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Chyna Dominates Part 1: Stacy
by Munki

Stacy just finished up a match with Lita on RAW. She went to her dressing
room but to her suprise she found Chyna changing. She kept the door cracked,
looking at Chyna as she removed her red glistening leather tanktop, and
swung it over the chair. Stacy slowly began to feel her breasts through her
tight shirt, she pinched her now erect nipples as she gasped as she took an
eyeful of Chyna's huge breasts, licking her lips as she stared at them. Chyna
removed her tight red leather skirt, laying it into the seat of the chair
before her only revealing her red lace thong. Chyna was slowly removing her
beautiful red thong when Stacy suddenly slipped and fell onto the floor,
Chyna screamed and stared at Stacy layed out onto the floor.

"What are you doing in here?!" Chyna demanded.

Stacy mumbled and barely manged to get a answer out of her mouth,
"T-t-this is my dressing room.."

Chyna smirked, noticing her hard nipple poking out from underneath her
tight blue tanktop. "You've been watching me haven't you?" Stacy nodded and
confirmed this.

Chyna slowly walked to the door, shutting it tight. Stacy managed to say,
"What are you doing?" Chyna just nodded and pulled Stacy up.

"You must learn not to spy on other people. So I will have to teach you a

Chyna grabbed Stacy's skirt and ripped it off. Sitting down into the
chair, still with skirt layed onto it, forcing her over her large knees. The
considerably smaller Stacy quivered with fear. Chyna ran her large palm over
Stacy's rump, slowly caressing over the thong. She slowly ran it down to
Stacy's ankles, and then smilied as she looks at her beautiful unblemished
butt. Stacy pleaded for mercy, but Chyna persisted to hold her down. Planting
a large firm smack onto her ass. The hard slaps echoed across the room,
Stacy's whimpers and screams where heard along with those huge spanks to her

Chyna grabbed Stacy by her hair and continued spanking, whispering into
her ear, "Are you sorry for spying on me, bitch?!" Stacy nodded and sobbed.
Chyna did not see this as a proper way to confirm that she has had enough.
So she continued to bear down onto her with thick slamming shots to her left
cheek, then her right, her butt now having large deep red hand prints onto
it. Stacy screamed in agony.

"Please! Stop! Stop! I will be a good girl!!" Stacy wailed.

Chyna nodded and smirked, forcing the girl down to her knees. Before she
knew it Stacy was between Chyna's legs being forced to lick her pussy. She
inhaled the scent of her womanhood through the thong, slowly pulling it down
onto the seated Chyna. Slowly beginning to lick around her labia gently, but
hurrying enough not to upset the amazon type female. She licked her wetness
as Chyna let out soft moans. Stacy spread her domme's lips slowly and licked
it up and down. She took in the sweet taste of the other female, who is now
groaning and forcing her head in harder. Cupping her mouth around her clit
she flicks her tongue over it at a extreme pace, causing Chyna to wail out
to her. Stacy worked her tongue over the large woman's sensitive nub, giving
it soft kisses and nibbles, drinking up the juice that is almost pouring
from her pussy. Stacy licks at her faster and faster, the tip of her tongue
lashing out against the tip of her clit sending Chyna over the edge. She
screams out in massive amounts of pleasure, the cum pouring over Stacy's

Stacy slowly got out from between Chyna's legs. Slowly beginning to pick
up the skirt but Chyna laughed and pulled her back, rumaging through her
bag. Slowly coming upon a large thick strap-on, around 12 inches long and
about 3 inches thick. Chyna through her over a large coffe table, she was
bent over, her ass shaking in the air. Chyna slowly slid the tip against
the girl's firm ass. Taking a gentle thrust, putting about a inch in. Stacy
squirms uncomfortably. Chyna slowly sinks it inside of Stacy's butt. The
strap-on moves in further, the now very submissive Stacy's anal walls slowly
contracting against the large intruding dildo. Chyna takes deep thrusts
inside of Stacy, sliding the large dildo in and out, sliding more and more
inside of her with each passing second. Chyna's large firm hands grip Stacy's
hips, slamming them into the dildo as Stacy gasps and moans, gripping onto
the coffee table rather tightly. Chyna continues thrusting at a harder and
harder pace, the dildo pounding deep into her ass. The large amazon reaches
in between Stacy's legs and rubs her soaking wet lips, the dildo moving in
further, the whole thing now engulfed inside of her anal walls. She can no
longer take the pleasure and pain, Stacy screams as she reaches her climax.
The juice drips onto Chyna's hand as the door slowly slides open.

Stacy continues to ride the waves from her orgasm as Chyna caresses her
body. We see a blonde female looking in through the door. Stacy slowly
looks around, then noticing the voyeur looking through the door.

"Chyna! Someone's spying on us!" Stacy screamed.

Chyna pulled out of Stacy's ass, running to the door, swinging it open to
see Molly Holly laying against the wall begging not to be hurt. Chyna grabs
her by the hair pulling her into the room. Slowly closing the door in the
same fashion she did with Stacy. "Sweet and wholesome, huh? Not much
longer.." Chyna said with a devious grin.

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