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Clearing The Cob Webs
by Big Chief

With a stiff kick to the stomach Victoria sent rookie diva Brie Bella
crashing to the ringside mats with a profound thump. As soon as the Latina
hit the floor, Victoria realized the mistake and dashed to the outside,
grabbing Brie's legs as she tried to crawl under the ring. Struggling a bit,
Brie freed her left leg and brought it back in a hard kicking, knocking
Victoria to the ground. Before Victoria hit the floor however, Brie suddenly
popped up from the opposite side of the ring in one of her supposedly magical
under ring movements. Dashing back into the ring, a smiling Brie dared a
stunned Victoria back into the ring. Furious, Victoria ran into the ring, but
was suddenly caught with a small package roll up followed by the one, two,
three of the ref's counting, giving Bella yet another victory over the
veteran diva.

As Brie celebrated up the ramp, and irate Victoria stayed sitting on the mat,
screaming and smacking her hands into the canvas. A follow up argument with
the referee, claiming Brie cheated just fell on deaf ears before she finally
left the ring in a huff. As she walked through the curtain, Victoria began
muttering to herself about it was impossible that Brie could have beat her so
many times and she had to have come up with something to do it. Usually on
the top of her game, Victoria's mind just seemed to be too clouded, not
allowing her to properly focus in the ring, or on trying to figure out what
Brie was actually doing. As she made her way back to the dressing room, she
noticed a backstage worker looking towards her, "What the hell are you
looking at?! She's not better than me! That little bitch is cheating, that's
the only way she could beat me damn it!" Losing it, she then grabbed the
young woman by the collar of her shirt and pushed her against a nearby wall.
"Say it! Say she couldn't beat me in a fair fight!"

"She couldn't beat you in a fair fight," The terrified girl nearly burst into
tears as the crazed diva released her grip.

"Damn right she can't!" With the crazed look in her eyes now, Victoria
continued back towards the locker room as everyone she passed made sure not
to look directly at her, as they didn't want what happened to the poor girl
to happen to them.

As she opened the locker room door, Victoria was relieved to see that it was
empty, as she didn't want to deal with anyone else, not even her best friend
Natalya. Sitting down on one of the benches she undid her hard knee brace,
and in another fit of anger hurled it against a near by locker, causing a
resounding crash throughout the room. She then unlaced her ring boots and
they soon followed the knee brace in crashing into a near by locker. She then
went to her bag, pulled out a towel and stripped out of her ring gear, hoping
a quick shower might help her calm down a bit.

Walking into the empty shower stalls, she reached for the nearest shower
head, and turned the water on. Forgetting about testing the water first, she
was jolted by a spray of nearly ice cold water on her naked body.

"Ah, god damn it! What the hell is wrong with me, I can't fucking think
straight!" Finally getting the water to a satisfiable temperature, she
stepped back under, and just stood under the stream, letting the warm water
pour over her head, soaking her entire body. As the water covered her, she
began to feel the all too familiar feeling in between her legs. With a sigh,
she just slid a hand in between her legs, and gently rubbed. "God, that must
be it. It's been so long since I've been with something, I think this back up
is getting to me, because god knows the masturbating isn't doing it anymore."
With the lack of success any self pleasure had recently done to try and slake
her lust, Victoria took her hand away from her crotch, and finished up her
shower. Finishing up she toweled off, and got into her street clothes. By
this time Natalya and Maryse had returned to the locker room and the three
ended up finding a monitor to watch the rest of the Smackdown tapings before
they were to head off for the next night's house show.

* * *

The crowd cheered as Brie Bella had her hand raised in victory after hitting
a top rope cross body block to pin Victoria yet again at the Smackdown house
show. Unlike the night before, Victoria just sat on the mat, with a shocked
look on her face, just not being able to believe she lost again. As she
finally got up and walked back up the isle way, she looked down towards the
ground, muttering to herself, showing signs that she might snap.

As she passed through the curtain, she was this time welcomed by Natalya who
tried to make sure she didn't loose it again. As the two friends walked back
to the locker room, Victoria just continued to mutter, "She can't beat me,
there's no way she can beat me. It's impossible, how did she beat me? She's
not that good, she can't beat me."

As the pair walked into the locker room Victoria finally snapped and started
to just scream as she repeatedly kicked the locker, over and over again.
Eventually Natalya was able to calm her down to the point that she stopped
taking her anger out on the metal door.

"Vickie, you've got to calm down. You're just letting that little skank get
to you. You can beat her, you're just over thinking your whole strategy."

"Don't you think I know that. My mind has just be clouded a lot lately, and
it's just not allowing me to focus on what I'm doing in the ring."

"So just try to relax, and clear you head, and then go out there and wipe the
mat with the little shit."

"Don't you think I know that. I just don't know how I can do it. But I really
need to do it quick or I might just kill her, because it's really just
driving me nuts."

"Well just figure it out girl. I've got to get going for that tag match with

As Natalya walked out of the locker room, Victoria for a quick second caught
herself actually checking out her best friend's butt in her tight ring pants.
She quickly snapped herself out of the little trance realizing what she was
thinking was crazy.

"Get a hold of yourself, Natalya isn't like that. And another woman is not
what's going to fix you. You know what you need, and you better get going and
get it soon."

Getting out of her ring gear, Victoria switched right to her street clothes,
not wanting to take a shower, and risk getting the feeling she really
wouldn't be able to stop. She then tossed her gear into her bag and closed it
up. She then proceeded to go back out into the hallways, decided to get
something to drink at catering. Just as she walked out of the locker room,
she gave the metal door, a quick hit, exiting into the hall way. Passing by
people, she was sure that people were looking at her, and snickering, even
though most everyone just paid her no attention.

As she came up to the catering table, she noticed a young man, she'd never
seen before getting something to eat. With her eyes fixed on him, she grabbed
a bottle of water out of a cooler. After a few seconds, the young man looked
up to see the diva looking in his direction. With almost a predator's stare,
she looked right in his eyes, "Hey, kid, who the hell are you? I've never
seen you before."

"Um, I'm Travis ma'am. I'm a new lighting technician."

"Well Travis, if you don't want to work with a broken hand, you better never
call me ma'am again. Are we clear?"

"Y-yeah, crystal clear." With a terrified look in his eyes, Travis grabbed
his food and quickly walked away from the table, afraid he may do something
to push Victoria over the edge. As the young employee walked away, Victoria
smiled at the site of his butt in his tight jeans.

"Well Vickie, I think you may have found the person that will help you clear
those damn cob webs out of your head," she thought to herself with a very
evil smile on her face. Deciding now was not the right time, she took her
water and walked off, just waiting for the best time to pounce on her prey.
With a two day break in the schedule, she decided that she would rest up, and
at the next house show she would finally clear her mind, and go on to destroy
Brie the next time they entered the ring together.

* * *

The arena was abuzz with activity as the WWE crew was getting things ready
for the house show that was to be held later in the evening. As crew members
were setting up, and double checking everything, the superstars were spread
out all around the arena doing many things from reading, to listening to
music, to exercising for their matches later in the night. In the large
cafeteria a handful of the Smackdown talent sat around scattered tables,
enjoying meals, while chatting. At one table, Victoria sat eating a salad,
talking with Natalya about later tonight.

"So Vickie, have you gotten your head in the right place for tonight?"

"Not yet, but don't worry, when it's time for the match, I'll have my head
clear. And you'll be out there with me this time right?"

"You know it girl, I'll have your back, and make sure that little bitch
doesn't pull any crap tonight."

As she gave her friend a smile at the talk of her backup, Victoria noticed
light tech Travis enter the cafeteria and head to the large tables filled
with food. Like her pervious encounter with him, she kept her eyes right on
him, making sure to keep her prey in her sites. Once his plate was full and
he went to a table, Victoria released her gaze, and returned to the
conversation with Natalya about the problematic Bella. With the conversations
switching to other topics, including Divas Champion Michelle McCool, Victoria
eventually noticed Travis finish his meal, and get up to leave. She decided
that this would be the perfect time to make her move and told Natalya that
she had something to do and got up to follow the young man.

"I'll catch you later girl."

She tossed the container from her salad into a nearby trash can, and began to
follow Travis out of the cafeteria and into the halls. After a few seconds,
she decided to cut 'the chase' to a very quick ending.

"Hey kid!" Travis turned around, and when he saw the source of the call, his
eyes opened a bit in shock, remembering their little encounter from a few
days ago.

"Yes, ma... I mean, um, um..." remembering what she said, he was now
struggling, trying to think of something to call her that wouldn't piss her
off and lead to him being put in a considerable amount of pain.

"Kid, calm down. I think we got off on the wrong foot the other day. I was
not in a good mood, and I was a little bitchy with you. I still don't like
ma'am, but you can call me Victoria." The surprisingly calm tone in her voice
on this occasion allowed Travis to relax a bit, which was what Victoria
intended. "Now I was wondering, Travis, are you busy at the moment?"

"No, I'm, I finished what I need to have done for the moment and I don't need
to do anything until showtime tonight. Um, why?"

"Well I was wondering if you would be able to come with me for a little bit.
I was just looking to see if you could help me with something. Would you be
willing to help me out Travis?" While he was a little more relaxed now, he
tensed up a bit hearing that she wanted him to come with her somewhere.

"Sure, I guess, I could help. What do you need?"

"Let's just say it's something I'd like to tell you in a little more private
setting then out here in the hall way. So why don't you just follow me, ok?"

"O-ok," With her mention of a private setting, he really started to get
nervous about what was going to happen, but still followed her as she walked
down the hallway. After passing through some crowded areas, they entered into
a fairly empty hall, and up to a door marked 'conference room."

"Here were are Travis. No one is using this room, so I think this is the
perfect place for what I was thinking." Opening the door, she looked over her
shoulder and just motioned with her finger for Travis to follow her, and
almost like a dog following its master, he complied. As they entered the
large room, Victoria pointed to one of the dozen chairs sitting around a
large table, "Now why don't you just take a seat right there." Sitting down
in the chair, Travis' heartbeat increased greatly, it nearly skipped a beat
when the door slammed shut.

"So, um, Victoria, what exactly was the reason you wanted me in here?" Seeing
the young man was acting very nervous, she realized what he was probably
thinking a let out a slight giggle.

"You are just a nervous kid Travis. Don't worry, I'm not going to be doing
anything bad to you. In fact, what I want you to help me with is probably
something you'll enjoy very, very much. Now Travis, I have to say, you're a
very cute looking guy, and by the looks of it, you must have a very nice

"Um, thanks," Now his thoughts of terror switched to thoughts of confusion.
His first thought was this former Women's champion was coming on to him, but
he quickly brushed that away, thinking there was no way that could me the

"And you know what, I'm just going to bottom line it right now. Ever since
that little shit Brie Bella has showed up, she's been getting the best of me,
and I really can't figure out why. The reason for that is my head has been
fucking cloudy for too long, and the reason is because I've been way too
horny," As soon as she said the word horny, his eyes opened wide, and he
suddenly realized she was coming on to him, "it's been way to long since I've
been with someone, and damn it, it's caused my judgment and my thinking to
become all messed up. So what I'm laying out right now is the chance for you
to help me, 'clear out those cob webs.' So what do you say kid, do you want
to help me out?"

"Wait, are you asking me what I think you're asking me?" A little frustrated
at his lack to jump at her offer, Victoria, walked right over to him and
dove her hand into his crotch. Impressed with what she fell her wicked smirk
came across her face.

"Is there a clear enough message for you kid? So are you in or are you out?"
After a brief moment, a smile now came across Travis' face and he just simply
nodded his head. Happy with the answer, Victoria took her hand away and
brought her face to his, giving him a very passionate kiss. As they traded
spit, she brought her hands to his head, running her fingers through his
hair, loving the feeling of touching a man in a passionate way again. Not to
be out done, Travis put his hands to work as well, bringing them around her
back, and down to her butt, encased her in very tight jeans. With the feel of
his hands, Victoria began to lightly moan into his mouth, giving him her

Wanting to advance this fun some more, she quickly moved her hands away from
his head, and while still kissing, grabbed at the bottom of his t-shirt.
Breaking the kiss, she then yanked it upwards, and pulled the shirt off in a
quick motion, leaving it in a heap on the large table. Pausing for a few
seconds, she admire his very impressive upper body.

"Mmmm, now that's a body that makes panties moist." Before he could mount any
type of comeback, she was back on the attack, now sitting right on his lap
and returning to the passionate lip lock. As the moments passed by, the
intensity of the embrace increased, and as he began to feel more and more
relax, Travis got more and more into it. After a few more moments kissing, it
was now Travis that broke the kiss, repeating the same move Victoria had done
moments before, yanking her shirt up and over, and depositing it on the large
wooden table. With a smile, she then reached around behind her and unhooked
her black, lacey bra. Letting it drop, she exposed her almost perfect bare
breasts, with her tiny nipples and areolas to the lucky worker. Adding it to
the growing pile of clothes, she now sat right into his lap and returned to
the passionate kiss.

After kissing for a few more moments, it was now Travis that broke the lip
lock and moved his mouth to her giant chest, kissing all around her right
globe, before moving over her erect nipple. Latching onto it like a kid to
its mother, he began to suck and nibble on the bud, causing Victoria to moan
in approval. Once he got the nipple nice and wet with his saliva, he switched
to her left breast and repeated what he had done on the right, as Victoria
ran her hands through his hair, with her head tilted to the side, watching
him approvingly. When she was satisfied enough, she quickly grabbed onto his
hair and gently pulled his head back. As he looked up, wondering if he had
done something wrong, Victoria looked down at him with a smile.

"You know, this if fun, but I think I want that eager little mouth of yours
doing something a little more fun." A smile quickly came across Travis' face
as he got right away what the veteran diva was getting at. As Travis just
continued to smile, Victoria got off of his lap and stood up in front of him.
She then quickly undid her belt, and started to unzip her tight jeans. As she
began to pull down the tight denim, she enjoyed the look of happiness on
Travis' face grow as he saw that there were no panties to match her bra,
underneath. Pushing them all the way down to her ankles, she then quickly
pulled her feet from them and kicked the pants to the side. As she stood back
up, Travis got to see his goal for the first time, with a very small patch of
hair shaved into the shape of a V just above her slit. She then turned
around, resting her hands on the edge of the table, showing off her bare,
round ass. Before she knew it, she felt Travis' hands grab her hips, and his
face dive right into the crack of her tight butt. The unexpected action,
caused her to jump a bit, but a smile quickly drew across her face, as she
felt his tongue push forward as soon as his face touched her butt.

"Oh, very nice! Glad to see you're finally getting ambitious." Quickly
changing his approach, he moved his hands in a bit, and slightly spread her
cheeks apart, allowing him to get in closer. Pushing his tongue out, he began
to lightly tickle her lips with the wiggling tip. As Travis did his thing,
Victoria spread her stance, to brace herself for the eventual weakness she's
soon feel in her legs. Like a dog lapping at his bowl of water, Travis
dragged his tongue up and down the warm, wet slit, loving the taste that it
produced. As he did this, he added into the pleasure he was giving the former
Woman's champion by massaging her butt cheeks, as he kept them spread open.
The double motion let Victoria know she picked the perfect person to do this.
"Mmmmmm, very good. Very good ind... Oh! You know all the right spots don't
you big boy?" As she complimented him, Travis had pushed his tongue as far
down as he could, jabbing her exposed clit with the tip. Seeing the reaction
it got, he kept his tongue in that zone and began darting it across the
throbbing area, sending little bolts of pleasure through her body every time
he hit it.

"Jesus, Travis, if you keep that up I'm going to lose it!" That simple
sentence was all he needed to hear as he began to increase the speed he moved
his tongue, wiggling it as fast as he could. He knew it was best to make sure
she stayed happy, and nothing would make her happier then for Travis to press
down the on th button and send her over the edge. Going in for the kill, he
pushed his face as far forward as he could. He then released his hands,
causing her cheeks to fall back into place, rest against the cheeks on his
face. With his hands free now, he moved his right under neath and joined it
with his flicking tongue at Victoria's throbbing clit. With the attention of
his tongue solely on the little bud, he began to massage the area around it,
and after only a few moments, he could feel her body begin to tense up.

"God, that's it! That's it, that's it, that's it!
Shhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiitttttttttt!!!!" Suddenly, her body began to quiver, as
her moaning increased, and Travis was greeted with a very pleasant taste
dripping from her honey pot and onto his tongue. As Victoria had the orgasm
she had desperately needed, her hands began to slip up on the table, and
eventually she was completely bent over the large wooden surface, as her
torso laid onto the cool flat surface. Travis then pulled his face away from
her shaking butt, while continuing to massage at her crotch with his hand,
making sure to help her ride out the great feeling. After a few more waves of
pleasure, her tense body finally started to relax and she remained bent over,
with her upper half resting against the table. Catching her breath, the look
of sheer pleasure eventually melted into a satisfied smile, as she realized
it was way past due to have someone else give her this type of pleasure.

Looking at Victoria in this vulnerable position, something came over Travis,
and he quickly undid his belt and yanked down his pants and boxers, causing
his stiff dick to pop out from it's hiding place. With the prone diva
completely unaware of what he was doing, Travis took hold of his thick member
and aimed it towards her exposed crotch, soaked from the orgasm that just
consumed her body. Once he felt he had everything all lined up, Travis pushed
his hips forward, and moved his throbbing dick into her warm, wet pussy.
"What the fuck...!" The sudden action caught Victoria off guard, but her
anger only lasted a brief moment as she felt her lips swallow up his hard
missile. As he pushed himself inside of her, Victoria, planted her hands on
the table and lifted her body up, while still bent over. This time, not
having to get instructions, Travis planted his hands on her hips as he moved
his hips back and forth, giving her another feeling that she had lacked for
far too long as well. The moves brought her moaning back, as she turned her
head to look back at him with lust once again filling her eyes.

"God damn it yes! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeee!!!! Ah fuck, you better
fucking tell me when you're going to cummmm!" He just nodded at her demand as
he continued to piston himself in and out of her. As he picked up his pace,
Victoria's moans were joined by the sounds of flesh smacking into each other
as his pelvis repeatedly and quickly slapped into her round butt as he
thrusted into her.

"Oh fuck yes, that it! Fucking pound me you fucking bad boy! I've so fucking
needed this! Fffffffuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!" As Travis was
slamming into her, Victoria suddenly felt another orgasm start to build
within her. As it started to take her over, she turned her head back forward,
and looked straight down at the wooden grain pattern of the table top. She
then clenched her eyes close as the amazing sensation began to once again
take over her body, causing her to uncontrollably shake.

"Fuck, I'm cummmmiiiiiinnnnnnggggg!!!!!! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhh
yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeessssssssss!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! God,
that's fuck it you hot mother fuckerrrrrrr!!!!!" As she spasmed around, he
continued to move his hips, while keep his hands planted her her bucking
ones. Her erratic movements and the fact that her pussy was clamping down
harder now on his dick made it harder and harder for him to try and hold out
on his own orgasm, but he used all of his self control to hold back, knowing
if he accidentally came inside her, he'd likely be in for a world of hurt.
Soon her body again began to calm down and as he felt her pussy loosen its
tight grip, he realized it would be ok to finally let loose.

"Oh God, Victoria I'm gonna cum!" As he quickly pulled out of her soaking
pussy, Victoria turned around and dropped to her knees, in part to get into
position, and part because her legs were still made of rubber, after having
two orgasms in such quick order. Sitting up on her kneeling legs, she grabbed
is dick and quickly engulfed the head into her mouth. The second her lips
wrapped around his throbbing head, cum began to shoot out, and she was
greeted with the mix taste of his shooting cum, and her own pussy from off
the skin. As he shot his cum, Victoria relaxed her throat, allowed the 'white
gold' to slide down her throat. With his member, unloading, Travis just stood
still, with his body slightly shaking, with each spurt he shot into
Victoria's waiting mouth.

Once he shot his very last drop, Victoria released her hand from his shaft,
and pulled her mouth away from his already shrinking dick. With her releasing
him, he looked down, to see her whipping a little dribble that escaped the
side of her mouth, and realizing she was done, moved over to one of the
chairs, and sat down, exhausted. As Victoria got back to her feet and started
to get dressed a thought suddenly popped in her head that Brie Bella must
have had a twin sister. It make perfect sense, and it was all thanks to
finally getting to clear her head. Finally pulling her shirt back on, she
looked over to see Travis still slumped in chair, his once rock hard dick,
not a limp, lifeless organ.

"Thanks big boy, you really helped clear those cob webs." He just lifted his
head, gave a smile and dropped it back down. Exiting the conference room, she
closed it behind her. As she walked off to get back to the locker room, she
passed Vince McMahon who was with a few higher ups, clearly on their way to
the conference room. As she respectfully greeted her boss, she only thought
of the tough luck that Travis was about to have.

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