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Chyna & Lita Part 2
by HBK

Lita awoke the next morning feeling refreshed from her action of the night
before, she smiled at thought of making love with Chyna the night before. She
got out of bed completely naked and putn on a bikini and headed for the

Lita opened the door to the gym and was greeted with a delicious sight,
her hot friend Sable was lifting wieghts. She had on a skin tight spandex
two piece workout uniform. Beads of sweat dripped down Sable's shapely body.
Her legs were slightly spread allowing her pussy lips to press against the
fabric. Lita licked her lips at the site and walked over to Sable.

"Hi, Sable!"

"Oh, hi Lita," Sable looked at Lita with a hint of pain displayed on her

"Wow, you sure look like you could use a massage."

"I sure could."

"I will give you one if you want."

"Oh, that would be great, Lita, thanks!"

Lita sat down behind Sable and Sable slid her shoulder straps down her
arms a bit for better access for Lita. Lita was surprised at Sable's
boldness. Lita licked her lips and thought that this is going to be easier
then I thought.

Lita started to rub Sable's shoulders deeply making Sable close her eye's
and roll her head around, enjoying litas massage. Lita felt adventurous and
started to slide her hands down Sable's, massaging her sides. Sable's eyes
were still closed, so Lita took a peek at Sable's large breasts. She could
see that her nipples were beginning to become erect. This was all the
encouragment Lita needed. She felt very bold now and started to slowly inch
her fingers onto the sides of Sable's breasts, and still no objection.

Lita started to plant little butterfly kisses on sables neck. A little
sigh escaped Sable's lips startling Lita so she stopped quickly, but then
surprised her even more when she said, "Don't stop please! This feels so

"I know it does baby." with that Lita cupped Sable's breasts and starts
to squeeze them making her nipples become fully erect. Lita pinched them
through the fabric. Lita was licking Sable's ear lobe.

Lita stood up and sat in front of Sable. Spreading her legs across the
bench, Sable opened her eyes and smiled. Lita returned the smile in her cute
way and leaned forward kissing Sable on the lips. She kissed twice on the
lips before parting them with her tongue. Lita slid her tongue into Sable's
mouth only to be greeted with Sable's tongue. Lita pulled her tongue back
into her mouth and started to suck on Sable's tongue. She continued sucking
on it giving it its own little blowjob. Lita put her mouth back over Sable's
and let there tongue's interwinde.

Lita slid Sable's straps down her arms and off. Before lowering Sable's
shirt, she pushed Sable's breasts up massaging them. Lita slid Sable's shirt
off over her breasts. Lita immediatly took a mouth full of Sable's beautiful
nipple. Lita tugged on the nipple with her teeth making Sable breathing get
heavier. Lita slid her tongue down Sable's tummy and over the spandex fabric.
Lita stopped just above the wet spot where Sable's pussy lips were firmly
pressed against material. Lita sniffed the material smelling Sable's juice.
Lita licked around Sable's inner thighs teasing her. Lita licked right up
the middle of Sable's fabric covered pussy lips sending a bolt electricity
through Sable's entire body. Sable couldn't contain herself any longer and
let a loud moan escape her lips.

As Tori walked down the hall passed the gym she heard a sound, it sounded
like a moan "I wonder what that was? I hope HHH doesn't have a girl in

Tori slowly opened the door and almost cried out loud at what she saw. She
couldn't believe two of her closest friends were having sex. Tori wanted to
turn and run in disgust, but a tingling feeling in her special place stopped
her. She couldn't turn and leave. She saw something beautiful about the scene
in front of her. She felt herself start to massage her breasts involuntaryly,
but it felt good. She slid one hand down and into her shorts where she
caressed her womanhood through her cotton panties. With one finger she pulled
the fabric to the side and started touching her clit. She closed her eyes and
bit her lip so she wouldn't cry out.

Lita pulled Sable's spandex shorts off revealing a very soaked pair of
panties. She pulled them to the side, slid her tongue around the outside of
Sable's lips taking the side of Sable's pussy in her lips and pulled. It
streched and then snapped back. Lita spread Sable's lips and licked her inner
walls making Sable buck her pussy into Lita's face. Lita noticed a difference
in taste. Sable's pussy was stronger then Chyna's, which she enjoyed alot.
Just then Lita heard a noise. She froze and looked towards it, then smiled
when she saw Tori in the doorway eyes tightly shut and her hands down her

Tori opened her eyes and gulped when she saw Lita looking right at her.
Lita motioned Tori to join them with her finger. Tori was unsure of what
she should do. She knew she wasn't a lesbian. She was intrested in boys, but
the show in front of her looked very exciting. In the end her hormones got
the best of her. She slowely walked over to Lita and Sable. Lita bent down
and continued to flick her tongue over Sable's pussy. Sable reached up and
grabbed Tori's head and placed her mouth on Tori's. They swirled their
tongues together. Tori's tongue was vibrating from Sable's moaning. Sable
lifted up Tori's shirt revealing her braless tits. Sable squeezed and
massaged Tori's nipples becoming instantly stiff. Sable took her lips off
Tori's. She quickly put Tori's nipple in her mouth flicking it with her
tongue and giving it a little nibble before moving to the other one to repeat
the procedure. Lita's tongue westled with Sable's pussy until her clit
erected, which she gingerly took it in her mouth squeezing it between her
lips. Lita brought her hand up and started rubbing the entrance of her hole.
She then slid a finger in the wet entrance.

Sable lay down flat on the bench so Tori could throw a leg over Sable's
face. Tori squatted down and lowered her pussy onto Sable's face. Sable
hungrily ate out Tori. Sable's mouth was buried in Tori's pussy her nose
buried in her blond pubic hair. Sable blew steady streams of air into Tori's
pussy driving Tori wild.

Lita stood up and led Tori and Sable over to the blue workout mat. Lita
lied down on her side and told Sable to lick her pussy and Tori to lick
Sable's and she would lick Tori's. It would be a lesbian triangle.

Sable postioned herself behind Lita and started to lick her pussy. Tori
postioned herself behind Sable and in front of Lita. Tori thought to herself
that this would be her first time tasting pussy. It sure smelled good. She
slowely stuck her tongue out and touch the tip against Sables slit. She was
pleasently surprised at how good her friend tasted. She need no more tests.
She dove right in licking up and down Sable's pussy making Sable moan in

Sable loved the taste of Lita's love juice. She decided to try something
new. She slid her tongue over Lita's puckered asshole. She probed the outside
of Lita's hole until her tongue slipped in. Sable rubbed at Litas pussy lips.
She brought 2 fingers to her lips, sucked on the two fingers and slid them
into Lita's slippery hole.

Sable and Lita climaxed together. Sable and Lita stood up. Tori was about
to stand up, but Sable and Lita kept her down and said together "Were not
done with you yet!"

With that they spread her legs. Lita buried her face in Tori's waiting
pussy, while lifting Tori's right leg to kiss and lick Sable's toes, sucking
each one into her mouth. Shortly, Sable joined Lita in licking Tori's pussy.
Sable and Lita's tongue's flicked against each other as they both licked
Tori. This brought Tori over the edge very quickly squirting juice all over
both of there faces. She crawled over to the two and licked some of her own
juices off their faces, "Mmmm, I taste good!"

After the girls had gotten dressed they all agreed that they would have
to include Chyna in there next sex session. That's when lita told them about
her fun from the night before and they all agreed that they couldn't wait for
Chyna to get home so they could have some real fun.

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