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Charlotte Flair Loses Her Virginity To A Dog
by Dr. Demented 666

Charlotte Flair is one of the hottest Divas in WWE, both in her talent and beauty. She was back at her home and had just finished taking a shower, shaving her long sultry legs and pussy bare; drying her blonde hair as she faced the mirror over her dresser. Suddenly she felt something wet glide up her ass crack...

She looked over her shoulder to see her doberman, Toby, licking her backside. She than turned her gaze to the full length mirror on the wall to see her large black and tan dog with his 4" stub tail wagging and a huge 7" red cock protruding from his furry sheath as his long tongue licked her perfect ass.

This really started to turn her on so she reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks as she stood with her legs spread at a V. Toby glided his long, wet tongue over her pussy slit and asshole with one lick. Charlotte's eyes popped open as she gasped with delight, feeling the 5" length of his tongue work into her ass and flap around inside her. Instantly she began to orgasm, squirting onto her dresser and floor as her legs practically gave out from under her.

Charlotte had to lie down and rest, so she collapsed back onto her bed on her back with her legs hanging off the foot of the bed with her feet on the floor. Toby was back at it again, licking her smooth pussy with her cameltoe pussy lips folding around his tongue. Charlotte again squirted right into the dog's face and mouth.

Toby was really into his master now, he climbed atop her and started moving his hips in a humping action...

"NO NO!" Charlotte said with horror as her dog attempted penetration.

Before she could block him he was in her, pounding furiously with rapid thrusts and making her squeal...

"MY PUSSY! MY VIRGIN PUSSY! GOD! YOU'RE REALLY FUCKING ME!" Charlotte proclaimed as her eyes became watery and her abs tightened like they would in a workout. Hard to believe she was still a virgin, but losing it to her pet was becoming quite exciting for her.

Toby licked her face and flicked his tongue into her mouth and down her throat as he took her pussy, her tight hole grasping at his rigid shaft and her wetness flowing over it as he started to yelp as his knot forged inside of her.

Charlotte could feel his intense cum shooting into her and the pulses of his shaft throbbing against her inner pussy walls as she wrapped her legs around his furry waist and his underbelly fur tickled her erect nipples. Charlotte grasped her hands around Toby's front legs just above his paws as they rested at either side of her under her arms, watching as his cheeks huffed and his muscles rippled at his hind quarters.

Finally with the stop of his forceful thrusts the bed stopped rocking and Charlotte dropped her legs back to the floor. It took nearly 15 minutes for Toby's knot to subside in order for him to dismount, Charlotte caressing and petting him in the meantime and still enjoying his length inside her. After pulling from her pussy she could feel his cum pour out of her as he got on the bed and laid on his stomach at her side.

Charlotte decided to try something else as she gazed down at his wagging stubby tail. She got over him on her knees and lowered her shaven pussy down onto his tail, putting it in her and feeling his hairs begin to tickle her pussy on the inside. He kept wagging his tail in her as she laid across his back and began to fuck him in this unique way.

Charlotte found herself squirting again as she fucked Toby's wagging tail as she grasped his pointed ears with her lips and nibbled at them. After she was through she lifted herself off of him but remained on all 4's as he scooted out from under her and went around to her rear, mounting her doggy-style and banging his hard cock against her rump.

Charlotte got the surprise of her life as he found her anal entry and gave her the ass fucking of her life. She screamed and drool dripped from her mouth as she clenched the sheets while her dog's immense swollen member stretched her ass to new proportions. Toby's front legs hooked around her sides as his rapid thrusts took Charlotte as he filled her ass with cum.

Toby yelped with delight as he came in his master, making Charlotte have yet another orgasm; wetting the sheets under her as she collapsed forward onto her stomach; pulling Toby down onto her back as he was knotted in her.

She quickly passed out from the intense fucking her dog gave her and Toby went to sleep on her back as his dick slid out of her ass and back into his sheath. Now Charlotte knew what sex felt like and in a way most people never got to experience. She truly is the Queen, or at least to Toby-his BITCH! Which is actually the correct term for a female dog.

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