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Christian's Farewell Part 6: See Myself Staring Back At Me
by DaxG2001 (

"Mmmm Candice, you're going to look so hot tonight!" The sinful Candice
Michelle said, looking at her own reflection in the mirror. The votes for
the 'Fulfil Your Fantasy' Diva Battle Royal had been counted and the fans
choice - the rather predictable lingerie option - had just been announced.

Dropping the robe, Candice ran her hands over her toned waist as she looked
over her naked 'Candilicious' body, moaning seductively as she eyed up her
own large breasts and smoothly shaven pussy. "Oh so hot..." The dark haired
beauty flipped turned around and walked over to the sofa in her locker room,
lying down on it and looking back at her reflection in the mirror.

"Mmmm Candice, look at you..." Candice runs her hands over her body,
squeezing her tits when she reaches them and slightly pushes them together.
"These puppies are the best on Raw..." She licks her lips, pinching both of
her nipples with her fingers, making herself gasp.

With a moan, she starts to slowly rub her smooth pussy with her right hand,
closing her eyes as she does so. With her other hand, she brushes it against
her breast, then runs it through her long hair as slightly slithers her body,
before cupping her tit again. Opening her eyes again, she looks back to her
reflection and licks her lips as she arches her body up a little, cupping her
other breast as she teases her fingers over the entrance to her pussy.

"God Candice, you're so sexy it's unbelievable..." She complements herself
as she lifts her breast up to her mouth, flicking her tongue over her nipple,
watching herself as she then does the same for the other breast, sucking on
its nipple.

Kicking her legs up, she turns around to lie back against the sofa in a
seated position, spreading her legs apart wide. Biting her lip, she lowers
her hands down and gentle spreads her pussy lips apart, making herself moan
as she looks at her own snatch.

"Ooooh Candice..." She moans again as brushes a hand over her 'too hot to
handle' pussy again, before slipping a finger inside herself. "Mmmm feels so
good..." Candice tells herself as she begins to finger herself, easily able
to pump it in and out of her tight hole. It's not long although until Candice
slips another finger in, now fingering herself with two digits.

Licking her lips, Candice pushes her hips against her own fingers, meeting
her fingers as she thrust them into her dampening pussy. With her other hand,
she brushed it over her face and lips, flicking her tongue over them before
taking two fingers into her mouth and beginning to suck on them, pushing
those fingers in and out at the same time as her other hand was doing.

This was the sight that greeted Christian when he took a peak inside the
room, having heard moaning from outside as he was walking past. Candice
Michelle was completely naked, lying back on a sofa and fingering herself
while sucking on her other fingers as well. Christian grinned, inviting
himself in and walking over to her, removing his clothing as he did so.

"Ooooh baby, that's so hot..." Candice told herself as she pulled her fingers
out of her pussy, replacing them with the fingers she had been sucking on,
now a little wet from her saliva, and pushing them in and out of her pussy.
She then took the fingers she'd been pleasuring herself with before and
popped them into her mouth, cleaning her own juices off of her fingers and
moaning at her own taste.

She was so lost in her own self-pleasure that she hadn't noticed Christian
coming in, and it wasn't until she felt a semi-hard cock brush against her
face that she released someone else was there. Rather than being shocked,
she moaned again, stopping licking her fingers to use her hand to stroke
the cock she saw, getting it full hard and slightly coated in saliva.

"Mmmm Candice, you look so hot when you're sucking a big, hard, cock..." The
Go-Daddy-dot-com girl told herself, rubbing the head of the cock over her
cheek as she stroked it. She then turning her head, wrapping her lips around
the dick, not breaking eye-contact with her own reflection as she started to
suck on the tip.

Slowly and sensuously, Candice began to slowly drag her thick, pouty lips
back and forth over the cock, almost teasingly blowing it as she took some of
it inside her warm mouth. The hand holding the dick did not stroke it, merely
holding it for the former Diva Search contestant to suck on.

Watching her reflection with her lusty eyes, Candice moaned around the hard
dick as she fingered herself, pressing her full lips tightly around it as she
bobbed her head slowly across its length, moaning all around it. With her
other hand, she started to feel up her breast, rubbing and squeezing it,
giving herself even more pleasure.

"Oh God Candice..." She moaned as she trailed her tongue around the head,
lapping up the pre-cum as she teased with slow, soothing licks. Taking a hold
of the cock, she held it next to her face as she licked down it, tilting her
head to kiss the around the base.

With her hand she strokes up and down the length, rubbing her saliva all
over it and over the tip, slightly squeezing the dick with her smooth hand.
Planting a few kisses on the balls, she takes one of them into her mouth,
gently sucking on it as she moans.

Pushing a third finger inside her hot pussy, Candice groaned, shivering with
pleasure as she fingered herself, quickly thrusting her fingers in and out
of her wet snatch, her sexy curvy body beginning to shine with sweat. At the
same time she switched over to take the other ball sack inside her damp
mouth, occasionally flicking her tongue up to tease it as she sucked on it.
Her hand continued to jerk off the length, with a soft slapping sound being
heard each time her palm came down to the base, before it quickly went back
up to the head before returning back down again.

"Oh yes... Yes Candice... Mmmm you're so damn hot..." Candice moaned with a
slightly higher pitch, rubbing the cock against her stunning face and at the
same time rubbing her own saliva onto her face. Opening her mouth again, she
took the cock inside, pressing her lips tightly around the shaft as she
started to bob her head up and down at a quicker pace.

Brushing her hair behind her so she could clearly watch herself sucking
cock, she moaned, locking her seductive eyes with those of her reflection,
getting off on the sight of watching herself go to work on the thick, hard
cock she had in her mouth.

Taking more and more of the dick into her mouth, her saliva was starting to
seep a little out of the sides of her mouth, slowly dripping down her chin.
She moans all around it, flicking her tongue up at licking any part of it
she can as it passes in and out of her mouth, making it drip with her warm

Her eyes slightly lower as she starts to rock her hips against her pumping
fingers, as if she was pushing against an actual cock that was fucking her.
With her other hand she reached down to tease her sensitive clit, brushing
her fingers over it and rubbing it between her fingers, causing her moan and
finger herself more.

Getting extremely turned on just from watching herself, Candice lowered her
head right down onto the cock, taking it completely into her mouth, groaning
as she saw herself deep-throat it, taking the opportunity to lick around some
more. She didn't even gag on it for a moment, before she brought her head
back up to bob her head completely up and down the shaft as she sucked it

Candice's moans became quicker and higher, finding it harder to keep looking
at her reflection as concentrated on rubbing and fingering her pussy as hard
and as quickly as she could, and at the same time going balls deep on the
cock with her mouth at a fast pace.

"Oh yes Candice, yes!" She moans, taking the cock out of her mouth and
jerking it off with her hand, unintentionally pointing it right at her face
as she gets lost in pleasure. "Yes!! Yes yes yes!!" Candice almost screams
as she starts to cum on her own fingers, her juices exploding over her own
thrusting fingers.

At the same time, the cock she was stroking suddenly started firing off
stream after stream of warm jizz all over her beautiful sweaty face, some of
it landing in her open moaning mouth as she rides her own wave of pleasure.
"Mmmm I'm so hot..." She moan, licking her lips, tasting some of the cum
before she swallows it down, the last drops of cum being stroked out onto her
hand as she starts to slow down her fingers in her pussy.

Letting go off the cock, she moans a little more as she rubs the jizz all
over her face, before taking her other hand up and using her tongue to lick
her fingers clean of her own juices, popping them into her mouth and sucking
on them, still watching herself and moaning at the sexy sight of her covering
her face with creamy spunk.

"So hot... You're too hot..." Candice told herself, running her hands down
her body to squeeze her breasts as she gasped for breath, coming down for
her orgasm. "Fucking weird bitch..." Christian said, shaking his head as he
zipped up his pants and left the room "No wonder Victoria's friends with

The sound of the closed door snapped Candice, who sat upright on the couch,
looking at the door with a confused look on her face. "There was someone
there?" She turns, looking back at the mirror, seeing her cum-covered face,
licking her lips at the sight. "Mmmm Candice, you look soooo hot..."

* * *

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