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Christy's Highlighted Experience
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours before the start of Monday Night RAW, Chris Jericho, dressed in his
black tight jeans and a black Highlight Reel t-shirt, is standing around the
backstage area, minding his own business as he waits to find if hes hosting
his popular 'Highlight Reel' talk-segment or having a match. After waiting
far longer than he think he should have, Jericho heads back to the locker
room area where he sees Christy Hemme. Jericho smirks a little as he walks
towards the fiery redheaded diva and smacks her ass, "What's Christy? Ready
to host the diva search tonight?"

Christy jumps a bit and laughs playfully as she presses her lips together.
"Oh you bet I am!" The previous Diva Search Winner of 2004, Christy Hemme
says energetically "I'm so pumped for tonight! I can't wait to see what
those hopefuls got!" Christy says with smiles as she looks at Jericho,
placing her hands on her hips.

"I know I'm looking forward to seeing what they got..." Jericho says with a
smile, "I've seen the highlights of them... there's a couple there than could
really be great divas... and I wouldn't mind a few being on the Highlight
Reel..." Jericho says with a bit of a laugh.

Christy laughs and nods her head "So...when I are you going to have me on the
Highlight Reel?" Christy says with a playfully smirks as she locks her, fiery
excited eyes on the sexy beast himself Chris Jericho.

Jericho laughs a bit, "Whenever you agree too... I've asked you about twelve
times.... and you said no every time..." Jericho says as he puts his hands on
his gorgeous waist.

Christy laughs and presses her lips together as she casually lowers her head
and glances down at Jericho's crotch "Maybe you just...never gave the right

Jericho sees Christy looks down at his crotch and he licks his teeth
slightly, "Hmmmm maybe we should... discuss this... maybe in private..."
Jericho says with a grin, "And I'm sure... I'll give you the right offer
you want..."

Christy raises her eyebrow and smirks "You think you got the right offer for
me?" The energetic redhead says as she flips her fiery red hair back.

Jericho nods his head as he slides his left hand through his fairly long
blond hair, "Yeah I think I got the right offer for you.... and I bet it's
an offer you can't refuse..." Jericho says with a sly smile on his face as
he resumes walking to his locker room. He stops and looks over his shoulder,
"Are you coming Christy?"

Christy smirks and presses her lips together "Ohh...we're not 'discussing'
here?" Christy says with playfully smile as she flicks her tongue against her

Jericho turns around and lick his lips a bit, "We can 'discuss' this here if
you want..." Jericho says as he approaches Christy again but he casually
unbuckles his belt as he walks towards her.

Christy licks her lips "Mmmm...oh Chris...I'm ready and willing to 'discuss'
your offer...

Jericho grins as he finishes unbuckling his belt, "Well... let's start
'discussing' it... shall we?" Jericho says as he unbuttons and unzips his
jeans. He pushes them down along with his boxers, freeing his long, thick
eleven-inch shaft.

Christy nods her head as she folds her arms over her chest as she dressed in
a short black skirt and a black top. "Oh, I think that's one great idea!"
Christy Hemme says excitedly as she steps towards Jericho and begins to push
her short black skirt down from her rounded hips.

"Thought you might..." Jericho says as he steps out of his jeans and boxers.
He then pulls his t-shirt up over his head to take it off. "Because I really
want you on my Highlight Reel...." Jericho says as he watches the fiery
redheaded diva push down her short black skirt down her smooth legs.

Christy smirks as she steps out of her short black skirt and tosses her
fiery red hair back once again as she stands in front of Jericho baring her
smooth, cleanly shaven hot and wet pussy "How do you like that?!" Christy
asks excitedly with a smirk.

Jericho looks at Christy's hot wet pussy and licks his lips hungrily, "Mmmm
I like what I see... and I like it a lot..." Jericho answers as he keeps his
eyes locked on Christy's pussy while his cock becomes hard.

Christy laughs a bit "Why don't you have a taste..." Christy replies with a
playful wink.

Jericho laughs and smirks, "I think I will..." Jericho says as he steps
towards Christy and lifts her up. He sits her on top of an equipment table.
Jericho pushes her legs apart and lowers his head down to Christy's pussy
and presses his tongue against her soft pussy. The Sexy Beast puts Christy's
legs on his shoulders as he begins moving his tongue up and down against
Christy's wet cunt.

Christy grits her teeth and tilts her head back as she starts to lift her
black top off of her body, revealing her nice, rounded tits. "Ohhhhh...mmmm
yeah..." Christy groans as she starts to immediately grind her pussy against
Jericho's mouth and tongue. Jericho moves his head back a bit and spits on
Christy's pussy. As his saliva trickles down Christy's pussy, Jericho licks
it up and then slips his tongue past the fiery redhead's soft pussy lips.
Jericho puts his hands on Christy's slender waist as he begins thrusting his
tongue in and out of her hot wet pussy.

Christy places her hands on top of Jericho's head as she pushes her pussy
against Jericho's mouth more aggressively "Mmmmm yeah...lick that cunt!"
Christy groans with her teeth gritted. Jericho helps Christy out by pulling
her forward, which causes his long tongue to go deeper into her cunt. The
host of the Highlight Reel continues to move his tongue in and out between
Christy's pussy lips, until he pulls his tongue out. He lifts his head up
slightly and flicks his tongue back and forth against Christy's clit.

The 2004 WWE RAW Diva Search Winner, slides her hands through her fiery red
hair and pulls on her hair as she tilts her head back further and groans
"Mmmmmm...ohhhh fuck Chris! Lick that cunt!" Christy wraps her smooth, tanned
legs around Jericho's neck as he laps his tongue around her wet, warm pussy.
Jericho brings his left hand down from Christy's waist and he pushes two
fingers into her hot wet pussy. While continuing to swirl his tongue against
Christy's pussy, Chris Jericho thrusts his two fingers in and out of her
pussy as well. "Ohhhhh Chris! Fuck me now!" Christy moans loudly.

Jericho waits for Christy to unwrap her smooth, tanned legs from around his
neck, which allows him to stands up. Jericho licks his lips and smirks, "Mmmm
you don't have to yell..." Jericho laughs slightly as he holds Christy's legs
apart. The charismatic wrestler leans his body forward and pushes his fat
eleven-inch cock into Christy's tight hot pussy. "Ahhh shit..." Jericho grits
his teeth as he feels Christy's pussy squeeze his cock as he begins to thrust
his shaft in and out so he can push more of his cock into her.

Christy grits her teeth tighter as she feels Jericho's cock slide into her
tight, wet pussy "Mmmmm Chris..." Christy groans as she sits up completely
on the equipment table and wraps her around Jericho's neck as he begins to
thrust and ram his hard, throbbing cock deep into Christy Hemme's warm and
tight pussy.

Jericho reaches down and puts his hands underneath Christy's ass as he drives
his cock in and out of her pussy. "Ohhh yeah... you like that big... cock?!
It's the highlight of your night ain't it?!" Jericho grunts as he thrusts
faster in and out of Christy Hemme's hot cunt.

"Ohhhhh fuck yeah! It's a highlight!" Christy groans wildly as she lifts her
energetic body off the equipment table and begins swiftly bounce repeatedly
on Jericho's hard cock "Ohhhhh mmmmm...ahhhhh fuck Chris!" Christy moans as
she flips and whips her fiery red hair as she bounces and rocks on his cock.
Jericho wraps his arms around Christy's waist and turns around so that he's
leaning back against the equipment table. Jericho continues to move his hips
back and forth, driving his cock into Christy's tight soaking wet cunts as
she bounces hard on his stiff cock. Christy grits her teeth tightly as her
body slams down roughly on Jericho's hard, throbbing cock. Sweat flies off
of Christy's hot, tanned body "Mmmmm ohhhh Chris!" Christy groans as she
grinds her pussy against his cock as she bounces wildly on his cock.

Jericho licks his lips as the energetic diva practically hops up and down on
his cock. "Ohhhhh shit... damn.... you got lot of energy...." Jericho laughs
and moans at the same time as he lifts Christy off of throbbing cock. The
two-time World Champion moves away from the table and bends Christy over it.
He stands behind her and slams his fat shaft back into her hot wet pussy.

Christy grits her teeth as her body jolts forward against the table as she's
bent over it. "Ohhhh yeah...fucking that pussy!" Christy moans as sweat drips
off her stunning body while Jericho begins fucking the energetic redhead from

As sweat rolls down his face, Jericho lays his sweaty hands on Christy's
waist. He pulls her back towards him as he drives his cock in and out of
Christy's pussy. His ballsack swings back and forth with every one of his
thrusts, and they slap against Christy's skin as he fucks the 2004 RAW
Diva Search Winner. "Ahhhh yeah.... love a hot tight pussy like yours...."
Jericho groans.

Christy tilts her head back and groans "Ohhhhh Chris...I'll fucking be on the
Highlight Reel....ohhh fuck yessss!" Christy moans as she suddenly slams her
entire small body back against Jericho's cock with incredible force, as takes
Jericho's cock deeper into her tight, wet pussy as her tanned, stunning hot
body drips of her sweat.

Jericho grits his teeth as Christy takes all of his eleven-inch cock into her
hot tight pussy. "Ohhhh yeah... you're already.... on my personal Highlight
Reel!" Jericho moans loudly as he slams his cock harder into Christy's pussy.
Jericho's body is now dripping with sweat, and every time the lively Christy
Hemme slams back against him, her ass cheeks smack loudly against his waist
and thighs.

"Ohhhhh fuck Chris!" Christy moans wildly as she grits her teeth and the
energetic Christy Hemme begins to cum hard against Jericho's cock "Ohhhh
fuck...." Christy groans as she slides her right hand down her sweat
covered neck.

Jericho grinds his teeth together as he feels Christy's pussy squeeze his
cock as her warm cum flows over it as she cums. Jericho licks his lips and
pulls his throbbing cock out of her pussy. "Christy... turn around..."
Jericho says as he wraps a hand around his throbbing dick. Christy licks
her lips as she slowly turns around to face Jericho. Christy smiles at him
as she breaths heavily and sweat drips down her tanned, soft skinned body.
Jericho licks his lips as he looks at Christy, "I got little something for
ya... that you... might want to taste...." Jericho says as with a grin as
he lightly strokes his fat cock.

Christy smiles and nods her head eagerly "Ohhh...I'd love to!" Christy says
with an excited tone before she lowers herself down on to her knees in front
of Jericho as she's now in between Jericho and the equipment table. Christy
wraps her soft hands around Jericho's shaft and pushes his entire cock into
her warm, wet mouth. Christy wraps her pouty lips around his cock and starts
to bob her red haired head on his cock as she sucks him off.

Jericho pushes Christy's sweat dampened hair back so it's not hanging over
her face. "Uhhh yeah.... suck that.... big... cock...." Jericho moans as he
pushes his cock forward into Christy's warm wet mouth as she sucks and slurps
on his cock. Jericho leans forward a bit and puts his left hand on the
equipment table as he looks down and watches the fiery red head.

Christy presses her lips tighter against Jericho's shaft as she starts to bob
her head more swiftly and quicker as she takes more of his hard cock into her
warm, soothing mouth. Christy slowly lifts her eyes and locks them with
Jericho as she bobs her head along his shaft, working to skilled but gentle
tongue all around his shaft slapping her wet saliva against his cock. Jericho
groans as he feels Christy attack his thick cock with her tongue. "Ohhhh
yeah.... mmmmm fuck yeah Christy.... just a little... more.... just a little
more...' Jericho groans as he flips his sweat soaked blond hair back while
Christy works his throbbing cock over.

Christy closes her eyes as she bats her wild, kinky tongue against his cock
as she grinds her mouth against his cock. Christy gently presses her teeth
against his shaft and the energetic redhead begins to gently rake her teeth
against his hard shaft as she sucks on his meaty cock, continually bobbing
her head. "Uhhhh... ohhhh.... ahhh shit....yes...." Jericho tilts his head
back and grits his teeth as he starts to cum inside of Christy's warm moist
mouth. Jericho wraps his hand around the base of his cock and pulls it out
of Christy's mouth as he fills her mouth with his warm spunk. Christy tilts
her head back and swallows the majority of Jericho's warm, sticky cum, while
some of her cum drips out of her mouth and rolls down her chin.

Jericho licks his lips as he taps his cock against Christy's lips, "Ohhh
yeah... that... deserves... to be on the Highlight Reel...." Jericho says
with a smirk.

Christy smirks licks her lips clean after swallowing the entire load of his
cum "Mmmm...after that, I'd love to be on the Highlight Reel...anytime..."


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