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Chyna & Lita Part 1
by HBK

"What a long day." Lita thought to herself, "I can't believe Vince made
me clean the pool, paint the fence and wash his car all by myself." Lita
tiredly staggered to the girls hotel bedroom even though it was only 8:00 pm
she wanted to go to bed.

Lita was just starting to drift off when she heard the door open. She
glanced over to see who it was, it was Chyna in a white and pink pocadoted
bikini, she felt something she never felt towards a girl before, she felt her
pussy become moist and her firm nipples became erect.

Chyna hadn't noticed that Lita wasn't asleep, so she started to undress,
first she took off her bikini top and let it slide down over her nipples,
then came her bikini bottom revealing her light brown nicely trimmed bush.
Chyna as quietly as she could started to massage her perfect round tits, her
nipples being the most sensitive part of her body became instantly erect, she
rolled them around in between her finger tips, she then starts to slide her
right hand down her stomach and over her belly button to her already moist
slit she ran her index finger up and down her slit.

Lita was really enjoying this little show, so she slides her hand up her
shirt and cups her firm tits, then all of a sudden a little moan escaped her
lips, she quickly stopped playing with her breasts and closed her eyes,
Chyna's moans had stopped, lita slowly opened her eyes and then closed them
quickly embarassed because chyna had walked over to her bed and was now
looking at her with a curious expression.

Lita opened her eyes again to try to explain what she had been doing under
the covers, but when she opened them she got the surprise of her life Chyna
was now smilling, and before Lita could open her mouth Chyna leaned down and
kissed her passionatly, Lita relaxed and closed her eyes and open her mouth
to except Chynas tongue. Lita suddenly broke the kiss.

"Chyna, where are the others?"

"Its ok. They went to see a movie and I stayed behind to get a tan."

"Oh good. Chyna can you start kissing me again please?"

"I sure will baby."

Chyna leaned forward and started to kiss Lita, letting her tongue explore
her friends mouth. Lita returned the favour by massaging Chyna's tongue with
hers. Chyna cupped the hot round breasts massaging her nipples through the
fabric of her shirt. Lita sat up letting the already naked chyna remove her
t-shirt reavling her hard nipples. Chyna started kissing down litas neck then
down her chest, letting her tongue slide over her left nipple. Chyna made
little circles around Lita's nipple before moving to the other side to do the
same, this time taking the nipple in her mouth winding her tongue around and
nibbling it gently. She uses her left hand to continue massaging her left
breast, before sliding her hand down litas flat stomach and under the
wasteband of Lita's cotton panties running her fingers through Lita's brown
pubic hair lightly touching with the tip of her finger Lita's moist pussy,
teasing Lita into esctasy.

Lita couldn't take it, she grabbed chynas hand and plunged it into her wet
cunt. Chyna didn't object but started to rub her slit up and down, and using
her fingers take rub in a circle.

Chyna thought lita was ready for her fingers, so very softly she slid her
index and middle finger into Lita's wet hole, forcing Lita to buck her hips
into Chyna's hand. Chyna started to slide them in and out while sliding her
tongue down her stomach, stopping to flick her tongue around in Lita's belly
button then continueing down her tummy, and into her pubic hair, pulling it
with her lips. Chyna removed her fingers and put them to Lita's lips. Lita
licked Chyna's fingers clean tasting her own juices.

Chyna spread Lita's legs and pussy lips. Chyna put her nose into Lita's
pussy and breathed in, "You smell delicous lita."

"Thanks, Chyna."

Chyna used her index and middle finger to spread Lita's lips, she then
slid her tongue into Lita's snatch. She flicked the tip of her tongue from
side to side and up and down until she found Lita's clit taking the delicate
nuben of flesh into her mouth, nibbling it slightly driving Lita crazy. Lita
couldn't take letting loose an earth shattering orgazim letting her juice
flow into Chyna's waiting mouth.

Chyna sat up and kissed Lita.

"You got some of my juice on your chin," Lita said, "Don't worry I will
get it." and she licked the juice off Chyna's chin.

"Now I will show you pleasure my love."

"Ok, baby, but let me try something."

"Anything you want."

Chyna stood up and threw a leg over Lita's face and sat down on her face,
just inches from Lita's face was Chyna's beautiful snatch glistening with
juice. Her musty women scent filled her nostrils, turning Lita on immencely.
Lita closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue touching Chyna's lips, making
Chyna quiver all over. Lita ran her tongue down the entire length of Chyna's
slit getting her first taste of another women's pussy and she loved it. She
dove right in getting her tongue in Chyna's hole as far as it could go. She
found Chynas clit and took it in her mouth sucking on it, vibrating it in
between her lips. Chyna couldn't control her moans that were echoing off the
wall of the room. Chyna reached forward and started rubbing Lita's clit in
time with Lita's tongue, she then lay down on top of lita in a 69 postion.
Chyna then plunged her tongue into Lita's slit, probing it. They both came at
the same time in the greatest orgasm either of them had ever felt.

To be continued

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