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Chat Room Diaries Part 1
by The Ultimate Heel (

Trish and Stacy are two of the best-looking women in the WWF. Hell, even
the world. They always have men flocking at them everywhere they go. Both of
them have had their relationships in and out of the wrestling business, and
it just seemed like there was no man out there for them. Neither of them
really knew about the other's hardships, but individually they were ready to
do anything it took to have somebody around to make them feel happy.

It's around March, and they're about to go have another photo shoot with
Lita, and the rest of the divas in the Bahamas. Trish and Stacy were cool
with each other but weren't the closest of friends, so they didn't hang out
much. When they weren't working on the shoot they would separately go on the
town site seeing. They both had a good time, but couldn't help feeling
lonely, because there was no special person there to share the time with.
Trish ran into this guy that she thought looked pretty good. But as he
approached her, the first words out of his mouth were, "Can I fuck you!"

This led to a vicious slap from Trish. She walked away a little angry
because of the rudeness from that guy. She has had that happen to her quite
a bit and was getting fed up with guys right now altogether. Stacy, at the
same time, entered a nightclub, called "Club Quest"; she had never been to
this part of the Bahamas and had never been here. As she walked in all she
noticed were women, but didn't think much about it. But as she continued to
scope the place all she ever saw were women. Women bartending, women dancing
together, ALL women. Then it clicked in her head that she walked into a
lesbian nightclub. She was a little embarrassed as the girls kept eyeballing
her. Stacy had never had a lesbian encounter before, and the embarrassment
took her over and she walked out of the club. Outside she felt like it was
time to go back to the hotel.

Trish had already made it to her room, by the time Stacy reached her own.
Neither of them were given the other's room assignments,they would only know
if they exchanged them, which they hadn't. Both of the women had their
laptops, and were on the net simultaneously, by coincidence, they both got on
a chat room, the same chat room. They were both already members of this
adults seeking adults chat. Trish had it in her mind, because of that rude
guy earlier, that she would go to the lesbian section, instead of looking for

Stacy was feeling all kinds of things in her body, but she couldn't hide
the fact, that she kinda enjoyed being watched by women, and wanted to at
least chat with women, to find out more about this sexual preference.

Both the women changed their profiles, to say that they are now bi-sexual,
and that they dig the wrestling buisness. Trish went to search, to see who
else were in to the things she was. A lot of usernames came, up and stated
their profiles to the right of their name. Trish saw one that said, "New to
bi-sexuality■ and I am a huge wrestling fan." Trish thought to herself,
"What can be better." So she clicked on the name and then on Private Chat.
Coincidentally, it was Stacy. Stacy saw the upcoming message and accepted the
private chat after viewing her profile, and thinking the same thing Trish had
been thinking.

At first it was just a lot of small talk about backgrounds. Neither gave
away too much, because of safety, but enough to get an idea. Trish's username
was... Chic_of_Desire, and Stacy's was... Nasty_Girl.

After about fifteen minutes of plain chatting, they asked where in the
"world" each other were. When they both said the Bahamas they were filled
with shock. Trish said she was staying at the Islands Resort, and Stacy
replied, she was too... Trish then suggested they descibe themselves. Trish
started first and said, "I'm 5'4", I have huge, perfect, round double D cups
(I dunno). Stacy was starting to touch herself, massaging her tits while
reading I have blonde hair, that can brighten up any arena, soft lips that
are good for "Anything", and let's just say my ass is "To Die For", Stacy's
hand was starting to rub her pussy, at the description of this unknown woman.

Stacy then began to describe, her gorgeous girl next door face, and her
tall physique, and most importantly her long, long legs. She then described
the design of her partly shaven pussy, which caught Trish off guard, but she
couldn't help but enjoy the fact that a woman was describing her pussy, so
she took two fingers and started to jump in and out of her own pussy. Both
women masterbated while thinking about being with another woman. Stacy then
sid that they should meet, but before they could exchange room numbers, Lita,
who was staying in Stacy's room was at the door ready to come in, and Stacy
didn't know what to do, so she quickly typed in, "I'm sorry, but I have to
go. do u wanna meet tomorrow in room 269?"

Trish replied, "Great at 8:00 o'clock?"

Stacy answered "yes!" Then she folded it up and put it down quickly and
tried to act like there was nothing wrong. Lita walked in, and asked what was
wrong, but Stacy denied anything being wrong, and went to lay on her bed Lita
didn't quite believe because she could smell pussy in the air but didn't say
anything about it. They both decided to go to sleep, as well as Trish and the
other divas because they had to get up real early for the shoot.

The next morning, Stacy and Trish were acting like nothing special
happened, or was going to happen, but they did have a glow to them. After the
shoot, they all went back to the hotel together, and talked in the lounging
area that was secluded. They all agreed that they were going to go out
together and see the rest of the beautiful island, all except for Stacy and
Trish of course, who gave the excuse of being tired. Lita, Torrie, and the
rest tried hard to get them to go, but they wouldn't hear of it. They had
other plans. So while the divas left to do what they were doing, 8:00 o'clock
was around the corner. Stacy decided she wanted to be sexy, so she wore a
tight, silky, silver and black lingerie piece that hugged her small tits and
revealed part of her pussy because she wasn't wearing the thong. Trish on the
other hand didn't want to get dressed up and decided to wear tight black
leather jeans, and a red shirt that read "SEXY", on her chest.

Trish walked to the door a little hesitant, and knocked softly. She then
turned around and started to walk away, but Stacy saw her and said, "Trish is
that you?"

Trish in shock, turned around recognizing that voice as Stacy said, "Did
you need something?" Trish, confused, and blushing didn't answer right away.
Stacy said, "What's wrong Trish?"

Trish said, "Is this room 269?"

"Yeah, it is, Why?"

"Were you ever in■. Um, a chat room last night?" Stacy, was kinda
confused, but she tossed the thought away, because she knew that would be
crazy if Trish was the other girl. But the next thing Trish would say would
make both of them realize that they were chatting with each other.

Trish said, "Are you Nasty Girl?" Stacy's mouth opened widely, and
couldn't believe it. Out of nowhere they both just started laughing right
they're in the hallway.

After a while Stacy invited Trish in, they were both red, realizing they
were flirting with each other. After they found out each other's motives of
being in a lesbian chat room in the first place, Stacy just sat on the bed
looking around, acting shy, and Trish couldn't help herself but stare at the
beautiful blonde, in that silky lingerie. Stacy then broke the silence, and
said, "Have you ever kissed a woman?"

Trish answered no. Stacy then asked if she wanted to, and before Trish
could answer, the lips and tongue of the leggy bombshell met with Trish's,
and they kissed passionately for at least, a minute, then Stacy's hand
started to wonder down Trish's tight jeans, and then Trish pulled away and
said she doesn't know about this. Stacy, being the encourager, told Trish
that everything deserved at least one chance.

Trish, being encouraged enough, looked up and down at Stacy and said, "I
wanna lick you from head to toe."

So like that Trish pushed Stacy onto the bed, and started to strip like a
pro for Stacy. She kicked off her shoes and then started with her top,
pulling it off slowly, she didn't have a bra so she just tossed it at Stacy
as she giggled. She then took off her pants, shaking her round ass while
going to the ground. She left her panties on, and proceeded towards Stacy,
who was now flat on the bed. Trish began to lick Stacy perfect feet, starting
at her toes.

Trish started to work her way up those luscious, edible legs of Stacy. She
then ripped off Stacy's beautiful lingerie like an animal unleashed from it's
cage and then spent a lot of time on her legs, as it made Stacy moan with
pleasure, as Trish reached the partly shaven "central station", she paused,
and this didn't fare well with Stacy, but Trish said not so fast, and she
started to lick right above her area, all the way up to Stacy's small, but
tasty tits. Trish almost sucked the fat out of Stacy's tits, as Stacy
screamed every time Trish sucked harder.

Trish then stuck two fingers deep into Stacy's pussy and still managing
to suck the daylight out of her titties. Trish, finally stopped, and
concentrated all of her attention on Stacy's "Jungle of love", sticking not
2, not 3, but she was able to put 4 fingers in. Trish pounding it in said,
"what's my name bitch?"

Stacy, could barely get it out, but she said Trrr■iiisssh, oooh, fuck me.
Trish said, "that's not my name, now what is my name bitch?" Stacy could
barely think, but then said Chic of, Ooooooh, I'm

Then Stacy's cum fell right on to Trish's hand, as she tasted another
woman's cum for the first time. "That's right bitch!"

Stacy, then threw Trish on the bed, stood up and said, "What goes around
cums around!"

At that point Stacy, as naked as can be fell beside Trish's naked body,
more specifically her also partly shaven pussy and reached out her tongue
that once met Trish's lips and started to massage Trish's pussy. Stacy went
right inside of Trish tasting Trish's perfect pussy with every swipe of her
tongue. Stacy then, came out and told Trish, she was going to spell her name
in her pussy, so Stacy went back down, and with her tongue started to spell,

Trish screamed loud enough to wake a deaf man. Trish started to yell out,
"Lick my pussy Nasty Girl, Fu■cccck me Nasty Girl, oooooohhhh shit, Nasty
Girl, Keep going, Don't stop."

Stacy obeyed orders and continued to pleasure like only a Duchess From
Dudleyville can!!!!!!!

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