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Chronicles Of The Dancing Queens Chapter 8
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Late at night at the hotel where the ECW and SmackDown brands are staying
for the night, CM Punk is stepping out of his shower of his hotel room and
he wraps a towel around the waist of his water dripping body. Punk exits the
bathroom and steps out into the main area of his hotel room and goes over to
his travel bag to get out a pair of shorts when there's a knock on the door.
Punk looks at the digital clock that sits on small table, "Who can that be
at midnight..." Punk says as he goes to hotel room door and opens it. Punk
looks out in the hall and smirks a bit when he sees the extremely pissed off
and hot Extreme Expose member Brooke, "Hey Brooke..."

Brooke seductively narrows her eyes as the bitter, pissed ECW Vixen presses
her soft, seducing lips together and places her hands on her smoothly rounded
hips "Hey Brooke?! Is that all you have to say!?" Brooke slightly snaps at
the Straightedge Extremist, before the Extreme Expose member rudely invites
herself into CM Punk's hotel room, by walking in. The sly, seductive Brooke
is dressed in a short black skirt and a black tank top.

CM Punk closes the door, "Well yeah... you dropped by... am I supposed to
say something else?" Punk asks with a smirk as he holds his towel around his

Brooke arrogantly sighs as she folds her arms against her large chest while
tossing her smooth, light brown hair back "I'm here for one reason...and one
really only..." Brooke says before she locks her seducing eyes with CM Punk
"To get what I want. I always get what I want!" Brooke stubbornly states
before slyly smirking "And what I you."

CM Punk raises an eyebrow and licks his lips, "Oh really? You want me?" Punk
asks as he looks into the sly, seductive eyes of the brown haired Extreme
Expose dancer.

Brooke nods her head and smirks as she starts to step forward to CM Punk "Of
course I want're so hot..." Brooke says slyly before she arrogantly
sighs "But all you want is that bitch Kelly..."

CM Punk shrugs his shoulders, "Well... so?" Punk asks as he licks his lips as
he looks Brooke as she steps closer to him.

"I don't like playing nice with others...especially when a man is
involved..." Brooke says with a sly, sweet smirk as she gently places her
seductive hands against the hot, toned and smooth chest of CM Punk. Brooke
leans forward into CM Punk and lifts her head to whisper into his ear "Damn
you're so hot..."

CM Punk smirks, "And I'm Straightedge..." Punk says as Brooke slides her
hands over his smooth, toned and hot chest. The Straightedge Extremist then
starts to drop the towel from his waist to reveal his hardening fourteen

Brooke lowers her head and presses her lips together as she glances down at
the hardening, thick fourteen inch Straightedge cock of CM Punk "Mmm...that's
so hot..." Brooke then pauses and raises an eyebrow "I'm hot...aren't I,
Punk?" Brooke slyly asks as the jealous, bitter member of Extreme Expose
smoothly lowers herself down onto her knees in front of CM Punk.

CM Punk nods his head and smirks, "Yeah you're hot Brooke..." Punk says as
he puts his hands on his smooth, toned and tanned waist. Punk then smirks
as Brooke wraps her left hand around the base of his now fully hard, thick
fourteen inch shaft. Brooke seductively licks her soft, alluring lips as she
narrows her eyes lustfully, locking them on CM Punk's thick and rock hard
cock while she smoothly strokes her left hand against his smooth, hard shaft.
"Mmmmm... ahhhh mmm..." Punk moans and licks his lips as he looks down at
Brooke as she moves her left hand back and forth along the length of his huge

Brooke lightly tosses her soft, smooth light brown hair back as she lowers
her head to CM Punk's fourteen inch cock and opens her seductively hot and
soothing mouth, taking his thick cock in. Brooke presses her seductive lips
firmly around his shaft and starts to easily bob her head, sucking on the
Straightedge Extremist's cock. "Ahhhh... mmmm... ohh yea Brooke..." CM Punk
moans as Brooke bobs her head smoothly on his thick shaft. Punk closes his
eyes and tilts his head back as he feels Brooke's warm saliva lightly
splashing against his cock as she sucks his dick.

Brooke closes her seductive eyes as she easily lifts and lowers her head on
CM Punk's rock hard, extremely thick Straightedge cock. Brooke gently slaps
her hot, wet tongue against CM Punk's thick shaft while she lightly grinds
her lips against the skin of his cock, lowering her head further down on his
shaft as she starts to bob her head at a quicker pace. "Mmmm... ahhhh...
uhhh yea..." CM Punk moans as Brooke bobs her head quickly on his shaft. CM
Punk takes his hands off his waist and places them on Brooke's head takes
his cock deeper into her warm, wet, seductive mouth.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Brooke seductively moans against CM Punk's shaft as her hot
saliva showers down on his thick, rock hard cock. Brooke slowly opens her
sly, lustfilled eyes and glances up to lock her seductive eyes with CM Punk
while smoothly and easily bobbing her head, taking him deeply into her hot

"Mmmm... ohhh yea Brooke... fucking suck that cock..." CM Punk moans as the
head of his large cock hits the back of Brooke's soothing mouth.

Brooke slowly lifts her head off of CM Punk's cock as her hot saliva drips
down on his thick shaft. Brooke presses her lips together and slyly smirk up
at CM Punk "Mmmm...I think it's time to get more extreme..." Brooke says
seductively as she slowly lifts her black tank top off of her seductively
tanned and toned, gorgeously body as she exposes a black laced bra covering
her large, hot tits.

CM Punk smirks, "Yeah... I totally agree with you..." CM Punk says as he
watches Brooke reach behind her back to unclasp her bra in order to peel it
from her large, hot round tits. "Fuck you got a hot body..."

Brooke raises an eyebrow and smirks "Mmm...I know I do...I'm so fucking
hot..." Brooke says arrogantly as she tosses her black laced bra onto the bed
before she stands up from the hotel room floor. Brooke steps back towards the
bed and seductively licks her lips "Mmm...I always get what I want..."

* * *

Elsewhere in the hotel, Bobby Lashley and Layla are stepping off an elevator
on the fifth floor after 'raising the heat' at a local dance club. Lashley is
wearing gray slacks and a black short sleeved collared shirt, while Layla is
dressed in a short black skirt and red top. "Damn Lay... you really raised
the heat at the club tonight..." Lashley says as they walk to his hotel room.

Layla smiles ecstatically "Oh big guy! You know I always bring it!" Layla
says in her adorable British accent with a cute laugh, while tossing her
smoothly straightened black hair back.

"Yeah I really know it..." Lashley smiles as he looks at Layla as they
approach his hotel room door. "But I think you raised the heat up so high the
fire alarm almost went off..." Lashley says with his soft spoken voice as he
flirts with the naturally beautiful Extreme Vixen.

Layla blushes a bit and then laughs "Awww big better quit that..."
Layla says with a sweet, adorable smiles as she locks her soft eyes with the
reigning ECW Champion, Bobby Lashley's, eyes for a brief moment.

Bobby Lashley smiles after he and Layla break eye contact as they stand
outside of his hotel room. "You want to come in Lay?" Lashley asks as he
takes his room key out of his pocket.

Layla bites down on her bottom lip as the naturally beautiful, Extreme
Dancer of ECW shyly lowers her head "Oh...I don't know, big's pretty
late..." Layla says as she slightly shifts her feet

Lashley nods his head, "Oh ok... but you can crash here... if you want
instead of heading back to the elevator..." Lashley says as he turns a bit
to unlock the hotel room door and to push it open.

Layla presses her soft, luscious lips together before sweetly smile "I
suppose I could stay for a bit, Bobby..." Layla says as she locks her soft,
adorable eyes with Bobby Lashley once again before she steps into Bobby
Lashley's impressive, luxury hotel room suite.

Bobby Lashley smiles as Layla steps into his luxury hotel room suite, "Sounds
good Lay..." Lashley says as he then walks into the hotel room behind her
and then he closes the door.

Layla glances back over her shoulder to look back at Lashley "I really
like ya, big guy..." Layla says with a playful wink before the naturally
beautiful, adorable ECW Vixen walks over to Lashley's large hotel room bed
and smoothly sits down on top of the bed.

Lashley walks over the bed and smiles, "I really like you too Lay..." Lashley
says as he sits down on top of the bed next to the beautiful Extreme Expose
dancer. The hard-hitting, soft-speaking ECW Champion puts his strong right
hand on top of Layla's left hand before he slowly leans towards her to kiss
her lips.

"Ohhh..." Layla softly moans as Lashley's firm, but soft lips gently press
against Layla's adorable lips. Layla turns a bit towards Lashley on the bed
and gently kisses him back as she closes her beautiful eyes.

Lashley gently begins to push his tongue into Layla's mouth and he taps it
against Layla's soft tongue. "Mmmm..." Lashley moans as he slides his right
hand from Layla's left hand and places it on her left shoulder. Layla gently
taps her soft tongue back against Lashley's strong, powerful tongue as she
deeply kisses the hard-hitting, soft-spoken Extremist back while placing her
soft hands onto Lashley's muscular, strong upper legs.

"Mmmm..." Lashley then slowly breaks the deep kiss with Layla and smiles at
her as she opens her eyes, "Do you... um... want to raise some heat?" Lashley
asks as he puts his left hand on Layla's red top covered waist.

Layla laughs softly and smiles "Sure...why not big guy..." Layla says
with an adorable wink before she removes her hands from Lashley's strong,
muscular legs as she allows Lashley to lift up her red top from her adorable,
naturally beautiful body as he exposes her large, smoothly rounded tits.

Bobby Lashley smiles as he lays Layla's red top down on the floor of the
hotel room. "Whew... you're raising the heat Lay..." Lashley laughs a little
before he takes a moment to lift up and remove his black short sleeved
collard shirt, revealing his smooth, extremely muscular black chest.

Layla presses her lips together as she locks her beautiful eyes on Lashley's
impressively built and extremely muscular black chest "Oh damn big guy!
That's so hot baby!" Layla says as she tosses her smoothly straightened
black hair back as she leans forward and begins to unbuckle the belt around
Lashley's gray slacks.

"Thanks Lay..." Lashley says as Layla successfully unbuckles his belt and
pulls it through the loops of his gray slacks. Lashley then unbuttons his
slacks and stands up for a moment to lower them and his white boxer shorts
from his waist, letting out his hardening fourteen inch black shaft. After
he steps out of his slacks and boxer shorts, Lashley sits back down on the
bed and leans over to softly kiss Layla's lips again as he starts to slide
down her short black skirt and the black panties Layla is wearing.

"Mmm...ohhhh" Layla softly moans into Lashley's mouth as she kisses him
deeply, while feeling his right hand gently pressing against her smooth, hot
pussy after having removed her black skirt and black panties down from her
waist and her smooth, sexy legs. Once Layla's skirt and panties are removed,
Lashley breaks the kiss so he can lay Layla on her back on top of the hotel
room bed. Lashley smiles at Layla as he spreads her legs and positions
himself between them so that he can smoothly push his large, thick fourteen
inch cock into her warm, tight pussy.

"Ohhhhh geeze big guy!" Layla cutely moans as Lashley lays his muscular black
body on top of the adorable Extreme Dancer of ECW and smoothly thrusts his
thick, hard fourteen inch extreme cock into her warm, tight pussy. Layla
presses her lips together and gently places her soft hands against Lashley's
strong arms as he starts to deeply thrust into her pussy at a good, solid

Bobby Lashley places his powerful arms on the soft surface of the hotel room
bed as he thrusts his cock deeply in and out of Layla's warm tight pussy.
"Mmmm... ahhhh... mmmm..." Lashley moans and breathes slowly as Layla starts
to push her pussy against his thrusting cock.

"Ohhhhh yeah Bobby...mmmm" Layla moans cutely as she gently wraps her smooth,
sexy legs around Lashley's muscular waist as she starts to easily rock back
and forth on top of the surface of the bed, moving her body in rhythm with
Lashley's intense, hard-hitting body.

"Mmmm... ahhhh... uhhh... ohhh yea Lay..." Lashley moans as he smoothly
increases the pace of his thrusts. The powerful ECW Champion pumps his cock
harder into Layla's pussy and his large black balls smack against Layla's
skin as he leans his head down to once again kiss the soft lips of the
Extreme Expose member.

"Mmmmm..." Layla moans against Lashley's lips as she kisses the ECW Champion
back, while gently grinding her hot and tight pussy against Lashley's hard
thrusting black cock. "Mmmm...ohhhh..." Layla moans as she gently slides her
tongue into Lashley's warm mouth as sweat begins to drip off of her naturally
beautiful body.

Lashley slides his tongue against Layla's tongue as the two of them deeply
kiss. Sweat rolls down from the top of Lashley's bald head and he drives his
cock firmly into her warm, tight pussy. "Mmmmm... mmm..." Lashley moans as
he then breaks the kiss as he and Layla continue to move against each other.

Layla arches her back slightly as she lays on the hotel room bed, causing
Lashley to thrust his cock into her warm, tight pussy at an angle "Ohhhh...
ohhh big guy!" Layla cutely moans as she rocks back and forth against the
bed, while grinding her sweating body against his black muscular body.

"Ahhhh... mmmm... ahhh ohhh yeah Lay..." Lashley moans as he drives his cock
sharply into Layla's warm, tight and now wet pussy as Layla grinds her pussy
against him. Sweat drips off of his powerful black body and Lashley grits his
teeth as he begins to cum inside of Layla's pussy.

Layla closes her eyes as she gently wraps her arms around Lashley's strong
neck, when he lays down on top of Layla more, pressing his muscular body
against her naturally beautiful and gorgeously toned body. "Ohh Bobby..."
Layla moans as she breaths heavily against his sweat dripping neck.

"Ahhh... mmm... ahhhh..." Lashley moans as he finishes cumming inside of
Layla's warm, tight and wet pussy. Lashley licks his lips and lifts his head
slightly as he and Layla catch their breath, "Mmm... damn Lay... you...
raised the heat... again..."

Layla smiles adorably "Aww big guy...I really dig ya..."

Lashley smiles, "And I really dig ya Lay..."

* * *

The next morning at the town's gym, Layla is stepping out of the locker room
dressed in blue workout shorts and a white tank top. She carries a towel with
her right hand and walks over to the treadmills where ECW's sultry Extreme
Correspondent Rebecca DiPietro is jogging a easy pace, "Hey Rebecca..." Layla
says with her adorable British accent as she steps on the treadmill that next
to Rebecca's.

Rebecca raises an eyebrow as she glances over, while lightly jogging on the
treadmill at Layla. "Hi Layla..." Rebecca says in a soft, seductive voice as
the alluring Extreme Correspondent lightly sweats as she jogs, wearing a pair
of tight fitting black shorts and a white sports bra. Rebecca presses her
luscious lips together as she pushes one of the buttons to turn off the
treadmill. Rebecca comes to the slow stop " I have something
to tell you.." Rebecca says with a sly smirk.

Layla raises an eyebrow as she looks at Rebecca, "You do?" Layla laughs a
little as he puts her towel on the control panel of the treadmill she's going
to use.

Rebecca nods her head as she locks her seductive, alluring eyes on Layla "Oh
yeah...I do." Rebecca softly says as she folds her arms against her large,
rounded chest "I always get the extreme scoop...and I have a big one for you,

Layla looks at Rebecca with a slightly suspicious look, "Ok 'Becca... " Layla
says with a cute sigh, "What this big scoop you have for me?"

Rebecca smiles a bit "Well appears that the man, CM Punk, that is
causing all this friction between your two friends, Brooke and Kelly, hasn't
been to honest with either of them..." Rebecca says as she slyly raises an
eyebrow and presses her lips together.

Layla raises her eyebrow again, "I kinda figured that..." Layla says and
then she sees the sly smile on Rebecca's face, "But... there's something
else... isn't there?" Layla asks as she can see that Rebecca can't wait to
tell her.

Rebecca nods her head and slowly licks her sultry, luscious lips "Oh yeah...
there's more..." Rebecca says with an even slyer smirk.

Layla tosses her smooth hair back, "Ok 'Becca... what is it.... it has to be
something big if you're going through all this trouble..." Layla laughs a

Rebecca lightly tosses her smooth, sultry light brown hair back "Well Layla,
that stud CM Punk...he already has a girlfriend..." Rebecca states as she

Layla's mouth hangs open after Rebecca delivers the big news, "He...
already... has a girlfriend..."

Rebecca presses her lips together and nods her head as she places her hands
on her smoothly rounded, sexy hips "That's correct Layla, you heard...he
already has a girlfriend...he's just playing around with Kelly and Brooke..."

Layla composes herself, "Oh my goodness..." Layla says, "I can't believe
it... he's... really messing with them... I got to let them know that he's
bad news..." Layla says as she picks up her towel from the treadmill's panel.

* * *

Back at the hotel, Kelly Kelly steps off an elevator and onto the hotel room
floor where CM Punk's room is. She is wearing jean shorts and a light pink
tank top as she walks to Punk's hotel room. When she arrives she cutely
pushes her shoulders up and lightly knocks on the door. The door is quickly
answered by CM Punk, who's wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts, "Hey
Bro..." CM Punk stops what he's saying when he sees Kelly and he bites his
tongue. "Oh... Hey Kelly..." Punk as he wonders if Kelly saw Brooke leaving
his hotel room a short while ago.

Kelly Kelly presses her adorable, slender shoulders up and smiles "Hi
Punk..." Kelly sweetly says as she presses her soft lips together and cutely
lowers her head, shyly. "Ummm...what are you doing?"

CM Punk looks out the corner of his eye to look down one end of the hallway
and then the other, "Oh... I'm not doing much of anything... why?" Punk asks
as he slides a hand through his black hair.

Kelly laughs cutely "Oh...just wondering..." Kelly says as she glances back
up at CM Punk and gently locks her adorable eyes with him "Can I come in?"

CM Punk nods his head a bit, "Yeah... yeah... sure..." Punk says as he steps
back to let Kelly into his hotel room. As Kelly steps into his room, Punk
sticks his head out into the hallway to see if he could spot Brooke in case
he missed her earlier.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip "Umm...I tried calling your cell phone
last night..." Kelly softly says as she starts to walk towards the slightly
messed up hotel room bed.

CM Punk closes the hotel room door, "Oh you did? I had it turned off..."
Punk says as he turns to look at Kelly, "I had a hard night sleeping..." Punk
quickly adds as he sees Kelly approaching the bed.

Kelly glances over her shoulder and softly smiles "Oh you did? I'm sorry..."
Kelly says with a soft frown as she scrunches her adorable nose up before the
cute and innocent Extreme Exhibitionist sits down on CM Punk's hotel room
bed, and unaware to Kelly Kelly, she sits down next to a black laced bra that
belongs to her fellow Extreme Expose teammate, Brooke.

CM Punk does see the black laced bra belonging to Brooke laying on the bed
and his eyes go wide, "Oh... it's no big deal Kelly..." Punk says as he
quickly heads over to the bed and sits down right next to Kelly and on the
bra as well in order to hide it. "I should've... called you over instead
of... tossing and turning all night..."

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip "Oh's ok..." Kelly sweetly replies
as she turns to CM Punk as he now sits next to her and she adorably blushes
when she locks her eyes with him.

CM Punk looks into Kelly's soft, adorable eyes, "Well... if I called you...
we could've... had some... Straightedge fun..." Punk says with a smile as he
leans over towards Kely and softly kisses her lips. As he kisses her Punk
leans a bit off the bed and grabs the laced bra he's sitting on, balls it up
and tosses it off the far side of the bed. Kelly closes her soft, adorable
eyes as she gently kisses the Straightedge Extremist back, gently placing her
hands on his smooth, toned and impressively hot chest. Kelly gently flicks
her tongue against CM Punk's lips as the two Extremist share a soft, but deep

CM Punk parts his lips slightly and slides his tongue against Kelly's soft
tongue as she flicks it against his lips. "Mmmm... mmm..." Punk moans a bit
as he proceeds to deepen the kiss. Punk puts his hands on Kelly's waist and
starts to slowly lift up her light pink tank top.

Kelly gently slides her tongue into CM Punk's warm mouth as she presses her
soft lips firmly against CM Punk's pierced lips, continuing to kiss her
Straightedge crush. Kelly gently lowers her soft hands down CM Punk's smooth,
toned chest before CM Punk breaks the kiss and lifts Kelly's light pink tank
top off of her petite, adorably tanned body as he exposes her adorable, hot
tits. Kelly blushes and smiles as she lowers her head "I really like you

CM Punk licks his pierced lips, "Mmmm... I really like you too Kelly..." Punk
says with a smirk. He then puts his right hand underneath Kelly's chin and
has her look up at him, "You're extremely hot Kelly..." Punk says as he puts
his right hand back on Kelly's waist and he starts to unbutton her jean

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip "Awww thanks Punk..." Kelly cutely replies
as she scrunches her nose up. Kelly lightly tosses her adorable blond hair
back as CM Punk finished unbuttoning her jean shorts and smoothly lowers them
down from her tanned waist and down her smooth, adorably tanned legs.

CM Punk pulls Kelly's jean shorts off of Kelly's smooth, tanned legs and
tosses them on the floor. He then goes to work on sliding down the blue
panties Kelly is wearing, revealing her perfectly shaved and hot looking
pussy, "Last night may have been rough... but... this looks like it's going
to be a good day..." Punk says with a slight smirk after he pulls Kelly's
panties off of her legs.

Kelly cutely scrunches her nose up as she blushes a bit "Aww Punk..." Kelly
says with a soft laugh before she leans over towards Punk and gently kisses
his pierced lips once again as she places her hands against the pair of loose
fitting shorts that CM Punk is wearing and she starts to push them down from
his waist.

"Mmmm... mm..." CM Punk moans as he flicks his tongue against Kelly's soft
lips as she lowers his loose fitting shorts to free his hardening, extremely
thick fourteen inch cock. Punk puts his hands on his shorts and pushes them
down the rest of the way to his feet and kicks them off.

Kelly slowly breaks the kiss and smiles at CM Punk "I'm so glad you're my
Punk..." Kelly says with a soft laugh as she gently places her left hand
around CM Punk's thick, fourteen inch cock.

Punk smirks slightly, "Yeah... and you're a great..." Punk pauses as he
changes what he's going to say mid-sentence, "You're my awesome Punkette..."
Punk says as Kelly wraps her left hand around his thick shaft and begins to
stroke it.

Kelly blushes cutely "Aww thanks Punk..." Kelly says as she smoothly guides
her left hand up and down his thick, hard cock. Kelly licks her soft lips
before she lowers her head and leans down as she opens her mouth, taking
his cock into her adorably hot mouth.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm..." CM Punk moans as he places his right hand on top of
Kelly's head as she slowly lowers her warm, wet and soothing mouth down on
his fat, fourteen inch cock. The Straightedge Extremist licks his lips as he
feels Kelly's warm saliva already raining down on his shaft.

"Mmmmm..." Kelly Kelly softly moans as she begins to gently bob her head up
and down on his thick, rock hard Straightedge cock. Kelly's soft lips rub and
grind against the skin of his shaft as she smoothly sucks on the cock of her
Straightedge crush.

"Mmmmm... ahhhh yeah Kelly... suck it..." CM Punk moans as he keeps his right
hand on Kelly's head and he gently pushes her downward on his cock every time
she lifts her head up on it. Kelly Kelly closes her eyes as she gently taps
her soft, wet tongue against his thick shaft while smoothly lifting and
lowering her head at a quickening pace. Kelly's warm saliva drips down
against his cock as she lowers her head further down, taking his Straightedge
cock deeper into her sweet, innocent mouth.

"Ahhhh... mmmm fuck yea... mmm yea..." CM Punk moans as Kelly bobs her head
quickly on his large, thick cock as she sucks it. Punk closes his eyes and
puts his left hand on Kelly's blond hair head as he moves his right hand down
between Kelly's legs. The Straightedge Stud then begins to start rubbing the
tips of his right hand's middle and index fingers against the soft lips of
Kelly's smoothly shaved pussy.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Kelly soft moans vibrate against CM Punk's thick shaft as
he gently rubs the tips of his fingers against her soft pussy lips. Kelly
presses her lips tighter around his shaft as she lowers her head completely
down on his fourteen inch cock, and the adorable Extreme Exhibitionist begins
to deep throat CM Punk's cock.

CM Punk grits his teeth, "Ahh... uhhh yea... fuck Kelly... take it all
Kelly... mmmm fuck yea..." Punk moans as he moves the tops of his fingers
faster against Kelly's pussy before he pushes them into her warm tight pussy.
Kelly slowly lifts her head up from CM Punk's cock, cutely dragging her soft
tongue against the underbelly of CM Punk's shaft before she completely lifts
her head off of his saliva dripping, rock hard cock. "Mmm.... ahhh yea..."
Punk moans as Kelly's warm saliva drips down every inch of his fourteen inch
cock. Punk darts his fingers in and out of Kelly's pussy as he uses his left
hand to push Kelly to lay on his hotel room bed.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she lays down on the hotel room bed
while CM Punk easily darts his fingers out of her warm, tight pussy "Ohhh
Punk..." Kelly Kelly softly moans. Punk starts to stand up from the bed as
he continues to finger fuck her pussy for a few more moments, but then he
smoothly pulls them out. CM Punk stands next to the edge of the bed and he
spreads Kelly's legs apart so that he can lower himself down a bit to push
his large, thick fourteen inch cock into the warm, tight pussy of Kelly

"Mmmm...ohhhh...Punk..." Kelly Kelly softly moans as she closes her eyes
while she lays back on the hotel room bed as CM Punk starts to firmly thrust
his Straightedge cock deeply into her adorable tight and warm pussy.

* * *

In the locker room of Extreme Expose at the arena, Brooke is putting on her
make-up on as she looks in the large make-up mirror. "Mmm I'm so hot... and
I got what I wanted..." Brooke says, and she's dressed in tight fitting jeans
and a black sleeveless low cut top. Brooke's fellow Extreme Expose member
Layla comes into the locker room. Brooke sees her as she looks in the mirror,
"Oh hi Layla..." Brooke says with a smirk.

Layla takes a deep breath as the Extreme Dancer of ECW starts to approach
Brooke as she is putting on her make-up "Brooke...sweetie...umm we have to
chat..." Layla says in her adorable British accent as she stands behind
Brooke and the locker room mirror.

Brooke continues to look in the mirror as she puts on her make-up, "Oh about
what?" Brooke asks with a smirk as applies a little bit of blush to her

"Well..." Layla begins to says before she releases a soft sigh "Sweetie...its
about CM Punk..." Layla says as she places her hands on her smoothly rounded
waist and clearly has an unpleasant look on her naturally beautiful face
after hearing the news from Rebecca DiPietro regarding CM Punk and his ways
of manipulating Brooke and Kelly Kelly.

Brooke rolls her eyes a bit, "Can't this wait till later?" Brooke asks,
showing an uninterested attitude as she thinks Layla is trying to keep her
from chasing after the Straightedge Extreme Stud.

Layla shakes her head "No Brooke it can't...because you and Kel Kel..."
Layla begins to say before she's rudely interrupted by the arrogant, slightly
bitter and jealous ECW Vixen, Brooke.

Brooke narrows her eyes, "It's always about that little bitch Kelly ain't
it!" Brooke snaps, "Because she's the cute, little innocent acting tramp...
she gets what she wants?! Well I'm gonna get what I want!" Brooke snaps as
she sounds extremely bitter and jealous of her fellow Extreme Expose member.

Layla's soft, adorable eyes widened a bit "Whoa,
shouldn't be raising the heat like that. Kel Kel is your friend..."

"No... I'm so sick of that bitch getting protected!" Brooke yells, "I'm gonna
give her a dose of reality... cause she can't always get what she wants!"

" have to listen to me...there's something you need to
know about CM Punk..." Layla says almost practically begging for the bitterly
jealous, sultry Brooke to listen to her.

Brooke shakes her head, "I don't need to know anything about him... once
Kelly gets here... I'm going to give her a piece of my mind and that's that!"
Brooke snaps, "In fact... I'm gonna go wait for that bitch to get here..."
Brooke says as she steps away from the make-up table and heads to the door.

Layla sighs as she shakes her head "Oh shit..." Layla says in her British
accent as she watches Brooke storm out of the locker room of Extreme Expose.

* * *

"Ahhhh... mmmm fuck... ahhh..." CM Punk groans as he pumps his large, fat
fourteen inch cock in and out of Kelly's warm tight pussy from behind as he
fucks her doggy style on the bed of his hotel room. Punk holds onto Kelly's
smooth, slender waist as she pushes back against him and her cutely round
ass cheeks smack repeatedly against his toned waist.

"Mmmm...ohhh...ohhhh yeah Punk!" Kelly Kelly cutely moans as her adorable,
tanned and petite body smoothly rocks back and forth against CM Punk's firmly
thrusting cock as sweat lightly drips off of her adorable body. Kelly rocks
back on her hand and knees, gently slamming her adorable ass against his tone
waist, feeling his cock thrust into her pussy deeper.

Sweat drips down CM Punk's face and body as he pounds Kelly's tight pussy,
"Ahhh... mmmm... uhhh fuck yeah you're so... fucking hot Kelly..." Punk moans
as he sharply drives his huge cock completely into Kelly's pussy, making her
jolt forward with every thrust. Punk jerks Kelly's body back towards him by
pulling on her hips, and when he does, Kelly pussy again becomes deeply
impaled with his fat shaft.

"Mmmm...ohhh...ohhhh Punk!" Kelly moans as her sweat dampened blond hair
slightly hangs down against her adorable, beautiful face as she quickly rocks
back and forth on her hands and knees while she breaths heavily and sweat
drips off of her body while CM Punk's deeply thrusts his cock into her warm,
tight pussy. CM Punk licks his pieced lips as he wraps his sweat covered arms
around Kelly's waist and he proceeds to quickly roll to his left. Punk is now
laying on his back, and the hot, sweaty blond haired Kelly Kelly is mounted
on his large fat cock, but she's facing away from him. Punk puts his hands on
Kelly's waist and he starts to quickly lift her up and down on his cock,
giving her no time to lean back against him.

"Mmmm...ohhh...ohhh Punk!" Kelly Kelly cutely moans as she smoothly bounces
up and down on CM Punk's rock hard, fourteen inch Straightedge cock while she
rocks back and forth on his cock, she leans back slightly and places her soft
hands against his smooth, toned and sweaty chest.

"Ahhh... uhhh... mmmm fuck... fuck yeah Kelly..." Punk moans as he sharply
thrusts his cock upward into Kelly's tight pussy as she bounces up and down
on his large dick. Punk keeps his hands on Kelly's waist and he pulls and
pushes her a bit, making her rock harder on his cock while her ass slams
down against his crotch.

"Ohhh...Ohhhh Punk! I like you so much Punk!" Kelly Kelly cutely moans as she
rocks back and forth on CM Punk's rock hard, thick fourteen inch Straightedge
cock, gently grinding her tight and warm pussy against his shaft while
bouncing up and down on his cock.

"Mmmm... ahhh... fuck... you're so hot Kelly... mmm I love fucking with
you..." CM Punk groans as drives his shaft deeply up into her pussy as she
bounces and grinds her cunt against his cock. Punk then turns onto his right
side, causing Kelly to lay in front of him, and Punk continues to fuck
Kelly's pussy with firm, swift thrusts as sweat drips off of their bodies.

"Ohhhh...ohhhhh Punk!" Kelly Kelly cutely moans as her adorable, tanned and
petite sweat dripping body grinds against CM Punk's toned and sweating body
as he slams his cock deeply into her tight, warm pussy from behind "Mmm...
ohhhh Punk!" Kelly moans as she begins to gently cum against his cock.

CM Punk licks his lips as he feels Kelly's warm juices flowing all over his
fourteen inch cock as he continues to slam his shaft deeply into her cunt,
"Ahhh... mmmm fuck... ahhh shit..." Punk grunts as he starts to unload his
thick, warm cum inside of Kelly's pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhh..." Kelly softly moans and closes her eyes as the adorable,
sweaty Extreme Exhibitionist feels CM Punk's warm cum flood into her tight,
wet and warm pussy.

"Ahhh fuck... mmm... " Punk moans and licks his teeth slightly as he pulls
his cum covered cock out of Kelly's warm, wet pussy. Punk smirks a little as
he lays on his back as cum drips down his cock, "Hey Kelly... want to... help
me out?" Punk asks.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and she blushes as she sits up on the bed
and glances at CM Punk, who lays next to her "Sure...I'd love to Punk"

"Great..." Punk says with a smirk as he wraps his right hand around the base
of his now fairly hard, fourteen inch cum covered cock.

Kelly scrunches her nose up as she lightly tosses her sweat dampened blond
hair back "Um...what do you want me to help with you?" Kelly cutely asks.

CM Punk licks his lips, "Just... clean my cock Kelly..." Punk says.

Kelly laughs cutely "Ok..." Kelly says before she lowers her head down to CM
Punk's fairly hard, cum dripping cock and gently places her wet, soft tongue
on the head of his cock before gently circling her tongue around the tip as
she clean and collects the cum with her tongue.

"Mmmmmm..." CM Punk moans and chuckles a bit, "Yeah... this is going to be...
a very... good day..."

* * *

Later in the day, Kelly Kelly has arrived at the arena and is walking down
the locker room hallway as Layla waits outside of Extreme Expose's locker
room. Layla gets a look of relief on her face when she sees Kelly, "Hey
Kel-Kel..." Layla as she waves to her.

Kelly smiles cutely, "Hi Lay!" Kelly says, "I hope I'm not too late... I
had... a busy morning... " Kelly adds as he pushes her shoulders up.

Layla smiles sweetly as she gently places her hands on Kelly's smooth,
slender shoulders "Kel's fine, really it's fine..." Layla pauses
and takes a deep breath "Listen, sweetie...there's something you need to
know. Something, I need to tell you."

"Oh you do?" Kelly smiles, "Is it really important?" Kelly asks as she tosses
her blond hair back a bit.

Layla bites down on her bottom lip and slowly nods her head as the naturally
beautiful Extreme Dancer frowns "Yes, Kel-Kel, it's very important..." Layla
begins to say before the sultry and bitterly jealous ECW Vixen, Brooke,
interrupts her.

"Oh...there's the BITCH!" Brooke shouts as she narrows her eyes while she
walks towards Layla and Kelly Kelly.

Layla sighs "Oh shit..." Layla groans cutely in her British accent.

Kelly turns a bit and looks at Brooke as she walks towards her and Layla,
"Ummm... what?" Kelly asks cutely and with a confused look on her face after
hearing Brooke's outburst.

Brooke shakes her head "Oh please don't act so dumb!" Brooke shouts as she
stands right up to the innocent and sweet Kelly Kelly "You know exactly what
you're doing!" Brooke rudely shouts to the adorable Extreme Exhibitionist.

"Oh come on...Brooke not now...listen I need to speak with you both..." Layla
innocently pleads.

Kelly bites her bottom lip, "Um Brooke... I don't know what you're talking
about..." Kelly says as she takes a step back away from the very pissed off

Brooke rolls her eyes "Oh will you quit!" Brooke snaps as she places her
hands on her seductively rounded, smooth hips "Cut that sweet and innocent
shit!" Brooke says as she presses her lips together and narrows her eyes
bitterly at Kelly Kelly.

Layla bites down on her bottom lip as she glances at Kelly and then at Brooke
"Girls...girls...listen...listen please listen to me!" Layla says with a sigh
as one of the near by locker room door slowly opens.

After the locker room door is opened, ECW's Straightedge Extremist CM Punk
steps out into the hallway, dressed in his wrestling tights and he holds the
door open. Kelly Kelly smiles a little as she looks at Punk, and then her
smile turns into a frown moment's later as she sees RAW's Maria coming out
of the locker room. "Punk..." Kelly says softly.

Brooke opens her mouth in shock as she turns around and sees CM Punk put his
arm around the lovely RAW Diva, Maria as they both begin to walk down the
hallway. "Mother fu..." Brooke begins to say with a bit of jealousy in her
voice before Layla interrupts with a sigh

"Brooke...Kel-Kel...I tried to tell you..."

Kelly starts to tear up, "B--b-but... that's... my Punk..." Kelly says as she
watches CM Punk and Maria walk down the hallway.

"That... jerk!" Brooke yells as she stamps her foot, "He... played me! He
fuckin' played me!" Brooke yells bitterly as she shakes her head.

Layla slowly nods her head "I've been trying to tell...both..." Layla sighs
"CM Punk has been playing both of you..." Layla then folds her arms and
glances at Kelly Kelly and then at Brooke "Now...I believe both of you have
something to maybe I'm sorry..."

Kelly wipes her eyes a bit, "I... I really liked him... a lot..." Kelly says
as looks down at the floor.

"I can't believe I fuckin' fell for that... asshole!" Brooke says as she
folds her arms, "He's not even worth it... he wasn't that good anyway!"

Layla presses her soft lips together and smiles a bit "Girls...come
about we all forget about that jerk...cause later tonight we have to raise
the heat...because we're Extreme Expose!" Layla says as she tries to cheer up
her fellow Extreme Dancers.

"Yeah... I need to blow off some steam..." Brooke says as she nods her hand,
"We're going to rock the house..." Brooke adds with a smirk.

Kelly bites her bottom lip and sighs cutely, "Oh well..." Kelly says softly
before looking at Layla, "At least we have each other to depend on.... let's
put on a great show."

Layla smiles excitedly "That's the spirit Kel Kel! Right Brooke? We are going
the bring the heat, like we've never brought it before baby!"

Brooke smirks, "Oh yea... I'm going to bring the heat... I'm going to make
everyone want me..." Brooke says as she licks her lips.

Kelly smiles, "This is going to so much fun..." Kelly adds as she tosses her
blond hair back.

Layla smiles "Girls! That great baby...and just think off all the other studs
out there that you can bring the heat to baby!" Layla says in her adorable
British accent as she starts to walk down the hallway with Kelly Kelly and
Brooke "Like John Cena, baby! Now that's a stud!"

Kelly blushes, "Oh... he's so hot!" Kelly says with a cute laugh.

"Yeah... he's a hot stud..." Brooke licks her lips and smirks, "I'd love to
give him.. a private Expose..." Brooke says as she speaks out loud.

Kelly nods her head, "Me too..." Kelly says in agreed with Brooke as the trio
of hot Extreme Vixens walk together.

Layla sighs "Oh and my big mouth..." Layla says as she shakes her
head, imagining Brooke and Kelly Kelly fighting over another man.


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