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Chyna, Trish & Stephanie McMahon
by Punker2K

Setting: Summers Day, Chyna was just at a book signing.

I followed Chyna to her hotel. She was coming from a book signing. I followed
her up to her room and waited a few minutes before knocking on the door.

I knocked

"Room Service!"

"Room service? I didn't order any room service!"

She opened the door.

I pushed her back, closed the door and locked it.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" she yelled

"Shhh you'll like it."

I sat her down on the bed and took off her robe, exposing her huge breasts.
I began kissing her nipples and playing with her breasts. She didn't know
what to think. She got so wet as I kissed her nipples and played with her
vagina that she dove down and began sucking my cock. Her warm mouth felt so
good on my 8 inch cock. I watched her head bob up and down as she deep
throated the whole thing many times. I came all over her face and boobs. She
licked up the cum. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs. I put her
legs on my shoulders and began licking her beautifully shaved pussy. I licked
and fingered her sweet vagina.

She moaned. "I want that big dick inside me NOW."

She laid down on the bed and lifted her legs, I grabbed her ankles and I
began to fuck her hard. In and out, in and out of that wet snatch. She moaned
everytime my dick hit that pussy.

"ohhh yessss fuck me HARDER!"

I grabbed her tits and played with her nipples are i fucked her harder and

"I want that big cock in my ass!"

She turned over and was on all fours.

I injected my dick in her sweeeeettt ass.


I grabbed her HUGE boobs and played with them as my penis shoved in and out
of her hot ass. She stood up and I kissed her as I played with her nipples.

"Oh SHIT that cock feels good in my ass!!!" as she said that I shot a huge
load into her ass. with that there was a knock at the door.

"Expecting someone?" i said quietly.

"Stephanie McMahon and Trish are supposed to come over for coffee!"


Chyna and I staged a plan to have a little fun with the girls.

Chyna put on a robe and stood behind the door. Stephanie walked in.

"Trish'll be a few minutes, I thought I'd come by to see..."

I grabbed her pants and pulled them down exposing her bare ass. Chyna grabbed
her arms and pulled off her shirt exposing her sexy tits.

"What's going ON!?!?"

I said nothing as I pulled out my cock and shoved it in her ass.

"AHH! OH! mmm yes! harder! oh fuck!!"

After I came in her ass she dropped down on to the bed.

I stuck my dick between Steph's tits and chyna stood in front of me. I licked
Chyna's pussy as I fucked Stephanie's tits. I came all over Steph's face and
Chyna squirted everywhere when there was a knock at the door.

"Hey guys, its me!" said Trish from outside the door.

She walked in with her sexy miniskirt and i ran towards her. I ripped her
shirt off exposing her massive breasts and pulled up her miniskirt. I
injected my large cock into it her and she moaned. We fucked for about 10
minutes after we both came.

The girls cleaned up and thanked me for the great night. I cleaned up and
got dressed, but before I left I gave them my phone number and address,
since this day, we all have fucked numerous times!

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