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Christian's Farewell Part 5: Another Strange Twist of Fate
by DaxG2001 (

Christian grumbled to himself, pissed off at what had happened with the
psycho-bitch known as Victoria earlier. Not even the news that Shawn Michaels
had been picked for the Triple-Threat main event match, and therefore the
cowboy Tag-Team Champions of Cade & Murdock would be getting their asses
handed to them right now by Kane & Big Show was making him feel better.

All he could do was walk down another deserted corridor, looking for
something to take his mind off of what had happened. Maybe a backstage worker
to torment, or something expensive that Vince would have to pay for, or...

As usual for the WWE, just when you want something interesting to happen,
something else comes along instead. For Christian, it came in the form of a
low groaning sound from behind a door he was walking past. Curiosity getting
the better of him, he carefully pushed the door open slightly and peered

'Well well!' He thought. 'This IS interesting.'

Sat on a chair in the middle of the room was one half of the victorious
tag-team of the Smackdown Vs Raw tag-team match Matt Hardy, who was still
dressed in his ring attire. Kneeling in front of her was a naked Ashley
Massaro, who was giving him a blowjob.

"Oh God Ashley that's so good!" Matt moaned as the winner of the 2005 WWE
Raw Diva Search bobbed her head up and down the shaft that was freed by the
zipper of his pants. Ashley moaned around his shaft, one hand resting on the
Smackdown Superstar's thigh, the other between her legs, pleasuring herself
with her fingers.

Her thick lips were sucking tightly around the Hardy brother's seven-inch
rod. Lifting her head off the top, she flicked her tongue over the sensitive
head, further coating it with her warm saliva. Holding his dick upright, she
ran her tongue down the side before reaching the base. The former 'Sensei of
Mattitude' moaned even louder when she started to roll her tongue around his
balls, stroking his shaft quickly at the same time.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna blow!" Matt gasped, warning his girlfriend about his
impending orgasm.

"Mmmm... On my face..." Ashley licked her lips, letting go of his shaft and
letting him stand up. "Cover my face Matt!"

The former 'Version 1' Matt Hardy needed no further encouragement as she
pumped his shaft with his hand, aiming it down at her stunning face, her eyes
closed as she expectantly waited for him to blast off. "Here it comes!! Here
it... Ahhh!!"

He groaned in relief, his penis twitching as it fired stream after stream of
hot cum over her face. The RAW diva didn't even flinch for a second as he
covered her cheeks, lips and forehead with his load. In fact, she continued
to smile as he pumped the last drops out of his shaft, as well as rub her
pussy with her hand.

"Phew!" Matt wiped the sweat from his face after he'd finished, putting his
limp penis back into his pants. "You know how to give a guy one hell of a
post-match celebration Ashley!"

Opening her eyes, she smiled up at him. "Well, a promise is a promise!"

"I know... Oh shit, I think I got some in your hair..."

The Diva giggled slightly. "Don't worry about it, I'm gonna hit the showers
before my match tonight. You have fun celebrating with Rey-Rey and I'll catch
up with you later.

Hearing this, Christian ducked behind a nearby black storage box carefully
looking around the corner of it to see the door to the locker room. A few
moments later, Matt Hardy walked out of the room and headed down the
corridor, away from where the blonde Canadian was hiding.

Seeing him leave, a slightly 'CLB'-like smile formed on Christian's face.
"Maybe I'll see if Ashley needs some ‘help' to clean up." He thought aloud,
before walking over to the locker room door and entering it.

To his surprise, he found Ashley sitting on the folding chair Matt had been
on, furiously fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit at the same time. She
also still had the Hardy brother's cum on her face, having not removed a drop
of it.

Seeing the beautiful Diva in such an aroused state made an instant boner
appear in his pants. Hearing the door close, the Diva Search winner looked
around to see Captain Charisma staring at her.

"Fuck me." She said breathlessly. "Get your fucking cock out and fuck me."

Within seconds he'd quickly dropped his pants and guided his thick ten inches
into her soaking-wet pussy, easily pumping it in and out of her.

"Yes that's it!!" She moaned, meeting his thrusts by pushing her hips back
against his. "Stick that cock in me!"

"No problem!" He grinned, placing his hands on her waist as he started to
pound her box.

She rubbed her large breasts, twisting and pinching the nipples, looking down
at the dick that was easily fitting inside her hole. His ball sack smacked
against her ass with each thrust in, encouraged by the blonde Diva wrapping
her legs around his waist to continue.

"Fuck me!" Looking up at him with lust filled eyes. "Fuck me hard you

"You want it rough huh?" He challenged, giving her a harder thrust that made
her body jolt with pleasure.

"Ooooh hard and rough!" She moaned, reaching down to rub her clit with one
hand and using the other to grab a hold of the short blonde hair

Grunting, he carried on delivering short, sharp thrusts into the rock-chick
Diva. Each time she pushed back against his movements, eagerly taking his
full length inside her, causing her large breasts to bounce each time she
did so.

Ashley was sweating now, feeling her body rapidly move toward the sexual peak
she wanted. Her facial expression was one of both pleasure and the desire
simply to get herself off by any means. She was so horny right now she didn't
care that she was having sex with another man while her face was still
covered by her boyfriend's spunk.

Titling her head back, she held her puppies again, squeezing them tightly.
"Yes!!" She moaned. "Yes yes YES!!"

With a final call, she came hard on his cock, a flood of juices trickling
around his member and down her ass cheeks.

"Damn!" He exclaimed, slowing his thrusts down so he could take in the sight
of the stunningly hot woman writhing in pleasure.

He slowly pulled out of her, bringing her back to reality as she looked
straight into his eyes and gave him a dirty look. Before Christian had time
to react, she had stood up and spun him around so they'd switched positions,
and now he was sitting down on the chair.

"Whoa!" He exclaimed.

"Shut the fuck up!" She ordered, straddling his waist and holding his dick
with one hand, and holding her ass cheeks apart with the other. "You're
fucking lucky I'm so fucking horny just now!"

Biting her lip, the Diva Search winner carefully lowered herself onto his
shaft, but this time took it in her asshole instead.

Christian moaned, feeling her tight passage clamp around his rod as she
rested on his lap, taking his full ten inches inside her butt, using only her
own pussy juices as lube.

Leaning forward slightly, she rested her arms on his shoulders, and began to
raise and lower herself. "Fuck that's big..." She gasped, her eyes closed as
she rode the former Intercontinental Champion.

Moving his hands around to hold her ass cheeks, he helped her move up and
down his shaft, deciding not to thrust up into her butt yet. He simply lay
back in the chair and allowed her to take his cock up her butt.

Something told Christian that she was no stranger to anal sex, as it
wasn't long before she was riding his dick at speed, without any signs of
discomfort. Each time she came down on his shaft, her thighs slapped against
his from the force of her downward motion, and she was quickly back up and
repeating the motion.

Moving his hands off her shapely behind, he held her more than ample breasts.
This allowed him to take them into his mouth, sucking and lightly biting the
nipples each, and licking around as much of them as he could.

"Mmmm that's so good." Ashley moaned, rubbing his shoulders slightly as she
grinded her hips down onto his, rocking back and forth for a moment, before
continuing to ride him again.

"Damn... right it is!" He said, caressing her mounds as he too began to

"Are you gonna cum soon?" She asked, opening her eyes and looking at him.
"Huh? You gonna cum hard?"

"Yeah... Shit... Damn, I'm almost there..."

Sensing his imminent release, Ashley raised herself off his shaft and got
down on her knees in front of him.

"Cum for me baby!" She said. "Cum all over my fucking face!"

"Shit...!" He said, jacking himself off. "But you've already got... Fuck!!"

She moaned again, feeling the man's hot load begin to splash onto her face,
further covering her facial features with sticky cum. By the time he'd
finished, her face was almost completely covered with spunk, with enough
extra to drip down her neck and onto the top of her breasts.

"Mmmm..." She moaned again, wiping away the cum from her eyelids. "Now I
really need that shower!"

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