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Christian's Farewell Part 1: Singing your Praises
by DaxG2001 (

The date was Tuesday, November the 2nd 2005. The location was the I-Pay One
Centre in San Diego, California. The occasion was the second ever WWE Taboo
Tuesday Pay-Per-View event. It was also possibly the last ever PPV match for
the wrestler known as Christian. As part of a special Smackdown Vs Raw
Tag-Team match, the fans would get to choose 2 Smackdown superstars to face
'The Masterpiece' Chris Masters and Edge.

As he walked down the corridors of the arena heading to his locker room, he
thought over how unlikely it was that he would actually get voted into the
match. The choices included himself, JBL, Hardcore Holly, Matt Hardy and Rey
Mysterio. Nothing short of a miracle would get Holly enough votes, and it
wasn't likely that JBL would suddenly become popular enough to get votes.

'Face it Captain...' he thought to himself, spying his locker room. 'Those
internet nerds will vote Hardy to let him have another swing at Edge, and Rey
to be the hometown hero.'

It was going to be a long, and boring night.

So he thought, until he opened the door, and the first sight he saw was a
pleasant surprise. Sitting on the leather couch was Raw's ring announcer and
national anthem singer, Lilian Garcia. Attractive as always, she was wearing
a black skirt, black boots, and a black top that covered her breasts, leaving
her stomach exposed. "Christian!" she said, quickly getting off the couch she
was sitting on and standing up.

"Hey there." Christian replied. "What are you doing here?"

"Um, well, it's just... Uh..." She seemed a little flustered, and seemed to
be sweating a little. "I heard that, you were... Uh... That this is..."

"My last night?" Christian guessed, to which she nodded. "Yeah, it is. Unless
you count Smackdown this Friday, which we taped early."

"Oh, oh yeah..." She seemed very disappointed.

"You should check WWE's website..." He joked. "Not all the stuff posted on
there is a work, even that crappy 5 Questions with the 'Chump'."

"It's not that..." Lilian shook her head, but she was looking down at the
floor. "It's that, I kinda..."

"You kinda?" Christian was interested in what the Diva was trying to say.

"Well, oh god I'm blushing like... Um, what I'm trying to say is... That...
Um, before... Before..."

"Before?" Christian smiled. She looked cute even when she was flustered.
Watching her infamous 'strudel' interviews with The Rock was proof enough.

"Sorry!" She quickly apologised. "I'm just... What I'm trying to say is..."

"Lilian, do you have a crush on me?" He asked with a grin.

Although he'd said that jokingly, he was surprised to see her blush wildly,
and suddenly find the floor very interesting. He tossed his luggage aside to
a corner of the room, unzipping his jacket and similarly tossing it away.
'Well, since I'm probably not wrestling...' he thought, moving towards her,
and lifting her chin up with his hand. 'I might was well do something else.'
Pulling her in close by the waist, he pressed his lips against hers, and felt
her body shiver with excitement. It was clear what she wanted. Him.

Lilian reached her hands up to his back and the back of his head, pushing
her tongue through her lips, connecting with his and beginning a lusty kiss.
Christian's hands however, had a slightly more perverted destination in mind.
She gasped, feeling his hands lift up her skirt and begin rubbing the insides
of her thighs just next to her panties. Christian smirked, breaking this
kiss. "You like that Lilian?"

"Oh... Oh my..." She moaned, caressing his chest through his white T-Shirt.

"Lost for words? I think you need a seat Lil'."

Her eyes seemed to be slightly glazed over, as if she was in a day-dream, as
Christian led her over to the couch and sat her down. "Christian..." She
whispered, watching as he kneeled down in front of her and carefully pulled
her skirt down from her hips, along her legs, and then off her boots.

"Well well..." He said, gently moving her knees apart, exposing the white
panties she was wearing. "What do we have here?"

He was a little surprised that her panties seemed to be wet already. She
either must be every aroused right now, or had been fantasising about this
during the time she had been waiting in the room.

"Please..." She said breathlessly, unclipping her top and tossing it aside,
revealing her pert chest, nipples already hard.

Christian grinned, moving his head up to kiss the inside of her thighs,
before he began pulling her panties down. She bit her lip, placing her hands
on her breasts and rubbing them slightly, watching him remove her underwear

"Not so sweet and innocent, are we?" Christian laughed, moving up again, but
this time inserting a finger into her wet snatch.

She groaned, eyes half closing, wrapping her arms around his neck as he leant
in for a kiss while moving his finger in and out of her. This lip-lock was
far from tentative, it was an all-out lust-fuelled tongue grapple in both out
their mouths. The ring announcer's moans could not be heard, only muffled
sounds from her mouth.

Breaking it, Christian lowered his head to her breasts, using his free left
hand to cup her breast, squeezing it lightly as he applied his mouth to her
nipple. She was gasping, moaning, sweating like a virgin being taken by an
experienced porn-star. It only continued when Christian inserted a second
finger into her pussy.

"Oh god Christian!" She exclaimed, gripping the couch with her hands, bucking
her hips against his fingers.

"Not too much already, is it?" He said smiling, before licking her other
breast with his tongue.

"Mmmmm!!!" She moaned again, biting her lip.

He took that as a yes, inserting yet another finger inside her. She gasped
again, but was cut off when Christian put his tongue down her throat again.
The combined sensations of his fingers, her breast being cupped, and wrapping
her tongue around his, became too much for her too take. Her hips worked
harder, moans got a higher pitch, and Christian suddenly found his fingers
being drenched in her juices as she let out a final, almost heavenly, groan.

The former 'CLB' pulled out his drenched fingers from her pussy, and tasted
her. 'Not too bad' He thought, before looking at the Raw Diva as she started
to come back to earth from her state of orgasmic bliss. "Damn... You're
something else Lilian..."

"Christian... That was..." She breathed, her sweat covered body almost
glistening in the light from the room.

"That was only the start babe..." He said, reaching down and undoing the belt
of his jeans.

Lilian licked her lips, hungrily watching as Captain Charisma began
undressing. Soon, but not soon enough for her needs, he was out of his jeans,
shirt and boxers.

"I hope you're ready..." Christian smirked, amused how the announcer's eyes
were locked onto his erect 10 inch shaft. "'Cause the Captain, is about to
make it happen!"

She squealed as he pushed himself into her pussy, forcing her sensitive lips
to spread out and accommodate his large member. "Oh my lord!!" Lilian
exclaimed, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Ooooh!"

"Damn that's tight..." Christian said, grabbing her ankles with his hands and
spreading her legs far apart, allowing him to pump in and out of her with

"Oh Christian! That feels so good!!" She encouraged leaning in to kiss the
Canadian again.

They both moaned into each others mouths, exchanging spit as their tongues

"Oh, oh please Christian!!" Lilian begged, breaking the kiss and gasping.
"Deeper! Harder!"

Christian grinned, teasing her by pulling out of her and slapping the head of
his cock against her sensitive entrance.

"Please!" She begged, pulling her body closer to his. "Please fuck me!!"

"Lilian!" Captain Charisma faked shock, when he was actually very pleased.
"Where did such a dirty mouth come from?"

"Dirty mouth??" Lilian smiled, catching him by surprise. She pushed him away
a little, and dropped to her knees in front of him, grabbing his dick with
her right hand. "Why is everyone so obsessed with my mouth?" She said,
looking up at him, before taking the head into her mouth, her soft lips
wrapping around it.

"Mmm... I have no idea..." Christian laughed.

Lilian slowly bobbed her head on the top of his dick, sucking smoothly on
his member and flicking her tongue on the underside. Her right hand slowly
began to stroke up and down the length not in her mouth, giving a sensual
rather than overly sexual blowjob.

"Wow..." Christian was impressed, resting a hand on her shoulder. "This is

"Thank you." She smiled, taking the cock out and lapping her tongue over the
top of his dick, before putting it back in her mouth and continuing to blow

"Mmm... Real nice..." He said, running and hand through her long blonde hair.

Still keeping a slow, but steady, pace, the Raw ring announcer began taking
more of the former Brood member's cock, now a good four inches inside her
warm mouth. This allowed her to begin wrapping her tongue all around it,
generously coating it with her saliva, while still pumping away with the her

"Either you really want a dose of Charisma..." He said, beginning to sweat a
little from her oral skills. "Or you're practicing something else when you
should be singing..."

"Or remembering names?" She laughed, removing the cock and holding it up
vertically, kissing his ballsack.

"Damn that's good..."

"Well, I had to do some 'persuading' to get this job." She licked around the
base of his dick, pumping his shaft with her hand as she trailed her tongue
around his balls.

"Naughty girl..."He moaned. "Sucking cock to get a job..."

"Mmm... And keep it..."

Rubbing her hand over the tip of his dick, she planted soft kisses along his
length, going up from his balls to the top, where she once again took it into
her mouth and began sucking him off.

"Shit Lilian..." He moaned again. "You keep this up and I'll bust a nut

"Mmmm..." She stopped sucking, taking his cock out and standing up. "As good
as that sounds..." She said, turning around and leaning onto the sofa,
sticking her butt out. "I'd like that cock back in me."

The former Intercontinental champion needed no encouragement as he stepped
forward, and eased his cock into her slick pussy. She eased her legs apart,
allowing him easier access to her tight snatch as she grabbed the back of
the couch. Lilian sighs with delight as he began to slowly thrust inside
of her.

"Mmmm..." She moaned, rocking her hips back against his movements

"Yeah, that's nice and tight..." Christian said,

"Oooooh... Oh my..." She looked back at him. "Give it to me..."

"With pleasure..." He smiled.

She moaned loudly, responding to the quicker and more forceful thrusts being

"Heh, I guess you're pretty 'raw' after all..." Christian grunted, enjoying
the tightness of her.

"Uh huh..." She responded, whispering something in Spanish.

"We'll see about that..." He pulled out, and sat on the sofa beside her. "Hop
on and show me what you've got." He challenged.

Manoeuvring over his body, she faced away from him, using a hand to position
his cock under her dripping vagina as she lowered herself onto it.

"OH GOD!!" She exclaimed, dropping down onto his hard shaft. It was by far
the biggest cock she'd ever had, and even she was surprised that she was able
to take it all in. But she didn't stop, highly aroused by the cock she'd
wanted for so long being deep inside her. Spreading her legs and resting her
feet on the couch, she began to raise her body up, putting her hands on his
knees for support. Quickly she got a steady rhythm going, panting as her
tight frame began moving up and down on the shaft, her petit breasts slightly
bouncing with each slam down.

Christian was of course more than happy to see the usually shy and
conservative Diva rapidly push herself up and down like an elevator on his
manhood. Putting his hands on her cute, and underrated, butt, he helped by
applying upward pressure to her movements, but letting her drop down by

"Oh, oh god... Oh god that's... Urgh!!" She grunted with each downward slam
onto his cock, feeling his balls touch the outside of her lower lips.

"Yeah..." Christian encouraged, sweating now while he groped her ass cheeks.
"Ride that like a cowgirl."

"Ohhh... Oh, OH GOD..." She panted, leaning forward more and resting her
hands on the couch between Christian's legs.

"Fuck..." He exclaimed, helping the announcer to slam her pussy down on his
dick with quick upward thrusts of his hips.

"OOOOOOOOHHHHH..." She moaned loudly again. "CHRISTIAN!!! I'm gonna...

Knowing what was coming, he started pounding hard into her snatch, gripping
her waist as she continued to work her legs and hips like a woman possessed.

"YES!!" She exclaimed. "YES!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!"

Her pussy blissfully exploded over the dick as Christian continued to thrust
up in her, watching with a smug look on his face as she leaned back, wrapping
her hands around his head and neck, a look of pure ecstasy on her sweat
covered face.

He didn't stop, the clenching of her pussy on his cock from her orgasm, along
with the warm juices that were also pleasurable to his shaft.

"Ooooooh..." She cooed, chest rising and falling as she gasped for breath,
stroking the side of his face.

"Shit... I'm gonna cum..." He said, pulling out of her. "Where'd you want

Quickly getting down on her knees in front of him, she opened her mouth wide,
sticking her tongue out, silently answering his question. He started jacking
off quickly, aiming the tip of his cock just on the tip of her tongue,
allowing her to pat the underside of it. With a loud grunt, his cum began
streaming out, landing neatly in the back of her talented mouth, causing her
to jerk back in surprise, but she recovered quickly enough to catch the rest
in her mouth. "Ah..." Christian groaned, stroking the last few drops of his
seed onto her tongue, before falling back onto the sofa.

Lilian held her mouth open for a few more seconds, allowing him to see all
the collected cum, before she closed her lips together, and swallowed it all
down in a satisfying gulp.

Christian grinned. "You have done this before, you naughty girl."

"Maybe..." She smiled. "But it was never this fun..."

The were snapped back into reality when a aloud knocking was heard on the

"Shit!" Christian exclaimed. "Quick, hide in the shower!"

Lilian nodded, quickly scurrying out of sight as Captain Charisma quickly
put his clothes back on.

"Hang on a second!" He called out, doing up his belt, and opening the door.

"Sorry to disturb you Sir..." It was one of the backstage runners. "But Mr.
Bischoff wants to inform you that the 'Smackdown Challenge' Tag-Team match
will be on first when the show starts."

"Ah, alright." Christian said. "Thanks." He closed the door.

"Hey Lilian, you'd better get ready for the show!" He said. "Can't have a
Pay-Per-View without an announcer!"

She blushed, coming out of the shower and quickly dressing again.

"Uh, Christian..." She started to say once she'd re-dressed.

"Don't worry about it." He reassured her. "This is our little secret. Now you
better get running, you'll need to look less like you'd just had the time of
your life."

She blushed again, leaving the room with one last blissful look.

When the door closed, Christian shook his head. "That was one hell of a going
away present..." He thought out loud. "How the hell am I going to kill the
rest of the night?"
_ _ _

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