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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Miss Tessmacher (TNA, Brooke Adams in WWE), Christian (WWE, TNA).

Christian Messes With Tess
A TNA/WWE cross-over erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Moments have passed since the current WWE Intercontiential Champion Christian has made a surprise appearance live on TNA's Slammiversary Pay Per View event in 2012, a trade-off between the promotions for the use of the legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair appearing for the WWE and being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame alongside the rest of The Four Horsemen. This resulted in the former Christian Cage returning for one night only to the company he used to perform in between runs for the WWE, although he appeared less than thrilled to step back into a TNA ring. The man who has been a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion when he was a part of TNA certainly doesn't look to be in a good mood despite putting on a smile for the cameras and the crowd as he "announced" TNA's top fan-voted moment. He's still clad in the clothing he wore in the ring as he heads through the backstage area, having long dodged heading back to his set-aside for him green room and awaiting TNA officials, clearly wanting to get out of the building as soon as he can.

"What a waste of damn time being here..." The former Christian Cage states. "Place has gotten even worse since I left, and they don't even have the six sided ring anymore... And seriously? That overrated, over the hill Sting as the number one moment? The fans must be as stupid as the booking around here... Reminds me just why I left here and went back to the WWE..." He states, turning a corner as he heads towards the exit, only to stop in his tracks as he bumps into a very shapely and seductive female form.

Looking him over with a smirk is the newly crowned TNA Knockouts Champion, and a former WWE Diva who was a part of the ECW Brand - Miss Tessmacher, also known as Brooke Tessmacher. The long, dark haired and tanned beauty is clad in the tightly fitting and figure showing-off ring attire she wore for her match earlier on which perfectly shows off her large breasts and her thick, juicy ass.

"Well well... If it isn't the guy who used to be around here..." Tessmacher says with a sly smile, adjusting her championship belt on her shoulder. "Must be a nice change to be around a real wrestling promotion for once, right?" She teases, giving him a look over.

He smirks back, folding his arms across his chest. "As a matter of fact, I was heading out of this Hell hole of a company and back home to real entertainment and a real future..." He states, giving her a long look over as well. "But I guess you'll just have to settle for that belt there since you were kicked out of the WWE so long ago..." Christian adds, pointing out to her WWE past from many months ago.

"Settle? Far from it honey..." Brooke states, unfazed by his insults. "I finally get a chance to prove myself in the ring around here, something the WWE never gave me... And no issues with furry boots either to get in my way..."

"Look honey, I don't give a damn what you think... I'm heading out of here..." Christian states with a slight glare towards her. "Besides, you wouldn't last a few minutes back over against the real Divas of the WWE... Which is a damn shame..." He says with a little smirk. "A body like that would make a killing back over on Raw and Smackdown..."

"Oh?" She raises an eyebrow with a smirk of her own. "That sounds like a challenge... You must not know that around here, you Don't Mess With Tess... Because I could kick the ass of any of the Divas back in the WWE, and my fine ass would be too much for you to handle..." She adds, teasingly turning to the side a little to show off that stunning, thick booty of hers.

"Challenge accepted babe... If you want to put your money where you mouth, or where your ass is, then let's blow this place..." He offers, motioning towards the exit of the arena. "Because the Captain is about to make it happen!"

* * *

Minutes later, with the TNA Pay Per View still ongoing back at the arena, the gorgeous newly crowned singles champion of the Knockouts division is now in the paid for hotel room for the man currently a singles title holder in his home promotion of the WWE, her eyes widened with pleasant surprise at the sight of his extremely impressively, lengthy and thick to match cock. "Been a while since... Mmmm... You've seen a real Superstar dick, hasn't it Brooke?" Christian asks with a smirk, already moaning at the touch of Miss Tessmacher's hand as she glides it back and forth along his rock hard and long cock as he stands in front of the kneeling, naked beauty in the middle of his hotel room. His muscular and hunky body is on full display and likewise her stunningly tanned and curved body is on show and making him lick his lips as he looks over her large, perfectly rounded tits and down to her neatly shaven pussy as she lightly pumps away on his dick, his question making her raise an eyebrow coyly as she squeezes his member a little.

"Baby, I've seen bigger..." The former WWE Diva coolly responds with a smirk before she leans her brunette haired head down, using her soft tongue in a swirling motion on the head of the former TNA wrestler's shaft, again making him moan as she briskly licks all the way around his bell end, her eyes locked up at him as she teases the crown before lifting her head away.

"Thicker as well, but let me show you how a real woman handles a stud..." Tessmacher states before she sinks herself down further, now taking his cock in between her pouty lips, instantly wrapping them around his manhood to make him moan louder, her hand still pumping on his tool as she goes to work on the top few inches, sucking on them with clear force and skill as her head lightly rocks and her cheeks flex.

"Mmmm... Ahhh..." The Canadian moans as he watches the head of the gorgeous American bob smoothly and quite swiftly already on his man meat, easily handling the top half of his pole inside her nicely wet and warm mouth, and making sure the rest is taken care off with steady pumps up and down with her palm, meaning her chin lightly bumps into her own hand once in a while.

"We'll see... Mmmm... About that..." He groans out, showing the pleasure he's getting from this oral treatment as her lips grind back and forth on his rod, a light layer of saliva being left on his tool as she sucks away, moaning a little herself around him as she gets turned on by dishing out this blowjob, her long hair swaying slightly from the effort she's putting into this sex act.

After a couple of sucks, she lifts herself off with a sexy groan, pumping his dick a couple of times before she sticks her tongue out, slapping the head of his cock against her soft, wet tongue as she sticks it out, both the feeling and the image making the receive of this moan in both pleasure and awe as he's jerked off and given that tongue sensation at the same time.

Moments later and she's all too eagerly taking him back into her mouth, pushing down even further onto him to take more of his inches in between those thick lips, still staring up with a seductive glare at the man who works for the rival company to the one she's in yet has no problem in gobbling up his dick.

"Mmmm fuck... Fuck Brooke..." The current WWE Intercontiental Champion moans as he watches her bobbing back and forth along his long manhood, saliva covering his whole length as it's applied by her superb feeling oral hole and rubbed in around the bottom part and base by her stroking hand, making it all look too easy and showing this can't be the first time she's sucked on a lengthy piece of man meat. "At least you Knockouts... Mmmm... Have talent in something..." He backhandedly says with a cocky smirk, even though sweat is forming on his forehead from the way his member is being treated to five-star quality by the newly crowned TNA Knockouts Champion as she eases herself up and down on his rod and hasn't yet gagged on him despite his great size.

Hearing that comment makes the stunning model and female grappler narrow her eyes up at him, soon teaching him a lesson by using just enough force to apply her teeth onto the dick she's blowing, dragging them from down all the way up to the crown and making him gasp and groan, his response in turn making her smirk around him before she goes back to just using her lips on him, getting him moaning as she grinds herself around his bell end. Her own light moans bounce off of his tool as she works herself up and down on him, keeping her soft palm stroking away on his bottom few inches that haven't been taken into her lusciously damp mouth, even though it seems she could deep throat all of him if she decided to but there's no complaints here as she continues to expertly handle his manhood with a rather shameless energy behind her actions.

A few more deep sucks, and then she lifts her head away with an erotic sigh, again using a steamy, narrow eyed glare up at him. "For someone who didn't say anything interesting earlier? You like to run your mouth..." Miss Tessmacher states, standing up from the hotel room floor as she teasingly runs her hand across his well defined chest.

"I can back it up." Christian responds with a smirk, giving her large tits a long look over. "That's why I'm Captain Charisma and the I.C. Champ!"

"Oh really? For someone with so much "Charisma" in him..." The former Brooke Adams uses a finger to collect a drop of sweat from his forehead, raising an eyebrow seductively as she looks over it. "You seem to be peaking already..."

"Think what you want, but get my dick inside you and you'll be wishing you were back in the WWE." He sharply claims, stepping back as he moves to lay down on the bed.

"Other way around honey..." The beauty also known as Brooke Adams says with a slight lick of her lips as she moves up, straddling his waist as he relaxes back and watches, already made to moan when her already slick-feeling pussy is rubbed along the length of is nicely fat and long tool. "You'll wish you were back with TNA after you get inside of me..." She adds with a low groan of her own, biting down on her bottom lip as she sinfully grinds herself against his manhood, teasingly dragging herself back and forth along his rod as she holds it underneath her tanned and curvy body, before raising herself slightly up so she can reach down under and grip his rod. With clear skill, she blindly positions his man meat up against the entrance to her lower hole, and with one rather rough movement she drops down suddenly, making them both moan as she impressively takes him deep into herself with the single motion.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm... Shit... You'd better prove it then..." The former NWA World Heavyweight Champion in TNA challenges, even as he moans from the already superb sensations of being right inside of the newly crowned TNA Knockouts Champion's tight and already wet-feeling snatch, a sign that she's been turned on quite a lot by this naughty encounter with the visiting Superstar from the "rival" one she works for.

"Ahhhh... Because you've got a lot to compete against... Mmmmm! Compared to the real Divas..." He groans again, watching as she once again grinds down against his member, showing the signs of being a "size queen" as she with ease is able to gradually lower herself down his vast inches with ease and with no signs of discomfort, working her hips back and forth as she takes bit by bit of his thick and lengthy cock into her snug and damp love tunnel.

"Mmmm... I don't think that's going... Ahhhh! To be much of a stretch..." The former Hooters waitress says with a seductive laugh as she starts to bounce her beautiful, busty body up and down on his dick, making herself moan every time she takes his tool in and out of her neatly shaved pussy, in turn making the long-time sports entertainer underneath her groan in response to her smooth and already quick motion. "Considering... Mmmmm... How I was saddled in a dance troop for months... Mmmm!!" She adds, taking a shot at her former Extreme Expose dance partners as she continues to ride his shaft in this squatting position, her hands gripping her knees for support as she manages to forcefully move herself up and down on his stiff length, holding him perfectly straight so she can smoothly drop right downward with a slap into his crotch each time she bottoms out and takes every inch into herself.

"Some would say... MMMM... That was better than you deserved... Ahhhhh! For your kind of talents..." The handsome grappler taking this top notch riding says with a grunt, feeling his fat Canadian cock sliding in deep to the still very tight but gradually getting wetter American snatch of the perfectly curved stunner who's working her frame with almost pornstar skill already on top of him, keeping her cunt moving a bit too eagerly for someone claiming to just be wanting to "out-fuck" him to prove a point.

"Mmmmm... At least Kelly Kelly... Ahhhh... And Layla... Were able to stick around and become stars... MMMM!! Where they started out..." He adds insultingly, even though his moans clearly show he's more than enjoying how she's handling his big cock, as she keeps on bouncing away on his size, taking him balls deep each time she drops down and only raising up to about the half-way mark so she can quickly repeat the motion.

"Ooooooh! Mmmmm... Fuck you! MMMM! I'm a legit champion now..." She groans, again narrowing her eyes down at him but not stopping her increasingly lustful riding of the current WWE Superstar, as the former ECW Vixen keeps on handling all of his dick right up into her tight love tunnel which is still clamping around his rod despite how far into herself she's been taking him and the speed and force of her motions.

"Ahhhhh! I've earned... Mmmmm!! My place here in TNA..." She's able to moan out, a couple of drops of sweat forming on her own forehead from the focused, repeated deep motion onto him, her gorgeously rounded ass cheeks smacking against his thighs when she lowers herself straight down, her large tits shaking in time with the motion of the rest of her desirable, curvacious body as she makes the hunk underneath her moan out as well.

"Mmmmm!! Yeah, sure... Ahhhh... You went from being a Superman secretary rip-off to a two-bit grappler super quick..." Christian says with a smirk, watching her ease herself up and off from his cock to make them both groan. "I'm sure you "earned" that roster spot..."

Again giving him a glare with her beautiful eyes, she moves off of him to kneel beside him. "I bet you "earned" your place back in WWE... With some major ass kissing to the McMahons and Triple H..." Miss Tessmacher states with a sly smirk.

"For an over achieving model, you've got a damn smart mouth..." A visibly pissed-off Christian states, pushing her over onto her side with her tanned back facing him as she grips her leg.

Letting out a low but erotic laugh, she tosses her long, dark hair back so she can look over her shoulder at him as he moves up closer towards her juicy, thick ass. "The same mouth that almost had you blowing quicker than a virgin a few minutes ago..." Brooke claims, keeping up the same "hate fuck" attitude as he is, even though she's licking her luscious lips again as he moves his cock up towards her pussy.

"Mmmm!! Ahhhh... You wish..." The two time NWA World Heavyweight Champion as a part of TNA states as with ease he pushes his dick straight into her wet but still nicely tight snatch, going in balls deep with just the first thrust as he establishes a quite determined and forceful to match pace, looking to bang the brains out of the confident and beautiful woman who's been a singles and tag team champion in TNA already.

"This has been... Ahhhhh! Mmmm... The best fuck you've ever gotten in years... Ahhhh... Since you got tossed out of the WWE..." He adds, hissing through his teeth as he pumps steadily into her snatch from behind as both desirable sports entertainers lay on their side on the lavish hotel room bed, both of them moaning out from the sinful motion as he delivers thrust after deep and forceful pump straight into her damp love tunnel.

"Oooooooh! MMMM!! Ahhhh... I'm actually shocked... That you've lasted this long..." She groans as she closes her eyes, unable to deny how great the thick and long cock of the hunk who works for the rival promotion to the one she works for feels as he gives her thrust after forceful thrust right into her wet hole that's remaining nice and tight despite the repeated pumps deep into her cunt.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm... But don't flatter yourself honey... MMMM!! It takes a lot more than this to impress me..." She almost challenges as her gorgeously curved and tanned body rocks forward each time she takes one of his swift and stiff pumps, feeling his heavy balls slapping firmly against her crotch as he slams in every thick inch of his Canadian man-meat right into her damp, American snatch that feels more than able to take this kind of pounding, the access into her made smooth and easy as he keeps one of her legs held up with a hand under the knee.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh... Shit!! You fucking bet I can last babe..." The man known as Captain Charisma says with a lusty smirk of his own, reaching forward and taking a hold of her long hair, causing her to groan as he drives his rod in hard into her still snug snatch, really making the body of the former secretary to Eric Bischoff jolt forward every time he slams in balls deep into her pussy.

"AHHHH... MMMMM... Looks like... Ahhhh... I'll have to really turn things up then..." He adds, making her head tilt towards him as her smooth, starting to be coated with sweat back slides against his muscular chest as he continues to ram his pole into her dripping wet pussy with this rough, desire-driven motion as despite their claims of being "company proud" of where they work, the desire between the two is obvious as both are moaning out and loving how intense this fucking is.

"AHHHH!! Mmmmm!! Yesss... Give it to me!! MMMM!!" The woman who was crowned the new Knockouts Champion of TNA just a little over an hour ago is now moaning like a dirty whore as she takes a steady and hard pounding from behind from the man who is currently the WWE Intercontiental Champion. The often teasing and flirtatious beauty groans loudly, seemingly further turned on by having her hair pulled back as his length is sent into her still quite snug but very wet pussy with a machine-like, pistoning motion that would easily render any normal red-blooded woman into a cumming mess within minutes.

"MMMM... Ahhhhh!! FUCK!! Show me what you... MMMM!! Can really fucking do!!" She dares him, sliding a hand down herself to grope and squeeze one of her large breasts, turning herself on even more as this sinful encounter continues between the two sexy and talented sports entertainers from different promotions continues on.

"Ahhhh... AHHHH!! Yeah... Fucking take that cock..." He grunts with desire, the hunk who hails from Tampa, Florida despite being Canadian-born says, using a free hand to spank her juicy backside while still gripping the long locks of the resident of Houston, Texas while he carries on driving his thick and lengthy man meat straight into her soaking wet and awesome feeling cunt.

"Uhhhh! MMMM... Shit!! For a Knockout... MMMM!! You've got a damn fine pussy..." He admits the obvious, sweat already lightly coating his desirable body as he pounds away into her love tunnel that's still nicely gripping his member each time he slides it back and forth into her snatch, his balls connecting with her gorgeous body every time he drives forward into her to make a loud, erotic slap ring out around the hotel room they're committing this naughty act in.

"Ahhhh!! MMMM... If you think my hot fucking cunt is good... AHHHH!! You should try my ass!!" Brooke Tessmacher groans lustfully, gasping for air as she's allowing to lean forward when he lets go of her hair.

"MMMMM... That sounds... Like a damn good idea..." Christian says, pulling his dick out of her snatch with a deep groan. "Stay right there babe... I've got some lube in my bag..." He states, forgetting about the "promotion rivalry" that led to this sex, just wanting now to fuck the holy hell out of one of wrestling's hottest women.

With a grin, she all too eagerly positions herself up to her hands and knees on the hotel room bed, again gazing back over her shoulder at him as he approaches with a bottle of sexual lubricant in his hand. "You pack some around with you as well?" She teases, swaying her stunning, thick booty from side to side at him as he climbs back up onto the bed. "Hmmm... Should I ask what you get up to across in the WWE?"

"Nothing that you don't do around here... Since you apparently keep some with you..." The man formerly known as Christian Cage says, using her words against her as he pours some lube out and onto her sexy ass.

"Ahhhh... I just love taking it up the ass..." She admits in a filthy, slutty manner as she watches the lubricant pour out across her fat and full ass cheeks as well as down her ass crack, feeling it flow over her asshole. Soon she's made to groan when he boldly pushes a finger forward and into the entrance, moving the lube deep into her back passage despite meeting some resistance, he starts to finger bang her sexy ass, even pouring a little more lube out onto his digit for good measure as he looks to make sure her butt is more than ready to take a pounding.

"MMMM!! Oh fuck! UHHHH!! Mmmmm... But only the biggest, fattest cocks will do..." She groans, already feeling her arms getting weak just from taking a finger in her ass, showing she wasn't kidding about her love for anal sex as she's already pushing herself back against his motion, taking both his finger and the lube further into herself, resulting in him being knuckle deep into her back passage in no time at all.

"Shit... You'd fit right in with the current Divas roster then... Taking it up the ass is basically a requirement these days..." He smirks at the horny actions and speech from the current TNA Knockout as the member of the WWE Superstars roster pumps his finger back and forth into her backside, her thick cheeks already sexily jiggling a little just from her pushing her stunning body back towards him as he continues to finger-bang that ass.

"You'd better get ready though... I've tapped some of the finest asses the WWE has ever had..." He warms with a pervy, almost "Creepy Little Bastard" like grin as he pours a bit more lube down into her ass creek, working it into her asshole as he keeps his finger moving back and forth into her juicy booty, making her groan and gasp with every motion of his digits deep into her backside. After a couple more pumps, he withdraws his finger so he can pour lubricant onto his hand and then his cock, getting his own mighty shaft ready as he rubs the lube into his fat inches, causing himself to groan along with seeing her still shaking that stunning butt needfully from side to side.

Closing up the bottle and tossing it aside, the former World Heavyweight Champion in TNA moves up towards the babe still on her hands and knees in front of her, slapping the head of his big cock against her asshole before using a firm push forward to insert himself into the full backside of the reigning TNA Knockouts Champion who loudly moans at the sensation.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Oooooooh YES!! UHHHH!! Fuck my ass!!" She whorishly begs, already rocking back against him before he'd even started to work on her one-of-a-kind backside, a hand now sliding underneath her body as she starts to rub and tease her own hot and wet snatch. She soon gets what they both want as he grips her sexy waist, starting to ease his thick rod in and out of her super-snug back passage, causing him to groan out from the erotic friction he feels from without a doubt one of the tightest let alone fattest asses he's ever been in over his long sports entertainment career. "AHHH! Mmmmm!! FUCK!! AHHHH!! Oooooooh!!"

"AHHHH!! Mmmm!! Uhhhh!! Fucking take it!!" He grunts as he uses a steady but forceful pace to pound into her tight asshole, forcing his long and fat Canadian cock deeper into the perfectly rounded and full American butt in front of him, hissing at her resistance to his vast size but already able to tell that her words of loving it up the ass are more than true as gradually she's taking inch by fat inch of him further into her backside.

"MMMM!! Fucking Hell... AHHHH!! Mmmmm..." He groans as he sweats, feeling his length throbbing a little within her super tight hole but showing his own sexual experience as he's able to handle it, focusing on driving his member in and out of her as that sexy booty is pushed right back sharply towards him, making his entry into her that little more easier and pleasurable to match.

"AHHHH!! OOOOOOH! Mmmm... YES!! Fucking... UHHHHH!!" The former WWE Diva on the ECW Brand shamelessly moans out, gasping as she too has a noticeable layer of sweat all over her tanned and curvy body along with soaking her hair now, her fingers working feverishly on her own dripping cunt to show her desire for getting fucked up the ass.

"Uhhhhh! Fuck my ass baby! OOOOOHHH FUCK!! MMMM!! Fucking fuck me!!" She moans deeply, her large tits swaying back and forth as they hang down underneath her as she forcefully pushes herself back against the incoming thrusts of the former TNA star from behind as he hammers deeper in between her juicy ass cheeks that shake erotically from the combined motion of him thrusting into her and her rocking back to meet those deep and hard pumps.

"MMMM!! Yeah... Take it baby... AHHHH!! What a hot... UHHHH... Fucking ass..." The sweating hard, multi-time former singles and tag team champion in the WWE moans as he pounds his starting to throb cock into her juicy and thick backside, using a series of deep and quickening thrusts to send his fat member in and out of her one-of-a-kind and made for getting fucked hard ass which is staying as tight as ever right around his rod.

"Uhhhh.. AHHHH!! This ass... MMMM!! Should be in fucking porn..." He's able to groan out as he continues to pump away into the backside of the former Knockouts tag team and current Knockouts singles Champion, his crotch now starting to connect with her tanned and sexy body as she rocks herself roughly back against his motions, taking the kind of pace that would make any other woman unable to sit down without pain for several days.

Instead, she's showing both how much she craves this dirty and hard anal sex along with her "size queen" status as he takes his massive, long Canadian cock balls deep into her tight and juicily fat American booty, her ass cheeks now jiggling when his crotch slams forward to meet her backside as she drives herself lustfully back against each and every thrust.

"UHHHH!! MMMM... FUCK!! Uhhhh... Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me! FUCK ME!!" She screams out, now pushing a couple of fingers deep into her own snatch to finger-fuck herself while she takes this pounding over and over into her gorgeously full and perfectly rounded ass, at the same time managing to keep herself held up on her hands and knees with the one arm so she can keep on driving her hips and butt straight back into the hunk slamming into her from behind. "YES!! Ahhhh!! Fucking give it to me!! UHHHHH!! MMMMM!!" She yells out without shame again, her long, sweat soaked and dark hair swinging around as she almost head bangs in joy, so lost in the lust of having her massive booty getting fucked so hard and fast by such a thick and mighty piece of man meat, her whole body coated in sweat as her tits continue to sway and shake as he body rocks and jolts.

"Awwww FUCK!! FUCK!! MMMM!! Ahhhh... Holy FUCK!!" The stud formerly known as Christian Cage in TNA says as he continues to hammer into her ass with balls-deep thrusts, causing his large ballsack to smack against her tanned body when he drives forward, his cock now throbbing wildly as he thrusts sharply and with as much force as he's got left in him into one of the hottest asses to ever grace the wrestling world.

"AHHHHH... MMMMM!! Fuck yeah!! UHHHH!! Fucking love this hot... FUCKING... ASS UHHHHH!!" He gasps and grunts, using up every last bit of his energy as he pounds away deep into her booty as it slams back into his muscular body to meet every one of his pumps, but neither of them feel a bit of pain as they're both so caught up in the sinful lust as he hammers away into the backside of the woman also known as Brooke Adams from her time in the WWE.

"UHHHH!! YES!!! AHHHH!! Mmmmm!! OH YES! YES!! AHHHHHHH!!" The eyes of the reigning TNA Knockouts Champion start to roll into the back of her head, her fingers lodged deep inside of her own snatch as Miss Tessmacher starts to cum hard on her own digits, more than helped along by being fucked hard and fast in her juicy ass by Christian from behind.

"MMMM... AHHHH... OOOOOOH FUCK... FUCK..." She still screams out in pure lust, her fingers now drentched in her own juices as she keeps them moving back and forth into her own pussy, sweat dripping off her big swaying tits and her pretty face as she's able to still keep pushing herself roughly back against those balls deep pumps between her sexily full butt cheeks in this classic doggy style position, still fingering herself all the way through her own intense orgasm as well as the continuing thrusts into her back passage at the same time.

So caught up in his own desire for that juicy, out of this world ass he's been balls-deep inside with his fat man meat, the hunk from Canada barely notices her sexual peak as he's been so focused on hammering away into that thick American ass, but definitely feels the increased pressure around his member when her back passage clamps around his rod when she cums.

"AHHHH!! MMMMM... Awwww FUCK!! SHIT!! Here it cums baby!! MMMM!!" He's able to moan out as just as she's coming down from her own sexual high, he pulls out from her still very tight booty and just manages to grip his pulsating shaft as Christian starts to cum over the stunning ass of Brooke Tessmacher, splattering his warm spunk all across her juicy, full butt cheeks.

"Ahhhh... MMMMM!! Ahhhh..." He groans deeply, perspiration coating his rugged facial features as he milks himself dry all over the unmissable target of that big, fat and more than just perfect ass, his jizz splashing all across both of her cheeks as well as down his ass crack and into her slightly gaping asshole, a sign of an ass well fucked and then some.

"Mmmm... Oh fuck... Oh shit... Mmmm... My ass feels so fucking good right now..." The gasping for breath Miss Tessmacher says, still able to impressively stay up on her hands and knees, looking back at her cum-covered ass. "Mmmm! Looks pretty damn hot as well..."

"Ahhhh... Yeah... I gave it what it deserves..." Christian says somewhat backhandedly as he smirks, letting go of his now limp and spent cock. "So... You gonna admit it now that the WWE is where it's at, especially when it comes to fucking?"

Seductively raising an eyebrow, she smirks back at him. "Far from it... I was about to ask you if you were going to admit that the Knockouts and TNA is the best around now..." Brooke states.

"No way... You were a hot fuck and all... But you're wasting yourself here in TNA..." Christian states with another look over her cum-covered booty. "Maybe I'll put in a good word for you back in the WWE, so you can jump ship and be a part of a real promotion again."

"Sorry honey, but I'm going nowhere... Just like your career will be if you stay over in the WWE..." Tessmacher responds. "I'm going to be a champion for a long time, and I'll show the world just like I showed you tonight that you Don't Mess With Tess."

"Your loss honey... I was gonna offer you another round with the Captain to earn that good word into the WWE..." Christian says as he goes to move off the bed.

Letting out a laugh, Tessmacher arches herself, pushing out that thick booty once again. "Babe, with a dick like that and able to fuck like that? I don't need any more to go again..."

Hearing that, Christian grins again and moves back up onto the bed. "Guess there will be something I miss not being in TNA anymore..."

* * *

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