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Chyna Laid Down The Law
by Sub Icepick

I went to Smackdown back when she was the WWF Intercontinental champion in
Columbus a few years ago. I went to see other superstars but I got a first
hand account with another. Everyone was talking about how great it was that
she became the champion because she's a woman. I really didn't care about
her that much, but this is how it went down.

I had heard that she was getting very pissed off and tired of being called a
guy. She vowed that she would not take it much longer. So I was sitting next
to the railing, well it was the security wall actually. Her music hit and
she was firing these green flares into the air. She was walking in her
traditional black leather outfit that was big of cleavage and riding up her
ass. She came over to the direction of where I was now standing and I yelled
right at her, "Why does it matter if she's a woman, she's not she's a dude!"

She stopped and looked right at me angrily. I really thought she was going
to punch me with her enormous muscles. Surprisingly she went over to a
security officer and had me drug away. I looked at her as they drug me away,
she blew me a kiss. I figured I was being kicked out of the ampitheater, but
I wasn't. I was in a locker room, the security guard had me handcuffed and
said, "Chyna will deal with you, soon enough." Then I knew she was going
to kick my ass.

So I waited time went by and I heard a huffing and puffing come to the door.
I tightened up and there she entered the door, still with her title. She was
smiling before she looked at me, when she realized I was in the room, her
look went to a scowl. She laid down her title and she began to talk to me,
"Do you think that line was funny back there? Do you know what its like to
be a big muscular woman?"

I said nothing trying to act all tough.

She replied, "Oh, so that is how its going to be."

I retorted, "Yep, you can't change it, you're a dude with a dick."

I laughed that's when she threw me down to the floor and ripped my shirt.
She got me down on the floor and said, "I will teach you a lesson you,
fucking asshole. If I am the man, you will be the female."

I was confused at that statement. In my state of confusion is when she threw
me onto a table with my arms caught behind me still handcuffed. My torso on
the table laid down but my legs were standing up.

She then said, "I will show you how much man I am, little woman."

I began to get scared but she was too strong to my resisting. She ripped my
pants off of my body and stripped me of my underwear. I was lying there then
she went into her dufflebag and pulled something out. I heard some velcro and
some adjusting. I heard her take off something and put on something.

Then she got behind me and whispered in my ear, "This will be my present
to you, little girl." Then she pushed something against my ass. I thought OH
MY GOD SHE IS A DUDE! Chyna said, "I will lube up your ass, bitch."

I was like oh no, she's going to rape me. Yet I wanted her to in a way. She
pushed a lubed finger into my asshole. One then two and three into my tight
ass. Then she penetrated me. She slid it in slow at first but deep. She said,
"This isn't what you think, little girl, this is my 9 inch black strap-on.
Take it deep, woman!"

I winced and she began to fuck my ass faster and harder. It was so awesome,
I was so hard. She pulled on my handcuffed hands as she assfucked me. She
then turned me over and propped my legs up on her shoulders and I perched
for her still uncomfortably with my hands cuffed. She reached around and
broke the cuffs and I then tried to grab her tits. Then she slapped my hands
saying, "No no, you're the girl, I am supposed to grab yours, little lady."

Then she crushed my nipples with her big hands as she fucked my ass harder
and harder until the friction in my ass caused me to have an orgasm. But she
kept pumping and pumping until I thought my ass would be permanently damaged.
She had an orgasm. She pulled out and smiled, asking, "Who is the dude now
and who is the chick!?"

I looked around and the hot Stephanie McMahon in secret had been watching me
get fucked. I hope next time she is the one pushing.

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