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Christy Takes The Mexicool Challenge
by Kristi & Frederick "Dice" Casden
( AIM Name: FredCasden)

On the first Smackdown after the 2005 No Mercy, the Legion of Doom, being
managed by Christy Hemme teamed up with the Mexicools against MNM and the
team of William Regal and Paul Burchill. During the course of the match,
Christy and Juventude both jumped on the ring apron to help their team win
the match. Afterwards in the backstage area, Christy goes to check on the
Mexicools after they were beat down by a new tag team. She finds them in
their locker room as they talk in Spanish about what just happened to them.

Christy smiles a little as she knocks on the door, "Hey guys..."

The trio of Mexicans turn and look at Christy, and Juvi smiles, "Hey mami..."
Super Crazy and Psicosis both smile at Christy as they hold ice packs on
their heads.

Christy bites down on her bottom lip slightly as she enters "Are you guys I could have... I would have got in there and kick some ass!"
Christy replies with a soft laugh.

"Oh we're cool mami... just a little banged up..." Juvi replies.

"Si.. We're tough... we're not Mexicans... we're Mexicools..." Crazy adds as
he tosses the icepack in a garbage can.

Christy places her hands on her hips "Well I know you guys are cool...and
tough..." Christy makes a face "But...there's one thing I don't really

Psicosis takes the icepack off his head as takes off the work shirt he wears
to the ring, "What don't you know?"

"Well...I've heard Mexicans are really fucking." Christy
smirks a bit "Is that the same for being Mexicools?"

The trio of Mexicools all grin and Juvi steps a bit towards Christy with a
smile on his face, "It's very true... we're better than Mexicans... we're

Christy licks her lips a bit " me?"

"Yeah... do you think... you can take the challenge of the trio of us?"
Psicosis says as he looks at her hot body.

Christy raises her eyebrow a bit "Challenge?"

"Yeah... the Mexicool challenge..." Super Crazy says, "There's three of
us... and we're all Mexicool... you have to handle us all at once..."

Juvi then smirks, "Unless you don't think you can..."

Christy laughs a bit, flipping her red hair back "Oh...I can handle it!"
Christy says a she lifts her black top up and over her head, revealing her
bra-less, perky and perfectly round tits.

Juvi, Crazy and Psicosis all lick their lips as they look at Christy's
breasts. "Boys... let us show her... the Mexicool burritos..." Juvi says
and he and the other two strip out of their dark blue pants to show off
large, thick cocks, that makes Christy's mouth water. Christy's gets down
onto her knees in a matter of a heartbeat. Christy takes hold of Psicosis
and Super Crazy's cock as she begins to stroke up and down their shaft.
Christy moves her hand off of Super Crazy's cock and places it on Juvi's
cock as she takes Super Crazy's cock into her warm mouth. Christy starts
to bob her head along Crazy's shaft as she strokes Juvi and Psicosis at a
decent pace.

"Adios mio..." Crazy moans as he places a hand on Christy's head and takes
hold of her red hair.

"Damn... she's eating up..." Psicosis says as Christy tightens her hold on
his cock.

"Yeah... I can't wait till she taste the Juice..." Juvi replies with a
grunt as Christy tugs hard on his cock. Crazy is muttering various praises
of Christy's oral skills in Spanish as he tilts his head back and closes
his eyes. Christy lifts her head up from Super Crazy's cock with a mild
pop of her luscious lips. Christy flips her fiery red hair back and turns
her attention to Psicosis. Christy starts of licking slowly up Psicosis's
shaft as she places her hand around Super Crazy's saliva covered cock and
continues to stroke him while stroking Juvi's cock at the same time.

"Ohhh yea lick it good..." Psicosis licks his lips as he holds his cock
very still to prevent it from moving when Christy's tongue presses against
it. Crazy is breathing a bit hard already but he starts to calm down a bit
with the way Christy's hand is moving along his shaft.

Christy looks up at Super Crazy with a smirk and motions for him to go behind
her. Christy then turns her attention back to Psicosis and Juventude. Christy
goes to Juvi first and begins to twirls her tongue against the head of his
cock. Christy turns back to Psicosis and opens her mouth accepting his cock
into her warm mouth. Christy wraps her moist lips around his cock and begins
to bob her head eagerly sucking and bobbing her head on his Latino member.

"Ay mami... you give great head..." Psicosis moans. Crazy kneels behind her
and pulls down her skirt and her thong so he's able to push his cock into her
pussy. Once he's halfway in, he sharply thrusts hard into Christy, making her
jolt a bit as he begins to fuck her like a maniac. Christy instantly begins
to deep throat Psicosis's cock quickly bobbing her head as she tries to keep
up the same speed of jerking off Juvi, however she doesn't. Christy lifts
her head up from Psicosis's cock, which is now drenched in Christy's sweet
saliva, and opens her mouth devouring Juvi's large 'Mexicool' cock. Christy
moans vibrate against Juvi's shaft as she quickly bobs her head on his cock,
lapping and lashing her tongue around and against his cock.

"Oh yea... suck the Juice..." Juvi moans as he runs his fingers through her
hair. Crazy places his hands on her hips and pulls her back against him as he
slams his cock in and out of her pussy roughly.

Christy's moans escape her mouth as she lifts her head up from Juvi's cock
"Ohhhh...ahhhh yeah...fuck that tight cunt...ohhh...mmmmmm..." Christy's
moans cut out as she takes Psicosis's cock back into her mouth, now sucking
with hard and teasingly slow pace as she starts to push back against Super
Crazy's rough thrusting.

Crazy says something in Spanish to Juvi and the leader of the Mexicools
smirks as he nods his head, "Good thinking... Psicosis... get back there...
and fuck her with Crazy... DP her..." Psicosis smirks and he pulls his cock
out of her mouth so he can get behind her. Psicosis then inserts his cock
into her ass and joins Crazy in fucking her doggy style. Each luchador takes
turns thrusting into Christy, making her have to guess who is doing what to

Christy grits her teeth as small beads of sweat begin to form on her forehead
"Ohhhh...yeah....ahhh fuck..." Christy moans as she looks over her shoulder
with a seductive look.

Juvi strokes his cock as he watches Christy getting fucked by his two
friends. "I bet you want the Juice..." He says with a grin. Crazy and
Psicosis trade what they are doing as Psicosis pulls out and lays down
on the floor. Crazy moves Christy and mounts her on the former WCW
Cruiserweight Champion. The Insane Luchador then pushes his cock into
her ass, thrusting in and out as both he and Psicosis make her bounce
on Psicosis's dick.

Christy leans her head back and moans out in ecstasy "Ohhhh fuck me!" Christy
moans as she slams down on Psicosis's hard cock.

Juvi lets them fuck Christy for a few more moments before he stops them,
"Hey... cool down... she's still got the rest of the challenge to do..."
Crazy and Psicosis reluctantly stop fucking Christy and they pull out of
her. Juvi has her lay down on the floor and he lays between her legs to
press his tongue against her pussy. He slowly begins to lick up and down
her slit and gradually begins to pick up the pace, making her squirm a bit.

Christy licks her lips as she grabs a hold of Juvi's long black hair
"Ohhhhh...ahhhh yeah" Christy moans as she makes eye contact with Psicosis
and motions him to come by her head. Psicosis smiles and he moves over to
Christy. He kneels down and holds his cock near her mouth as Crazy comes
over and kneels on the other side of her head, stroking his cock near her
face. Juvi pushes two fingers into Christy's pussy as he circles his tongue
around her clit. Christy grabs a hold of both Super Crazy and Psicosis's
cocks, she begins to stroke them at a similar rate before she takes Psicosis
into her mouth and begins to bob her head along his long, think shaft.
Christy moves her hand on Super Crazy's cock down his from shaft and onto
his ballsack. Christy massages his ballsack as she tightens her grip, sucking
Psicosis's cock harder, while lapping her wet tongue around his shaft.

"Time to give her a jolt of the Juice..." Juvi says as he stops licking her
pussy. He gets on his knees and then pushes his large Latin cock into her
pussy with a quick thrust. Juvi grabs her legs and holds them apart as he
pumps his dick in and out of her pussy like a piston. Crazy and Psicosis
both press their cocks against Christy's pouty lips in order to get the
heads of their dicks into her mouth. Christy works back and forth patting
her tongue against the heads of Psicosis and Super Crazy's cock. Christy
alternates by twirling her tongue as well adding the enjoyment of both
Psicosis and Crazy. Christy's lower half of her body moves back and forth
with each thrust of Juvi's cock. Juvi moves his hands to Christy's beautiful
hips and moves backward, pulling her along with. He leans back to where he's
laying on the floor with Christy on top of it. Juvi then turns her around so
she's facing away from him and pulls her down a slightly as he thrusts up
into her pussy. Psicosis licks his lips as he gets an eyeful of Christy's
neatly shaved but natural red pussy and smirks.

"The carpets match the drapes..." He says as he moves in and pushes his cock
into her pussy as well, filling her up with more Mexicool cock than she can
dream of at the moment.

"Awww fuck..." Christy moans, grits her teeth as she places her hands against
Juvi's solid chest. Christy begins to rock back and forth between Psicosis
and Juventude. Christy holds her mouth open and shortly after Super Crazy
takes advantage. Christy wraps her lips tightly around his cock and begins to
bob her head sucking Super Crazy at a decent pace. Psicosis and Juventude
steadily thrust their cocks in and out of Christy's tight pussy. Juvi places
his hands back on Christy's hips and rocks her back and forth on his own dick
while at the same time pushing her against Psicosis's dick. Crazy bucks his
hips wildly as he gropes one of her breasts and threads his fingers through
her hair. Christy begins to suck more loosely on Super Crazy's cock, bobbing
her head quickly along his shaft as she rocks her hips back trying to ride on
Juvi's cock, however she has problems with Psicosis on top of her fucking at
a fast speed.

"Hey Mexicanas let's trade..." Psicosis says as he pulls on Christy as he
moves so he's on his back. Christy places her hands on his chest as Crazy and
Juvi kneel behind her and trade off thrusting in and out of her ass. Psicosis
pushes up into her pussy as he fondles her breasts with his strong hands.

Sweat rolls down Christy's arms and chest as she bucks her hips slightly,
bouncing on Psicosis's cock at a fast rate "Ohhhhh ahhh fuck yeah!" Christy
moans, as she slams back roughly in between Juvi and Super Crazy's thrusts
in her tight asshole. The trio of Mexicools all moan and grunt as their
bodies drip with sweat. Juvi looks as if he dumped a bottle of water down
over his body or at least rubbed baby oil all over himself. He and Crazy
both push their cocks into her asshole at the same time and hold themselves
inside of her ass as they move her up and down on Psicosis' dick. Christy
bites down on her bottom lip as she begins to cum on Psicosis's cock "Ahhh
fuck me!" Christy screams.

"Ay, Ay, Ay..." Crazy moans as the pressure of having his cock smashed
against Juvi's while inside of Christy's asshole combine with moving her up
and down on Psicosis is a bit to much for him. He pulls out of her and blows
his load all over her right butt cheek.

"Ahhhh Viva La Mexico..." Psicosis proclaims as thrusts up sharply into her
and cums inside of her warm tight pussy. Juvi, who has resumed fucking her
asshole after Crazy pulled out, pulls out of her asshole and helps her off
of Psicosis' cock.

Juvi smirks at her and says, "You look thirsty... I bet you want some of The

Christy sits up on her knees with a smirk, licking her lips "I'd love a
taste.." Christy replies as she takes Juvi's cock into her hands and begins
to pump his cock in her hands. She brings is cock to her mouth and begins to
lick up and down his shaft before she takes his cock into her warm mouth.

"Ay Mami... that's it... work it... get the juice..." Juvi moans as he bites
his lip. His face sours a bit as he tries to hold back from cumming, but
Christy is sucking so hard on his shaft that he pops suddenly, filling her
mouth with his hot semen.

Christy swallows all of Juvi's hot, steamy and delicious cum. Slight drops
of cum trickle on her lips, she licks her lips cleaning the cum off and she
smiles up at Juvi. She slides her hand through her fiery red hair "So... did
I pass the challenge?"

The trio of Mexicools all exchange looks before they all smile at Christy.
Juvi has the biggest smile out of the three and he says, "Yeah... you
passed... you're not American... You're Americool!"


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