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Christian's Farewell Part 3: A Fun Game for All
by DaxG2001 (

"...I think I just did!" Mick Foley said, ending one of the strangest
segments that Christian had seen in his life.

Captain Charisma laughed, switching off the TV. "Great, that probably means
Maria's walking around with no clothes on!" He referred to the Diva who had
apparently stripped of her clothes, the result of her trying to fix a mix up
of bags between herself and the Hardcore Legend.

There was a knock at the door, and Christian turned around to see Maria
Kanellis, Raw's own backstage correspondent and occasional wrestler, walk
into the room completely naked. She was however holding her luggage bag,
which she'd just only gotten moments ago.

"Oh, hello Christian!" She happily said with a cute smile on her face. "What
are you doing in the women's locker-room?"

Christian paused, taking a moment to look over her whole body. She was hot to
say the least, with a nice pair of full breasts, and her ass wasn't too bad
either. Plus, she wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Christian smirked, seeing an opportunity that was too good to pass up. "Sorry
Maria, but this is my locker-room." He said in a warm, greeting tone.

"It is?" She looked confused for a moment, then sad as she dropped her bag
to the floor and folded her arms across her chest. "Awww shoot, I got lost

"Hey..." He walked over, and put an arm around her shoulder, taking a moment
to eye up her long legs and butt. "Come on, don't be sad. That's not the
Maria I know..."

"Hmmm..." She said in reply, looking down at the ground, turning her gaze
slightly to look at him. "Hmmm?" Her second sound was more high pitched as
she'd just noticed something - a bulge in Christian's tights. "Hey!" She
said, a cute confused look on her face. "What's that?"

Before Christian could answer, Maria had dropped down to her knees in front
of him, and reached into his wrestling tights, lowering them in the process.
"Wow!" She said, holding his semi-erect cock her hand. "Another guy with one
of these?" She then frowned. "But it looks broken..."

He watched in surprise as the Raw Diva Search entrant began using her hand to
slowly stroke his cock up and down, a strange look of determination on her

Within a few seconds, he length was standing at attention.

"Oh, it works!" She giggled, bouncing a little as she did, making her boobs
bounce as well. "So, can we start the game?"

"The game?" Christian was now the one confused.

"The game! The one all the other guys say I can play when they show me
their... Um... This thing..." She squeezed his shaft as she looked at it,
trying to remember it's name.

"Don't... Don't see why not!" He said, deciding that because of all the
surreal things that had already happened to him tonight, that one more
couldn't possibly hurt.

"Okay then..." She smiled, sticking out her tongue and using it to lick the
tip of his dick, moving all around the head. He couldn't help but smile as he
watched her bring her tongue along the sides of his rod, before reaching the
base and licking around it, holding his dick upward.

From this position, she trailed her tongue around his ballsack, licking
across his nuts before returning to the head with a long lick on the
underside of his dick.

"You've played this 'game' quite a lot, haven't you?" He said, surprised at
how a seemingly ditzy girl could be so good at blowjobs.

She nodded her head happily, smiling up at him while she stroked his length.
"I'm the best!" She said, giving his shaft a quick kiss on both sides and
then the tip. "I've always won every time I've played!"

Christian laughed at the idea of how many times she'd 'played' before.

Maria frowned, but still looked as cute as ever. "You don't believe me?" She
looked to his dick. "Well... This is a bigger one than the rest... Hmmm..."
She put on a face that looked like she was in deep thought, but was ruined by
the fact she was tapping his shaft into her cheek as a way of making her mind
work faster.

Her face lit up with a big grin. "I know!" She said, licking her lips.

"What?" Christian said.

"I've always won after I've done this..."

Using her hand to grip the back of his shaft, Maria opened her mouth and
lowered her head onto it, wrapping her soft lips around it. Slowly, she began
to bob her head along the length, smiling as she did so, working her tongue
all over his cock as she did so.

"Damn!" Christian exclaimed, starting to sweet a little. "You are good!"

She giggled around his dick, continuing to go down on the Toronto native at a
good pace, taking about half of it into her warm mouth, while the rest was
being gently caressed by her hand. He put a hand onto her head, sliding his
fingers through her long hair, feeling pressure begin to build up from her
almost pro-like cock-sucking.

"Oh Maria!" He exclaimed. "I'm gonna blow babe!"

She gave his shaft a few last bobs, before raising her head off him and
stroking his shaft quickly, her mouth wide open and ready for his release.

He groaned as his load was fired, each shot landing perfectly into the Raw
Diva's mouth where it collected. She continued to use her hand until she was
sure that he'd finished, at which point she closed her mouth and swallowed
all his cum down with a smile.

"See?" She smiled up at him. "I told you I always win!"

"You won??" Christian almost burst out laughing, but was still collecting his
bearings from the excellent blowjob he'd just got.

"Well, yeah! I made the tasty white stuff appear first, so I win!"

"That kind of game huh?" He said under his breath. "Well, you certainly
won... The first fall." he said to her, thinking quickly.

"First fall?" She was confused again, pouting her lips.

"I play the 'game' a bit differently so see... If you want to win, you'll
have to make me cu... I mean, make the 'tasty white stuff' appear again...
But for me to win, I have to make you... Uh..."

"Oh, so we're still playing??" She got up to her feet. "Oh, okay! That's
neat. This part of the game is fun too! I hardly get to play it though, since
I win so well the other guys can't play anymore."

Maria took him by the hand, and happily lead him over to the sofa, which was
hard for him as he was trying to get out of his wrestling tights at the same
time. Just when he did, he found himself being gently pushed back onto the
sofa until he was sitting down on it.

She smiled, moving up onto his lap, and then lowering herself onto his again
erect shaft. "Oh wow! That's huge!" She gasped, grinding her pussy against
his crotch, feeling his entire length inside her. "Mmmm... That feels..."

She moaned as Christian reached up with his hands and began playing with her
breasts, squeezing them gently and sucking on the already erect nipples. "Oh,
oh my gosh!" She said, beginning to move herself up and down on him. "My

He reached back with one hand, using it to cup her butt and help her to ride
his cock, still using the other to suck and feel her impressive chest. He
wasn't doing any work with his dick at all, just letting the confusable Diva
do all the work.

She was gasping and moaning, using her legs to lift her body up and down,
taking all of his cock into her pussy at an impressive speed. She rested her
hands her knees, closing her eyes as began to sweat hard, a little trickle of
saliva beginning to fall out of her mouth.

Maria felt a strange sensation building up inside her. She felt it before
when she's played this part of the 'game', but the guys she 'played' with had
always ended up stopping before she could find out what it was she was going
to feel.

"My, my gosh... Oh my gosh..." She said, making her body ride his cock faster
than before. "That feels so... Oh, Oh my! OH MY GOOOOOOOOSH!!"

With a final gasp, her eyes went wide her suddenly became incredibly wet,
juices flowing out of it and all over the cock inside her. She had no idea
what had just happened, but she knew that it was one of the most amazing
things she'd ever felt.

"That's levelled things up..." Christian said with a smirk as Maria brought
her hot and sweaty body to a halt, his dick still inside her. "That's one to
you, and one to me."

"Christian..." She gasped, looking at him in confusion. "What was that?"

"I made you orgasm, just like you made me earlier."

She gasped, covering her mouth with her hands in shock. "Or... Orgasm??" She
said. "But that's... That's having sex!!"

"Yep!" He said, lifting her off him and putting her down onto the sofa,
moving behind her.

"Wait, you mean we were... But I thought..." She looked back at him on all

"Don't worry... You can still win this..." He said, using his hands to spread
her ass apart.

Maria gasped again, but this time feeling Christian insert himself not into
her pussy, but somewhere else. "Uh!" She grunted, a burning sensation for
some reason was suddenly in her ass.

"Shit! That's one hell of a tight ass!" He said, rubbing her butt as he
pulled himself out before sticking it back in.

"My ass?" She was confused. "What? You! You're sticking it in my... My...??"

Christian didn't respond, beginning to fuck Maria's shapely behind in a
steady rhythm. This caused Maria to gasp and grunt in shock and discomfort,
never having had anything in her ass before. To her it felt like her
unprepared behind was being ripped apart by the massive cock being thrust
in it.

Her mind still in turmoil, she could only allow her body to jolt forward with
each thrust, causing her tits to swing in motion with Captain Charisma's
movements. He grunted, gripping her ass cheeks as he pushed in and out, not
wanting to waste the little time he knew he had left in which he could fuck
her tight butt.

Sure enough, after a few minutes of this intense ass fucking, he felt his
dick begin to twitch again. Quickly he pulled out, jacking himself off as he
turned her over on to her back. Moving up her body, he positioned himself so
his cock was aimed at her chest.

Maria watched in amazement as his shaft fired out stream after stream of hot
cum across her breasts, depositing a large amount of the 'tasty white stuff'
on her puppies.

"You... You just..." She said in shock, before she suddenly started smiling.
"I won!!"

"Huh?" He quickly got off her as she started happily skipping around him.

"I won! I won! I won!" She chanted, as if she'd won the Women's Championship.

"What? Oh, oh yeah!" Christian finally remembered the rules of the 'game'.
"You proved me wrong Maria! You totally beat me!"

"Thanks Christian!" She said, bending over to pick up her luggage bag, giving
him on last look at her ass. "You played great as well! I guess I'll see you
on Raw next week! Bye!"

She started to leave, but then remembered something. "Oops, sorry! I forgot,
you're on Smackdown now! See you on Friday!"

She then left the room, leaving a confused Christian to ponder how someone
that stupid could still remember to breathe in and out on a regular basis.
_ _ _

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