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Christian's Farewell Part 4: So Much Better
by DaxG2001 (

Having unexpectedly had sexual encounters with Lilian, Lita and Maria, C
hristian decided he needed a break from all contact with people for a while.
Plus, he didn't find the idea of watching Eugene teaming with a has-been
Legend very stimulating.

He was pretty proud of himself, three different women in one night was pretty
damn good. He was glad that he was keeping the reputation of Captain Charisma
alive and well.

Taking a break down at the storage areas in the bowels of the building
reminded him of his first start in the WWE when he and his brother were in
the Brood, and then the Ministry of Darkness. They had to stay in some pretty
dark and abandoned places, and put up with that Gangrel and his 'habits'.

'Never did find out what the hell that red liquid was...' He thought
absent-mindedly, drinking from a bottle of water as he walked past a couple
of ladders.

He carried on walking, until he heard the sound of paper scrunching up.
Looking down, he found that he's stepped on a scrap of paper, one of many
that seemed to be leading from one side corridor down to another. 'What
the...?' He thought, kneeling down and picking up a piece. Folding it out,
he found that it was a picture of Trish Stratus that had been vandalised
crudely by a pen.

Looking down the side corridor, curiosity got the better of him, and he began
to follow the trail of paper.

* * *

He found the trail ending in a dimly lit room that had many pictures of Trish
on the walls, all either defaced by pens, or torn up into shreds.

"What the..." Christian started to say, before he found himself being thrown
to the floor. He looked back to find Victoria, Raw's resident psycho diva,
completely naked, holding what looked to be a vibrator in her hand.

Her breasts were large and erect, her pussy seemed to de dripping juices,
and her whole body was covered in sweat, indicating that she had been doing
something in this room, other than doing stuff to pictures of Trish.

She had a deranged look on her face as she threw the vibrator across the
room. "You... You once were an item with... With that... Precious little
princess... Trish Stratus..."

"What are talking about??"

Without warning, she pounced down onto him, sitting on his face, looking down
at Captain Charisma, her mouth slightly twitching.

Victoria began grinding her pussy down onto his face, a wild look in her
eyes. "Did your pretty little Trish do this to you huh??" She demanded, not
getting the fact that he can't answer. "Huh?? Did she?!?"

Just as he was thinking about thinking 'what the fuck?!?', he realised that
he was having the pussy juices of the psycho Diva being rubbed onto him.
Whatever she was thinking about, or in fact doing before hand, it was turning
her on.

Knowing that reason probably wasn't going to work with her, Christian decided
to quickly bring his tongue up and along the outside of her lips, trailing it
along her folds.

She hissed, running her hands through her long black hair before grabbing a
hold of it tightly, looking up at the roof as if there was something there.
Shifting her hips, she started rocking back and forth. This allowed him to
lick along the whole entrance to her pussy.

Pushing his tongue up, he managed to force it up into her snatch. This seemed
to have an effect, as she smiled down at him, but still a crazy look in her
eyes. She ran her hands down her body, rubbing her hands over her breasts,
pinching the nipples hard before moving them down to her hips.

Darting his tongue in and out of her pussy, he was able to lift his head up
enough to eat her out even more, lapping up the juices of the former Women's
Champion. In response, she started grinding down hard on him, beginning to
laugh as she did so.

Christian was worried that she had thought up some nutjob idea in her head,
but he was relieved to feel her snatch release a wave of juices as she came.
From the look on her face, it didn't look like she had done at all.

"That... Was impressive..." Victoria shifted her weight, sitting down on
his chest, resting her arms on her knees as she ran a hand through her hair
again. "I bet that slut Trish never let you do that, did she? All she does
is suck cock!!"

"Oh yeah?" Christian wanted away from this psycho as quickly as he could.

"She... That little princess... Nothing but a whore!!"

"Why are you jealous of her?? It's not like you're not hot, is it?"

"What?? What did you say??"

"I mean, you've... You've got nice puppies... And a great ass.. And, ah..."

"Show me your cock!"

She almost dragged him up to his feet, grabbing his jeans and almost ripping
them off his body, barely giving him enough time to take them off along with
his boxers. She curled her lips into a smirk, before bending over in front of
him and grabbing a hold of her ankles, sticking her big hot ass out at him.
"Show me how much you love my ass!" She demanded, another crazy look in her

Not daring to argue, he quickly stuffed his cock into her asshole, starting
to work it in and out of her butt.

"That whore..." Victoria gritted her teeth, "How dare she have that big cock
all to herself..."

As soon as his rod was firmly stuck into her butt, she started slamming her
hips back against it, even before Christian started thrusting. He quickly
started doing so, grunting at the tightness around her shaft.

"Fuck me!" She demanded. "Fuck me harder!!"

He brought his hand down hard onto her onto her butt, continuing to fuck her
ass with hard thrusts. She started laughing again in a worrying way, looking
back at him through her black hair with wild eyes.

He wanted no real further part in this situation, so had no problem in
pounding her tight hole with all his might, his hands firmly gripping her
thighs as he did so. He continued to thrust hard in and out of her ass, not
letting up for a minute for fear of what the crazy Diva might do in response.
So he carried on fucking with sharp, hard thrusts. They seemed to be doing
the trick, as she was panting a little.

Just as Christian thought he was 'winning', Victoria started to raise her
body up, doing the 'ass-wiggling' she did during her 'dancing' stage when she
was Women's Champion. Her ass cheeks shook from side to side quickly as she
raised her body up to a standing position.

This was too much for Christian to take, who shot his bolt deep into her ass,
causing the vicious vixen to sigh in bliss, feeling the hot cum flow inside
her butt.

"I knew I was right..." Victoria laughed as he pulled out. "I've got a better
ass than her, I've got better pussy than her, and I can DAMN well fuck better
than her, right??"

She turned around, only to find that Christian had high-tailed it quickly out
of the area as soon as he'd pulled out, leaving her alone with her torn-up
pictures of Trish Stratus.

But instead of being mad, she tilted her head as if listening to a voice
inside her head, before grabbing a hold of her hair. "Oh yes... I'm better
than her... So much better..."
_ _ _

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