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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Cherry Desires
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours before the 2007 Unforgiven Pay-Per-View is scheduled to go on the air,
the WWE Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy, wearing black shorts and a tank top,
and Montel Vontavious Porter, dressed in blue warm up pants and a gray
t-shirt, are playing a fierce round of WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2007, with Matt
playing himself and MVP using Shelton Benjamin. Towards the end of a near
thirty minute long match, Matt beats MVP and MVP throws his controller down,
"No… no way.... You only beat me cause I couldn't play as myself!" MVP says
as he starts to make excuses.

Matt laughs a bit, "That sounds like an excuse Red Sox fans would make... I
beat you fair... I beat you square... and this is what... the tenth different
competition I beat you in? What was that you says about who's better than
who?" Matt says.

"Hey I've beaten you plenty of times..." MVP starts to reply.

"And you lost every time it counted and you are ducking me in a re-match for
the United States..." Matt Hardy is cut off when there's a knock on the WWE
Superstars' locker room door.

"Hold that thought...." MVP says as he quickly gets off of the couch to
answer the locker room door. MVP grits his teeth a bit as he tries to
think of a way to distract Matt about another match for the United States
Championship when he opens the door to see who's there, "Who wants MVP?"
MVP asks as he looks out into the hallway.

Standing out in the hallway is the sweetly devious sister of Domino and
girlfriend of Deuce, Cherry, dressed in a short pink skirt and tight fitting
pink top and a pair of pink roller skates on her feet. Cherry smacks some
chewing gum around in her mouth cutely as she waves at MVP "Hey there..."
Cherry says as she presses her soft lips together, blowing a bubble from her
chewing gum.

MVP smirks a bit, "Hey there girl... what brings you to see the greatest
champion..." MVP pauses as Matt laughs sarcastically from behind him. MVP
shoots Matt a look before resuming, "As I was saying... what brings you to
see the greatest star in all of sports entertainment?"

Cherry raises an eyebrow as she tosses her cherry blond hair back a bit
"Well...I was hoping I could, you know, like chat with you for a bit..."
Cherry says as she places her hands on her adorably rounded hips as she
rolls a bit forward to MVP while on her pink roller skates.

MVP smirks, "All right good... then come on in..." MVP says as he steps back
to let Cherry into the locker room.

Matt Hardy gets off of the couch and raises an eyebrow, "Are you nuts? She's
going to be in the corner of Deuce and Domino.. the two guys we're facing
tonight!" Matt says.

MVP looks at Matt, "Will you calm down? She's here to chat with me, MVP."

Cherry cutely presses her lips together and nods her head as she locks her
sweetly seductive, devious eyes with MVP "Yeah...just to chat..." Cherry says
with a cute laugh as she pushes her slender shoulders up, before seductively
placing her hands against MVP's muscular shirt covered chest, which instantly
gets his full attention "You know...I like my bad boys...but what I
boys with gold....Championship gold..."

MVP smirks, "Well girl... you're in luck.... I happen to be a MAN with double
gold... United States and Tag Team gold..." MVP says.

Matt Hardy just stares at MVP and shakes his head, "Hey.... women weaken
legs..." Matt starts to say.

MVP looks at Matt with a sour look on his face, "Hey.. I'm half-man...
half-amazing... and half of the Tag Team Champions... I'm the only man who's
three halves and I can do anything and still go out and win..." MVP replies.

Cherry bites down on her bottom lip "To be honest...I'm so sick of my bad
boy, Deuce and my brother Domino....they aren't cool anymore..." Cherry
replies as she smacks her chewing gum in her mouth.

MVP smirks, "Of course not... they don't have any gold... I got all the
gold... and Matt here has some too..." MVP says with a cocky tone.

Cherry seductively licks her lips as she gently moves her devious hands
against the muscular, shirt covered chest of MVP "Mmmm...And I bet you're a
real bad boy too..." Cherry says with a sweet laugh.

MVP smirks, "I'm the baddest of the bad..." MVP starts to say.

"Yeah... you're pretty horrible all right..." Matt says with a laugh.

MVP again glares at him before looking at Cherry, "And if you want to see how
bad I am... I can show you any time... like now." MVP says.

Cherry excitedly nods her head and claps her soft hands together "Oh yeah!
That would be really bad!" Cherry, the devious and sweet Roller-Skating Diva
replies as she excitedly bounces up and down on her roller skates.

Matt rolls his eyes, "Montel... you have to be the biggest idiot ever to not

MVP interrupts his Tag Team Championship partner, "Hey... she wants to see
how bad the one true Superstar of SmackDown is... and I'd bet she'd want to
see how good his lucky Tag Team partner is too..." MVP says as lifts up and
takes off his t-shirt, revealing his smooth and toned upper body to the blond
haired roller-skating Diva.

"Oh yeah you're really bad!" Cherry says with a sweet laugh as she licks her
lips seductively before the adorable, wicked sister of Domino moves back a
bit on her roller skates from MVP, before smoothly lowering herself down onto
her knees in front of the cocky MVP "I love them bad boys!"

MVP glances at Matt "See... I told you so!" MVP says as he starts to push
down his warm up pants from his waist, freeing his eleven-inch cock.

Matt shakes his head then smirks, "Whatever... this could be another thing
I'm better than you in..." Matt says as he takes off his tank top. Cherry
raises an eyebrow as she seductively glances over at Matt Hardy as he begins
to undress. The sweetly deceptive SmackDown Diva gently places her soft,
slyly smooth hands around MVP's hardening cock as she begins to gently stroke
his shaft.

Matt Hardy smirks a bit at Cherry and laughs slightly as he starts to lower
his shorts from his waist, letting out his thirteen inch shaft. MVP ignores
Matt as he starts to approach Cherry, but MVP keeps his attention on the
deviously sweet Cherry as she strokes his hardening cock, "Mmmm yea girl...
get it hard and we'll be ballin'!" MVP says eagerly as Cherry moves her hands
on his shaft.

Cherry laughs as she smacks her chewing gum around in her mouth before she
lowers her head and brushes her sensual tongue across the head of MVP's cock
as Matt leans down a bit to untie Cherry's tight fitting pink top from her
nicely tanned upper body, while she gently circles her wet tongue around the
thick head of MVP's cock before she easily takes his cock into her hot,
naughty mouth.

"Mmmmmmm yeah girl... you know what to do..." MVP moans as Cherry starts to
lightly bob her cute blond hair on his cock. MVP closes his eyes and smirks
as he puts his hands on his waist. Matt Hardy shakes his head as he finishes
untying Cherry's tight fitting pink top and he peels it away from her tanned
upper body, revealing her beautiful, nice sized and firm tits.

"Mmmmmm!" Cherry happily moans around MVP's cock as she presses her lips
tighter around his rock hard cock as she starts to bob her head at a quicker
pace, as she gently guides her wet tongue around his cock while her chewing
gum constantly smacks against his shaft. While bobbing her head, Cherry
gently rocks back on her knees as she raises her hands and cups her large,
tanned tits with her hands.

"Ohhh yea girl... suck that big dick..." MVP groans with pleasure as Cherry
quickly sucks on his stiff hyped cock, MVP feels Cherry's gum and tongue
slapping against his dick as she takes his cock further into her mouth.

"Boy this guy over states the facts..." Matt says with a laugh as puts his
hands on Cherry's waist and starts to push down her short pink skirt from her
smooth hips and down her tanned legs.

Cherry closes her deceptive eyes as she rapidly bobs her head on MVP's cock,
causing her saliva and her soft lips to rub and sooth his shaft "Mmmmmm!"
Cherry moans as she presses her lips tighter around MVP's cock.

"Mmmm... fuck yea girl..." MVP licks his lips and opens his eyes to watch
Cherry as she easily sucks on his dick while pressing her lips tighter on his
shaft. MVP then raises an eyebrow as he sees that Matt Hardy is stripping
Cherry as she blows him, "Damn it... you just had to go ahead and move in on
my game...." MVP says.

Matt rolls his eyes, "Blow it out your ass..." Matt Hardy says as he stands
up behind Cherry after taking her pink skirt off. Cherry slowly lifts her
head and gently taps her wet tongue against the bottom side of MVP's stiff
shaft as her saliva drips down his cock. Cherry presses her lips together
and seductively glances over her shoulder to smile back at Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy smirks at Cherry as he stands behind her, "Oh I know how this can
go..." Matt says to Cherry as he steps back a bit when the rolling skating
Diva begins to turn around to face him.

Once Cherry is facing Matt, MVP kneels down behind her and pushes her onto
all fours, "Time to get to some ballin!" MVP says as he pushes his cock into
Cherry's smoothly shaved pussy.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhhh!" Cherry moans and tilts her head back as MVP starts to
firmly thrust his cock in and out of her warm, tight pussy. Cherry licks her
lips as she looks up at Matt Hardy while his cock hangs in front of her
beautiful, devious face. Cherry laughs before she opens her mouth and happily
takes Matt's thirteen inch cock into her warm, wet mouth.

"Mmmmm..." Matt Hardy moans as Cherry takes his large, thick cock into her
warm, wet and sweetly devious mouth. Matt tosses his black hair back as
Cherry starts to suck on his dick.

Behind Cherry, MVP puts his hands on Cherry's hips to pull her back towards
him as he pumps his cock in and out of her warm, tight pussy, "Ahhh yea...
mmmmm yea..." MVP moans as he fucks Cherry from behind.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm!" Cherry sweetly moans as she smoothly and starts to bob her
head at a quicker pace while sucking on Matt's rock hard cock, soothingly
tracing her wet tongue around his thick shaft. Cherry closes her eyes as she
gently pushes back on her knees against MVP's cock as he deeply fucks her
warm pussy.

"Ahhhh... uhhh fuck yea girl...' MVP moans as he starts to increase the pace
of his thrusts as he deeply fucks Cherry's sweet, warm pussy. MVP's balls
smack against Cherry's smooth skin as he continues to pull her back towards
him. Matt licks his lips but he narrows his eyes slightly as he keeps them
locked on Cherry as she bobs her head easily on his thirteen-inch shaft.
Cherry lifts her sweetly deceptive eyes and locks them with Matt Hardy as she
skillfully lowers her head further down on his rock hard cock, her soft lips
grazing his shaft while she deeply sucks on his thirteen inch cock. Cherry's
soft moans vibrate against his shaft as she smoothly guides her nicely
rounded, tanned ass back against MVP's muscular waist.

"Ooooo fuck girl... you like ballin' with MVP..." MVP grunts as he begins
to sweat as he deeply drives his cock into Cherry's tight pussy. Matt Hardy
smirks and licks his lips as Cherry deep throats his thirteen inch cock.

"Mmmmm!" Cherry moans around Matt's cock as she holds his cock deep inside of
her sweet mouth while her saliva pours against his shaft. Cherry closes her
eyes and MVP's thrusts begin firmer and deeper, as his balls smack against
her tanned skin.

"If she wants to fuck... let her get fucked by someone who knows how to do
it.." Matt Hardy says as he pulls his dick out of Cherry's mouth and moves
towards the couch and sits down.

MVP slows down his thrusts and pulls his dick out of Cherry's pussy, "What do
you mean by that? I'm the greatest... I'm better than you... I'm the captain
of this team..." MVP says as he takes his attention away from Cherry. Cherry
licks her lips as she locks her devious eyes on Matt Hardy's rock hard cock
before she starts to slyly crawl on her hands and knees towards the couch,
seductively swaying her ass from side to side. Cherry reaches the couch and
lifts herself up to straddle Matt's lap, before lowering herself onto his
hard cock.

"Mmmmmm.... yeah whatever Montel..." Matt Hardy groans as he raises his hands
and places them on Cherry's large, firm tits as she sweetly devious Diva
begins to rock on his huge cock.

Cherry gently grits her teeth as she places her hands onto Matt's strong
shoulders as she smoothly rocks back and forth on his rock hard shaft "Ohhhhh
mmmm you're a bad boy!" Cherry moans as she bucks her hips slightly to ride
his cock at a faster pace.

Matt smirks and grunts quietly as he feels of Cherry's firm tits with his
hands as she rides his large cock at a brisk pace. "Hey I'm the baddest man
on the planet!" MVP says as he stands up and walks over to the couch. MVP
leans forward and down a bit so that he can push his stiff eleven inch cock
into Cherry's tight asshole.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Cherry moans loudly with delight as she rocks back on MVP's cock
after he enters her tight asshole. Cherry gently grabs onto Matt's strong
shoulders as she roughly rocks in between Matt Hardy and MVP.

"I'm the baddest..." MVP grunts as he thrusts his cock in and out of Cherry's
asshole, using quick and sharper movements to fuck Cherry's cute ass. Matt
Hardy smirks a bit as he starts to thrust his thirteen inch cock upward into
Cherry's pussy as he gropes her tits.

Cherry moves her hands down from Matt's shoulders to his toned, muscular
chest as she quickly rocks forward on his shaft from MVP's sharp moments
inside of her tight asshole "Ohhhh mmmmm! I love them bad boys!" Cherry
moans as she's tightly pressed between the Tag Team Champions of SmackDown.

"Ahhhh... mmmm.... fuck..." MVP grunts as he puts his hands on Cherry's
shoulders as he drives his cock in and out of Cherry's tight asshole. MVP
licks his lips as he continues to sweat as he bangs Cherry while Matt just
easily thrusts his own cock up into Cherry's pussy.

Cherry licks her lips and tilts her head back "Mmmmm...ohhhh fuck!" Cherry
cutely moans as she roughly slams down on Matt's cock before MVP jealously
jerks Cherry's hot body back against his cock as he deeply slams his dick
into her ass.

"Ahhh... yeah... see... I'm the baddest!" MVP grunts as he deeply slams his
cock into Cherry's asshole once again before he starts to cum within Cherry's
asshole. "Ohhh shit..." MVP grunts and Matt Hardy gets a smirk on his face.

"Came... up short again?" Matt says as he moves his hands to Cherry's hips
and starts lifting Cherry up and down on his dick when MVP pulls his cum
spent shaft out of Cherry's ass.

Cherry glances over her shoulder and cutely smiles at MVP as she quickly
bounces on Matt Hardy's cock, with his help, as he bounces the devious Cherry
on his cock "Ohhhhh! Ohhhh mmmm!"

MVP glares at Matt, "I'm the captain of the team... I have to start planning
our strategy for tonight!" MVP says, making an excuse for his short comings.

Matt smirks as he bounces Cherry harder and quicker on his cock while looking
at MVP, "Boy... I swear you make more excuses than..." Matt starts to say
before he's interrupted.

"I'm going to take a shower to get ready for tonight..." MVP says as he walks
off to go to the shower area of the locker room.

Cherry licks her lips as she grinds her pussy against Matt's cock as he
roughly fucks her pussy, quickly bouncing and slamming her on his shaft
"Ohhhhh fuck!"

"Now for you..." Matt Hardy grunts as has Cherry bouncing on his huge cock as
it was a pogo stick. "I know what you came here for..." Matt Hardy moans as
he thrusts his thirteen inch cock up sharply into Cherry's sweetly warm

Cherry's sweetly sweat dripping body roughly slams down on Matt Hardy's cock
before she starts to cum on his rock hard cock "Ohhhhhh! Mmmm...bad boy!"

Matt licks his lips as he feels Cherry's pussy tightly squeezing his cock as
she cums on his dick, "Cherry... you think I'm bad? Just wait..." Matt says
as he lifts the the sweetly devious Diva off of his cock and sits her next to
him on the couch. Matt wraps his right hand around his throbbing cock and
starts to stroke it.

Cherry presses her lips together and watches Matt as he quickly strokes his
throbbing cock "Mmm...yeah be a real bad boy!"

Matt licks his lips as he reaches over with his left hand to grab Cherry in
order to pull her over, "Get a close up look Cherry...." Matt says as he
starts to push Cherry's head down to his throbbing cock as he stroke it

Cherry gently slaps her wet tongue against the head of Matt's throbbing cock
as he roughly stroking his shaft "Mmm...yeah be a bad boy...." Cherry moans
as she slides her tongue against the bottom side of his cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmm....' Matt Hardy moans as he feels Cherry's tongue against the
bottom side of his cock. With her mouth hanging a bit over his throbbing
cock, Matt starts cumming, spraying his load into Cherry's open mouth.

"Mmmmm...." Cherry moans as she closes her eyes while Matt's warm cum sprays
into her deceptive mouth.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm...." Matt Hardy licks his lips and smirks as he finishes
cumming. Matt lets Cherry lift her head up and he smirks "That was great
Cherry.... and you know what's going to be better?" Matt asks.

Cherry raises an eyebrow and smiles cutely as some of Matt's cum coats her
lips "What?"

"When your boys... Deuce and Domino... lose tonight..." Matt replies with a

Cherry narrows her eyes as she looks at Matt Hardy "My bad boys won't

"Yeah they will.... cause I'm obviously badder than MVP... and it's pretty
clear I'm badder than they are..."


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