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a ThePac story in association a highlight reel production with help and ideas
from wwekiller

Christy Cleans Up For Orton
by ThePac

After his Team won at Survivor Series Randy Orton is now taking his week as
general manager of Raw. He has already set up a 3 on 1 match with him and his
team taking on Triple H and he has given Real and Eugene a tag title shot.
Sitting back in his luxury office Orton takes off his shoes and socks as he
starts to get ready for his match when there is a knock at the door.

"Come in," Orton says as in walks the beautiful red head Christy Hemme in a
tiny French maid outfit.

Orton's jaw drops as he takes a good look at the Raw Diva search winner in
her sexy outfit. Her big boobs are sticking out in her tiny black top and
Orton grins as he can see Christy's nipples rock hard pushing against her
top. Round her hips is a white lacy apron and under it is a tiny black skirt
that barely covers her black thong underwear. Black silk stockings cover her
long tanned legs and the outfit is finished off with 3 inch black heels on
her feet. Randy can't help but admire her outfit, as his cock grows hard
under his dress pants making a bulge that Christy can clearly see.

"Hi Mr. general manager but its time for a good clean," Christy says in her
sexist voice flicking her pink feather duster at him.

She walks over to his big oak table and pushes all the papers off it. After
clearing the desk Christy leans over it to clean the drawers on the other
side of the table. Bent over Christy's skirt slides up her legs exposing her
brown tanned ass in a tiny thong to Orton. The youngest world champion groans
at the amazing view in front of him as he rubs his rock hard dick though his
pants. Christy puts the feather duster down and pulls out a cloth and moves
from side to side cleaning the table. This makes her ass shake from side to
side and Orton licks his lips and moves behind her. He rests his throbbing
erection against her tiny thong panties and Christy groans at his hard cock
rubbing against her ass. She stops cleaning as Orton starts to push his hips
into her heart shaped ass driving his erection into her crack. Moaning and
groaning Christy drops her cloth and turns around to face Orton and she grabs
his belt and undoes it. Randy gins at the young diva as she moves his zipper
down and lowers both his pants and boxers making his 9-inch cock pop out.
Orton watches Christy's eyes open wide as she stares at his big, thick cock.
Using her middle finger Christy draws a line up from his balls all the way up
the base of his shaft up to his dick head. His whole cock jerks from the soft
sensitive touch of French maid Christy who hopes off the table as Orton kicks
his pants and boxers off his feet.

"My this looks very dirty I'm going to have to take some time cleaning this
up," Christy says staring at Orton before dropping down to her knees in front
of his.

Randy Orton moans loudly as Christy grabs his cock in her right hand and
slowly starts to jerk off the Raw GM. Rubbing her hand up and down Orton's
shaft Christy grins as her thumb touches the underside of Orton's dick making
him moan. His knees are shaking as Christy works with a very slow handjob
that is so good little beads of sweat are appearing on Orton's forehead. Her
hand is so soft that it just glides across his shaft so smooth and silky that
makes Orton groan in sexual frustration. Christy loves teasing men with
handjobs and seeing the pleasure on Orton's face is making Christy wet.
Orton's cock is twitching after every pump and when the Legend Killer looks
down at Christy who is jerking him off makes him groan louder. Christy puts a
slutty look on her face and stare into Orton's eyes as she increases the pace
o her hand making Orton's knees buckle. He slaps his hands onto the oak table
to save himself from falling over as Christy keeps pumping away on his cock.
Getting a firm grip on the top of Orton's cock Christy leans down and starts
rubbing Randy's dick all over her face leaving make up marks on his cock.
Looking down at Christy rubbing his cock on her face gets Orton very excited.
A bit of pre cum shoots out over Christy's cheek making the bubbly red head
giggle as she can feel his warm seamen on her face. Leaving the cum on
Christy now licks her cherry red lips and aims Orton's monster cock at her
wide open mouth. Flicking her tongue out at Orton's cock head makes him moan
as the young wrestler watches Christy slowly move his cock into her mouth.

Inch after inch Christy like some bizarre sword eater takes in Orton's cock
slowly but hears his cries of joy as his cock slides into her hot mouth. She
takes all 9 inches into her mouth and she moans at how big it feels in her
mouth as she can barely close her mouth fully and she is sure his cock head
is rubbing against the back of her throat. Using her long pink tongue Christy
careful licks the side of Orton's shaft making him gasp and makes his entire
cock flinch from her soft sensitive touch. Enjoying teasing Randy with her
tongue Christy licks the under side of Orton's dick making his moans louder
and deeper. Breathing though her nose Christy now bobs her head backwards
slightly covering Orton's cock with her saliva. Slowly rocking her head back
and forth on Orton's thick shaft is hard work even for an experienced
cocksucker like Christy who can feel the sides of her mouth being stretched.
Orton is holding back from thrusting inside the red head so as not to hurt
her but more because she was giving a great blowjob and Orton wanted nothing
more than to cum down his new maid's throat. Turning round slowly Orton takes
his hands off the table and rests his bare ass against the wood so he can use
his hands to stroke Christy's hair. Moaning as Orton touches her hair Christy
starts to turn up the pace of her bobbing making her lips smack against
Orton's cock with a soft noise than turns Christy on even more. Her thing
thong panties are dripping all over the dark green carpet as she sucks Randy
Orton's big dick.

"MMMMMMMMM god Christy that feels so good keep going babe," Orton says in a
raspy voice trying to stop himself from crying out.

Christy's hand reaches up and cups Orton's balls giving them a gentle massage
in her soft palm. Having never had his balls touched before Orton's loud
groan is one of pleasure and shock as his horny little red head plays with
his balls. He looks down at Christy bobbing on his cock Orton turns his head
left and finds he can look right down her small top. Staring at those big
round boobs is turning Orton on even more as yet more pre cum squirts out of
his dick and slides down Christy's throat. Feeling how close Orton is Christy
stops bobbing and takes Orton's cock right down her gullet deepthroating the
former world champ. Felling his cock right down Christy's throat takes Orton
to the edge and the young star starts moaning harder and louder. Using every
little trick she knows Christy sucks and licks on Orton's big cock hoping to
make him cum. More loud moaning from Orton as Christy slurps on his cock like
an ice pop and he digs his nails into the table as sweat stains his purple
dress shirt. Dragging her tongue along Randy's shaft Christy suddenly bobs
her head hard along his cock.

"OH FUCK CHRISTY I'M CUMMING," Orton screams as he loses control and shoots a
load in Christy's mouth.

Clamping down on his cock Christy makes sure to let of off Orton's cum into
her mouth and she moans as she feels his hot cum trailing down her throat.
Like a good little maid she swallows every last drop before taking Orton's
cock out of her sore mouth. Orton stages off the table and falls onto his
leather sofa his head still spinning from that mind-blowing blowjob. Looking
up Orton watches his sexy maid walk towards him with cum around her lips,
which she licks up. Thinking quickly Orton grabs Christy by her hips and
lifts the tiny red head up onto his lap and kisses her soft lips. He can feel
how damp her panties are under her skirt as her crotch rubs his sore cock.
Grinning at her Randy runs his hands along her toned mid section before
grabbing the bottom of her shirt. Teasingly Orton pulls the flimsy material
up over Christy's boobs and up off her head. Christy shakes her long red hair
out but Orton's eyes are only for her big tits. Her tits are nice and tanned
and Orton draws his eyes to her large pink nipples, which are erect and
sticking out teasing him. Taking Orton's wrists Christy guides his hands to
her boobs and moans as the young wrestler digs his fingers into her soft
tits. Christy's tits are very sensitive and feeling Orton's hands slowly
grope them is making Christy even wetter. She can feel her own juices leaking
though her thong and onto the expensive sofa but Orton soon takes her mind
off that as he plays with her firm tits. Groping her large tits in his hands
Orton squeezes her boobs together making Christy moan.

She kicks her high heels off her stocking feet and then tears off Orton's
dress shirt sending buttons flying everywhere. Both of them are now topless
as Orton plays with her big tits rubbing then between his fingers feeling her
hot pussy lying on to of his semi hard cock. Leaning his head in Randy sticks
out his tongue and gently flicks it against Christy's rock hard nipple.

"Oh god Randy that feels so good don't stop," Christy moans as Orton starts
licking on her large pink nipples.

Arching her back Christy pushes her chest forward allowing Orton a better
shot and licking her nipples. He drags his tongue across her sensitive boobs
before lightly ticking her nipple with his tongue. Christy's moans and groans
are getting louder and louder as Orton takes Christy's tit in his mouth and
starts to suck on her hard nipple. Christy's well-manicured nails dig into
Orton's short black hair as he plays with her nipples making her hotter and
wetter. Her thong is nearly soaked clean though and in her aim of getting off
Christy rocks her body back and forth rubbing her wet pussy over Orton's semi
hard cock. Orton groans into Christy's rack as he feels the horny red head
rubbing her pussy against him and wanting to keep some control over this fuck
session Orton playfully bites down on her boob. Instead of screams of pain
Christy explodes with shouts of joy as she feels Orton's white teeth sink
into her soft nipple. Christy loves a bit of rough fucking and to her delight
Orton clamps down on her other nipple too making her throw her head back and
cry out his name. Randy loves the sound of Christy's moans as he brings her
forward kissing her on the lips again feeling her strong back before standing
up with Christy still on his lap. Putting Christy back down on the sofa Orton
guides her so she is lying on her back before breaking his lip lock. Moving
down he kisses her neck then her chest before kissing in between her boobs
making Christy giggle.

Orton kisses all the way down her toned mid section even stopping a few times
to kiss her belly button before he reaches the top of her skirt. Easily
ripping away her lacy apron Orton grabs the side of Christy's skirt and pulls
it down her toned legs before letting her kick it away into the corner.
Christy is now lying there in front of Randy Orton dressed in some sheer
stocking and a dripping wet thong. She smiles as she looks at the lustful
look on Randy's face and when he sees the slutty look on her face he rubs his
hand softly over her panties. Gasping Christy bucks her hips trying to get
more touch from Orton's palm but her moves his hand away smiling before
leaning over and kissing the damp patch on her panties. Orton rubs his hand
over Christy's wet panties again but this time he slides his hand up until he
grabs hold of the waistband. Slowly Orton pulls her panties down pass her
shaved pussy and Orton licks his lips at the sight of her bare dripping wet
pussy lips. Her smell is intoxicating to him and Orton's cock starts to grow
hard again as he pulls Christy's panties down her legs. Christy moans as the
cold air touches her wet pussy and she makes an impenitent groan at Orton who
is still stripping her. After he takes her panties off her feet and throws
them away Randy grabs Christy's ankles and spreads her legs out wide. Moving
up in between her spread legs Orton winks at the sexually frustrated red head
before diving face first into her cunt. Christy cries out as Orton pushes his
face into her pussy getting her juices all over his face before pushing his
tongue in between the folds of skin covering her pussy.

Screaming loudly Christy lies back and moans as she can feel Orton's tongue
inside her pussy. No licks but instead Orton's tongue is darting around
inside of her licking every inch of her pussy making Christy rock from side
to side in pleasure. Orton digs his fingers into her hips to try and hold
Christy still as his tongue works over her sweet tasting pussy. Christy runs
her fingers though her long red hair as Orton eats out her pussy making her
moan and groan as his tongue plunges deep inside her. Randy flicks and licks
at ever inch of Christy's pussy feeling the heat on his face and tasting her
sweet pre cum. Moving his hands Orton cups her firm round ass cheeks tilting
her hips up allowing him to push his tongue deeper inside her. As soon as he
pushes his tongue into her again Orton hits Christy's clit making the Diva
cry out in ecstasy. His tongue laps away at her clit until Christy moans and
cries before losing herself in a powerful orgasm. Orton holds her steady as
she thrashes around cumming all over Orton's face and on his leather sofa.
After a few minutes Christy stops and relaxes back down allowing Orton to let
go of her ass cheeks and lift his head up. Even in her weak state Christy
moans, as she looks a pretty boy Orton with his face covered in cum. Grinning
Orton licks up the mess on his face then gently licks Christy's inner thighs
cleaning them up as well. He stands up and Christy's eyes are drawn to the
young wrestler's cock which is erect again and swinging around a few feet in
front of her.

"Oh look Mr. Orton your still not clean yet, would you like me to get that,"
Christy asks in her cutest innocent girl's voice making Orton's cock bob just
from the sound.

"Well if you're ready to go again I have a few positions I have always wanted
you in," Orton says with his trademark cocky grin as he helps the red head up
to her feet.

Christy pulls down her stockings and kicks them off leaving her completely
naked and stood in the middle of Orton's office. Randy leads her over to the
side of the sofa where he pushes her over the soft leather arm. Giggling like
a school girl Christy bends over fully sticking her big booty in the air even
giving it a little shake until Orton gives her a little spank making her
jump. Grabbing her hips tightly Orton spreads Christy's legs and slowly
pushes his cock head into her pussy. Christy groans as her pussy is nicely
lubed up with her own juices giving Orton's monster cock easy access. Inch
after inch Orton slides into Christy's pussy listening to her load groans of
joy before he gets all 9 inches inside her. Her pussy is so tight lightly
squeezing his cock making him moan lightly before he puts his hands on
Christy's round ass. Giving her big booty a few spanks Orton starts bucking
his hips teasing his cock in and out of her. Spanking her a little bit harder
with one hand Randy reaches forward grabbing Christy's long hair and pulling
her head back.

"Tell me who much you want it," Orton tells her in a low groan that makes
Christy groan as Orton pushes his cock deep inside her.

"Oh Randy I want you to fuck my tight pussy, I want you to cum all over my
sexy body," Christy says throwing her head back as Orton's thrusts are
getting faster and harder.

Orton's balls smack against the back of Christy's thighs making a loud noise
that is making Christy groan loudly. Her pussy was very tender after her
large orgasm but Orton's cock felt so good Christy ignored the pain and
concentrated on Orton fucking her. Randy slaps her big round ass a few more
times seeing his handprint appears on her brown skin before he wraps his long
arms around her mid section. More load cries from Christy as Orton leans
forward to hug her pushing his cock further against her clit. Looking to the
side Christy sees a mirror on the wall and admires herself all sweaty and
naked bent over a sofa and being fucked from behind. Orton kisses Christy's
back sending a trail of soft kisses down her spine as his hands reach up and
gropes her big boobs. Pulling and playing with her boobs Orton starts to pump
his hips faster driving his thick cock into Christy's wet cunt. She grips her
nails into the expensive leather as Orton picks up the pace and starts
ramming his cock inside her. Randy's hips bounce off her ass and each thrust
knocks Christy forward and it moves the sofa forward as well. Not only is
Christy getting a firm fucking from behind but her sensitive tits are also
being played with. Orton is pulling them out then pushing them together
making one big boob sandwich before his fingers twirl around her rock hard
nipples. Christy hasn't felt this horny in a long time and loves having Orton
fuck her while playing with her tits.

"Oh god Randy you are the fucking best fuck me hard you big stud," Christy
moans as Orton pumps into her.

"Yeah baby you love being fucked like a cheap little slut don't you," Orton
whispers into her ear as he fucks her hard.

"I'm your little slut Randy, I love being fucked by your big hard cock,"
Christy screams as Orton pulls on her nipples.

"MMMMMM wanna prove you're my real slut," Orton says pulling out of Christy
and moving across the carpet.

Christy groans as Orton pulls out and walks away but her anger disappears
when Orton lies down on the floor his big cock sticking up in the air.

"Do you want me to get on top of your big cock Mr. Orton," Christy asks in
her most innocent voice.

Orton groans at the sexy talk of the red head, "Yes Christy I want you to
bounce on my cock like the true little slut that you are."

Gigging Christy jumps up off the sofa and bounces over to Orton standing over
his hard dick. Lowering herself down Christy keeps on looking straight at
Orton as she drops down onto his cock. Crying out as Orton's dick head slips
inside her dripping wet cunt. Both of them grunt and groan as pleasure shoots
though them and Christy carries on lowering herself down on Randy's big dick.
Once she has all 9 inches of Orton's dick inside her Christy rests her hands
on Orton's chiseled mid section then slowly starts to grind her sexy body up
and down. Orton groans hard as she feels Christy's soaking wet pussy rubbing
up against his shaft wetting it with her own juices. Watching a hottie like
Christy bouncing on his dick is such a sexy look for Randy to have as she
holds her sweaty legs keeping her steady as she bounces up and down on his
cock. Bouncing higher and harder Christy plays with her own big boobs'
knowing how much Orton likes her big tits. Feeling Orton's thick member
inside her as she bounces on it is taking Christy to another orgasm but she
keeps back her growing feelings of lust to pleasure Orton. Orton closes his
eyes as pleasure floods his system with Christy Hemme bouncing up and down on
his hard pole. She looks so sexy covered in sweat her boobs bouncing around
and her tight pussy sliding up and down his cock is one of the best feelings
of Orton's life.

"MMMMMM fuck Christy you are so fucking good," Orton growls as he feels his
balls tighten up with pre cum dripping inside Christy.

"Yeah baby I'm such a hot sweaty sexy slut," Christy moans as she bounces
higher and harder on Orton's cock.

Moaning loudly Orton starts bucking his hips helping Christy bounce but more
because he knows he can't hold out for much longer and he wants to enjoy
Christy's fucking for as long as he can. When Orton starts thrusting himself
into her cunt Christy groans as Orton's cock hits her cum soaked clit sending
shocks though her whole body. Now both of them are on the edge of cumming and
are both going like mad to make sure the other gets as much pleasure as they
can give. Grunting Orton angles his hips up giving her and better fucking and
after his first thrusts hits her G spot Christy stops bouncing and moans out

"Fuck Randy that is so goods please fuck me I'll make it up I promise,"
Christy begs the former world champion.

Orton's answer is not verbal but he backs his hips and starts bouncing
Christy Hemme on his lap making her scream in pleasure as Orton fucks her.
That tight damp pussy is all the motivation Randy needs to keep fucking his
red haired slut and he pushes in deep. Crying out one last time Christy digs
her nails into Orton's abs before crying out for her second orgasm. Christy
shakes and cums all over Orton's cock and hips leaving a stain on the carpet
below them. All tired out Christy drops onto Orton's chest and kisses his

"That was so good Mr. Orton I think your all clean," Christy pants trying to
get her breath back.

Orton grins and rolls over putting Christy on his back before standing up and
moves across the room. He picks up Christy's damp black thong and starts to
jerk his throbbing cock with them. Christy gets up to her knees still to
tired to get to her feet watching Orton jerk himself off with her panties.

"Stick that big teasing chest out you little slut I'm going to clean you up,"
Orton says with a grin as he slides her panties faster and faster over his

Grinning Christy pushes her chest out watching Orton glide her cum soaked
panties over his dick aiming at her big chest. Just a few more pumps and
Orton is on the edge. Groaning and moaning Orton looks at Christy's big chest
and the look on her sweaty face. He moans and shoots a thick stream of cum at
Christy who closes her eyes as his hot sticky cum hits her chest. Wave after
wave of cum lands on her big chest soaking her tits in cum making her look
like a porn star and once Orton is spend he falls back onto his sofa. Christy
is still knelling down her big chest covered in cum before she slowly gets to
her feet and takes a taste of the cum on her chest and smiles at the one
night only GM.

"Now then Christy go get changed and cleaned up I have an idea in the ring at
it involves all the other Divas backstage so go get them," Orton says looking
a naked cum covered Christy over.

"Oh and I think tonight my hotel room will be very dirty so I'll need you to
come over and spend the night cleaning me up time after time after time,"
Orton grins.

Christy walks to the door and winks at Orton before leaving Orton to his
office and his thoughts of how good it is to be general manager.


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