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Chronicles Of The Dancing Queens Chapter 6
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at an ECW and SmackDown Live Event, the sly, seductive Extreme
Expose member known as Brooke storms through the backstage area, still in
an extremely pissed off mood over being dumped without warning by ECW's
Straightedge Extremist CM Punk. "That... jerk! No one dumps me!" Brooke
snaps as she stamps her feet as she walks.

The brown haired Extreme Vixen continues on her walk as she tries to blow off
her frustration and she passes by Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von, two of the
New Breed's studdly members. Elijah is wearing black warm up pants and a
tight fitting sleeveless shirt, and Cor Von is dressed in gold wrestling
shorts. Elijah sees the mood Brooke is in and says, "Someone had a bad
experience..." Elijah says as he somewhat unintentionally gets the angry
Vixen's attention.

"What!?" The slyly seductive member of Extreme Expose, Brooke, turns around
quickly to face The New Breed's Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von "What did you
say!?" Brooke rudely snaps at the leader of the New Breed as she lustfully
narrows her eyes at Elijah, while pressing her lips together and placing her
hands on her smoothly rounded hips as she stands in front of the two black
New Breed studs. The slightly bitchy, hot Extreme Expose dancer is dressed in
a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a black tank top.

Elijah Burke laughs a bit, "I said you had a bad experience... and if Elijah
says it... it must be true..." Elijah says with a smirk on his handsome face.

'The Alpha Male' Marcus Cor Von puts his hands on his own waist, "Elijah's
right, you look like you got dumped on your head..." Cor Von says as makes an
assumption based on Brooke's body language.

Brooke narrows her eyes a bit more as she glances over at Marcus Cor Von "So
what if I did!?" Brooke snaps at the New Breed's muscular Extremist. Brooke
sighs as she shakes her head as the hot, sultry Vixen begins to fume once
again "Nobody dumps me! Face it...I'm hot! People should want to be with me!"
Brooke arrogantly states to both Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von.

Cor Von laughs slightly, "Well you are hot... but I bet you need a real Alpha
Male in your life..." 'The Alpha Male' says as he checks out Brooke a bit.

Elijah Burke laughs slightly, "Or an total Elijah Experience..." The leader
of the New Breed says with a smirk.

Brooke raises an eyebrow as she seductively bites down on her bottom lip.
The sly, seductively hot Vixen takes a step towards Elijah and Marcus in the
hallway "Are you two suggesting something?" Brooke says with a sly smirk as
she slowly licks her lips while she casually lowers her sly, seductive eyes
to glances at the crotches of both Marcus Cor Von and Elijah Burke.

Elijah and Cor Von exchange glances for a moment and then they both look at
the sly, seductive Extreme Expose member. "That's a real possibility..."
Elijah Burke as he starts to lift up his shirt, revealing his rock hard abs.

Brooke presses her soft, seductive lips together as she shifts her
lustfilled, manipulative eyes over towards Elijah Burke as he shows over his
smooth, rock hard black abs to the sly ECW Vixen. Brooke raises an eyebrow
"I think you two can definitely help me forget about being dumped..." Brooke
says as stands in front of Elijah Burke and places her soft, seductive hands
against the rock hard abs of Elijah Burke.

Elijah Burke licks his lips, "Damn straight..." Elijah says as he completely
takes off his sleeveless shirt, revealing his entire black, toned and
muscular upper body.

Marcus Cor Von smirks a bit, "Hmm... well if you need to get over it...
start with the Alpha Male..." Cor Von says as he starts to push down his
gold wrestling shorts, letting out his thick black twelve inch cock.

Brooke lowers her head and glances down at the thick, gradually hardening
twelve in black cock of Marcus Cor Von "Mmmm....very nice..." Brooke says
slyly as she slowly licks her lips before taking a step away from Elijah
Burke as she removes her hands from his smooth, muscular black upper body.
Brooke lightly tosses her soft brown hair back as she turns to face "The
Alpha Male" and she lowers herself down onto her knees in front of the
dominating Extremist.

The powerful, muscular black Extremist steps out of his gold wrestling
shorts, "Lets go... you need this Alpha-cock..." Marcus Cor Von says.

Elijah Burke drops his shirt down to the ground, "Yeah that's a good warm up
for you..." Elijah says as he good-naturally insults his New Breed teammate.
The hot Extremist known as Elijah Burke starts to push down his black warm up
pants and his own hardening, thirteen inch long black dick springs free.

Brooke seductively grits her teeth together as she lifts her head up and
locks her sly, seductive eyes with Marcus Cor Von. The bitter, arrogantly
hot member of Extreme Expose gently places both of her soft hands around
Cor Von's hard, thick black shaft and begins to smoothly stroke her hands
against his hardening cock "Mmm...yeah I need a good Alpha-cock..." Brooke
says with a smirk.

Marcus Cor Von licks his lips as he looks down at the brown-haired Extreme
Vixen as she slides both of her soft hands back and forth along the length of
his powerful Alpha-dick. "Mmmm yeah... stroke that big black dick..." Cor Von

Elijah laughs a bit as he steps around Brooke and stands behind her, "You're
going to get more than just that..." Elijah says as he kneels down behind
Brooke and reaches around her waist to unbutton Brooke's tight-fitting jeans.

"Mmm...good...cause I need it!" Brooke says with a sly smirk before she
narrows her eyes into a lustfilled glare as she looks up at Marcus Cor Von.
The sly, seductive Extreme Expose member leans her head down and gently
presses her soft, wet tongue against the thick head of Cor Von's cock.

"Mmmmm... if you need it... take it!" The powerful, cocky Marcus Cor Von
says as he places his hands on the back of Brookes head and pulls her head
downward as he pushes his cock forward so that it enters her warm, wet mouth.
Elijah smirks as he starts to pull down Brooke's tight fitting jeans from her
sexy, slender yet smoothly rounded hips and down her smooth, tanned legs.

"Mmmm..." Brooke softly moans around Cor Von's hard, thick black cock as she
gently presses her lips around his black shaft. The seductive, arrogant ECW
Vixen begins to smoothly bob her head up and down Cor Von's cock as she
gently sucks his meaty black cock. Brooke closes her seductive eyes as she
lightly twists her head on his cock, bobbing her head at a quicker rate.

"Ahhh yea... yea..." Marcus Cor Von licks his lips as he looks down at
Brooke as she bobs her head on his cock at a gradually quickening pace, and
Cor Von starts to thrust his cock back and forth between Brooke's pouty lips.

Behind Brooke, Elijah has completely pulled of Brooke's jeans and is rubbing
her ass with his left hand while stroking his hard, meaty black cock with his
right, "This is going to be a new breed of experience right here..." Elijah
says as he spits on the head of his cock before he guides it towards Brooke's
pussy. The leader of the New Breed then thrusts his entire cock into Brooke's
pussy and quickly starts to thrust his shaft in and out of her pussy and a
firm, brisk pace.

"Mmmmm...ohhh fuck yeah!" Brooke moans around Marcus Cor Von's thick, rock
hard black cock as she gently pushes hot, seductive body back against Elijah
Burke's cock as he deeply thrusts his cock into her tight, warm pussy.
"Mmmm...mmmm..." Brooke moans as she starts to smoothly rock back and forth
in between Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von, while she sucks Cor Von's cock
as she's being fucked by Elijah's cock.

Marcus Cor Von grinds his teeth together as he pushes her brown hair back
repeatedly with his hands, "Yeah... ahhh yea... mmmm yea suck that black
Alpha-Cock..." Cor Von grunts as he continues to thrust his cock in and out
of Brooke's mouth as she bobs her head repeatedly on it.

Elijah Burke firmly holds onto Brooke's hips as he pulls her back against him
at a quicker rate as he steadily pumps his cock in and out of her warm tight
pussy, "Ahhh... yea... I was right... as always..." Elijah laughs smugly as
his black balls hits against Brooke's smooth skin as he pushes his cock
deeply into her pussy.

"Mmmm...mmmm...ohhhh..." Brooke roughly moans around Marcus Cor Von's thick,
hard black cock as her hot and wet soothing saliva showers down on his cock.
Brooke presses her lips tighter around his thick black shaft as she lowers
her head further down on his Alpha-cock, taking him deeper into her mouth.
Brooke's seductively hot, rounded ass gently presses back against Elijah's
toned black waist as his cock deeply drives into her tight pussy.

Elijah Burke lifts his right hand from Brooke's hip and smacks it back down
as he drives his cock forward into her hot pussy, "Ahhhh... mmmmm yea... ohh
yea you like that black dick..." Elijah moans as he starts to sweat a bit as
he slams his cock into Brooke's pussy.

Marcus Cor Von licks his lips as Brooke deep throats his entire Alpha-cock
with her sly, seductive mouth. Cor Von holds her head down on his cock and
feels Brooke's saliva dripping down his black shaft and onto his balls before
he jerks her head up from his shaft, "I'm gonna fuck her..." Cor Von strongly
states to the leader of the New Breed. Elijah smirks, but doesn't reply as he
pulls his cock out of Brooke's tight, wet pussy.

Brooke presses her soft, seductive lips together as she lifts her head up and
lustfully glares at Marcus Cor Von. Brooke slyly smirks " better
fuck me...and fuck me hard!" Brooke says in seductive, slightly cute voice.

Marcus Cor Von raises an eyebrow, "You're gonna get it..." Cor Von says as
he bends down to pull Brooke up to her feet. 'The Alpha Male' turns Brooke
around so that she's facing Elijah, and he bends her forward before he rams
his entire twelve inch, saliva covered Alpha-cock into Brooke's tight

"Ohhhhhh fuck yesss!" Brooke loudly moans as she grits her teeth together
after feeling Marcus Cor Von roughly ramming his hard, thick black Alpha-cock
into her tight asshole. Brooke closes her eyes as she's roughly jerked back
by the powerful member of the New Breed "Ohhh yeah fuck my ass!"

"Uhhh... ahhh... uhhh..." Cor Von grunts like an animal as he roughly slams
his cock in and out of Brooke's tight asshole. Each of Cor Von's thrusts as
so powerful that Brooke's knees buckle a bit, but he holds her steady with
his powerful arms.

Elijah Burke smirks as he stands right in front of Brooke, stroking his
own thirteen inch black dick with his left hand, "Hey you wanted a real
experience... lets go..." Elijah says as he puts his left hand on Brooke's
head and pushes her head down towards his dick.

Brooke opens her eyes slightly as she spits her hot, wet saliva onto the head
of Elijah's thick, hard black cock as her saliva rolls off the head of his
cock and drips down his long black shaft "Mmmm...ohhhh yeah fuck my ass!"
Brooke moans loudly as she takes Elijah's cock into her hot, soothing and
seductive mouth while roughly being jerked back in an animalistic manner
thanks to Marcus Cor Von.

"Mmmmmm... ahhhhh yea... fuck yea..." Marcus Cor Von groans loudly as his
large black balls crash against Brooke's round ass as he just drives her ass
with his Alpha-cock. The Alpha-Male keeps pulling Brooke back so hard that
when he slams his cock forward, Brooke jolts forward and her mouth is impaled
with Elijah's cock.

"Mmmmm yea... mmmm come on... take this new breed experience..." Elijah Burke
moans as Brooke has no choice but to deep throat his cock thanks to Cor Von's

"Mmmm...mmm..." Brooke moans loudly around Elijah Burke's black cock as she's
forced to deep throat Elijah's black cock. Brooke's hot saliva drips down on
his shaft as his New Breed cock continually is rammed deeply into her hot
mouth. The seductive, manipulative Vixen's body begins to sweat lightly as
she is roughly pulled back against Marcus Cor Von's black Alpha-cock in a
rough, animalistic intensity.

"Ahhhh...uhhhh yea... ahhh... mmmm..." The Alpha Male continues to pound
Brooke's ass as he makes sure every inch of his cock is rammed deep into
Brooke's ass.

Elijah starts to thrust his own cock in and out of Brooke's mouth, pumping
it completely past her lips so that the head of his thirteen inch cock hits
against the back of her throat, "Mmmmmmm... yea... mmm yea..." Elijah moans
as he and Cor Von tag-team Brooke at both ends.

Sweat drips down and off of Cor Von's powerful black body and he grits his
teeth as his cock begins to erupt with his hot Alpha-cum, "Ahhhhhhh..." Cor
Von groans as he fills up Brooke's ass with his load.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah!" Brooke moans against Elijah's cock as it thrusts in and
out of her hot, wet mouth while she feels the warm, thick load of cum
belonging to Marcus Cor Von spray into her tight asshole. "Mmmm...fuck..."
Brooke groans as her eyes roll back slightly while sweat drips off of her
seductive body. Brooke presses her lips firmly around Elijah's black cock
as the sly Vixen begins to bob her head as she sucks with her own momentum

Marcus Cor Von soon pulls his cum spent cock out of Brooke's ass and he slaps
her ass cheeks with his relaxing twelve inch Alpha-cock, "You got what ya
needed...." Cor Von states before he goes to get his gold wrestling shorts as
if he did Brooke a favor.

Meanwhile, Elijah Burke holds the back Brooke's hair up with his left hand
as the sly, recently dumped, Extreme Expose member bobs her head on his big
black cock, "Mmmm... yeah... ahhhh..." Elijah moans and smirks.

Brooke lifts her eyes up slightly and locks her seductive, lustfilled eyes
with Elijah Burke as she easily bobs her head at a quick rate against his
thick, rock hard black cock "Mmmm...mmm..." Brooke's soft moans vibrate
against his shaft as she laps her wet tongue around his shaft, coating her
saliva around his New Breed cock.

"Ahhhh... ohhh yea... mmmmm..." Elijah Burke moans as he tilts his head back
and licks his lips. His large, black, new breed cock throbs within Brooke's
mouth and he begins to spray his warm, salty cum into Brooke's mouth,
"Ahhhh... mmmmm damn..."

"Mmmm..." Brooke moans as she presses her lips tighter around Elijah's black
throbbing shaft as she slowly bobs her head, milking the cum out of his cock
and into her hot, seductive mouth.

"Ahhh... mmmm... ohhh shit..." Elijah moans louder than he has been as Brooke
skillfully makes sure every drop of his cum comes out of his cock. When
Brooke pulls her head off of his cock, Elijah looks down and into her open
mouth and sees his cum mixing with her saliva, "Damn..." Elijah says with a
smirk. Brooke raises an eyebrow slyly as she closes her mouth, pressing her
seductive lips together before swallowing Elijah's thick cum. Elijah grins,
"And now... you've had a great experience...." Elijah says as he looks down
at Brooke.

Brooke smirks slyly as she tosses her sweat dampened brown hair back
before she seductively bites down on her bottom lip "Yeah...who wants to be
PUNKED...when they can be fucked by the New Breed!" Brooke says bitterly
towards the absent CM Punk, who had dumped her.

"Damn straight..." Elijah says as with a grin even through he doesn't know
what Brooke is referring too. "And you can get fucked by the New Breed... any
time... any where..."

* * *

Elsewhere in the arena, the cute, blond-haired Extreme Exhibitionist Kelly
Kelly is sitting on top of an equipment trunk as she waits for Layla to meet
her. As she looks down one end of the hallway, the Extreme Straightedge stud.
CM Punk, dressed in his black wrestling trunks and black 'Hardcore
Straightedge' t-shirt, walks up to her, "Hey Kelly..." Punk says with a

Kelly Kelly shyly lowers her head and blushes cutely "Awww hey Punk..." Kelly
says sweetly as she cutely presses her slender shoulders up as the adorable
Extreme Exhibitionist is dressed in a pair of tight-fitting jean shorts and a
white tank top.

"What's going on?" Punk asks as he stands next to the equipment trunk before
leaning against it.

Kelly smiles sweetly as she looks down a bit as CM Punk leans close to the
adorable, innocent Exhibitionist "Oh nothing, just waiting for Layla..."
Kelly replies as she cutely glances up at her Straightedge crush, CM Punk.

CM Punk nods his head and smiles, "Oh I see... so you're probably going to be
busy later..." Punk says as he locks his eyes with Kelly's soft, beautiful

Kelly blushes cutely "Well..." Kelly lowers her head after CM Punk locks
his eyes with her soft, innocent eyes "Layla isn't here yet..." Kelly Kelly
sweetly replies as she gently and cutely swings her smooth, adorably tanned
legs against the equipment trunk she is sitting on.

CM Punk smiles, "I see that..." Punk says, "And if she's not here... I guess
you're free now... and we could go... hang out... some where..." Punk says.

Kelly smiles and nods her cutely "Yeah we could..." Kelly says as she lightly
tosses her adorable, soft blond hair back "Oh Punk that would be so much

CM Punk smiles again, "Then lets go... find a place to hang out..." Punk says
as he casually takes Kelly's left hand and helps the cute blond-haired Vixen
off of the equipment trunk.

Kelly presses her adorable, slender shoulders up as she holds onto CM Punk's
hand with her left hand "Ok Punk! I think that will be so much fun!" Kelly
says cutely as she starts to walk with CM Punk down the hallway.

* * *

In the locker room area of the arena, the ECW Champion Bobby Lashley, wearing
black slacks and a loose fitting, white collared shirt, is carrying Layla's
travel bags as they walk to Extreme Expose's locker room, "Can't believe how
pack traffic was... I thought we were going to be stuck on the highway for
hours..." Lashley laughs a bit.

Layla sighs and shakes her head as she walks slightly behind the
hard-hitting, soft-spoken ECW Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley "I know
big guy! It was like so crazy out there!" Layla replies in her adorable,
sweet British accent as ECW's Extreme Dancer has her soft, smooth black hair
straightened instead of her usual frizzy hair style. Layla presses her soft
lips together as her and Lashley approach the locker room belonging to
Extreme Expose "Oh bugger...I told Kel-Kel I would meet her, she probably
thought that I forget about her..." Layla says as she's dressed in a pair
of tight-fitting black pants and a light pink tank top.

Lashley looks at Layla and smiles, "I'm sure she wouldn't think that... it
looks like a lot of people are running late..." Lashley says as he points
out that a lot of the SmackDown Superstars and ECW Extremists appear to have
not arrived yet.

Layla smiles softly as she lightly tosses her smooth, straightened black hair
back while glancing over at Lashley slightly as both he and Layla stand in
front of the locker room door to Extreme Expose's private locker room. "Well
big really didn't have to carry my bags..." Layla says sweetly as
she begins to thank her friend and ECW Champion, Bobby Lashley.

Lashley smiles, "Oh it's no trouble... besides we did ride together here to
the arena..." Lashley says as he holds Layla's travel bags, "By the way... I
like the way you have your hair..." Lashley adds as he compliments Layla on
her new hairstyle.

Layla smiles shyly and blushes a bit " do?" Layla asks in her
adorable British accent as the Extreme Dancer bites down on her bottom lip
and shyly lowers her head as she stands in front of the powerful ECW

Lashley nods his head a bit, "Yeah I do... it gives you a real smooth
look..." Lashley says with a smile.

Layla smiles sweetly as she lifts her head up to lock her soft, sweet eyes
with Bobby Lashley "Awww thanks big guy..." Layla says before pressing her
soft lips together before motioning her head towards Extreme Expose's locker
room "Why don't you come on in...big guy?" Layla suggests with a wink before
she turns away and gently pushes the locker room door open as she steps into
the darkened locker room and turns on the lights, while waiting for Lashley.

"All right..." Bobby Lashley says with a bit of a laugh as he steps into
the now lit locker room of Extreme Expose. The powerful ECW Champion places
Layla's travel bags down on the floor near the leather couch that sits near
the locker room door. Lashley looks around and then at Layla, "How come you,
Kelly and Brooke get the big locker rooms and I don't?" Lashley says

Layla shrugs her shoulders a bit "Well big guy...that's because me and my
girls rock the joint here in ECW...and my girls, we all bring the heat of
Tuesday's!" Layla says with a cute laugh as she presses her lips together
and locks her soft eyes with Bobby Lashley "So, big guy...looks like we got
this joint to ourselves..."

Lashley smiles as Layla lets the door of the locker room close, "Yeah... I
see that too..." Lashley says as he walks over to Layla and he places his
hands on her slender shoulders before leaning down to kiss the 2006 WWE Diva
Search Winner.

"Mmmm..." Layla softly moans in Lashley's mouth as his lips firmly press
against her own soft lips as the ECW Champion gently kisses the Extreme
Dancer of ECW. Layla deepens the kiss slightly as she presses her tongue
against Lashley's lips, forcing her tongue into his mouth.

Lashley let's Layla slip her tongue into his mouth and he presses his tongue
against Layla's tongue. "Mmmmm..." Lashley moans into Layla's mouth as he
slides his hands down from her shoulders and places them on her waist, where
he begins to push down her tight-fitting black pants from her smooth hips.

Layla closes her eyes as she gently places her hands against Lashley's
muscular shirt covered chest as she gently presses her soft tongue against
his strong power while kissing the hard-hitting, soft-spoken Extremist. Layla
slowly opens her eyes as she breaks the kiss with Lashley and takes a step
back to lower her tight-fitting jeans down from her smoothly rounded waist
and down her smooth, stunning legs. Layla smiles sweetly at Lashley as she
steps out of her jeans and stands in her black panties and light pink tank
top "You like it, big guy?"

Lashley nods his head as he looks down at Layla's black panties and her light
pink tank top, "Yeah... I like it a lot..." Lashley says with his soft-spoken
voice before he starts to lift up his white shirt to reveal his impressive
abs and muscular chest as he takes off his shirt.

Layla smiles and nods her head as she looks at Lashley as he removes his
white shirt, revealing his muscular black chest and abs "Damn big guy! You
really got it!" Layla says with a cute laugh as she lifts her light pink
tank top off of her upper body as she reveals her firm, rounded tits to the
reigning ECW Champion. Layla slowly licks her lips as she lowers her eyes,
watching Bobby Lashley unbuckling the belt around his black slacks.

Lashley finishes unbuckling his belt and quickly pulls it through the loops
of his slacks, "And so do you... you look great for... something hard
hitting..." Lashley says as he undoes his slacks and starts to lower them
down from his waist, along with his dark blue boxers. The ECW Champion's
huge, thick fourteen inch cock is quickly unleashed as Lashley steps out of
his slacks and boxers at the same time.

Layla bites down on her bottom lip and raises an eyebrow cutely as she looks
down at Lashley's hardening, thick fourteen inch rigid black cock "Mmm big so totally bring the heat!" Layla says in her British accent as
the adorable Extreme Dancer starts to approach the hard hitting, soft spoken

Bobby Lashley licks his lips as Layla walks towards him as he wraps his right
hand around his hardening fourteen inch black shaft and jerks it slightly to
get it to fully harden quicker. "I haven't brought the heat yet..." Lashley
says as he lets go of his cock and steps towards Layla, meeting her half way.
Lashley turns Layla around, and bends her forward slightly as he bends his
knees. The hot, powerful black Extremist then thrusts his cock into Layla's
warm, tight pussy with a smooth, swift motion.

"Ohhhh shit big guy!" Layla moans loudly as she grits her teeth together
gently and glances over her shoulder to look back at Lashley with a sweet
smile "Mmm...yeah that's bringing the heat baby!" Layla moans as she bites
down on her bottom lip before firmly pushing herself back against Lashley's
hard, thick fourteen inch black cock as he thrusts his cock into her tight
pussy from behind as she bent over and standing in the center of the locker

Bobby Lashley grits his teeth as he thrusts his large black dick in and out
of Layla's warm, tight pussy, "Mmmmmm ahhhh... I'm bringing it Lay..."
Lashley moans as he puts his right arm around Layla's waist while he reaches
around her body with his left arm and starts to feel up Layla's round, firm
tits with his left hand.

"Ohhh yeah big guy! You're really Lay-Lay-Laying down the heat in here!"
Layla moans cutely as she closes her eyes and tosses her smooth, straightened
black hair back as she gently pushes back against Lashley's hard, thick black
cock as she presses her cutely rounded, hot ass against his muscular black
waist, while his cock thrusts deeper into her tight pussy "Mmmm yeah baby!
That's it big guy!" Layla moans as she rocks back and forth using the support
of her smooth, stunning legs.

"Uhhhh... mmmm ahhhh... mmm..." Lashley grunts and moans as he pumps his
rigid fourteen inch black dick deeply into Layla's tight pussy. He squeezes
her left tit with his strong left hand before lowering his left arm down to
wrap it around Layla's waist. The powerful Extreme stud then lifts Layla off
the ground and quickly walks over to the leather couch where he then kneels
Layla on it while he continues to drive his dick into her pussy at a quick,
extreme pace.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh shit big guy! Ohhh yeah bring that heat baby!" Layla moans as
she energetically thrusts her hot, adorable Extreme Dancer body back against
the ECW Champion Bobby Lashley as she rocks back against his cock, allowing
his black cock to enter into her pussy deeper. "Mmmm...ohhhh Bobby!" Layla
moans as she tilts her head back slightly and places her hands onto the
surface of the leather couch as the adorable 2006 WWE Diva Search Winner is
on all fours.

Lashley firmly places his hands on Layla's smoothly round hips and he pulls
Layla back towards him as he plows his large black cock in and out of her
tight pussy, "Mmmmm... ahhhh... ohhhh Lay... you can TAKE... the heat..."
Lashley groans as he starts to sweat slightly as his large black balls smack
against Layla's smooth skin.

Layla tosses her soft, straightened black hair back as she glances back over
her shoulder and grits her teeth as she looks at Bobby Lashley while quickly
rocking her body back against his cock as his cock smacks into her warm,
tight pussy. "Mmmm yeah big guy! Ohhhh lay the heat on me!" Layla moans as
she starts to gently grind her pussy against the powerful fourteen inch black
cock of Bobby Lashley.

Lashley grinds his teeth together as he pulls Layla against him and her ass
smacks loudly against his waist whenever the two make contact. "Ahhhh...
mmmmm... ahhh yea Lay... ahhhh damn..." Lashley grunts as he sharply rams his
cock forward into Layla's pussy. He pulls Layla up a bit so that she's just
on her knees and he wraps his arms around her hot, sexy body so that she
feels Lashley's muscular sweaty chest against her back while he fucks her on
the couch.

Layla leans her head back and softly kisses the side of Lashley's sweat
dripping neck as she grinds her hot, adorable sweating body against Lashley's
muscular, powerful black body. "Ohhhh...ohhh big guy!" Layla moans as rocks
forward slightly, despite Lashley holding onto her, as he powerfully slams
his black cock deeply into her tight pussy.

Sweat drips down and off of Lashley's powerful black body, "Ahhhh... mmmm
ahhh damn... ohhh Lay..." Lashley groans as he starts to cum deep inside of
Layla's pussy as he continues to sharply drive his cock into her.

Layla grits her teeth and arches her body back against Lashley's sweaty,
impressively muscular black chest as she feels his warm cum unleash into her
tight, wet pussy "Mmm...ohhh big guy..." Layla moans as sweat drips off of
her own hot body, while the ECW Extreme Dancer breaths heavily "Ohhh shit
big really know how to bring the heat.." Layla says softly as she
gently pushes herself back against Lashley's throbbing black cock one last

Bobby Lashley slows down his thrusts until finally stopping after he finishes
cumming, "And you know how to take... some hard hitting action..." Lashley
moans as he speaks with his soft spoken voice.

Layla takes a deep breath before glancing over her shoulder with a sweet
smile on her adorable, naturally beautiful face "Big guy...I really dig
ya..." Layla says with a playful wink.

Lashley smiles and laughs a bit, "And I really dig ya right back Lay..."
Lashley replies.

* * *

A short time later, the naturally beautiful Extreme Expose Dancer Layla exits
from the locker room after freshening up from her hot encounter with ECW
Champion Bobby Lashley. Layla is once again wearing her pink tank top and
tight fitting black pants, and she smiles as she slides a hand through her
smooth black hair, "Boy... Bobby can bring the heat..." Layla says with a
soft laugh before closing the locker room door behind her.

"Layla...hey Layla, you got a minute..." The sultry, alluring Extreme
Correspondent Rebecca DiPietro says as she casually approaches her fellow ECW
Vixen. Rebecca presses her soft, sultry lips together seductively as she
steps up to Layla, while dressed in a short, sexy black skirt and a hot black

Layla looks at the Extreme Correspondent and smiles, "Sure Rebecca... I got
a minute..." Layla replies as he places her hands on her waist.

"Great..." Rebecca slyly smirks as she raises an eyebrow "So how have you
been?" Rebecca asks before she pauses and sighs, and then shakes her head
"I'll cut the crap, and get straight to the point...there's rumors going
around in the locker room..." Rebecca begins to lustfully state as she
presses her lips together, while looking at Layla.

Layla pauses and raises an eyebrow, "What kind of rumors?" Layla asks with a
slightly curious tone.

"Well...there's rumors that there may be some friction between Extreme it true?" Rebecca slyly asks as she raises an eyebrow seductively
and places her hands on her smoothly rounded, seductive hips.

Layla pauses for a long moment, "It's not really friction... just... you know
the usual... things that come up when people are close together..."

Rebecca smirks slightly and slowly nods her head "Would you care to elaborate
on this? Layla, come on...I need to get the extreme scoop on this situation."
Rebecca says in a soft, but firm tone "The locker room is dying to know the

Layla sighs, "It's just... Kelly and Brooke both have a crush on the same
person... that's all... it's pretty silly really..."

Rebecca raises an eyebrow and smirks "Oh really...mmm...who's the guy?"
Rebecca suddenly asks with an eager, sly look on her seductive, alluring

"Oh no..." Layla shakes her head a bit, "That's between Kelly and Brooke...
and none of my business..." Layla answers, "And I got to be going I got to
do something..." Layla says as she excuses herself from her conversation with
Rebecca DiPietro and starts to walk away.

Rebecca presses her soft, seductive lips together as she watches Layla walk
away from her "Hmmm...looks like I have more of this extreme scoop to

* * *

Elsewhere in the arena, in one of the luxury skyboxes that looks down on the
ring area, CM Punk is lustfully exchanging kisses with the adorable Kelly
Kelly. Punk is now just in his black wrestling shorts and is pushes down
Kelly's tight-fitting jean shorts, "Mmmmm..." Punk moans into Kelly's mouth
as he taps his tongue against hers.

Mmm...mmm...Punk..." Kelly Kelly softly moans as she kisses her Straightedge
crush, CM Punk, gently tapping her soft tongue against his tongue. Kelly
leans in a bit towards CM Punk as he lowers her tight-fitting jean shorts to
expose her adorably shaven, hot pussy.

CM Punk pushes Kelly's jean shorts down her smooth tanned legs all the way to
her feet, and he breaks the kiss with her a moment later, "Mmmm... you're a
real Straightedge hottie..." Punk says with a smile as he lifts up Kelly's
white tank top, exposing her round, perky tits as he takes it off.

Kelly Kelly shyly lowers her head and bites down on her bottom lip "Awww
thanks're really hot too..." Kelly says with a sweet, innocent
laugh as the adorable Extreme Exhibitionist sits in the luxury skybox in the
arena, completely naked, next to CM Punk.

CM Punk drops Kelly's white tank top down on the floor of the skybox and
licks his pierced lips, "I gotta catch up to ya..." Punk laughs as he takes
a moment to slide down his wrestling shorts to let out his hard, fat,
fourteen inch Straightedge cock, which stands up at attention after being
freed from Punk's wrestling shorts.

Kelly presses her soft lips together cutely before she blushes at the sight
of CM Punk's hard, thick fourteen inch Straightedge cock "Oh wow Punk...
you're so big!" Kelly says cutely before she leans in closer to CM Punk and
lowers her head down to CM Punk's cock. The sweet, innocent ECW Vixen gently
places her soft, wet tongue against the head of CM Punk's Straightedge cock,
before gently circling her tongue around the head of his cock, coating it
with her hot saliva.

"Mmmmmm thanks Kelly..." CM Punk moans as he places his right hand on Kelly's
head and slides his fingers through Kelly's soft blond hair as the cute
Extreme Expose Dancer traces her soft, wet tongue around the thick head of
Punk's incredibly large straightedge cock. Kelly closes her soft, innocent
eyes as she gently taps her tongue against the thick head of his Straightedge
cock before she opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her head as she takes CM
Punk's cock into her hot, sweet mouth. Kelly Kelly gently presses her soft
lips around CM Punk's thick shaft and begins to gently bob her head up and
down as she sucks his cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmm ohh yea Kelly..." CM Punk moans as he closes his eyes and
leans back on the couch of the skybox. He keeps moving the fingers of his
right hand through Kelly's soft blond hair as she bobs her head up and down
on his big fourteen inch dick and Punk can feel drops of Kelly's saliva
running down the length of his shaft as well. Kelly gently slaps her soft,
wet tongue around CM Punk's hard fourteen inch Straightedge cock as she
smoothly bobs her head, rubbing her soft lips against the skin of his hard
shaft as she moves her head on the length of his cock. Kelly Kelly's hot
saliva showers down on CM Punk's cock as she easily takes his cock deeper
into her innocent, hot mouth.

"Ahhhh... oh yea... fuck Kelly... you're so good..." CM Punk moans as he
feels more and more of his fourteen inch cock go into Kelly's hot, soothing
mouth as she lowers her head further down. Kelly's saliva continues to slide
down Punk's cock and drops down to his large ball sack. Kelly gently slides
her tongue across the underbelly of CM Punk's shaft before the adorable blond
haired Extreme Exhibitionist slowly lifts her head up from CM Punk's saliva
dripping fourteen inch Straightedge cock. Kelly Kelly smiles sweetly as she
tosses her soft blonde hair back and places her right hand on CM Punk's
saliva coated shaft and begins to gently stroke her hand against his cock.

CM Punk smiles at Kelly as he feels her right hand moving up and down
his saliva covered cock, "Ahhhh Kelly... you know how to have... some
Straightedge fun..." Punk moans as he leans towards Kelly and kisses her
again, sliding his tongue into her mouth almost instantly as she strokes
his huge cock.

"Mmmm... Punk..." Kelly moans into the mouth of CM Punk as she sweetly
kisses her Straightedge crush back as she massages her soft tongue against
CM Punk's, her soft lips rubbing against his pierced lips. Kelly continues
to gently stroke her right hand against his saliva coated shaft, keeping
his cock firm and hard.

CM Punk slides his tongue around Kelly's tongue as they continue to kiss
deeply and he brings his left hand to Kelly's right hand and slides her hand
off of his stiff, fat fourteen inch cock. Punk breaks the kiss with Kelly and
smiles, "Mmmm..." Punk smirks a bit as he leans more towards Kelly to put his
hands on her waist and he brings her onto his lap. The hot, extreme,
Straightedge stud lifts Kelly up over his cock and lowers her warm, tight
pussy onto his fat dick with Kelly facing him.

"Ohhhh Punk..." Kelly softly moans with a sweet smile on her adorable face
as she's lowered down completely on the hard, thick fourteen inch cock of CM
Punk. Kelly gently places her soft hands against CM Punk's toned, smooth
chest and begins to gently rock back and forth on his cock as she sits on his
lap, facing him.

CM Punk keeps his hands on Kelly's smooth waist and lifts her up and down on
his cock while she rocks back and forth, "Mmmm... ahhh yea Kelly..." Punk
moans as he continues the way she bounces so that he can tease her pussy with
his huge cock.

"Mmmm...ohhh Punk you're the best..." Kelly cutely moans as she rocks back
and forth on CM Punk's Straightedge cock as she gently grinds her hot, tight
pussy against his cock as she smoothly rocks and bounces on his crotch. Kelly
leans forward and closes her eyes before she gently flicks her soft tongue
against CM Punk's lower pierce lip.

CM Punk smirks as he starts to bounce Kelly Kelly faster on his cock.
"Ahhh... mmmm yea..." Punk groans as he begins to thrust his cock up into
Kelly's pussy, catching her by surprise as his the head of his cock sharply
hits deep inside of her pussy.

"Ohhh...ohhhh shoot Punk! Mmmm Punk you're so good..." Kelly Kelly sweetly
moans as she starts to slam down on CM Punk's cock at a hard pace as she
rocks back quickly on his thrusting Straightedge cock "Mmmm...ohhh Punk!"
Kelly moans as she tilts her head back and starts to slam down on Punk's
cock at more of an angle.

"Ahhhh yea... mmm fuck yea Kelly..." Punk groans as he turns on the couch
and lays Kelly down on her back and gets on top of her with his cock still
deep in her pussy, Punk helps Kelly wrap her legs around his waist and
begins to steadily thrust his cock in and out of Kelly's pussy but he soon
starts to increase his pace.

Kelly gently grits her teeth together as she lays her blond haired head back
against the couch inside of the luxury skybox as CM Punk quickly thrusts his
hard, thick cock in and out of her warm, tight pussy "Ohhhh...ohhhh Punk!"
Kelly moans loudly as she moves against the surface on the couch.

CM Punk arches his head back as he drives his cock in and out of Kelly's
pussy with swift, sharp thrusts. "Ahhh... yea... mmmm fuck..." Punk grunts
as sweat begins to roll down his face as he rams his entire fourteen-inch
cock deep inside of Kelly's pussy and his balls hit against her smooth skin
with every thrust as well.

"Ohhh...ohhh Punk! You're the best..." Kelly Kelly cutely moans as she wraps
her smooth, tanned adorable and sweating legs around CM Punk's tighter as she
starts to grind her sweet, hot pussy against his thrusting shaft at a quicker
rate while sweat drips off of her hot, adorable body "Ohhh Punk...I'm...I'm
going to cum...Ohhh Punk!"

CM Punk grits his teeth together as he drives his cock faster in and out of
Kelly's warm pussy as he feels her warm juices covering his cock as Kelly's
cums on his dick, "Ahhhh... mmmm yea Kelly... ahhh yea..." Punk groans as
he licks his pierced lips. The Straightedge stud keeps his focus as best he
can as he gives Kelly's pussy one more sharp thrust before he begins to fire
his cum deep into Kelly's hot, sweet and wet pussy.

"Ohhhh Punk..." Kelly moans as she presses her soft lips together and closes
her eyes as she feels CM Punk's warm, thick cum shoot into her tight, wet
pussy while sweat drips off of her adorably, hot body.

"Ahhh... mmmm..." CM Punk moans as his cock throbs a bit as he sprays
Kelly's pussy with his warm, thick cum, "Ahhh damn... that was really...
Straightedge..." Punk moans.

Kelly bites down onto her bottom lip as she opens her lustfilled, adorable
eyes and cutely smiles up at CM Punk "Oh Punk...I really, really like you."
Kelly says with a cute laugh.

CM Punk smiles as he looks down at Kelly, "I really like you too Kelly..."

Kelly scrunches her nose up cutely and blushes "Awww...really? You really do
Punk?" Kelly sweetly asks before she starts to sit up on the couch after CM
Punk lifts himself off of the adorable Extreme Exhibitionist "Am...I your..."
Kelly pauses and presses her shoulders up cutely "Am...I your Punkette?"
Kelly asks with a cute laugh.

CM Punk pauses for a moment before nodding his head a bit, "Yeah.... you
could say that..." CM Punk says with a smirk.

Kelly smiles excitedly "Awww I'm your Punkette...and you're my Punk!" Kelly
says cutely before she leans over and gently hugs the sweaty, hard breathing
CM Punk.

CM Punk hugs Kelly back and smirks, "Yeah that's right....." Punk says as he
licks his lips slightly.

* * *

Sometime later, Kelly Kelly is walking back to the locker room area after
leaving the arena's skybox, wearing her tight-fitting jean shorts and a
white tank top. Kelly smiles as she thinks about her 'punk' CM Punk and the
adorable Extreme Expose member skips a bit, "He's my Punk... and I'm his
Punkette..." Kelly says cutely to herself.

"Kelly...Hey Kelly!" The sultry, alluring and seductive Extreme Correspondent
of ECW, Rebecca DiPietro, calls out as she starts to walk towards the
adorable, young ECW Vixen. Rebecca raises an eyebrow and presses her lips
together as Kelly pauses in the hallway and turns around to face the sultry
Rebecca DiPietro.

Kelly smiles cutely, "Oh hey Rebecca!" Kelly says as a small, but noticeable,
drop of sweat falls from her forehead.

Rebecca smirks seductively as she notices the drop of sweat drip off of
Kelly Kelly's forehead "Mmm...looks like someone just had so intense, hot
fun in the Land of Extreme..." Rebecca says in a soft, desirable voice as
she presses her luscious, sultry lips together and locks her eyes with the
innocent Kelly Kelly.

Kelly Kelly shyly smiles as she cutely blushes, "Um yeah... I kinda did..."
Kelly admits as she pushes her soft blond hair back.

Rebecca slowly nods her head "Oh I must have been real extreme..."
Rebecca replies as she slowly licks her lips before shaking her head slightly
"I'm cut the sweet talk Kelly...and get right to the point...There's some
rumors going around and as ECW's Extreme Correspondent, I must find the

Kelly raises an eyebrow, and bites her bottom lips, "The truth about what?"

"Well...the rumor and your fellow Extreme Expose member, Brooke, are
having some issues over a certain Extremist..." Rebecca says with a sly smirk
on her face "You must tell...who's the stud?" Rebecca then asks as she raises
an eyebrow slyly.

Kelly blushes, "We're not having issues... I just thought... she was...
trying to be... with my... I mean CM Punk..." Kelly says as she continues to

"Oh...CM Punk..." Rebecca smirks and slowly nods her head "So he's the guy
causing all the tension, huh?" Rebecca asks as she lightly tosses her hair
back and gently folds her arms against her large, seductive chest.

Kelly shakes her head, 'There's no tension... everything is good with me and
Brooke..." Kelly says.

Rebecca presses her lips together as she looks at Kelly "Ok...ok...thanks
Kelly..." Rebecca says with a soft smirk on her alluring face before she
starts to turn away from the Extreme Exhibitionist "See you later..."

Kelly smiles, "See you later Rebecca..." Kelly says as she resumes going
about her way, in the opposite direction that Rebecca is facing.

Rebecca slyly smirks "I think I need to hear the other side..." Rebecca says
as she slowly licks her lips "Now...where could I find Brooke..."

To Be Continued

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