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Christina And The WWF Part 3
by Bronx Bomber

Now Christina had just left in her limo after having sex with Steph and
Trish and with the goodies that she was given. Christina was heading to the
hotel where Lita was to hopefully have sex. Christina remembered the little
ass grabbing the two had early in the night and was getting really horny.
She left the bag in the limo and told the driver not to go into the bag or
he was fired and to stay right there, she would be back shortly.

"Hello, is Amy Dumas here tonight" asked Christina.

"Yes" she is in room 174" said the man.

Christina walked up the stairs and onto the first floor. She was in luck,
for the door was right there. She knocked on the door and there Lita was, she
was in the middle of having sex with Matt, her boyfriend. She was covered in
tight leather clothes with a mask on and a whip. She told Matt to get the
hell out and take his clothes. She had some "business" to take care of with
Christina. So Matt left and in came Christina.

"Take off your clothes you BITCH!!!" screamed Lita. "I am your master and
you are my slave for tonight Christina, and you will do what ever I say to
do. Is that clear?"

Christina said, "Yes, of course, I would want it any otherway."

"Good. Now quickly take off all your clothes." And Christina did. "NO, I
said all of it. And Lita dropped to the ground and took Christina thong off
reliving the very wet pussy of Christina.

"Now then, get on all four" And Christina did. Now scream out to me why
you shouldn't be spanked.

"Because, I don't need to be spanked, I am a good girl."

WWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAAAACKKKKKKK. Lita spanked her with the whip.

"That's not good enough. You got to do better then that."

"Please, I shouldn't be spanked because I had sex with Britney last night
and with Steph and Trish tonight."


"Oh really, you are that dirty, well now the only way you get spanked is
if you tell me why I should." Said Lita.

"You should spank me cause I am a dirty little slut and I WANT IT!"
Screamed Christina.


"MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Screamed Christina. "MORE!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON SPANK

Lita kept on going and spanked Christina's ass until it wasbeat red.

"Now, you better lick my pussy so I cum for at least five minutes." Yelled

And Christina did so and got on her knees and started toslowly move her
tongue into Lita's pussy. Then she went deeper and deeper and with each inch
made Lita moanlouder.


Then Christina started to move her tongue around in circles.

"MORE!!!!!!!!! I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!"

So Christina then shoved her nose it the pussy which scared Lita for a
moment thenturned her on even more.

"OOOOOOOO YEAH!!! I AM GOING TO CUM!!!!!" Scream out Lita as her juices
went all over Christina's face.

Then the two started to french kiss and Lita licked her ownjuices off of
Christina's while Christina was fingering Lita's ass.


Then Lita told Christina to go do something. She told her to get changed
then to go down to the lobby and get as many men and women she could and then
they would have an orgy.

Christina got about 10 men and 15 women. Christina and Lita were the hosts
of the party. And all the pussy licking and fucking only happened to them and
they cam until 6 a.m. about every 2 minutes. Then when Christina was going to
leave, Lita gave Christina a piece of paper that had her address and her
phone number and if she ever wanted to do it again then to just call her.

The End.

If you like this story or any others that I wrote and youwant me to write
more than e-mail me at with who you want to be in the
story and if you want anything special to happenin it.

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