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*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains
detailed descriptions of Gang-Rape, Humiliation and Non-Consensual sex. If
you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it. ***
*** This story features the Characters of Chyna, Jacqueline, and the members
of The Nation of Domination. It is not intended to portray the people that
play those characters or their attitudes or sexual habits. ***

In the summer of 1998, shortly after her second larger set of implants and
before her jaw surgery, Chyna had a ‘confrontation’ with the Nation of
Domination. It ended with her forced onto her knees by Owen Hart and D’Lo
Brown, while The Rock urged an eager Mark Henry to kiss Chyna while she was
helpless. This is the story of what might have happened if she hadn’t been

Chyna vs The New Nation of Domination
By High-Heeled Jill & Spring-Heeled Jack

“MMMAAaaawwwwmmmpphhhhh!!!” Chyna’s muffled scream was greeted by cheers from
the crowd.

The World’s Strongest Man plundered the amazon’s mouth with his tongue,
thrusting his huge organ as far as he could. Chyna tried to twist her face
away from the repulsive wet kiss but Mark held her head securely in his big
hands. Their tongues dueled as the strongman kissed her passionately, and
Chyna grimaced in disgust.

Mark Henry broke off the sloppy kiss and wiped away a strand of saliva on the
back of his hand. He licked his lips, tasting her saliva and lipstick while
Chyna gagged and tried to spit the taste of his tongue out of her mouth. He
knew what he wanted from The Ninth Wonder of the World, but he had to work up
the nerve to do it in front of so many people. He reached down and stroked
his massively erect penis through his jeans.

“It looks to The Rock like Mark’s got a little thing for Chyna!” The Rock
joked to the audience. “Perhaps Mark wants more than just a little kiss? The
Rocks says, if you wants something, you just have to take it!”

Mark grinned widely, showing his white teeth in stark contrast to his
dark skin. He looked Chyna’s captive body up and down for a moment before
lumbering forward with arms outstretched.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” Chyna yelled as Mark’s giant
hands grasped her breasts and pawed them through her top.

She couldn’t believe what they were doing to her. She’d never been so
humiliated. She was being sexually assaulted! And it was happening live in
front of millions of people!


The DX Bodyguard jerked from side to side, but that just caused Mark to
squeeze tighter and she cried out in pain. The huge black man was grinning
like a lunatic and his eyes burned with lust. With one final effort Chyna
threw her weight back. The two men holding her stumbled without losing their
grip, but she did manage to pull her breasts out of Mark’s loathsome grasp.

Unfortunately he still held the yellow fabric of her top which stretched
more than enough to allow Mark a perfect view of her perfect tits!

Her top snapped back with a crack when Mark released it. He stood grinning
with glee, like a child with the world’s most wonderful birthday present.

“You like what you see Mark?” asked The Rock into the microphone.

The strongman nodded emphatically.

“Well don’t keep it to yourself, share it with all these good people!”

“NO!” Chyna shouted.

This can’t be happening, she thought as Mark’s hands grabbed at the neckline
of her top. But it was, and with the incredible strength that had made him
the World’s Strongest Man he ripped her vest apart, exposing her before the

The Ninth Wonder struggled against her captors, her big boobs bouncing
seductively on her broad muscular chest.

“UUhhnn! Let go of me! NNnph! You’re all fucking insane!” Chyna exclaimed,
her face red with mortified shame!

“Oh man!” Mark groaned as he cupped Chyna’s large jiggling breasts in his
huge hands and savagely mauled them, making her squeal in pain.

Chyna tried to escape the hands that held her, the hands that molested her,
but to no avail. Her head whipped from side to side, desperately hoping to
see security guards coming to stop this. She had been stripped half naked
and was being sexually assaulted on national television! Someone had to stop
this before it went any further. They had to!

But all of the guards seem to be more concerned with keeping the crowd from
surging forward. None of them were moving to help her.

“You’re enjoying that aren’t you Mark?” Said The Rock, to which the World’s
Strongest Man nodded enthusiastically.

“Chyna’s damn sure got the best titties that money can buy, ain’t that right

Mark Henry nodded again and leered in Chyna’s horrified face.

“But there’s just one thing The Rock wants to know. Is this freak a woman or
does she have a dick?!”

The crowd erupted as Chyna shook her head and pleaded with them to stop.

“How about you find out for us Mark, because The Rock just has to know!”

Mark’s huge dark-skinned hand slid down Chyna’s hard body, over her rippling
abs and pushed into her black shorts. She bucked her hips as she tried to
evade Mark’s questing fingers but she couldn’t stop him grinding his hand up
and down her G-string, pushing the skimpy material between her thick

Chyna pressed her thighs together in an effort to stop his hand going
further, but she wasn’t strong enough to prevent the black man from rubbing
her hot pussy. He forced his middle finger under her G-string and inserted
it into her tight hole, pumping it in and out. Chyna’s pussylips were
smooth-shaven, and to her shame, extremely wet with an arousal she did not
want. After a couple of minutes, Mark inserted another fat finger, then
gradually a third. Despite her disgust, Chyna’s body was betraying her by
responding to the brutal caresses, her juices flowing to lubricate her
vagina. She closed her eyes in shame and writhed helplessly on his
penetrating fingers.

“So Mark, what’s the verdict?”

“Oh man! She’s all woman!”

Chyna’s lower lip was quivering with the effort to hold back her tears as
Mark continued to finger-fuck her sopping cunt.

“Now The Rock wouldn’t want to call you a liar, but he thinks that that’s
something he’ll have to see with his own two eyes!”

Taking his cue Mark pulled out of Chyna’s shorts and grabbed the waistband.
The Ninth Wonder tried to kick him away but the World’s Strongest Man
shrugged off her clumsy flailing and ripped her shorts and panties off!

The crowd went wild but Chyna folded up, twisting her thighs and body in an
effort to conceal her intimate treasures. D’Lo and Owen hauled her up and
each of them hooked a foot between her knees. With Mark’s help they forced
her legs apart so that she was kneeling with her legs spread and her every
detail on display.

Her lips were completely devoid of hair but there was a narrow strip of
closely cropped fur that extended from her clit to a tattooed vine of
flowers that crossed her abdomen just above her pussy. As Mark had noted
Chyna’s pussylips were full, fat and dripping with juices, but what he
hadn’t noticed was the small golden ring piercing her clitoris!

The people in the arena were whooping and hollering in appreciation as the
Titantron was filled with a close-up of Chyna’s beautiful cunt.

“For the first time in his life, it looks like The Rock was wrong! Chyna
really is a woman after all!”

The humiliated amazon lowered her head in shame. Her amazing body trembled
with shock. This can’t be real! The Ninth Wonder of the World had been
stripped and exposed on live national television! It must be a dream!

Her chest heaved and her breasts jiggled seductively once more as she was
displayed like a cheap whore. Her strong-jawed face was a picture of abject
misery, her cheeks red and tears welling in her surprisingly pretty eyes.

It was her worst nightmare made true. Or her deepest fantasies. Chyna had
always been stronger than most of the men around her, she’d always thought
of herself as being above them, a Warrior Princess or an Amazon Queen, but
she had also dreamed about being an amazon defeated and captured in battle.
A proud warrior fallen and helpless before her foes. Her defenceless body
used and abused by her hated enemies.

The more she remembered those fantasies, and the more she thought about her
current plight, the more aroused she became. And that reaction humiliated
her even more.

“Okay, so The Rock was wrong about Chyna having a dick, but looking like she
does, with all those freaky muscles, The Rock knows she has never had a dick!
The Rock knows Chyna’s the sort of girl that straps one on and does all the
screwing in her relationships! Isn’t that right Chyna?”

“Let me GO you fucking bastard!” Chyna demanded.

The Rock glared at Chyna and then smiled arrogantly.

“Mark, show this butch bull-dyke what she’s good for!”

At the sound of Mark’s zipper Chyna looked up in horrified disbelief, just
in time to see Mark pull out his 16-inch monster-cock! A moment later and
it was throbbing just inches from her face. The Ninth Wonder began kicking
and thrashing wildly, shouting curses as it became apparent what was being
expected from her. That her ordeal had only just begun. But D’Lo and Owen
had Chyna securely held, and all her efforts were in vain.

Every night the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry jerked off to Chyna's
picture as he dreamed of fucking her brains out. Now he had his chance in
the middle of the ring while tens of thousands of people watched in the
arena and millions more watching it live in their own home. He wanted to
stick his big cock into her and make her scream so loud that the people in
the back row would hear her!

Mark reached forward to entwine his fingers into her soft raven-black hair,
using his great strength to hold her still. Chyna tried to pull her head back
from the advancing penis but Mark’s iron grip held her head in place. She
closed her eyes and shuddered as his cockhead pushed against her soft pink


The muscles of her jaw tightened, keeping her mouth firmly shut. A tear
trickled from down her cheek as Mark rubbed his huge cock over her face,
leaving a trail of sticky pre-cum that glistened under the arena lights.

“Open your mouth Chyna! Open your mouth or we’ll beat the crap out of your
candy-ass and force it open!”

Still Chyna resisted. The Rock knelt down beside the humiliated amazon and
grabbed one of her huge breasts in his large hand.

“Mark wants Chyna to suck his cock. All these people want Chyna to suck his
cock. The entire World wants Chyna to suck Mark’s cock. And more importantly,
The Rock knows that deep down inside, Chyna wants Chyna to suck Mark’s cock!
So open wide, and SUCK IT!”

And saying that he began squeezing Chyna’s tit.

“Nnnnnggghhhaaa!!!” Chyna grunted in pain between tightly clenched teeth.

The huge purple head mashed up against her lips, forcing its way through to
press on her pearly white teeth. The Rock’s fingers dug deeper into her
succulent tit-meat causing Chyna to moan louder, until suddenly her twisted
it sharply and she screamed in agony!


That was all the opportunity Mark needed, his massive black cock driving into
her open mouth and muffling her agonised shriek.

The giant Titantron was filled with a close-up of Chyna’s face being
penetrated by a giant ebony cock. Her expression one of utter disgust and
humiliation. The same shot that filled the screens of millions of people
watching on live TV.

The arena audience cheered with lustful appreciation. In unison they began
chanting, “SUCK IT! SUCK IT! SUCK IT!”

With the DX catchphrase echoing in her ears, Chyna sobbed as she was orally
raped. Her mouth was opened as wide as it would go and it was just barely
enough to get around the huge shaft. Her strong jaw felt like it was close
to dislocating. Chyna groaned as Mark’s dick forced its way to the back of
her throat. Holding her head steady in his huge hands and pushing forward,
the World’s Strongest Man forced the Ninth Wonder of the World to open up
and admit his awesome maleness into her gullet.

Mark seized her head in both hands and lunged forward, spearing 6-inches of
his dick straight down her throat. The Ninth Wonder gagged loudly, her throat
squeezing the big black strongman’s monster-cock uncontrollably as it was
stretched to unnatural dimensions. Tears were flowing freely from her eyes as
tried to suppress the reflexive efforts of her body to repel the intruder.

The aroma of his potent penis assailed her senses. Chyna protested feebly but
could do nothing to stop her attacker. She looked up at her assailant with
pleading eyes but saw no mercy in his expression, only his delight in using
and abusing her incredibly sexy muscular body.

The amazon’s throat bulged noticeably as Mark forced his giant dick down her
throat to the midpoint. He pulled back until only the swollen glans was in
her mouth and her throat convulsed with her delayed gag-reflex. The strongman
jerked her head around by her raven-black hair, twisting her to one side so
that when he pushed forward again his dick drove into the inside of her cheek
and made it bulge obscenely. He pulled her head down onto his monster-cock,
distorting her face as far as her cheek would stretch.

Chyna’s pretty blue-grey eyes flicked from side to side, desperately looking
for any sign of help, hoping against hope that someone would rescue her. All
she saw was the enjoyment on the faces of every man, woman, and child in the
audience. She was in denial, she refused to believe this was really
happening. Refused to believe that she was naked in the middle of the ring
with a huge black cock in her mouth!

As she watched she saw The Rock approach one of the security guards, the
guards that were doing nothing to stop the terrible crime she was being
subjected to, and then return to the ring. The Ninth Wonder of the World
was still wrestling futilely against her captors, but it took The Rock’s
help for them to twist her powerful arms behind her back. Once there Chyna
felt the touch of cold steel and heard the click as they handcuffed her.
And through the struggle Mark continued to fuck her sweet, warm mouth.

Mark’s cock eventually popped out of her mouth with an audible pop, but Chyna
barely had time to gasp before he thrust it back inside. The lust-crazed
strongman drove forward again, pumping it in and out, deeper and deeper until
he had buried all 16 inches down her throat and Chyna’s lips were pressed up
against his blue denim jeans.

The Ninth Wonder choked hard on the solid erection, unable to breathe with
her air supply blocked off completely. Her body attempted to escape the
impaling penis, her awesome muscles bulging as she sought to break free of
the men and the handcuffs holding her. Sweat prickled her skin as she began
to panic. The black giant fucked his cock a few inches in and out of her
clasping gullet for several minutes before pulling all the way back out.

Chyna gasped and sobbed as she inhaled desperately, her huge naked breasts
bouncing as her broad chest heaved. She felt dizzy from the lack of oxygen.
Before the defenseless amazon could truly regain her senses the black brute
rammed his mighty shaft into her open mouth and all the way down her throat

With his cock buried to the hilt in her face, Mark reached down to haul his
baseball-sized testicles out of his jeans and rub them all over her strong
chin. His other hand gripping the back of her head tightly, he began a long
slow pumping action as he taught the Ninth Wonder the finer points of
deep-throating a big cock. The black strongman brutally fucked her face,
pumping his giant penis down her clenching gullet again and again. Chyna
gagged constantly and drool dribbled from the corners of her mouth where her
lips were stretched taut around his mighty shaft.

Chyna’s body shook with sobs, but also with the surge of adrenaline that her
fear and panic had triggered. She twisted her head violently to one side and
yelped as she left a handful of hair in Mark’s meaty fist. Then she lunged
down toward the canvas so Mark’s massive manhood slurped free of her throat.
D’Lo and Owen tightened their grip on her biceps, but that actually helped
her gain leverage to launch herself to her feet with enough force that the
back of her head struck D’Lo in the face.

The dazed black wrestler reeled into the ropes as Chyna drove her left
shoulder forward into the solid gut of Mark Henry. The strongman grunted as
the wind was knocked out of him and Chyna sent her weight sideways so that
her other shoulder threw Owen off her.

The mighty amazon roared as momentarily she stood alone in the middle of the
ring, naked but for her leather boots. Her powerful muscles strained, and to
the disbelief of everyone watching, the handcuffs snapped!

She turned on The Rock with murder in her heart. Owen tried to tackle her
but Chyna clubbed him over the head with both hands, the force of the blow
focused through the broken metal cuffs and Owen slumped onto the canvas.

The Rock shook of his shock and took up a fighting stance as the naked
warrior woman approached.

But before she could reach her hated foe two arms like tree trunks circled
her from behind and dragged her into a bearhug. Chyna screamed with fury, and
then with horror as Mark tightened his grip and she felt his massive penis
rub against her vulnerable pussy as it slid between her thighs. She looked
down and saw 10-inches of thick black cock sprouting from between her legs.

Mark couldn’t believe that his dick was touching Chyna’s pussy, feeling her
heat and wetness. He groaned and started humping his hips, pushing her weight
down to increase the friction. Chyna cried in despair but there was nothing
she could do. Worse, she was moistening again in response to his dick rubbing
her slit.

The Rock raised the microphone but then paused as though unsure what to say.
He looked her up and down, and then his gaze swept the ring. His eyes settled
on Owen’s unconscious form and he smiled.

“It looks The Rock is going to have to note this in his diary. For the first
time in recorded history, Mark was right twice in one day. He said that a
tight white bitch like you would be hot for some hard black cock, but The
Rock would never have believed that you would be so crazed by your lust as to
break those handcuffs and knock out the one and only white guy in the Nation
just so that you can enjoy pure and unadulterated black lovin’!”

Chyna screamed in rage and frustration, struggling against Mark’s embrace.
But all her writhing and thrashing of legs achieved was to grind her cunt
harder against Mark’s monster-cock.

“You needn’t have worried Chyna. The Nation’s got more than enough cock to
tame you! In fact, the Nation has been expanding its horizons!”

With that the Nation of Domination’s music started playing in the arena.
The curtains beneath the Titantron parted and a procession of black men
came through and made their way to the ring. First was Faarooq, their
former leader wearing only a pair of wrestling trunks, but he was followed
by more men similarly attired, all with muscular, powerful physiques and
mean expressions. More than two dozen of them walked down the ramp before
The Godfather walked through. He did a little spin and pointed at the
entrance with his cane as the last new member of the Nation came through.
Wearing nothing but a minuscule red latex bikini and seeming tiny next to
the huge tattooed pimp, former Women’s Champion Jacqueline did a little
dance on the dais before following the others.

“As you can see, The Nation of Domination has come prepared!”

“NO! Let me GO!!!” Chyna screamed, but her struggles were useless.

Faarooq, the Godfather, and Jacqueline entered the ring, while the black men
surrounded it. Chyna could see the nauseating lust in their eyes, the leers
on their faces as they stared at her sexy naked body. She looked out over
the crowd and saw the same thing in the people watching. How could this be
happening? Why wasn’t anyone coming to help her?

“Mark, The Rock wants you to screw this white freak like she’s never been
screwed before!”

Mark Henry grinned radiantly, overjoyed that he was finally going to fuck

“NO! NOOO!!! NUuuhhnnfff!!!” Chyna grunted as she was slammed down onto the
canvas, flat on her back.

She tried to get away but the Nation gathered around and held her down. The
Godfather pinned down her powerful arms, D’Lo grabbed her left ankle, Faarooq
grabbed her right, and they spread her muscular legs as wide apart as they
would go, eliciting a grunt of pain from the helpless amazon. The Ninth
Wonder of the World was completely vulnerable for her imminent rape.
Mark knelt between her splayed legs and forcefully jammed his cockhead
against her small bald slit. The massive glans was at least 3-inches across
and Chyna trembled with fearful anticipation of the ordeal to come. He rubbed
the bulbous head of his dick up and down Chyna’s hairless opening, once again
causing her to lubricate against her will.

Her eyes filled with tears and she struggled against her captors, but to no
avail. They laughed at her efforts, humiliating her. Chyna knew she was at
the mercy of the Nation and that millions of people were about to watch her
get brutally raped live on national television! And the thought was turning
her on! She tried to twist away from the insistent cock at her entrance, to
deny the perverted desire within her to surrender to her violation, but she
had no say in what was about happen. She couldn’t escape; she was going to
be fucked.

There was a painful sensation and the Ninth Wonder’s eyes went wide as the
enormous head of the black shaft finally popped into her pussy, stretching
it wide.

“N-NNNAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!” The Ninth Wonder screamed as her pussy was

The black strongman lunged hard into the white wrestler, driving as far into
her tight hole as he could. The head of his dick slammed into her cervix with
all the savage strength that had earned him the title of the World’s
Strongest Man.

“AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!” Chyna screamed at the top of her lungs,
thrashing her head from side to side in agony.

She could hear the audience cheering obscenely. The Titantron showed a
close-up of her tight white cunt being ripped open by Mark’s monstrous black
cock and a smaller image in the corner displayed her agonized face, allowing
the viewers to enjoy her violation in full.

The strongman lunged forward again, the huge cockhead smashing up against
Chyna’s tiny cervix, which caused the raped amazon to scream even louder.
The walls of her vagina were being stretched far beyond anything she had
ever experienced in her life. She could feel every ridge and vein on Mark’s
awesome cock as her membranes hugged the invading shaft tightly.

Mark Henry continuously battered away at her cervix, groaning with pleasure
at the wondrous sensations that he felt inside the Ninth Wonder’s clasping
cunt, while Chyna screamed and grunted in pain with each stab. Finally the
relentless battering broke down her defenses and the massive head of his cock
ruptured the small orifice and popped into her womb, filling the tiny space

The black strongman had every inch of his gigantic cock inside her now and
the agony was incredibly intense. Chyna felt like she was being split in two,
but despite the tremendous pain she was horrified to feel intense waves of
pleasure rippling out from her impaled pussy. Mark hauled back and slammed
into the Ninth Wonder again with all his phenomenal strength.

“NNNHHHNNGGGYYYYAAAAAHHH!!!” The Ninth Wonder screamed again as she was
sadistically skewered on the monstrous black penis.

Tears ran down Chyna’s face as the strongman hauled back and rammed his
16-inch cock into her again, and again, and again, his massive balls slapping
against the cheeks of her ass with each stroke. She grunted loudly with each
punishing thrust and wished for the unbearable pain to go away, wished that
she wasn’t being brutally raped before a nationwide audience.

The steady sound of Mark’s hard black flesh slamming up against Chyna’s firm
white thighs echoed through the arena. The loud smacks were accompanied by
the Ninth Wonder’s high-pitched screams and grunts of pain. The cameras
caught it all and broadcast every minute of her humiliation over the American

The people watching in the arena and at home weren’t the only ones excited
by the sight of Chyna being raped. The Godfather could no longer contain his
lust. He pulled out his heavy black cock, the length of it covered with
swirling tattoos, and slapped it against her face. Chyna whimpered and turned
her head, but the pimp pushed the massive pole against her lips.

“Suck my cock, bitch! Open yo’ mouth wide and suck my big black dick like a
good little HO!” he yelled.

Chyna refused, but Jacqueline roughly grabbed one of the diva’s breasts and
crushed it between her fingers, forcing her to scream in pain. The moment her
lips parted the Godfather plunged his massive 13-inch penis into her mouth.

Jacqueline’s hand slid down the Chyna’s pinned sweat-streaming body and
stroked her pussy. She traced her fingers around Mark’s giant cock as it
pistoned in and out, and then pushed her index finger alongside it inside
the raped amazon’s straining cunt. Chyna’s nipples were hard and erect,
sticking out like bullets on her sweat-glistening tits, so the black woman
latched onto one with her mouth. The Ninth Wonder gasped as Jacqueline
chewed on her nipple, biting forcefully into the flesh and pulling on it,
stretching her breast into a cone.

At the same time she withdrew from Chyna’s vagina and inserted her finger
through the diva’s clit-ring instead. As Jacqueline punished Chyna’s tits
she tugged and twisted on the small ring, making Chyna squeal in agony.

“You our slut now Chyna!” the black woman hissed, “An’ you love it don’t you
whore? You love big black cocks don’t you, you dumb white slut? Suck that
big black dick, you stupid bitch! Work it wi’ yo’ tongue! Worship yo’ new

Jacqueline forced Chyna to work on The Godfather’s cock with her tongue and
lips, lathering the shaft as he rammed the great length in and out of her
grasping throat. His tattooed cock stretched her gullet almost to breaking
point, but eventually Chyna’s nose was pressed between his heavy balls and
the Godfather had all 13-inches inside her throat.

“That’s it! You a rape-slut now! The entire world’s watching you get
gang-banged! You ain’t nothin’ but a dick suckin’ whore!” Jacqueline
insulted the amazon.

Chyna’s head was trapped between the Godfather’s bulk and the canvas, so
there was nothing she could do to stop him from raping her throat for a good
ten minutes. She had no choice but to keep swallowing his black dick until
he was ready to orgasm. The Godfather reached down and grasped the Ninth
Wonder’s long black hair, using it to pull her face even deeper into his
crotch as his monstrous dick suddenly jerked and spasmed.

Great thick jets of spunk shot repeatedly from his cock and straight down
into Chyna’s belly. Each giant cumload was practically audible and the
Godfather groaned in ecstasy as his sperm blasted into his victim’s throat.

Chyna coughed and gasped for air as the Godfather pulled out and painted her
face with the last few shots, some of it splashing onto her breasts. But
before she could even spit the Godfather’s cum out of her mouth another thick
black cock was shoved between her lips.

And so it continued, man after man taking turns to rape her mouth while the
World’s Strongest Man plundered the limits of her pussy. More than six men
blew their loads into her mouth and over her strong-jawed face before
finally, after a more than half an hour of brutal fucking, Mark groaned
loudly and bucked into her, burying his dick all the way inside her pussy.
The Ninth Wonder could feel the head of his throbbing dick pressing up
against the back of her womb and she shrieked in horror as she realized what
was going to happen next.

“NNNNOOOOOO! OH GOD! NNOOOOOO!!!” Chyna screamed in anguish as her baby
chamber was pumped full of his thick, potent cum!

The first blast of syrupy spunk shot into her so hard that it stung her womb.
Pulsating jets of his hot seed spurted deep into her, filling her insides and
triggering a mind-blowingly powerful orgasm in the amazon's helpless body
that was almost more than she could bear. The spasming embrace of her
climaxing pussy spurred Mark to start fucking her again, pumping in and out
of her as he pumped her full of cum!

The Ninth Wonder of the World squealed and screamed through her orgasm as
Mark’s massive black cock plowed in and out of her hot wet hole, dominating
her utterly. The strongman’s climax was like a geyser erupting inside her
and Chyna felt every blast of his sperm striking the far wall of her womb.
So much thick negro seed fired into her insides that Chyna began feeling
bloated by its incredible volume.

But all good things come to an end and Chyna’s ecstatic cries of pleasure
eventually turned into whimpers. Chyna shook with helpless sobs in the
aftermath of her orgasm. How could this happen? How could she cum while
being raped on live television? Why did the mere thought of all the people
watching her, seeing the close-up shot of her cock-stuffed cunt squirting
sperm and girl-cum, make her pussy twitch?

Mark withdrew and fucked her slowly a few times, filling her pussy completely
with sperm and leaving her womb packed full of his virile seed. He finished
up by smearing his cum-spurting cockhead all over her pussylips and rubbing
it up and down her slit, slapping her sex with his heavy dick a few times.

Then he got up and let the next man have his turn with her.

Chyna’s orgasm was the turning point, the moment when she was truly defeated
in her heart and soul. She made no real effort to fight any more and she
reluctantly but obediently complied with their orders. She bucked her hips
up to meet Faarooq’s 14-inch cock as he powered in and out of her cum-sloppy
cunt. She sucked hard on Mark’s monstrous black cock as she cleaned the cum
and pussy-juice from it, her cheeks hollowing out around the rock-hard shaft
and she looked up at her rapist with eyes filled with defeat.

It didn’t take long for Faarooq to shoot his load deep inside her womb and
flood her vagina with a second load of gooey sperm. He slapped hands with
D’Lo as the cocky young wrestler lined up his 11-inch tool with Chyna’s
gaping, cum-drooling slit. The Ninth Wonder’s ordeal began anew and in less
than ten minutes her tortured womb was inundated by a black man’s sperm for
the third time in an hour. For the third time in her life! Once D’Lo
finished slam-fucking her the Godfather took his turn. Then one of the men
from around the ring took his turn. And then the next. And the next. Over
and over and over.

After each man finished she was made to lick and suck them clean. Jacqueline
joined in and taught Chyna how to use her tongue to drive a man wild,
bringing them back to life so that they could shoot a second load over the
two diva’s faces and tits. Sometimes she was ordered to hold her mouth wide
open while Jacqueline jerked the man off into it and then made her hold the
cum in her mouth without swallowing until it was totally filled. At some
point the men started fucking Jacqueline too, and Chyna was forced to lick
the sperm out of the black woman’s pink hole.

And all the time her gang-rape continued. On and on it went, each man
brutally raping the Ninth Wonder, one at a time, until every one of them had
pumped his cum into her pussy.

The Ninth Wonder’s cunt was a slimy mess of sperm long before the last man
had finished fucking her, but none of them seemed to care. Her entire body
appeared to be coated with a mixture of sperm and sweat. Chyna’s thoroughly
fucked, cum-sloppy pussy was aching and sore from her continuous rape.

Eventually the Nation of Domination released her limbs and stood in a circle
around her splayed, slimy body. She thought that her ordeal was finally over,
but one Nation member had still not made use of their new slave.

The Rock looked down on her with an expression of profound disgust.

“Look at yourself Chyna! Look at what you are! A common, dirty little WHORE!
A cum-slut!”

Chyna groaned and tried to close her legs.

“The Rock can see that deep down, under all those muscles and the bull-dyke
demeanor, Chyna LOVES getting hard black dick in her slutty pussy!” The Rock
sneered at her and the humiliation crashed over her like a tidal wave. “The
entire world now knows that The Ninth Wonder of the World is just another
cock-sucking HO!”

Chyna had never been so completely defeated, debased, or violated before,
and her huge breasts heaved as she broke down in tears. This was far beyond
anything she had imagined, even in her darkest nightmares or wildest
fantasies. In her arrogance she had believed that nothing like this could
ever really happen to someone like her.

“The Rock knows that Chyna is the nastiest whore in the nation. A stuck up
slut that deserved everything she got. A white whore lusting for the cocks
of every black stud you meet, isn’t that right Chyna?”

The Rock thrust the microphone in Chyna’s direction, but the only sound she
made was more weeping.

“The Rock asked you a question! You want to be gang-banged by every well-hung
black man in the country, isn’t that right Chyna?”

“. . . yes . . .” Chyna whispered, her face a picture of abject misery.

“The Rock can’t hear you! The big bad Ninth Wonder of the World wants to be
gang-raped by every monster-sized black cock in the world, isn’t that right

“Yes!” Chyna cried and the crowd roared with approval.

She had thought of herself as an amazon, a warrior, but this was nothing
like her dreams of ravishment. This was real. She wasn’t fingering herself
to orgasm with a dream of being raped and humiliated, after which she would
be able to go about her normal life. The fact that she had been so utterly
defiled before the entire nation, that everyone had seen her orgasming
repeatedly while being gang-raped by black men, meant that she would never
be able to leave it behind. Whatever happened after, whatever she did and
wherever she went, everyone would know what she really was. Her anguish and
despair rose to unbearable levels as she realized the true extent of what
had happened to her.

“In fact, The Rock knows that right now there is nothing in the world that
Chyna wants more than a taste of The Rock, isn’t that right?”

“Uh, ye-yes,” Chyna said quietly, her total defeat apparent to the world.

“And The Rock knows that Chyna is desperate to feel The Rock’s big cock
rammed up inside her dirty little cunt, isn’t that right?”

“Y, yes,” the amazon sobbed and the audience cheered.

“Well The Rock says that Chyna’s pussy isn’t WORTHY of The Rock’s sperm! But
The Rock thinks that if Chyna wants to look like a man, he’ll teach Chyna to
TAKE it like a man!”

For a moment Chyna didn’t understand what he meant, but then the others
grabbed her and manhandled her up onto her hands and knees. Sweat-diluted
sperm dripped from her face, tits and belly onto the canvas.

“UHHH!!!” Chyna loudly grunted as The Rock grabbed a handful of her hair and
pulled her head up, forcing her to look straight at the Titantron.

She whimpered as she felt him pushing the head of his cock between the cheeks
of her ass, but she didn’t try to fight. He was going to sodomize her! And
she wasn’t even going to try to stop him! She had surrendered, in her heart
and soul. She had tried to resist, to fight, but it hadn’t made any
difference. She’d been stripped, humiliated, and gang-raped in the middle of
the ring, live on RAW with the world watching in their living rooms, and all
her strength had been inadequate to prevent it. So she had given up. Chyna
was theirs to do with as they pleased.

The Ninth Wonder watched on the screen as The Rock guided the tip of his
dick between her buttocks, nudging at her virgin hole. The Rock’s cock
looked small in comparison to the ones she’d already been fucked by,
because although it was about 12-inches long it was thinner than the others.
Instead of being outraged about what he was going to do to her she was simply
relieved that his slimmer dick wouldn’t hurt as badly as Mark’s monstrosity
would have. She shuddered at the thought of being ass-raped by the strongman,
and she knew it was only a matter of time. Maybe The Rock would loosen her up
enough to take it?

Chyna’s attempts to distract herself from the view on the giant screen
disintegrated as The Rock thrust his slim dick forward, but the head didn’t
go in. While it was thinner than the other members of the Nation it was still
more than 2-inches across, extremely large by more normal standards. He put
more pressure behind his push, beginning the penetration and opening Chyna’s
tight anal ring for the very first time in her life. The Ninth Wonder bit her
lips and whimpered with pain as The Rock jammed into her tiny opening with
more and more force, until finally forcing his cockhead into her smooth silky

Chyna groaned in pain, crying louder, as she was forced to watch her ass-rape
on the Titantron. Chyna tried to bear down on The Rock’s cock, to expel the
unnatural intrusion but the Nation’s leader was too strong for her. It was
the most horrible pain she had ever felt, worse even than having her pussy
split wide open by Mark Henry’s mammoth cock.

The Rock penetrated halfway into Chyna and then pulled back a little before
pushing in bit further. In this way he gradually worked his cock deeper
inside the submissive amazon’s sexy ass. Her unlubricated asshole was an
incandescent ring of agony, but inside she felt no actual pain, just a sort
of dull ache and an intense discomfort.

Eventually he had his long cock buried all the way to the balls. He very
slowly withdrew from her tightly gripping ass, allowing her to feel the
emptiness that his dick left in its wake. Then, when only the head still
remained inside her, The Rock plunged violently back into Chyna's asshole,
sinking every inch of his foot-long cock into her with enough force that
his hips slammed violently into her buttcheeks with an echoing ‘smack!’,
an impact that sent her huge tits swinging beneath her.

“EEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” Chyna screamed as her ass was utterly impaled on the
black cock.

The Rock grabbed the Ninth Wonder’s awesome asscheeks in both hands and
gripped them tightly as he hammered frantically in and out of her. Chyna
cried and wriggled her hips helplessly. Her bowels spasmed and constricted
on the intruder, her body jerking in response to the rhythm, but that just
increased The Rock’s pleasure and urged him on.

In less than five minutes Chyna could feel the penis inside of her begin to
swell with imminent orgasm. She wept in humiliation as she watched the image
of herself being ass-fucked that she knew was being beamed live into millions
of homes. Did the people watching know that she had been a virgin back there?
Did they realize that no man had ever cum in her ass as The Rock was about
to? Were they imagining what it would feel like to be The Rock fucking
Chyna’s asshole? Were they imagining what it would feel like to be Chyna
getting ass-raped on live TV?

And why did asking all these questions arouse her so much?

Chyna’s pussy oozed as her juices flowed, mixing with the all the black men’s
cum to seep out of her well-fucked cunt and trickle down her thighs. Her hips
started jerking and she humped herself back onto The Rock’s pistoning prick.
Her pussy was twitching with desire and the contractions transmitted through
the thin dividing membrane to pleasure her anal rapist.

The Rock laughed as he climaxed, enjoying the feel of Chyna’s ass squeezing
tightly around his dick as he blasted his cum into her rectum. The Ninth
Wonder shuddered with something that wasn’t quite an orgasm as she felt his
thick hot seed shooting into her bowels, a sensation that was unlike anything
she’d felt before.

The Nation’s leader pulled out of Chyna's anus, the amazon feeling as though
her insides were collapsing as the cock withdrew, and started squirting his
spunk over her sexy butt. She was left with a sense of slimy emptiness inside
her and a strange desire for that empty space to be filled once more.

A desire that Mark Henry shared.

As soon as The Rock finished shooting thick ropes of cum across Chyna’s
buttocks and back, Mark took his place and aimed his 16-inch monster for
Chyna’s red and sore asshole.

Chyna saw the strongman behind on the Titantron and panicked.

She twisted her head and pleaded with Mark, “Oh God . . . No! Please! Not
there! It’s too big! I’ll do anything you want, just please, not there!

Seeing the mighty musclebound amazon begging for mercy aroused Mark
enormously. He wedged the head of his dick between her clenched cheeks and
pushed against her anus.

“Oowww! No! Oh my god! Please don’t! Mark, PLEASE You’re too big! Oh god!
You’ll split me in two!!!” The Ninth Wonder cried.

The strongman’s only response was to grab her hips firmly and slam forward
with all his massive strength.

Chyna shrieked in unimaginable agony. In one thrust she was impaled on all
16-inches of the black man’s gigantic cock and her rectum was stretched wider
than she ever imagined humanly possible. Not even the lubrication provide by
The Rock’s cum could do anything to lessen the terrible pain.

Mark hauled back and rammed his huge cock up the Ninth Wonder’s ass again,
his massive balls slapping against her aching cunt. The pain was just as
severe but the contact with her pussy sent a tiny shiver of pleasure up her
spine. Tears rolled down Chyna’s cheeks as she grimaced in agony, trying to
grasp the slender thread of stimulation as if it was a lifeline. Her eyes
were shut tight and she gritted her teeth as she struggled to endure the
pain and feel the pleasure.

She let out more agonized shrieks as Mark power-fucked her ass. Each brutal
invasion made her scream until her head was abruptly yanked up by Faarooq
and she was gagged by his huge black cock.

And then she felt something else contact her pierced clit, and the thrill
almost overwhelmed her. Jacqueline had slipped between Mark and Chyna’s
spread knees and latched onto the amazon’s slimy pussy with her mouth. The
black woman licked the cum from Chyna’s tender folds and flicked the tip
of her tongue across her sensitive clitty before thrusting her tongue deep
into Chyna’s cunt and licking her G-spot.

That was too much for the Ninth Wonder and as Mark continued to pump in and
out of her tortured ass, Chyna came.


Raped up the ass by a 16-inch cock, Chyna came!

“OOOOoooaaahhhh . . . yesssss . . .”

It was the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. Stars danced before her
eyes and she had to struggle not to lose consciousness. Her entire body
trembled with its strength and she might have collapsed if she weren’t being
held up by Mark’s hands gripping her butt and Faarooq holding her head.

She thought of her sister, her friends, her fans, men, women, and little
children, all watching the Ninth Wonder of the World cumming like a whore as
she was raped up the ass, and the thought made her cum again!

Jacqueline pushed one finger into Chyna’s spasming pussy and smiled as the
amazon’s girl-cum gushed into her mouth. Someone spread the black diva’s
legs apart and she gasped as her wet pussy was skewered by a big hard cock.
She didn’t even look to see who it was, she was more interested in pushing
more fingers into Chyna’s sloppy cunt. Jacqueline had three fingers inside
her before she encountered any resistance, and the fucked out hole stretched
easily to take the fourth. On the giant screen Chyna could see that
Jacqueline was trying to force her entire hand inside of her.

Jacqueline pulled her fingers out, only to ball them up into a fist and start
again, grinding her knuckles between Chyna’s inflamed pussylips. Although
Jacqueline had small, feminine hands her fist was still wider across than
anything she’d had in there yet, and with Mark’s monster cock stretching out
her ass there was much less space inside her for it to fit. Jacqueline
twisted her fisted hand as she forced it into her.

“AAAIIiiieeeeee!!!” Chyna as her pussy and ass were violated simultaneously.

Her scream triggered Faarooq’s climax and she choked as his cum caught her
by surprise. He pulled out of her mouth and sprayed his thick spunk over her
face while Chyna coughed and gasped.

By the time she’d recovered, and had the Godfather’s tattooed cock in her
mouth, Jacqueline’s fist had disappeared entirely into Chyna’s body and her
pussylips were wrapped around the black woman’s wrist.

Jacqueline spread her fingers inside Chyna, clenching and unclenching her
fist and causing the amazon to scream in agony. Jacqueline seemed to be
enjoying herself and grinned directly at the camera as, lubricated by thirty
men’s sperm, she forced her arm into Chyna right up to the elbow.

Chyna had never felt so full! She could feel Jacqueline’s forearm and Mark’s
giant penis pressing against each other inside her. She’d never imagined
being fisted, and even in her wildest dreams she’d never imagined a cock as
monstrously massive as Mark Henry’s, and the two penetrations were stretching
her more than she could believe was possible!

Jacqueline enjoyed the feel of Chyna’s insides gripping her arm for a moment
and then slowly pulled back. She stroked her fingertips over the walls of the
Ninth Wonder’s womb and then twisted her hand around to stroke Mark’s giant
cock through the thin dividing membrane. She withdrew her hand until Chyna
gasped as the outgoing fist started stretching her entrance wide.

Jacqueline held her hand there and started licking Chyna’s pierced clit
again. The amazon shuddered with pleasure that she could not deny. Jacqueline
worked on Chyna until she felt her juices flowing freely once more and then
she punched as hard as she could all the way back into the Ninth Wonder of
the World.

The black woman punched brutally in and out of Chyna's pussy as fast as her
muscular arm could manage. She licked at the amazon’s clit and tugged on the
ring with her teeth, driving Chyna rapidly toward another orgasm. At
Jacqueline’s muffled command the Godfather moved to one side to ensure that
Chyna would have a clear view of what was happening to her on the big screen.

Chyna’s life was ruined. She already knew that, but seeing herself being
raped in all three holes and knowing that everyone was seeing it too brought
it all home to her again. Oh no, she thought, looking at the sheer size of
the things penetrating her and seeing how widely her vagina and anus had to
stretch to take them. Oh please no, realizing that Jacqueline and Mark were
going to ruin her pussy and ass for the rest of her life! Nothing smaller
than a fisted forearm would ever be able to satify her after this! Oh God,
it turned her on to think that. She would never be able to recover from this!

“EEYYYAAAAHHHhhhhh!!!” The Ninth Wonder of the World was instantly climaxing
over and over.

“That’s it Chyna! Cum! Cum you cock-suckin’ fist-fuckin’ ass-raped HO!”

Jacqueline yelled as she kept shoving her fist in and out of Chyna, driving
it in all the way to the elbow, punching through her cervix and battering her
womb savagely. Mark kept hammering his enormous 16-inch black monster-cock
between her milky white buttocks, his gigantic balls rubbing up and down
Jacqueline’s pumping forearm.

“NNNNOOOOoooaaAAAWWWW!!!” Chyna screamed in denial, but she could not stop
the deluge of orgasms from continuing to beat her into submission.

Time seemed to stretch for the Ninth Wonder, and she had no idea how long her
multiple orgasm lasted. She knew nothing but the intense pleasure and pain
that satisfied her cravings.

The first thing she became aware of from her fugue state was when the
strongman’s mammoth cock suddenly blasted her rectum full of cum. The
sensation triggered yet another climax for Chyna, who in her despair had
long since lost count of how many times she’d been made to climax against
her will.

Mark pumped so much sperm into her that it overflowed the limits of her ass
and squirted back out around the black man’s pumping penis. Even after his
orgasm Mark didn’t stop hammering her butt. He was so turned on by Chyna that
his giant cock stayed hard for her even after his three orgasms so far, and
he kept on fucking her cum-dripping, gang-raped body with his spurting cock.

As RAW finally went off the air, after the longest overrun in history, the
World’s Strongest Man made the Ninth Wonder of the World his fuck slave,
driving his enormous cock into her without mercy. The lust-crazed strongman’s
endurance seemed endless as he slam-fucked Chyna’s ass and the loud ‘Wham!
Wham! Wham!’ of his fierce punishing thrusts were audible above Chyna’s
screams and groans as she rode from one humiliating orgasm to the next.

Epilogue - 8 months later

Chyna had remained in the hands of The Nation of Domination as Mark
Henry’s “girlfriend” after her first humiliating gang-rape. A month later
D-Generation X had defeated the Nation at Summerslam, but instead of rescuing
her they had gang-fucked her in the middle of the ring and left her there for
Mark to reclaim.

The former Ninth Wonder of the World wasn’t allowed to wear clothes anymore,
only a pair of high-heeled boots and a thick leather collar. She accompanied
Nation members to the ring for every match, usually led by a chain attached
to the collar but sometimes it was attached to the ring through her clit
instead. They chained her to one of the ringposts and, if Mark wasn’t
involved in the match, he would fuck her from behind while the others fought.

When they won she would be dragged into the ring and gang-raped to celebrate,
and when they lost she would be dragged into the ring by their opponents and
gang-raped to celebrate. Not a show went by when Chyna wasn’t dragged into
the ring and gang-raped.

The WWF no longer bore any resemblance to what it had been before. The
ratings for Chyna’s live rape had been through the roof, so in the pursuit
of ever higher ratings every Diva was now somebody’s rape-slut. Even retired
Divas and those from other organizations hadn’t been safe from the predations
of the sex-crazed WWF. Vince had even sacrificed his own wife and daughter,
and RAW is PORN was breaking all records.

The other wrestlers had quickly organized themselves into factions and had
set about taking the women of wrestling as their property. Chyna, Sable,
Terri, Jacqueline, Stephanie, Linda, Sunny, Debra, Ivory, Ryan, Tori, Luna,
Marianna, Mrs. Yamaguchi-San, Marissa Mazzola, Miss Elizabeth, Diana Hart,
the Sensational Sherri, Alundra Blayze, most of the Nitro Girls, Kimberly
Page, Gorgeous George, Ms. Hancock, Mona, Woman, Francine, Jazz, Dawn Marie,
Miss Congeniality, Elektra, Beulah, Jasmin St. Claire, Missy Hyatt, even the
little known Rio Storm and Looney Lane, all of them had been hunted down,
captured, gang-raped and enslaved in the new WWF.

Every WWF Diva changed hands regularly, except Chyna, who always ended the
night with the Nation of Domination. Mark Henry’s lust for the raven-haired
amazon had given the World’s Strongest Man the impetus to fulfill the
potential that he would otherwise have squandered. The Nation’s slaves
currently consisted of Chyna, Terri, the new girl Ivory, and Ryan Shamrock.
Jacqueline had been captured by the expanded Legion of Doom, and the Nation
had taken Sunny in return until she had recently been stolen by the bukkake
fiends of Kai-en-tai.

It was Wrestlemania and The Nation of Domination had just defeated the
Ministry of Darkness in a “Slut on a Pole” match. The black wrestlers were
currently busy raping that group’s slaves, Stephanie McMahon and Sable. All
except Mark Henry, who was outside the ring fucking Chyna’s sexy ass. It
took more than Sable and Steph’s fucked out holes to tear him away from his
beloved Chyna.

Chyna had one of her strong arms wrapped around the ringpost and was pushing
herself back onto his enormous black cock, groaning with pleasure. Her free
hand slid up her body from her clit-ring, across the word “CUNT” which had
been tattooed in bold letters just below the vine of flowers, and continued
up to gently stroke her heavily swollen, very pregnant belly.

The Ninth Wonder of the World had never been happier in her life.


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