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~ Denotes Thoughts ~

by Nero Rain (

"Oh fuck, yea, baby..."

"Fuck, Billy, fuck yea! Slam me hard!"

"Yea, take that big cock!"

"Give it to me! Harder!"

"Fuck, you like it hard, don't you? Don't ya, baby?"

"Fuck yes! Fuck me harder! Harder!"

"Awww shit...fuck, your awesome!"

"God, Billy, your so good! Fuck me, fuck me!"

"Oh god...oh, god, fuck, I'm coming...I'm gonna come!"

"Hold on!"

"Yea, suck that cock...suck that big cock, baby...fuck, drain me. Suck me
dry slut!"


"God yea, drink that load! Guzzle that come baby!"

"Did you hear something?"

"Don't stop! Christ, I'm in the middle of busting a nut here!"


"Suck that cock...suck it good, baby...Awww fuck yea, that's good."

* SLAM *

"Oh my god!"

* * *

Smiling, Torrie revved the engine on her rental car, pulling into her
driveway. Putting her car in park, she quickly undid her seatbelt and opened
the door, swinging her legs out and standing up. Reaching back, she grabbed
her purse, fishing for her keys as she moved towards the front door. Her
smile growing wider, she put the key in the lock slowly, careful not to make
a noise as she turned the lock, giggling softly as she stealth moved into her
house, closing and locking the door behind her.

Tip-toeing down the hallway, Torrie stopped just before she rounded the
corner. Hearing noises coming from somewhere, she tilted her head towards the
hall, listening intently.

"Yea, suck that cock...suck that big cock, baby...fuck, drain me. Suck me dry

Her eyes going wide, Torrie gave up the tiptoeing, stalking towards her
bedroom, positive that she didn't hear what she thought she had heard.
Brushing past the nightstand in the hallway, she knocked a small vase to
the floor, shattering it into a million pieces.

"Did you hear something?"

Snarling, Torrie sped up, moving towards the bedroom at warp speed, her fist
balling into tight fists.

"Don't stop! Christ, I'm in the middle of busting a nut here!"

Growling, Torrie looked around, trying to find something heavy and hard with
which to get answers from the voices in her bedroom.


Finding nothing, Torrie mapped out her bedroom in her mind, trying to
remember thru the rage if she had left her baseball bat beside the bed or
if she had moved it over to her computer desk.

"Suck that cock...suck it good, baby...Awww fuck yea, that's good."

Reaching the door, Torrie went for shock and awe over subtly, rearing back
and kicking the door open, sending it flying around on its hinges and
slamming into the wall.

* SLAM *

"Oh my god!" Billy yelled, his eyes locking with the blazing eyes of his

"What the fuck is going on here!" Torrie yelled. Seeing Billy's cock stuffed
into some brunette's mouth, Torrie growled, unable to control her rage. When
the girl pulled her head up from Billy's lap, Torrie recognized her as her
next-door neighbor instantly. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

Grinning slightly, the girl said, "Fucking your husband."

Snarling, Torrie whipped her head around, spotting her bat resting beside her
computer desk. Moving towards it, she turned back to the girl. "Get the fuck
out of my house!"

"Billy invited me over..."

"Good for fucking Billy!" Torrie yelled, picking up the bat and pointing it
at her. "Check the name on the deed. My house, not his." Pointing at her, she
made sure to make each word very clear. "Now you can get out, or I will throw
you out."

"Torrie, come on..." Billy started, before Torrie swung around to face him.

"You shut the fuck up!" Torrie yelled. "I'll deal with you in a minute!"
Returning her attention to the girl, she asked, "What's it gonna be whore?"

Shrugging, the girl got off the bed, moving towards her clothes before Torrie
stopped her.

"Leave." She said. "Now."

"But my clothes..."

Screaming in rage, Torrie pulled the bat back, taking a wild swing at the
girl, missing her by a hair as she dove out of the way, running screaming
from the room. Torrie took off after her, leaving holes in her walls as
missed shot after shot with the bat. Chasing the naked girl down the hall,
Torrie watched as she flew out the front door, running screaming across
her lawn towards her house.

Slamming the door shut, Torrie locked the dead bolt before turning and
stalking back towards the bedroom. Moving in, she found Billy yanking his
pants on, hopping up and down as he looked for his shirt. Seeing Torrie
move back into the room, he held up his hands as she leveled the bat at

"Torrie, I swear, it's not what it looks like." Billy started, before Torrie
burst into a maniacal kind of laughter.

"Why do all guys say that?" She asked, her eyes lighting up with rage. "Do
you actually think that's going to work?"

"Torrie, come on..." Billy started again, but was again cut off.

"You were fucking the neighbor!" She yelled. "It was what it looked like! I
drive hours out of my way to come home and spend some time with you and I
find you ball deep in that whores mouth!"

"Her name's Melissa!"

"I don't give a shit!" Torrie yelled. Shaking her head, she asked, "Does she
own that house, or was she fucking around on her man too?"

"I don't know." Billy admitted. "It didn't come up, to be honest."

"No shit." Torrie said. "Well, I suggest you find out."


"Because your going to need a fucking place to stay when the divorce goes

His eyes going wide, Billy tried to move over to his wife, but found her
unwilling to lower the Louisville Slugger. "Torrie, please!" He said. "I
love you!"

"You have a funny way of showing it!"

Holding up his hands again, he took a deep breath, trying to gather his


"Don't baby me!" Torrie shouted, her eyes welling up.

"Torrie, please, put the bat down." He asked softly. When she didn't budge,
he said, "Please."

"Go to hell."

"Look, Torrie, I know I fucked up royally." He admitted. "But, bab...Torrie,
you have to realize, we don't get to see each other nearly as much as we
used to..."

"And?" She said. "I bend over backwards for you! I take red eye flights,
drive hours when I can't fly...I missed the Iraq show for you!" She shouted.
"Do you know how much those soldiers wanted to see me? Trish told me ever
guy in the hospital asked if I was coming, and I skipped it to be with you!"

"Torrie, please, calm down..."

"Quit telling me to calm down!" She screamed. "I will not calm down!"

"You're barely ever home!" He shouted, deciding that if calm reasoning
wouldn't work, yelling might. "And every time you're home, all you want to
do is sleep and get ready to go back out on the road!"

"You know what it's like!" she yelled. "I do it because I have to! I have to
go out and earn us money, or did you forget you got shit canned?"

"I have needs, Torrie!" Billy yelled.

Looking at him, Torrie was sure her gaze could have killed him. "Needs?" She
asked, spitting out the words.

"Yes, needs!" Billy said. "As in sexual needs! Needs that don't get fulfilled
while you're off prancing around the country competing those all important
bikini contests!"

"How fucking dare you!" Torrie yelled. "Incase you've forgotten, those "All
important bikini contests" are what bought this house! And there what's
paying the bills!" Shaking the bat at him, she asked, "And needs? You want
to talk about needs not getting fulfilled? How about the need for me to get
off! I haven't fucking come since I met your sorry ass!"

Smiling slightly, Billy chuckled. "Come on, Torrie. I know your pissed, but
don't fucking lie. I know how to work your body, and I know I get you off."
Looking her up and down, he said, "You're just to mad to admit it."

Smirking right back, Torrie said, "Really?" When he nodded, she nodded right
back. Clearing her throat, she smiled. Looking him in the eye, she started
moaning. As she watched his face fall, she got louder and louder, her voice
echoing across the room as she sobbed a few time for effect, deciding to
totally break his confidence. "Oh, fuck, Billy! Hit that shit! Come on, baby,
you know what I like! Slam that big fucking cock of yours into me! Come on,
baby!" Grinning from ear to ear, she finished loudly, screaming, "God, Billy,
I'm coming, I'm coming, you big stud you!" Stopping instantly, she smiled at
him. "Any of that sound familiar?" Shaking her head, she told him, "Billy,
you were so inept at getting me off I was beginning to think the G spot was
a myth."

Shaking his head, Billy tried to get a grip, and try to get the upper hand
on the argument. "Whatever." He said finally. "That still doesn't mean that
you're taking care of my needs."

"Oh fuck off." Torrie said. "Needs are one thing. Fucking the girl next door
is another. I'm on the road all the time, and I can fight off the urge to
jump every cock in sight!"

"Alright, alright!" Billy yelled. "Clearly, this isn't going anywhere..."

"Wrong." Torrie said. "It's going somewhere. Like out the door, along with
you and your stuff."

"Come on, Torrie, at least give me another chance!" He pleaded, realizing
that his tenuous grip on his bombshell wife was slipping fast.

"Chance to do what?" She asked. "Fuck another neighbor?"

"Then at least hear me out." He said, grasping at straws. "If you won't
forgive me, at least get even with me." He said. When she gave him a
questioning glance, he added quickly, "Since I cheated on you, you can
cheat on me."

Scoffing, she said, "I know damn well I could cheat on you! I spend half my
day fending off advances from guys who would gladly fuck me!"

Shaking his head, he said, "No, I meant, I'd give you my permission to get
back at me. To go and screw a guy and get back at me."

Gawking at him, Torrie tried to get a reading on weather he was serious or
not. Realizing that his repulsive offer was in fact genuine, she shook her
head, letting the bat drop to her side.

"I'm calling my brothers." Torrie said. "And I'm telling them what you did,
and that I'm kicking you out. When I get back on Tuesday, you better be gone
or I swear I'll have them fuck you up."

Turning, Torrie walked out the door, ignoring Billy's calls from behind her,
moving out the front door and slamming it shut behind her. Hopping into her
car, she turned the key in the ignition, throwing the car into reverse and
peeling out of the driveway. Getting onto the road, she put it in drive,
hammering on the gas and laying rubber on the road as she took off towards
the next Raw house show, leaving Billy in her rearview mirror.

* * *

Walking into the divas locker room, Torrie tossed her suitcase and back pack
into a locker before dropping to sit into the one beside it, resting her
elbows on her knees and letting her face drop into her hands.

"Headache?" A voice asked softly. "These afternoon shows give me one too..."

Looking up, Torrie found Candice holding a bottle of Tylenol. Smiling softly,
she shook her head.

"More than a headache." Torrie said.

Smiling, Candice moved to sit beside her. "Billy screw your brains out?"

Seeing Torrie scowl, Candice knew she had hit on a bad subject. "Torr, what's

Taking a deep breath, Torrie said, "I walked in on Billy fucking the
next-door neighbor."

Clapping her hand over her mouth, Candice whispered, "Oh my god!" Moving to
hug Torrie, she asked, "Are you ok?"

Shrugging, Torrie let her head drop onto Candice's shoulder. "I dunno." She

"What are you gonna do?" Candice asked softly, holding Torrie in a tight,
reassuring hug.

"Divorce." Torrie said. "I already told him I want him gone by Tuesday."
Letting out a long breath, she added, "He cheated on me, and that mean's
he'd do it again. He's a cheater, and cheaters never change."

"I'm so sorry." Candice said.

"It's not your fault." Torrie said. Chuckling slightly, she said, "The
asshole even tried to get me in on his sick little game."

"He wanted you to sleep with them?"

Shaking her head, Torrie said, "He wanted me to cheat on him to make it all

"Are you going to?"

"No." Torrie asked, looking as Candice. "Why would I do that? What would that
possibly prove?"

"Payback." Candice said. When Torrie looked confused, she elaborated, "String
him along. Try and get him to think that all is forgiven, and accept his
offer. Let him know what it feels like to have someone run around behind his
back, and then kick his sorry ass to the curb."

"I don't know." Torrie said softly.

"Why not?" Candice asked. "You're going to divorce him anyways. Let him know
what it feels like first."

"I don't think I could just screw a guy like that."

Smirking at her best friend, Candice scolded her playfully. "Girl, you need
to get out more. They have clubs dedicated to that kind of thing now. Just
pick a guy, make his life, and tell Billy that the guy was so much better
than him, that you're kicking him to the curb." Smiling, she said, "I
promise, it'll make you feel a whole lot better."

Smiling, Torrie shook her head. "I don't know..."

"Think about it." Candice said. Smiling, she said, "Would I lie to you?"

"Probably." Torrie said with a grin, turning to her suitcase and quickly
pulling out an outfit. "But I'll think about it."

"You better." Candice said, smiling. "Now hurry your ass up. Our match is
next." Getting up, she moved over to her locker, pulling on her long jacket
and grabbing her wand. "I bet Vince chewed you out about being late. He was
about to change it to a triple threat match."

Shaking her head, Torrie quickly stripped, kicking her clothes into a pile.
"I just told him what happened, and I got off with a warning." Pulling on her
ring outfit, she made sure that all essential pieces were tucked away safely
before turning to Candice, smiling. "Who's supposed to win?"

"You by DQ when Vicky interferes." Candice said, moving towards the door and
holding it open for Torrie.

Moving to the gorilla position, Torrie wished Candice good luck as she moved
out from behind the curtain, he music blaring as she swayed her way to the

Shaking her head, Torrie tried to psych herself up for her entrance, but
found her body empty. Shaking her head again, slower this time, Torrie waited
for her music to queue up, depressed that even the thrill of twenty thousand
near-hometown fans screaming her name couldn't cheer her up. Pushing the
thought out of her mind, she put on her best game face, forcing a smile to
her lips for the fans sake as she pushed thru the curtains, the crowd coming
alive as the blonde diva made her entrance.

* * *

Waving to the screaming crowd, Torrie blew a few kisses to some of the more
enthusiastic male members of the crowd, smiling as she turned and pushed thru
the curtains. Seeing Candice standing in the gorilla position, she smiled and
pulled her in for a hug.

"Great match." She said, before she realized that Candice wasn't returning
the hug. Pulling back, she found her face cold and serious. "What?"

"He's here." Candice said, motioning behind her.

Moving past Candice, Torrie felt her anger rising as she saw Billy standing
in the hallway, looking directly at her.

Turning to the security guard who was working the back door, she snapped, "I
thought I told you not to let him in!" When the guy didn't answer, Torrie
threw up her hands, trying to move past Billy and into the divas dressing

"Torrie, please, can we talk?" Billy asked softly.

Trying to move past him, she ripped her shoulder free as Billy tried to grab
it. When he grabbed her again, she stopped, turning to face him.


Looking around, Billy said, "Torrie, I know I fucked up. I'm sorry. If I
could go back and change what happened, I would." Holding her hands, he said,
"You mean the world to me. I never meant to hurt you." Seeing she was still
glaring at him, he got straight to the point, softly asking, "Did you think
about my offer?"

Looking over his shoulder, Torrie saw Candice jumping up and down, nodding
and mouthing, "Do it, do it!" Looking back at Billy, she let her features
soften. "I have thought about it, Billy." She said softly. "I want to be
with you, but...I don't know if I can trust you..."

"Torrie, you can totally trust me." Billy said. "I messed up. People do that.
All I'm asking is for you to give me another chance, and, in return, I'd be
willing to let you get me back."

Biting her bottom lip for effect, she gave him the full on puppy dog eyes,
asking him with a whisper, "Billy, do you really think that would save our

Nodding quickly, he answered, "It totally would." Trying to put a positive
spin on it, he said, "Just think of it as an eye for an eye."

Nodding, Torrie tried to look upset, and said, "Alright, I'll do it. For our
marriage." Leaning forward, she gave him a peck on the lips before pulling
back slightly, telling him, "I have to go change. Then we'll...get to work."

When he nodded and let go of her hands, Torrie moved away, quickly following
Candice into the dressing room. When she closed the door, she made sure it
was locked before dragging Candice into the shower room, turning on a pair
of showers in the far end before turning to her.

"Alright, I need help." Torrie said in a panic. "What do I do?"

"What's with the showers?" Candice asked.

"To cover up our voices."

"What is this, Mission Impossible?" Candice asked with a grin. Seeing the
look on her friends face, she got serious in a heartbeat. "Alright, what do
you need to know?"

"Everything!" Torrie said. "I have no idea what I'm doing here!"

"Alright, from the top." Candice said. "First, the type of guy is key." When
Torrie nodded, she said, "The type you're looking for? Bookworm."

Her face falling, Torrie asked, "Bookworm? Did you just say bookworm?" When
Candice nodded, Torrie whined. "Why not some big, hunky muscle bound stud?"

"Because he's been there and done that." Candice said. "You want a bookworm,
because you can control a bookworm. He'll be so grateful for the opportunity
to screw an uber hottie like you, he'll bend over backwards to please you."
Smiling, Candice added, "Just stroke his ego a bit, and you'll be rolling."

Nodding, Torrie told Candice, "I was actually thinking about his offer on
the ride here. What about one of his friends? Like maybe one of his wrestling

"No." Candice said flatly. "You have to see and work with those people, and
mixing business with a revenge fuck is not a good idea." When Torrie nodded,
Candice repeated, "You want a bookworm, preferably a WWE fan. If he knows
who you are, it can work in your favor."

"Alright, got it. Bookworm." Torrie said glumly.

"He doesn't have to be a total looser." Candice assured her. "Just look for
the meek guy not making eye contact with any girl."


"Alright, next up. Condoms." Candice told her. "Buy lots of condoms.
Different sizes, shapes, the whole nine. You don't know what kind of cock
your getting, so be prepared. He might not be."

When Torrie nodded, repeating "Condoms", Candice smiled.

"And last, but most important, get a hotel room and don't tell Billy where
you are." Smiling at Torrie, she said, "The last thing you want while your
bookworm is hammering you into nirvana is a jealous husband interfering and
thus costing you an orgasm."

Remembering her vocal performance for Billy earlier, Torrie smiled, asking,
"Who says he'll make me come?"

Candice smiled back, telling her, "Trust me. Get a nerd, and he'll make your
eyes roll back in your head." Raising her eyebrows, she added, "Those guys
read more magazine articles on how to make a woman explode than you'd ever
think possible. Trust me, those nerds know what there doing." When Torrie
giggled, Candice smiled. "Alright, you go find your bookworm. I'll get the
hotel and the condoms for you, so you don't have to worry about Billy finding
out. You just worry about getting the right guy."

"Any pointers?" Torrie asked hopefully.

"Just get the guy who can't hold your eye contact." She said. "He'll worship
the ground you walk on."

Nodding, Torrie smiled at Candice. "Wish me luck."

"Good luck." Candice said. "I'll call you with the hotel info." Smiling, she
said, "I take it you want a nice room?"

"Yes." Torrie said moving back into the main room and quickly changing. "No
dive motels."

"Got it." Candice said, watching as Torrie quickly got undressed and sliding
her street clothes back on.

"Go get em, tiger." Candice teased, smiling as Torrie left the room.

Moving towards Billy, Torrie almost smiled at his pathetic gesture as he took
her suitcase and backpack, carrying them towards the car.

"Alright, Billy, lets get this over with." Torrie said, forcing a sigh. "How
about we try the mall first?"

"Sounds good to me."

* * *


Looking at whom Billy was pointing at, Torrie shook her head.

"To tall."

Nodding, Billy looked around again, trying to find someone else. Seeing
someone, he pointed someone out. "How about him?" He asked. "He's shorter."

"He's a midget." Torrie said. "No."

Trying not to get upset, Billy told her, "You could try picking someone out."

"I'm trying." Torrie said softly. "But I'm just looking for the right guy."

Walking away from him, she grinned slightly as Billy followed her, moving
towards the food court. Seeing someone out of the corner of her eye, she
turned and looked at him before Billy broke her train of thought.


Looking at whom Billy was pointing at, Torrie almost gagged. "No chance in
hell." She said. Turning to look at Billy, she reminded him, "It's my choice,
so please let me make it. Besides, he's fugly."

Looking back towards the one who caught her eye, Torrie smiled.

~Glasses, button up shirt...~ She thought, looking him over. Seeing him
diverting his attention to a girl walking by, her face lit up when he looked
away when the girl turned towards him. ~Can't make eye contact.~ She thought,
her optimism growing by leaps and bounds. Seeing him hold up his magazine,
she couldn't hold back her reaction.

"Bingo." Pointing towards the guy, Torrie said, "I pick him."

Looking to whom Torrie was pointing at, Billy's face fell. "Him?" he asked.
When she nodded, he asked, "Why him?"

"Because he's cute." Torrie said, eyeing the guy. ~And he can't be older
than nineteen.~ She thought. ~Sexual peek, here I come.~ Seeing the
disdainful look on Billy's face for her choice only sealed the deal. "I've
made up my mind." She told him flatly. "You offered me this, and he's who
I pick." Smiling at him, she said, "Don't wait up." Before walking away,
moving towards the guy, smiling as he turned the page on his WWE Raw

Tilting her head sideways, her smiled got even wider when she realized that
it was her on the cover of the magazine. Moving up to the guy's table, she

"Hi." She said softly, gaining his attention. When he looked at her belly,
she waved her hand. "Up here."

Looking upwards, the guys face turned from confusion to extremely surprised
confusion in an instant. Smiling at him, she held out her hand.

"Hi, I'm Torrie Wilson." She said politely, not quite sure how to handle the
introduction, but deciding on the quickest route.

"I know." The guy said, dumbfounded, taking her hand.

Shaking his hand, she smiled for a minute as he stared at her. When he didn't
say anything, she asked, "And your name is...?"

"Derek." He said, trying to snap back to reality. "Derek Reese."

"Hello Derek." Torrie said, her smile still beaming across her face. "Can I
sit down?"

As Derek looked around, Torrie stood still, her smile fading slightly as she
wondered about his odd behavior.

"Loose something?" She offered.

Looking up at her, he asked, "Is this one of those candid camera shows?"
Looking around, he asked, "Am I being Punk'd?"

Laughing slightly, Torrie shook her head. "No, you're not being Punk'd." she
assured him. Motioning to the chair across from him, she asked again, "Can I
sit down?"

Quickly jumping up, Derek nodded, moving around and pulling out her chair
for her. Smiling at his manners, she thanked him as she sat down, letting
him tuck the chair in before he sat back down. Looking at the magazine on
the table, she asked, "So, I take it you're a fan of mine?"

Nodding, he told her, "I won't say I'm your biggest fan, because that's kinda
over used, but I'm a big fan."

Nodding, Torrie tried to put on a serious face, acting shy. "That's good."
She said softly, trying to get him to hold her gaze, but found him unable to,
his cheeks bright red. "I was hoping you would be, and that I could possibly
get a favor, if it's not to much trouble."

Looking at her, he asked, "What do you need?"

~Cock.~ Torrie thought, almost breaking her carefully constructed mask of
shyness with a smile. Keeping her face serious, she told him, "I've been
having some trouble with people following me, and it's making me nervous."
Looking at him, she said, "I tried calling the office to get a security
guard to come with me, but they said that there all out with other
superstars." Biting her lip, she asked him softly, "I hate asking this,
because you look like your busy, but, would you mind, please, helping me

Looking at her, he asked, "What can I do, Ms Wilson?"

"Torrie." She said softly. "And I just need someone to walk around with me."
Seeing further explanation was necessary, she added, "I wanted to do some
shopping, but I'm afraid of some crazed fan jumping me...or worse."

Nodding, he closed his magazine, smiling softly, trying to reassure her. "I
can do that."

Standing up, she smiled as he did the same. Moving quickly to his side of
the table, she slid into his arms, hugging him tightly as he was stunned for
a moment, before wrapping his arms around her protectively. Grinning as he
hugged her, Torrie could feel Billy's jealous eyes burning a hole in her
back, and loved every minute of it.

"Thank you so much Derek." Torrie said, hugging him tightly.

"No problem, Ms Will..." He started, before she looked at him. Smiling, he
said, "No problem, Torrie." Getting shy again, he asked, "I'm not going to
back out if you say no, but, maybe, after you're done, could you autograph
my magazine?"

"As a thank you?" Torrie asked, smiling.

"If you want to call it that."

Nodding, Torrie smiled at him. "No problem." Grinning, she thought, ~I'm
sure by the end of the night I'll have something better than an autograph
for you.~

Moving beside him, she smiled as he picked up his magazine, tucking it under
his arm. "I'm betting your girlfriend doesn't like that you're a big fan of
mine." She teased, hoping to draw out some information.

"I don't have a girlfriend." He said softly, matching her stride as she moved
towards a store.

~Jackpot!~ Torrie's mind yelled. "You're joking?" Torrie said, looking at
him. When he shook his head no, she said, "A good looking fella like you, and
you don't have a girlfriend?"

Blushing intensely, he shook his head. "I'm not really.smooth with women." He
stammered. "I'm kinda a spaz, actually."

"I don't believe it." Torrie said, buttering him up.

"I'm sorry, but it's true."

Moving next to him, she slid her hand into his, squeezing it tightly. "Well,
I'm sure it's not for lack of options." She said. Smirking at him, she told
him, "Half the reason I picked you to help me because I thought you were

Seeing his face grow redder, she smiled. Leaning over, she gave him a kiss
on the cheek. Hearing him gasp slightly, she squeezed his hand reassuringly
as her smile grew, loving the shyness of her catch. Leading Derek into a
clothing store, she pulled out her cell phone, checking to see if she missed
Candice's call during her interaction with Derek. Seeing that she hadn't,
she tucked her phone back into her pocket, smiling at Derek.

"Sorry, it's just, I'm waiting for an important call." She said.

"No problem." He told her. "I'm just here for security anyways."

Moving closer to him, she smiled. "Well, not just security." She said.
"You're here to keep me company, too."

Looking at her, he asked, "I am?"

Nodding, she smiled. "Yup. You are." Pulling him towards a rack of clothes,
she added, "Also, fashion consultant."

"Alright, that one, your on you own." He said with a grin. When she looked
at him, he waved his hand over his body. "I'm not much for fashion."

"You look nice." Torrie said sweetly. Looking him up and down, she thought,
~At least he's not a slob or anything.~

"Thanks." Derek murmured, making Torrie smile.

Letting go of his hand, she moved to the clothing rack, shifting thru the
clothes. Picking out an outfit, she smiled and turned to him, asking him,
"Would you mind holding this?" When he nodded, she handed off the outfit,
smiling as he held onto it by the coat hanger. Sifting thru rack after rack,
Torrie kept handing him outfits, smiling as his arms began to sag under the
weight of all the clothes she was handing him.

"Want me to get rid of some?" She asked, smiling.

Shaking his head, he told her, "I'm cool."

Grinning, she motioned for him to follow her, moving towards the changing
room. "Well, at the very least I could narrow down the options a bit." She
said. Taking the clothes from him, she hung them up on the hangers in the
changing room. Going to close the door behind her, she got an idea and
smiled. Pretending to be worried, she turned to look at him, asking,
"You're not gonna leave, are you?"

Shaking his head, he said, "I wasn't planning on it."

Biting her bottom lip, Torrie smiled. "Thank you."

Closing the door, she grinned as she turned towards the clothing. Reaching
down to pull off her shirt, she felt her phone vibrate. Moving quickly, she
dove her hand into her pants, yanking out her phone and answering it.

"Hello?" She said hopefully.

"Torrie?" Billy said, sounding frantic. "Where are you? What's going on?"

"Billy!" Torrie hissed. "None of your business! Stop calling me!"

Hanging up before he could answer, she set her phone on the chair in the
room before pulling off her top. Looking over the outfits, she smiled as
she picked one out, quickly dropping her tight jeans to the floor.

* * *

Derek shuffled back and forth on his feet, keeping his gaze on the floor as
he waited for Torrie to finish trying on her clothes. Checking his watch,
her noted that Torrie had been in the changing room for the better part of
fifteen minutes. Not knowing how long something like this should take, he
started debating weather or not to knock on the door and check if she was
ok, if only to break the monotony of standing around a women's clothing
store waiting for someone he just met. Before he could come to a decision,
his debate was interrupted as the door cracked open, with Torrie peeking her
head around the corner.

"Can you help me?" Torrie asked softly, smiling at him.

Looking at her, he asked, "With what?"

"A zipper." Torrie told him, motioning for him to come into the room.

Shaking his head, he told her, "I don't think I'm supposed to be in there..."

"It's alright." Torrie said, smiling. "I'm covered. I just need help with a
zipper." Pouting softly at him, she asked, "Please?"

Gulping his pounding heart back into his chest, Derek looked around. Seeing
no one was watching, he moved towards the changing room. Giggling softly,
Torrie quickly opened the door and let him in before closing it behind him.
Turning to face away from him, she pulled her long blonde hair up, showing
him her back.

"Just zip it up." Torrie said. Looking over her shoulder, she smiled. "I
just need to see if it fits."

Nodding, he reached forward, grabbing the zipper in one hand and the sides
of the dress in the other, holding it closed as he started to zip it up.
Moving up slowly, making sure not to pinch any skin, he made it about two
thirds of the way up before he met resistance.

"Give it a tug." She said. "It's just my boobs."

"Excuse me?" Derek stammered.

Giggling, she said, "My boobs." Looking over her shoulder, she smiled at his
blushing face. "There a bit big, if you hadn't noticed, so some clothes need
a little bit of persuasion to fit."

"It won't hurt?" He asked.

Shaking her head, she smiled. "Nope." Motioning for him to continue, she
smiled as he pulled the dress tighter, slowly making headway until he
finally reached the top. "There we go." She said, turning and showing off
the skintight micro dress. "So, what do you think?"

His eyes going wide, Derek stared at her, his mouth unable to form any words.
Smiling, Torrie waved her hand in front of his face.

"Hello, earth to Derek." She said. When he looked up at her, she grinned.
"What do you think?"

"Small." He finally said.

"Duh." Torrie said. Doing a twirl, she asked, "But what do you think? Nice,
not nice?"

"Nice." He said, still searching for words. "Sexy."

"Sexy?" Torrie asked, thankful that the dress got the response she was
looking for. When he nodded, she said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." He said, still looking up and down her body until he
realized she was smiling at him. Turning away quickly, he blushed bright
red, telling her, "I'm sorry..."

"It's alright." Torrie said. "I don't wear clothes like this so people won't
look at me." When he didn't budge, she smiled, asking, "Are you going to look
at me?"

"I did." He said.

Shrugging her shoulders, Torrie reached behind her back, quickly taking down
the zipper and letting the dress fall to the floor. Seeing him finally look
over his shoulder, she giggled as he panicked.

"Umm, I should leave..."

"It's alright." Torrie assured him. "I'm covered."


"Haven't you ever see me in a bra and panties match?" She asked with a smile.


Leaning forward, she gave him a quick peck on the cheek, loving how nervous
he was getting. "Just think of this as front row seats to one." She said.
When he didn't answer, she smiled, trying to reassure him. "If you want, you
can watch the wall while I'm changing, but I would like your opinion on some
clothes. And it would be a hell of a lot easier to do that if I didn't have
to keep bringing you back in for each one." Taking his hand in hers, she gave
him a blast of puppy dog eyes, asking softly, "So, would you pretty, pretty
please stick around?"

Seeing the look on his face, Torrie had to fight back the urge to smile as he
melted right in her hands.

"Ok." He said, still not sure that it was the right thing to say, but not
feeling like arguing with the blonde bombshell.

"Thank you Derek." Torrie said softly, smiling at him.

Turning away, Derek watched the floor intently, trying to ignore the half
nude diva standing behind him.

"No problem."

* * *

Moving into the clothing store, Billy looked around franticly, trying to find
his wife and her man toy. Looking around, he didn't find a sign of either of
them. Moving up to the girl working the counter, he asked, "Did you see a
girl, blonde hair, about this tall, come in here?"

Staring at him, the girl blinked a few times, wondering if he was serious.


Shaking her head, she pointed over his shoulder. "You mean her?" She said,
pointing out a blonde girl. "Or her?" She asked, pointing at another one. "Or
any of the five hundred or so blondes about that tall that come in here ever
friggin day? No, I haven't seen any."

Looking at the girl, he shook his head.


"Thanks for stopping by." The girl said, giving him the finger.

Moving out of the store, Billy stalked back towards the food court, wondering
if she had doubled back and taken him there.

Giggling softly, Torrie opened the door at the back of the store, smiling at

"God you blush a lot." She teased.

"What did you expect?" He asked, still blushing.

"I expected better answers than "Good" and "Not as good"."

"I gave more answers than that!" Derek said defensively, taking the outfits
Torrie was keeping when she handed them to him.

"Only when I expanded your vocabulary to "Hot" and "Not Hot."." Torrie said.
Grinning, she said,
"At least you thought a lot of them were hot."

Biting his lip, he grinned shyly. "A lot of them were hot."

Moving closer to him, she smiled. "Was it me or the outfits?"

"I'm pleading the fifth."

"No your not!" Torrie said, moving towards the racks and hanging the rejected
outfits back up. "Was it the outfits making me look hot, or was I making them

Blushing, he tried to avoid the question again, but found Torrie staring at
him, smiling from ear to ear.

"You making the outfits hot." He finally said, turning away from her.

Moving behind him, she hugged him tightly. "There, was that so hard?"
Torrie said. When he didn't answer, she moved around to face him, her height
matching perfectly with his and looking him in the eye. "Is it so hard to
admit that you think I'm hot?"

"Yes." He said, blushing so badly he was smiling.

"And why is that?" Torrie asked, loving the look on his face.

Shrugging his shoulders, he told her, "Because you intimidate me."

"And why is that?"

"Because your hot." He said softly, looking at her. "Hot girls don't talk to

Leaning forward, she pecked him on the cheek again, feeling the warmth of his
redness coming off his face. "Well, if you think I'm hot, and I'm talking to
you, then that makes it not true, doesn't it?"

"I guess..."

Smiling, she grabbed his hand, leading him to the counter. Motioning for
him to put the clothes on the counter, she smiled at the girl working the

"Hello." Torrie said politely.

"Hi." The girl answered. "Is this everything for today?"

Pointing at a purse behind the counter, Torrie asked, "Could I please look at
that one?"

Nodding, the girl fetched the purse, handing it to Torrie. Slinging it over
her shoulder, Torrie modeled it for Derek.

"So, how does it look?"

"Oh man..."

"Come on!" Torrie said. "Does it match my outfit?"

"How should I know?" he asked. "Do I look like I know the slightest thing
about fashion?"

Smiling, Torrie turned to the cashier. "Can you give me a hand?" She asked.
When the girl nodded, Torrie asked, "How does it look?"

"A little big." The girl said.

Turning to Derek, Torrie smiled. "There, was that so hard?"

Shaking his head, Derek gave up, not offering a response.

Handing the purse back, Torrie thanked the girl before letting her ring up
the pile of clothes. Turning to Derek, she smiled sweetly at him.

"Carry this for me?" She asked, batting her eyelashes for effect. Smiling,
he nodded. "Thank you."

As the girl put the order into a series of bags, Torrie heard her phone go
off again. Grunting in frustration, she pulled it out, thinking up new and
interesting curses to unleash on Billy. Seeing Candice's number come up on
her caller ID, she smiled, flipping open her phone.


"Hey Torr." Candice said. "Find a stud yet?"

"Yea, it's going good." Torrie said, looking Derek up and down.

"Is he hot?" Candice asked.

Seeing Derek look at her, Torrie thought quickly, telling her, "Yea, really

"Sounds like a winner." Candice said with a smile. "Anyways, I got the room
and stuff all set up. Marriott, room 455. If your coming right here, I'll
leave the door unlocked."

"Sounds like a plan." Torrie said.

"Alright, I'll..."

"Candice, are you ok?" Torrie asked, her eyes getting wide as Derek took the
bags from the cashier.

"Torrie, what are you talking about?"

"He did what?" Torrie said, waiting a minute before saying, "Don't go
anywhere. I'm coming right over."

Smiling, Candice nodded. "I'll leave the door unlocked. Condoms and stuff are
in the top right dresser drawer."

"Alright, alright, I'm on my way." Torrie said, before hanging up her phone.
Looking up at Derek, she told him, "Candice needs my help." Looking at him,
she pleaded with her eyes, asking, "Please come with me."

"What's wrong?" Derek asked, a look of concern coming over his face.

"I don't want to name names, but she's been having problems with a guy
backstage." Torrie said. "She's in her hotel room and he won't leave her
alone. He's been pounding on her door for the last hour, and she's freaked
out." Moving towards him, she asked again, "Please come with me."

"Torrie, I don't know." He said, looking at her. "Shouldn't you get security
for something like this?"

"There all out!" Torrie said franticly. "And by the time they get back, it
may be to late..."

Looking at her, he told her, "I'm just a fan." Shaking his head, he added,
"I don't think I should know where you guys are staying."

"I'll get her to change rooms as soon as we get there." Torrie promised him.
Putting on a look of fear, she told him, "Please, Derek. I promised her I'd
come over and help her. I don't wanna go alone..."

Nodding, he motioned for her to lead the way. "I'll help if I can." He said.

Grabbing him by the arm, she led him quickly from the store. Looking to her
left, she spotted Billy, and knew he spotted them. Pulling Derek along
harder, she took off into a sprint. "Please, hurry!" she begged.

Nodding, Derek took off running with her, slinging her bags over his
shoulders as he matched her stride for stride, booking it down the long
hallway. Looking over her shoulder, she saw that Billy was following them,
and quickly closing in on them. Looking around, she spotted the Sears store
at the end of the hall, and smiled. Grabbing Derek by the shirt, she drug
him towards it.

"This way!" Torrie told him, leading him into the store and twisting and
turning down isle ways, trying to loose Billy.

Ducking and diving, Derek followed her, not bothering to ask why she had
started acting like she was running for her life and just kept his eyes on
her, making certain not to loose her.

Looking over her shoulder, Torrie realized that they had lost Billy for the
time being and made her break for the exit. Dragging Derek along behind her,
she quickly ran up to a cab station, diving into the car and waiting for
Derek to do the same before slamming the door shut.


"The Marriott." Torrie said. Pulling a twenty out of her purse, she slapped
it on the seat beside him. "Fast."

Throwing the car into drive, the cabbie hammered the gas, sending the taxi
screaming forward and Torrie and Derek back into their seats. As he flew
towards the end of the parking lot, Torrie turned and looked out the back
window, smiling as she saw Billy come running out of the mall, frantically
trying to find a cab but coming up empty. As the cab turned the corner and
out of sight, Torrie looked at Derek, who was panting from the sprint, and
smiled at him.

Moving closer to him, she smiled. "Thank you Derek." She said softly.

Looking at her, he smiled back, trying to reassure her that her friend would
be ok. "No problem."

* * *

Moving into the hotel room, Derek looked around quickly, trying to see if he
could find Candice.

"Candice?" Derek said, moving into the room. Not finding her, he turned to
Torrie. "Did she say that she'd meet you here?"

Smiling at him, she shook her head. "No." Torrie said. Seeing the look on his
face, she knew she had to tell him before he had a meltdown. "Umm, Derek, I
have something to tell you." She said softly.

"Yea?" He asked, still looking for Candice.

"Stop looking, you're not going to find her." Torrie said. When he stopped
and looked at her, she told him softly, "There's no emergency. Candice is


"I've been lying to you." She said, moving towards him.

His eyes getting wide, he snapped his fingers, pointing at her. "I knew I was
getting Punk'd!"

Giggling, Torrie shook her head. "For the last time, you're not getting
Punk'd." She said. "That's not what I'm talking about." Moving towards him,
she wrapped her arms loosely around his shoulders, catching him off guard.
"I've been lying about why I asked you to help me, and what I needed help
with." She said.

Looking into her eyes, he didn't know quite what to say. Nodding slowly, he
said, ", what's the big secret?"

"I wasn't being followed." Torrie said. "And I didn't need your protection."

"Ok." He said. "Then why ask me to follow you?"

"Because I wanted you to come here with me." She said.

Looking around the hotel room, he said, "Here?"

"Here." Torrie said. "I wanted you to come to my hotel room."

Waiting for her to elaborate, he found no new information coming. Shrugging
his shoulders, he said, "Alright. I'm here. Now what?"

Smiling, she leaned forward, kissing him softly on the lips. When she felt
him jump slightly, she merely pressed forward, deepening the kiss, hoping to
avoid any questions. But when he pulled back, she knew that wasn't going to
be an option.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa..." Derek said, shaking his head and trying to move away
from her. "We can't do this."

"Why not?" Torrie asked sweetly. "I thought you said you didn't have a

"I don't..."


"God no!"

"Don't you like me?"

"I like you..."

"Aren't I pretty enough?"

"Oh god, Torrie, your pretty are drop dead gorgeous."

"Don't you wanna?"

"I very much wanna!"

"Then what?"

"Your married!" Derek said, wondering why that issue had eluded her.

"Oh, that?" She said, looking confused.

"Yes, that!"

"Me and Billy have an open relationship." Torrie said quickly, her mind
giving it's self a high five for it's quick thinking. Looking at him, she
asked, "Do you know what that means?"

"That you two can see other people."

"That's it exactly." Torrie said. "When Billy got fired, and we weren't on
the road together anymore, we didn't get to see each other that much." She
said honestly. "We came to an agreement that when I'm on the road, I can see
other people, and he can see other people." Looking at Derek, she told him
softly, "You're my first other people."

Looking at her, he was dumbfounded, not quite sure how to react. "But you're

Smiling at him, she fought the urge to throw him on the bed and have her way
with him. "If Billy told you it was alright, would that clear this up?"
Torrie asked.

Looking at her, he watched as she rubbed her tight, firm body against him,
her eyes locked with his, waiting for his answer.

"I guess."

"You guess or you know?" Torrie asked. "I'm not going to call him if you're
only going to back out anyways."

"I know...I mean, yes, if Billy tells me it's alright, then I'll do it." He
said, blushing at the topic. "It's not like I don't want to or anything."

Grinning, Torrie gave him another peck on the lips before moving them over
to the couch, plunking him down before straddling his legs. Smiling at the
look on his face, she reached into her pocket, pulling out her cell phone
and quickly dialing Billy's number. After a half a ring, he picked up.

"Torrie?" He asked quickly. "Is that you?"

"Hi Billy!" Torrie said cheerfully.

"Oh thank god!" Billy said. "I'm a nervous fucking wreck! When I lost you in
the mall..."

"Billy, I'm back at the hotel, and I have a very nice young man here."
Torrie said, smiling at Derek. "A very shy young man, who wants you to clear
something up for him."

"Did you fuck him?" Billy asked, his voice growing more and more frantic by
the minute. "What's going on?"

"No, he hasn't fucked me yet." Torrie said, before covering the phone, and
smiling at Derek. "Such a potty mouth." She whispered, making him grin.
Taking her hand off the phone, she ignored Billy's rambling, and told him,
"He won't touch me."

"Thank god!"

"He didn't believe me when I told him that we have an open relationship..."

"I never said I didn't believe you..."

"We don't have an open relationship!" Billy yelled. "This was a one shot

Completely ignoring Billy, she smiled at Derek, running her free hand up and
down his chest. "Could you please tell him that it's ok by you for us to do
it? Because I'm getting really horny here, and I'd hate to break our
agreement..." Torrie said, trailing off, letting Billy know she was serious.
"My and Derek's agreement, of course."

"Would you divorce me if I don't say it's ok?" Billy asked, trying to find a
way to talk his wife out of the agreement he had made with her. "Torrie,
please, honey..."

"Yes." Torrie said, before pausing. "Yes, his name is Derek. He's a nice
guy...and cute, too." Grinning as she ran her fingers thru Derek's hair, she
said, "Alright, I'll put him on. Don't hold him up to long. Just let him know
it's ok, because I'm getting antsy."

Handing the phone to Derek, Torrie smiled as he took it, her stomach a knot
of butterflies as she awaited Billy's response.

"Hello?" Derek asked quietly.

"Hey." Billy said glumly.

"Umm, is what Torrie said true?" Derek asked, not knowing how to phrase the

Sighing, Billy rubbed his temples, trying to keep his skull from exploding
from the tension. "Yea, it's true. We have an open relationship."

Seeing Derek's eyes light up, Torrie knew he got the answer he was looking
for. Holding out her hand, she took the phone back from him, putting it up
to her ear.

"Thanks for clearing that up, Billy."

"Anything you don't let me do is off limits!" Billy said quickly.

Grinning from ear to ear, Torrie nodded, giving Derek the thumbs up sign,
making him grin.

"Don't worry, Billy. I'll make sure that he does me right." She said,
giggling softly. "Bye!"

Hanging up the phone, she turned to Derek, smiling at him.

"Happy now?"

Smiling, he leaned forward to kiss her again.


"Still wanna do this?"


Feeling the butterflies in her stomach start to swarm, Torrie prayed that he
would take the initiative and make the first move. But after a few minutes of
no action, she began to realize that, nerves or no nerves, she was going to
have to step up and take control. Reaching for his glasses, she smiled.

"If I take these off, is it going to cause a problem?" She asked. "Like, are
you going to have problems finding me? Because we wouldn't want that, now
would we?"

Smiling, he shook his head. "No problems."

"So you can see without them?" She asked. When he nodded, she took them off,
saying, "Camera one." Before putting them back on. "Camera two. Camera one,
camera two." Giggling, she asked, "Which is better?"

"Both are fine." He said with a smile. "I'm myopic." Seeing the stunned look
on her face, he added, "Nearsighted."

"Oh, ok." She said, before scrunching up her nose. "Which is that again? I
always get them confused."

"I can see things close up fine. "He said. "So long as you're around ten feet
or closer, I'm pretty well set."

"Well, I can assure you, if that's the case, then seeing me clearly will not
be a problem." She said, leaning down and kissing him softly. "Because I
can't think of a reason I'd want to further than that from you tonight."
Reaching down, she pulled off her shirt, tossing it aside as she snuggled up
against him, her large chest rubbing against his. "Have you ever had sex
before?" She asked softly, pelting his face with kisses.

"A few times."

Pouting, she said, "So I don't get to steal your virtue?"

"Sorry." He said, smiling. "If I'd have known you were planning this, I would
have held off."

Grinning, she reached down, unbuttoning his shirt and opening up the front.
Seeing his upper body build, she purred with happiness.

~A bookworm stud.~ Torrie thought with glee, running her hands over his
well-toned chest as he moved slightly, pulling the shirt off and tossing it

Reaching behind her back, she grabbed the hooks on her bra, quickly undoing
it, almost hearing her breasts sigh with relief as they were released from
their tight prison.

"Have you ever seen me naked?" She asked, pulling her bra slack, but leaving
it covering her breasts. Blushing, he nodded. Smiling, she asked, "And where
did you see me naked? Playboy?" When he nodded again, she teased him, "Where
did someone as young as you get your hands on my Playboy?"

Looking at her, he leaned up, kissing her softly.

"The internet is a wonderful place."

Pulling her bra off and tossing it with their shirts, she grinned as she
pulled him closer, pressing her naked chest against his. "Naught boy." She
teased. "Seeing me naked."

"Naughty girl." He teased back, kissing her as he rested his hands on her
sides. "Posing for Playboy."

"They pay good money." Torrie said around his lips.

"I'm sure they do." He said, sliding his hands up her body.

Grimacing slightly, she prepared herself mentally for his touch, Billy's
clumsy fumbling and tweaking of her sensitive breasts racing to the forefront
of her mind. But much to her surprise, and delight, Derek cupped them softly,
stroking her fleshy jugs with his thumbs, making her coo into his next kiss.

"Yea, baby..." Torrie cooed, holding him tight. "Touch me..."

Raising her body up, Torrie presented her chest to him, craving the touching
she had grown to loath from Billy. Leaning forward, he kissed her left nipple
softly, flicking his tongue out and lashing it. Moaning, Torrie held his head
steady, not wanting to let him go. Lightly wrapping his lips around the
hardened nipple, Derek continued flicking it with his tongue, sucking on it
softly as he cupped her other breast, thumbing her nipple, feeling it harden
almost instantly under his touch.

Moaning, Torrie asked him, "Do you have protection?" Feeling him stop
instantly, she would have smiled had she not wanted him to continue so badly.
Leaning down, she whispered "I have some if you don't."

"I don't." He said softly. "I wasn't expecting..."

Shushing him, she smiled. "It's alright." She told him softly. Grinning, she
kissed him again, telling him, "But to get the right one, I'm gonna need to
see it."

"See it?" Derek teased, smiling at her. "What's it?"

"Your cock." Torrie said, reaching down and cupping his rod thru his jeans.

Kissing him softly, she reached her other hand down, making quick work of his
zipper before pulling his boxers down slightly, pulling his rod out. Giving
it a few strokes to make sure it was already fully hard, she grinned.

"Not very impressive, I admit..." He started, before she silenced him with a

"Very impressive." She assured him, stroking his seven inches. ~More
impressive than Billy.~ She thought, slowly extracting herself from his arms
and moving over to the dresser.

Smiling at him, she turned towards the dresser, opening the top right drawer
and almost gasping at the sight. Looking down upon the frighteningly large
and impressive array of condoms and lubes Candice had left for her, Torrie's
mind went into over load, drawing a blank as to which condom to select.
Looking over her shoulder, she thought about asking if he had a preference,
but decided against it.

~Yea, that would fly.~ Torrie thought. ~Hey, Derek, please come select a
condom from my whorishly large collection.~

Looking over her options, she knew she was running out of time. Deciding to
go out on a whim, she pulled out a box and held them up for his inspection.
"Is this alright?" When he nodded, she smiled, and looked back down at the
drawer. Seeing something out of the corner of her eye, she moved a box of
condoms out of the way, smiling at the sight of two cans of whip cream.

~Thank you Candice.~ Torrie thought, making a mental note to return for
the cans at a later time and closing the drawer. Turning, she put the box
into her mouth, holding it with her teeth as she reached into her pockets,
emptying them on the nightstand beside the bed before undoing her jeans,
walking towards Derek as she dropped them to the floor. Smiling at his
wide-eyed reaction, she motioned to his pants.

"Off." She said, motioning to his pants again. When he didn't budge, she
reached down, yanking off her panties and tossing them playfully at him.
"Pants, off, now." She repeated.

Smiling, he lifted his hips up, sliding his pants down and around his ankles
as Torrie quickly re-straddled him, leaning down and kissing him softly.
Ripping open the box of condoms, Torrie grinned as foil wrapped latex flew
everywhere, her rush scattering them over the couch. Reaching down and
grabbing one, she again pulled him in for another kiss, growing in urgency
with each passing second.

Breaking the kiss, Torrie grabbed the packet with her teeth, ripping it open
before fishing the condom from the wrapper. Smiling at him, she reached down,
grabbing his stick in one hand and quickly unrolling the condom with the
other. As he moaned softly, she raised her hips up, lining his cock up with
her pussy, using the lube from the condom to add to the slickness she was
already producing. Pushing the head in, she moaned as she sat down, impaling
her self with a series of loud moans on his rod, slowly working down until
she his bottom.

~This is it.~ Torrie thought. ~Your officially cheating.~ Looking down at
the look of gratefulness and bliss on Derek's face, and the eager look it
carried, she grinned. ~Feels nice.~

"Feel good?" She asked, smiling at him.

"Much, much better than just good." He moaned. "Awesome. Exquisite. Tight.
Wet." Leaning up, he kissed her softly, adding, "Perfect."

Smiling at his compliments, she told him, "I don't know about that..."

"Perfect." He repeated, moving his hands up and cupping her breasts again.
"Just like the rest of you."

Now it was her turn to blush. Holding his face in her hands, she smiled.
"Thank you." Was all she could think to say.

Rubbing his thumbs over her nipples softly, he smiled as she purred. "You're
very welcome."

Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she pulled herself up, extracting his
cock from her awesome, exquisite, tight, wet, perfect pussy, sobbing softly
as she emptied herself, moaning over her loss until she sat back down,
filling herself up and returning her joy instantly.

"God you're big." Torrie moaned, raising and falling at a steady clip, her
pussy hugging his dick tightly, not wanting to let it go.

"I don't know..."

"Big." Torrie said, looking down at him with a look that led him to believe
that she wouldn't be questioned on the matter. Deciding against telling him
of Billy's "Shortcomings", she instead worked on picking up the pace.

As she rose and fell in his lap, she whined at the fact that her pace was
seriously cutting into his efforts to worship her breasts. Looking down at
him as she rode up and down, Torrie smiled, her body quickly getting used to
his larger member sliding in and out of her slit. Leaning back slightly, she
pushed her chest out further, hoping he'd take the hint and resume his

Moaning softly, Torrie got her wish as his hands moved up from her butt and
cupped her breasts again. Leaning his head forward, he captured her right
nipple in his mouth, giving the neglected nub some loving attention. Gasping
in short, heavy breaths, Torrie rode him softly and slowly, her body letting
him know that he was pleasing her, and her mouth quickly confirming it.

"Oh god, Derek." She moaned, letting her head fall back. When he leaned up
and kissed her throat, she purred in response. "God, baby, touch me...Billy's
so rough..." Her eyes snapping open, she realized what she had said, her mind
going into panic mode as it hoped he hadn't heard her.

"Is that what you want?" Derek asked softly, kissing her neck again, tracing
her veins with his tongue. "Do you want me to be rougher?"

"God no..." Torrie said, her mind forming a cover story instantly. "Billy's
nice, but this is what I want right now.slow, and soft."

Nodding, he craned his neck back down, massaging her sensitive nipples as he
kissed her chest, his head dipping down into the valley between her breasts.
Kissing his way back up to her neck, he grinned.

"Oh Torrie..." He said softly, moaning as she bounced happily in his lap.
Kissing her collarbone, he added, "God, your so good..."

"It's not rocket science." Torrie said with a grin. "Just up and down, up and

Licking her flesh, he smiled as she shivered. "It may not be rocket science,
but it's a lot more complicated than that." Flicking her nipples with his
thumbs, he told her, "There's knowing how fast to go, and when to go..."

Smiling, she told him, "You sound like someone who's over thought this."

Grinning, he leaned down, kissing her nipples. "Maybe."

"Have you ever thought about doing me?" She asked.

"Many, many times."

"Dirty boy." She scolded him playfully. "Thinking about another man's

"Another man's wife who lied to me and seduced me..."

"I didn't seduce you!"

"You most certainly did!"

"Alright, maybe I did." She said, grinning. "But aren't you glad I did?"

"Very, very glad." He said, moving up to kiss her again, but stopping dead.
"I just thought of this." He said, pulling back. "Can I kiss you?"

"You have been all along." Torrie whined, leaning back slightly to get more

Looking at her, he told her softly, "I know, I allowed?" Blushing
again, he asked softly, "I mean, I know kissing is kinda intimate..."

Torrie couldn't help but laugh, stopping her bouncing and taking his face in
her hands. "Intimate?" she asked, grinning at him. "I'm riding your pole, and
you're worried about kissing?"

Nodding, he got nervous, telling her, "Well,'s just, I don't know...
kissing seems more...intimate than passionate."

Catching on, Torrie nodded. "So, you think that kissing would stir up
feelings or something?" When he nodded, she said, "Don't worry. Kissing is
fine." Leaning down, she pecked his lips with quick kisses, telling him,
"Well, it's fine by me. How bout you?"

Smiling, he wrapped his arms around the blonde goddess, pulling her closer
and kissing her, his tongue sliding along her lips, begging for entrance.

"Good boy..." Torrie murmured, letting his tongue meet hers. Sucking on his
tongue softly, Torrie smiled as he moaned softly. Feeling his arms wrap
tighter around her body, she cooed into his mouth, moving slightly in his
lap before pulling out of the kiss. Grinning at him, she slowly extracted
herself from his lap, loving the pained look on his face.

Standing up, she grinned as he looked at her, imploring her to come back.
Moving towards the bed, she jumped onto it, crawling to the middle and
laying on her side. Looking over at him, she beckoned him over with her
index finger, smiling as he jumped up.

"Come on." She said, patting the bed behind her. "New position time."

Smiling, he moved over to the bed, crawling in behind her.

"There's a set time for this stuff?" He teased, pulling her hair away from
her face and kissing her.

"No hard...and fast...rules." She teased, grinding her butt back against his
rod. "But I wanted something different."

"What Torrie wants, Torrie gets." Derek said, lying down behind her.

"Ever spoon before?" Torrie asked, bending her leg to give him better access
to her pussy.

"First time."

"Breaking your cherry?" She asked, grinning at him.

"Have you done it before?"

"Once or twice."

"Do you like it this way?" He asked. "I think it would make it easier to find
your pleasure spot."

"Pleasure spot?" Torrie asked, smiling. "Is that something like a g spot?"

"Exactly like it." He said, smiling. "It is it."

Shrugging, Torrie jumped slightly as he took his cock into his hand, sliding
it against her slit before pushing it in. "I like it, but Billy's not a fan."
She said cryptically.

Kissing the back of her neck, Derek told her, "Well, again, what Torrie
wants, Torrie gets."

"Thank you." Torrie whined, gripping at the blankets as Derek pushed into
her, sliding his cock into her slowly, making sure that the angle wasn't
hurting her before pulling out.

Reaching around her body, he gripped her tightly, holding her steady as he
pulled out, making her moan before thrusting back into her slowly.

"Faster..." Torrie moaned. "Harder..."

Nodding, Derek picked up the pace, trying to match her speed from earlier,
and finding the tempo most agreeable to his blonde lover.

"Yea, that's it..." Torrie moaned. "That's it, Derek...just like that..."

"God Torrie, your tight..." Derek hissed into her ear. "So friggin tight..."

"Big cock stud." Torrie grunted back, her body rocking as he thrust into her,
his hips slapping against her butt as she barked out grunts with each pump.
"Do me right!"

Kissing her, he told her, "I have to. You promised Billy I would."

Almost laughing again, Torrie nodded as best she could. "I did, didn't I?"

As he grunted in response, Torrie tried reaching behind her head and finding
his, but found the angle to awkward. Settling instead for grabbing his hands,
she moved them up to her breasts, her hands covering his as he squeezed her
prized chest, pinching her nipples softly between his thumb and index finger.

Loving his efforts, Torrie decided to take another piece of advice from
Candice and stroke his ego, hoping that it would lead to even more pleasure.
Tilting her head back, Torrie tried to force some fake orgasmic moans and
groans from her lungs, but found she couldn't. Whining softly, she tried
again, but, much to her surprise, the fake ones were being blocked by very
real sounds of pleasure, her lungs exploding with noise as her pussy clenched
and quivered around Derek's pounding cock, his freakish instinct of finding
ways to pleasure her paying off again as her young lover found her "Pleasure
spot" again and again, making her sob and cry out in lust.

"Oh fuck, Derek, fuck me!" She yelled, holding his hands over her breasts.
"Play with my big tits, fuck me harder! Fuck me!" As he sped up, his hands
gripping her heavy breasts tighter, Torrie let her head fall to the mattress,
whining loudly and whispered, "Thank you Candice..."

Smiling, he kissed her neck.

"What was that?" He asked, sliding one hand down her body, loving the
whimpering noises that she made when she realized he was heading for her

"I said thank you Candice!" Torrie exploded, he body rocking under his

Rolling his fingers softly around her clit, he teased her. "My name's not
Candice..." He said with a smile. "I'm Derek."

"She told me to pick you out!" Torrie whined, not caring what she said so
long as he kept it up. "She told me to get a bookworm because you'd do what
I want!"

"And am I doing what you want?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Torrie shouted, thrusting her butt back against his ramming

"Is there anything else I can do?"

"Don't stop!"

His fingers slick with her juice, he rubbed her pussy lips softly, assuring
her, "I won't unless you tell me to."

"Don't expect that to happen!"

Smiling, Derek moaned softly as Torrie screamed and thrashed about, bucking
with each pump into her. Groaning loudly, Torrie returned her hands to the
blankets, pulling them up as she tried to find something solid to grab a
hold of.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god..." Torrie chanted, her body a bundle of raw,
electrified nerves as he slammed into her again and again. "Fuck, I'm coming,
I'm coming!"

Looking at her, Derek watched in fascination as she flailed about, one hand
hammering into the mattress as the other squeezed a blanket tightly, her
lungs screaming out obscenities as she repeated her performance that she
gave Billy earlier in the day, only at twice the volume and with a very real
orgasm to go along with it. Clawing at the blankets, Torrie tried in vain to
get away from Derek's pounding cock. But he knew better than to let her go,
knowing she didn't want to go anywhere and held her tightly, pounding into
her pussy from the back again and again. Each thrust rocked Torrie's head
back further and further until Derek had to move his own head to avoid
getting head butted.

Whining softer and softer, Torrie felt her body go limp, her arms dropping
down as her leg slid out of place, cutting off his easy access to her
dripping love hole. Groaning with sadness, Torrie tried to keep him from
extracting his cock from her, but to no avail. Sliding out, he pulled back
slightly, looking at her, awaiting her next direction. Rolling onto her
back, Torrie glared up at him, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her
breath. Opening her legs, she motioned weakly towards them.

"Back in." She panted, eyeing him. When he didn't budge, she smiled. "Please,

"Don't you want a break or something...?"

"No." Torrie said flatly. "I want you back inside of me." Looking at him,
she asked, "You didn't come, did you?" When he shook his head, she smiled.
Lifting her knees up, she presented him with her pussy. "Back to work,

Smiling, he scooted around between her legs, lining his cock back up before
sliding it back in, her wetness helping him over come the tightness. Leaning
down, he kissed her softly, resting his elbows on the bed as he laid over
her, carefully not putting to much weight on the panting Diva.

"Work?" He said, smiling. "How is this work?"

"It can be work." Torrie said, smiling.

"Not with you it isn't." He assured her. "With you, it's pure pleasure."

Grinning, she poked him in the chest. "You're not so bad yourself."

"Thank you." He said softly.

Smiling, she pulled him down for another kiss, loving the feel of his soft
lips against hers. "So, no come for you?" she murmured, taking his bottom lip
into her mouth and sucking it softly.

"Nuh-uh." He answered.

"You close?"

"Getting there."

Grinning, she kicked his thighs lightly with her feet, telling him, "Then

Smiling, he pulled out, making both of them moan at the withdrawal. Pushing
back into her, he smiled as she arched her back slightly, pushing her chest
up. Reaching his hands out, he cupped her breasts softly, taking her nipple
back into his mouth as she purred, smiling at him.

"You like em, don't ya?" she asked with a giggle.

Looking up at her, he blushed, getting shy. "Well...kinda...maybe..."

Rubbing his face, she smiled. "Good. Cuz they like you."


Nodding, Torrie shook her shoulders, making her boobs jiggle on her chest,
making him blush even worse, and adding to her pleasure. "You're balls deep
in my pussy, and your embarrassed by my tits?" she asked. When he nodded
slightly, she grinned, her mind forming a wicked plan. "Then you're gonna be
really embarrassed by this." Reaching for her cell phone on the nightstand,
she stretched her body to its limit, her fingertips just catching the corner
and pulling it towards her. Feeling him pulling out, she wrapped her legs
tighter around his waist. "Don't you dare." She scolded him softly. "Keep

"What are you doing?"

"Calling Billy." Torrie said. When he didn't start pumping again, she pouted
at him. "Please keep going." She asked softly. "I just wanna let Billy know
how good of a job you're doing..."

"I dunno." Derek said. "Doesn't that seem weird to you?"

Shaking her head, she pulled him back in with her legs, moaning as he buried
himself in her sweet folds again. "Hell no." Torrie said. "We totally do this
all the time." She assured him.

"I thought you said I was your first." Derek asked.

Thinking quickly, she said, "You are. But Billy does it all the time, and
he's always telling me if I finally do someone, to let him know how he's
doing." Smiling, she rubbed his chest with her free hand, smiling at him.
"Please, Derek? It would mean the world to me..." Licking her lips, she
giggled. "I'd owe you big time..."

Shaking his head, he smiled at her, leaning back down and capturing her
nipple in his mouth before pulling out, thrusting back into her with a hard,
quick thrust, making Torrie shriek.

"That's the spirit!" She squealed, her body rocking as she held the phone in
both hands, trying to hammer out the number while Derek hammered out her.

Finally getting it right, she put the phone up to her ear, listening to the
ring before Billy picked up.


"Oh my god!" Torrie screamed, Derek thrusting into her and across her swollen
clit, his teeth lightly raking across her bullet hard nipple. "Fuck, fuck me

"Torrie, what the fuck is going on?" Billy yelled, pacing back and forth in
his living room.

"Oh Billy, I picked a winner!" Torrie cried with glee, her back arching again
as Derek switched nipples, lapping at the left one. "God, he's fucking hung

"Torrie, where the fuck are you?"

"He's driving me wild!" Torrie yelled, wrapping her free arm around Derek's
neck, holding his head in place. "He's a fucking machine! God, he already
made me come once..."

"Where the fuck are you!" Bill yelled again. "I swear, if I find out who he

"Billy, oh god, Billy, he's tearing me apart!" Torrie groaned, loving his
reaction. "And you should see how her plays with my titties!" Grinning from
ear to ear, Torrie moaned happily as the mention of her breasts urged Derek
to give them some extra attention. "God, Billy, he's totally different from fucking good!"

"I'm gonna rip his..."

"Oh god, oh god, fuck me Derek!" she whined, looking down at him, and smiling
at the look in his eyes. "Oh god, you're gonna come, aren't you?" When he
nodded, she smiled. "Wanna cash in that favor?"

"What favor?" Billy yelled, looking for something to hit and finding the
coffee table, kicking it and sending it flying across the room.

"What did you have in mind?" Derek asked, extracting her hard nubs from his
mouth just long enough to ask.

Grinning, she licked her lips, eyeing him. "How about you pull that big, fat
cock out of my tight, perfect pussy and let me show you."

"Tight? Perfect?" Billy spat, his anger level rising. "You are not tight, you

Ignoring his demeaning insult, she merely replied in character, telling him,
"Oh, yea, Billy, it's tight...fuck, Derek's so big...god, I didn't think it
was going to fit in..." Looking down at Derek, she smiled. "So, favor or no?"
Licking her lips, she grinned a wide grin. "It'll be good, I promise..."

Smiling, he pulled out, looking at her. Crooking her finger, she motioned for
him to come closer.

"I want that." She said, pointing at his dick. "Up here." She finished,
pointing towards the space beside her head. When he scooted up beside her,
Torrie grinned, ripping the condom off his cock and tossing it aside. "Umm,
Billy, you should see how slick his cock is..." Torrie said, before
describing it in detail. "God, he's just coated in my come.I made him wear
a condom, and he's still soaked!" Looking up at Derek, she giggled, asking,
"Did I do all that?"

"I think you did." He said, smiling at her and brushing some stray blonde
locks from around her face.

Biting her lip, she smiled. "Maybe I should clean it up?"

"No!" Billy yelled. "You will not suck his cock!"

Purring softly, Torrie gripped it with her free hand, stroking his slick
member. "Don't worry, Billy, I promise I'll swallow." She said.

"What?" Billy screamed, nearly throwing the phone across the room. "What did
I tell you? He doesn't get what I don't get, and you don't swallow me!"

"I know, honey, I don't want to, but he was soooooooo nice to me." Torrie
said, looking up at Derek with big puppy dog eyes. "Can I suck your big, fat
cock, Derek?" she asked sweetly. When he nodded quickly, she smiled, leaning
forward and taking his cock into her mouth.

Sucking loudly, Torrie slurped up and down his shaft, making sure to keep the
phone very close to her face, giving Billy the full blast of her cock sucking
prowess, something he never got himself. Moving into a slightly better
position, she slid her soft lips up and down the first few inches of his
shaft, doing the promised cleaning before pulling out, holding his cock up
and licking it from base to tip, cleaning up any remaining girl cream.

"God, Billy, I coated him..." She purred.

Taking his cock back into her mouth, she looked up at Derek, smiling as she
glided up and down his shaft, his eyes giving away the fact that he was going
to be coming very soon. Sucking lewdly, Torrie fisted his shaft, making him
buck and jerk as she licked his head, pre-come oozing from the tip and into
her mouth, making her moan.

"Oh god, Torrie, I'm gonna come..." Derek said, groaned as he let his head
fall back. "God, baby, I'm coming!"

Continuing her torturous blowjob, Torrie fisted and licked like she was
possessed, ignoring Billy's threats and insults as she took spurt after spurt
of Derek's seed into her mouth. When his load hit her tongue, she fought the
urge to pull back or crinkle up her nose in disgust, wanting to make Derek
believe that she was having the time of her life. His shaft slick with
saliva, Torrie slurped loudly on his knob, her hand jerking his load from his
nuts, moaning around his dick as he fought the urge to grab her head, knowing
enough from his little experience with blowjobs to know that was a no-no.

When he finally stopped bucking and coming, Torrie made sure she got all of
his load before letting his dick fall from her mouth. Smiling at him, she sat
up, showing him his load in her mouth. Seeing his eyes go wide, she closed
her mouth quickly, needing to laugh and knowing that if she did, the humorous
noises would have had the very un-humorous side effect of sending his sperm
flying onto his face.

Tilting her head back, Torrie swallowed his load with a loud gulp, making
sure that Billy heard the noise.

"Tell me that wasn't what I think it was." Billy groaned, plunking down on
the couch and resting his head on his hand.

"Mmmmmm..." Torrie purred, smacking her lips as she looked up at Derek. "I
didn't think you were gonna stop coming." Looking at Derek, she asked, "Did
you like that?" When he nodded emphatically, she giggled. Seeing the look in
his eyes, she leaned in, kissing him softly on the lips before telling Billy,
"Honey, I'd love to stay and chat, but, umm, judging from the way Derek's
looking at me, I'm thinking that my mouth is going to be very, very busy for
a while."

"Don't you..."

"Bye!" She said, hanging up the phone and turning it off completely. Tossing
it aside, she looked at Derek, a grin plastered on her face. "You liked,
huh?" She asked. When he nodded, she moved quickly, pushing him and sending
him down to the bed, landing on his back with a soft thud. Moving quickly,
she crawled onto him, smiling at the shocked look on his face.

"If I can get it up again, can I do it again?" Torrie asked sweetly.

"I thought that was a favor?" He asked.

"It was." Torrie said. Smiling, she leaned down, lapping at his semi-hard
rod, smiling as it twitched. "But, I was thinking, if I did this, you'd owe
me a favor." Looking up at him, she grinned. "And I'm sure I can find
something very, very nice to cash it in on."

Smiling, he leaned back on his elbows. "Alright then, do your best."

"I always do." Torrie promised, leaning down and licking his cock, smiling
as it slowly started to grow. Smiling up at him, she said, "This is to easy!"

Nodding, he said, "It's not like I'm holding back or anything."

"Could you?" Torrie asked softly. "Make it at least a bit of a challenge..."

Shaking his head, he told her, "Sorry, Torrie, but no." Smiling he said,
"You're just to hot."

"Gag." Torrie said, smiling at him. "Pouring on the charm, are we?"

"A little." He admitted. "But that doesn't mean it isn't the truth."

Leaning back down, she licked his rod again, taking the tip into her mouth
and sucking on it softly. Feeling the blood rushing back into her new
favorite toy, she purred as it slowly grew back to its former glory. Pulling
it out of her mouth, she gave it a kiss on the head, looking up at him.

~Billy is gonna be so pissed when I tell him about this.~ Torrie thought.

Looking at her, Derek asked. "Why is that?"

Looking at him, confused, Torrie asked, "Why what?"

"Why would Billy be pissed?"

Her eyes getting wide, Torrie quickly bolted up, slapping her hand over her
mouth. "Ohmygod, did I say that out loud?" When he nodded, she went into
panic mode, trying to think up a cover story. "I...umm...I mean, he'd..."
she stammered, her luck with lies finally running out.

Sitting up, Derek looked at her. "Something's going on here."

"Not.nothing's going on!" Torrie said, trying to convince him. Reaching down
for his cock, she was stunned when he pushed her hand away.

"Yes, something is going on." He said. Looking at her, he said, "And I want
to know what."

Looking him in the eyes, she decided to play her last card. "Why should I
tell you?" she asked. "You're getting something out of this, so what business
is my personal life to you?"

Shrugging, Derek moved towards the edge of the bed. "Fine, whatever." He
said, getting up and moving towards the couch.

Seeing him move towards his clothes, she watched as he reached down, grabbing
his boxers and pulling them on, looking for his jeans.

"Are you leaving?" Torrie asked, not believing what she was seeing.

"Yup." He said. Turning and looking at her, he said, "I'm not getting in
the middle of some argument you two are having. You said it yourself, your
personal life is your own business, not mine." Pulling on his jeans, he
looked for his shirt, finding it in the pile of clothes Torrie had made.

"Wait!" Torrie said, moving towards the edge of the bed. Looking at him,
she watched as he pulled on his shirt, not bothering to button it up before
looking around again.

"Where did you put my glasses?" he asked.

"Will you stop, please?" Torrie begged, not quite knowing why she was so
upset about the development. She had gotten what she wanted. She had cheated
back on Billy, and made him jealous. But seeing Derek grab his glasses, she
got desperate. "Please, let me explain!"

Looking at her, he said, "Not my business."

"Billy cheated on me." Torrie finally said. When Derek stopped and looked at
her, she told him, "I walked in on him and my next-door neighbor having sex
this morning."

"So you're sleeping with me as payback?"

"Yes!" Torrie yelled, before thinking for a minute. "I mean, no...I mean...
fuck, I don't know!"

"I'm not going to be your revenge fuck." Derek said. "You two have problems,
work them out. Don't drag me into it."

"Derek, please, stop!"

Looking at her, he said, "You lied to me, Torrie. You told me that you and
Billy had an open relationship, and you lied to me."

Looking at him, she asked, "Ok, so when Billy said it was ok for you to fuck
me, it was cool, but now that you find out that he cheated on me and I was
just cheating back, you get all moral?"

"I'm not going to be that guy." Derek said, moving towards his shoes.

"Let me explain." Torrie said softly, pleading with him. "Let me tell you why
I'm doing this. If you're still mad, then by all means, leave."

Stopping, Derek turned, looking at her. "Alright, let me have it." He said,
clearly not impressed.

Taking a deep breath, Torrie sorted out the facts in her mind before

"Alright, you know the beginning." Torrie said. "Walked in on Billy cheating.
Then, I told him it was over between us." Looking at him, she said, "I told
him, I didn't want someone who was going to do that to me." Seeing Derek
start to say something, she held up her hand. "Please, let me speak." When he
stopped, she continued. "He tried to get me to change my mind, and that's
where you kinda come in."

"This is gonna be good." Derek said.

"He told me that he would let me cheat on him, to get back at him." Torrie
said. "I wasn't interested, and stormed out of the house. When I got to the
show today, I told Candice what happened, and she got me to reconsider."
Shrugging her shoulders, she said, "I don't know why, but she made sense.
She told me to take Billy's offer, and let him know what it feels like to
be cheated on, and then dump him." Taking a deep breath, she continued,
"When Billy showed up at the house show, I told him I'd do it. He told me
to pick a guy, and go from there."

"And you picked me." Derek said. When she nodded, he shook his head. "Lucky

"Lucky you." Torrie said, meaning it. "I could have picked any guy I wanted
to do this, but I picked you. And do you know why?"

Shrugging his shoulders, he offered, "Because you were desperate?"

Shaking her head, Torrie told him softly, "Because I was hoping you wouldn't
let me down. Now, Billy and I are done. As far as I'm concerned, he's not my
husband anymore. Its just paperwork that's keeping us together." Holding up
her hands, she shrugged. "That's my story. That's why I did this, and that's
why I lied to you." She told him softly. "I didn't mean for you to find out
this way, and I never meant to stick you in the middle." Looking at the
floor, she added softly, "And I meant everything I said before. You are cute,
you are nice, and you are good." Smiling softly at him, she said, "So,
knowing that, do you really want to walk away from this?"

Looking at her, Derek couldn't help but crack a small smile at the absurdity
of the situation. He was standing in front of the woman of his dreams, who
was bare-naked, and begging him to come back and fuck her again, and he was
trying to decide weather or not to walk out for her lying to him. "You didn't
have to lie to me." He finally said. "You could have went about doing this a
better way."

Seeing his smile, she knew she had him. Crawling backwards back onto the
bed, she spread her legs as she went. "I could have." She agreed, her smile
getting wider. "But it would have taken more time, and that would have meant
less time for this. Now, are you in or out?" Biting her lip, she added
quietly, "I'd really, really like it if you were in."

Seeing him grin, she licked her lips.

"Come on, you know you wanna." Torrie teased. Giggling, she leaned back,
pushing her breasts out. "They miss you already..."

Shaking his head, he just smiled as she continued her act.

"This bed is too big to be alone in." She purred, rubbing her hands up and
down her body. "Would you please come back here and keep me company? I'm sure
I can find something to make it worth your while..."

Smiling, he grabbed his shirt, tossing it off as he moved back towards the
bed, watching as Torrie giggled with glee as he put his glasses on the
nightstand. Quickly closing the distance between him and Torrie, he grinned
as she squirmed with anticipation.

"Yea, come keep me company." Torrie purred, pulling her knees back and
exposing her pussy to him.

Moving faster than she could react to, Derek slid onto the bed, hooking his
arms under her legs and pulling her closer, catching her off guard as his
mouth slid over her pussy, his tongue flicking out and batting her clit.

"Oh fuck yes!" Torrie squealed in surprise, her back arching instantly as his
tongue hit her love button. "Lick that pussy!"

Smiling up at her, he asked, "Like it?"

"Love it!" She moaned, he head rolling back as he slid a finger into her
juicy folds. "Billy never went down on me! Not once!"

Licking her softly, he said, "Well, since you're getting a divorce..." He
trailed off, asking, "You are getting one, still, aren't you?" When she
nodded, he smiled. "Since you're getting a divorce, and since you'll be
on the open market again, if I gave you my number, would you call me to
come do it for you when you're in my neck of the woods?" Lapping at her
seeping pussy, he told her, "I would so love to do this to you again...
and again..."

"Yes!" Torrie yelled, bucking her hips and reaching down, grabbing his head.
"I'll call you every time!" Looking down at him, she said, "If you do this
for me, I'll do everything I won't do for Billy for you. Deal?"

Giving her another long lick, and dragging another sobbing moan from her
lungs, he asked, "And what would that be?" Smiling, he curled his finger up,
rubbing against her g spot. "What nasty, dirty things did that idiot Billy
want you to do?"

Pouting at him, she said, "Dirty, dirty things." Pushing out her bottom lip,
she said, "He wanted me to swallow his come..."

"I already got that." Derek said, grinning at her. "What else?"

"Money shots." Torrie said softly, trying to hide her smile. "What do I look
like, a porn star?"

"Most certainly not." He said. "What else?"

"Tit fucking..." Torrie trailed off. "Again, porn star stuff."

"Stupid, stupid Billy." Derek said.

Smiling, she said, "Well, not quite. It's not that I didn't want to do it,
its just Billy didn't know how to handle my boobs." Looking at Derek, she
said, "He was really rough. Like if he squeezed them hard enough, he'd get
a prize or something."

"Stupid, stupid Billy." Derek repeated.

"But they like you." Torrie said with a smile.

"They do, do they?"

"Yes, they do." Torrie said. "You're nice to them. You make them feel

"They are special." He said, pushing aside the stupid feeling he got from
talking about her breasts like they were there own separate persons.

"They'd be very happy to be wrapped around your big cock." She assured him
with a smile.

"I'll keep that in mind." He said. "So, anything else?"

"Anal." Torrie said. "He was always after me to try that."

Smiling, Derek said, "Well, I can see that one." Licking her pussy again, he
told her, "You do have a very nice ass."

Wiggling her butt, she cooed. "I do, don't I?"

"You won the Golden Thong award for something."

Giggling, Torrie writhed under his touch. "I still have that thing."

Pulling his finger free from her gripping snatch, he smiled as she whined
in protest. Moving his hands into position, pulling her folds apart softly
before diving back in, driving his tongue into her pussy, making Torrie's
hips jerk violently, almost bucking him out as she gripped his head, her
fingers threading thru his short hair.

"Fuck yea!" Torrie screamed, her pleasure growing by leaps and bounds as he
slid his tongue in and out as far as he could, his fingers rubbing her clit
clumsily. Each rub of her sensitive nub made Torrie moan loudly, her thighs
tightening up around his head as she fought to hold back.

Taking her clit between his lips, he suckled it softly, having to move his
hands from her pussy to her hips, keeping her bucking under control enough
to pleasure her.

Reaching down between her legs, Torrie fought to grab his head, her hands
shaking as he lapped happily at her pussy. Finally getting a grip, she pulled
him up from her pussy, her eyes burning with lust as she drank in the sight
of his face, his chin covered with her slick juices.

"You." She growled. "In me. Now."

Smiling, he nodded, giving her a final drag of his tongue before jumping up,
moving over to the couch as he slid the rest of his clothes back off, picking
a condom off the cushions. Turning quickly, he found Torrie right behind him,
her eyes narrow and her smile wide.

Taking him by the shoulders, she pushed him back against the couch, relishing the control she had
over him as he landed on his butt with a thud. Moving quickly, she straddled
him again, pulling him in for a searing kiss. Taking the condom from his
hand, she ripped it open and reached between them, rolling it down his cock,
smiling as he moaned around her lips.

Looking at him, she grinned, asking, "We've already done it like this,
haven't we?"

"It's fine by me." Derek said, smiling up at the diva.

Shaking her head, she got up from the couch, stopping him when he went to
follow her up. "No." She said. "Billy was all about one position. Tonight,
you're gonna give me variety. Got it?"

"No arguments from me."

"I didn't figure there would be. You're very accommodating." Spinning around,
Torrie moved into position, straddling him again, her back to his front.
Looking over her shoulder, she grinned at him. "Mind if we do it like this?"
she asked sweetly.

"However you want." He said. Reaching his hands out, her cupped her butt.
"I'll get to see this award winning ass in action."

Giggling, Torrie reached down, grabbing his rod and lifting herself up,
rubbing it against her pussy before dropping back down, both of them moaning
as she impaled herself again. Shuffling his hips forward slightly, he gave
her better access to his dick. Rising up from his crotch, Torrie moaned
happily as she dropped back down, using the cushioning of the couch to bounce
back up. Feeling his hand leave her butt, Torrie whined in protest until it
came crashing back down on her rump, slapping her right cheek playfully.
Looking over her shoulder, she grinned wickedly at him.

"Slap that butt!" Torrie moaned, smiling as he pulled his other hand back,
throwing it forward and connecting with her flesh with a loud slap. "Yea!"
Continuing her bouncing up and down, she grinned at him. "You like my butt?"
She asked.

"Fuck yes..." He hissed, slapping her ass again.

Moaning softly as he spanked each cheek in succession with playful slaps,
Torrie leaned back against him, sliding her body up and down his as she rode
him. Reaching around, he cupped her breasts, giving Torrie what she had hoped

"God, Torrie..." Derek moaned, kissing her neck with quick pecks. "You are so

"Am I?" She asked, resting her hands on his. Pulling herself into an upright
sitting position again, she took him up with her. "How hot? Tell me."

Moaning softly, he kissed her back, telling her, "You are flawless."
Groaning, he rubbed her breasts, telling her, "Your so tight, and firm, and
sexy. God, your just big enough in all the right places..." Sliding one hand
down to her crotch, he added, "And so, so feel like a vice..."

"Billy always told me I was loose..."

"Billy must have a tiny cock." Derek said. "And Billy is a moron for cheating
on this..."

"We didn't have sex very much in the last little while." Torrie moaned. "I
was on the road..."

"No excuse." He said firmly. "Having a hot wife like you should have been
enough for him. Throwing that away for the tramp next door shows how dumb he
really is." Moaning loudly, he told her, "God, if I had a wife with lips like

Grinning, she said, "You want me to blow you again, don't you?"

"I want you to tell me what you want me to do." Derek said. "I want to please

"Well." Torrie said, trailing off.

"Well what?" He asked, rubbing her body as she bounced in his lap. "Tell

"You could be a little more assertive."

"Assertive?" He asked. When she nodded, he asked, "I thought you wanted to be
in control here."

"I do." Torrie said. "But I'm willing to share." Looking back at him, she
grinned. "I got the room for the night, and I was hoping you'd stay and keep
me company. That would give us lots of time to both be in control."

Groaning as her pussy squeezed his member, Derek let his head fall back. "So,
you want me to stay with you?" He asked. When she nodded, he smiled. "And
what would we do all night?"


"So crude." He said, smiling. "And you want me to be more assertive?"

"If you want something, take it." Torrie said. "I'm lifting all restrictions
for you tonight. Do me like you want to..."

Smiling, Derek wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a bear hug as
he rocked forward, quickly getting to his feet as she let out a surprised
shriek. Keeping his cock inside of her and her feet off the ground, he
quickly moved around to the side of the couch. Letting her drop to the
floor, he smiled as he bent her over the couch, her torso and face resting
on the back of the couch as her hips were pressed into the arm.

"Is this..."

"Fuck me!" Torrie whined, pushing her butt back against his cock. "Fuck me

Gripping her hips, Derek pulled back before thrusting forward, slamming into
her pussy from behind, making her cry out in pleasure. Rearing his hand back
again, he slapped her ass, the noise echoing thru the room as Torrie sobbed
in passion. Making sure she stayed bent over the couch with one hand, Derek
slapped her ass with smooth, soft strokes, making her firm ass jiggle with
each belt.

"Is this alright, Torrie?" He asked, sounding almost hesitant to ask after
so many slaps.

Nodding her head as best she could, she tried wiggling her ass, again to no
avail due to his cock pounding in and out of her pussy. "Slap my ass!" Torrie
whined. "I'm a dirty, dirty girl! Spank my ass and punish me!"

Smiling at her request, Derek set about spanking the blonde goddess, his open
palm smacking her ass again and again, leaving red marks in it's wake as
Torrie begged for more.

"Fuck me, spank me!" Torrie screamed, pushing back against his thrusting
cock. "Oh god, baby, fuck me harder!"

Moving his hand from her back to her hip, Derek threw his full weight into
each thrust, holding her steady as he slowed his spanks down, limiting them
to an occasional event when he saw how red her ass was becoming. Grabbing
her hips with both hands, he pumped into her harder and faster, his crotch
slapping against her backside as Torrie moaned and groaned, her back arching
and lifting her up from the back of the couch slightly.

"I'm coming!" Torrie screamed, her eyes screwed shut as her pussy was screwed
open. "Fucking bastard, I'm coming!" Looking over her shoulder, she glared at
him, spitting out, "Don't you fucking stop! You keep pumping the shit outta
me until just before you fucking blow." When she didn't get a verbal answer,
she reached back, hitting his arm, asking, "Did you hear me?"

Nodding, he pounded into her, grunting, "Don't stop..."

Her mind fogging up quickly, Torrie scrambled to find the words to express
her current feelings. Not finding the profound speech she was hoping for, she
settled for, "Fucking asshole, two fucking comes in one night? God damnit..."

Smiling, Derek rubbed her back, gaining her attention. "Two?" He asked,
smiling. When she nodded, he shook his head. "I thought you said you wanted
me to stay all night?"

"I do!" Torrie whined, her hands gripping the seat cushions of the couch, her
legs starting to give out.

Grinning, he leaned down, kissing her on the cheek. "If I'm going to be
staying here all night..." He started, standing back up and giving her a few
particularly hard thrust, before finishing, "...Do you think I'm going to
let you stop at two?"

Sobbing so loud she was almost crying, Torrie buried her face in the top of
the couch, screaming out obscenities as her pussy contracted around his rod.
Taking her request to heart, Derek kept hammering into her, his dick pounding
into her quivering slit as her juices dripped down her legs.

"God, Derek..." Torrie cried, her body rocked with each thrust. Looking over
her shoulder again, she watched as he stared at her ass, his hands gripping
her firmly to keep her in place.

Looking up at her, he smiled. "Assertive enough?"

"Uh-huh!" Torrie whined, letting her head drop to the couch as she held on
for dear life.

Leaning his head back, Derek moaned loudly, his pumps becoming staggered and
ragged. "God, Torrie, I'm gonna come..." He said. Looking down at her, he was
about to add more information when she interrupted him.

"Pull out."

Reacting quickly, he slid his cock out of her pussy, moving back when she
shooed him and watching in fascination as she slid off the couch and dropped
to her knees in front of him. Smiling up at him, her whole body mirroring his
as they were both covered in sweat, she gripped his cock, pulling the condom
off and tossing it in the general direction of the trashcan.

"You ready for one of you're treats?" Torrie asked sweetly, her beautiful
face belying her wicked actions as her hand glided up and down his shaft.

"What is it?" He asked, his mind going blank as soon as she grabbed his dick.

"One of the things I won't give Billy." She told him with a smile. When he
looked at her, she giggled, knowing his mind was racing for the right answer.
"I wanna money shot." She told him, ending his search.

"Are you sure?" He asked. "Cuz I'm happy pretty much anyway I come..."

"I..." Torrie said, pointing at herself. "Want you..." She said, pointing up
at him. "To let this big cock..." She continued, pointing at the meat in her
other hand. "Come on me." She finished, pointing at herself again. "Got it?"

Nodding, he spread his feet apart wider, getting a better standing. When her
hand left his cock, he stared at her, finding her ever-present smile still
etched on her face.

"Jerk it." She commanded. "Spray me." Licking her lips, she oozed sexiness,
making him truly believe she was looking forward to it. "On my face, on my
tits. I'll leave the decision up to you."

Smiling at her, he took his cock in his hand, stroking it as he moaned.
"Can't I hit both?" He asked.

Smiling, she shuffled into position, scooting closer and tilting her head
back, seeing enough porno movies in her days to know what to do. "You can
try!" She teased, throwing down the gauntlet.

Shuffling from foot to foot, Derek stared down at Torrie, who's head was
tilted back, her mouth slightly agape as she gasped in breath after breath,
her need for air overcoming her need not to catch anymore semen with her
mouth. Groaning loudly, Derek bucked his hips slightly, a wad of come
pushing out of his cock and falling onto her face, making her giggle.

"Come on, give it to me!" Torrie teased, her giggling turning to laughing as
he dropped another load onto her face. Pushing her chest out to feature it
more prominently, she asked, "Not gonna get them?"

Moving his aim slightly, Derek grunted as he pounded his cock, his face
twisting in pleasure as he pushed a pair of come shots onto her large breasts
before he finally gave up, letting his beaten and defeated cock slide from
his hand as he reached for the couch. Leaning forward, he grunted in pain as
he felt Torrie's hand grab his cock, sliding up and down his pole. Looking
down at her, he watched in quiet, painful rage as she pressed his cock
against her spongy tit, forcing a few more drops from his deflating cock.

Letting go of his dick, she giggled happily as he dropped to the floor with
her, his chest heaving as she smiled at him. Leaning towards him, she kissed
him softly, making sure to avoid the come on the other side of her face,
laughing as he failed to kiss her back, his lungs refusing to stop their
pursuit of fresh air.

"I didn't wear you out, did I?" She asked sweetly.

Smiling at her, he watched as her chest rose and fell. "I didn't wear you
out, did I?" he asked back.

"Maybe a little." She admitted. "Two in one night is a new thing for me."

"Same here." He admitted. "Not that I wasn't able, just no one was

Giggling again, Torrie leaned back, running her index finger thru the semen
on her chest. Pulling it back, she smiled at him as she took it into her
mouth, sucking her digit clean. Savoring the taste for a minute, she nodded.

"It's not horrible." She admitted. "Not something I'd look forward to tasting
every day, mind you. But not horrible."

"I'll take that as a compliment?" he asked, his chest still heaving.

"I'd take it as one." Torrie said, smiling at the state he was in, standing
up. "Go lay on the bed." She said, reaching a hand down and helping him to
his feet. "I gotta go clean up."

As he moved to the bed, she quickly scooted into the bathroom, running some
water and cleaning off his seed quickly. Moving into the main room again, she
grinned as she saw him stretched out on his back, his hands above his head.
Seeing her move into the room, he went to stand up, but she quickly waved him
back down.

"Rest." Torrie said.


"That's an order." Torrie said playfully. "You look tired."

"I am tired." He admitted. "Long day." Looking at her body longingly, he
added, "But I'm willing to go again..."

Shaking her head, she smiled. "Get some rest. You have a long, long night
ahead of you. I promise you that." When he nodded and smiled, she looked him
up and down, realizing that he had put his boxer shorts back on. "When did
you put those on?" She asked, pointing at them.

"One the way to the bed." He said.

Smiling, she waved her hands up her nude body. "Well, since I didn't bring my
suitcase with me, I'm gonna have to sleep like this." Grinning, she added,
"Hope you don't mind."

"I do the furthest thing from mind." He assured her. "So, rest? Sleep?"

Nodding, she crawled onto the bed with him, sliding under the covers as he
did the same. Moving closer, she snuggled up against him, letting her nude
body press up against his. Smiling, she moved up, kissing him softly.

Thinking of the day, she grinned, looking up at him.

"So, isn't this a much better thanks than an autograph?"

Smiling, he joked, "Well, I still expect the autograph..."

Hitting him playfully, Torrie curled up tighter, telling him, "Well, get some
sleep, and I'll see if I can't change your mind on that."

Nodding, he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her closer as they both
dropped off quickly.

* * *

Slowly opening her eyes, Torrie blinked away the sleep that had built up.
Looking up, she saw Derek was still fast asleep, snoring softly. Grinning,
Torrie pecked him on the cheek, slowly extracting his arm from around her
shoulder. Slowly crawling out of bed, she looked at him, smiling at the
peaceful expression etched on his face. Seeing him try to find her with his
arm again, she grinned, moving quickly and setting a pillow against his body.
Seeing him latch onto it tightly, she shook her head, smiling as she looked
around the room, trying to find what she had done with her clothes.

Spotting her panties sitting next to the couch, she quickly scooped them up
and pulled them on, finding her shirt and repeating the process. Brushing a
few condom packets off the couch, Torrie plunked down, checking the clock
before reaching for the phone. Quickly dialing Candice's number, she grinned
in anticipation until she finally picked up on the fifth ring.


"Hey..." Torrie said, smiling as Derek snorted, hugging the pillow tighter.
"Wake you?"

"Of course." Candice said, smiling as she looked at the clock next to her
bed. "I assume you have a good reason for calling me at this ungodly hour?"

Smiling, Torrie licked her lips slightly, telling her, "I was calling to
thank you for talking me into doing this."

"Went well, I take it?"

"Still going well." Torrie said.

"You mean he's still there?"

"He's conked out, but yea, he's still here." Torrie said. "I'm just trying
to decide if I want to wake him up for another go or if I should just let
him sleep it off for a while longer."

"Get his ass up!" Candice said. "He's there for one reason, and it's not to
sleep on the job."

Laughing, Torrie grinned at her friend's comment. "Oh, don't worry, he's
doing his job extremely well."

"Did you come?"


"Bitch." Candice teased. "Did you get a bookworm like I told you?"

"Of course." Torrie said. "I got a bookworm stud."



"Nice." Candice sat up, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. "How does
he check out in other areas?"

"Such as?" Torrie asked, knowing full well what she wanted to know.

"Does he have a big dick?"

Laughing, Torrie shrugged. "I guess. It's big enough, anyways. Bigger than

"And I take it you've been working him like a dog?" Candice asked.

"Of course."

"Then wake his ass up and get him back to work." Candice urged playfully.
"Trust me, he'll thank you for it."

Seeing Derek sit up slightly, Torrie smiled. "No need. He just woke up."

"Back to work." Candice said. Smiling, she added, "I expect details tomorrow,

"Understood." Torrie said, grinning as Derek slid off the bed, still trying
to clear the cobwebs. "Gotta go."


Hanging up the phone, Torrie smiled as Derek looked at her.

Smiling, he asked, "Teasing Billy again?"

Shaking her head, she told him, "I was just talking to know,
Candice Michelle?" When he nodded, she said, "Well, like I said earlier,
she's the one who convinced me to take Billy up on his offer, and I just
thought it was fair that I call her and let her know how it's going."

Smiling, Derek moved onto the couch, pulling Torrie into his lap. Leaning
forward, he kissed her softly. "I hope I'm doing ok." He said softly.

Licking his lips softly, she grinned. "You're doing way better than ok." When
he nodded, she kissed him, asking, "Are you hungry?"

Rubbing her body, he smiled. "Starving."

Giggling, she brushed his hands away, as much as she didn't want to. "I
didn't mean that hungry." She said. "I meant, like, really hungry, because
I haven't eaten anything since breakfast."

Nodding, he said, "I could go for something to eat. Got anything in mind?"

Shrugging, she told him, "I was just gonna call room service and get some
finger food."

"Mmmmmm, finger food." He said, making her giggle again. "How much?"

"How much what?"

"How much do I have to pay?"

Waving her hand, she reached for the phone, quickly dialing down to the
kitchen. "Don't worry about it." She told him. "It's my peace offering for
you sticking around after you found out what I was up to."

Smiling, he held her in his lap. "I don't think I really would have walked
out on you." he said softly.

Hearing the kitchen pick up, Torrie quickly said, "Hi, this is room 443."
Looking around for a menu, she realized she had left it in the drawer on the
nightstand. "Could you send up one of every appetizer, and some drinks? Just
a variety...yes, room 443. Thank you." Hanging up, she turned to Derek,
smiling. "So, you wouldn't have left?" When he nodded, she smiled. "Good,
because I promised you one whole night, and I have plans for you." Leaning
down and kissing him, she added, "Big plans."

Blushing, he said, "I hope I can live up to them."

Grinning, she held him firmly, kissing him again. "You have so far."

Kissing her softly, he asked, "So, how long for the food?"

"Not long." Torrie said. "At this hour, the kitchen is shut down, so they
usually just heat up stuff from the fridge."

"Good." He said, smiling. "Because if they take to long, I think they may
catch me in the middle of you."

Smiling, she asked him, "Pretty confident, aren't we?"

"Hey, I'm not the one who said they have big plans."

"I do." Torrie said, smiling. "But who said they involved sex?"

Thinking for a minute, he said, "I think you said something about it before
we fell asleep."

"I said we'd have a long night." She said, smiling as she teased him. "I
never said we'd be having any more sex."

"Well, what would we do?"

"I dunno." Torrie shrugged. "I was planning on more sex..." Smiling, she
kissed him, adding, "I just don't think you should expect it is all."

Looking at her, he smiled. "Would right now be a bad time to be assertive?"

Before she could answer, there was a knock on the door. Smiling at him, she
said, "Yes, it would."

Extracting herself from his lap, she turned towards the door.


Jumping, Torrie turned and smiled at him, rubbing her butt as he shook his

"Do that again, and I'll..." Torrie started, smiling at him.

"Beg for more?" He offered, smiling back at her.

"Yes!" Torrie laughed, dancing out of the way of another slap as she reached
for a robe from the bathroom and pulled it on, tying it up as she checked the
door before opening it.

"Hi, room service." The woman said, smiling at Torrie.

Taking the notepad from her, Torrie signed off on the order, smiling and
thanking her as she pulled the tray into the room. Seeing the look on Derek's
face, she smiled.

"It's not all for now." Torrie assured him. "It's appetizers. They keep."

"So, snacks for later?" He asked. When she nodded, he smiled, getting up and
helping her drag the cart over to the table, setting up the plates around it
before pulling out her chair, letting her sit down first before sitting down

Filling up her plate with various foods, Torrie remembered the two cans in
the top dresser drawer. Smiling at him, she said, "Make sure you leave room
for dessert." When he looked at her, she smiled. "I've got something special
for you."

Smiling, he nodded. "Should I assume it's something sexual?"

Grinning, she pulled a mozza stick from her plate. "Always thinking about
sex, aren't you?"

"That's why I'm here, isn't it?" he asked. "For one night, and one night

Looking at him, she shrugged. "That's the plan for now." Seeing him look at
her, she said, "I promise nothing. I'm just saying, for now."

Nodding, he pulled some potato skins off of his plate, sliding them into his
mouth. "Well, whatever happens, I'll consider this the best night of my

Letting her hand drop to the table, Torrie looked at him, surprised.



Smiling softly, he said, "Because I get to spend a night with the most
beautiful woman in the whole world, doing things I've only dreamt about."
Getting shy, he added, "And she seems to like it as much as I do. Weather
it's an act or not."

"It's no act." Torrie said softly, slightly stunned by his words. "The most
beautiful woman in the world?" When he nodded, she shrugged. "Hey, one man's
treasure is another man's trash."

"I doubt your any man's trash."

"What about Billy?"

"What about him?" Derek asked. "Just because he's stupid and didn't know what
he had doesn't mean he thinks your trash. I'm betting he's sitting at home
right now kicking himself over what he did."

Nodding, Torrie pulled some more food from her plate. "Well, he can think
about it all he wants, but I already called my brothers, and he better find
somewhere other than my house to think about it, because I told them to throw
him out if he isn't out by Tuesday."

Smiling, Derek looked at her as she ate. Realizing something was different,
he asked, "You weren't wearing that when you went to bed, were you?"

Shaking her head, she told him, "Nope. Put it on when I got up."

Grinning, he looked her up and down. "Why?"

"Because I was naked."

"And that's a bad thing why?"

"Hey!" Torrie said defensively, smiling at him. "You're wearing shorts!"

"Yea, but I'm not as nice to look at." He told her. "Playboy ain't banging
down my door to pose nude."

"They aren't pounding down my door anymore either." She said with a grin.

"Yea, but they did." He said. "So, I fail to see why you'd want to cover that
hot body of yours."

Smirking at him, she playfully asked, "Are you trying to get me naked again?"

"And if I am?"

Looking at him, Torrie tried to gauge his seriousness. Smirking, she stood
up, undoing the tie on her robe and sliding it off, tossing it towards the
couch before slipping off her shirt and panties. Grinning at him, she tossed
her panties at him again, smiling as he dodged them.

"There, are you happy now?" She asked, sitting back down in her chair.

"Very." He said with a smile. "Very, very, very..."

Shaking her head, she smiled at him. "I'm sure you'd be happy if I just
walked around all the time naked..."

"Hell yes!" Derek said, making Torrie giggle. "Get you to wear a nice pair of
high heels..."

"Mmmmmm, I like that." Torrie said, taking another potato skin from her
plate. "Heels are good."

"Get those ones that have the straps that wrap around your legs up to the

"You've thought about this, haven't you?"

"Many, many times." Derek admitted. "Those long, firm legs..."

"Keep going..."

"That tight ass..."

"Golden Thong award winning ass..."

"That firm, cut belly..."

"I'm really liking this..."

"You're perfect, perfect breasts..."

"You really like em, don't ya?"

"So, so much..."

Pushing her food aside, Torrie stood up, moving towards the dresser drawer.
"Dessert time."

Smiling, he pointed to her half full plate. "But..."

"Dessert..." Torrie said, reaching into the dresser and pulling out a can of
whip cream. "That is, unless you didn't want to know what I plan on doing
with this."

Pushing his plate aside, Derek jumped up, moving over towards Torrie.
Giggling, she popped the lid off, shaking the can and spraying his chest with
a blast as he went to pick her up. Stopping dead in his tracks, Derek stared
down at his chest, white foam tracing from shoulder to shoulder. Looking at
him, she smiled, moving closer to him and leaning down, licking the foam from
his chest, looking up into his eyes with each swipe. Taking the can, she
presented it to him, smiling from ear to ear.

"Here." She said softly, letting him take it before scooting onto the bed.
"Have fun."

"Don't worry, I'll..."

"I mean it." Torrie said, smiling. "It's whip cream. It's meant to be fun. Be
creative. Be silly."

Smiling, he moved onto the bed, crawling towards her. "Is this another one of
Billy's no-no's?"

"This was one of Billy's no do's." Torrie said. "I tried to get him into it,
but he never budged."

Lining a streak of whip cream from her knee to her thigh, Derek dipped his
head down, cleaning it off with one, long tongue stroke. "Well, his loss is
my dessert."

"I'm your dessert." Torrie giggled, squirming in anticipation. "Eat whatever
you want."

Moving further up her body, he smiled as he squirted a small amount onto her
nose before wrestling with her tongue to lick it off, making both of them
laugh. Aiming the can lower, he gave it a small shake before covering her
lips. Tilting his head sideways, he lapped at the cream, cleaning her pink
lips clean as she purred softly.

"Nice one." She murmured.

Tracing her windpipe, he smiled as she tilted her head back, letting him lick
it clean with quick licks. Sliding the can across her left collarbone, he
followed it quickly with his tongue, moving across to the right one and
repeating the process.

"That's it..." Torrie purred, loving his teasing. "Make sure you get it

Looking down at him, she grinned at the sight, small bits of whip cream on
his chin. Reaching down with her hand, she scooped it up, smiling as she
pulled her finger into her mouth, giggling at he smiled back.

"Mmmmmm, can't wait to get my own dessert." She said.

Lapping at her collarbone to make sure he had cleaned it completely, he
smiled. "Well, your gonna have to wait." He told her playfully. Forming a
triangle of whip cream from her neck to each breast, he grinned as she
giggled again. "This is fun."

"Told you so!" She said. "Stupid Billy said it was stupid."

"Stupid, stupid Billy." Derek said, smiling.

Lapping the Wilson Triangle from her chest, he smiled as he dipped a bit
lower, her grin getting wider as he hovered over her left breast. Shaking the
can, he smiled as she squirmed on the bed, waiting for his next move. Turning
the can upside down, he squeezed the nozzle, moving the can slowly as he
circled her breast, making rings higher and higher up until he reached the
top. Smiling at his handy work, he looked up for approval, and found her
smiling back down.

"That's a lot of whip cream." Torrie informed him.

"It's a lotta tit." He informed her back, making her laugh. "All I need is a
cherry and I'll be set."

"Sorry, no cherries." Torrie said, making him pout. "I could call room
service and ask if they have any." She offered.

Shaking his head, he moved closer to her breast, trying to find the best way
to clean it without wearing half of the cream. "I don't wanna wait that
long." He told her.

"Your loss."

Smiling, he decided to go for the direct approach, sticking out his tongue
and diving face first into the slick, white mess of cream and flesh. He knew
he was going to be a mess, but didn't care. Hearing Torrie laugh and moan
made up for any stupidness on his part, urging him to go further and further,
lapping at her fleshy mound as she moaned with glee. Pulling back slightly,
he looked for any remaining cream, moving quickly and lapping at the small
amount that he had somehow missed around her nipple before pulling back,
looking up at her.

When she tilted her head back down, Torrie's eyes lit up, laugher erupting
from her lungs as she saw the lower half of Derek's face was covered in whip
cream. Howling with laugher, Torrie reached her hands down, holding his face
as she cracked up from the sight.

"Oh my god..." Torrie laughed, motioning for him to come back up. "I wish you
could see yourself..."

When he was hovering over her face again, she smiled as she held him steady,
sticking out her tongue and licking his face clean, giggling the whole time.

"So, is this too silly, or not silly enough, or what?" he asked, smiling as
Torrie cleaned his face with long, slow tongue strokes.

Pulling back, she pulled him down for a kiss, almost giggling again when she
tasted the whip cream still on his tongue. Breaking apart, she smiled.

"It's perfect." She said, smiling at him. "Thank you."

"Trust me, you are very welcome." He said. "I like whip cream, and I like
you, so what could be better than combining the two?"

Grinning, she pecked him on the lips, telling him, "Well, maybe you could put
some of that stuff on something a little lower."

Kissing her softly, he scolded her playfully. "Torrie, how heartless of you."


"I only did one breast." He said with a smile. "You wouldn't want me to leave
the other one lonely and neglected, would you?"

"Of course not." Torrie giggled. "How thoughtless of me. Please, Derek, do
Righty, please."


Nodding, she pointed at the breast he had just come from. "Lefty." She said,
before pointing at the other one. "Righty."

"Righty." He said, watching as she nodded. "Got it." Starting to move down,
Derek stopped, smiling up at her. "Did you really name your boobs?"

Grinning, she ran her hands thru his hair, telling him, "I'm not telling.
You're gonna have to lick that information out of me."

Shaking the can, he shook his head, smiling as he coated her other breast,
applying a generous layer of cream to Righty. Moving slower this time, he
started from the bottom, licking the first ring of cream from her breast as
she cooed softly, urging him to go higher and higher.

"Did you really name your boobs?" Derek asked, lapping at her flesh.

"Not gonna tell..." Torrie whined, her fingers gripping his head as he worked
her right breast softly.

Sliding his tongue from half way up her breast, he whipped it past her
nipple, making her jump slightly.

"Tell me..."


Repeating the process, he rubbed his rough tongue over her nipple slower this
time, making Torrie coo softly.

"Tell me..."


Taking her hard nub into his mouth, he suckled it softly, whipping it with
his tongue as she groaned loudly.

"Yes, yes!" Torrie whined, smiling as he palmed the cream plastered breast.
"I named them..."

Pulling back, he smiled, still slapping her erect nipple with his tongue.
"Lefty and Righty?"

"It seemed like a funny name at the time." Torrie said with a grin. "Now it
just sounds kinda dumb."

"Lefty and Righty are perfect." He said, smiling slyly.

"Do you mean the names, or the breasts themselves?" Torrie asked, arching her
eyebrow slightly.

"I'm not telling you." He said with a smile. "You're gonna have to lick that
information out of me..."

As she giggled, he quickly lapped up the rest of the whip cream from her boob
before looking at her for a minute. Smiling, he rolled off the bed, heading
towards the table. Watching him go, she grinned at him.

"Think of something else to use?" Torrie asked, grinning. "Any chocolate

Shaking his head, he grabbed a bottle of water from the tray, cracking the
top and downing it in one gulp. Pouting at him, she asked him softly, "I
thought I'd make your mouth water..."

"Water, yes." He said, grinning. "It's all I can do to keep from drooling on
you." When she giggled, he scooted back over to the bed. "But whip cream
doesn't really settle well without something to force it down."

Moving over her belly, he made an X over her abs, crossing over her
bellybutton. Dragging his tongue along her skin slowly, Derek made sure to
wiggle it back and forth, cleaning her tight tummy of white cream before
slinking between her legs.

Grinning up at her, he asked, "Would you kill me if I told you I was full?"

Her eyes lighting up, Torrie bucked her hips, pushing her pussy towards his
face. "I'd throw your ass out!" She told him playfully. "Drink some water,
eat something, I don't care, but your finishing your dessert, weather you
like it or not!"

Leaning down, he blew a hot breath over her pussy, making her moan softly as
her body shivered. "Well, then, I `m glad I'm still very, very hungry." He
said, smiling at her. "You sure know how to work up a guys appetite, Torrie."

Whining softly, Torrie grabbed at the sheets again, trying to hold her body
steady. "I hope so..."

Sticking his tongue out, Derek gave her a long, slow lick, making her moan as
he sent bolts of pleasure thru her electrified nerves. "I know so." He told
her. "I'd eat you anytime you want."

"Then eat me right now!" She whined, rolling her hips, seeking contact with
his tongue again.

"Hold still." Derek said firmly. Blowing cool air across her dripping folds,
he pulled back when she bucked towards his mouth. "Hold still." He repeated,
looking up at her.

Whining loudly now, Torrie's hands were balled into tight fists, each with a
handful of blanket as Derek leaned down again, blowing softly, making her sob
in frustration.

"Eat me!" Torrie yelled, her eyes begging him to comply.

"Not yet." He said softly.

Licking her thigh just beside her core, he blew cool air over the wet spot.
Torrie's frayed nerves shot the feeling thru her body, making her scream out
as she fought to obey his command. Leaning over to the other thigh, he gave
it a long, slow tongue stroke, soaking her firm leg before shooting another
cold blast of air over it. Torrie's hands quickly left the sheets in favor
of her head, one hand slapping over her mouth to try and muffle her sobs as
the other grabbed her long blonde hair.

Seeing her cover her mouth, he smiled. "Move your hand." He said, blowing
over her pussy again. "I want to hear you."

Ripping her hand off of her mouth, Torrie glared down at him, his soft grin
fueling her rage even more.

"I fucking hate you!" Torrie screamed, making Derek's smile widen. Crying
softly, she flailed on the bed, about to say something when Derek interrupted

"Stay still."

"I will not stay fucking still!" Torrie shouted, her eyes burning bright with
lust as she spat her words at him. "Fuck me!"

Licking her thigh again, he smiled as she jumped slightly. "What about

"Fuck dessert!" She shouted, reaching for his head, only to have her hands
batted away. "Fuck me!"

Grabbing her hands, he smiled as he leaned down, licking her pussy from just
below the slit to an inch or so above it, moving in one long stroke, making
Torrie moan loudly as she squirmed on the bed, her hands fighting to free
themselves and grab his head.

"Stay still." Derek said again calmly. "If you don't, I'm going to start all

"Start what?" Torrie whined, bucking her hips as well as she could with him
lying across her thighs.

Licking her thigh to wet it again, he blew across it, making her moan in

"Start this again." He said. Flicking his tongue across her thigh, he told
her, "Incase you hadn't noticed, I'm getting a little closer each time. And
I really, really would like to get my dessert soon..."

Realizing that he was in fact telling the truth about moving closer, she
thought over her options.

~One. Wait it out, and hope he finally keeps his word and eats me out.~

~Two. Throw him on the bed and straddle his face, and make him eat me out,
weather he liked it or not.~

~Three. Throw him out and find someone else to take his place, who will do
whatever I want with no questions asked.~

~Four. Masturbate.~

Looking down at Derek, she couldn't help but notice the eager look on his
face. Mulling over her options again, she looked into his eyes. He was
waiting for her response, and wouldn't go any further until she gave it to

~One. He'll eventually do it. He promised he'd do what you wanted.~

~Two. He'd probably do that too, but wouldn't be happy. And a mad Derek
probably means a horny Torrie.~

~Three. Kick him out? Replace him? Are you fucking crazy? Two orgasms!~

~Four. Masturbate? With a very willing, and very, very able tongue at your
disposal? You are fucking crazy, aren't you?~

"Please eat me..." Torrie whined softly. "Soon."

"I will. I promise." He assured her. Shaking the whip cream can, he traced a
line from her mid-thigh to her core, repeating the process for the other

Squirming slightly, Torrie grinned at him, her mood lifting as he licked the
whip cream from her thighs. "You are the devil."

Smiling at her, he worked his way towards her core, stopping when he was just
beside her pussy before switching to the other side, making her whimper.

"Please..." Torrie whined. "I'm hurtin here!"

"Wait for it." He said softly. "I'm betting your loving this, aren't you?"

"That's not the point!" Torrie said with a pout. Smiling, she added, "I'm
used to getting what I want..."

"I thought you said Billy never did this for you?"

"Well, he didn't, but..."

"But nothing." Derek said, smiling up at her as he cleaned the last bit of
whip cream from her thighs. "You will accept my pace, or find someone else
to do this."

"But I don't wanna!"

"Don't wanna what?" he asked, lapping at her crotch carefully, slowly
cleaning all the cream he could from around her pussy without actually
touching her pussy. "Accept my pace or find someone else?"

"Both." Torrie said with a smile. "I want you to do it now, and I want it to
be you doing it."

Sticking his tongue out, he lapped at the top layer of cream, slowly working
his way down further and further towards her dripping core. Smiling as she
squirmed, he decided not to push his luck any more than he had. He knew that
Torrie could go out and pick someone else to do this with a moments notice,
and if he didn't do it soon, she might. And there was nothing he would have
wanted less right now than to be replaced between the Diva's firm thighs.

Moving forward, Derek hooked his arms around Torrie's legs, reaching around
and putting his hands alongside her pussy. Squirming slightly, Torrie
whimpers turned to moans as she felt his hands spread her folds apart
slightly, knowing her time of pleasure was near. Leaning forward, he smiled
at the blonde goddess before swatting her pussy lips with his tongue, making
her bark out a moan as she bucked her hips. Pulling her folds apart further,
he smiled as her clit became exposed to his hungry eyes. Seeing the look in
his eyes, Torrie knew instantly what he had found.

"Please, lick me!" Torrie begged, her modesty gone as a need for release took
over her brain.

Leaning forward, he pushed her skin back slightly with his lips, taking her
tiny nub between them and slapping it with his tongue. Screaming loudly,
Torrie bucked sharply, almost sending her lover off of the place she had
begged him to attend to. Holding on tightly, Derek forced her to keep her
hips mostly still. Lapping at her clit, he waited for her to finally control
her own thighs before deciding to move forward. Reaching his right hand up,
he looked Torrie in the eye, trying to convey to her what he wanted without
removing his mouth from her sensitive nub. Nodding quickly, Torrie craned her
head down, taking his hand into hers and his index and middle fingers into
her mouth, smiling as she received an approving nod from Derek.

Letting his fingers go, she grinned, deciding to tease him a little. "If you
liked that, imagine what I'm going to do to your cock."

Moaning at the thought, he quickly brought his slick hand back down between
her legs. Watching as Torrie moved slightly, bending her knees up and pushing
them apart, giving him all the room she could to let him work. Stroking her
folds softly, Derek slowly inserted his index finger, working it in and out
a few times before moving the middle one in, making Torrie squirm with

Stopping for a moment, Derek thought over his plan, making sure he had all
the pieces right before flipping his hand upside down, his palm facing the
roof as he pushed his digits in up to the knuckle. Watching as Torrie groaned
and squirmed, he smiled as he curled his fingers up quickly, stroking the top
of her pussy wall and making her scream loudly, a smile plastered on her face
as she arched off the bed.

"Fuck yea!" Torrie screamed, her hands finding his head and holding him in

Stroking his fingers across her g spot, Derek smiled around her clit, wanting
desperately to lick up the cream that was running down his hand, but wanting
to make sure Torrie got off overriding that want. Using the tips of his
fingers, he played them across her g spot again and again, knowing that
Torrie, in her current worked up state, wouldn't be able to take the dual
stimuli for very long. Feeling how much wetness she was producing only made
him crave bringing her off even more, knowing that when she finally did come,
she'd expect him to clean her up.

Sliding his fingers over her pleasure node again and again, Derek fought to
hold her hips down with his other hand, her bucking getting worse and worse
as she got closer and closer to her orgasm. Gripping her hip as best he
could, Derek continued to suckle her clit as his fingers worked there magic
on her, Torrie's groans and sobs of pleasure letting him know he was pleasing
his dream girl.

"Fuck, fuck!" Torrie shouted, her hands grabbing anything and everything she
could to keep her squirming feet from pushing her off the bed.

Keeping his pace as even as he could with her involuntarily fighting him,
Derek smiled as she started squeezing his fingers tighter, her love hole
producing more and more sticky liquid as he forced her into another orgasm.
Batting her clit mercilessly, he watched as she bucked and spasmed, her
orgasm in full swing as she alternated cursing him and proclaiming her
undying love for all things Derek. Really having to fight her contracting
pussy muscles, Derek fought to keep his fingers stroking her g spot thru her
orgasm, drawing her pleasure out as long as he could as she screamed herself

When her screaming died down and her body stopped shaking, Derek slowed his
movements down, slowly extracting his fingers from her pussy as he slowed his
tongue to a crawl before finally letting her battered clit slide from between
his lips. Moving back slightly, he moved deeper between her legs, cleaning
her pussy and thighs of her love nectar. Mewing softly, Torrie thanked him
with soft moans and a pet on the head, her brain on lockdown as she quivered
in the afterglow.

Giving her delicate folds a final kiss, he quickly slid up along side her,
drinking in the sight. Her body covered in sweat, her eyes screwed shut as a
few tears formed in the corners. Opening them slightly, she quickly scurried
into his arms, holding him tightly as she continued to shake. Looking up at
him, she kissed him softly, moaning at the taste of her pleasure still
clinging to his lips.

"Thank you..." Was all she could gather up to say, her chest heaving as she
clung to Derek tightly, feeling the need to have his protective arms wrapped
tightly around her shaking body.

"You're welcome, Torrie." He said softly, smiling as she hugged him tightly.
"It was my pleasure."

Smiling softly, she said, "I doubt it was as much yours as mine, but thank
you still." Holding him, she asked him softly, "Can I wait a little while
for my dessert? I think yours kinda took a little more out of me than I was

"No rush." Whispered. "Like I said, I expect nothing."

Looking at him, she smiled and kissed him. "After that, you better damn well
expect something special."


"Well nothing!" Torrie giggled. "You just earned yourself another favor."

"Is it going to be as kick ass as the last one?" He asked, smiling.

"I hope so." She said, sitting up and stretching out her back. "Good lord,
where did you learn that?"

"Don't ask." He said, smiling at her.

"Really, where?" Torrie prodded, poking him for good measure.

"I'm not telling." He said, grinning.

"And why not?"

Reaching up, he pulled her down slowly, letting her settle on top of him as
he kissed her. "Because if I told you, you could get anyone to do that for
you." Kissing her again, he added, "You could replace me in a heartbeat. Not
that you couldn't now, but still."

"I don't want to replace you." Torrie said softly. "I want you to spend the
night with me."

"And I want to spend the night with you." He said with a small smile. "Even
if I should be studying for exams right now."

"Oh, you are studying." Torrie assured him with a smile. "You're studying my

"Perfection 101?"

"Not perfection." Torrie said. "Maybe Diva Pleasing 101."

"That sounds like a class I want to ace."

Rolling off of him, she smiled and motioned for him to get up. "Well, then,
get up and come to your next class."

Quickly getting up off the bed, he smiled as Torrie again took him by the
shoulders, leading him back over to the couch.

"You like this couch, don't you?" He asked, smiling at her.

Grinning, she pushed him down into it. "When you're bent over it, getting
fucked senseless, you gain a new appreciation for it."

Kneeling down in front of him, she grinned as she reached up, grabbing the
waistband of his boxers and pulling them down. Lifting his butt slightly,
he let her pull them down his legs and off, tossing them into the pile of
clothes. Thinking for a second, she crawled over to the nightstand, smiling
as Derek reached out and tapped her ass softly. Sitting up, she grabbed a
scrunchie from it and tied back her hair, moving over to the bed. Reaching
up, she grabbed the can of whip cream before moving back over to him. Seeing
him pouting slightly, she smiled.


"I like your hair." He said softly. "So long, and beautiful..."

"Well, for what I'm going to do to you, hair is a bad thing." She said.
Smiling, she added, "And since I'm not bald, or have short hair like you,
this'll have to do."

"And just what were you planning on doing?"

"Lean back and find out." Torrie said with a grin. When he complied, she
scooted his hips forward slightly. "I need some room to work here."

"Is it work?" He asked. "Cuz I don't want you doing anything you don't want
to do..."

"I want to do it." She assured him. "Anything I do tonight will be because
I want to do it. No matter how nasty, or crude it may be, I want to do it.
Understand?" When he nodded, she smiled. "Good. Now, keep still. I'm trying
something new here."

"Does it involve my penis?" Derek asked nervously. When she nodded, he asked,
"Couldn't you have practiced it a few times first?"

Looking at him, she nodded sarcastically. "Sure, lemme just call Billy up
and I'll give it a whirl..."

"Sarcasm present and accounted for." He said with a smile. "It's just
"Trying" and "Penis" usually aren't words you like hearing in the same

"Well, I can try it or I can not try it." Torrie said. "Which do you want?"

"Can I know what it is first?"

"No." Torrie said. "So, yes or no?"

Smiling, he asked, "Is this my favor? Or can I use it to find out what you're

Smiling at his attempt to barter, she told him, "It's half your favor. Now,
yes or no?"

Sitting back, he put his arms up on the back of the couch. "I'm trusting you
here. I hope you'll take into account what I just did for you if this is
going to hurt."

"Well, it might hurt." Torrie said with a smile. "In as much as I don't plan
on stopping when you come. I plan on keeping going until you're head falls

"Which one?"

"Yes or no?"

"Yes." He said, smiling at her. "Go to work."

Smirking at him, she leaned down, licking his cock to make sure it was fully
hard. "Well, I don't know how much work it'll be."

Leaning back, Derek watched as Torrie shook the can of whip cream, smiling
at him as she held his dick with the other hand. Aiming the can as best she
could, Torrie coated his cock, leaning down and licking it clean like an ice
cream cone. Applying another layer, Torrie repeated the process, smiling as
Derek moaned softly.

"God, I should have just shut up and let you go to it." He said, smiling at

Licking his cock clean, she smiled. "Oh? You thought this was what I was
talking about?" When he nodded, she shook her head, smiling as she lathered
up his rod again. "No, no, Derek." She said softly, setting the can down and
grabbing the couch on either side of his legs. "This is what I was talking

Leaning down, she took his cock into her mouth, fighting with it for a moment
to pull it in using just her lips before slowly working her way down, licking
him clean before bobbing back up. Grinning as she held his cock between her
lips, she let her hands rest on his thighs, returning the favor and holding
him down as she started to bob up and down on his rod, her lips and mouth the
only thing keeping it steady.

Moaning softly, Derek let his head fall forward, watching as Torrie sucked on
his cock. "God, Torrie, you are the best..."

"I try." She murmured with a smile, gliding her pretty lips up and down his
cock, slurping loudly for the full effect.

Bobbing her head up and down, Torrie sucked on his shaft, smiling as she kept
her hands at his sides, loving the expression on his face as she worked up
and down the first half of his shaft. Wrapping her lips tighter around his
cock, she sucked softly on his sensitive stick, her tongue slithering up and
down the underside as she went. Pulling back until just the head was in her
mouth, she moved the foreskin out of the way with her lips as best she could,
slapping his cock with her tongue as he hissed in pleasure, his hands
gripping the top of the couch tightly.

Letting his rod fall out of her mouth, she ducked her head down quickly,
sliding under his cock and attacking his nuts, taking one of them into her
mouth and sucking it softly, her tongue wrapping around it as best it could.
Grinning at the look of shear torturous pleasure on his face, she let his
ball slide out of her mouth before going for the other one. Hearing him
groan loudly, she felt flush with pride, his responsive nature pleasing her.

Pulling back, she smiled. "Liking it?" She asked sweetly.

When he nodded, she giggled, pulling his dick back into her mouth, her tongue
working overtime to try and keep it steady before she plunged her lips down
on it. Moving deeper down his rod, she gagged slightly as it hit the back of
her throat. Pulling back slightly, she adjusted herself, working out mentally
how far she could go down with each bob without repeating the gag and started
to bob again, her lips forming a tight seal around his dick as she slurped on
his knob. Pulling back again, she gave him another blast of whip cream,
opening her mouth wide and taking his rod back in, wrapping her lips tight
around it before pulling up, sucking the cream from his cock as she went.

"Oh god, Torrie." He moaned, wanting to lean his head back but not wanting to
loose sight of the blonde goddess driving him crazy with her lips. "If I ever
try to talk you out of doing anything else tonight, just slap me."

Looking up at him, she grinned. Lifting her hands up, she motioned for him to
give her his. When he did, she put them on top of her head, smiling at the
confused expression on his face. Wrapping her hands around his wrists, she
pulled down, forcing his hands to push her head down. Moving back up, she
repeated the process, smiling as he caught on.

"Are you sure?" He asked. When she slithered her tongue around his sensitive
cockhead in answer, he smiled. "Well, I'll try and go easy."

Letting his cock fall out of her mouth, she snarled at him. "Fuck that." She
spat. "What did I tell you? No matter how nasty of a thing I ask for, I
expect you to do it." Leaning down, she rested her head just above his cock.
"When I want to stop, I'll let you know. Now fuck my mouth. Got it?"

Nodding, he reached down, taking his cock in one hand and pushing her down
with the other. Letting his cock slide into her mouth, Torrie moaned softly
as he forced her down, stopping when he heard her gag. Pulling up slightly,
Derek quickly found the boundary that Torrie had just found, pulling her head
off of his cock before pushing her back down, stopping just before her gag
point. Quickly working out a rhythm, he slid her sucking lips up and down his
shaft, her tongue whipping around her mouth, rubbing his cock as best it

Looking up into his eyes, Torrie shivered at the feral look they carried.
She knew he was dying to rip her mouth off of his cock, throw her onto the
bed and fuck her senseless, but she wouldn't have any of that. She was in
control, for once, and nothing was going to make her let go of that. Even
as he forced her head up and down on his cock, she knew that, with one move,
she could get him to stop. Seeing his head tilt back as a hiss escaped his
lips, Torrie grinned, rubbing her tongue along the underside of his cock,
savoring the taste of pre cum as it oozed liberally from his rod. Slurping
loudly, she fought to make sure none of his precious nectar escaped her
mouth. Unable to find a reasonable explanation for her actions, Torrie went
with the flow, making sure his flow didn't go anywhere. Feeling his dick
begin to pulse, she grinned, reaching up and grabbing his hands.

Looking down at her, Derek fought the urge to continue to fuck her mouth.
His panting increasing to the point he was growling, he eyed her as she
pulled her mouth from his cock, smiling up at him.

"Gonna come, are we?" She asked playfully, rubbing her finger around the head
of his cock.

"Fuck yes." He growled, eyeing the pin up.

Licking her lips, she told him softly, "Well, I guess I should give you the
other half of your favor then."

Feeling his eyes burning a hole thru her, she moved slowly, picking up the
discarded whip cream can. Smiling at him, she said, "Remember, it's meant to
be silly."

Reaching behind his head, Derek grabbed the couch, keeping his hands occupied
so they wouldn't do something he might regret later. Smiling at his state of
arousal, she shook the can, spraying his dick with a healthy dose of cream.

"You already did this." He reminded her.

Shaking her head, she smiled. "I didn't do this." Pushing her chest out, she
opened up the can again, covering her cans in a massive amount of whip cream.
Seeing him grin, she threw the can away, moving forward and getting into
position. Grabbing her tits, she giggled, wrapping them around his cock. "A
little treat to finish you off..."

Moving slowly at first, Torrie slid her cream covered rack up and down his
cock, whip cream coating her from her belly to her neck, and his lap as he
laughed slightly at the sight. Licking his lips, he leaned back, giving her
better access as she picked up speed, the cream lubing him up just enough
to make the experience pleasant for both of them. Moaning loudly, Derek
watched as she worked faster and faster, jerking his cock with her cream
coated breasts, giggling as she did.

"Oh god, Torrie..." He moaned, his eyes narrowing as he felt his body begin
to tremble.

"Come on me..." Torrie whispered, picking up on the signs instantly. Looking
down, she smiled as she worked, not completely sure where in the mess of
cream his cock was, but knowing it was somewhere pleasurable.

Cursing softly, Derek let go, his hips bucking as Torrie continued to bounce
her large boobs around his cock, stroking his rod as it spat come into the
mess on her chest, neither knowing where it went and neither caring as he
moaned and groaned.

"Yea, that's it!" Torrie urged with a grin. "Come from my titty fucking,

Wishing he didn't have to comply, and that he could have ridden her out a
little longer, Derek sunk into the couch, his chest heaving as Torrie slowed
down, pulling her tits back and grabbing his dick. Whipping her hand up and
down his shaft at warp speed, she smiled as he yelped in discomfort, his
penis protesting her abuse as she tried to force another wad of come from the
beaten cock. Feeling something warm ooze over her hand, Torrie smiled as she
let it go, taking her hand up to her mouth and licking it clean, giggling at
Derek groaned.

"Dirty, dirty Torrie." He muttered, smiling at her.

"Hey, you did me." Torrie purred. "It's the least I can do."

"If you want." He said, letting his head fall to the side as he eyed her.
"That was kinda fun, wasn't it?"

"Fucking right it was." Torrie said with a grin. "You're gonna use whip cream
again, aren't you?"

"Whenever I happen to have sex again." He muttered.

"I'm sure it'll be soon." She said softly.

"It was two years this time." He said, smiling. "I don't think it'll be

"Well, we'll see what we can do about that." She said. Seeing him look at
her, she again held up her hands. "I again promise nothing, but we'll see."

Smiling, he said, "Please stop saying that. You're getting my hopes up."

"I hope so." Torrie said softly. Shrugging, she said, "Like I said, I wanted
just a night of care free fun, and you're certainly living up to that..."

"It probably helps that I've done everything you asked for so far." He said.

"It does." Torrie admitted. "Billy never did anything I wanted, sexual or

Leaning down, he kissed her softly. "Well, that's just wrong." Smiling he
added, "Again, if I had a wife as hot as you, I'd at least be open to trying
new things to keep you happy." Stroking his face, he said, "Because I'm
willing to bet a happy Torrie is a very, very good person to be around."

"Well, I'm happy right now." She said. "Am I nice to be around?"

"No, you're awesome to be around." He said, making her smile. "I wish it
wasn't just sex, but, hey, it's better than nothing."

Nodding, Torrie quickly stood up, deciding to avoid the heavy topic he had
just laid out. Looking down at her chest, she grinned. "This is a fucking
mess." She said. "I gotta clean up before we do anything else."

Turning, she started towards the bathroom. Hearing footsteps, she turned to
find Derek right behind her, smiling.

Grinning, she asked, "Going somewhere?"

"Well..." He said, smiling shyly at her. "I was hoping you'd let me clean up
with you..."

Grinning, Torrie grabbed him and drug him into the bathroom, moving them both
into the shower before grabbing the dial and turning it on. Getting a full
blast of ice cold water, Torrie and Derek shrieked as she leapt into his
arms. Holding her tightly, he smiled as she leaned forward, kissing him as
the water slowly turned warm. When it finally got warm enough to do anything
with, he spun her around, putting her into the spray as he reached for a

Looking over her shoulder, she smiled at him. "You clean me, I'll clean you?"

Nodding, he soaped up the cloth, turning her slightly to face him as he
rubbed it over her neck, smiling as she purred under his touch. Cleaning
her perfect neck of cream, he slowly scrubbed lower, moving to her breasts,
making her coo.

"That's it." Torrie murmured. "Clean Lefty and Righty."

Smiling, he kissed her neck, rubbing her breasts lightly, making sure not to
rub them to hard with the rough cloth before moving to her tummy, cleaning
the last of the cream from her body before ringing out the washcloth. Hugging
her from behind, he kissed her neck, his hands rubbing her tummy and breasts
softly as she moaned.

Turning to face him, she pulled him into a kiss, her lips needing his as she
wrapped her arms around his head. Holding him steady, she pouted as he broke
free, only to moan again when his lips found her throat. Kissing her
windpipe, he moved his hands up, cupping her breasts and rubbing her nipples
softly, knowing that by now they must be getting tender from all the
attention they were receiving.

Pushing him away slightly, she took the cloth from him, rubbing his tummy
blindly as she kissed him again, her hand sandwiched between their bodies as
she baited his tongue into a wrestling match. Reaching her hand down further,
Torrie stopped rubbing when she felt something poking her hand. Breaking the
kiss, she looked down, her eyes going wide at the sight.

"What are you, a lead fucking pencil?" She asked, marveling at his hard on.
"Did you even get limp?"

"Yea..." He said shyly, not knowing what the right response would be.

Looking up at him, she asked, "And you're hard again?" When he nodded, she
pulled him into a kiss, her lips curling into a smile as she giggled happily.
"Derek, I think I love you!"

Blushing slightly, he murmured around her lips, "I doubt that, but it loves

Giggling, Torrie broke free again, smiling at him. Wracking her brain as to
what she could do with him, she smiled when it dawned on her.

"Umm, Derek, I hate to break the mood here, but, could you do something for


"Could you go get a condom and some lube out of the dresser drawer?" she
asked sweetly. "The one I got your condoms from?"

Nodding, he told her, "I'm not sure how effective the condom will be. I
thought I heard something about latex and hot water."

"Doesn't matter." Torrie said quickly. "Just, please, get it?"

Nodding again, he moved out of the shower, giving her a parting kiss before
moving out into the main room. Standing alone in the shower, Torrie peeked
her body out for a moment, checking in the mirror that he had gotten all the
whip cream from her body. Moving back in, she waited for him to return with
the requested items.

When he moved back into the shower, Torrie felt her smile fade as she saw the
shocked look on his face.

"Umm, Torrie..." He started, choosing his words very carefully. "I'm really,
really glad you picked me for this little...revenge mission, and I'm very,
very eager to please you, but...I don't think I can use all those condoms..."

Remembering the massive amount of protection Candice had left for her, Torrie
howled in laugher, pulling him close. "Candice picked those up for me. She
told me to be prepared for anything." When he nodded, she grinned. "I don't
expect you to use them all, but I won't hold it against you if you try." When
he laughed, she leaned down, kissing him softly. "Alright, put the condom

Looking at her, he said, "I dunno..."

"Trust me." Torrie said. "It's just for cover anyways." When he looked at
her, she repeated, "Trust me."

Nodding, he ripped the packet open, rolling the rubber over his cock before
awaiting her next instruction. Turning away from him, she leaned against the
wall, smiling softly back at him.

"Lube up my ass."

Looking at her, he hesitated, not quite sure he had heard her right.

"Lube up my ass, Derek."

Stammering slightly, he asked, "Are you sure?" Before she could answer, he
added, "I'll take whatever you give me, but I don't expect you to do that..."

Turning to face him, she smiled softly. "I want it." Leaning in, she kissed
him softly, telling him, "I want you to take my anal cherry."

Nodding, he admitted, "I've never do it before."

"Me neither." She said with a smile. Turning to face the wall again, she
added, "But I'm sure you'll be gentle."

Nodding, he moved forward, moving in behind her as she leaned over, wiggling
her butt at him.

"You know you wanna..." Torrie teased, smiling at him.

"Again, I want what you want." He said. Looking up at her, he asked, "You
want this? Like, really want this?"

"Yes." Torrie said, continuing to wiggle her butt. "I want this."

Smiling, he unscrewed the top on the lube, watching as Torrie squirmed
slightly. "You don't look like you want this." He noted.

"I've never done it before." Torrie reminded him. "This is nervous squirming,
not fear squirming. I honestly don't know what I'm in for." Smiling at him,
she added, "But I want to find out. Now, no more talk. Boldly go where no man
has gone before."

Grinning, he reached down, spreading her butt cheeks apart slightly, taking
the lube and squeezing the tube, squeezing a generous amount onto her butt.
Looking up at her, he set about lubing up her back door, making sure to use
plenty of the thick, clear liquid as to make it as smooth as possible.
Standing up straight, he squeezed some over his cock, slicking up the condom
before setting the lube aside. Watching as Torrie squirmed again, he moved in
behind her, taking his rod in one hand, and holding her cheeks apart with the

"If it hurts, or you want me to stop, just say so." Derek said.

When she nodded, he pressed his cock against her asshole, pushing forward
slightly, popping the head in quickly, the lube helping greatly.

"Oh god..." Torrie whined, he hands trying to grip the tiled walls. Looking
back, she told him, "Keep going..." When he gave her a questioning glace, she
forced a smile to her lips. "I knew it wasn't going to feel great at first.
Keep going."

Nodding, he pushed in a bit more, stopping when Torrie's moans reached a
fever pitch before stopping, letting her rest again. Reaching for the lube,
he quickly squirted some more onto his cock before putting it aside again.
Reaching around her waist, his hand quickly found her crotch. Fumbling for
a minute, his fingers found her love button again, making her moan in
pleasure as he rubbed it softly. Pushing deeper into her ass, he continued
to stroke her clit and soft folds, taking her mind partly away from the fact
that he was slowly pushing inch after inch of cock into her virgin asshole.

Whining again, Torrie looked back, watching in fascination as he worked
deeper and deeper, his fingers dancing around her pussy helping her cope.
Smiling, she put one of her hands down alongside his, wanting to stroke her
softness with him.

"Where did you learn this?" She asked softly.

"Learn what? The lube thing?"

"No, how to touch a woman."

"Oh, that." He said with a grin.

"Yes, that." Torrie replied.

"Not telling."

Whining softly, she asked, "Why not?"

"I already told you." He said, grinning as he stopped his advance into her
butt, continuing to rub her clit. "If I gave you all my secrets, you could
teach someone else to replace me."

"That makes no sense." Torrie told him. "I could waste my time training
someone new, who I have no idea what he's capable of, or I could come to
you." Grinning at him, she said, "I already promised you, if I ever wanted
to get eaten out again, I'd call."

"Remind me to give you my number after were done." He said, grabbing her hip
and pushing the final few inches of his cock into her plush tush. "There."
He said softly. "How does that feel?"

"Awesome." Torrie lied. She had to admit, it didn't feel a horrible as she
thought it would, but it definitely wasn't something she was going to be
repeating, even for Derek.

"You're lying." Derek told her, reading her face like a book.

"Alright, it doesn't feel awesome." Torrie admitted. "But it doesn't feel all
that bad."

"Do you..."

"Fuck me." Torrie told him bluntly. "Fuck my ass. No more questions, no more
stopping. Fuck me."

Nodding, he pulled back, rubbing Torrie as he withdrew, moans erupting
from her lungs as he pulled his long shaft from her forbidden hole. Moaning
softly, Derek slowly thrust back into her, making sure to rub her clit
softly. Reaching around with his other hand, he cupped her left breast,
rubbing her nipple softly to help her cope with his cock in her ass.

As he withdrew again, Torrie sobbed loudly, he butt wanting to reject the
intruder as he pussy screamed at it to hold the line, Derek's nimble fingers
working her into a froth. The anal sex wasn't doing much for her, but she
knew Derek was trying his best, going slow and teasing her mercilessly,
keeping her mind off the fact that seven inches of hard cock was sliding in
and out of her back door at an even clip. Feeling his fingers stroke her clit
again, she smiled as she remembered what Candice had told her.

"Trust me, those nerds know what there doing."

Smiling, Torrie leaned back, standing up slightly and letting her other hand
glide up to his, cupping Lefty with him, moaning as he tweaked the nipple

"Feeling alright?" He asked.

"It feels alright." She told him. Looking back, she smiled. "That's the

Nodding, he kept moving in and out, moaning as Torrie's ass squeezed his
prick tightly, the shower running down her back and into her crack, adding
a wet slapping noise to the moans and groans echoing thru the bathroom.
Leaning down, he kissed the back of her neck softly, loving the feel of her
hot flesh against his lips, be it neck flesh or pussy flesh. Moving her hair
from around her neck, Torrie offered him an unobstructed view of her neck,
letting him attack it with licks and kisses, adding another smoke screen to
keep her occupied as he slowly worked towards orgasm.

"God, Torrie, it's so tight." He whispered, kissing her shoulder blade.

"I know..." Was all Torrie could think to offer in response.

Kissing her again, he softly told her, "I know you're probably not enjoying
this, but thank you..."

Smiling, she looked over her shoulder. "You do realize why I'm letting you
do this, right?"

"Because you didn't let Billy?"

"In part." She said. "But mainly, because now you owe me a treat."

"I haven't been keeping track." He said.

"I have." She said with a grin. "And right now, you owe me."

"I assume you have something in mind?"

"You'll see."

"I'm betting it'll be something good." He said with a smile.

Leaning back, she moved for his lips, kissing him as he leaned around her
body slightly. "I'm betting it will be too."

Thrusting into her butt again and again, Derek moaned around her lips, his
finger work slowing as he felt his cock start to pulse again. Cursing his
bodies inability to heed his call to not come, her pushed into her ass
harder, having to divide his attention between her ass, her pussy and her
breast, her mouth becoming forgotten as she moaned loudly. He knew it was
at least partially in discomfort, but he finally listened to her, not
stopping if she didn't tell him to, which she wasn't keen on doing.

"Come on, Derek." She whined, hissing in slight pain as he pushed into her
again and again. "Fuck me and come in my ass."

Nodding, he watched as his cock pumped deep into her ass, moaning loudly as
she squeezed tight, gripping his cock and setting him off. Gritting his
teeth, Derek kept pumping thru his orgasm, again listening to Torrie and not
stopping, his come flowing out of his dick and coating the inside of the
condom. Moaning along with him, Torrie moved his fingers across her pussy,
reminding him of the sopping hole he was supposed to be working. Feeling
him pick up again, she cooed happily as his thrusts slowed down, eventually
coming to a complete stop and pulling out of her ass.

Ripping the condom off, he reached out of the shower and dropped it into the
trash. Turning her to face him, he hugged her tightly, kissing her on the
lips as she leaned into his embrace.

"Thank you Torrie..." He murmured, sweat covering his body as Torrie pecked
his lips with kisses. "I wish that would have been as good for you as it was
for me..."

"I told you." Torrie said softly. "It was alright."

"Well, alright doesn't compare to fantastic." He said with a smile. "And that
booty of yours is fantastic."

Feeling his hands run over her rump, Torrie giggled as his fingers danced
over her cheeks, tickling her.

"I feel bad about slapping it now." He said playfully. "Such a nice rump
shouldn't be treated like that."

"Well, that's the problem, isn't it?" She asked. "It's nice, so you don't
want to spank it, but I'm a bad, bad girl, so you have to spank it."

"There's always a catch." He said. Kissing her again, he sighed as she
stroked his cock, his limp rod slick to her touch. "Thank you..."

Feeling his hands rubbing her butt, Torrie grinned as she reconsidered her
"Never ass fuck again" policy, his touches making her squirm in his grip.

Looking at him, she smiled, telling him, "You look tired."

"Again." He grumbled. "I'm sorry.I know you were probably expecting more..."

"It's alright." Torrie said softly, smiling to reassure him it was. "Wanna
go lay down for a bit?"

"Not really." He grinned. "I'd rather screw you in every possible way on
every piece of furniture in this place, but I'm guessing you want to go lay

Smiling, she nodded and gave him a kiss before quickly turning away from him,
washing herself clean before moving out of the shower, drying off as he did
the same, following her lead and drying off before following her into the
main room.

Picking her up in his arms, Derek smiled as he moved over to the bed, laying
her down and stretching out on top of her, his nude body pressed against

Looking down at her, he smiled softly.

"Billy is an idiot." He said. "If he would have done some of the things I did
for you, would you have done the things you did for me for him?"


Shaking his head, he kissed her softly, making her coo as she rubbed her
body against his. "Then he deserves to be dumped." He said. "I did what I did
because I wanted to do it, not because I was expecting some sort of treat."

"Speaking of which..." Torrie said, smiling. "Don't forget, you owe me one.
A big one."

"How "A big one"?"

"I let you fuck my ass!" Torrie exclaimed, smiling as she pulled him down for
a kiss. "My virgin ass, I might add." Giggling, she added, "And you seemed to
enjoy it."

"Enjoy is the understatement of the century." He told her.

"Well, then?"

"Well, then, I owe you a big treat." He said softly. "But later. Now, you
wanted sleep."

"No, I want you to screw me every possible way on every piece of furniture
in this place." She teased. "But I need sleep. It's been a long day."

"Me too." He said, kissing her again before rolling off to the side, smiling
as she pulled the covers over them and snuggling up against him, her naked
perfection pressed against him. "I had an exam this morning, and have another
two on Monday."

Nodding, Torrie gave him a peck on the cheek, telling him, "Rest. Fucking
comes later."

"Later..." He murmured, his body finally rebelling and forcing him to
never-never land.

* * *

Hearing clanking, Torrie slowly stirred awake, gripping her arms tighter
around her lover on instinct. Feeling her lover give more than he should
have, Torrie opened her eyes to find a large pillow trapped in her grip.
Looking around, she found Derek moving from the doorway slowly, pulling a
cart of behind him. Seeing she was awake, he smiled sheepishly.

"Hello, sleeping beauty." He said, gaining a tired smile from his lover. "I
didn't wake you, did I?"

Looking at the clock, Torrie noted the time, 10:34.

"You probably did, but I have to get up anyways." She said. "Check out time
is noon."

Looking at the clock, Derek nodded sadly. "Yea, I guess."

Deciding to change the topic quickly, she motioned to the cart. "What's
that?" She asked, slowly moving to get out of bed before he stopped her.

"Lay down." He said, smiling. Motioning towards the tray, he said, "Since
this place doesn't have a kitchen, I couldn't make you breakfast in bed, but
I figured the least I could do was pay for it to thank you."

Smiling, she asked, "For what?"

Getting shy, he said softly, "For last night."

Smiling softly, she motioned for him to come to the bed. Picking up the tray
with a grunt, he moved over, watching as she scooted forward. Taking the tray
from him for a minute, Torrie strained to hold it up as she let him slide in
behind her, his legs running along her legs as he took the tray back, letting
her scoot up so she was laying back against him. Moving the tray in front of
her, he took of the lids, smiling as she gasped at the sight of all the food.

"Derek..." She said softly, looking back at him. "You didn't have to do this,
and you don't have to thank me..."

"I think I do." He said softly. "You could have had any guy in that mall, but
for some reason, you picked me."

Smiling, she shook her head. "I told you. I picked you because you're cute."
Grinning, she added, "And because you looked young. I figured you'd be ready
to be up all night." Looking at him, something about "Exams" rushed to her
head, and something dawned on her. "How old are you?" she asked hesitantly,
not sure she wanted to hear the answer.

"Eighteen." He said, smiling as she sighed in relief.

"Thank god you're legal." She said softly. "After what I did to you last
night, they would have locked me up and threw away the key if you weren't."

"What we did together." He corrected her. "Not what you did."

"Still." Torrie said, smiling at him. "I'm supposed to be the adult here..."

Smiling, he leaned down, kissing her softly. "Well, it's water under the
bridge anyways." He said. "I'm legal, and I wouldn't have said anything even
if I wasn't."

"Sure you wouldn't." Torrie teased. "I bet you would have blackmailed me into
becoming your sex slave."

"I'm still hoping to fill the position of your sex slave." He said, smiling
as she laughed. Reaching for the fork on the tray, he pointed at the food.
"So, which first?"

Looking back at him, she smiled. "Feeding me?"

"Of course." He said. "You have a show to go to tonight, don't you?" When she
nodded, he smiled. "Well, you need to save your strength. So, what first?"



"Of course."

Cutting off a slice of pancake, he dipped it in the syrup, carefully letting
it drip until it was safe to move it to Torrie's waiting mouth. Watching as
she chewed it up and swallowed, he waited her next instruction.


Quickly retrieving one piece, he fed it to her, kissing her neck as she
downed it.

"You can have some to, you know." She said, before saying, "Another bacon."

Finding another piece of bacon, he gave it to her, telling her. "Not hungry.
I ate a bunch of the appetizers earlier."

"Eggs. And how long have you been awake?"

"Since about seven."

Looking at the clock again, Torrie turned to him, asking, "Why didn't you
wake me up?"

"You looked peaceful." He said softly. "I couldn't bring myself to do it."

"So you wasted like three and a half hours waiting for me to wake up?"

"Not a waste." He assured her. "You were tired, so you needed to sleep. You
do have a show tonight, remember."

"Time wasted." She said. "Umm, sausage. Jeez, there's a lot of food here."
Looking at him, she smiled. "You could have woken me up for another round."

Feeding her the requested food, he shook his head. "You're not my fuck toy,
Torrie. If you wanted to do it more, you would have took me up on my offer
and kept me awake last night."

Looking back at him, she softly told him, "You could have woken me up if you
wanted to."

Shaking his head again, he said, "No, I couldn't." When she gave him a
questioning stare, he said, "What would I have said? "Torrie, get up and fuck
me again."? If you want more, I'll give you more. But I'm not going to wake
you up just to get off." Smiling, he added, "You're doing enough of that as

"Even if we only have..." Looking at the clock, she finished, "A little over
an hour left together?"

Shrugging, he smiled. "I was hoping you'd look back at this with good
memories. And I doubt if I kept waking you up every time I got wood you

Looking at him for a minute, Torrie shook her head slowly. "I want this
gone." She finally said, motioning towards the tray. "Put it back on the
tray." Seeing he was about to protest, she said, "Please? I want my big

Nodding, he quickly squirmed out from behind her, taking the tray and setting
it down on the cart. Turning to face her, he asked, "So, oral again?"

Shaking her head, she motioned for him to come back onto the bed. When he
did, she moved him to lie down on his back. Quickly moving to straddle him,
she froze when she felt his arms on hers.

"Condom." He said, about to scurry and get one from the couch when she
stopped him.

"No." She said. When he looked at her, she said, "My big treat. No condom."


"I'm on the pill." She said softly. Leaning down, she kissed him. "I want to
do this. No arguments, please? Just let me do this..."

Mulling over his options, he sighed as he nodded, letting go of her arms.

Smiling, Torrie grabbed his cock, quickly lining it up with her slit before
dropping down. Letting her body fall forward, she leaned so she was face to
face with Derek. Kissing him softly, she rose up from his crotch, moaning
softly as his dick was pulled out.

"God, Torrie..." He moaned, repeating the phrase he had said so many times
the night before that it was becoming second nature. "You feel so good."

Bouncing softly in his lap, she held him steady, riding up and down his
shaft, her face hovering over his as she panted softly.

"You don't feel so bad yourself." She told him.

Pushing herself up, Torrie arched her back as she leaned backwards slightly,
riding him straight up and down as she motioned for him to follow her up.
Using what little strength his lower back had left, he sat upright, his face
buried in her chest as she hopped slowly up and down on his dick.

Wrapping his arms around Torrie, Derek held her tightly, rubbing her back
and sides as he kissed her neck and chest. Torrie slowed her movements enough
to enjoy his attention, his tongue joining in the fun as it swatted at her
bouncing breasts.

"You like that, don't you?" He asked softly.

"Yea Derek." She purred. "Play with them..."

Reaching his hands around to the front, he cupped her breasts, instantly
gaining a coo from his lover as she hopped quicker, forcing him to use his
hands to hold her tits steady and give them the required attention she had
asked for. Taking her left nipple back into his mouth, he suckled it softly,
loving the moaning that came from her as he did. When her nipple instantly
hardened, he quickly switched to the right one, rolling the soft nub around
with his tongue. Pulling his chin up, Torrie kissed him softly, her arms
wrapping tight about him and making sure to keep him close.

Pulling away from her lips, Derek dove back into her cleavage, licking the
valley between her large breasts, holding his tongue out and letting her do
the work as she rode him. Grinning, he decided to listen to her directions
from earlier, and wrapped his arms around her body, quickly laying down and
rolling her over onto her back. Looking down at her, he waited for her to
protest or give any sign that she wasn't happy with the development. But
instead, she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in as he thrust
forward, burying his cock in her warm pussy.

"Fuck yes..." Torrie hissed, running her fingers thru his hair as he attacked
her nipples again, batting the hard nubs with his tongue before taking them
between his lips. "Do you like it, Derek? Do you like fucking me raw?"

"Yes, Torrie." He said quickly. Moving to sit up, he found Torrie's arms
wrapping tighter around him.

"Stay here." She asked softly. "Stay with me."

Nodding, he leaned up, kissing her softly, but found her wanting more.
Holding him tightly, she slid her tongue along his lips, begging for
entrance. Quickly granting it, he let her tongue move into his mouth,
baiting her in by swatting at it playfully, in sharp contrast to the
very serious pumps her was giving her pussy. Searching his mouth for
his tongue, Torrie whined softly as he kept moving it out of her reach,
forcing her to chase it around his mouth.

"Come `er." Torrie murmured around his lips, finding his tongue in fits and

Smiling, he dove his tongue into her mouth, sliding past hers before she
could react. Moving quickly, she wrapped her tongue around his, moaning
happily as she finally caught her prey. Opening her eyes, she found him
staring back at her, a smile on his lips. With the thrill of the hunt over,
she let his tongue go, smiling back at him.

"I think you're enjoying this to much." She joked.

"Aren't you?"

"You know it." Torrie said, smiling. "Cheating on my husband and loving
every minute of it."

"Well, since he's your soon to be ex-husband, don't think of it as cheating."
He said, groaning as her pussy squeezed his pounding cock.

"Well, what is it then?"

"You're just making up for lost time." He said with a smile.

"Alright, if that's the case." She whined, Derek pumping into her harder than
before. "Then how do you explain you doing it?"

Smiling, he said, "Getting the chance to have sex with you, and you think I
need to explain it? Are you crazy?"

"Completely fucking loony." She said, moaning softly. Looking into his eyes,
she smiled at the sight. "Your gonna come, aren't you?"

"I'm sorry..."

"Shush." Torrie said quickly. "No sorry. You've been all I've expected, and
so much more." She assured him. When he smiled, she said, "Now, I want to
give you the last thing I wouldn't give Billy..."

"I thought anal was it...?"

Shaking her head, Torrie held him tightly. "Come inside me." Seeing his eyes,
she reminded him with a cry of passion, "On the pill."

Nodding, he leaned over her a bit more, trying to look down between them but
found her forcing him to hold her gaze.

"Look me in the eyes." She said softly. "I want to see you come."

Nodding again, Derek pushed into her, slowing his pace slightly to draw out
the pleasure, wanting to make it last forever, but knowing it was all going
to come crashing down sooner than later.

Panting loudly, he looked into her eyes, telling her, "I'm coming."

"Do it..."

His breathing getting ragged and sputtering, he pumped into her, his hip
motions getting jerky as he thrust into her tight, wet pussy. Torrie moaned
softly, feeling his seed being deposited deep into her pussy, each warm,
sticky shot bringing her immense joy.

"That's it." She encouraged him softly. "Come inside my pussy, Derek..."

His face scrunching up, Derek's hips slowly stopped pumping, his cock
finally spent as he tried to hold Torrie's loving gaze. Smiling at him, she
wrapped her arms around his head, pulling him down and letting him rest on
her shoulder, smiling as his body shuddered in quiet trembles.

"Thank you, Derek." She whispered into his ear, his breath hot on her neck.

"Thank you, Torrie." He replied. Moving to pull his cock out, he found her
blocking his way.

"Leave it in for a minute." She said. "I like it."

Nodding, he let his head fall further, his forehead resting on the bed as
she rubbed his thighs with her feet. Tilting her head up, Torrie looked at
the clock, and frowned.

"Pull out." She asked softly, moaning as he complied, leaving her sticky love
hole painfully empty. When he sat up, she quickly sat up beside him. "We have
to get ready." She said softly. When he nodded, she smiled, leaning in and
kissing him. "Thank you very much for this, Derek." She said. "I'm so, so
glad you decided to stay."

Smiling softly, he told her, "You're not the only one."

Hopping off the bed, the both moved towards the bathroom, Torrie smiling as
he followed her.

"You clean me, I clean you?" She offered. "And like, real cleaning this

Nodding, he grinned. "Deal."

Moving towards the shower, she turned it on, sticking her hand in and
waiting until the water turned warm before moving in, holding the door open
for Derek. Reaching for the washcloth from the night before, Torrie gave it
a quick ring out before lathering it up with soap. Turning to face him, she

"Alright, you first."

Smiling, he moved into the shower spray, moaning softly as Torrie rubbed the
soapy cloth over his back and chest, giggling as she saw his cock twitch.

"Down boy." She said playfully. "As much as I'd love to, no time."

"I know." He said, smiling. "But you can't blame me."

Nodding, she let him clean the soap off before handing him the cloth,
squirming slightly as he soaped it up. Looking in his eyes, she asked,
"You're gonna tease me, aren't you?"

"You know it." He said with a grin, moving towards her and rubbing her back,
making her purr.

Quickly applying more soap, he moved around to her chest, rubbing her stomach
and shoulders down before turning his attention to her big breasts. Smiling
at her, he rubbed them softly, taking special care to rub her nipples, making
her grunt in frustration.

"I should have teased you." She said, pouting.

"Would you like me to stop?"

"Hell no!"

"Thought so." Moving his hand lower, he took great care to be gentle with her
pussy, loving the moan he pulled from her as she swayed slightly. Running his
hands down her legs and around her ass, he moved back and let her clean up,
her body still on lust control as she smiled at him.

"That was a nice way to finish the day." She said. Moving and kissing him,
she said, "I hope I've been everything you expected."

"Everything and more."

Shutting off the shower, they both stepped out, quickly drying off before
tossing the towels into the growing pile on the floor. Moving over to the
sink, she looked at him, smiling.

"I gotta comb my hair." She said. "Wait for me in the room?"

Nodding, he let his hand slide across her ass as he moved out of the
bathroom, smiling as she wiggled it at him.

Quickly running a comb thru her tangled hair, Torrie grunted at the results.
Shaking her head, she grabbed a scrunchie from the counter, pulling her hair
back into a ponytail again. Moving out into the living room, she smiled as
she saw him gathering up their clothes, making two separate piles on the bed.

"So, what exam do you have?" She asked, moving over to her pile and thanking
him with a kiss.

"Math." He said, sitting down and slipping his feet into his socks.

Scrunching up her nose, she sat down on the bed, pulling on her socks and
panties. "Can't help you there."

Smiling, he waved it off. "No problem. I'll get thru it." Pulling on his
boxers, he shuffled around, pulling them past his ass.

Pulling her bra over her shoulders, she smiled at him. "Little help?"


"Please hook my bra." She asked sweetly. "It's a little tight."

"I wonder why." He said with a sly grin. When she giggled, he reached out,
grabbing the two sides of the garment and pulling it closed, hooking it
quickly before returning his attention to his own clothes.

"Nice job." She said, admiring his handy work. "Much practice?"

"Not telling."

"Oh come on!" Torrie said, smiling at him. "I've blown you, rode you,
swallowed your load, let you bust a nut on my face, fuck my ass and tits,
and let you come inside me! Now tell me, where did you learn all this stuff?"

Smiling, he leaned in, kissing her. "My secret."

Shaking her head, she pouted at him. "Big meanie."

Smiling, he yanked on his jeans, quickly standing up and pulling on his shirt
as she mirrored his movements, finally getting her clothes back on.

Looking at her, he tried to smile. "So, this is goodbye?"

Looking at him, she tried to decide what to say. He was only meant to be a
one-night fling, and he knew and accepted that. But looking at him, she
couldn't help but smile, the mental picture of his face covered in whip
cream popping into her head.

Biting her bottom lip, Torrie asked him softly, "So, you live around here,
do ya?" When he nodded, she smiled. "You know, I only live like two hours

Looking over at her, he smiled. "Do you?"

"Uh-huh." Torrie said, smiling. "And, you know, since I'm gonna be single
and all real soon, I'm gonna need things."

"Such as?"

Moving into his arms, she smiled. "A big, strong man to come over..."


"And help me with lifting big, heavy things." She finished, awaiting his

Smiling, he shrugged his shoulders. "I can do that."

"Of course, I'd have to reward you some how." She said, grinning from ear to

"Oh really?"

"Really." Torrie said. "I can't lift really heavy things, and I don't want
to keep bothering my brothers."

"So you'd get me to do the dirty work?" he asked playfully.

"Yup." Torrie said. "But, like I said, I'd expect you to let me reward you."

"Oh, so, like money?" he asked, playing along. "Cuz I was gonna take a year
off to save up for collage, so money would be nice..."

Pouting at him, she said, "With the divorce, money might be tight."

"He cheated on you." He reminded her. "I doubt he'd get much."

"But still, technically, I cheated on him to." Torrie said. "I'd have to keep
most of it tied up just in case."

"So, no money?" He asked. When she nodded, he asked, "So, what could you
possibly offer for a reward? An autograph?"

Hearing autograph, she giggled. "Oh, Derek, I'm sure I can think up something
much, much better than an autograph."

"Such as?" He asked, wanting to hear her say it.

Pouting softly, she told him, "Well, maybe you could stay over at my place...
I have all kinds of cool things. Big screen TV, all the game systems."
Smiling, she added, "A Jacuzzi."

"A Jacuzzi?"

Nodding, she smiled. "And I have plenty of hot swim suits I could wear for
you in it."

"Do you now?"

"Yup." She said. "And, I have a nice, big bed."

"In the guest room?" he asked, smiling.

"In my room."

"Oh, so you'd give me your room?" He asked.

Nodding, she smiled. "Yup. And everything in it."

"Even your Golden Thong award?"

Giggling, she nodded. "Even the Golden Thong award."

Moving closer, he licked his lips softly. "And what if you happen to be in
your room at the time?"

Smiling, she leaned forward, kissing him softly. "Then I guess I'll have to
give you me too."

"So, let me see if I get this straight." He said, loving her little game.
"If you need me to help move something, I get a reward?"


"And that reward is your bedroom."

"You got it."

"And if you happen to be in said bedroom when I move said heavy object, I
get you too?"

"Of course."

"Do I get that when I start moving it, or when I finish moving it?"

"Finish." Torrie said firmly. "No payment until the job is done." Grinning,
she said, "Besides, I'll be in my room out of the way waiting for you to
finish so you can move said object without having to step over me."

Grinning, he hugged her tightly. "Well, I have exams on Monday, but I'm free
from there on." He said. "Would you have anything that needs to be moved?"

Nodding Torrie smiled at him. "My bed. Its so big, and so heavy."

"How big?"

"Really, really big." Torrie said with a pout. "It took four guys to move it
into the room."

"It might be to heavy for me." Derek said, smiling at her.

"Don't worry." Torrie said softly, before smiling at him. "I'm betting me and
you could move all over the room if we worked at it enough."

Leaning down, he kissed her softly. "When would you want to move said bed?"

"Tuesday." Torrie said, taking out a piece of paper and writing down her
address. "Nine o'clock sharp. And don't be late."

Holding her softly, he gave her butt a double handed slap, making her jump,
a smile plastered on her face.

"Don't worry." He said. "I wouldn't dream on getting out of this move for the

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