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Charlotte Flair And The Most Beautiful Boy In The World
by Dr. Demented 666

Charlotte Flair has quite the following as 'The Queen' in WWE and the kids especially like her; in fact, a special 12 year old boy from Australia had sent her an email and requested to hang with her for a day. She didn't know who he was at first but after Googling his name she would find out that he was proclaimed 'The most Beautiful boy in the world'--William Franklyn Miller. He was quite stunning with his blue eyes and flamboyant hair style along with his boyish good looks, she never seen a boy quite so cute and appealing...

The date was set up and the two met at the boys parents house in Australia and Charlotte told them she would take good care of him for the day as they headed off to do what Will had planned for the day as Charlotte carried out her 'Make A Wish' come true for a fan that month. Charlotte took him to her rented 5-star hotel room where she would give him something he never imagined before...

Charlotte pressed him against the wall with her amazonian body and hiked her smooth leg up the boys side as she stood before him in jean shorts and a tight white top that hugged her huge tits and shown off her erect nipples through it. Will didn't know what to think as she leaned in and began to kiss him in a seductive way, her tongue rolling into his mouth and tasting a candy-like flavor as their tongues entwined in each others mouths.

The young boy couldn't believe what was happening and stood there dumbfounded as she stepped back and lifted her top off her body, exposing her melons to the Aussie. She then slid out of her sneakers and dropped her shorts and pink panties off her legs, letting him see her naked splendor and her smooth shaven pussy with her cameltoe pussy lips. His heart beat fast and he became red in the face as she commanded him to strip, wanting to see his own naked delight in its preteen glory.

Will took off his shirt and shorts, then his black briefs, letting Charlotte smile and the young body before her...His hairless prepubescent frame and 5" erection sticking straight out and scrotum pulled tight to his balls and firm abs showing off his toned body. She could see why he was the most beautiful boy in the world.

Charlotte took him by the hand and led him to the sofa where she had him sit back on it and she sunk to her knees before him, lifting his cock and giving it several strokes before gliding her wet tongue along its underside and inhaling it into her mouth. Will's eyes opened wide as he watched his cock disappear into the hot woman's mouth and the suction begin to apply along with the swirling of her tongue around his mushroomed cock head.

She could see his abs tighten and breathing become heavy as he let out soft puppy-like whines as he orgasmed. Charlotte pulled him from her mouth and let him watch his orgasm splash against her pretty face, load after load coated her cheeks and lips and neck as strand after gooey white strand landed on her....

"Did that ever happen before?" Charlotte asked curiously of the boy.

"No...What is it?" He replied...

"It's your cum, honey...Want it to happen again?" She asked of him, to which he nodded his head in a 'Yes' fashion without hesitation.

Charlotte rose to her feet and knelt on the sofa over him, straddling his lower half and lifting his cock up to her pussy that dripped wetness from her horniness. Will watched as she lowered herself onto his shaft and it vanish into her, feeling an incredible hot wetness that engulfed his cock and clenched at it with massaging tenderness as she bounced up and down on him; fucking him and knowing she was his first and that he lost his virginity to her.


Charlotte screamed as she felt his throbbing cum shoot his hot cum deep into her pussy, splashing against her G-spot and forcing her to squirt onto his dick and soak his lower half. He couldn't believe the feeling of his second orgasm in her and her swearing turned him on so much more and made him orgasm even harder into her as she leaned in and Frenched him in a loving manner.

Will watched as Charlotte lifted herself off of his shaft and his white cum drip from her pussy onto his dick resting against his stomach. Charlotte stood over the boy on the sofa and lowered her pussy to his mouth where she pressed her cum-soaked vaginal lips against his lips...

"Eat it! Lick your cum out of me, honey! Do it! YES! THAT'S IT! YESSSSS!" Charlotte exclaimed as she felt his tongue flick into her and lap up his own cum and making her body quiver from another orgasm as she spurted squirts into his mouth and on his face, glazing him with wetness and making his preteen frame glisten in the light shining through the window.

Charlotte stood and had him lie on his back on the hardwood floor where she stood directly over him above his cock...

"Hold it up...Lift that dick up and make it stick straight up at me." Charlotte told him.

As Will lifted his dick to stick straight up at her he asked in a curious nature: "What are you gonna do?"

"Don't worry, this is a new signature move of mine called 'The Banana Split'." Charlotte proclaimed as she got ready to do her new trick.

She took a deep breath and in one move from a standing position took the plunge and did a split onto his shaft, plunging his dick deep into her ass which was really meant for her pussy!. It surprised her as much as it did him as she belted out a loud scream with a painful expression on her face that could have ended badly for him had she missed and snapped his dick in two.

Her immense tightness clenched at his dick as she slowly rocked her hips and went with it now that he was already up her ass, his hard dick forcing her ass to stretch to proportions it never has before as she laid across him and made out with him as she took him on the floor...

"It's happening, Charlotte! You're making my thing throb again! It feels so good!" Will exclaimed as he felt his third orgasm form in her ass, making her groan and smile with pleasure as her pussy pulsed and tightened with orgasmic contractions and flooding his lower half with another wet orgasm.

Will's dick pulsed and throbbed in her ass several dozen times over, making them both experience a multi-orgasm from such a young boy. Charlotte never knew it was possible for someone to continue to cum multiple times in a row, especially a man-or a boy in this case. But it was almost never ending in her and the feeling was extraordinary inside of her as his pulsing dick continued to massage her anal walls and force her into several orgasms of her own.

Collapsing onto him after they both finished and letting his dick pull from her ass and leaving it gaping with his semen pouring from it and onto his dick, then sliding down his sac and onto the the hardwood floor, she kissed him passionately as their warm bodies mingled and he wrapped his smooth legs around her waist and she lifted him up off the floor and continued to French him in a standing position.

The two new lovers knew that they are much more to each other now than Diva and fan and would always be...




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