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Featuring: Michelle McCool (Smackdown), Layla El (Smackdown),
Drew McIntyre (Smackdown)

Chosen To Be Flawless - A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

"Awwww!" Is the sound that the two Smackdown Divas collectively known as Team
LayCool say as they admire their matching WWE Women's Championship title
belts, theresult of Layla pinning Beth Phoenix in a handicap match a few days
earlier on an edition of Smackdown, and subsequently Michelle McCool claiming
that they are both co-Women's Champions. They are the only people who believe
this to be fact, and their annoying ways have left them alone backstage at
this live WWE event in May, 2010.

"Lay', that belt just looks soooooo good on you girl!" The stunning blond
McCool says, clad in a perfectly fitting blue outfit as she runs her hand
across her BFF's championship.

"No `Chelle! Yours looks just great on you!" The recognised champion says,
dressed in a matching outfit, patting the replica belt of the other Diva.

"You!" Michelle says with a smirk, pointing at the busty brunette.

"You!" El replies with the same motion.

Both Divas pause, lifting up their titles up towards one another's before
yelling with big smiles on their beautiful faces. "US!" Is the yell, before
both giggle like a couple of spoilt schoolgirls.

The near nails-on-a-chalkboard sound of the two has attracted the attention
of one Smackdown Superstar, namely the "Chosen One" and current
Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre. Dressed in signature black with blue
designed ring gear, the native of Ayr, Scotland narrows his eyes as he
approaches the two, not looking too pleasedby the noise the two stunning
Divas are making.

"Would you two ladies kindly lower your chattering voices?" Drew says in his
thick, Scottish accent, making LayCool turn around to face him. "Some of us
are trying to prepare for important championship matches, unlike you two and
your... Tag team singles belt."

Layla's jaw drops in shock of being insulted, and Michelle narrows her eyes
at him.

"Hey, ya'll better show us some respect. The only co-Women's Champions are
the most important champions around here."

"Yeah! Show us some respect!" El snaps, slightly stomping her feet as she
glares at the handsome Superstar.

"Respect? It's you two who need to show me that. I've destroyed everyone in
my path, and proved why I am the Chosen One, handpicked by Mr. McMahon
himself." McIntyre smirks at them both, checking them out at the same time.
"I don't need to share my gold with anyone, because there's no one else in
the WWE like me."

"Yeah? Well..." Still mad, the gorgeous brunette looks to her friend and then
back to the arrogant wrestler. "There's no one like us in the whole world!
That's why we are BFF champs!" She pressed her lips together, pouting but
unable to resist looking over his muscular upper body.

"Lay', hold on, real talk here." Michelle says, turning to face her friend.
"We are BBF champs, but come on, Drew here has been dominating a lot of
people around here. Like that lame rapper R-Truth, remember?"

"Oh yeah! And then that slob Matt Hardy..." Layla says, scrunching up her
nose at the thought of him. "He's gotten so fat! He's almost as fat as Piggie

"Girl, no one can be as fat as her!" McCool says, before both women get their
attention drawn back to the Superstar nearby when he deliberately coughs.

"Ladies, I dominate everyone in every match I have." Drew says with a smirk.
"Just like I will tonight when I defend this championship."

"Well, in that case..." Michelle says, letting her eyes run over the hot body
of the Scottish stud. "Team LayCool only associate ourselves with winners,
like ourselves of course. So how about this for a little deal? You win your
match tonight, and of course we'll win ours, and then we can all...
"Celebrate" back at our hotel suite. Interested?" She asks, a smirk on her
beautiful face.

"Yeah, interested?" Layla chips in.

"Ladies, I believe I'll be seeing you both later..." He answers, images
already running through his mind about what kind of celebration they could
have. "And I won't be keeping you waiting."

* * *

Relaxing back as he sits completely naked on the expensive couch of LayCool's
penthouse suite, Drew McIntyre is smirking as the busty British babe Layla El
kneels in between his spread legs, licking her lips as she feasts her eyes on
his at least twelve inch and nicely thick cock as she is also naked with her
smoothly shaved pussy and large, perfectly tanned tits on full display.
Beside him, running a hand across his chest as she looks over his muscular
frame is the also naked Michelle McCool, her nicely curved and sexy body
slightly pressing up into him as she smiles, a glance down at her best friend
but more at his very impressive manhood, before she looks back to the
handsome Scottish wrestler.

Gripping his cock by the base, the former Diva Search winner leans her head
in so she can drag her tongue slowly along the underside, travelling up to
the top where she pats her soft tongue against the very tip of his dick for a
few moments. Smiling up at him, she gives his bell end a little kiss before
taking him inside her soothing and nicely wet mouth, pressing her pouty, full
lips around his shaft as she begins to bob her head on him, moaning a little
as she works over the top few inches with her hand only being used to hold
him in place. Already using a steady motion, she looks up at him with a sexy,
narrowed eyed look as she brushes her long, brunette hair back over her
shoulders, smoothly sucking on his cock while placing a hand onto his strong
thighs for a little support as she moves herself further onto him, taking
more and more of his shaft into her mouth.

With one arm draped across his shoulders and the other hand running across
his upper body, McCool smirks down as she watches the other "Flawless" Diva
blow their fellow Smackdown co-worker, unable to stop herself from licking
her own lips as watches her friend easily handle such a huge dick. Her
attention is quickly taken away when Drew places a hand on the back of her
blond-haired head, gently turning her gorgeous face towards his and
exchanging cocky smirks for a moment, they lean in towards each other, lips
pressing together as they kiss. Closing eyes and starting to lightly moan
into each other's mouth, they make out with their tongues flicking out to
meet the other, slightly swapping spit as their kisses get deeper, all the
with Michelle continuing to rub his chest and him running his fingers
through her long hair.

Looking up and seeing her BFF kissing "The Chosen One" only turns El on,
increasing her efforts on his mighty shaft as she not only increases how
quickly she moves her head up and down his dick, but also how much of him she
takes into her mouth. Her smooth bobs have already meant she's taken nine
inches of cock into her, moving all the way up to just under the crown before
she goes right down, gently moaning around his dick as she gets him nicely
wet with her saliva. She has no problem taking such a thick piece of long man
meat either, still able to keep her sexy lips pressed perfectly tightly
around him as she raises and lowers her head on his cock, using the fingers
of one hand to keep it straight in place while the other teases herself,
squeezing her large breasts for a moment which makes her groan around his
dick as it slides in and out of her clearly experienced mouth.

She's not the only one putting their mouth to use, as now Michelle has moved
up to rest on her knees next to the Intercontiental Champion, moaning as
McIntyre has his lips wrapped around her hard nipple of her left tit, sucking
on it while using both hands to grope her nicely rounded breasts. With her
hands on the back of his head, the former school teacher bites down on her
bottom lip as he feels his tongue smacking across her nipple, before he moves
his head over to the other breast, circling his tongue around its nipple
before he takes it inside, moaning as he does so from the blowjob the "other
Women's Champion" is giving him. She moans, slightly tilting her head back as
she enjoys his strong cupping of her tits, his fingers slightly digging in to
the tanned flesh as she licks and sucks on them both, dabbing them with his
own saliva in the process.

Back down between his legs, Layla is showing that she still has a "nasty"
side about her as now her pretty face is pressed right down into his crotch,
no sign of gagging at all as she impressively deep throats all of his foot-
long cock, moaning around the shaft as she stays down on him for a good few
moments. Placing her hands on his thighs, she starts to rapidly bob her head
along his length, going up half way before dropping sharply down to deeply
blow him, sexily slobbering over his cock as she coats with her spit, all the
while looking right up and watching as he plays with her best friends' tits,
using that image as motivation to "flawlessly" suck his dick. She can tell he
appreciates it, seeing him glance down at her occasionally as he has his way
with the other Diva's boobs, and hearing his moans which have gotten
noticeably louder since she's gone balls deep down onto him.

When Drew pulls his head away from her chest to rest back against the couch,
the first ever Divas Champion slides off the couch, moving down to her knees
and moving beside the other half of LayCool, smirking as she runs a hand
through her friend's hair as she continues to deep throat his mighty dick.
Feeling this brushing, she pauses half-way up his dick, giving her a wink as
she travels up and then completely off of him, giving the crown one last lick
all the way around before turning her head to smile at the other Smackdown
Diva before shifting over to let her come closer to his cock. Returning the
smile, McCool reaches out and takes his shaft into her hand, tightly gripping
it and starting to stroke him off with steady pumps that already have him
moaning a little, having no problem with her fingers getting sticky from the
other woman's saliva that's all over it as her soft palm works over almost
all of his rock hard shaft.

Looking to each other and exchanging smiles, Layla then leans her head back
down to his cock, taking his dick back inside and resuming her smooth, fast
bobbing motion along the top half of his tool which has her hair slightly
shaking from the speed she's using. Meanwhile, Michelle continues to jerk off
the lower part of him, sliding her hand up and down from the base to just up
to her friend's mouth when she comes down onto him, managing to hold him
steady as well so both of the self-proclaimed co-champions can double team
his thick dick with oral and hand work that has him grinning and moaning
loudly. In perfect sync with each other, the hand of the blond always manages
to reach its highest point at the same time the brunette comes down to her
lowest, so when they go apart the hand goes down to the base when the woman
sucking him goes up to the bell end, and then they both head back to almost
touch one another as the mind-blowing motion is quickly repeated over and
over again.

You could not wipe the cocky smirk of the face of the native of Ayr, Scotland
if you tried as he just sits back, watches, and most of all greatly enjoys
having the stunning Michelle McCool stroke his thick cock while at the same
time the equally beautiful Layla sucks his dick. Smackdown's most hated Divas
certainly know how to handle a cock, still managing to have an arm around the
other even as they pleasure his long shaft, slightly moaning themselves as
they glancing between each other, the manhood they are working over with
mouth and hand work, and up at the handsome stud. El lifts her head up,
swirling her tongue across his bell end before she spits onto it, smirking as
instantly McCool moves her hand up to rub the soothing saliva into his
already completely coated dick with quick strokes all the way up and down the
full length.

"Lay, baby, save a taste for me." Michelle says, watching her BFF lash her
tongue all across the cock of Drew McIntyre.

With a smirk, Layla lifts her head up, licking her lips a little as she does
so. "Oh, you'll love it." She says. "It's almost as good as..." She gives the
other Diva a wink. "You!"

The blond winks back. "You!"

The two self proclaimed Women's Champions exchange winks again before looking
up at the Intercontinental Champion. "US!"

Drew raises an eyebrow, still smirking. "Care to explain ladies?"

"Oh, just watch and enjoy Drew..." McCool seductively smiles up at him as she
positions herself up onto her hands and knees as Layla lets her get straight
in front of the handsome Scotsman.

He has no complaints about that command, watching as the stunning, self
centered woman resumes stroking the bottom half of his still rock hard and
nicely wet with the other Diva's saliva cock, a smooth, steady motion kicking
things off as she now gets fully to grips with his manhood. Leaning her head
down, she pats her tongue against the underside of the crown, teasing for a
moment before sliding it across the bottom and sides of his bulbous head, a
warm up for what's soon to come. Keeping eye contact with him, she brushes
her tongue down the side of his length, touching her jerking hand in the
process as she brings herself back up to lick over the tip, and then going
down the other side to give it the same pleasurable treatment, her soft
tongue doing the trick as he lets out a light moan as a result of her work.

Moving around the other half of Lay-Cool, the brunette slips herself down
behind the other woman, licking her lips again as she looks over the nicely
rounded and shapely ass of her friend, along with her smoothly shaved and
already wet looking pussy. Layla gets herself down to her knees, placing her
hands onto the other Diva's hips as she brings in her face, sticking her
tongue out and dragging it slowly up the entrance to McCool's snatch, making
both of them moan from the sensation. Repeating the motion again, she this
time moves her clearly talented tongue from the top down to the bottom,
closing her eyes as she enjoys the slight taste she's getting of the other
woman's pussy, her hands slightly rubbing over the thighs of the Florida
native as she begins to move her head around, licking around the outside of
her friend's lower lips in slow, counter clockwise directions.

Letting out a loud moan herself from what her friend is doing to her,
Michelle lowers her head down, taking the Superstar's cock into her mouth as
she starts to blow him, already beginning to use a bobbing motion with which
to service him, her moans bouncing against his shaft as she goes to work on
him, her hand continuing to stroke off the portion she's not yet taking into
her mouth. She's also got her eyes closed, partly from getting into giving
some head and partly from getting her pussy eaten at the same time, enjoying
both actions as she arches herself a little to push her butt back against the
other Diva's face. McCool has no problem in handling six inches of his thick
dick inside her nicely wet mouth, a steady pace allowing her to suck off the
saliva her "co-champion" has coated onto his manhood as she replaces it with
her own.

Putting her luscious, full lips against the folds, the sexy Diva Search
winner gently sucks on the pussy of the former teacher, lightly moaning as
she can slightly taste with her tongue and also feel her wetness against her
mouth, her pretty face pressed right up into McCool's snatch, slightly moving
her head up and down so she can grind her lips against her folds. Planting a
couple of kisses along the entrance, El goes back in again, this time pushing
her tongue out and delving inside her friend's pussy, flicking her tongue out
just around the inside to properly eat Michelle out, collecting and then
drinking down as much of her juices that she can from the woman who's blowing
a handsome, hung stud while she's getting her pussy licked.

Drew just sits back, feasting his eyes on the stunning sight as Lay-Cool
engage in a little lesbian sex while also giving him some oral, which all in
his mind only confirms why he is "The Chosen One", as if any other man could
enjoy this kind of situation. Moving a hand onto the blond's head and taking
a handful of her long locks, he surprises her by starting to pump his cock up
into her mouth, making her groan and clench her eyes shut as she tries to
adjust to this action, having to let go of his dick as she feels her head
being forced down as now she's getting her mouth fucked by the cocky
Superstar. He moans, watching as his shaft moves smoothly in and out of the
hot, wet mouth of McCool and feeling the crown of his shaft touching the back
of her mouth as he makes her deep throat his foot long manhood, noticing that
she gags slightly each time he goes balls deep into the blond's oral hole.

While the first ever Divas Champion might not be completely enjoying what's
happening at her head, what the other half of the "Simply Flawless" team is
doing to her still has her moaning and getting wetter by the moment. Layla is
continuing to munch away at McCool's tasty and tight pussy, her tongue
lapping away and all around as she greedily feasts on the juices being
formed. She's enjoying eating the Diva out so much that it's turning her on,
causing her to use a hand to rub her own dampening pussy as she concentrates
on licking the snatch of the "other" Women's Champ, using her other hand to
squeeze Michelle's ass cheek. Layla's feverish tongue and mouth work have
caused the blond's pussy juices to splash across her chin, lips, and cheeks
but the stunning British female is too caught up on the feast before her,
showing just how close the "friendship" between the two Divas really is.

As she's forced right down onto the impressive, thick dick of the I.C. Champ,
Michelle groans and moans around the shaft as his balls press into her chin
and all of his twelve inches are forced deep inside her, causing her to
slobber over him to completely coat his manhood with her spit. She is clearly
not as skilled in giving head as her LayCool counterpart is, her eyes almost
welling up from the discomfort she's feeling as she can't quite handle his
impressive shaft as well as Layla did. It's a mix of pleasure and pain
though, as said fellow Diva is continuing to expertly eat her pussy, to the
point that perhaps no discomfort could distract her from that. McCool's lips
remain tightly wrapped around his dick, not really having a choice as he's
using her mouth anyway he wants, and starting to pump himself in and out of
her again it's clear that means some more mouth fucking to satisfy his needs
at least for the moment as her saliva drips down his cock and onto his ball

Letting go of her head, Drew smirks as the blond pulls her head away and off
his cock, gasping for breath with a moan as she gets some much needed air
back into her while the other half of Team LayCool continues to eat her hot,
wet pussy. Michelle narrows her eyes up at him as she wipes some saliva from
her lips. "Ya'll better behave yourself!" She slightly snaps at him, while
the other Diva moves herself out of position, quickly getting up to her

"I'm the Chosen One, and I can do whatever I want to." McIntyre states,
glancing between the two stunning women. "Don't get an attitude with me just
because you couldn't handle me like Layla could."

"Hey! `Chelle can totally handle anything you've got mister!" Layla says
somewhat childishly at him, looking over his saliva coated cock as she does

"Damn right I can!" McCool arrogantly states, standing up and pushing Drew
down and over so he's laying down on the couch. "Get ready for one Flawless
ride you won't forget!"

With no intention of protesting, and enjoying the pissed off look on the
blond's face, the handsome Scotsman watches as McCool climbs up and straddles
his waist. Reaching out, Layla literally lends a helping hand to hold his
cock straight up, giving it a couple of quick strokes as she does so, holding
it in place as her best friend lowers her wet pussy down onto him. The sexy
brunette licks her lips at the sight, watching inch by thick inch slip inside
the other Diva's snatch as it's lowered further and further down, all the
while Michelle moaning out loudly as she feels her love tunnel getting filled
up to the maximum by his massive dick. With nearly his entire foot long shaft
stuffed inside her, the stunning blond starts to rock her body back and forth
on him, moving her snatch up and down along the length to ride him, making
them both moan as she bounces on his meat, using a hand on the back of the
couch for support.

Not intending to be left out, the luscious former Extreme Expose dancer moves
over towards the Scottish wrestler's head, climbing up and then straddling
his face so she's facing her best friend as she rides his dick, making him
smirk as he eagerly takes the invitation by pressing his face up into her wet
pussy, starting to flick his tongue against it to taste her juices. Layla
moans as she feels his talented tongue moving across and around her snatch,
making her rock her hips slightly so she can grind her pussy against his face
and mouth with the hope she'll get his tongue deep inside her wet hole. She
was wet enough just getting off of sucking his shaft and then eating out the
other smart, sexy and powerful woman, but feeling how smoothly and intently
his tongue is working her over, she'll soon be soaking down there as she now
gets some oral pleasure from the dangerous but gorgeous Superstar.

The gaze of the blond "co-Women's Champion" switches between straight down so
she can spy her snatch quickly moving up to just over half-way and then right
down to the base as she firmly rides his thick cock, and to across to see him
lashing his tongue out at her BBF's pussy, the ease with which he's able to
handle both members of LayCool making her bite down on her bottom lip as she
continues to bounce away on his manhood. She's putting plenty of effort into
taking his dick in and out of her tight snatch with increasing speed, moaning
with each movement up and down as her sexy backside smacks down into his
thighs each time she drops down onto him, taking him balls deep into her
every time she does.

Likewise, Layla is loving the feeling of the tongue swirling and probing
around her very wet pussy, muffling his moans as his mouth is pressed right
into her, allowing him the deepest access possible into her as his hands
reach up and run across her tanned thighs and large, perfectly smooth ass
cheeks to slightly squeeze them, only making her moan even more as she rubs
her pussy across his mouth. She too can't help but look down and watch as the
cock of the man currently eating her out moves rapidly in and out of her best
friend's pussy, the sexy smack of skin hitting skin ringing out when she
drops down time and time again, covering his cock with her sticky, sweet
juices as she rides him with almost a little too much effort, showing that
she's trying a bit too much to show that she can match up not only to him,
but to El as well. The busty British babe however is only concerned with
getting as much pleasure out of this threesome as she can, and while the
feeling of him licking up and drinking down her juices does the trick, the
notorious "Nasty Girl" of the ECW Brand has something extra in mind.

What that is soon comes clear when Layla leans forward, placing a hand on the
back of the head and lustfully pressing her lips against those of Michelle
McCool, causing the blond's eyes to shoot open for a moment before they close
again with a moan, soon opening her mouth to engage in the deep lip lock, not
hesitating as the brunette's tongue ventures inside her mouth to swirl around
hers. Team LayCool look like they've done this many times before, placing a
hand on each other's shoulder as they make out, exchanging moans and saliva
while still being pleasured by a hung Intercontinental Champion underneath
them who's cock is deeply moving in and out of McCool's tight pussy and
Layla's snatch is getting more than taken care of by his hungry tongue as it
works in, out, and all around her soaking wet hole.

While he can't see what's going on above him, hearing the muffled moans of
the self-proclaimed co-Women's Champions give him not only a good indication
of what they're doing, but motivation to give something back to them.
McIntyre proceeds to pump his cock straight up into the blond's snatch,
catching her off guard as he fucks her tight box as she tries to continue
riding his shaft, finding it hard to concentrate with this new action and
still deeply kiss her best friend, feeling his ball sack start to slap up
into her ass cheeks each time he drives himself up into her. At the same
time, he's continuing to savour the other Diva's Flawless snatch, working his
tongue around to reach every part of her that he can, lapping up the endless
stream of tasty juices she's giving him and moaning up into her hole from the
tightness he's feeling around his rock hard cock as it slides in and out of
the blond's pussy.

Moving her other hand onto the other Diva's shoulder, Michelle leans back and
away, letting out a loud moan of pleasure as Drew's massive, thick cock slams
in and out of her snatch, driving her wild as she tries in vain to match his
thrusts by continuing to bounce away on him, but her pace is way out of time
with his deep, firm pumps which are making the blond former Diva's Champion
sweat. This feeling only continues when the kinky brunette leans forward,
cupping her BFF's breasts so she can squeeze them before taking the left
one's nipple into her mouth, sucking on it with a flicking tongue action
before soon moving over onto the other one and giving it the same treatment,
much to the delight of the groaning woman taking this treatment to her tits
as she's getting fucked at the same time.

Indeed, Layla is loving how erotic and naughty this threesome is continuing
to be, sucking on her fellow champion's boobs with such skill and intensity
that even award-winning porn stars would be in awe of what they were
witnessing as she not only plays and tastes another Diva's breasts, but
expertly brushes her dripping snatch back and forth across the face of the
Scottish stud underneath her with his tongue buried into her. The stunning,
flawlessly curved brunette moans around McCool's tits as she licks across
them, her tongue work encouraged by both the moans from her best friend and
the feeling of Drew's tongue lashing out and around her folds like it was the
last meal he'll ever have. Noticeably, she isn't sweating nor breathing as
hard as the other half of LayCool is, looking ready to continue banging all
through the night and not caring if it's the male or female WWE co-worker
that she gets it from or gives it to.

"Lay... Lay!" Michelle moans out, looking at her lust-driven friend as she
places both hands on the couch. "Real talk! Ya'll gettin' way too into this
girl!" She says, sounding like she's coming up with excuses as she lifts
herself off from McIntyre's cock with a groan.

"Uh-uh! No way `Chelle!" Layla says with a shake of the head, licking her
lips as she gazes down at the rock hard, covered with juices cock of the man
she's rubbing her pussy across the face off. "This is so, totally hot! We
should do this way more often!" The busty brunette lets out a moan as she
feels the hunky Superstar pat his talented tongue rapidly against her
dripping snatch.

Wiping sweat from her forehead, McCool takes a seat on the end of the couch,
taking in deep breaths that have her perfectly rounded tits heaving each time
she draws in much needed air. "Fine... You, you have a go on him. I'm just...
Taking a break here... Beating down Smelly Kelly tonight must have taken more
out of me than I thought."

"What?" El pushes herself up and away from the Scotman's face, stepping off
from the couch and onto the suite floor, allowing him to scoot back and sit
up on the seating as the other LayCool member moves across and grabs the
blond by the wrist. "No breaks `Chelle! That is so totally not flawless!"

Drew just sits back and watches with slight amusement as Layla literally
throws her best friend down onto the carpeted floor of the lavish hotel room,
making the blond groan from the impact but soon she moans when her fellow
Diva quickly mounts her, pressing their sexy, curvy bodies against each
other. When McCool tries to push her friend away, El just grabs the hands to
lock their fingers together, forcing the arms back against the floor like
she's trying to pin her in a wrestling match. At the same time, the kinky
brunette uses her legs to lean back, spreading them apart and in the process
forcing Michelle's legs wide apart as well thanks to the way her ankles and
hooking under the other woman's. Leaning forward, Layla remains on top, her
tits pushing down onto the other co-Women's Champion's, with her ass raised
up and McCool's lifted off the ground, and both of their tight, wet and
shaved snatches not only pressing against each other, but being on full
display to the man watching just a foot away from them.

Eyes closed and reluctantly moaning, the former school teacher shakes her
head from side to side, almost childishly squealing as she makes a futile
attempt to escape her sex-driven friend by wriggling free, but all it
succeeds in doing is making her toned, tanned and sweat-covered body slide
and grind against the other equally sexy and gorgeous women's frame. This in
turn makes McCool's nicely rounded breasts rub against Layla's big, full
tits, nipples brushing against one another from the rough movements, and also
making their damp pussies grind against each other, causing them both to moan
loudly as their already well taken care of lower holes receive more pleasure
from this lesbian sexual act. Looking down, the former Diva Search winner
grins down at the moaning face of her friend, seemingly revelling in this
dominate position she's taken up, and certainly having no intentions of
letting go or getting off of her famous and flawless BFF.

"Ladies, shall I just let you get on with it then?" Drew says loudly across
to them, reminding them of the other person present here but also clearly
enjoying the show before him as he strokes his long, thick cock, getting his
fingers sticky with McCool's pussy juices that coat his member as he does so.
Looking back over her shoulder with a grin, Layla eyes up his dick as she
keeps the other half of Team LayCool down on the floor. "Oh no baby! I
haven't had that flawless cock inside me yet!"

"Flawless?" McIntyre questions with a smirk as he gets up from the couch,
still lightly jerking himself off as he approaches the two locked together
Divas. "I'd say it's more of a "Chosen" cock, so I think I'd better prove
just why I am just that..." He says, kneeling down behind them on his knees,
lining his shaft up with El's dripping hole.

Letting out a moan, Layla's eyes half close but she keeps looking back at him
as she watches him push his thick, foot long cock into her soaking wet yet
very tight pussy, eyes locked down at his crotch as he pushes himself
straight into her, easily able to slip in a good ten inches into her with one
go thanks to the lubrication of the other woman's juices over his dick and
from the preparation he'd done by expertly eating her out moments ago.
Placing his hands on her thick, incredible ass cheeks the native or Ayr,
Scotland starts to pump his dick in and out of her snatch, having no problems
with going balls deep into the sexy English babe of Moroccan descent's love
box and the soon steady and firm pace he uses has both the receiver and giver
of this motion moaning away with every thrust.

Smoothly the long, thick member of the sinister yet handsome Superstar pumps
back and forth into the luscious former Miami Heat dancer's snatch, his hands
running across the smooth, perfectly tanned flesh of her backside as he bangs
her from behind while she's on top of another woman who's moaning just as
loudly as the Diva taking this fucking. It's no wonder, as each time he pumps
into Layla, she pushes her hips right back to meet each incoming thrust into
her, which in turn makes her pussy grind back and forth against McCool's
which remains pressed right against the other half of the self proclaimed co-
Women's Champions, The rubbing friction doing much more than just pleasure
the arrogant blond who is a sweating, moaning mess underneath the other Diva,
having lost the will to try and escape and now let to just lay back and take
whatever's coming to her, including the incredible feeling of another woman's
pussy juices trickling down to mix with hers thanks to the rubbing action
across her snatch that Layla's is doing as she's taken stiffly by the
Intercontinental Champion.

While it's the stunningly curved British bombshell that's dominating the
native of Florida, it's clear that the hung Chosen One who's controlling both
of them, literally as well as it's his quickening stiff thrusts into the
soaking wet pussy of Layla that's making both Divas moan out in near ecstasy
from this sinful, intense threesome they are engaged in. He's also moaning
loudly as he bangs the living daylights out of the horny Diva's snatch as she
rocks back and forth to meet his pumps and he gropes her juicy booty, looking
over the mind-blowing scene in front of him with the two jaw-dropping women
pressed against each other and sliding against one another. Most men upon
seeing this sight would most likely faint, let alone get a chance to blow
their load, but showing his staying power McIntyre thrusts away, his muscular
and desirable body covered in sweat as he pumps quickly in and out of El's
snatch, causing his balls to smack not only against her skin, but also into
McCool's as well so both Divas feel the slight slap when he drives himself
balls deep into the former Diva Search winner.

Feeling that the teasing motion of her flawless and sexy BBF's pussy grinding
against hers is a torture too much to take, Michelle forces her eyes open,
taking a moment to pant heavily as she looks up at her moaning co-champion,
before trying once more to push her arms off the floor to try and get some
sense into the other woman. This only serves to get El's attention to the
beautiful blond, locking eyes with a grin and releasing her grip of the
hands, but to the former Divas Champion's shock this is only to capture the
face as Layla leans down and presses her lips hard against McCool's, forcing
her tongue into her mouth. With a moan the forced into this submissive
position Diva has no choice as her body betrays her, her tongue moving up to
wrestle around the other woman's, and her hands moving up to run through the
long, brunette hair of the Lay in LayCool. Exchanging moans and swapping
spit, the two smart, sexy, powerful and now extremely horny Divas move
their bodies against each other, their perfect breasts rubbing against one
another and their dripping, hot pussies almost glued together now from the
amount of juices they are producing while they slide back and forth against
the other, helped by the hard and quick thrusts into Layla's that the third
person involved in this is giving her.

Smirking down at the sight of the two Divas making out lustfully as he bangs
one of them, Drew raises a hand up to sharply spank the backside of El,
watching the ample flesh jiggle from the impact as he continues to work his
dick in and out of her snatch. However, Layla doesn't react at all to the
shot, still moaning into McCool's mouth, the two lost in their own naughty
world as they lip lock like their lives depend on it, and when the Scottish
Superstar delivers another hard slap to the other ass cheeks to a similar
non-reaction, he starts to wonder how often these two so-called Flawless
women get up to this sexual act. Unfazed, he decides to remind them that he's
the third in this threesome by pulling his shaft out of Layla's tight box,
which does the trick as she lets out a groan of disappointment as she feels a
big emptiness between her legs, but can't look around just yet as she's still
caught up with intensely kissing her fellow LayCool partner in crime.

Moving his hands down, McIntyre smirks again as he lines his shaft up now
with the blond's soaking snatch, the only warning being his hands reaching
underneath to cup her ass cheeks before a moment later he slams his thick
cock into her with a low moan.

The hard, unforgiving yet incredible feeling of her pussy getting stuffed
full of thick, Scottish man meat makes McCool squeal in delight, her hands
grabbing two handfuls of the other Diva's hair as her back arches up slightly
from the sweat-soaked carpet, being driven wild by the swift, stiff thrusts
she's taking into her snatch. Pulling her head away, Layla places her hands
on either side of her friend's head, taking a moment to catch her breath
before she looks back, seeing that Drew has shifted down to pound a different
pussy now but rather than feel jealous, the former Nasty Girl of ECW just
gets turned on by the sight, turning back to look down at McCool's shameless
moaning and the look of pure lust on her face. Of course, now El is the one
taking the pleasure from the rubbing action of another woman's snatch against
her own, even with holding the first ever Divas Champion down on the floor
there's still enough space for the blond's body to jolt back and forth from
every thrust she takes and thus work her dripping pussy against the other
half of LayCool's, resulting in them both moaning out although Michelle seems
to be the one out of all three not only being the loudest but also sweating
the hardest.

With the way Michelle is grabbing onto her best friend's hair in a desperate
attempt for some grip, it looks like she's holding on for dear life as she's
getting fucked the hardest she's even been in her whole life, and considering
it's from the biggest, thickest cock she's ever had it's safe to say she's
never likely to experience this kind of exceptional banging ever again. With
Layla on top of her, ensuring that she's going nowhere as their tits press
and grind against one another, it only serves to make her lose even more
control, looking far removed from the self-centred, better-than-you persona
that she shoves down people's throats on a weekly basis. She can only lay
back and just moan away, eyes tightly closed as her juices coat the pumping
cock of the man slamming back and forth into her pussy and also trickle out
and down her smooth skin and ass cheeks that are being cupped by said
Superstar who's pumping her tightness like it's his personal property.

As the sharp ring of skin smacking against skin sounds out each time the
Chosen One goes balls deep into the stunning blond, the other woman involved
in this sexual encounter decides to get some more of the other half of Team
LayCool. This results in Layla leaning her head down, flicking her tongue
against Michelle's neck before running her soft, teasingly damp tongue all
the way up to the blond's cheek, lightly peppering the side of her moaning
face with quick kisses. It seems that El could tell that her friend was
getting close to the edge, and so decides to send her straight over it by
rubbing the other side of her gorgeous face with a hand while kissing and
licking the other side, showing a sharp contrast of tenderness while McCool
is getting fucked almost straight through the floor by the Intercontinental
Champion's seemingly never ending hard and fast thrusts that have his balls
smacking against her skin with force that would hurt a professional porn
star, let alone a normal man.

This combination of relentless pounding into her snatch and a barrage of
sweet kisses proves to be far too much for the Flawless blond, and with her
mouth forming into a perfect O-shape her pussy clamps down around the
thrusting foot long cock of Drew McIntyre as Michelle McCool cums hard while
trapped underneath Layla El.

McCool's juices flood out and all over the dick that continues to pump into
her despite the vice-like grip now around it that makes him groan out, but he
shows even more impressive skill by carrying on with a hard pace, forcing her
to ride out all of her intense, out of this world orgasm as the other half of
LayCool continues to kiss across Michelle's beautiful facial features.
Eventually the stunning blond falls back against the carpet, spent from her
sexual speak and left a worn-out, well-fucked and sweat-coated mess on the
floor as mercifully McIntyre pulls his juices-covered member out of her
snatch and at the same time, Layla climbs off of her to lay down beside her,
smiling as she strokes her co-Women's Champion's hair away from her face.

"You still there `Chelle?" Layla asks, looking over the naked and nicely
curved frame of her BFF. There's no response as McCool's chest lightly heaves
up and down, her breasts rising and falling from the action. This makes the
stunning brunette sit up with some concern. "Michelle? Baby, are you OK? You
still here?"

"Looks like someone couldn't handle a night with the Chosen One..." Drew
states, standing up and looking down at both women. "Your friend is out of
it. You though, look like you can handle a whole lot more." He says, a glance
down at his cock that's covered with the pussy juices of the woman he just
fucked into unconsciousness.

Looking up, El bites down on her bottom lip as her gaze is drawn to his
shaft, knowing that it's too good a piece of meat to pass up. "Well... Me and
`Chelle share everything... And we did share you so far..." A naughty smile
forms on her face as she glances down at her out of it friend before back to
him. "Just don't tell her, OK?"

Before the devious and dangerous Superstar could reply, Layla pounces on him
with a rush of surprising speed that knocks him down onto the floor, and by
the time he sits up and considers saying something to the perfectly tanned
and stunning Diva she's already positioning herself over his crotch, a hand
down between her legs to guide his shaft into the hole she wants filled. To
his very pleasant surprise it's not her dripping wet snatch, instead his
bulbous bell end is being made to penetrate her super-tight asshole, making
both of them moan and groan at the sensation as she eases herself down slowly
but surely onto his long, thick meat with only the pussy juices of Michelle
McCool that coat his cock being used as a sort of lubrication. Licking her
lips as she impressively takes inch after inch into her sexy ass, she grins
down at the Scotsman, ignoring all thoughts of her passed out best friend
laying barely a foot away, instead focusing on taking the foot-long dick into
her back passage and at this rate, she's going to do just that as she easily
handles half of his length inside her ass.

Reaching up, McIntyre places his hands on her large, well rounded tits,
roughly squeezing them much to her delight as she lets out another moan,
biting down on her bottom lip for a moment as she leans forward over him,
placing her hands on the carpeted floor as he plays with her big boobs.
Shifting her hips backward and then forward in a smooth motion, she starts to
take his mighty cock in her ass, sliding it out until just an inch or so
remains before moving back down to under half way, forcing her tight back
passage to widen and accept such a large enough already invasion and to
prepare herself for taking much more of it inside herself.

Bouncing steadily on his shaft is making her more than ample breasts shake
and jiggle in the handsome Superstar's hands as he gropes them, moaning as
she feels more of his manhood being worked into the tight, sexy ass of the
former Diva Search winner who's riding him with a look of almost complete joy
as well as pleasure, not feeling any pain as she takes his dick up the ass.
This feeling, and the moans pouring out of her mouth, only increase when the
Intercontinental Champion leans his upper body up, allowing him to use his
cupping hand to take a nipple of her breast into his mouth, quickly clamping
his lips around the hard nipple as he sucks on it. As he switches to work
over the other tit, the self-proclaimed co-Women's Champion looks down at
lust as he feasts on her chest, still able to continue to rock back and forth
with her butt on his dick, now handling well over nine inches inside her
tight back passage.

Not content with just tongue lashing her perfectly sized nipples, the native
of Ayr, Scotland starts to pump his cock up into the backside of the gorgeous
woman on top of him, catching her by surprise now as he sends his thickness
up to meet her as she comes down onto him from her riding motion. This causes
even more of his cock to enter into her still tight back passage, the sexy
slapping sound when skin collides with sweat-covered skin ringing out now
when she drops down onto his waistas he pumps himself right up. Groaning
loudly with pleasure, Layla moves a hand up to grab onto his ponytail,
flipping her own hair back so she can look down over her shoulder and watch
her juicy ass as it fucks and gets fucked by his mighty, long cock that's
practically going balls deep now into her.

Smirking and sensing that the hotter and nastier this gets, the more pleasure
he'll get out of this from the clearly still a Nasty Girl, as if the
sensations alone from stuffing all of his foot long dick into her bouncing
booty isn't enough, but having gotten plenty of the blond half of Team
LayCool it's clear he wants all of this half and then some. As he continues
to firmly and quickly send his shaft right up into her rising and falling ass
with perfect timing, he moves his hands off from her tits, placing one back
behind him on the floor for support while the other moves down her toned
stomach, heading towards her other, even wetter than ever pussy. His gliding
fingers across her snatch have Layla tossing her head back, eyes closed as
she's clearly losing what little control she's had since she started riding
his dick with her stunning ass, now both of her lower holes being taken care
off as her backside is stuffed full of fat, Scottish cock and her pussy is
getting rubbed at the same time.

The tactic of the Chosen One quickly pays off, as El starts to rapidly ride
his thick dick, slamming her ass down into his thighs and making the flesh of
her butt cheeks jiggle with every impact as she manages to match his pace and
force as he pumps himself straight up into her booty, causing his balls to
slaps up into her juicy cheeks every time he drives himself balls deep into
the busty British babe. Her sweat-soaked hair slightly stick her to her
beautiful face as she jolts her body back and forth to meet and take each and
every deep thrust he gives her, her breasts swaying from the movements of her
smoking hot body. Breathing hard and unable to open her eyes for a moment,
it's becoming clear that the lust of the luscious Smackdown Diva is coming
back to haunt her, and if she continues to use this pace she won't be fucking
his magnificent cock for much long. The rubbing hand that's working over her
soaking wet pussy isn't stopping this inevitability either, his fingers now
coated with her slick, sweet juices as he shows his sexual skill by double
teaming both of her needy lower holes at the same time.

Likewise, having to keep up with the sinful, clearly sex-driven woman is
taking its toll on the Scottish stud, his body coated with sweat and making
him stick slightly to the carpeted floor he's resting on as he bangs the one-
of-a-kind backside his dick is stuffed completely inside of as hard and as
fast as he possibly can. Fucking one attractive Diva was a task enough, let
alone handling them both in a steamy threesome, but it seems that just taking
on the Lay of LayCool is a completely different mission. He's not planning on
stopping either though, continuing to work his hand across her snatch as he
thrusts his cock hard and repeatedly into her ass like his life depends on
it, even though it's meaning his man meat is starting to throb inside her
tight and still able to take it back passage.

Moving both hands onto the back of his head, grabbing onto him much like
McCool did to her earlier on, Layla lets out a long, loud moan as she starts
to cum all over Drew McIntyre's hand thanks to the intense, forceful ass
fucking both Smackdown champions have been engaging in. Her back passage
tightens like a vice around his still thrusting and throbbing cock as she
rides out her wave of pleasure, her butt cheeks still shaking from every
impact when she drops down while he impressively keeps control, slowing down
his pace but still pumping up into her despite the near torture-like pressure
now around him. His fingers now become drenched in her pussy juices as they
flood out, still taking care of her snatch as she slows down her rocking
motion on his shaft, panting and sighing as she comes back to Earth after one
of the most intense orgasms of her life. Resting her body on top of his,
the stunning brunette has a grin plastered on her face, lightly moaning as
the Chosen One reaches down, grabbing her by the well fucked ass and lifting
her off sohis throbbing member slips free from the tightness it had been

Rolling both of them over so it's the self proclaimed co-Women's Champion now
on her back, the Scottish stud quickly moves up to straddle her over the
chest, reaching down with both hands to roughly pull the stunning sweat-
coated Diva's head up enough so her face is in line with his long, foot long
cock. Looking up at him with such a lusty glare it would make a normal man
blow their load right there and then, she doesn't need a hint as she opens
her mouth up, eagerly taking it inside and wrapping her pouty, made for
blowjobs lips as he starts to thrust his meat in and out of her mouth, having
no difficulty in sending all of his shaft in and out of her nicely wet oral

Once again, she's showing her Nasty Girl side as she has no problem in
engaging in some ass to mouth, moaning around the dick sliding in and out of
her as she flicks her soft tongue all up and around him, tasting her own back
passage off of him as she covers his meat with her soothing saliva. Moaning
loudly, the Intercontinental Champion's gaze is glued onto the sight of El's
stunning face as he sends his cock back and forth into her, his balls
smacking into her chin each time he pushes forward into her, the tip of his
shaft touching the back of her mouth without even a hint of gagging from the
Diva slurping away on the thick, throbbing manhood. She's very happy to be
held by the hair and made to take his thickness, even lightly bobbing her
head towards his meat when he sends himself straight forward into her, no
doubt hungry for the creamy treat he has for her and not wanting to wait for
it for a moment longer.

The only warning he gives her is a deep groan, before Drew McIntyre holds her
head right down onto his twelve inch dick, cumming straight into the mouth of
Layla and making them both moan at the sensation as the Scottish Superstar
fires a thick, stream of jizz almost right down her throat, making her
swallow it down to avoid choking on it. She has more ease collecting and
drinking down the next shots of his load, using her swirling tongue to scoop
the later, smaller drops up and moaning further when she feels and tastes his
spunk on her hungry, talented tongue. He moans as she sucks him dry even when
he finally lets go of her hair, twisting her head slightly from side to side
as she finishes him off before eventually and with a little reluctance she
lifts her head off from his now limp dick, taking a moment to gaze at it
before she licks her lips and smirks up at him.

"Mmmm... Baby, that was so... Totally... Flawless!" Layla says, wiping some
strands of sweat-soaking hair away from her face.

"Aye, that was most... Enjoyable, to say the least." Drew says with a smirk,
looking over her stunning, naked frame before glancing back at the still
unconscious Michelle McCool who's still out of it on the suite floor. "Same
can't be said for your friend."

"Huh? Oh!" The busty brunette sits up straight, looking over at her BFF with
a little concern. "Poor `Chelle! This always happens when we get a hottie to
share. She looks so sweet though, doesn't she?"

"Always?" McIntyre looks back, raising an eyebrow. "How often are we talking
about here?"

The co-Women's Champion wags a finger up at him. "Nope! Not telling! BFF
secret! But uh... Maybe I can let you in on what happened every time after
`Chelle got put to bed after this kind of fun."

"And what exactly would that be?" The handsome Scotsman plays along, guessing
already what that might be.

"Well... Get the shower going and I'll meet you there in a couple minutes to
show you how Flawlessly "clean" I can make you..."
_ _ _

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