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College Library Study Session
by PreciousJessica

Velvet Sky and Mickie James was in the library as they was studying for an upcoming exam as Dolph Ziggler and AJ Styles comes walking into the library as both men was on the wrestling team as Velvet looks up from her book..

Velvet: Fuck... How I would love to study with them. I mean I could tutor them.

Mickie: Right I am sure its studying an tutoring them you want to do Vel Vel.

Dolph soon walked right passed them as he smirked when looking towards Velvet as she whimpered when seeing that little smirk on his face as she just melted as he stood there stretching as Velvet just couldn't take her eyes off him as AJ soon came over by Mickie as he looked at her he went to lean down next to her and whispered.

AJ: Mmmm you look so fucking hot Mickie.

She whimpered but tried to contain herself as she was wanting to get good grades as she licked her lips when went back to studying as she just tried to ignore AJ and his comment but it was hard as he bent over in front of her as Velvet looked at them both.

Velvet: You're in our class you should study with us.

Dolph: I could use a passing grade but why should I when I can fuck the teacher.

AJ: Exactly we can just fuck the teacher.

They smirked as the words went through their ears as Velvet put her book down as she spread her legs showing she wasn't wearing panties as Dolph's cock started to get hard looking between her legs at her nicely shaven pussy. He got between her legs as he placed her legs on his shoulders as he leaned his head in and started to lick her pussy lips going slow at first as she moaned out as Mickie covered her ears as she wanted to stay focus as AJ took her hands from her ears so she could hear the moaning of her best friend..

Velvet: Oh Fuck Dolph your tongue...

Dolph continued to tease her pussy lips with his tongue before slowly sliding them apart and sliding his tongue deep into her pussy as she moaned out when feeling her pink pussy tighten around his tongue as she moved herself against his tongue and the chair she was sitting in as the Librarian looked up from handling the returned books as she motioned for them to be quiet.

Velvet: Oh god fuck me..

He smirked as AJ looked at Mickie who was covering herself with a book so he couldn't see as he took the book and tossed it to the floor he took her over to the books as he pressed her body against the bookshelf as he got on his knees taking her belt off with his teeth then sliding her pants down seeing she wasn't wearing any panties either..

AJ: Naughty girls you and Velvet are.

Mickie whimpered hearing him as he kept her pressed against the shelf as he spread her legs apart as he quickly slammed his fingers into her pussy as she moaned out for him as she tried to keep it quiet again but the Librarian looked up again and motioned for them to be quiet as AJ just laughed as he continued to roughly slam his fingers into her tight pussy as Dolph soon stopped what he was doing as he undid he jeans and set down as he motioned for Velvet to come over..

Dolph: Fucking sit on my cock and ride me you little whore.

Velvet got up and walked over to Dolph as she set down sliding her tight pink pussy down along his cock as he groaned out for her as she started to move herself up and down on his cock as she closed her eyes when working herself faster each time she went down on his cock as she looked over seeing Mickie pressed against that shelf as AJ worked his fingers in and out of her as she licked her lips..

Mickie: Oh fuck AJ give me your cock.. Please!

AJ: Beg for it you little slut.

Mickie bit her lip as she didn't want to beg as she just wanted to be fucked right now just like Velvet was getting as she whimpered out..

Mickie: Mmmm Please, please, fuck me with your cock AJ.

She cried and begged over and over for it as he just smirked listening to her words as he got up undoing his jeans as his cock just flicked out from his boxers as he pinned her against the shelf again as he slammed his cock into her pussy as she screamed out in pleasure for him as the Librarian walked over after telling them many times to be quiet but wasn't getting listened to as she got over there she saw what was going on and just turned then seen what Velvet was doing as she threw her hands up in the air as she knew no matter what they wouldn't listen and well she wasn't going to stop them. Soon though Velvet was working his cock nice and hard with her bouncing that he couldn't hold back and soon Dolph cummed inside of her as that targeted her orgasm...

AJ: Fuck slut your pussy so fucking good.

He slammed her back against the shelf with each thrust as she couldn't hold it back as she started to orgasm for him and then soon he cummed inside of her as the scene faded out.

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