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Trish, Stacy, and the other divas take a trip to the Bahamas for a photo
shoot. Trish and Stacy both were in the same chat room, looking for they're
first lesbian experience. Neither knew the other was on, but as they were
privately chatting on the web, they decided to meet in Stacy's room (Trish
didn't know it was Stacy), while the other girls went to venture the island.
They were both shocked when they found out it was each other they were
chatting with, but they still decided to get a little freaky, "Diva Style"

Chat Room Diaries Part 2
by The Ultimate Heel (

Stacy is violently attacking Trish's insides with her long and beautiful
tongue, as Trish screaming in passion and caressing her massive tits,
massaging her nipples every couple of seconds. Stacy gives Trish a couple
more pleasure licks before exiting her pussy. Stacy then took her index
finger and drove it in Trish's love box, and at the same time studying the
facial expressions of the blond bombshell. Stacy then rammed her middle
finger along with the index finger in Trish's pussy. At this point, Trish
could hold on no longer, and while screaming, "Stacy... I'm gonna.. I'm gonna

She laid it all out there, while Stacy's already wet hands, became a well
of Trish's "Love Juices". Stacy took her hand, and like Trish did a while
ago, put it to her face and in a sexy way licked the juices as if it were
"ice cream".

Stacy started to lick circles around Trish's navel, as Trish moaned like
a pornstar. Stacy made her way up to the juicy, and so beautiful breasts on
Trish and began to bite on Trish's right nipple. Trish, hurt at first,
adapted and started her moaning again. Stacy made her way to the left nipple,
while caressing the other with her soft hands, Stacy began to just lick
around the nipple like she did the navel, circling it's prey as Stacy now
attacked Trish's nipple with her sparkling white teeth. Trish's fingers found
their way towards Stacy's pussy as she jammed them right in her vagina like a

They spent the next couple of minutes, while their pussy's squirted out
juices that could fill a "Kool-aid container", in this position, until Trish
looked Stacy in those sexy and tempting eyes, and suggested they grab some
toys to make it more interesting. Stacy replied, "I left my toys at home, and
I don't think Lita has any around."

Trish smiled and said, "Not to worry, I have plenty of toys in my room.
Did ya wanna go up? Its two floors up in room 469"

Stacy right away answered yes, but said they would have to put on their
clothes first. But Trish now becoming the encourager like Stacy was earlier
(Part 1), said, "No we can just go like this."

"Naked! No, we can wear these lingerie robes they have in the closets.
No way, you guys got lingerie robes. We got that 100% cotton crap," replied

As they laughed they went over to the closet and each grabbed a lingerie
robe, 1 belonging to Lita of course, but they didn't care. The robes were
very short, "Ass length" to be exact. They were made of silk that felt like
heaven on their bodies as the bottom of their butt cracks were sticking out.

Stacy opened the door to see if anybody was coming, Trish gave her a
little shove, as if to say it didn't matter. Stacy then began to walk towards
the elevator, while Trish was behind her scheming, and finally grabbing a
handful of Stacy's perfect ass, as she jumped in the air. Trish, with a
mischievous smile on her face, pressed up on the elevator when they had
arrived. While waiting for the elevator, Trish circled Stacy, looking at her
long, erotic legs, thinking about how she's gonna feast on those legs when
they reached her room. Stacy was blushing as this beautiful woman was
admiring her "Hard body", and before she could say stop, Trish, took her
hands and started to tickle Stacy's long legs. Stacy didn't feel quite
comfortable, although it felt good, tried to tell Trish to stop, but Trish
replied that there was nobody around. Stacy looked around and Trish was
right, so instead of being tense, Stacy loosened up and let Trish, lick up
and down her "Mile Long" legs, and fiddle with her juicy pussy once again.

There was a noise, that came by way of a closing door, and a middle-aged
woman in her late 40's came strolling down the hallway, and as she stepped in
site of what was going on in front of the elevator, she let out a big scream,
as it caught both Stacy's and Trish's attention. The middle-aged woman was
disgusted and said, "I guess, I'll take the stairs instead!"

Trish and Stacy started to laugh as the elevator door came open and they
entered. Trish pushed in her room floor number, but it didn't take long after
that for them to get back to business. Stacy took control, and picked Trish
up by the hips and sat her down on the protruding metal bars that were for
resting your hands in the back of the elevator. Stacy pulled apart Trish's
already partly revealing robe and started to eat her vagina like she had back
in room 269. Trish screaming in almost agony as Stacy's tongue found her way
around her pussy.

Trish's head and back pounding against the elevator wall as she was ready
to cum once again. Stacy came out of Trish's pussy, as they simply made-out
playing "Trade the Spit". And then the elevator stopped, but they paid no
attention to it. It was another woman, brunette, with a nice figure, and a
pretty face who was also staying at the resort. But she was in her 20's, and
when she discovered what was going on she was in shock, but from then on she
was the exact opposite of the middle-aged woman, because she took pleasure
in this, and thought it won't hurt if I just came in for a while, so she

Stacy and Trish were too horny at this point to stop. So they kept making
out, while Stacy's hand started to go down to Trish's pussy, and Trish
followed the leader and did the same for Stacy. All this was just too much
for this young woman on vacation, so she began to first rub her pussy from
the outside of her jeans but then she was getting almost as horny as they
were, and started to fuck herself while watching the other two blondes
continue to go at it.

The "unknown" girl went over and pressed the stop button as the door was
about to open, cause she wanted to see the rest of this free show. Trish who
had a good view of this other girl, winked at her acknowledging the fact that
she was there. Trish then slowed it down by kissing Stacy on her forehead and
telling her they had reached the destination. They gathered themselves, as
the other girl, did the same, not wanting to feel embarrassed.

Stacy leaned over and pushed the open button as all three looked at each
other with a smirk, and then the door opened and they went their separate
ways. Trish's room, who was also shared with Torrie, was the first by the
elevator to the right, so they were quickly inside.

Trish told Stacy to sit on the chair that was very cushioning, as Trish
left the room. Trish came back out with what she called her "Tools", all in
a nice briefcase, that she had in her left hand. In her right hand was
chocolate syrup, and a wine glass. Stacy didn't want to ask what the glass
was for because she wanted to be surprised.

Trish sat the briefcase aside and kept only the chocolate syrup, as she
wasted no time squirting the chocolate up and down Stacy's luscious legs.
When Trish was "Stratusfied", she got on her knees and proceeded to lick and
slurp every inch of Stacy's best feature. Stacy giggled as it tickled her
with every lick. Stacy who was now nude started to play with her nipples that
were standing at attention, Trish who was finished started to fuck Stacy with
her fingers, and kept repeating, "Are you gonna cum? Are u gonna cum, Stacy?"

Stacy's reply, to these questions were, "Hell yeah, oooh, c'mon, awww,
right there."

Trish asked again if she was going to cum, and this time stuttering, Stacy
replied, "Ammaŝ I..I..I'm fucking cuuummmmiiinnnng!!!!

Trish knew this was time, and grabbed the wine glass, and let every drop
fall into it. The juices filled up about a quarter up the thin wine glass, as
Trish stopped put the glass on the table and went for her briefcase. Stacy
was almost having convulsions, as Trish took two straws out the shape of a
penis, and put them inside the glass.

After Stacy was coming back to earth, Trish got onto Stacy's lap and told
Stacy to drink. Stacy looked at Trish and said, "You're a fucking slut, you
know that!"

Trish just smiled and said, "Thanks, you're not to bad yourself!"

With that they both began to sip on the very juices from Stacy's own
bodily fluid. While drinking Trish started to hump Stacy, and when the drink
was gone Trish said, "Let's get down to business." Trish got off of Stacy and
went to pick up her briefcase. Stacy almost reading Trish's mind headed
straight for the bed.

Trish came over and opened the case, revealing 15 different dildos, a
leather strap and suit, two fuzzy body brushes, a make-up kit, and pussy
feathers. Trish grabbed the pussy feathers and a 9" dildo that can release
liquid, and walked over as Stacy was admiring the view of Trish's nude

Trish laid her down in almost the same position as before, and instead of
licking, she spread the lips of Stacy's tasty partly shaven pussy, and took
the feather and started to massage Stacy's "Goods", as she let out the
loudest moan to memory. "Oooh Fuuuŝccck" she said, as Trish smiled at the
gorgeous babe on her bed. Trish still holding Stacy's lips open, and
massaging her with the feather decided to go inside again, so Trish stuck her
tongue in Stacy's pussy as Stacy was feeling like she was gonna cum again,
let out a big "OOOOshhhiiiiŝ aawwwww YES", cumming all over the feather and
once again in Trish's mouth.

Trish, not letting Stacy rest grabbed the big round 9" dildo, and rammed
it right into Stacy with no warning as Stacy screamed with pain and joy
again. Trish began to masturbate while continuously driving that big dildo up
Stacy's privates.

They both came about two more times in that position, as the door began to
open. It was Lita and Torrie back from their trip. The bed to the door is not
far away as it's not the biggest room ever. Trish and Stacy did the best they
could in their weakened state to gather themselves. But they were naked with
both the robes and any clothing on the other side of the room so all they
could do was grab a sheet and hide themselves.

Lita and Torrie could smell sex in the air, and didn't notice them right
away but saw the mess caused by the syrup, the wine glass, which Lita saw and
smelled. She told Torrie that it smelled like pussy. They both chuckled as
they went to find some one. They found Stacy and Trish covered, looking
guilty on the bed. Lita looked at Torrie and smiled.

Torrie said, "I know what's doing in here." Trish and Stacy looked at each

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