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Christina And The WWF Part 1
by Bronx Bomber

It was the end of Raw is War in Hartford. Christina Aguilera was meeting
all the superstars and divas of the WWF. She ran into Lita and started to
make out with her. She felt Lita's ass and Lita felt hers. Then Stephanie
turned the corner and said,"What the hell is this?"

Christina said,"We were just getting to know one another."

"I would say it's more than that" said Steph. "Christina, come with me.
Lita go get your own bitch."

Steph then took Christina by the wrist and took her to her locker room.
There was a table up against the wall and cuffs tie to the wall next to the
table. Steph threw Christina into the room and locked the door.

Steph said "If you like meeting Lita, then you will love meeting with me."

Steph took Christina and put her up to the table and hand cuffed her hands
and feet. Steph ripped Christina's blouse and the buttons went everywhere.
Then she ripped the very tight blue bra that gave Christina the extra
clevage. Christina's breasts where very round, firm and much more real then

Then Steph got on her knees and took Christina's shirt and pulled it off
which revealed Christina's blue thong. Steph took the thong from behind
feeling Christina's firm tight ass and pulled them down. Now Christina was
totally nude. Steph went into a closet, looking for something bent over which
gave Christina a perfect view of Steph's ass. Christina couldn't believe what
was going on. She was getting so wet and horny. She wanted to rip the cuffs
off and lick Steph's pussy.

Steph found what she was looking for. It was a 15 inch dildo that looked
like it had been used many of times. Steph took the dildo and slowly pushed
it in and out of Christina's pussy.

Christina screamed, "PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT MY PUSSY!!!!!!!!!! OH GOD

Steph said, "But we must."

Steph could feel Christina's juices following down her arm and was getting
so hot. She left the dildo in Christina's pussy and took a step back. She
started to slowly strip. She slowly took of her top which revealed her fairly
average breasts.

Then she turned around and bent over, taking off her hot pink thong
showing off hertight ass. Then she walked over and took the dildo out. Then
she started to feel up Christina's breasts.

Christina started to moan,"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Steph couldn't believe that Christina was a dirty little les. Then Steph
went back down onto her knees (which she was very good at) and started to eat
Christina out.

Christina came all over Steph's face.

Then Steph unhandcuffed her and tied her to the bench face down. Steph
then started to finger Christina's ass while having the dildo shoved up her
BITCH. OH GOD YA!!!!!!!!!"

Then Steph took the dildo out and put it back in the locker. She untied
Christina and told her to get changed. We she was getting changed Steph went
into her desk taking out a blank tape. Steph said, "Her is my personal tape
just for you."

Christina took it and went to the door. Right before she left she asked Steph
which way it was to Trish's locker room. Steph said to the left, five doors

Then Christina walked outbut then lookedback to say thanks and saw Steph
fingering herself on the top of the desk. The End If you like this story and
you what me to write more you can e-mail me at and you
can leave a list of celebs that you which for me to write.

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