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from wwekiller.

Cherry Gets Cheered Up
by ThePac

Backstage at a Smackdown house show the US champion Matt Hardy is warming up
for his big title match against MVP. He is dressed in his own black t-shirt
with his `Mattitude' symbol burning in red on the middle with his green and
brown wrestling tights on. He wraps white athletic tape around his knuckles
as he tests the laces on his black wrestling boots. Matt looks at his shiny
US title belt before going back to his warm up. From a few feet away Matt
hears the loud roar of the crowd echoing though the halls of the arena. Matt
shakes the cheers off and goes back to throwing forearms at his shadow. From
behind him he can hear someone walking up the corridor and he can hear the
sound of boots hitting the concrete floor Matt recognizes the sound of
sobbing. Stopping his warm up Matt turns round to see a sad figure walking up
the corridor. It's Cherry one of the newer Divas on Smackdown and she is
walking slowly towards Matt head down sobbing quietly. Apart from the crying
Cherry looks good with her curly blonde hair tied up in a ponytail wearing a
bright pink vest top and tight black spandex pants with bright white

"Hey Cherry what's up girl," Matt asks standing right in front of the crying

"It's Finlay, he told me I'm a horrible wrestler maybe the worst he has ever
seen," Cherry sobs.

"Really man that's cruel," Matt says putting his arm around Cherry's shoulder
giving her a tight hug.

Crying even harder making her black mascara run down her face Cherry cries
out, "The only thing he said I would be good at is getting my clothes ripped
off in a bra and panties match."

"Now that's just not true," Matt says thinking for a second before lying to
the crying blonde, "You're a great wrestler the others just don't see it."

"Really," Cherry says looking up at Matt with tear filled eyes.

Matt can't help but lie to this hot looking sad woman, "Yeah Cherry I think
you're a great wrestler."

A smile breaks out on Cherry's face as she looks up at a grinning Matt.
Cherry smiles back at Matt flashing her brilliant white teeth before getting
up on her tiptoes and kissing Matt on the cheek.

"What was that for?" Matt quizzes the sexy, smiling blonde.

"You're the first person around here who has really been nice to me about my
wrestling and I thought you needed a thank you," Cherry says blushing

"Well thank you Cherry but I kinda agree with Finlay," Matt says sheepishly.

Cherry breaks the hug and backs away from Matt, "What do you mean you agree
with Finlay?"

Matt hangs his head and looks embarrassed, "Yeah I mean you would look
amazing losing a bra and panties match."

Cherry stares at Matt who has a cheeky grin on his face and she can't help
but giggle along with him. Walking up to Matt Cherry takes a second to admire
his body thought his clothes before placing a hand on his chest. Matt looks
on in amazement as Cherry slides her hand down his chest and onto his crotch.
He moans as her right hand cups his cock and balls stroking them softly.

"OHHHH fuck Cherry is this a thank you as well," Matt asks his head tilted
backwards as Cherry touches his cock though his wrestling tights.

"No but I've always wanted you and now I know you want me too I think I want
you right now," Cherry whispers in a sexy tone making Matt go hard against
her hand.

"God Cherry I've wanted to fuck your sexy body since day one and I want you
right now," grabbing her hand Matt stares determinedly into her eyes and
leads her towards a door.

Pushing the blue door open to reveal an empty locker room Matt grabs Cherry
around her hips and lifts her in the air slightly before kissing her soft
lips. Getting a sweet taste of Cherry's cherry flavor lip-gloss Matt carries
the blonde to the table in the middle of the room. Cherry sits on the edge of
the table and kicks off her trainers as she kisses Matt back her fingers
running though his sleek black hair. As Cherry plays with his ponytail Matt's
hands rub Cherry's firm back before sliding down to the waistband of her
pants. Breaking the kiss Cherry lies back and Matt pulls her pants down her
thick thighs and off her feet.

"Cute panties Cherry is everything you wear pink," Matt jokes looking at
Cherry's silk pink panties now out on display.

Giving Matt a big sexy smile Cherry grabs her top and lifts it up and over
her head showing off her big bust in a tiny pink bra. Matt's jaw drops as he
stares at her massive struggling against her bra. The bra is at least 2 sizes
too small and it looks like her tits could pop out at any second. Cherry sits
up swinging her legs off the table looking seductive in just her pink

"Come on Matt your turn, lets see what this Hardy has been hiding from the
world," Cherry teases the US champion by licking her pink lips.

Matt steps forward lifting up his merchandised shirt to show off his chest
and slight brown tan to the sexy Diva. Looking at Matt's bare torso has
Cherry licking her own finger as she can feel herself getting wet. Undoing
his silver belt buckle Matt drops his wrestling tights down to his feet and
he quickly unlaces his wrestling boots allowing him to takes his pants off.
Matt Hardy is now standing in front of Cherry in just his dark blue boxer
shorts and the outline of his dick can already be seen poking against the

"MMMMMMM Matt you look so sexy," Cherry says, her panties get wet as her eyes
stare at Matt's cock in his underwear.

Cherry jumps off the table grabbing Matt and kissing him again. This time her
hands undo his ponytail allowing his black hair to flop out and Cherry runs
her hands though it. Resting Matt back against the table Cherry pushes the
young man back onto the table and Matt rests back on the table. Wasting no
time Cherry grabs hold of Matt's boxer shorts and yanks then down his hips
and all the way off his body. She throws them away into the nice little pile
of clothes the two of them had made before Cherry gets a close up look at
Matt's 8-inch dick. Grabbing his shaft in her soft hand Cherry slowly starts
to jerk Matt's hard cock.

"Does Matt like this, does he like me stroking his big dick," Cherry purrs in
a sexy voice as her hand moves faster along his dick.

Matt moans loudly, "You're so good Cherry, this feels so good don't stop."

Her other hand rubs Matt's black pubic hair before moving down cupping his
balls. Matt groans at Cherry's soft touch and when he looks up at her he sees
she is leaning over slightly. He has a great view down her bra seeing
Cherry's big tits crushed together. Looking deep into her cleavage makes Matt
even more excited and he starts groaning and pushing his hips up giving
Cherry more to jerk off. Moving her wrist faster and faster over Matt's large
cock Cherry can't believe it took her this long to pluck up the courage to
fuck Matt Hardy. Pushing her face closer to his pink cock head Cherry licks
her lips and kisses Matt's cock making it twitch in her hand. So many areas
of Matt are being pleasured while he can't take his eyes off Cherry's amazing
cleavage jiggling around inside her ultra tight bra. The force of her hand
jerking, feeling her soft breath on his sensitive cock head and having her
other hand rubbing his balls is too much for Matt. He pushes his hips forward
and groaning Matt shoots a thick stream of cum straight into Cherry's face.
The blonde keeps hold of his dick as he coats her face in sticky cum.

"Oh my god Cherry I'm really sorry I didn't mean to." Matt starts to
apologize but stops when Cherry looks up smiling.

She lets go of Matt's now limp cock and uses her fingers to wipe the cum off
her pretty face then licks up his juices. Smiling at a clearly stunned Matt,
Cherry licks her finger clean before climbing on top of Matt's body. Moving
slowly up his chest, Cherry gives little kisses to ever inch of Matt's chest
while the champion can't take his eyes off Cherry's tits. Resting her chest
on his Cherry has to grab Matt's chin and tilt his head up to get eye contact
with the wrestler. Matt smiles at Cherry as he moves his arms around the
blonde grabbing hold of her soft breasts. They both moan as Matt slowly
starts to massage the sides of Cherry's big tits and Cherry pushes her lips
into Matt's. This kiss is not as soft as previous kisses as Cherry pushes her
tongue into Matt's mouth. The US champion groans as Cherry forces her tongue
down his throat and in return he massages her breasts harder squeezing the
soft flesh of her boobs. Matt suddenly rolls over so that he is now on top of
Cherry and he breaks the passionate tongue kiss with a big grin on his face.

Pulling the ribbon out of her hair Matt moves in close to her neck, "You are
so sexy Cherry I love playing with your amazing body.

"Keep kissing me Matt don't stop you are so good," Cherry moans as Matt
starts to nibble on her neck.

Kissing the soft flesh on her neck Matt starts to slide his body down her
giving her sweet tasting lips one last kiss before moving down her body. He
kisses the very top of her chest making Cherry's body shudder from the
intimate contact as her long blonde hair untied from it's bow flows out
behind her. Matt moves down still his face is in between her breasts and he
can't help but take a deep breath and smell her perfect breasts. The smell of
shampoo and perfume fill Matt's nostrils and the multi time tag team champion
is drooling from the prospect of playing and sucking on her massive boobs.
Planting a kiss right on the centre of the bra Matt places his hands under
the cups of the bra and starts to push the tiny bra up. Cherry lifts her back
of the table allowing Matt access to her bra strap, which he deafly undoes
with one hand. Pulling his face from out of her cleavage Matt pulls the bra
up over Cherry's tits and is shocked when two perfect boobs bounce out in
front of him. There is no sag to Cherry's gravity defying breasts, which are
white but look so soft and tasty while Matt's eyes are drawn to her Dollar
sized pink areola with fully erect pink nipples. They are the most perfect
breasts Matt has ever seen as he stares at them in pure wonder and amazement.
Cherry removes the rest of her bra to notice Matt hovering over her tits, his
eyes wide and his mouth open.

Coughing slightly Cherry gets Matt's attention, "Glad you like them Matt but
I'm really horny so if you wouldn't mind doing something to my tits that
would be great," Cherry says in a teasing voice.

Matt snaps out of his trance and traces the outline of her big boobs with his
index finger. Placing his hands on top of her tits Matt squeezes the soft
flesh under his fingertips and moans from just how soft they feel. Cherry
loves men who play with her big rack and Matt seemed to be near worshipping
her tits, which made Cherry very hot and horny. Matt's semi hard cock rubs
against the large wet patch on the front of Cherry's panties and both
superstars moan in surprise from the intense sexual contact. Leaning his head
down Matt kisses Cherry's soft, pale boobs and loves the taste of her massive
rack. As his hands massage and rub her bare tit flesh Matt's mouth kisses and
sucks on every inch of exposed skin he can find. Matt is kissing and sucking
on her tits like made and Cherry is in heaven from Matt's touch and mouth.
Slowly she starts to grind her hips into his and their private arena rub
together bringing them both a constant wave of pleasure. Matt's hand move
onto Cherry's bullet hard nipples softly rubbing them and pinching the very

"Fuck Matt play with my nipples, suck them, lick them please use my nipples
Matt I'm so wet," Cherry groans as Matt sucks on her left breast leaving a
lot of salvia glimmering on her breasts.

Hearing his partner's loud cries of pleasure Matt moves his hands back to her
tits as his well-trained tongue flicks out touching the tip of Cherry's left
nipple. The bubbly blonde groans loudly and grinds her hips hard into Matt's
hard cock. Lowering his mouth over her near perfect breasts Matt sucks on her
hard nipple making the former valet cry out like an auditioning porn star.
Rubbing his taped thumb over her other nipple Matt is working on both
Cherry's sensitive nipples and she is responding by pushing her hips against
his rock hard cock. Both are sweating and both are very horny as Matt kisses
her left nipple before moving onto her right one. He starts sucking on it
like a new born begging for a feed as he makes sure to swirl his tongue
around her hard nipple. Cherry closes her eyes and cries out as Matt teases
her big tits better than any man had ever done to her. Matt's tongue flicks
against her nipple before he gives a kiss then moves up a bit then burying
his head in between her massive mounds of flesh. Kissing, sucking and licking
at ever bit of skin he could see Matt has the young Diva on the edge of
orgasm from just sucking her tits. As her cries get higher and louder Matt
works faster licking and sucking Cherry's amazing rack. Her thrusting hips
and her soaking wet panties has his cock rock hard and straining for release
as Matt once again sucks on Cherry's big nipples.

"OHHHH god fuck Matt this is so good don't stop I fucking love you sucking on
my big tits," Cherry cries out digging her fingers into the edge of the table
for support.

Matt lifts his head out of her tits with his cock rock hard and leaking pre
cum onto Cherry's panties. He gets up and Cherry moans in disappointment
before her cries turn to joy as Mat sits on her soft mid section. His big
prick swinging a few inches away from her tits and Cherry bites her lip in
anticipation as she loves having her tits fucked and with a big cock like
Matt's she starts to groan at him.

"So you like this Cherry, you want to have your big tits fucked," Matt teases
the blonde grabbing his hard cock and rubbing his sticky cock head against
Cherry's saliva covered nipples.

Feeling Matt's hard cock touching her sensitive nipples has Cherry panting,
"Fuck Matt yes I love having my big tits fucked."

Enjoying his moment of teasing Matt moves his hands back to playing with her
tits before asking, "Do you want me to fuck your big tits Cherry?"

Groaning from sexual frustration Cherry moves her own hands on top of Matt's
helping him massage her breasts, "Please fuck my big tits Matt I need it so

"Come on Cherry you can beg better than that," Matt says trying hard to hold
back his own fast growing lust to fuck her massive tits.

"God Matt Hardy I want you to fuck my big, fat tits I need you to fuck the
life out of my big boobs then I want you to fucking cum all over my fat
tits," Cherry nearly screams out in frustration and near ecstasy.

Knowing he has teased Cherry for too long Matt grabs his pulsing cock and
slowly pushes it in between Cherry's big tits. Her skin feels so soft as her
tits wrap around his long shaft. They both groan from the contact but Matt
recovers and bucks his hips back and forth fucking her big tits. Cherry loves
the feeling of a large cock running across her chest and she giggles as
Matt's pink cock head pushes forward a few inches in front of her face.
Matt's hands are all over Cherry's tits crushing them around his cock as
fucking her soft tit flesh is one of the best feelings Matt has ever
experienced in his life. Pushing his cock in and out of her cleavage faster
and faster Matt groans fucking Cherry's soft tits. The blonde's panties are
nearly soaking clean though as she watches a naked Matt Hardy on top of her
fucking her tits. Matt's large cock head pushes though her mountain of
cleavage and to her utter delight his cock brushes against her face. As her
sensitive tits are pleasured Cherry makes a little game of kissing Matt's
cock head every time it gets near her lips. Matt feels Cherry's kiss and
hears the young Divas lips smacking and his cock can't help but drip out a
small trail of pre cum. Some of the pre cum leaks out when Cherry kisses it
and she now has some pre cum drip out over her lip-gloss. Licking her lips
Cherry tastes Matt's pre cum and starts moaning as Matt picks up the pace.
Matt has never had such a mind blowing tit fuck and he can feel his balls
growing as he fights the feeling.

"Fuck Cherry I'm going to cum fuck," Matt cries out as he pushes his hips
forward driving his cock faster in between her mammoth boobs.

"Cum on my tits Matt," Cherry screams with delight as Matt's cock rubs her
boobs, "Shoot your load all over my fat fucking tits."

Hearing Cherry's dirty cries pushes Matt over the edge and he grips his hard
cock and aims it at Cherry's rack. For the second time in a short space of
time Matt Hardy shoots a big wave of spunk at Cherry's sexy body. His cum
splashes on her tits covering her pale breasts in thick white cum. Her large
pink nipples are soaked in cum as Matt sprays all over her big rack. Cherry's
face is a mask of pleasure as her sensitive breasts are bathed in thick,
creamy spunk. Matt fires out his last bit of cum into Cherry's cleavage
before slowly getting off the table and takes a seat on a near by bench. Matt
is worn out cumming twice over Cherry has taken it's toll as he sits back and
watches Cherry sit up. Looking down at her chest Cherry runs her hands over
her cum soaked breasts before rubbing her palms all over tits working the cum
into her skin like a cosmetic cream. Matt watches on in amazement as Cherry
rubs his own cum into her chest but her soaking wet pink panties soon
distract his eyes. The material is so damp it has almost become see though
and Matt is sure he can see the blonde's pussy lips. Cherry looks at Matt to
see where his eyes are and she smiles and slides down her panties. The sweet
smell of Cherry's pussy fills the empty locker room and Matt stares at
Cherry's hairless cunt to see her juices flowing out of her and down her
tanned thighs.

"Are you sure you can last Matt I mean you came twice we can take a break if
you want," Cherry says slightly concerned about Matt as his panting.

"Get you fucking sexy ass over here Cherry I'm going to make you cum so many
fucking times," Matt says with a hard look in her eyes.

Cherry smiles and strides over to Matt, her naked, sweaty body swaying from
left to right. She reaches Matt and the US champion takes hold of her by the
hand and guides her onto his lap. Sitting on Matt's strong thighs Cherry
gives the tired wrestler a quick tongue kiss before sliding her hand down his
chest. Reaching his cock Cherry is careful in pumping her hand slowly as Matt
lightly bites on her ear. Matt slides his arms around Cherry's body and grabs
hold of her big ass. Like with her big tits he massages the flesh on her
massive rump making her cry out softly as he touches up her ass. Giving her
some quick ass slaps makes Cherry moan Matt watches as she plays with his
limp cock and balls. A few more soft thrust of her wrist and Matt's cock
starts to grow in her hand but Cherry really can't wait to fuck the older
Hardy brother. Sitting up on his Lap Cherry wiggles her hips and slowly
starts to lower her soaking wet pussy onto Matt's semi hard dick. Cherry
groans as she feels Matt inside of her and once she has lowered herself all
the way down onto Matt's hips Cherry slowly starts rocking her body back ands
forth. Matt also groans as he can feel Cherry's pussy juices leaking all over
his hips as he places his hands on Cherry's back guiding the blonde as she
slowly fucks herself using his semi hard cock.

"MMMMMM get hard Matt I want to feel that big cock of your fucking my wet
pussy," Cherry groans in her sexiest tone of voice.

Groaning Matt starts to push his hips forward allowing the sexy Cherry to
bounce on his cock. After just a few little bounces and seeing her cum coated
rack bouncing up and down inches away from his hand Matt groans as blood
returns to his cock. Cherry is caught off guard when Matt's cock grows full
hard inside her soaking wet pussy and the blonde cries out in joy and she
grabs Matt's shoulders for support. Matt starts to thrust his fully erect
dick inside Cherry's wet pussy bouncing the young Diva up and making her cry

"Fuck Matt more harder please fuck me fuck my wet pussy Matt," Cherry cries
out her moans getting louder and louder from each thrust.

Matt's hands dig into Cherry's firm ass and he starts to really go for broke
fucking Cherry. The blonde bounces up and down like a pogo stick onto top of
Matt Hardy and his big 8 incher. Her moans ring in Matt's ears and echo
around the empty locker room as she pushes herself down on Matt's cock with
every bounce. Matt's hips are soaking in Cherry's leaking juices and her
sweet smell only turns Matt on more and makes him want to bring Cherry to
orgasm more. Sweat runs down Cherry's forehead and off her cum soaked breasts
as Matt pushes into her harder and faster. The tip of his cock lurches
forward and hits Cherry's throbbing G spot making the blonde scream out loud.

bounces herself off his stiff rod, "FUCKING GOING TO CUM OHHHH OHHHHHHH

Matt keeps going hearing Cherry's loud screams of pleasure until the young
blonde body shakes and she explodes into a powerful orgasm. Holding her tight
Matt makes sure she doesn't fall off him as she hits a big orgasm. Cum soaks
both their hips and crotches, as Cherry's moans grow softer and quieter as
Matt slows down his thrusts. Cherry is soaked in sweat as wave after wave of
orgasm hits her body and she can feel her own crotch nearly swimming in her
own juices. After a few minutes of shaking Cherry calms down allowing Matt to
hurt the tired blonde as he lifts her up and lays her on the bench. Pulling
is cum covered cock out of Cherry's pussy Matt moans and enjoys the sight of
Cherry's naked body flat out breathing softly making her chest rise slightly.
Grabbing a spare towel of a peg Matt cleans up his cock and hips that are
soaked in Cherry's juices. He also wipes down the bench and cleans up the
little puddle of cum on the floor. Matt is sweating like he's just been in a
Marathon Match and he's still horny but it looks like Cherry is fast asleep
so Matt decides to let the blonde sleep off her powerful orgasm.

He turns to pick up his pants when a voice speaks up behind him, "You're not
leaving yet."

Matt turns around to see Cherry sitting up her pretty naked body coated in
sweat and his and her own juices, "You can't go yet Matt."

"Look Cherry this was awesome but I have a match in a few minutes and I need
to get dressed again," Matt says hoping Cherry understands even though it
does look like he's trying to sneak away just like a bad one night stand.

"No you can't every guy who fucks me always does me from behind," Cherry says
softly as Matt's eyes bulge out.

"Let me run that back," Matt says confused but just the though of doing
Cherry from behind has his hard cock fully erect and stood out in front of
him, "You like to end sex by getting fucked from behind?"

"Yep," Cherry says a big smile on her face, "I just love the feeling of a man
standing behind me fucking my pussy while staring at my ass."

Matt groans softly as Cherry walks over to the table and bends over it.
Sticking her big ass out Cherry lays flat on the table the wooden surface
flatting her big boobs. Just the sight of Cherry bent over her ass out and
her big tits flat on the table has Matt jerking himself off.

"Oi pretty boy I'm offering you my big, fat slutty pussy now either fuck it
or fuck off," Cherry yells her cute girl attitude hidden under a stream of
dirty talk.

Hearing those filthy words coming out of sweet little Cherry's mouth
completely takes Matt Hardy in. he steps up and gives her big round cheeks a
few firm spanks making her moan softly before Matt lines his cock up with her
soaking wet pussy. Sliding in past her pussy lips Matt groans as he eels how
sticky and warm her pussy is. Matt had fucked some slutty pussies before as
most of his female fans would do anything for him but Cherry had blown them
all away. Now having her naked covered in cum bent over a table has Matt
Hardy so hard he feels he could shoot at any second but he wants to fuck
Cherry from behind so he holds back on his own lustful thoughts and starts
pumping Cherry's cunt. Cherry moans in joy as Matt's hips bang against her
big ass as his cock pushes deep into her wet pussy. Matt digs his sweaty
fingers into Cherry's round asscheeks softly crushing the flesh under his
nails. Holding onto her ass allows Matt to thrust his hips deeper into
Cherry's making the blonde cry out loud. Fucking the blonde faster and harder
making her cry out as Matt slaps and grinds into her big ass.

CUNT," Cherry screams like some back alley slut rather than a timid WWE Diva.

"Yes Cherry you love being fucked like some cheap ass slut don't you," Matt
questions the moaning blonde.

FUCKED FROM BEHIND," Cherry screams out as Matt's cock goes deep into her
dripping wet cunt.

Matt pushes in deeper his hard cock hitting Cherry's clit making the blonde's
screams even louder. Spanking her big ass a few more times Matt reaches up
grabbing Cherry's blonde hair. The feeling of Matt pulling back on her hair
makes her feel more like a slut and adding that to the image of the sculpted
body of Matt fucking her from behind makes Cherry scream and shut her eyes.
Her second orgasm is not as big as the first one but Cherry is a true
squirter as soon her juices just flow out covering Matt's cock and dripping
out of her pussy onto the cold concrete floor. Cherry's loud moans fill the
room as the pretty blonde bangs her hands on the table as her hips buck
around from the force of her orgasm.

"Man Cherry you sure like to cover a guy in cum," Matt jokes as his hips and
pubes are soaking wet with her girl cum.

Cherry's face is red and sweating but is too tired to speak so simply using
the table to hold her steady she starts pushing her hips back into Matt's.
With the Us champion's 8 inch cock still buried in her cum filled pussy Matt
can't help but moan with pleasure as his long shaft slides slowly inside
Cherry. Feeling just how wet the little blonde is Matt starts to add his own
thrust to Cherry's once again fucking the sweaty Diva from behind. Matt knows
he needs this, as his balls have been primed to shoot ever since Cherry told
him she wanted it from behind. Grabbing Cherry's firm ass once again Matt
groans as Cherry's legs close slightly tightening her pussy around his cock.
Listening close Matt can hear his cock squelching against Cherry's cum coated
hole and the sound drives him wild.

"I'm close Cherry tell me where you want my cum you horny fucking slut," Matt
says his emotions controlling him as he talks down to Cherry who suppresses a
squeak of delight at Matt Hardy treating her just how she likes to be
treated, as a slutty sex object.

"My ass shoot your cum all over my big fat ass," Cherry moans as Matt's cock
moves faster inside her cunt.

Matt pulls out and gives his cock a few hard jerks before shooting out a
massive amount of cum. His thick, creamy sperm splats against Cherry's pink
ass cheeks and it's not long before her whole ass is dressed in spunk. Cherry
groans with delight at having cum sprayed on her as Matt sits down tired but
very happy.

"Wow Cherry you were amazing," Matt says panting but with a massive smile on
his face.

"No Matt thank you I have wanted to fuck you for so long so thanks for being
better than my fantasies of you," Cherry grins back jumping off the table her
body covered in a mix of sweat, saliva and cum.

Matt grabs his wrestling tights and pulls them up his legs, "Look my match is
up in a couple of minutes but why don't' you go back to my locker room, get
cleaned up and then after my match we can spend a whole night a you can get
the full Mattitude treatment," Matt smirks as he laces his boots.

Cherry licks her lips, "Hmmmm can't wait to find out what the full Mattitude
treatment is," She kisses Matt on the cheek before picking up a spare towel
and wrapping up her nude body in it before picking up her clothes.

Matt grins as he watches Cherry leave wearing only a towel and chuckles to
himself, "Always tell a woman she's a good wrestler lying always get you
laid," He says to himself picking up his belt and propping it up on his
shoulder, "Hell that same line worked on Lita."


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