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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

City Boy Gone Country
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the arena parking lot during a SmackDown Live Event in the fall of 2002,
the self proclaimed Doctor of Thuganomics John Cena is talking on his cell
phone. Cena is dressed in baggy jean shorts and a retro styled Minnesota
Vikings football jersey. "Yo B- Squared... what's up dawg... don't tell the
Doctor that you missed your flight?" Cena asks as he leans against his rental

"Man sorry there was a delay... I'll probably have to catch the..."

B-Squared doesn't get a chance to finish what he's saying when Cena notices
the wildly sexual Nidia coming out of the arena, "Shit B... I gotta go...
I'll holla at ya later..." Cena says as he hangs up. Cena shrugs his
shoulders alternately before he starts to walk towards Nidia, "Yo, yo, yo
girl.... What's up with you being with that redneck zero Jamie Noble... you
need to get with a big city hero."

The sexual and lustful country girl, Nidia, raises an eyebrow "Oh hey there!"
Nidia says as she smacks her chewing gum around in her mouth while placing
her hands on her smoothly rounded hips while dressed in a pair of jeans
shorts and blue tied top "'re one of them city boys aren't ya?
Jamie's told me all about you big city boys..."

Cena smirks, "Ain't that fact? What does that little punk know about guys
from the mean streets of the big city?" Cena asks as he doesn't hide the fact
he's checking out the smoking hot SmackDown Diva.

Nidia presses her kinky, wild lips tongue and shrugs her shoulders "I don't
know...but Jamie boy has told day he'll take me to the big city..."

Cena laughs, "Girl... one day? Shit... I can show you everything there is in
the big city... cause that little redneck ain't ever going to do that..."

Nidia raises an eyebrow a bit and smiles "You're gonna show me the big city!?
Oh my that would so awesome...I've dreamed of the being in the big

Cena smirks a bit after hearing Nidia's enthusiastic response, "But ya
know... I doubt you'd know how to handle the big city... cause everything's
bigger in the city.... the buildings, the cars, the guys, like myself The
Doctor of Thuganomics...."

Nidia's sexually eager eyes widen "The guys are bigger!? Oh you mean...."
Nidia asks as her hot, kinky mouth hangs open with surprise as she slowly
lowers her eyes to the crotch of John's baggy jean shorts.

Cena licks his lips a bit, "Damn girl... you're a smart one.... of course
that's what I mean..." Cena says as he grabs the crotch of his baggy jeans
as if to give the lustfully wild Nidia an idea of how big he is.

Nidia presses her wild lips together and nods her head "Oh damn! Jamie boy
ain't even that big!"

John Cena smirks as he steps back over to his rental car, "Shit I bet that
scrub ain't even half as big as I am..." Cena says as he motions for Nidia
to come towards him. Nidia slyly glances over her shoulder, checking the
surroundings behind her before she starts to approach John Cena while
licking her wild lips with anticipation.

John Cena lifts up his football jersey and takes it off, showing Nidia his
hot muscular upper body. After tossing his jersey into his rental car, the
Doctor of Thuganomics then begins to unbuckle his baggy jeans shorts as
Nidia walks towards him. "You ain't going to need some microscope to see
this..." Cena says as he finishes undoing his baggy jean shorts and starts
to push them down to begin exposing his huge, thick fourteen inch dick.

"Oh! Holy..." Nidia begins to say as she looks up at John Cena with widen,
sexy eyes "Fuck! That's huge!" Nidia says as she hungrily licks her kinky

Cena smirks, "Why don't ya get a close up look at it..." Cena says as he
leans against his rental car.

The sexual, wild Nidia locks her eager eyes down on his large fourteen inch
cock before she tosses her slightly curly brown hair back and lowers herself
onto her knees in front of the Doctor of Thuganomics. Nidia wraps her hands
around his thick shaft and starts to eagerly stroke his cock " huge!"

Cena steps out of his jeans shorts so that he's left wearing only his black
high-top sneakers as the sexual country Diva uses both of her hands to stroke
his cock to make sure it's fully hard, "Told ya there's nothing small about
the big city," Cena smirks.

"Oh no! Nothing small at all!" Nidia says and laughs as the sexual skilled
Diva smoothly moves her hands up and down against his hard shaft before she
lowers her head and slaps her wild, kinky tongue against the thick head of
his cock.

Cena licks his lips as he folds his arms over his muscular chest as Nidia
slaps her tongue against the thick head of his cock, "Fuck I bet that little
redneck pops his load after you put that tongue on his little dick..." Cena
laughs. Nidia laughs as she lifts her sexually kinky eyes and locks them with
John Cena while she quickly moves her wet tongue around the head of his thick
cock. "Mmmmm... are you just gonna lick it or are ya going to make like a
girl in DX and suck it?" Cena asks as he watches Nidia move her tongue all
over the top portions of his cock, bathing it with her saliva.

Nidia raises an eyebrow, slyly, before she opens her mouth and lowers her
head, taking John Cena's incredibly large and thick fourteen inch cock into
her wildly sexual mouth and starts to quickly bob her head, not giving Cena
a chance to get used to the feeling of Nidia's hot mouth. "Mmmmmm...." Cena
moans as Nidia bobs her head rapidly on his thick, stiff cock, "Ahhhh yeah
girl... bet you dreamed about big city dicks haven't ya..." Cena moans as he
unfolds his arms and puts his left hand on Nidia's head.

"Mmmm Hmmm!" Nidia eagerly moans around Cena's cock as she quickly bobs her
head at a smooth rate. Nidia slaps her wild, kinky tongue against Cena's hard
shaft while her spunky lips grind against his shaft.

"Ahhhh yeah fuckin' suck that big city cock girl... mmmm..." Cena moans as
he begins to move his pelvis to push his cock in and out of Nidia's wildly
sexual mouth as she keeps sucking on it.

Nidia's wet saliva drips down on his cock as she gently rocks forward on her
knees, taking his cock deeper into her hot mouth, eagerly. "Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!"
Nidia moans as she wildly slaps her tongue against his cock, sloppily sucking
his fourteen inch cock.

"Mmmmm shit yeah.... I see country girls fucking love big city cock..." Cena
moans as keeps his eyes locked on Nidia as she takes his fourteen-inch cock
as far as she can into her mouth. Nidia quickly twists her head on his cock
as she lowers her head completely down on Cena's fourteen inch cock,
impressively holding the Doctor of Thuganomics deep in her kinky, hot mouth.

"Ahhhh yeah.... fuck!" Cena moans as Nidia holds keeps her head completely
lowered on his extremely thick, long and hard shaft. "All right girl... time
for you to let me see those fucking tits of yours." Cena moans as he pushes
Nidia's head slowly off of his cock so that it takes longer than necessary
for his shaft to escape her hot, saliva dripping mouth.

Nidia hungrily licks her kinky, wild lips as she looks up at John Cena, while
her wet saliva drips off of his thick, rock hard cock. Nidia scoots back on
her knees and lifts her blue top off of her tanned upper body, exposing her
incredibly large, rounded tits. The Doctor of Thuganomics licks his lips as
he looks at Nidia's big, round tits, "Fuck... those are the kind of tits that
need to be slapped by a big city dick..." Cena says, "Get up... take them
shorts off... let's see that juicy booty."

Nidia seductively smirks as she stands up and turns around with her juicy,
rounded backside facing John Cena. Nidia slyly glances back over her shoulder
as she pushes down her short jean shorts down from her smoothly rounded hips,
while her juicy and tanned ass becomes revealed.

John Cena smirks, "Fuck that's a real juicy booty ya got..." Cena says as he
steps forward and smacks Nidia's ass. "Bet my big city cock will tear that
ass up..."

"Oh....Jamie never fucks my ass...." Nidia says with a smirk as she steps out
of her jean shorts and turns back around to face the muscular, rapper John

Cena smirks, "Shit... that chump redneck's dick probably wouldn't even get
into your asshole... he's just hump those fat cheeks..." Cena laughs before
he puts his hands on Nidia's waist. "But fuck him... I'm going to take your
pussy to real big city..." the muscular Doctor of Thuganomics says as he
lifts the wildly sexual country Diva up and lowers her extremely tight pussy
on his huge cock.

"Ohhhhhh! Yeah!" Nidia moans and grits her teeth as she wraps her tanned
legs around Cena's muscular waist as she starts to quickly bounce and rock
on Cena's huge cock.

Cena puts his hands on Nidia's ass cheeks as she bounces and rocks on his
huge cock, "Fuck... that redneck must have a pin-dick... cause your cunt is
tight!" Cena moans as he starts to pump his shaft in and out of Nidia's

Nidia places her hands around Cena's strong neck as she wildly bounces up and
down on his thick, rock hard cock as he slams up into her tight pussy. "Ohhhh
I always knew I'd love the big city!" Nidia moans before she suddenly leans
forward and presses her kinky lips against John's lips, deeply kisses him.

Cena starts to instantly kiss the wildly lustful country Diva and begins to
wrestle her tongue with his tongue. "Mmmmm uhhh!" Cena moans as he firmly
rams his fourteen inch cock deeply into Nidia's pussy while he smacks her
ass with both of his strong hands.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Nidia moans as she firmly slams down on Cena's cock,
taking him deep into her tight pussy. Nidia closes her eyes as she slaps her
tongue against John's tongue, while kissing and rocking back and forth on his

Cena breaks the kiss with Nidia as he carries her over to the hood of his
rental car, "You fuckin' love that big city cock don't ya!" Cena says as he
sits Nidia on the hood of his car and has her lay on it. Cena then grabs
Nidia's hips and lifts her lower body up slightly as he continues to slam
his massive cock in and out of her cunt.

Nidia grits her teeth as she opens her eyes, laying on the hood of the rental
car, as she swiftly moves back and forth on the smooth surface "Ohhhh! I love
those big city cocks!" Nidia moans as she moves forward against Cena's
thrusting cock.

Cena licks his lips as he watches Nidia's tits bounce with every one of his
deep, firm thrusts, "Ahhhh yeah..." Cena grunts as his balls slap against
Nidia's smooth skin as sweat begins to drip down his muscular body. Cena
jerks Nidia towards him so that each of his thrusts are sharper than his
previous ones.

"Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh!" Nidia moans as John Cena's cock deeply slams into her warm,
wet pussy as she grinds her body forward against his cock, while she too
begins to sweat.

John Cena keeps pounding Nidia's warm, wet pussy with hard, quick thrusts,
"Ahhhh uhhhh fuck yeah... you ready to fuck take this big fucking cock up
your ass?!" Cena grunts as he watches Nidia move on the hood of his rental

Nidia presses her wild lips together and slyly looks up at Cena "Mmmm...oh
yeah! I want the city cock in my ass!"

John Cena smirks as he pulls his extremely thick fourteen inch cock out of
Nidia's dripping wet pussy, "I bet you know what to do... assume the position
and spread them fat cheeks!" Cena says.

Nidia laughs as she scoots down on the hood of the car before she rolls
over onto her stomach and bends forward, raising her juicy ass into the air
"Mmm...ohh I can't wait to get my ass fucked!"

Cena smacks Nidia's ass again, "I'm gonna fuckin' tear that ass up..." Cena
says as he spreads Nidia's ass cheeks apart to reveal her asshole. Cena spits
right down onto her exposed asshole and then with one hard thrust, rams his
massive cock into Nidia's asshole.

"Ohhhhhh fuck!" Nidia screams and licks her lips as she is forced to bend
forward more over the car hood as Cena rams his cock deeply into her asshole.

Cena grabs onto Nidia's hips and jerks the hot and wild country Diva back
against him so that her juicy ass cheeks smack against his waist while he
thrusts his cock into her. "Mmmmm yeah... bet this is the first big cock
you ever had up you ass ain't it girl?!" Cena asks as he uses slow, but
very hard thrusts to drive his cock into Nidia's asshole.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhh yeah! So fucking huge!" Nidia moans and tilts her head back as
she starts to push back against his thrusting cock as he pushes deeper into
her juicy ass.

Cena once again smacks Nidia's ass with his right hand as he pumps his cock
deeper and harder into Nidia's juicy ass, "This is too much big city cock for
you ain't it? I know it is..." Cena grunts as he begins to increase the pace
of his thrusts.

"Ohhh...but I love it!" Nidia moans and licks her lips, while sweat drips off
of her tanned body while smoothly pushing her juicy ass back against Cena's
cock "Ohhhh it feels so great!"

"Ahhhhh uhhhh yeah...." Cena moans as his balls crash against Nidia's ass
with everyone of his firm, quick thrusts. Cena's body is dripping with sweat
as he keeps fucking the lustful country Diva while she's bent over the hood
of his rental car.

"Ohhhhhh fuck that ass you big city boy!" Nidia moans as she quickly rocks
back and forth on her feet, while bent over the hood of the car, feeling her
ass rammed by Cena's cock.

John Cena blinks his eyes to keep sweat from rolling into them as he
continues to fuck Nidia's juicy ass. "Mmmmm fuck... yeah... ahhh..." Cena
grunts as he feels his huge cock begin to throb within Nidia's asshole. "All
right girl... turn around... and let me... see them fucking tits again..."
Cena says as he pulls his throbbing cock out of Nidia's asshole. Nidia licks
her lips as she turns around, seductively looking at John Cena, as her sweat
covered body leans against the side of the rental car.

Cena grips his cock and starts to stroke his cock as he looks at Nidia's
huge, round sweat covered tits, "Mmmm fuck yeah.... I'm gonna turn ya into
a big city girl..." Cena moans as he rapidly strokes his massive cock.

"Are you going to cum on my tits?" Nidia asks as she licks her lips as she
bends down a bit and presses her tits together with her hands.

"Fuck yeah I am girl..." Cena nods his head as Nidia bends down enough to
give him a perfect target. Cena steps forward and aims his cock as her tits
as he strokes it harder and faster, "Ahhhhh uhhhhh!" Cena groans as he begins
to cum spraying his thick warm cum all over Nidia's huge, round tits.

Nidia eagerly licks her lips as Cena's warm cum sprays onto her large, sweat
covered tits "Mmm...ohhh yeah, city boy!"

Cena keeps pumping his cock as more cum escapes from it and onto Nidia's
tits. By the time he's finish cumming, Nidia's tits are dripping his warm
thick load, "Yeah... now that's a big city and country girl..." Cena smirks
as he bends down a bit and smacks his cum spent cock against Nidia's tits.


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