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Christy And AJ's Workout
A TNA erotic fan-fiction/lemon
by DaxG 2001 (

Christy Hemme was stoked for tonight. These past few months she's had many
training sessions with one of TNA's top starts, the Phenomenal AJ Styles, and
she was not only building up her own confidence but her in-ring ability as
well. If she was going to achieve her goal of getting revenge over Awesome
Kong, then she'll need to improve as much as she can. She was just glad that
she was able to train with the man who's done it all in TNA, and if there's
anyone who can teach her the ins and outs of the squared circle, it's AJ

AJ had managed to get permission for him and Christy to have the Impact Zone
all to themselves tonight for training. No cameras, no security, just him,
her, and the six sided ring for the night of no doubt vital training. And the
fiery red-head Knockout is taking this very seriously. She's dressed like
she'd be if she was wrestling a match, tight shiny red pants that hug to her
round, juicy ass, and a black top that's more like a bikini top that's tied
around the back of the neck and in the middle of her back which shows plenty
of somewhat teasing cleavage from her large, tempting breasts.

Walking through the tunnel onto the staging, she smiles as she spies AJ
already in the ring, filling in time by doing a run of the ropes. Styles is
in sneakers, black baggy pants with white lines running down the sides and a
white sleeveless tank top. It isn't until Christy climbs into the ring that
he notices her arrival, and he turns to smile at his student.

"I was wondering when you'd finally show up." Style says jokingly.
"Oh hush you mister." Christy giggles back. "I wouldn't miss this night for
anything. Come on let's get started."
"You really are eager for this aren't you? Relax Christy, it's the whole
night we've got. There's plenty of time to get everything done. We'll start
off like we usually do then go from them. You sure you're ready?"
"As I'll ever be! Come on, let's get this going!"

* * *

Hours pass as the training begins. Stretches, warm ups, basic holds and
fundamentals, everything that they'd gone over before and new tricks and
techniques Christy has started to learn and try to apply. The handsome high
flyer and the sexy rock-chick have built up quite a sweat now from their
training. Hemme's athletic, toned body glistens under the lights above, her
face slightly damp and her chest moving back and forth as she takes in sharp
breaths. Her red pants now seem even tighter, almost stuck on because of the
sweat, a faint outline of a thong visible because of this. AJ too has built
up a healthy sweat, his top ticking to his well developed six-pack abs and
chest, and perhaps slightly uncomfortably sticking to his nipples but it's
not bothering a professional like Styles.

The two TNA stars are standing up, almost sizing each other up but it's just
a bit of role playing of sorts, as they're acting out a sequence of moves
like it's a real match.

"OK, we're going to lock up, then I'll go for the go behind..." AJ explains
as Christy intently listens. "Now when I'm there, I want you to try and
escape just like I taught you. Now if that doesn't work, I'll roll you over
into a different hold and you try and escape that. It's just like we've done
before, but try and figure it out for yourself, OK sweetheart?"

Christy smiles, AJ has been a sweet talker to get her to try something. Plus
it never hurts that he's a good looking guy either, a bonus with the
teaching. Shaking such thoughts away for the moment, she gives him a smirk
before bringing her arms up to him and engaging, locking up with him in a
collar and elbow. With ease AJ slips out and around, putting his hands around
her for a waist lock. She lets out a little hiss, hands straight down onto
his wrists but of course she doesn't have the strength to break free.
Instead, she starts to bend forward, spreading her legs as far apart as she
can while trapped in the hold, intending to reach between then to grab one of
AJ's legs to sweep him off like he's taught her.

But AJ becomes pretty distracted at this points. Even for a veteran of TNA
and a true professional like him, having to put your hands around the very
toned and seductive abdominal of Christy's is hard enough, but with her
exposed midriff all sweaty it's all that more hard to keep control. But now
Christy is bending over and unintentionally pressing her shapely behind right
up into his crotch. Styles looks down as Hemme tries in vain to reach through
to free herself and as she squirms, she's rubbing her butt into his pants and
the thin material of the red clothing offers little cushion so she might as
well be putting her ass only encased in her tiny thong up into him. His
breathing gets a little heavier, his grip loosening a little as out of reflex
his hips press forward to go up against her rear end and even he knows he
can't really stop himself even if he wanted to. Not from moving himself or
keeping his hold on her, he can't stop himself from getting excited and hard
in his workout pants.

Unaware of what she was doing to the man who's been training her, Christy had
been grunting out of frustration as she tried to reach back to free herself.
But no matter how much she wiggled and squirmed, she couldn't get out. But
she came to a stop when she started to feel something pressing against her
butt cheeks through the material of her clothing. For a naughty, sexy woman
as she sometimes is, she knows all too well what a cock is when it's up
against her. It was AJ, he was getting hard right up to her in what was
supposed to be a simple learning hold. And Christy started to bite her lip,
because it felt like that the growing bulge was quite sizeable, quite thick,
and she imagined if it kept growing would be quite long. The way it was
slightly rubbing right in between her ass cheeks, almost teasing against her
tiny thong through her pants, felt just about perfect.

The slightly sweat-covered redhead let her naughty, playful, and most of all
horny side take over, all she could think about was trying to find out how
hard and long her trainer could get. So moving her hands away from between
her legs, she placed them on her thighs. Letting out a tiny little sigh,
Christy began to slowly sway her hips from side to side, teasingly grinding
her behind into AJ's crotch, this time intentionally. The effect was almost
instant and had her holding back a smile as she was sure she felt his manhood
twitch slightly as it continued to grow, being at least half erect if not
more. Styles was mesmerized by the hard to resist sight of the Knockout's
butt rubbing against her package through his pants, staring down and watching
is slowly move from side to side up on him. If he realized it or not, his
hands had now stopped holding onto the waistlock, and were now moving back
around so they rested on her hips. Feeling this, Christy took it as a sign
that he was thinking the same as she was, so with a sly smirk she flipped her
hair sexily back to look over her shoulder at him, grabbing his attention as
they locked eyes.

This seemed to snap AJ out of the trance he was in, suddenly remembering
where he was and what he was supposed to be doing here. Christy squealed a
little as AJ's hands went back down and grabbed her in the waistlock before
he lifted her up in the amateur-style way, bring her down to the canvas in an
attempt to try and maintain the training session. But this only made the
situation do further away from where it started at. Now Christy has been
brought to her hands and knees down on the canvas of the six sided ring, and
AJ is literally on top of her, his body pressed hers as he holds her and once
more, is crotch is pressed against her ass. They both let out a low groan,
the friction causing very slight pleasure to run through them, and now both
of their breathing is getting a little heavier and deeper as lusty emotions
start to cloud the air.

Not missing a beat, and now defiantly wanting to get her trainer rock hard in
his pants, Christy begins to slowly rock back and forth in this position,
moving forward only to push her ass softly back into the bulge of his still
growing erection through his pants. AJ's mind is going through a whirlwind as
he stays on top of the sexy, sassy redhead who is rocking like he's fucking
her doggy style. The professional in him wants this to end to get back to the
training, but that little voice is being screamed down by the one telling her
to give this tomboy tease what she wants and give it to her hard. And
speaking of hard, his pants are now straining as his fully hard and very long
cock presses between her perfect ass cheeks, just begging to be let loose on
the redhead simulating sex through a very effective dry humping of sorts. In
fact, Christy might be doing this to turn herself on more than just AJ as she
lets out a moan, pleasure is beginning to form that's making her tiny thong
start to dampen inside her tight, sticking to her tanned legs pants.

Christy closes her eyes, feeling AJ's hands again move away from the
pointless now waistlock and to her hips again, but she lets out a groan of
disappointment as Styles begins to roll her over in a last ditch attempt to
keep this back in a training session. But now Hemme breaks free from his
hands, turning around and forcefully shoving him back down against the mat.
AJ blinks in surprise, but he then moans when Christy quickly moves up over
him, straddling his crotch so that again his cock that's still poking through
his pants is resting against her butt. With a look that's almost like a
predator that's captured it's prey, Christy grins down at Styles as she
teasingly moves herself up and down, rubbing her ass against his package as
he keeps his gaze on hers, meeting his slightly shocked, slightly lusty gaze
with her seductive stare. Moving her hands down, she runs them over his
chest, playfully lifting up the bottom of his tanktop slightly with a sly
smile on her desirable, thick lips.

"AJ..." She says, her voice low and seductive as she continues to move her
shapely behind against his package. "I know you're supposed to be teaching
me... But maybe you could let me teach you a couple of things?"
"Christy... Uh..." Not since the crush on Karen has Styles been so nervous.
"I'm flattered that you'd want to, you know, with me, but..."
Making a "Shhh..." sound, the hot rocker Knockout leans forward, putting a
finger on her lips as her nose is barely an inch away from his. "AJ, I want
to fuck. I want to fuck right now, right here in the TNA ring in the Impact
Zone. I want to fuck you, I want you to fuck me, and neither of us are going
anywhere until we do. And that's not a request AJ. Now cut the worried shit
and show me how fucking Phenomenal you can really be!"

Before AJ could answer, Christy took his face in hands and forcefully pressed
her lips to his in a sudden kiss that made his eyes go wide. With passion
Hemme pushes her tongue forward, forcing it inside his mouth and dominating
his as she almost kisses his face off. But she groans into his mouth when he
finally gets into it, kissing back and making his tongue dance with hers as
they make out on the canvas of the ring seen weekly on Impact, in the very
same arena its taped in. His hands move around her, reaching her ass and with
a hand on each cheek her squeezes hard, again creating another moan from her
to travel into his mouth, also responding by stroking the sides of his
handsome face with her soft hands. Surprising him, she pulls back a little,
capturing his tongue in her mouth so she can suck on it for a moment, her
eyes full of lust as she watches his reaction which is clearly one of
enjoyment. Letting go, a little trail of saliva hangs between his tongue and
her mouth, which breaks when the redhead licks her lips.

Leaning all the way back so it looks like she's in a cowgirl position,
Christy shows off a little, arching her body while flipping her hair back
with a nearly devilish moan, pushing her ass back into AJ's hands to
encourage him to squeeze her for the moment. Seeing the smile on his face,
she's glad he's getting the less that subtle hints and body language she's
been using, so she decides to reward him. Reaching back, she takes his hands
off of her, and leans forward to put his hands above his head. She then moves
her hands back down, taking a hold of the bottom of his tanktop, before
starting to pull it upward and towards his head. Leaning up from the canvas a
little, he allows her to strip him of his top, fully revealing his sweat
covered and well defined chest and six-pack abs. She bites her bottom lip a
little as she looks over him, unashamedly running his hands over his chest
and letting her fingers touch every part of him, causing the multi-time
Triple Crown winner in TNA to moan a little in response.

Not stopping here, Christy shifts her body down a little, leaning forward at
the same time which for a moment allows Styles to catch a glimpse of her more
than ample cleavage. Flipping her hair back expertly to let him see exactly
what she's up to, the sexy redhead flicks her tongue out, playfully batting
it against his right nipple. AJ gasps for a moment, moaning as he's clearly
not used to this treatment before, and the reaction makes Hemme grin broadly.
She slowly drags her wet, experienced tongue right across his chest in an
almost perfect straight line until she reaches his other nipple. Here she
trails her tongue around it like she was licking a lollypop, getting it nice
and wet before lowering her head down and taking it inside her mouth. As she
gently sucked on it, AJ moaned at the experience, moving a hand up and
running through her flaming red hair which in turn made Christy moan in
enjoyment, her eyes closing for a moment as she let go of the grip her lips
had on his nipple. Pushing her head up to his hand, hoping the motion would
encourage him to continue and do it again, and she was pleasantly surprised
when he went further by grabbing a handful of hair and pulling her upward so
she had to move up. With a happy gasp and a saucy look she grinned as she was
now face to face with AJ again who was giving him back pretty much the same
look which only served to increase the wetness she felt down below.

With a slight moan she tried to engage in another lusty kiss but only
succeeded in brushing her tongue against his lips as he held her back up with
the grip on her hair, making her gasp with a sweet little yelp, the grin on
her face never leaving for a moment.

"You want to fuck?" AJ lets his confidence shine through, moving his other
hand over her leg to her ass to squeeze it. "Then get those damn clothes off
and show me what you've got."
Christy responds with a sexy cat-like purr as AJ lets go of her hair, and
playfully swats his hand away when he does. Leaning back up, she takes a hold
of the bottom of her top, easily pulling it up and over her head, tossing it
aside into the ropes and not caring if it went through them to the outside.
Styles licks his lips as he watches her large breasts bounce free from their
encasing, looking so much better in real life than they did in Playboy.
Perfectly tanned all over with lovely sized nipples to top them which are
already rock hard and just asking to be touched, if just at that.

It would be rude to turn them or this horny woman who hasn't been shy at
wanting to be taken right in the very ring where they both shed their blood,
sweat and tears week after week. AJ rises up so that Christy is still on top
of him but now sitting in his lap, and Hemme welcomes him in by resting her
hands on his shoulders. Wasting no time, his hands go right to her tits,
cupping them and making her moan at the touch. Squeezing and playing with her
soft, plentiful chest is turning her on even more, hard to believe
considering what's all led up to this impromptu sexual session. She arches
her body, held tilted back slightly and her breasts pushed forward closer
towards him. Moving his head closer, he takes full advantage and starts to
flick his tongue around her left tit, greedily lapping around it like it's an
ice cream on a red hot day. She softly coos as he opens is mouth, taking the
nipple in and sucking on it with just the right amount of force to make Hemme
think that AJ's reading her mind.

Her hands grip her shoulders as she feels his tongue slightly pat the
underside of her sensitive nipple, slightly digging into his skin as she
hisses in enjoyment to his oral work. Not forgetting his hard tool that's
still pitching a tent in his pants, she pushes her plump rump back to rub
against his encased package, slowly dragging it back and forth across it.
This makes AJ moan, audible when he lifts his mouth off to switch over to the
left breast to give it the identical treatment of tongue work all over the
tit and then sucking away on its nipple like it's a straw in a milkshake.

She groans, eyes closed and her head titled right back so her hair hangs back
while she runs her hands over the back of AJ's head. If he's this good with
his tongue, she can't wait to find out how he uses that big stick he's
packing in his pants. So much so in fact, she moves a hand back to reach back
behind her, fumbling blindly behind her until she takes a hold of his package
through his pants, moving her hand all over it to try and mentally size him
up. She can tell he's big, very big and more than able to no doubt make her
explode all over him over and over. AJ groans around her tits, the random
strokes and gropes through the clothing still giving him a little pleasure.
His hands squeeze her boobs, rolling them around and slightly pushing them
together as he plants a couple of little kisses over her chest, collecting a
mixture of her sweat and the saliva from his tongue onto his lips.

"AJ..." Christy groans, pushing him back and away from her so he's lying on
the canvas again. "Pants off. Now!" She says with a sexy grin, putting on a
little show by running her hands up her body to her tits, squeezing them
while looking down at him.
"Then get your prick teasing ass off of me and get your pants the hell off as
well." He answers back with a grin.
"I'm not a prick tease!" She says with unconvincing innocence as she stands
up from him, as she's still got the saucy, come over here and fuck me look on
her face.

Christy takes a few steps away from him, making sure she has her back turned
to him as he too stands up. Hooking the waistband of her tight, red pants she
slowly begins to lower them along with her tiny thong, bending over as she
puts on another show by revealing her incredible round ass that's covered in
sweat to make is seductively shine. As she lowers them down, her lovely,
long, and athletic legs are also covered in sweat which only makes them more
of a turn on. She soon kicks off her boot and then her pants completely to
leave her standing completely naked so her completely tanned all over body is
in full view, including her smoothly shaved pussy which looks to be very wet
and certainly not from sweat.

She turns around, wondering if she managed to get him going with her little
show, but all her attention turns to the naked form of AJ Styles who's
ditched his clothing, and he stands smirking with his hands on his hips. His
full, thick, foot long cock is standing proud and hard, and in her lust-
filled mind it's pointing straight at her to tell her to come over and get
it. Grinning back at him, Christy starts to strut over to him, ideas floating
through her mind as what to do with this fine piece of fuck meat and most of
all where it can go inside her.

She comes up to him, taking a hold of one of her legs and lifting up,
performing a standing, cheerleader like split. AJ is confused for a moment
but seeing her using her other hand to reach between her legs and spread
apart her wet pussy lips apart, he smiles and comes forward. Lining his cock
up with her entrance he slowly pushes forward, and they both moan loudly as
he slips the head of his tool inside. Even though Christy is soaking wet down
there, her pussy is extremely tight, wonderfully so, and combined with his
size and girth, they will both need time to get used to the other. AJ reaches
around her to hold her by the waist to keep her steady and standing, as he
continues to slowly work his might shaft into her wet and welcoming hole.
Hemme moans erotically as she looks at him, keeping her leg held up in the
split while the other keeps her pussy spread open for Styles. She closes her
eyes, licking her lips as she feels her being gradually filled up inch by
inch by the dick of one of TNA's greatest stars.

With around half of his meaty cock snugly fitting inside her tightness, AJ
starts to pump himself in and out of her, slowly pushing his hips forward and
backward. He moans, loving the tight pussy clamping around his shaft that's
not easily letting him get all the way in. Already his dick is getting
covered in her juices, adding to the smoothness of his thrusts so he can
easily build a steady rhythm to fuck her.

"Oh shit AJ..." Christy moans, looking across at the stud who minutes ago was
jut her friend and trainer in wrestling, who was now pumping her damp snatch
with his huge dick. "You are huge!" She says with a pleasurable laugh,
moaning as she feels her pussy beginning to adjust to the size of the cock
inside her, allowing another inch inside so now it already feels like she's
fuller than she's ever been.
"Fucking hell Christy..." Styles moans, his hand moving onto her ass cheek to
hold and squeeze it, the other stroking up the leg that's extended up in the
split to also keep her standing in this position. "You are so tight!"
"Oh God, you're just so damn hung!" She groans back, her hand moving up to
grope her breast to add even more pleasure to herself.

Her boobs are beginning to bounce slightly from the thrusts of AJ, having
worked most of his shaft inside her soaking slot and using strong, steady
thrusts to pound the sexy former WWE Diva who's showing superb flexibility by
remaining in a standing splits while being fucked for so long. They are both
moaning, enjoying the sexual pleasure the other is causing. Now they are both
starting to sweat more in addition to what was built up during the real
workout, eyes closed as they let themselves enter a world of pleasure so they
don't even take into account that they're in the middle of a wrestling ring
in the empty building where they earn a living each week.

Christy gasps, eyes going wide for a moment before they start to roll back
slightly in her head, her mouth slightly open as she enters another zone. AJ
has pushed fully inside her, all of his thick twelve inches now buried deep
inside her tight, wet pussy and his balls touching her skin. With a moan he
pulls out so that half of his shaft remains in her, and he then slams himself
back into her so his nutsack slaps into her skin, the sound of flesh on flesh
echoing around the empty building. The stunning redhead wonders if she'll be
able to keep standing as she's feeling weak at the knees both from the
increasing pleasure she's getting and from the pressure of his pounding
movements into her. But Styles is questioning himself as well, the both of
them had used up quite a bit of energy working out and were already sweating,
but now it's going to be that the cleaners tomorrow will wonder what kind of
intense workout these two had gone through, and they certainly wouldn't guess
it was a lusty sex session. He'd never been in a snatch so tight in all his
life, and as hot and great as it is, he knows he's not going to last too much

"Oh fuck!" Christy moans, gasping for breath as feels an explosion building
up inside her loins. "Give it to me AJ! Give me that fucking huge cock!"
"Mmmm shit..." He grunts, not holding back now as she's slamming into her
tight hole with sharp, hard thrusts that would make her wonder if he's trying
to rip right through her if she could think straight right now. "So fucking
"Yes! Yes AJ! Feels so damn... Ahhhh!" She lets out a loud, long moan as she
reaches her peak and lets rip.

Her pussy clamps around AJ's thick shaft as she starts to cum hard over it,
her pussy juices flowing out all over his cock and the down her leg as some
drips down landing on the canvas in the pool of liquid that's formed since
they started fucking. She moans shamelessly, her hand cupping and playing
with her tits so she can ride out her orgasm for as long as possible, eyes
closed and her mouth shaped in a very sexy `O'. But her vice-like snatch
clamping around his tool is too much for AJ to handle. He groans, unable to
warn her as he too starts to cum. Christy groans and gasps as she feels his
thick load starting to shoot up and deep inside her cunt, providing an
aftershock of pleasure as she grinds her pussy slightly against his crotch.
AJ licks his lips, feeling his cock emptying inside her fire crotch to fill
her up to the brim with a huge, creamy load of spunk.

With a sigh of relief, AJ pulls his now already half-limp cock out of her,
and now spent from their fucking session both he and Christy fall down to the
mat. Breathing heavily and covered in sweat, they are both smiling from
having fully enjoyed an impromptu sexual moment. For Christy it's even more,
as she reaches down in between her legs to her pussy, easily pushing a couple
of fingers inside so she can scoop up some of AJ's cum that he fired into her
box. He brings it up to her mouth, sucking the spunk off and swallowing it
down with a moan.

For a few moments they just stay down, before AJ turns over first to look
over at her. He smiles. "I think we covered a lot of basics tonight..."
Looking over, Christy smiles back. "Next time we need to go onto something
_ _ _

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