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Chyna Dominates Part 2: Molly
by Munki

Chyna grabbed Molly and threw her into the dressing room. Molly hit the
floor hard as Stacy sat in the chair looking on smiling, rubbing her hands
up and down her long lucious legs. The nude amazon ripped off Molly's tight
black tanktop, letting her large breasts fall out. Chyna signaled Stacy over,
they both slowly pounced onto Molly's topless body, pinching at her nipples.
Stacy slowly took a gentle lick at her left nipple, slowly sinking her mouth
over it. Chyna rubbed and squeezed the right breast, rubbing down her stomach
to her thigh and back up to the breast. All the while Stacy was working
Molly's nipple in her mouth, letting her tongue rapidly flick over it, the
tip slowly caressing the tip of her nipple. Chyna wrapped her mammoth hand
around Stacy's breast and rubbed her large palm into it. Molly struggled and
moaned slightly, her 'virgin' body was slowly massaged and touched. Chyna
grabbed Stacy's hair and pulled her back, giving her a long gentle kiss as
she pulled Molly up from the sitting position on the floor.

"Pure and wholesome my ass." Chyna taunted as she threw Molly over the
table, pulling her tight pants to her ankles and rubbed up and down her
legs. Chyna grabbed Stacy by the hair and shoved her face into Molly's nude
butt. She ran her tongue up and down her ass, slowly squeezing the cheeks
as Chyna stepped to the side. Her tongue slowly sliding around the hole,
flicking around very slowly. Molly held tightly to the table as she let out
soft moans of pleasure as she is licked anally. Stacy slowly slid her tongue
inside, swirling the wet digit inside of Molly's large sexy ass. Chyna slowly
sat down into the chair, slowly rubbing her palm against her wet hot sex.
Spreading her legs, parting her lips as she teases her hole with her
fingertip, letting out loud moans.

Stacy continued to lick inside of Molly's soft round ass. Molly let out
loud gasps and moans, rubbing her large ample backside into Stacy's face as
she slowly slapped her ass as it was licked. Molly looked over and saw as
Chyna masturbated. At this time Chyna was fingering herself rather quickly.
Her long fingers slamming in and out of the slick wet pussy, rubbing her
clit with the other fingers, gasping and bucking her hips into her own hand.
Molly was gripping the table screaming as she was gaining her orgasm closer,
her ass being licked quickly, Stacy's blonde head at work bobbing her tongue
inside of her puckered asshole. Chyna was the first to cum, her thick white
juices dripping out onto her hand, screaming out as she pants hard, her chest
rising with each passing breath. Stimulated by Chyna's jagged moans Molly was
next to cum, the juices dripping down her leg as she gripped the table, her
nails digging in, causing the paint to slowly be scratched off.

Molly slowly came to, slowly beginning to head towards the door, but
Chyna sprang upwards and grabbed Molly by the hair, throwing her back to the
ground, Chyna slowly smirked as she stared her in the eyes, "I'm not done
with you yet, slut." The angry woman slowly licked her lips and smiled as she
came up with the next thing for her to do. "Stacy was kind enough to lick
your ass and let you cum, so why don't you be nice enough to lick Stacy's
tasty pussy? I'm sure she wouldn't object."

Stacy licked her lips and nodded in agreement, slowly sitting down into
the chair Chyna was sitting in previously, spreading her legs. Before Molly
could accept or reject the idea she was grabbed by the hair and thrown
between Stacy's legs and made to lick her. Molly slowly began to lick up and
down her shaved cunt, taking a few gentle nibbles at her lips, spreading the
lips with her tongue, sliding her tongue inside of her. Stacy threw her head
head back and rubbed her breasts slowly, pinching her own nipples and Molly
continued to work her tongue inside of Stacy's walls. Molly breathed in
Stacy's sweet smell as Chyna looked on approvingly. Stacy rubbed her hips
against Molly's face, her butt leaving the chair as she was grinding against
her tongue, making it move in and out of her quicker. Molly brought her left
hand up and used her two fingers to rub up and down against her clit, she
flicked her tongue inside of her, moving in and out the tongue slowly licking
and drinking the juice and poking and prodding her g-spot. Stacy screamed
with ecstasy, wrapping her legs around the back of her head screaming with
pleasure, she arched her back and came hard onto Molly's tongue. Chyna smiled
as she slowly walked out the door unoticed.

Chyna walked out of the dressing room nude. She wondered what she was
going to do next as she saw Lita's thonged ass shaking down the hall, Chyna
ran up behind her and grabbed her by the hair, breathing down her neck as
Lita screamed. Chyna laughed evilly, pulling her into the janitor's closet,
smirking as her evil plan slowly took shape inside of her head.

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