then continues, "I blew him! And...he liked it!" She yelled, which surprises Tamara.

"Ooh nice one, just the perfect way to make an impression." Tamara smirks. "That's what happens when you please the people around here, just like I impressed Bret "The Hitman" Hart one night."

"Oh my..."

"Oh my is right! Who knew he was such a warrior in bed!"

The room was silent for a moment until Tamara gets that mischievous look in her face and turns to Stephanie. Looking suspicious, she had to ask, "Um, what's with that look??"

"What's good for us if we stick around in this building when the action's at the local house shows?" Tamara asks.

"You're right I'd like to experience that..." Steph agrees.

Tamara then stood up from her seat, "Instead of staying in here, how about we show those superstars that were just as good as the women wrestlers, and hell, Alundra Blayze can't have all the glory."

"And just how we do that?" questioned Stephanie.

Tamara crosses her arms and mischievously smiles, "We'll find a way..."

* * *

"Ummm, Tamara I don't know..." Stephanie Wiand says, having little doubts about the plan as she and Tamara walk in the Great Western Forum located in Los Angeles, California.

"Oh don't ruin it already," Murphy replies, "You'd even agreed with me that should get some action as well and that's what were gonna do. Let's just stick together, 'kay?"

"Okay..." Wiand sighed.

Loud cheers can be heard throughout the arena's corridor hall as the WWF Champion Diesel exits the curtains after pulling an easy victory against Mr. Bob Backlund.

"OH! There's the world champion!" pointed out Stephanie. She hurried to catch up with him and approached with a big smile on her face.

"Can I help you?" Diesel asks with little interest, as he's puzzled by whoever is standing in front of him.

"Hi, Stephanie Wiand," she nervously smiles, trying to stay on a professional level, "You're Diesel correct?"

"The one and only," he responds in a proud tone.

"Congratulations on your title defense. Now everyone wants to know, what's next for Big Daddy Cool?"

"What's next for me, you ask? I'd say I'll go in the back and celebrate with the boys tonight."

Steph nods with approval as he continues, "and maybe while were at it, we could show that one lucky lady what were capable of."

Tamara, out of the blue, appears next to Steph, "Make that two, big man," she smirks, "Tamara Murphy ,by the way. How about us girls get an exclusive look at what the WWF Superstars are really capable of..."

"I could't agree more Tammy!" Stephanie agrees.

"Sounds like a challenge I'd like to see happen," Diesel says, "You two, tonight, Room 300."

"Oh, we'll be there!" Tamara declares as all three walk off the interview set.


The LEN ladies stand in front of the hotel room exchanging looks before making an entrance.

"Are you sure That I look okay?" Stephanie asks, with her short brown hair swept half back while wearing a black beret and a royal blue winter coat.

"I'm as nervous as you are, you look great, I'm sure the boys will love you," Tamara encourages her, wearing a red winter coat with her smooth long blonde hair tied to a bun.

They proceed knock on the door and out comes the world champion. Wearing nothing but denim jeans smiles and says, "Glad you showed up." He held the door for them, closing the door and locking it tight.

Looking inside, they realized that he wasn't alone, looks like he was serious about the challenge and brought five more to the table: The Smoking Gunns (Billy and Bart), Razor Ramon, "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith, and Lex Luger sitting in the spacious room all of them sitting in chairs.

"Now before this night can get any wild, lose the coats," Diesel commented.

Tamara was first to take her red coat off, showing off her youthful, 21 year old body to the men (and woman). She wore the best lingerie she could find in her travel bag, a black bra, covering her perky tits and matching panties that shows off a good amount of her perfect round ass.

Stephanie was the last to take her blue coat and beret off, revealing her incredibly fit bod. Instead of a bra she wore a silky white baby doll which hid her small tits and panty covered ass.

The boys wooed, whistled and enjoyed their little strip show, and they were ready for some raw action.

"Have fun ladies!" Diesel said out loud before sitting on the bed.

Tamara licks her lips, "Mmm, we're definitely gonna have a wild night."

"Mmm-hmm," was Stephanie's response.

"Now which one of you shall I suck first?"

"I know, it's so hard to decide."

Billy and Bart first approach them, but faces Stephanie's direction.

"You're the one they call Stephanie?" Billy smiles.

"Absolutely." Steph nods.

"Let's see if you can handle this pair guns." Bart says as the Tag Team Champions pull down their jeans, and reveals their Texas-big cocks.

"Oh my gosh, they're big!" Her eyes widen in shock.

"Don't you think it's about time to use that mouth of yours?" Tamara asked.

Steph heard the request and parts her full, red lipstick colored lips and takes Billy Gunn's cock into her mouth and wrapping her right hand around Bart Gunn's cock, stroking it gently. The Gunns grunt feeling Stephanie's use of her soft hands and lips like never before. Stephanie haven't felt this much heat and excitement inside her body (and mind) as she smoothly bobs her head on the large Texan cock of Billy Gunn. She lifted her head and made her way to Bart's cock, licking it from the base all the way to the tip, and lastly into her mouth.

"Mmmmm..." moaned the backstage correspondent moving her head as she taste the thick cock belonging to Bart.

"Damn, I never knew she had it in her," Tamara grins, then being approaches by the Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon.

"How about you put your mouth around this dick?"

"It'll be my pleasure."

She strokes his long and thick cock by hand, and while Razor was getting the best handjob of the year, she lets her long blonde hair down. She resumes stroking the base, her mouth is let loose lapping her tongue on the head.

As Tammy continues to blow da bad guy, he reaches down to unclasp her bra, exposing her rounded tits. She licks around his entire length pushing it into her mouth. As the oral assault continues, the future Allied Powers grew impatient. That is, until Tamara glances at them as she releases Razor's dick.

"You know I'm open for more takers."

Wasting no time at all, Lex Luger removes his patriotic styled zubaz, while Davey Boy Smith lowers his black shorts. Within seconds the young woman was amazed by their impressively thick cocks.

"Ooh! I gotta have these big boys in me!" Tamara shouts, stroking Lex and Davey's tools. Razor Ramon got behind, pulled her panties aside and pushed his cock inside her young tight pussy.

Not too far from the hotel room sits Stephanie on the floor caught with her legs spread, as Bart Gunn slides two fingers inside her panty covered pussy.

"Ooohhhh" Stephanie moans, enjoying the double digit pleasure below her waist. Billy Gunn kneels behind her peeling the straps of the babydoll off her shoulders, showing off her perky breasts. Feeling fully aroused, she pulls Billy in for a deep kiss, as he tweaks one of her nips. Bart on the other hand, takes off Stephanie's panties, and inserted his fully hardened cock into her. Stephanie moans into Billy's mouth, pushing her hips forward against Bart who fought back with deep thrusts.


"Ohh...faster!" Tamara Murphy moans loudly, as she's bouncing on top of Lex Luger.

"Ahh, such a tight arse!" Davey grunts as he pounds Tamara's tight ass.

"You liking this huh?!" Lex moans as he thrusts up deeper into her cunt.

"Oh,YES!" Screamed Tamara Murphy.

She sucked on Razor Ramon's large cock once more, deep throating the tool to the back of her mouth.

"Awww...that's it chica..."Da Bad Guy moans grabbing ahold of her blonde hair, watching the beauty work her oral magic on him.
On the other side of the room...

"Ahh, no!" Stephanie Wiand yells as Billy inserts his cock in her tight ass.

The Gunns stood up, with Bart drilling her pussy and Billy invading her asshole, giving her the best feeling of getting double teamed.

"What's wrong, can't handle a couple of Texas cowboys?" Bart questioned.

"Oh no!" She shakes her head," This feels so freaking good...!"

The Gunns then decided to quicken their thrusts, giving their all to the lovely Californian woman. She bucked back and fourth, going as fast as she can, trying keeping up with them.

"Oh!" Stephanie screams, "I love it, I love it! Oohhh!" And within her final movements, her body tenses and begins to cum.

"Ahhh,shit!" Billy groans without any warning as he and Bart pulled out of her holes and gently laid Steph to the floor. The Smoking Gunns stroked their cocks in front of Steph as she opened her eyes and mouth, recovering from her orgasm.

"Mmmm, we gotta huge load for you!" Billy groans as he came first, spraying his cum on Stephanie's face instead of her open mouth.

"Ahh, here it comes!" Bart was next to shoot, landing perfectly in her mouth.

"Mmmmm..." Stephanie moans as she taste the cum belonging to Bart Gunn. She then collects Billy's as well taking her hand, tasting it.

"Are you boys ready for me?" Tamara Murphy says sitting on her knees as Razor Ramon, Lex Luger and The British Bulldog stroke their cocks.

"You know I am!" Razor Ramon groans releasing his cum in Tammy's mouth.

The British Bulldog cums next, shooting his load on her pretty face and lastly Lex Luger aimed for her left cheek and forehead.

"Mmmm, so yummy!" She says with a laugh rubbing the cum on her face.

Exhausted from all the action, the five WWF Superstars got dressed and ledt the room and let Big Daddy Cool himself finish the women off. He really enjoyed the show of them getting double or triple teamed, but it was his time to give the women an unforgettable performance.

"Wow! I guess we swept those Superstars off their feet." Tamara smiled.

"It was indeed," Stephanie says.

"Good show ladies!" A voice called, the two women were unaware of Diesel's appearance, "You two were good out there."

"Oh yeah, you're the one who challenged us." Stephanie says.

"That's right, and since you've made it this far, I decided to step back for a bit and save the very best for last." Diesel says as he sat on the edge of the hotel room bed, only wearing boxers.

"Alright then..." Tamara says with a smirk, turning her head to Stephanie, "How about Steph and I show you what we can do?"

"Challenge accepted." Diesel proclaims, as the girls step forward to him.

Kneeling down with Tammy on the right, Steph on the left move their hands caressing Diesel's toned waist reaching to his boxing shorts.

"I'm thinking you got something big for us," Tamara teases stroking his crotch area.

"You know it babe," the World Champion says as the new WWF broadcast members tug down his shorts. It was no surpirse to Tamara who had a thing for big thick cocks, but it surprised Stephanie who haven't laid eyes on something that huge in her life.

Grabbing the length in front of Tamara goes straight to work stroking and massaging her tongue all around it. On the other hand, Stephanie fondled his large ballsack using her full lips to kiss and suck all around. Diesel smirked giving a small groan in response saying he like what's being portrayed below him feeling solid as rock.

"So..." Big Daddy Cool called, "Who wants in first?"

Steph moaned softly bending over, "Oh please?"

"No put it in me first!" Tamara strikes back laying back first.

Without an answer, Diesel bent Stephanie Wiand down to her hands and knees guiding his massive cock into her tight pussy.

"Ahhhh!" Steph moaned loudly feeling the huge prick stretch her out. Like before, she pushes back against Diesel's toned waist going as deep as she could.

"Come on take that cock," Deisel commanded, "TAKE IT!"

"OHHH GOD!" She climaxed again, not lasting as long as she hoped.

"One down, one more to go," he said pulling out of Stephanie's tight wet pussy and laid down so Tamara can have her turn on the big man.

"You're gonna love what I do," The beautiful blonde says lowering herself onto his cock, "because...mmmmm...I deliver..." She slightly bounces on top going all the way in.

"I hope you're right on that, unlike Little Miss Sunshine over there, couldn't handle anymore."

"Of course baby!"

Diesel grabbed Tammy's hips and began to thrust up her snug pussy, giving the sweet blonde to go down on him. She moaned aloud feeling his entire length go deep inside her as she kept bouncing along.

"Ohhh!" Tamara moans, "Give it to meee!"

Diesel then lifts up keeping his cock in her pussy and pins her down to the soft bed and resumes pounding into her.

"Ohhh yeah!" Tamara groans bucking her hips forward taking all of him as he kept on sliding his dick in and out of her again and again. He groaned as well, feeling the urge to cum, but before that happens...

"Ahhhhhh!!" The former valet closes her eyes and cums on his throbbing cock. Diesel grits his teeth feeling the wetness spray on his crotch, pulling out of her.

"That...was sooo amazing!" Tamara moaned making a quick recovery, and so did Stephanie who wasn't far behind. Noticing his throbbing cock, the girls licked and sucked around his thick prick, keeping the champ happy to have them around.

"Ahhhh! Here it comes!" He groans tilting his head back releasing his juices on the face of the blonde and brown haired women. They moaned feeling his warm cum shoot on their lips, cheeks and nose.

"Wow..." Stephanie Wiand says, "This night was so cool!"

"It sure was, "Tamara Murphy said tasting the cum that remained on her face. "But..."

"But what?" Steph asks.

"Maybe we can stay a little longer, that is Stephy, if you can last much more longer than earlier..." Tamara smirks, "to make up from your small mistake?"

Stephanie thought for a moment and answered, "Okay, fine I'll stay for a bit longer."

"Longer?" Diesel says. "How about all night? Got much time to kill before going back on the road."

"Alright big boy," Tamara says with a lustful glance, "Challenge Accepted."


Author's Comment: Okay. So this isn't the best quality of work that I've done. Maybe next time?

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