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Climbing The A-List
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In a luxury hotel room suite in Los Angeles, California, Johnny Nitro is
leaning against the hotel room door as his A-Lister girlfriend and reigning
Women's Champion Melina is flipping through the latest copy of People
magazine. Nitro is dressed in a sleeveless white silk top and tight fitting
black pants, "Melina... just listen to me... I got the perfect guy all lined
up for us to use to get back to dominating the entire RAW Brand..." Nitro
says but just as he begins to explain his plan, Melina throws the magazine
at him in order to cut him off.

Melina sits up from laying on the luxury sized hotel room bed "Johnny...
Johnny! Just stop up!" Melina rudely snaps at her studdly A-List before as
she rolls her eyes. Melina arrogantly tosses her A-List styled hair back and
slightly narrows her eyes at Nitro "Johnny...don't you remember the last
great idea for us to associate with!? Look what happened to him!" Melina
slightly yells as she glances down at her manicured fingernails "He dropped
so quickly to the about pathetic..." Melina says as she
dressed in a short jean skirt and a tan colored tank top.

"Ok... that guy was a mistake..." Johnny Nitro says as he puts his hands up
slightly to dodge anything else his A-List girlfriend might throw at him.
"But this new guy I found... he's perfect.... he wants to be famous... and
has tons of spirit..." Nitro says with a smirk, "And he's a real up and
comer... he's going to be a big star... not as big as us... but still...
he'll fit right in!" Nitro says.

Melina arrogantly sighs and rolls her eyes "Fine! He can have a chance, but
he isn't able to keep up with A-Listers, such as us... he's gone!" Melina
says as she presses her bitchy lips together "Got it, Johnny?" Melina says
as she stands up from the hotel room bed "Now just who is this guy?"

Johnny smirks for a moment, "Kenny Dykstra..." Nitro says as he steps away
from the hotel room door so that he can open it. Nitro looks out into the
hall and says, "Hey, come on... she's gonna check you out..." A few moments
later, Kenny Dykstra walks into the luxury hotel room suite, wearing
expensive looking sunglasses, blue pants, a white button short sleeved shirt
that is partially unbutton so that part of Kenny's chest shows. Nitro closes
the door and looks at Melina, "This is the guy..." Nitro says as he motions
with his hands towards Kenny.

Melina folds her arms against her large, rounded chest as she raises her an
eyebrow and locking her naturally fierce, glaring eyes on Kenny Dykstra.
"Kenny? think you're an A-Lister? You think you can hang with the
likes of Johnny Nitro and the most dominant Women's Champion of all time...
me, Melina?"

Kenny nods his head as he puts his hands on his waist, "Yeah I do... I
know who's at the top... and I know I got what it takes to hang with A-list
stars...." Kenny says with a confident smirk on his face.

"Oh really!?" Melina slightly snaps as she grits her teeth together "I've
heard that a lot...unfortunately no one can be A-List material, like Johnny
and I!" Melina arrogantly states, before asking "What makes you think you can
survive on the A-List?"

Kenny smirks, "Simple... I ain't gonna make stupid mistakes like some people
do... all the traps and shit that'll kill my career I'm going to avoid... and
I know I can survive and thrive on the A-List cause I got it all..." Kenny
answers as he takes off his expensive sunglasses.

Johnny Nitro smirks, "See Melina.... he has it all... looks and

Melina unfolds her arms from her chest and places them on her smoothly
rounded hips as the bitchy A-List Diva glares at Kenny Dykstra "Do you have
the body of an A-Lister?" Melina asks with a bit of a manipulative smirk on
her face as she glances over at her boyfriend, Johnny Nitro. "Johnny has the
body, but do you?" Melina rudely asks.

"Yeah I got a great body..." Kenny says.

Nitro smirks a bit, "Hey Kenny... take off your shirt so that Melina can
see what you got." Kenny nods his head and he starts to unbutton his shirt
completely and then takes it off, revealing his toned and tanned upper body
to the dominant bitchy A-List Diva.

Melina raises an eyebrow and sly smirks as she shrugs her shoulders "I
suppose you got the perfect A-List body..." Melina says as she arrogantly
tosses her perfectly styled hair back "But, Kenny...can you bang like an
A-List star?" Melina asks with a sly, manipulative smirk "Johnny...can fuck
me like no other, right Johnny?"

Johnny Nitro licks his lips, "Oh that's right babe..." Nitro answers before
he looks at Kenny, "Every wonder why she's a screamer? It's because of me..."
Nitro chuckles a bit.

Kenny Dykstra nods his head and smirks, "Yeah I can fuck like an A-List
star... I got some great abilities..."

Melina licks her lips and smirks "Oh really...why don't you prove it!?"
Melina snaps as she seductively grits her teeth together while locking her
bitchy, glaring eyes on Kenny Dykstra's muscular, toned and tanned chest.

"Prove it?" Kenny asks with a confused look on his face.

Nitro points at Kenny's pants, "Melina wants to see your 'ability'..." Nitro

"Oh... right..." Kenny says as he starts to unbuckle his belt. Once his belt
is undone, Kenny unbuttons and unzips his pants before he lowers them from
his waist, along with his blue boxer briefs, revealing a fairly impressive
eleven inch dick. Nitro looks at Melina and smirks, "What do you think babe?
He's got the tools doesn't he?"

Melina nods her head and wickedly smirks "Oh yeah...he sure does!" Melina
glances over at her A-List boyfriend, Johnny Nitro, and slyly smirks, before
nodding her head to him. "Ok Kenny..." Melina says as she slightly rolls her
eyes "Johnny and I will give you a chance to hang with us, A-Listers...but
you have to keep up and listen to me! Got it!?" Melina rudely snaps at her
possibly new associate, Kenny Dykstra.

Kenny Dykstra nods his head, "Yeah I follow what you're saying..." Kenny says
as eleven inch cock starts to harden between his legs.

Melina smirks "Good! Now get over here, because you're going to lick my cunt,
got it!?" Melina rudely commands to Kenny as she starts to push her jean
skirt down from her smoothly rounded waist and down her smooth, stunning
A-List legs as she reveals her shaven, hot A-List pussy.

Kenny Dykstra licks his lips, "Yeah I got..." Kenny nods his head as he
quickly walks over to Melina as she sits back down on the luxury sized bed.
The young RAW Superstar kneels down between Melina's smooth, gorgeous legs
and leans his head down as he starts to flick his tongue back and forth
against Melina's A-List cunt.

Melina raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks as she lifts her tight fitting tan
colored tank top off of her toned, stunning A-List body as she exposes her
large, rounded and perfect A-List tits. "Mmm...ohhhh shit!" Melina moans as
Kenny begins to flick his tongue back and forth against Melina's hot pussy.
Melina grits her teeth as she lays back completely naked on the bed, allowing
Kenny Dykstra to impress her. Kenny puts his hands on Melina's round, sexy
waist as he slips his impressive tongue between Melina's soft pussy lips.
Kenny appears to be nodding his head as he darts his tongue in and out of
Melina's dominant A-List pussy. Johnny Nitro licks his lips as he watches
Kenny impress his A-List girlfriend as Nitro begins to take off his white
silk top, revealing his incredibly hot, tanned muscular and toned upper body.

Melina turns her head on the luxury bed and glances over at Johnny Nitro and
licks her lips as she sly smirks at her A-List boyfriend. Melina places her
smooth, stunning legs onto Kenny Dykstra's shoulders as his tongue darts in
and out of her bitchy, hot pussy. "Ohhhh...AHHHHHH shit!" Melina slightly

"Mmmm... mmm..." Kenny Dykstra moans as he rubs Melina's hips as he thrusts
his tongue in and out of the hot pussy of the dominant Women's Champion.
Johnny Nitro smirks at Melina,

"See I told you so..." Nitro says as he undoes his tight fitting black pants
and pushes them down from his perfect waist. Nitro slides his pants down his
legs and steps out them before he kneels on the bed with his huge, meaty
fourteen inch A-Lister cock inches away from Melina's face.

Melina licks her lips as she glances up, locking her fierce and manipulative
eyes with Johnny Nitro " far, he does have what it takes..." Melina
says as she reaches for her boyfriend's fourteen inch cock and takes it into
her manipulative, soft hands and begins to stroke his cock while she starts
to grind her hot A-List pussy against Kenny's face "Mmmm....ohhhh shit!"
Melina moans as she leans forward and flicks her tongue against the head of
Nitro's cock.

"Mmmm... ahhh yea..." Johnny Nitro licks his lips as he reaches down towards
Melina's tits and starts to fondle them a bit as Melina strokes his large,
fourteen inch cock while flicking her tongue against the tip of it. Kenny
Dykstra raises his eyes slightly and looks up at Melina as he moves his right
hand towards Melina's pussy and pushes two fingers into her cunt. The young,
blond haired RAW Superstar starts thrusting the two fingers in and out of
Melina's pussy as he eats her out.

"Mmmm...ohhhhh AHHHHH!" Melina moans and screams before she opens her hot,
bitchy mouth and takes her boyfriend's fourteen inch, rock hard A-List cock
into her mouth. Melina wraps her lips around his shaft and the arrogant
Women's Champion start to smoothly and quickly bob her head along his shaft,
sucking her boyfriend's cock.

"Mmmm... ohhh yea... fuck Melina..." Nitro moans as he closes his eyes to
enjoy the way Melina's sucks his big, meaty dick. Nitro tilts his head back
and keeps his hand on Melina's large tit as Kenny Dykstra lifts his head up
from Melina's hot, wet pussy.

"Fuck her? Okay..." Kenny says as he thinks Nitro's moan was a command. The
talented RAW Superstar stands up between Melina's legs and then pushes his
eleven inch cock into Melina's pussy. "Uhh..." Kenny groans a bit as Melina's
dominant pussy squeezes his cock instantly before he begins to thrust his
cock in and out of Melina's cunt.

"Mmmmmmm!" Melina loudly moans around Nitro's fourteen inch rock hard cock as
she continues to quickly move her head on his cock, sucking and slapping her
wet tongue against his shaft. Melina guides her hands against his shaft,
stroking the lower half of his cock, while she sucks on it. Melina wraps her
dominating legs around Kenny's waist and starts to move forward against his
cock as he starts to thrust into her tight, warm pussy.

Kenny puts his hands back onto Melina's smooth, round hips as he looks down
at her pussy in order to keep his thrusts even. "Uhhh... awww...mmmm..."
Kenny grunts as he begins to increase the pace of his thrusts, so that he's
deeply pushing his cock into Melina's pussy with every movement.

Johnny Nitro opens his eyes and looks at Kenny for a moment and smirks before
he looks down at Melina as she hungrily sucks his fourteen inch cock while
also stroking it, "Ahhh... mmmm fuck yea Melina... you're so dominant..."
Nitro moans as he tells Melina the things she loves to hear.

"Mmmmm...MMMMM!" Melina's loud, horrific moans vibrate against Nitro's shaft
as she locks her naturally glaring, bitchy eyes with Johnny Nitro while she
quickly bobs her head, devouring his cock into her hot, wet mouth. Melina
begins to deep throat Nitro's fourteen inch cock easily while her hot A-List
body quickly moves against the bed, while Kenny Dykstra fucks her warm pussy.

Kenny tilts his head back as he pumps his cock deeply into Melina's hot
pussy, "Ahhh... ohh shit... mmm fuck... mmmm..." Kenny moans as he balls
slaps against Melina's smooth. perfectly tanned skin as he starts to sweat.

Johnny Nitro grits his teeth together as Melina takes his entire fourteen
inch shaft into her dominant mouth until his balls are pressing right against
her chin. "Uhhh... mmm shit fuck Melina I fucking love that..." Nitro moans
loudly. Melina raises an eyebrow and slightly smirks around Nitro's cock as
she gently presses her teeth down against his thick, rock hard shaft as she
quickly bobs her head along his shaft, raking her teeth against his shaft
while she dominates his cock. Melina's body slams against Kenny's cock as she
takes him deeply into her tight pussy and she starts to grind her pussy
against his shaft.

"Ahhhh... ohh yea fucking great..." Johnny Nitro moans and licks his lips
before Melina opens her mouth a bit to allow him to pull his saliva covered
cock out. Nitro looks down at his wet shaft before looking at Kenny, "Hey...
roll her over..." Nitro says with a smirk.

Kenny nods his head as he breathes deeply as he pumps his cock in and out of
Melina's pussy. "Uhh... awww... mmm..." Kenny moans as he leans towards his
right until he rolls over onto his back with the dominant Melina mounted on
his eleven-inch cock. Johnny Nitro moves off of the bed and stands behind
Melina as she starts to dominantly grind her pussy down against Kenny's dick.

Melina grits her teeth as she firmly places her hands on Kenny's toned,
tanned chest and starts to wildly rock back and forth on his cock,
relentlessly riding the cock of the wanna- be A-Lister. "Ohhhhhh AHHHHHHH!"
Melina screams as she roughly slams down on his shaft while jerking back on
his cock as well.

"Uhhh... ohhh fuck... god damn..." Kenny moans as he holds onto Melina's hips
as she wildly rocks back and forth on his dick, jerking in ways that just
make the wanna-be A-List stud hold on for dear life.

Johnny Nitro licks his teeth as he puts his hands on Melina's perfectly
shaped ass and spreads her cheeks apart to expose her asshole, "Mmm...
yeah..." Nitro says before he sharply impales Melina's asshole with his
huge, saliva covered cock.

"Ohhhhhh fuck!" Melina shouts and grits her teeth as she roughly slams her
hot A-List body back against Johnny Nitro's cock, forcing his cock deeply
into her tight asshole. The dominant RAW Diva, wastes no time as she quickly
rocks and grinds her hot, perfectly toned body between her A-List boyfriend
Johnny Nitro and Kenny Dykstra.

Johnny Nitro holds onto Melina's hips as he quickly pounds Melina's tight
asshole with his fourteen inch cock. "Ahhh... uhhh... yea... mmm..." Nitro
moans as he pulls his hot girlfriend back towards him so that her ass slaps
against his perfectly toned and tanned waist.

Kenny grits his teeth and closes his eyes tightly as he starts to push his
cock upward into Melina's pussy as best as he can, "Ohhhh... damn... fuck..."
Kenny moans as sweat drips off of his body.

"Ohhhhh...AHHHHHH! Ohhhh Johnny!" Melina moans and grits her teeth as she
slams back with rough force against Nitro's waist, causing her ass to smack
against his toned and muscular waist before slamming down harder on Kenny's
cock. As sweat starts to drip off of the dominant, A-List RAW Diva digs her
nails into Kenny's chest while she quickly rocks between him and Nitro.

"Ahhh... ohhh shit... fuck..." Kenny moans as he holds onto Melina's round,
smooth hips with his sweaty hands. Kenny keeps thrusting his cock upward into
Melina's tight pussy, but the dominant Diva is in full control.

Behind Melina, Johnny Nitro licks his teeth as he thrusts his fourteen inch
shaft deeply into Melina's asshole. "Ohh... shit..." Nitro moans as his
balls slam right against Melina's ass cheeks and then pulls his dick out of
Melina's asshole, "Hold on tight babe..." Nitro says to Melina before he
forces his huge cock into Melina's cock stuffed pussy, and Nitro's dick
instantly grinds against Kenny's dick as they both fill Melina's dominant
A-List cunt.

Melina closes her eyes and tilts her head back as Johnny Nitro's cock enters
her dominant pussy, joining Kenny's cock as well "Ohhhhhh fuck! AHHHHHHHHH!"
Melina screams as her fingernails scratch against Kenny's toned, muscular
chest as she quickly rocks in between Kenny and Johnny with sweat dripping
off of her A-List, hot body.

"Ahhh... mmmm... yea... ohhh shit yea..." Johnny Nitro moans as he slams
his huge cock in and out of Melina's tight pussy, and his cock moves against
Kenny's dick.

"Ohh... ahhh... mmm... damn... ohh shit..." Kenny moans as he feels Melina's
sharp fingernails raking across his toned, sweaty muscular chest as she rocks
on his cock to push back against Nitro's.

"Ohhhhh...AHHHHH! AHHHHHH! Fuck!" Melina screams as her sweaty, hot body
slams down on Kenny Dykstra's cock before she quickly slams back against
Johnny Nitro's cock as they both fuck her tight, warm pussy. "Ohhhh fuck're so hot!" Melina moans as she feels Kenny and Johnny's cocks
grinding against each other as they work on Melina's pussy.

"Ahhh ohhh yea... I fucking know that's the truth babe..." Johnny Nitro moans
as he fucks Melina's tight pussy a lot harder than Kenny is.

Kenny opens his eyes and looks up at Melina as she lustfully rocks on his
shaft as he pushes it against Nitro's in an effort to fuck Melina, "Ohhh...
mmmm shit... ohh fuck... damn... I... I..." Kenny moans incoherently before
Nitro wraps his arms around Melina's gorgeous waist and cleanly lifts her
off of Kenny's throbbing dick while keeping his own within her pussy.

Nitro drops Melina onto the bed before pulling her up into the doggy style
position so he can continue to pound Melina's A-List cock with his huge meaty
cock. Nitro looks at Kenny and smirks, "Look babe... he hasn't burst yet...
he can handle your hot dominant pussy..." Nitro grunts.

Melina grits her teeth and glances over her shoulder at Johnny Nitro with a
sly smirk on her face while she quickly and roughly rocks back on her knees
against Nitro's muscular waist as he quickly thrusts his cock into her pussy
while fucking her doggystyle "Mmmm...ohhh yeah fuck he's good!" Melina moans.

Nitro slaps the side of Melina's hips with both of his hands every time her
ass slams back against his waist, "Kenny... show us something...
scandalous..." Nitro grunts as he fucks Melina's cunt in front of the A-List
wanna-be. Kenny wipes sweat from his face as he thinks of what he can do to
impress Nitro and Melina that was scandalous, and without thinking, he wraps
his left hand around throbbing eleven inch cock and begins to stroke it
quickly. Nitro smirks, "Look babe... look how hot you are... he's jacking off
to me fucking you..." Nitro groans to Melina as he sharply drills her pussy.

"Ahh... fuck..." Kenny moans as he strokes his shaft so fast that begins to

Melina narrows her eyes as she glances down at Kenny's throbbing cock and
opens her mouth as his cum starts spraying from his cock while some of his
cum shoots right into her hot mouth "Mmmmm...AHHHH! FUCK!" Melina screams as
she takes some of Kenny's cock into her hot mouth while she roughly slams her
sweaty body back against Johnny Nitro's sweaty, muscular waist.

"Ohhh... ahhh fuck... ohhh shit... ohh fuck...." Kenny moans as his sprays
the rest of his warm cum into Melina's dominant mouth. As Kenny finishes
cumming, Johnny Nitro continues to deeply impale Melina's hot cunt with his
huge cock, using fast and hard thrusts to drive his bitchy A-Lister
girlfriend crazy.

Melina grits her teeth tightly as she glances over her shoulder and slyly
smirks when she locks eyes with Johnny Nitro "Ohhhhh fuck! Johnny you're just
a fucking hot A-Lister!" Melina moan as she quickly and roughly slams back
against his cock, smacking her hot ass against his muscular waist.

Johnny Nitro's hot, muscular body drips with sweat as pounds Melina's pussy
relentlessly, "Ohhhh yea.... fuck so are you babe... mmm fuck...." Nitro
moans as he feels his huge cock throbbing within Melina's pussy.

Sweat drips off of Melina's hot A-Lister body as she rocks back and forth on
her knees. Melina closes eyes as she feels Johnny's throbbing cock deeply
slam into her pussy, sending her forward on her knees "Ohhhh AHHHHH!"" Melina

"Ahhh... mmm... ahhh..." Johnny Nitro grinds his teeth together before he
pulls his huge, throbbing cock out of Melina's dominant cunt. The hot A-List
Superstar holds Melina steady with his right hand as he starts cum and he
sprays his hot, thick load over both of Melina's ass cheeks.

Melina sits up on her knees and licks her lips as she feels Johnny Nitro's
warm cum spray onto her hot A-List ass. "Ohhh fuck're best

"I know it babe..." Nitro says as he finishes spraying his cum on Melina's
gorgeous ass. Nitro looks at Kenny and smirks, "Hey Kenny... you know what a
future A-Lister needs to do?"

Kenny sits up on the bed and shakes his head, "No... I don't..."

Nitro smirks, "He needs to kiss the ass of the person who's gonna make him
a star... ain't that right Melina?" Nitro asks as he smacks Melina's cum
covered ass.

Melina slyly smirks as she raises an eyebrow "Well yeah...of course..."
Melina arrogantly says as she rolls her eyes.

Johnny Nitro smirks, "You heard it Kenny... get over here and kiss Melina's
ass..." Nitro says as he moves away from Melina.

Kenny Dykstra moves on the bed behind Melina and looks at Melina's cum coated
ass and makes a face, "Ummm...."

"Just do it..." Nitro says with a smirk. Kenny takes a deep breath before he
leans forward and kisses Melina's ass and he instantly tastes Nitro's cum on
his lips as gives Melina the respect she deserves.

Melina glances over her shoulder and grits her teeth together as she watches
Kenny kiss her cum covered ass "Yeah...soon you'll be hanging with all the
A-Listers, like Johnny and me!"

Kenny lifts his head up from Melina's ass and licks his lips a bit to clean
them of Nitro's cum, "I hope so... I totally want to be a top A-List star."

Nitro smirks a bit, "Don't worry Kenny... you keeping kissing ass like
that... you're gonna climb the A-List in no time..."


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