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Christian's Farewell Part 2: Oh Brother!
by DaxG2001 (

'Unlucky 13...' Christian thought, referring to the 13% of the vote he
received for who would go into the 'Smackdown Challenge' Tag match.

It was only 3 percent more than what Hardcore Holly got, but 5 percent behind
JBL. As he'd predicted, Mysterio and Hardy had gotten the votes. What he
didn't predict however, was Edge and Lita's surprise announcement that 'Mr.
Money In The Bank' wouldn't be wrestling, and Snitsky would be taking his

Not caring if Smackdown won or not, and since he'd planned to stick around
for the rest of the show, Christian decided to take a slight detour on his
way back to his locker-room. This led him to a door with a large sign stuck
on saying 'EDGE'.

"Surprise brother!" He said, pushing the door open without knocking.

"What?" Edge leapt up from the sofa he and Lita were sitting on. They were
still dressed as they had been moments ago when they went out to the ring,
as was Christian. Edge wore his black wrestling tights with red and silver
designs, while Lita wore a low-cut leather top, and black pants that had a
silver design over the crotch area.

"What the hell are you doing here??" Edge demanded, getting right in his
former tag-team partner's face.

"Easy there brother..." Was the fellow Canadian's reply. "I came here to
congratulate you..."

Christian began clapping slowly, indicating his sarcasm.

"How sweet of you..." Edge sneered through clenched teeth.

"It was one hell of a move you pulled, pulling out of the match so Matt
couldn't get his hands on you."

"That's bullshit!" Edge spat out. "I'm better than Hardy!! I don't need to
prove anything by beating his ass one more time! I don't need to prove
anything to you, to Raw, to anybody!!"

"Okay, okay... I think you just said that all out there... But anyway, I'm
guessing that wasn't the real reason for you chickening out."

"Oh, is that so?" Lita said, flicking her red hair back as she walked over to
them, holding the Money In The Bank briefcase. "And what IS the real reason?"

"Yeah, please enlighten us." Edge said, using the same angry/sarcastic tone
of voice he uses for nearly all his promos.

"And for the record - I DID NOT chicken out!"

"It's obvious. You pulled out because you were afraid of the beating I was
going to give you if I was in the match."

"That's a damn lie!" Edge said, pointing a finger at his own brother. "I'm
not afraid of you!! I'm twice the star, no, three times the star you'll ever

"Is that so?" Christian was unimpressed. "I remember the last time we met, I
beat you AND Hulk Hogan for the Tag Belts!"

"You got lucky! I had that old has-been holding me back! Besides, the last
time we met was at the Royal Rumble a few years back, when I completely
kicked... Your... Ass!!"

"Uh, didn't Jericho toss you both out of the Rumble that time?" Lita pointed

"What?" Edge looked at his girlfriend. "Who's side are you on?"

"Why are you two even arguing??" She asked, putting the briefcase on the
floor so she could readjust her top that unashamedly showed off her puppies.

"We're not arguing." Christian shrugged. "He's just in denial."

"Listen up 'C-L-B'." Edge sneered. "I've accomplished more in this business
than you, or anyone else will for that matter! I'm a former Intercontinental
Champion! In fact, I'm a multi-time Intercontinental Champion! I held that

As Edge started proclaiming his version of his wrestling career, Christian
glanced down and noticed the Money In The Bank briefcase, lying on the ground
horizontally. Pretending to be listening to his brother's rants, Christian
kicked the briefcase, sending it skidding under the couch of the roof.

To busy listening to her man, Lita didn't notice either, leaning against him
with a hand on her toned stomach.

"And to top it all off, I have the Money In The Bank contract! A guaranteed
title shot for the WWE Championship, that is rightfully mine!!" Edge finally

"Oh, the briefcase, yeah I remember. So uh... Where is it?" Christian asked.

"What do you mean 'where is it'?" He replied, mocking his brother. "See

Edge held up his hand, only to realise that it was empty. He spun around,
eyes darting around the room. "What, no!!" He said, grabbing a hold of his
own hair. "This is Hardy's doing!! It has to be!!"

"Babe, calm down!" Lita said. "It was here a minute ago. I'm sure it must

"Lost something?" Christian laughed. "All talk and no action, as usual."

"NO!!!" He shouted, causing her to jump back slightly. "It's Michaels doing,
no, it's Cena!!" He almost seemed to be hyperventilating from paranoia. "The
whole WWE is against me!! I have to get it, before some jobber steals my

He ran out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him, causing Christian
to laugh loudly.

"Oh, you think that's funny?" Lita put both her hands on her hips. "You know
what's really funny? You! You're nothing but a big joke! My man Edge could
kick your ass in a second if he wanted to!"

"Please..." Captain Charisma said. "What would you know? You went from one
loser, to another loser."

"For your information, my boyfriend happens not only to be Money In The Bank,
but he happens to be 'Money In The Sack' as well."

"Money In The Sack? I bet he gave himself that name."

"Oh no, he proves it. And he proves it every single night. He's more of a man
than you'll ever be!"

"Sounds more like wishful thinking to me." The Canadian said.

"What, you think you're a better love than Edge?"

"Don't think it." He replied, smirking.

"Oh, is that so? Well then, let's see about that..."

Lita unbuttoned her leather top, pulling it off her and tossing it aside.
"Do you see these?" She said, holding her large exposed puppies in her hands
and squeezing them together. "These breasts are the best in the world!
They're too good for a small-pricked loser like Matt Hardy, and are totally
out of your league!"

Christian nodded his head, playing along with her, but actually looking at
her chest, imagining sticking his cock in between her fun-bags. The thought
of which stiffened his dick.

"And this..." She turned around, bending over as he pulled down her pants,
sticking her butt out at him. "This is the best ass in the world! Better
than anything that skank Keibler has!"

Christian licked his lips. He'd always liked Lita's ass, ever since her early
days when she was with the Hardyz and her thong hung out over her low baggy
pants. Seeing it completely exposed, her pussy right in front of him ass well
ass her butt. "I guess so..." Christian dropped his wrestling tights, holding
his 10-inches of Canadian man-meat in his hand. "But was Edge ever man enough
to do this?"

Spreading her butt-cheeks apart, he forced his cock into her rectum, finding
it quite easy to push himself about halfway into her.

"Fuck!" She looked back, flipping her hair back to look at him over her
shoulder. "You bastard!"

"You dirty ho..." He responded, pulling out and slapping his cock on the
entrance to her butt, before stuffing it back into her ass.

"Fuck you!" The former Team eXtreme member spat, shooting him a dirty look.
"I'm not a cheap ho!"

"Oh, and how do you explain how you can take so much cock in your ass?" He
said, slapping her ass cheek as he thrust in.

"Mmm..." She said, pushing against him upon feeling his hand come down on
her. "I just love a big, hard cock in my ass..."

"Oh, is that so?" Christian says, beginning to start a rhythm of fucking the
fiery red-head's ass. "Then what are you?"

"Mmm... I'm a dirty girl..." She replied, licking her lips.

She reached between her legs, spreading her pussy open with her left hand,
and sticking a couple of fingers inside. Not content with fingering herself,
she also pushed back with her hips against his forward thrusts, taking more
and more of his length into her well used back passage.

"Heh... You're quite a slut aren't you?" He spanked her ass again.

"Mmmm..." She moaned, taking her fingers out of her snatch and sucking the
juices off them, before sticking them back into her cunt. "I told you... I'm
not a whore... Like... Urgh!!"

She panted, Christian's thrusts now beginning to get harder and faster. His
cock plunged deep into her ass as he spread her cheeks as far apart as he

"Shit!" She exclaimed, arching her body up slightly to better push back
against him. "You bastard!"

"Does my brother do this?" He said, spanking her ass again. "Does he stick
his cock up your ass like this?"

"None of... Your... Uh... Fucking... Damn it... Business..." She grunted back
in reply, stuffing a third finger deep inside her.

They were both starting to sweat now. Lita from the cock pounding her ass
and her fingers furiously getting her off, and Christian from stuffing his
manhood into the slutty red-head's hot ass. His own brother's girlfriend no

He pulled out his dick completely, pushing his thumbs into her anal passage
and spitting a wad of saliva into it.

"Had enough already?" Lita challenged, narrowing her eyes and smirking at

"Does this answer your question?" He smirked back, ramming his cock back into

"FUCK!!" She exclaimed, feeling her boyfriend's brother force his whole cock
balls-deep into her ass. "You... AH SHIT!! You fucker!!"

"Yeah, take that cock like the bitch you are!" He said, groaning as started
to fuck her ass with hard thrusts.

"I'm... No... URGH... God... Damn... BITCH... OH FUCK!!" She moaned out loud,
stuffing a fourth finger into her already stuffed pussy.

"Yes you are!" Christian spanked her ass again. "You're nothing but a
cock-sucking whore!"

"Fuck you!" She spat. "So what if I love sucking cock??"

"Oh yeah?"

Christian pulled out of her ass, stroking the it's length.

"Then get down and..."

Before he could finish, Lita was already on her knees, taking his cock deep
into her mouth and instantly bobbing her head up and down on it. Her tongue
lashed all over his manhood as she moaned around it, her fingers still
thrusting into her pussy while the other now gripped the base of his cock.

"You fucking whore..." Christian laughed. "Only a true slut could deep-throat
a cock straight after I'd stuck it up her ass!"

The red-head Diva only groaned in reply, her hips pushing against her fingers
while she tightly wrapped her lips around his length.

Shifting up on her knees a bit, Lita reached underneath herself from the
other side, pushing two fingers deep into her ass that had only just a few
minutes ago been well and truly fucked.

"Shit..." The former Intercontinental champion said, watching as the Raw Diva
completely lived up to the names fans chanted at her. "Look at you..."

Lita was now deep-throating his cock without using her hands for support,
only forcing her head down to consume her cock in her dripping mouth as her
nose pressed against his groin. But this action was going to be her undoing,
as she was now so horny by her actions, that she came hard, clamping her
mouth around his cock., moaning around it as her fingers became coated her
in cum.

"Oh shit!!!" Christain exclaimed, unable to pull his cock out in time and
firing deep in her mouth, sending stream after stream of down her throat.

"Damn it!!" Edge exclaimed, pushing the door open and storming into the room.
"No body in this stinking arena knows where..."

Edge tilted his head slightly, looking at the sight of his brother with his
cock down her girlfriend's throat, which, it looked to him like, she was
using to swallow down something.

"WHAT THE FUCK???" He roared, catching their attention.

"Edge!" Lita gasped as she pulled of Christian's dick. "Baby, I was just..."

"I know what the hell you were doing!" He marched forward, grabbing her by
the arm and forcing her to her feet.

"But I was just..."

Christian shrugged, pulling his tights back up, now just realising that he'd
been wearing his enterance jacket throughout his session with Lita.

"Thanks for the 'leaving present' bro'!" Christian said, smirking. "Oh, and
I kicked you precious briefcase under the sofa."

Captain Charisma then left the locker room, and heard his brother screaming
blue murder when he closed the door.

'Damn...' He thought, walking down the corridor. 'I wonder if I'll get 'You
Screwed Edge' chants if this gets out on the net.'
_ _ _

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