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Chronicles Of The Dancing Queens Chapter 1
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

Inside the locker room of ECW's Straightedged Extremist CM Punk, the hot
tattooed talented wrestler is on top of Kelly Kelly who is laying on the
bench. The sweating Extremist breathes deeply as he pumps his large cock
in and out of Kelly's pussy as she wraps her smooth tanned legs around
his waist, "Ahhh... Mmmmm ohhh wow Kelly..." Punk groans as he smiles down
at the cute leader of Extreme Expose as he changes from using quick thrusts
to using slow thrusts so that Kelly can feel every inch of CM Punk's
fourteen inch cock moving in and out of her pussy.

The sweet, adorable Extreme Exhibitionist and leader of the dancing faction
Extreme Expose, Kelly Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she wraps her
smooth, tanned arms around CM Punk's waist as she smoothly slides against
the wooden bench inside of CM Punk's locker room "Ohhhh...mmm Punk..." Kelly
moans as she gently grinds her pussy against his hard, thrusting straightedge
cock as the adorable Kelly Kelly breaths heavily and her petite, tanned body
drips of sweat.

"Mmmmm... ohhhh yea... mmm... you're great Kelly..." CM Punk licks his lips
as he drives his cock with a firm force into her tight wet pussy. CM Punk
places his hands on Kelly's firm, round petite tits as Kelly grinds her pussy
against his cock.

Kelly Kelly adorably opens her soft, sweetly innocent eyes and locks her eyes
with the Straightedged Extremist "Ohhh Punk...I like you so much!" Kelly
cutely moans as she rocks against CM Punk's hard, thrusting cock as she feels
his cock thrust deeper into her tight, innocent pussy. The young Extreme
Exhibitionist sits up slightly on the bench and softly kisses on CM Punk's
single-pierced lips, cutely flick her tongue against his lip-ring.

"Ahhhh... mmmm I really like you... a lot too Kelly..." CM Punk grunts his
reply as he feels the tip of Kelly's tongue brush against his lips as she
flicks it back and forced against his lip-ring. The Straightedge Extremist
starts to increase the pace of his thrust so that he's fucking Kelly's sweet,
tight warm, wet pussy with faster and sharper thrusts as he deeply slams his
cock into her tight pussy, which has Kelly arch her back slightly in response
to them.

"Ohhhh awww...Punk!" Kelly moans as she tilts her head back and closes her
eyes as she gently grits her teeth, feeling CM Punk's hard, talented cock
slams deeply into her tight, wet pussy as the adorable ECW Extreme Expose
dancer's petite, hot and tanned body drips of her own and CM Punk's sweat.

CM Punk licks his lips as he gives Kelly Kelly's hot, wet pussy several sharp
thrusts in a row as he breathes deeply, "Mmmmm awww ohhh yea..." Punk moans
as he stops his thrusting and wraps his arms around Kelly's hot, tanned sweat
covered body. Punk then leans back in order to sit on the bench, with his
legs hanging off of both sides of it, and he begins to bounce Kelly up and
down on his cock as he has Kelly press herself against his sweat covered
chest as she rises and falls on his cock.

Kelly lightly tosses her soft, sweat-dampened blond hair back as the adorable
Extreme Exhibitionist gently drops down on CM Punk's cock as the Straightedge
Extremist thrusts his cock quickly and firmly into Kelly's pussy, causing the
adorable ECW Vixen to bounce on his cock. Kelly opens her eyes once again as
her petite, firmly rounded hot and sweaty chest presses against CM Punk's
smooth, well-toned and sweaty chest as she grinds her body against his body
"'re so awesome..." Kelly Kelly cutely moans.

CM Punk licks his lips, "So are you Kelly... you are... incredible..." Punk
moans as he and Kelly lock eyes as their sweat covered bodies grind against
each other. Punk rocks back and forth on the bench as he thrusts his shaft
up into Kelly's hot wet pussy as he places his hands on Kelly's cute round
hot ass. The Straightedge Extremist leans his head forward slightly and
slides his tongue against Kelly's lips and when Kelly opens her mouth to
let out another moan, Punk slides his tongue into her mouth and starts to
tap the tip of his tongue against Kelly's.

"Mmmm..." Kelly moans into CM Punk's mouth as she presses her tongue against
CM Punk's tongue as the adorable Exhibitionist sweetly and deeply kisses the
Straightedge Extremist. Kelly Kelly places her soft, gently hands against CM
Punk's smooth, well-toned sweaty chest and sits up a bit on top of his hard,
thrusting straightedged cock.

"Mmmmmm..." CM Punk moans back into Kelly's mouth as the two of them move
their tongue against each other passionately. Punk also squeezes Kelly's cute
round ass as Kelly slightly grinds her pussy against the head of Punk's cock
as pumps it up into her tight wet pussy. Punk slowly breaks the kiss with the
hot Extreme Exhibitionist, "Ooo Kelly... you're incredible... I like you...
ahhh alot..." Punk groans as Kelly slightly teases his throbbing cock with
her pussy as she moves back and forth over the tip of his shaft.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she blushes cutely as sweat drips down
her adorable face "Awww...I like you too Punk..." Kelly says sweetly as she
cutely grinds her hot, tight pussy against the thick, large head of CM Punk's
straightedged cock while locking her sweet, adorable eyes with the sweating
CM Punk.

CM Punk grits his teeth and licks his lips, "Ahhh.... mmmm ohhhh Kelly...
I'm gonna... mmm... ohhh shit..." CM Punk groans as Kelly can feel his large
thick fourteen-inch straightedge cock throbbing more and more and she lifts
herself completely off of it, which keeps CM Punk on the edge.

Kelly smiles cutely as she places her soft, gentle hands on top of CM Punk's
smooth shoulder as she completely lifts herself off of CM Punk's hard,
throbbing straightedge cock "Mmmm..." Kelly Kelly licks her lips as she
glances down at the throbbing cock "I like you much!" Kelly
cutely says as she kneels down on the floor of CM Punk's locker room as the
Straightedge Extremist sits on the bench in front of Kelly. Kelly reaches
forward and gently places her soft hands around his throbbing cock so that
she is able to guide his cock into her sweet, innocent mouth.

"Ahhhhh... ohhhh Kelly..." CM Punk moans as he places his right hand on
Kelly's head and pushes her sweat soaked blond hair back. Punk closes his
eyes and licks his lips as Kelly closes her lips around his thick throbbing
fourteen-inch cock and begins to bob her head at a slow teasing pace on his

"Mmmmmm..." Kelly Kelly cutely moans around CM Punk's cock as the adorable
ECW Exhibitionist closes her eyes and smoothly bobs her sweat-dampened
blond haired head on CM Punk's cock. Kelly gently bobs her head on his
straightedged cock and a decent rate while she slaps her soft, wet tongue
against the underbelly of his hard cock.

CM Punk slightly grits his teeth as he opens his eyes to see Kelly bobbing
her head on his throbbing fourteen-inch cock. "Ohhhh... mmmm ohh that's it
Kelly..." Punk moans as Kelly strokes the bottom half of his cock with her
hands so that Punk is getting slightly doubled team by the ultra cute ECW
Vixen as she both sucks on the top half of his dick while stroking the rest.
Kelly slowly opens her soft, innocent eyes and locks her sweet, adorable
eyes with CM Punk as she gently bobs her head against his straightedged cock
as she slides her tongue around the shaft of CM Punk, guiding her wet saliva
around his cock as she gently and smoothly sucks on his cock.

"Ahhhh... ohhhh... mmmm... ahhh ohhh Kelly... mmm..." CM Punk moans and he
licks his lips as he looks into Kelly's adorable eyes. He slightly lifts
himself up from the bench just as he begins to cum, "Ahhhhh... ohhhh Kelly...
mmmm" Punk moans as his cock shoots thick streams of his warm straightedge
cum into Kelly's soothing mouth. Kelly closes her eyes once again as her
warm, wet adorable mouth fills with CM Punk's warm, thick straightedge cum.
Kelly tightly presses her lips around his cum-releasing shaft before she
lifts her head up from his cock and tilts her head back to swallows the load
of cum. Kelly cutely presses her lips together before she licks her soft,
pouty lips and opens her eyes to smile at the exhausted, sweaty CM Punk.

"Ohhhh... mmmm ohhh damn Kelly... you're... incredible..." CM Punk smiles as
he breathes deeply as sweat drips down his smooth tattooed and toned body. "I
really do like you alot Kelly..."

Kelly cutely and shyly lowers her head as she blushes "Awww...Punk...I really
like you too..." Kelly sweetly says as she starts to stand up from the floor
of CM Punk's locker room before she sits down on the bench next to CM Punk as
she reaches over to pick up her clothing that is neatly sitting on the end of
the bench.

Punk smiles as he leans back on the bench, "I can't wait to see you out doing
Extreme Expose Kelly... you're going to be great out there..." Punk says as
he continues to catch his breath.

Kelly smiles as she glances back at CM Punk as she starts to slide her short
jean skirt up her smooth, tanned legs "Really?" Kelly says with a cute, soft
laugh "I can't wait...I really hope Layla and Brooke and me put on a great
show tonight..." Kelly says as she cutely presses her slender shoulders up.

CM Punk smiles, "You'll put on a great show... that's like a guarantee with
Extreme Expose..."

Kelly cutely scrunches her nose up "Yeah...I just hope Mr. McMahon doesn't
interrupt us again..." Kelly Kelly says with a cute frown as she slides her
light pink tank top of her slightly sweated chest.

"Me too..." CM Punk smiles, "I was watching last time... and I was like
'NO!" when that happened..." CM Punk says, "But I bet you'll get to do your
whole routine tonight."

Kelly Kelly presses her shoulder up into a shrug "I sure hope so!" Kelly says
with a smile before she starts to stand up from the bench as she releases a
cute, soft sigh "Well Punk...I better go and find Brooke and we
can practice the routine..."

"All right Kelly..." CM Punk smiles, "I'll see you later after the show..."

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and cutely smiles "Ok...bye Punk...I like
you..." Kelly Kelly says as she lowers her head shyly and starts to walk
towards the locker room door to leave the Straightedge Extremist.

CM Punk smiles, "I like you too Kelly..." Punk says as Kelly reaches the
locker room door and opens it. Kelly looks back at him and smiles cutely as
she blushes before she leaves. CM Punk smiles, "Wow... she's incredible..."

* * *

A short time later inside the locker room for Extreme Expose, the beautiful
sly brown-haired Vixen known as Brooke is applying her makeup to her face as
she looks in the large makeup mirror. Brooke is wearing a pair of short black
bottoms and a tight fitting orange top, "Mmm Brooke you are so damn hot."
Brooke says with a sly tone to herself as she applies some blush.

The locker room door of ECW's hot dancing trio, Extreme Expose, opens and the
sweetly adorable Extreme Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly enters the locker room and
spots her fellow Extreme Expose dancer, Brooke, applying some makeup "Hey
Brooke!" Kelly says with a sweet, upbeat smile as she's dressed in her light
pink tank top and her short jean skirt. Kelly closes the locker room door
behind her and bites down on her bottom lip as she starts to approach Brooke
"Umm...whatcha doing?" Kelly cutely asks.

Brooke looks over her shoulder at Kelly and smirks, "Putting on my makeup...
duh..." Brooke laughs a bit as she looks back into the mirror, "Gotta make
myself look hotter than normal for every stud out there who's gonna watch

Kelly Kelly scrunches her nose up and then cutely smiles " can't
take them all..." Kelly says with a soft laugh as she gently folds her arms
against her petite, cutely rounded chest "Hey Brooke...guess what!" Kelly
says as she lightly sits up on the edge of the makeup table that Brooke is
situated at.

Brooke rolls her eyes a bit and looks at her fellow Extreme Expose member,
"What? You found another boyfriend already?" Brooke asks with slight laugh,
"I'm kidding of course..." Brooke says as she leans against the makeup table,
"So what should I guess?"

Kelly shyly lowers her head and blushes cutely "'re somewhat
right..." Kelly says as she scrunches her nose up and slowly lifts her
adorable blond-haired head up to look at her friend Brooke.

Brooke raises her right eyebrow slightly, "What do you mean... somewhat
right? Did you or didn't you?" Brooke asks with a curious look on her face.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip "Well...there is someone I like...and I
think he likes me too..." Kelly Kelly replies as she adorably blushes.

Brooke smirks a little bit, "Really? Who is it? Is he cute?" Brooke asks as
she folds her arms.

Kelly smiles and nods her head "Oh yeah...he's totally cute...and he's really
good at..." Kelly pauses and blushes even more "At...fucking..." Kelly says
with a soft laugh.

Brooke licks her lip slightly, "Really? So who is it? Come on... don't keep
it a secrete..." Brooke laughs a little.

Kelly raises an eyebrow and bites down on her bottom lip cutely "Well...
it's...CM Punk..." Kelly says before she cutely lowers her head and blushes
once again "Oh my god...he's so cute...and nice too."

Brooke smirks a little, "Mmmm... he is... really.... really hot..." Brooke
says, "He just looks like he could fuck like a jackhammer...."

Kelly raises an eyebrow "Umm...he can..." Kelly replies as she blankly looks
at Brooke after hearing her comment "Umm...I think I'm going to go meet up
with Layla, you wanna come?" Kelly asks as she lifts herself off of the edge
of the makeup table and stands straight up next to Brooke.

Brooke pauses and shakes her head, "No... I got some... things I have to
do... but I'll meet up with you guys after the show...." Brooke says with a
smile as she turns to look back into the mirror.

"Oh ok..." Kelly smiles as she starts to walk to the locker room door "See
you later Brooke..." Kelly says before she opens the door and begins to walk
out of the locker room of Extreme Expose.

"See you later Kelly..." Brooke replies and once Kelly Kelly is gone, Brooke
gets a sly smile on her face and she licks her lips, "And I'll see... CM Punk
later too...." Brooke says as she goes back to applying her makeup.

* * *

Later on in the evening, ECW's Straightedge Extremist CM Punk is stepping out
of the shower unit in his locker room. "Mmmm damn that felt good... after
dealing with that idiot Striker..." Punk laughs a bit as he dries his wet,
hot, toned tattooed body with a white towel. Punk leaves the shower area and
walks to the main area of his locker room when there's a knock on the door.
Punk raises an eyebrow and quickly wraps his towel around his waist, "Who is
it?" Punk asks loudly as he walks towards the locker room door.

"'s...uhh...Brooke...of Extreme Expose..." Brooke replies with a
soft, slyly adorable laugh from other side of the closed locker room door as
she stands in the hallway dressed in a short black skirt and a tight-fitting
black t-shirt.

"Brooke?" CM Punk raises an eyebrow as he holds his towel around his waist
before he opens the locker room door to look out into the hallway at the sly,
sexy Extreme Expose member, "What's up?" Punk asks with a slightly raised

Brooke presses her soft, luscious lips together as she slyly bites down on
her bottom lip "Hi..." Brooke says in a soft, seducing voice as her sly,
mischievous eyes instantly wander the water-dripping, toned and tattooed
body of the Straightedged Extremist "I've...heard a lot about you..." Brooke
says with a sly blush as she cutely lowers her head.

CM Punk smiles a bit, "Well... depending on what you heard... it's all
true... otherwise... I deny everything..." Punk says with a slight chuckle
as he looks at Brooke, "Um, you want to come in?" Punk asks as he takes a
step backward.

Brooke raises an eyebrow and smirks "I'd love to..." Brooke says as she
slowly licks her lips and takes a step into CM Punk's locker room, before he
closes the door once the slyly adorable Extreme Expose member is inside of
his locker room. Brooke glances at CM Punk "Mmm...damn you're a hot, real

"Thanks..." CM Punk smiles, "You're really hot too..." Punk says as he
tightly holds the towel around his waist, which covers up his crotch area,
but doesn't hide the fact that he's well hung. "So... ummm what did you hear
about me?" Punk asks.

Brooke bites down on her bottom lip as she slyly lowers her eyes to glances
at the well-hung crotch of CM Punk that is hidden by the white towel around
his waist "I'm afraid...that's top secret information..." Brooke says with
a soft, teasing laugh as she lightly tosses her light brown hair back and
takes a step forwards to stand in front of the hot Straightedged Extremist.

CM Punk laughs a bit, "Oh it's top secret... well I know you must know I
don't drink or smoke or do anything like that..." Punk says as he checks out
Brooke slightly, which doesn't go unnoticed by the sly, extremely attractive

Brooke slowly licks her lips as she drifts her sly, innocent eyes up and
locks them with CM Punk "Why don' remove the towel?" Brooke slyly
suggests in a soft voice.

"Well... because I'm not wearing anything underneath it..." Punk admits as he
plays like Brooke was asking him a question. "But... I could put something
on... after I remove it..." Punk says as he starts to casually unwrap the
towel from his waist, slowly uncovering his thick thirteen inch, Extremist

Brooke lowers her eyes and her slyly innocent eyes widen at the sight of
CM Punk's thick, slightly-limp thirteen inch cock. Brooke presses her lips
together "I'd rather have you...with nothing..." Brooke says with sly smirk
as she tosses her light brown hair back.

CM Punk laughs a little after hearing Brooke's comment, "Well... that's not
much of a problem now... cause I have nothing on..." Punk says as he hangs
his towel on the doorknob of the locker room door.

Brooke presses her lips together and smirks slyly " are such
a hottie" Brooke says as she licks her lips and takes a step closer to CM
Punk before the slyly adorable Extreme Vixen kneels down on the floor in
front of CM Punk and gently places her soft, smooth hands around CM Punk's
straightedge hard shaft and begins to gently stroke her hands. Brooke lifts
her head and locks her innocently sly eyes with CM Punk as she strokes his
cock "So much for Kelly..." Brooke says to herself in a soft, barely hearable

CM Punk licks his lips and places his hands on his waist as Broke moves her
soft, smooth hands back and forth along the length of his large, thick cock.
"Mmmmm what was that?" Punk asks as he doesn't hear what Brooke says, but he
closes his eyes and tilts his head back a bit as he enjoys the way Brooke
strokes his shaft.

Brooke slyly raises an eyebrow "Oh...umm...I said...damn you're hot..."
Brooke says with a mischievous laugh before she leans her soft brown haired
head down and gently places her wet, soft tongue against the thick head of
CM Punk's straightedge cock. "Mmmm...ohhh yeah..." Brooke softly moans as
she guides her wet, soft tongue around the head of CM Punk's cock in a circle
as she lightly coats the tip of his cock with her warm, wet saliva.

"Ahhhh ohhhh yea..." CM Punk moans and licks his lips as Brooke slowly
brushes her tongue around the large tip of his hard, long, straightedge cock.
Punk opens his eyes and he looks down and locks eyes with the sly, seductive
Extreme Expose member. Brooke lifts her head away from CM Punk's cock and
slyly smirks up at the Straightedge Extremist as she locks her seductively
innocent eyes with CM Punk. Brooke lightly tosses her brown hair back as she
reaches for the bottom of her tight-fitting black t-shirt and easily lifts
the shirt off of her body, exposing her hot, rounded and firm tits. CM Punk
smiles a bit as he looks down at Brooke's incredibly hot tits and licks his
lips, "Mmmmm damn... you got a straightedge look to you..." CM Punk says
as Brooke tosses her black t-shirt over her shoulder.

Brooke seductively grits her teeth together and smirks "'re a
real hottie too..." Brooke says with a sly wink before the leans her head
back to CM Punk's thick, hard straightedge cock and she opens hot, sly mouth
as she lowers her head on CM Punk's cock. Brooke gently wraps her soft lips
around CM Punk's shaft and the sly, adorable Extreme Expose dancer begins to
smoothly bob her head on Punk's cock.

CM Punk spreads his legs shoulder width apart to give himself a good solid
base as the hot brown-haired Vixen bobs her head back and forth along the
length of his meaty, straightedge cock. "Ahhhhh... mmmmm..." Punk moans as
gently lays his right hand on Brooke head and pushes her brown hair back
when it falls forward to cover part of Brooke's lovely face. The hot ECW
Extremist licks his lips as Brooke softly presses her lips down against his
cock, applying a little bit of extra pressure as she sucks on his shaft.

"Mmmm...mmm..." Brooke softly moans against CM Punk's straightedged cock as
she gently and smoothly sucks on it. Brooke gently twists her head on CM
Punk's cock while she laps her soft, wet tongue around his shaft, coating
his cock with her hot, wet and soothing saliva. The slyly adorable member
of Extreme Expose opens her hot, soothing mouth a bit wider as she lowers
her head further down on CM Punk's cock, taking him deeper into her hot

CM Punk grits his teeth slightly as Brooke slowly takes his cock completely
into her hot, soothing mouth and he feels the tip of his dick gently hit
against the back of her throat. "Ahhhh... mmmm.... yea... ohhhh damn..." Punk
moans as closes his eyes and tilts his head all the way as he feels Brooke
scrunch her nose against his crotch as she deep throats his dick.

"Mmmm...ohhh..." Brooke moans as she gently taps her soft tongue against
the underbelly of CM Punk's thick shaft while she gently and smoothly deep
throats his entire hard straightedge cock. Brooke slowly opens her eyes and
seductively glances up at CM Punk before she slowly lifts her head off of his
now saliva-dripping cock. Brooke licks her lips as she slowly stands from the
locker room floor and smirks at CM Punk "Mmmm...fuck you're hot..." Brooke
says in a sly voice as she places her left hand against CM Punk's smooth,
toned stomach and slides her hand across his stomach before she walks away
from Punk and heads directly for the leather couch nearby.

CM Punk smiles and starts to follow the hot Extreme Expose member over to
the leather couch that sits against one wall of the Straightedge Extremist's
locker room. "You're not so bad yourself..." Punk smiles as he stays a short
distance behind Brooke and he watches her sexy , black skirt covered ass sway
from side to side as she walks.

Brooke presses her lips together and slyly glances over her shoulder as she
smirks back at CM Punk "Yeah...I know I'm hot..." Brooke says in a slight
conceded tone as she places her hands against her smooth waist and pushes
down her short black skirt. Brooke pushes her skirt down her smooth, tanned
legs as she exposes her hot, rounded ass to the Straightedge Extremist.
Brooke slowly turns around, giving CM Punk a perfect view of her hot, shaven

CM Punk licks his lips, "Well... it's always nice to be told you're hot... in
case you were to ever forget..." Punk says as he steps towards Brooke and he
presses his left hand against Brooke's hot shaved extreme pussy. "And it's
hot down here I see..." Punk says as he rubs Brooke's pussy for a few moments
before moving his hand away before Brooke can start enjoying the feeling of
his hand.

Brooke raises an eyebrow "You tease..." Brooke slyly laughs as she locks her
seductive eyes with CM Punk "Why don' lay down..." Brooke suggests in
a soft, seductive voice.

CM Punk nods his head, "All right..." Punk says with a smile on his face as
he steps around the hot ECW Vixen and he lays down on the long leather couch.
He rests his head against one of the arm rests and he lets his right leg
slightly hang off the edge of the couch as well.

Brooke smirks "Damn...obey well..." Brooke cutely laughs "I like that..."
Brooke says slyly before she moves over to the couch, joining CM Punk. As CM
Punk lays down on the leather couch, the slyly adorable Brooke mounts herself
on CM Punk's waist as she takes his cock into her warm, tight pussy "Ohhhh
shit.." Brooke groans as she lowers herself completely down on his hard
straightedge cock.

CM Punk slightly grist his teeth together as he places his hands on Brooke's
sexy waist as she completely settles herself on his large, thick straightedge
dick. "Mmmmmm oooo shit..." Punk moans as he begins to slowly thrust his cock
up into Brooke's warm, tight pussy catching the Extreme Expose member by

Brooke bites down on her bottom lip as she places her soft hands against CM
Punk's smooth, toned chest "Mmmm...ohhh yeah...mmm like that
pussy?" Brooke moans slyly as she begins to gently bounce up and down on CM
Punk's straightedge cock as he thrusts his cock slowly up into her tight,
warm pussy.

CM Punk nods his head, "Mmmmmm yea..." Punk replies without appearing that
he was pondering an answer. Punk slides his strong hands against Brooke's
waist as he steadily increase the pace of his thrusts as Brooke rises and
fall on his shaft.

Brooke slightly tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she starts to
bounce at a slightly quicker pace on CM Punk's cock. "Ohhhh...mmm...yeah
this is so hot!" Brooke groans as she lightly rocks back and forth on CM
Punk's cock as she slowly slides her soft hands against CM Punk's smooth,
toned chest.

"Ahhhhh damn... yeah it is... mmmmm..." CM Punk groans as his hands find
their way up to Brooke's firm, hot, round tits as the Extreme Expose member
grinds her hot pussy against his cock whenever Punk sharply rams his cock up
into her pussy. Punk squeezes and massage her tits with his hands, "Fuck...
you got such a hot body..." Punk groans.

Brooke gently grits her teeth together as she suddenly rocks back on CM
Punk's hard, thick cock at a quick and rough rate "Ohhh...mmm...fuck yeah..."
Brooke groans as she leans down and softly kisses CM Punk's pierced lips as
continues to ride his straightedge cock.

CM Punk kisses Brooke back as he continues to pump his cock in and out of
Brooke's pussy as she slams down on his large extreme cock. "Mmmmm...
uhhhh..." Punk groans as he moves his hands from Brooke's hot tits and places
them on Brooke's firm, round hot ass cheeks. He squeezes Brooke's ass with
both of his hands as he starts to sit up, which forces Brooke to lean back as
well. Punk turns on the couch so that he's sitting normally with Brooke on
his dick, and then the straightedge Extremist grits his teeth together as he
wraps his arms around Brooke's body and stands up from the couch.

Brooke grits her teeth as she wraps her smooth, tanned legs around CM Punk's
waist as he stands up from the couch "Ohhhh...mmm fuck yess...fuck" Brooke
moans and she begins to lightly sweat as she starts to bounce smoothly up and
down on Punk's hard cock as he stands in his locker room, pumping his cock
into Brooke's pussy.

Suddenly the locker room door quietly opens and the sweet, adorable Extreme
Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly slowly steps into the locker room "Hey Pun....k..."
Kelly says as she pauses and looks forward, seeing the sight of her good
friend Brooke and the Extremist she has affections for CM Punk in the middle
of a hot, sweaty extreme fuck. Kelly Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as
she slowly looks down sadly. Kelly shakes her head before she opens the
locker room door once again and leaves the locker room without Brooke or CM
Punk ever knowing Kelly Kelly was in the locker room

CM Punk thrusts his large, thick straightedge cock in and out of Brooke's hot
extreme pussy with passionate intensity, "Ahhhh yeah... mmmm fuck yeah..."
Punk grunts as sweat drips down his hot toned tattooed body as Brooke bounces
up and down in his arms as she takes his cock deep into her hot, warm, wet
pussy. Punk leans his head forward and kisses Brooke on the lips and moans
into her mouth.

"Mmmm...ohhhh..." Brooke moans into CM Punk's mouth as she slaps her
tongue against CM Punk's tongue as she kisses the hot, sweaty Straightedge
Extremist, while she bounces quicker on his hard, thick cock. Brooke lifts
her head away and breaks the kiss as she rocks back and forth on Punk's cock
while he holds her as he fucks the hot Extreme Expose member while he stands.

"Mmmmm ahhh... uhhhh ohhh damn..." CM Punk grunts as he pumps his cock harder
and faster in and out of Brooke's hot tight pussy. His cock begins to throb
hard as slams his dick deeply into her pussy and he grits his teeth sharply,
"Ahhhhh fuck..." Punk grunts as he begins to shoot his hot load of cum deep
into Brooke's hot wet pussy.

Brooke tilts her head back and presses her lips together "Ohhhh fuck yeah...
cum in that pussy..." Brooke moans, slightly out of breath as sweat drips off
of her sly, adorable body.

"Ahhhh mmmmm... yea..." Punk groans as he shoots every drop of his hot
straightedge cum into Brooke's pussy and he moves backward to sit back down
on the leather couch with the hot sweaty member of Extreme Expose still
mounted on his cum spent dick.

Brooke bites down on her bottom lip and looks forward, locking her slyly
seductive eyes with CM Punk, as she gently rocks back and forth on his
cum-spent cock "Mmm...that was so damn hot..." Brooke moans as she lightly
tosses her sweat-dampened brown hair back.

CM Punk nods his head as sweat drips down his face, "Yeah... that was...
extremely hot..." Punk says with a smile as he puts his hands back on
Brooke's ass and he rubs her ass cheeks a bit. "And a lot of fun..."

Brooke presses her lips together as she gently places her hands against CM
Punk's smooth and toned, sweaty chest "I sure hope...we'll be seeing a lot
more of each other..." Brooke says in a softly sly, seductive voice.

* * *

Meanwhile inside the locker room of Extreme Expose, Layla El is putting on
a semi-tight fitting white top and is wearing a pair of tight fitting blue
jeans as she changes into her personal attire after a fun night of
entertaining the ECW fans. After putting on the shirt, Layla walks over to
the mirror to fix her frizzy hair, and she smiles, "Girl, you can sure bring
the heat..." Layla says to herself.

As the naturally beautiful Extreme ECW Vixen, Layla, looks at her reflection
in the mirror, she's the locker room door of Extreme Expose opening as the
adorable Extreme Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly enters the locker room in a
crushed, heartbroken state. "Hi Layla..." Kelly says softly with a sigh as
she closes the locker room door behind her and then leans against the locker
room door as she glances down, while dressed in her short jean skirt and
light pink tank top.

"Hi Kel-Kel..." Layla says as she turns to look at her Extreme Expose
teammate, "We really brought the heat tonight didn't we?" Layla asks before
she sees that Kelly is looking down, "Is something wrong?" Layla asks in a
sweet voice.

Kelly Kelly scrunches her adorable nose up and lifts her head up slightly as
she cutely shrugs her shoulders "I could say that.." Kelly softly
replies as she frowns.

Layla nods her head, "Come on Kel-Kel... what is it? What's bothering you?"
Layla asks as she walks over to the soft couch that is in Extreme Expose's
locker room and she sits down.

Kelly sighs as she takes a step away from the locker room door and starts to
walk over towards the couch that Layla is sitting on "Well...I saw Brooke...
and CM Punk together..." Kelly says as she slightly narrows her eyes a bit.

Layla pauses and then she nods her head, "Ohhh... I see..." Layla says as
she folds her hands, "You got the hots for CM right?" Layla asks to make sure
she has all the facts straight.

Kelly Kelly scrunches her nose up cutely and blushes "Yeah..." Kelly says
with a soft laugh "I do...I have for like months!" Kelly says before she
looks down "Damn it! Brooke knows I like him too!" Kelly says as her tone
changes as she starts to get a bit irritated with her fellow Extreme Expose
member's actions.

"Now, now Kel-Kel..." Layla says as she stands up to put a hand on Kelly's
shoulder, "It's not the end of the world..." Layla smiles, "There's plenty
of Extreme Studs out there...." Layla says to keep Kelly from going out of

Kelly sighs as she cutely raises an eyebrow and looks at Layla "So what are
you saying? That I know forget about Punk?" Kelly innocently

"Well... um kinda..." Layla replies, "If it were me... I would get an
Extreme Stud to totally raise the heat with... and then start sorting things
out with Punk..."

Kelly presses her soft lips together and slowly nods her head "Yeah...I guess
you're right Layla..."

Layla smiles, "Just give it some thought Kel-Kel..." Layla says as she pats
Kelly's shoulder a bit, "But I gotta get going... I'm gonna to go work on our
next Extreme Expose routine... and maybe find an 'Extreme stud for myself..."
Layla says with a smile.

Kelly smiles a bit "Ok...thanks Layla..." Kelly says as she stands up from
the couch "I'll see you later..."

"Yup..." Layla says as she starts to head to the locker room door. She opens
the door and looks back at Kelly, "Don't worry Kel-Kel... things will work
out for the best..." Layla smiles as she then leaves the locker room, and
close the door behind her.

Kelly glances over at the closed locker room door and folds her arms before
she presses her soft lips together and slowly shakes her head "Layla's
right...I should go get my mind off of Punk..."

To Be Continued...

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