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Champion's Advice
by 4Horsewomen

Charlotte was wet. She hadn't had any action for a while since becoming Divas Champion. She had no time. She had to train, eat, wash her clothes, make public appearances, sign autographs, work on her promo for the nights event, wrestle a match, travel to the next town and then find time to sleep before she had to do it all over again. She checked the time on her phone, 2:16, despite being tired all day she couldn't sleep. She was too horny to sleep. Her white panties were soaked from her pussy juices.

The Divas Champion couldn't help it any more, sliding her right hand in to her panties she began to slowly rub her clit. She hadn't touched herself in so long, she couldn't believe how good her fingers felt caressing the the lips of her pussy. Charlotte softly moaned as she inserted a finger in to her pussy. She knew that she should probably keep her voice down so as to not disturb the rooms next door to her but she couldn't help it. She began to play with her tits under her, "Do it with Flair" shirt that she wore to bed, her moans filled the room as she fingered herself faster. The blonde diva was just about to cum when she heard a knock at the door. Charlotte froze, her finger still in her pussy. Who would knock at this time of the morning? The Divas Champion waited, thinking if she was silent, whoever it was would go away leaving her to orgasm in peace. However the knock came again.

"Shit!" Charlotte cursed under her breath, she angrily got out of bed and walked towards the door, not caring that she was only wearing a T-Shirt and panties. She opened the door to find the NXT Women's Champion, Bayley standing in the doorway, except she wasn't dressed like she normally was. Bayley's hair was not in it's traditional side ponytail, instead it hung down and she only wore her purple, "I'm a Hugger" T-Shirt and a pair of tight black shorts.

"Hey Char... sorry... did I wake you?" Bayley asked nervously.

"No," Charlotte responded, "I've been awake. What's up, champ?"

"Um, do you mind if I come in?" Bayley asked. Charlotte hesitated for a second, wanting to say no so she could return to her alone time, but seeing that Bayley's eyes were red and appeared to have been crying, she obliged and led Bayley into her hotel room.

As Bayley followed Charlotte through the doorway she couldn't help but look at Charlotte's perfect ass in those tight white panties, which Bayley herself found surprising. Bayley had always thought Charlotte was beautiful but she had never really been attracted to her, although she had never heard Charlotte moan like that before.

"So what's up Bayley-wayley?" Charlotte asked, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

"I'm just so overwhelmed!" Bayley answered collapsing on the bed next to Charlotte, "Don't get me wrong, I love being Champion, but with all the house shows, TV tapings, meet and greets with fans, filming Breaking Ground, as well all the training, I just don't know if I can handle it." Tears began to run down Bayley's cheek causing Charlotte to worry. This wasn't the Bayley she knew.

"Hey, come on!" Charlotte whispered, taking Bayley's hand pulling her up off the bed, "I know, how tough it can be when you're Champion, but you gotta remember that you're the best of the best in NXT. People look up to you and believe in you, and you need to stay strong."

Bayley sighed, "You're right," she said wiping her tears, "I just wish I was strong like you."

Charlotte smiled at the beautiful brunette, "Sometimes I wish I was strong like you."

The two champions embraced in a tight hug which lasted a lot longer than normal, but neither of the two beauty's seemed to mind. When the hug eventually broke Bayley's eyes began to wander as she thought she had felt something in that hug, and sure enough, she noticed Charlottes hard nipples poking through her T-Shirt. Charlotte noticed Bayley staring suddenly realising where her eyes were focussed.

"Oh god!" Charlotte exclaimed, embarrassingly covering her shirt.

"It's ok," Bayley laughed, "I heard you before, when I knocked." Charlotte turned red covering her face and lying back on the bed.

"Busted." Charlotte sighed, as Bayley lay down next to her, giggling.

"So, were you... touching... yourself?" Bayley asked playfully.

"Yes," Charlotte sighed, "Sometimes the championship pressure gets to me too. So I need to... you know, take the edge off." Bayley continued to giggle, scanning her eyes over Charlotte's body.

"Do you think..." Bayley quietly asked, "...maybe I could watch you?"

Charlotte was silent for a minute. Wondering why Bayley would ask something like that? However she strangely wasn't against the idea.

"You wanna watch me masturbate?" Charlotte asked.

"Well... Yeah kinda." Bayley responded shyly, "I just never really thought about doing it and I just wanted to... see how you do it." Bayley searched Charlotte's face for a response frightened at what it might be. After what seemed like a lifetime Charlotte responded,

"Ok, I guess we could do that." The Divas Champion said, repositioning herself to get in a comfortable position. Bayley let out a sigh of relief excited as to what was about to happen. Charlotte wasn't sure how to start as she wasn't used to masturbating to an audience but when she turned her head to look at Bayley and got lost in her beautiful brown eyes, she naturally slid her hand into her panties and began to circle her clit. Charlotte continued to look at Bayley as she played with her clit, wondering what Bayley was thinking as her eyes darted from Charlottes eyes to her panties. Charlotte didn't want to make things awkward so she shut her eyes as her fingers gracefully glided along the outer lips of her pussy. Bayley could feel herself getting wet, so she removed her shorts revealing a cute pair of purple panties.

"Do you mind... if I do it too?" Bayley whispered. Charlotte opened her eyes, smiled and nodded her approval watching Bayley slowly slip her hand beneath the purple fabric.

"How do you do it?" Bayley asked,

"Just... go in circles." Charlotte whispered, finding Bayley's ignorance adorable. Following Charlotte's instructions, Bayley closed her eyes and slowly began to circle her hand around her lips, rubbing her clit, and exploring her pussy. The sensation was indescribable, the act of masturbation would have been enough but the fact that Bayley was lying next to Charlotte, the beautiful blonde bombshell, and she was watching her masturbate while Charlotte played with her pussy, drove Bayley wild. Charlotte had to admit that watching Bayley shyly discover her sexual pleasures was turning her on more than any thing. Bayley opened her eyes locking them with Charlotte's, the two women couldn't explain it, but their sexuality seemed to come alive in each others presence.

"Do you... do you ever put a finger in?" Bayley asked, wanting to know if her desires were normal or out of the ordinary.

"All the time." Charlotte replied, slipping her finger inside herself almost on cue. Bayley's finger found shelter in the confides of her pussy, pure ecstasy. Bayley gradually worked her finger in and out of her pussy in a rhythm that was almost instinctual.

"It's hot to watch you." Charlotte whispered.

Bayley's nipples grew harder the more she fingered herself, suddenly feeling restricted by the thin layers of fabric on her body. Charlotte noticed this, longing to see what lay underneath Bayley's clothes. Charlotte had only ever seen Bayley in as little as a bra and shorts in the locker room back in NXT, but tonight she wasn't going to settle for that, she was ready to free Bayley from her clothed prison and Charlotte herself was dying to feel the glorious freedom of nudity.

"It's pretty warm in here right?" Charlotte seductively whispered, slowing her hand movements to a gentle caress of her pussy.

"Yeah... it is." Bayley replied, mimicking Charlottes slower movements,

"Do you mind if take this off?" Charlotte asked, tugging on the thin material of her shirt.

"Um... sure, yeah, do that... if you want to." Bayley nervously responded, not wanting to seem too excited at the idea of seeing Charlotte's tits. Charlotte smiled and pulled her shirt over her head, revealing her amazing tits to Bayley. Bayley was in awe, the Divas Champion looked so beautiful topless. Throughout this night Bayley wasn't sure how she felt about Charlotte, but now she knew.

"Wanna feel em?" Charlotte said casually, aware that she had Bayley right where she wanted her.

"Yes." Bayley said quickly, already reaching out to touch, before Charlotte stopped her.

"Well, if you wanna feel mine, I get to feel yours." Bayley froze for a moment, this is really happening, before standing up off the bed and turning her back to Charlotte, she took a deep breath in and pulled her shirt over her head. When she turned around she found Charlotte had taken off her panties and sat naked on the bed.

"No more games Bayley. Let's fuck!"

Bayley froze, attempting to analyse the situation but before she could, she felt Charlotte take her hands and gently pull her in for a kiss. Bayley's mind switched itself off as she kissed Charlotte back, there was nothing else in the world but her and Charlotte. Bayley opened her mouth slightly, allowing Charlotte's tongue access to her mouth and exploring Charlotte's mouth with her own tongue. Charlotte pulled Bayley on to the bed and lay on top of her, beginning to kiss down her neck and explore her boobs. Bayley's boobs were perfect. She took her left tit in her hand gently toying with it, while she took Bayley's right nipple in her mouth.

"Oh my god!" Bayley exclaimed, causing Charlotte to internally laugh as she sucked on her nipple. Charlotte continued to massage Bayley's tits as she began to kiss further down Bayley's body, before reaching her wet, purple panties. The divas Champion brushed her fingers along the brunette's panties before removing them swiftly. To Charlotte's surprise, Bayley sported a small landing strip of well kept hair, which Charlotte found very sexy, kissing around Bayley's pussy teasing her before beginning to lick Bayley's clit. Bayley gasped, moaning at the pleasures she never thought possible but was receiving from the blonde diva.

"You taste nice, Bayley." Charlotte said, lapping up Bayley's juices.

"Oh god, Charlotte! That feels so good!" Bayley moaned, beginning to play with her own boobs as Charlotte licked. The two champions locked eyes while Charlotte licked, Bayley pinching her nipples softly. The Divas Champion inserted her middle finger inside Bayley causing the NXT Women's Champion to cry out in ecstasy. Charlotte's finger slowly drew in and out of Bayley's pussy, a second finger quickly joining it's brother. After a few minutes Charlotte instructed her lover, "Turn over, I wanna look at your ass."

Bayley obeyed was not sure what else to expect but eager to experience more of the Divas Champion. Charlotte kept her fingers inside Bayley's tight pussy but began to focus on the ass that she had always admired. Charlotte ran her hand along Bayley's ass squeezing it slightly causing the brunette to, "Ooooooo" softly. The Divas champion slapped Bayley's ass, watching it jiggle at her touch.

"Mmmmmm." Bayley hummed burying her face in the pillow in front of her.

"You've been a naughty girl, haven't you Bayley?" Charlotte seductively asked, continuing to run her hands along that perfect ass.

"Oh god, yes!" Bayley responded, having never felt this turned on before.

Charlotte spanked her again, "Say it. Say it, Bayley!"

"I've been a naughty girl! Oh Charlotte, I've been so bad!" Bayley felt another slap on her ass.

"Do you like me finger fucking you?"

"Oh yeah!" Another slap of Bayley's ass echoed around the room,

"Say it!"

"Oh god! Charlotte, I love it when you finger fuck me!"

"Good girl, now flip over. I want you to look at me when you cum."

Bayley obeyed, quickly turning over to lie on her back as Charlotte crawled up to look into Bayley's eyes while she continued to finger the Hugger's wet pussy. The Divas Champion began to play with Bayley's nipple, wanting to give the brunette an orgasm like she had never felt before, Charlotte buried her tongue back in to Bayley's mouth. For a second Bayley wondered how Charlotte was able to do so much simultaneously, but those thoughts quickly evaporated as she sensed her climax approaching.

"I'm gonna cum Charlotte!" She declared, breaking their tongue wrestling.

"Do it baby! Cum all over my fingers!" Charlotte ordered, quickening her fingers pace yet not taking her gaze from Bayley's eyes.

"Oh God! I'm gonna... I'm gonna... OOOOOOHHHHHH!" Bayley moaned, cumming all over the blondes hand. Charlotte removed her fingers from inside the NXT Women's Champion, licking one finger clean and letting Bayley taste herself from the other finger. The two champions lay together quietly for a moment catching their breath. After five minutes, Charlotte broke the silence.

"Wow, you taste good."

"Haha thanks," Bayley replied, still breathing heavily, "But, I think I need to taste you now."

The two champions locked lips again, each of their tongues battling for supremacy. Their pussies both soaking in anticipation. While Bayley was inexperienced with lesbian sex, she instinctively instructed Charlotte to sit on her face.

"Oooh, good choice Bayley-wayley." The blonde said, turning her ass to face the brunette, placing her smooth, saturated twat over Bayley's face. The NXT Women's Champion kissed around Charlotte's legs before launching her tongue towards Charlotte's pussy, wanting to lap up the juices it was producing. Charlotte moaned loudly, surprised at how good Bayley was with her tongue. The Divas Champion had forgotten how good it felt to be with a woman, seeing as she hadn't been with one since her and Sasha had hooked up last year at the 'Summer Vacation' photo shoot. Charlotte grabbed her tits as Bayley covered her pussy with her mouth, teasing Charlotte's clit with the tip of her tongue.

The Hugger was amazed at how good the blonde's smooth, shaved pussy tasted, having always thought women just said they like the taste of pussy to sound sexy. Bayley sucked Charlotte's clit, feeling almost drunk on The Diva's Champion's twat. The brunette grabbed Charlotte's tight ass causing the blonde to cry out in pleasure. Bayley spread apart Charlotte's pussy lips as she licked, wanting to give Charlotte the same pleasure she had felt.
"Oh fuck yeah!" Charlotte exclaimed, as she felt Bayley slide her finger inside her. Bayley slowly worked her finger in and out of Charlotte, listening to the Divas Champion whimper with joy. A second finger slipped inside of Charlotte as Bayley began to quicken her pace. Charlotte was almost in pain at how tight she squeezed her tits as Bayley returned to sucking on the blonde's clit while she fingered her.

"Oh fuck, Bayley! I'm gonna cum!" Charlotte wailed,

"Please Charlotte," Bayley said, briefly removing her mouth from her pussy,

"Please cum for me! I want you to cum, all over my face!"

"Fuck yeah, Bayley! Let me cum all over your fuckin' face! Oh fuck! Fuck! OHHH... OH FUCK!" Charlotte screamed reaching her full climax, her cum dripping on to Bayley's face.

The Divas Champion rolled off of her lover, passionately kissing her to show her gratitude.

"Fuck me, you're good!" Charlotte sighed, wrapping her legs around the brunette and continuing to kiss her.

"Well you were a good teacher." Bayley giggled, resting her head on Charlotte's boobs as both champions drifted off to sleep in each others arms, exhausted and satisfied.

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