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Chyna's Promise Part 1
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

RAW is WAR was nearing completion. Backstage, Chyna stands at the door
of the Women's Locker Room, proudly displaying her Women's Championship
Belt in one hand and a rubber paddle in the other. Almost the entire roster
failed to believe Chyna's promise to "spank" the divas she defeated. They
imagined that it was part of the story line that Chyna had been suddenly
thrust into.

Unfortunately for the WWF Divas standing behind the door, it wasn't.
Chyna had declared the stipulation as part of a shoot, but Vince loved it
so much, it became part of her ongoing "It's all about me." angle. Chyna
had just defeated Trish Stratus in a successful title defense. Now it was
time to fulfill her promises and declare a first victim as a message of
sorts, proving her interesting and obvious rating-catching fetish was the
sheer truth.

As the door swings open, Trish turns. She was the only diva left in the
locker room, as the others had most of the night off. Quickly, she smiles.

"Hello," Trish calls out, waving to the Women's Champion.

Chyna quietly steps inside and closes the door.

"What is it that you wanted?" Trish asks calmly, turning to dig through
her bag of clothes.

Trish bends over to fetch her gym bag. In small, almost transparent shorts
and tight black top, she is simply eye-candy to the Ninth Wonder of the
World. Chyna lifts the paddle, sizing up the Diva's backstage for an apparent

"I just thought I'd tell you that the match went quite well," Chyna
responds. "The fans seemed to enjoy it."

"Glad to do it," replies Trish, removing her black top.

Chyna admires the blonde bombshell as her black bra bounces into place,
barely able to contain Trish's massive, enhanced chest.

"And... Trish..." Chyna starts, dropping her Women's Championship aside.

"Yes?" she blindly answers, her back still turned to the Ninth Wonder.

"That thing about `spanking' divas..." Chyna continues, "it was for real."

Trish is unable to hesitate before Chyna delivers a menacing blow to her
backside with the paddle. Trish yelps in pain, grimacing as she protects her

"Okay, okay," she laughs, "that hurt just a bit. Take it easy with your
ribs, all right?"

A joke? Trish thought this was a joke? Chyna became angered, almost
lashing out on the completely oblivious bombshell. Forcefully, Chyna grabs
Trish by the waist and forces her to all fours. Pinning the bombshell with
one hand, Chyna removes Trish's shorts with the other. Trish's lacy thong
becomes ful ly exposed, reaching a smile on the face of the Ninth Wonder.
She tugs at the underwear, forcing it to around Trish's ankles. Chyna runs
her hands along the blonde's exposed and petite backside, lightly tainting
it with small slaps.

"You've been a bad girl, Ms. Stratus," Chyna announces in a conformed,
almost Principal-like tone. Trish struggles for freedom but cannot achieve
it. Chyna is much more powerful and she knows it. Chyna slides her index
finger between Trish's smooth butt cheeks, tenderly buggering her tight,
contracting asshole. Trish squeals as the dark-haired vixen enters her anal
passage. She atte mpts to evade Chyna's touch, contorting her entire body to
slither away from her clutches. Unfortunately, her own prowess proves to be
her downfall. As Trish moves, she impales her backend further. Each movement
causes Chyna's pointed finger to wedge deeper and deeper into Trish's
insides. Back and forth, Trish rocks; almost finger fucking herself in the
process. Slowly, she eases onto Chyna's knees, completely winded. Her
attempts to surpass Chyna's strength proved to be a mistake, as she was
starting to enjoy her treatment.

"That's a good girl," Chyna comments, sliding her soiled finger along
Trish's cheeks, onto her back.

Chyna lifts the dew-covered finger to her mouth and gingerly licks the
tip, swallowing Trish's juices.

"Excited, are we?" Chyna enquires at the taste. Trish had released a tad
bit of dew during the anal assault, as she started enjoying it.

With Trish's breathing steady, Chyna buries her hands back to the blonde's
backside. She works her fingers into Trish's smooth, tan-colored flesh,
groping her magnificent cheeks. Tenderly, she plants a kiss on the left
cheek, then drags her mouth to the other side and repeats the affection.
Secretly, this was her fantasy; hold a woman down and torture her with slight
gestures, slight touches, and slight affections actions. Trish fell right
into her masterminding plot and could not escape.

"Are we ready to receive a spanking yet?" Chyna asks, slapping Trish's
firm butt. Her flesh jiggles as it fades to a reddish tint.

"Yes," Trish utters, shutting her pupils. "Please... do it... please spank

It was becoming too much for even a sex-vixen like Trish Stratus to
withstand. She had always enjoyed being taunted, as she had done it to men
and women for her entire career. This time, however, it wasn't like she
expected. Chyna knew the right places to touch, when to touch them, and how
to touch them. It was bliss for Trish.

"Perhaps..." Chyna starts, rising to her feet. Trish topples onto the
floor, falling rom the Ninth Wonder's knee. She reaches down and grabs the
blonde by the arm, forcing her to her feet. "If you can satisfy me enough."

Trish grimaced. This wasn't an easy task, as it was the main reason that
Chyna and Triple H were no longer an item. Chyna was a difficult woman to
please, but it had to be done. Trish wanted what was once a hated act. She
wanted Chyna to pin her down and spank her. She wasn't at all content with
Chyna's show of dominance, as she was usually the one in the dominating role,
but it made no difference. Trish wanted to feel the warm paddle grace her
bottomū at any means necessary.

"All right..." Trish announces confidently. She rises to her feet and
glares into Chyna's dark, lusting eyes.

Trish presses forward, planting a kiss on Chyna's cheek. She slides her
tongue down Chyna's face, licking her pouty red lips. Chyna, all the while,
remains stationery, obviously able to contain her erotic reactions. Trish
moves to Chyna's chest, imprisoned in a pink halter-top. Trish tugs the top
to Chyna's mid-section, exposing her breasts. They were magnificent,
beautiful, and everything she had imagined. Trish had of course, like the
rest of the locker room, admired Chyna's chest, especially following the
Playboy pictorial (that Trish kept secretly in her room). Her breasts hung
beautifully from her chest, just dangling like enormous pendulums. It was
amazing that Triple H wasn't bragging about them in the back with the other
guys. He'd have a good reason to, that's for sure.

"Hurry it up, slut," Chyna commands, planting her hands firmly on her
hips. Her impatience only increases Trish's sexual lust.

"Of course..." Trish replies, glaring at Chyna with a devilish grin.

Trish palms both of her breasts, groping and massaging each massive
mammary. She could barely hold the mass of flash in her small, diminutive
hands, but managed. Trish forces the two breasts together and feeds each
nipple into her hot, awaiting mouth. It was spectacular. Trish alternated
between the two breasts she held captive, taking the nipples into her mouth.
She swirled her tongue over each nipple, then bit down gingerly. It was
something she knew she did better than most of the women in the back. Trish,
engorged in Chyna's breasts, glares at the Ninth Wonder with an angelic face,
almost asking her if she is satisfied.

"Trish," Chyna mutters, slightly cooing. "You'll have to do better than

Trish pouts. She knew Chyna was a difficult woman to pleasure, but she
figured that the Diva would be putty in her hands at this point. Most women
were, in fact. But, nonetheless, Trish had another plan. She would travel
south on the Ninth Wonder, as she knew no woman alive could deny her tongue
talents. Whether male or female, Trish was an oral expert, to say the least.

"Let's see what's down here," Trish says coyly, dropping to a squatting

Trish places her cover girl face against Chyna's pink shorts, embedding
her nose between her lover's powerful thighs to sense her aroma. She inhales,
bringing Chyna's sweet scent to her nostrils. Chyna was obviously excited
to some point, as she exhibited small discharge. Still, Trish had expected
Chyna to be to the point of orgasm at this point, but wasn't. She exhibited
a tremendous sense of control and Trish loved it. In fact, she decided to
play on it, testing Chyna's will power.

"Wearing any panties, Chyna?" Trish asks, looking up at her lover with a
broad grin.

"Find out," Chyna quickly responds.

Trish obliges, tearing the shorts from the Ninth Wonder's frame. She tugs
them to the floor and gently glides them onto the floor. Chyna steps out of
the fallen article of clothing and stands in front of Trish, displaying her
womanhood. Her patch was well groomed: a small amount of hair, each shortly
trimmed and manicured to perfection. Each hair glistened with a bit of her
dew, released unbeknownst to Stratus. Trish buries her eager little face in
the midst of Chyna's soiled hairs, playfully rubbing her nose against her
open lips. Trish snorts, puffing a solid steam of air upon Chyna's spread

"Ooo..." Chyna moans silently. Quickly, she covers her mouth. She didn't
want to appear inferior to Trish. It was her role as the dominant female that
kept Trish beneath her wrath.

Trish continues her girlish charms. She opens her mouth slightly,
captures several of Chyna's soiled hairs, and cleans them with her soft
tongue. Then, as if she were a vacuum, she continues the act throughout
Chyna's pussy, capturing each hair in her mouth to clean. Trish can feel
Chyna shiver beneath her sultry lips. She was weakening.

"You like that?" Trish asks, lifting her mouth.

Chyna's response is nonexistent. If she were to respond, her voice level
would allow Trish to detect that she was weakening and starting to actually
enjoy Trish's work. To save herself, Chyna stands still, her hands slowly
massaging her own massive breasts, just to serve as a distraction.

"Just what I thought..." Trish thinks to herself, staring at Chyna's

She buries her face between Chyna's thighs again, extending her long,
slender tongue to its full length. Trish spreads her lips, trapping Chyna's
fleshy vaginal lips between hers. Instinctively, Stratus contorts her tongue,
grinding it passed her lover's lips into her moist insides. Trish, resting
the palms of her hands on Chyna's legs, licks, sucks, and clenches each moist
dropping inside her hot little mouth. Chyna releases a long sigh, shaking
from head to toe. Never had she imagined that Trish would be this desperate
for a spanking. Nevertheless, the Ninth Wonder of the World had to maintain
her cool.

"Faster, bitch!" Chyna commands, placing her hand on the back of Trish's
bobbing head as an instinctive. She shoves the blonde beauty into her patch,
hoping to increase her lust and horny mindset.

"Hmmm..." Trish moans between Chyna's thighs.

Chyna's commands are taken to their fullest. Trish increases her speed,
licking vigorously at her lover's mound. Her hands tighten into a fierce
grasp around Chyna's thighs as she works. Trish lifts her face from Chyna's
opening and attacks the remainder of her mound. It was obvious that Trish
was in dire need for a spanking and would do almost anything at this point
to achieve her goals. She brutally bombards Chyna's pussy; licking around the
lips, the surrounding hairs, and then she drags her tongue down to Chyna's
thighs. Trish takes one final stride with her wet tongue along Chyna's flesh,
then relinquishes her tongue. She glances up, looking for Chyna's approval.
She smiles, as the Ninth Wonder stands stationary with her hands placed
lightly at her side. Trish watches as the dew drains from Chyna's mound,
running down her leg. Eagerly, Trish positions herself at Chyna's mid-thigh,
opening her mouth wide. Chyna's juices drip into her awaiting mouth and Trish
swallows without a hitch.

"Good for you?" Trish asks, licking the remains off Chyna's legs.

"...Uh-huh..." Chyna replies, sighing.

"Do I get what I want?" Trish questions.

"Of course, honey..." Chyna fires back, scooping the paddle from the

Trish drops to her hands and knees, waving her beautiful bare buttocks in
the air. She rubs her fleshy cheeks with both hands, groping her magnificent
backside. Chyna's smile widens as she approaches from behind.

"You've been SUCH a bad girl," Chyna states, sinking to her knees. She
captures Trish around the waist and holds her still.

"I've been such a bad girl," Trish starts her familiar line, "that I
deserve a spanking."

Chyna chuckles. Secretly, she had spent several nights imagining Trish in
a similar situation reciting the exact same line. It brought a deep smile to
her face. Trish wiggles her butt, almost inviting Chyna to do her bidding.
Chyna gladly accepts the offer, pulling back the rubber paddle. She comes
crashing down on Trish's meaty butt with a vile shot. Trish's flesh jiggles
as a result of the impact, only exciting the Diva further.

"More..." Trish hollers, "I want to feel that paddle against my nice round

Again, Chyna rears back and slams down on Trish's ass with a full force
shot. Trish is propelled slightly forward as her skin ripples with glee. Her
face turns to a lustful snarl. She opens her mouth, releasing a scream of

"HARDER!" she screams, slapping her own red tinted ass with the palm of
her hand.

Chyna is relentless with her assault. Continually, she bombards Trish's
plentiful backside with fierce paddle shots, bringing forth a deep red mark
to the once tan flesh. Each harsh shot only seems to intrigue Stratus
further, as she begs and pleads for a harsher treatment. Chyna sighs, not
realizing the prowess of the young diva. She delivers another sickening shot,
sending a resounding "TWACK!" echoing throughout the empty locker room.

"OOOH!" Trish screams, shutting her eyes.

"You like that, don't you, bitch?!" Chyna dominatingly questions,
delivering another hard shot to Trish's rump.

Trish's pants quicken, as if she were coming to an extremely painful
orgasm. Her frame shivers and collapses delicately into Chyna's arms. The
Ninth Wonder runs her hands over Trish's blonde hair as the Diva lay still.
As if she were a small child, Chyna holds her close to her naked body.

"I told you I wasn't kidding," Chyna repeats, kissing Trish on the

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