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Complete Stratusfaction
by Anonymous

Working for the World Wrestling Federation was a dream come true for Dave
Johnson. Not only was he able to pay his way through wrestling, having
dropped out of college, but he was also able to become friends with people
hed been watching for years. He worked on the crew either backstage or
setting up the ring. He also got to work with the most beautiful woman in
the world, Trish Stratus. Well, work in the same vacinity as her, but
that's close enough, he thought. She often said hello to him which he
absolutly loved, causing to run to the nearest bathroom and jerk away his
hardon. How he wanted to get near her, to touch her, to feel her perfect
body. He never thought he would get his chance.

One day around the end of an event, Dave was given a message to take to
Trish. She had already finished her spots for the night and she was in her
single dressing room. Dave searched around for her room, almost out of
breath when he found it. He knocked on the door, no answer. Must not be
here, he thought. He opened the door to leave the paper in her room. What
he saw next was the most beautiful sight in the world. Trish was in the
shower, and hadn't noticed him come in. His cock grew rock hard as he
stood and admired her body. His eyes moved over it, stopping at her perfect,
large, round breast, glistening in the light. His eyes traveled down her
body to the neatly shaven lips of her pussy. Without thinking he moved his
hand to his hardon and began rubbing.

Trish turned her head and shrieked at what se saw. Dave jumped.

"Shit, I'm sorry Trish, I didn't mean to scare you"

"What are you doing in here?" She said in her angelic voice.

"I have a message for you, I'll just leave it I'm sorry."

"That's ok you can stay. I didn't mean to yell like that," she said as she
covered up in her towel. "Looks like you were enjoying what you saw," she
said looking at dave tented pants.

"How could I not, your body is incredible, your the most beautiful person on

"Thanks, you're not so bad yourself, and from the looks of it, you're well
equipped for any woman."

Dave began to blush, what happened next is something dave will never forget.
Trish dropped her towel, her body still glistened i the light as she hadn't
bothered to dry off. Then she walked forward and planted a deep kiss on Dave.
With their tongues entwined, Trish opened up Dave pants and rubbed him,
making him even harder then before. She dropped to her knees and pulled down
Dave's pants, Grabbing ahold of his cock with both hands. Must be at least
ten inches, she thought to herself as she stuck her tongue out to lick the
head. Dave was in heaven as she wrapped her warm lips around his dick and
began sucking gently at first, but then more aggressively. Hebegan to tense
up, Trish knew what was coming. She immediatly pulled him out and began to
jerk as he began to shoot his hot cum all over her face and tits, she moaned
in happiness. She rubbed the cum into her tits and licked her lips clean.
She stood and walked over to the couch, where Dave immediatly took charge,
telling her to bend over tand grab onto the couch. The sight of her spreading
her ass for him got him rock hard again. He positioned himself behind her
and guided his dick to her pussy and slid in with his hands on her hips.
Trish moaned as he slid in up to the base of his prick, then drew it out and
slammed back in.

He thrusted hard and fast, reaching up to grab ahold of her tits as they
swayed with his pounding. Trish moaned louder as Dave fucked harder. Pulling
out almost completly and then slamming it back in. He pulled out of her pussy
and told her to lay on the floor, she gladly obliged. Dave crawled between
her legs and rub her cunt a bit before sliding back in. She was dripping at
this point and almost ready to cum. Dave rolled over so the Trish was know
on top, and with his hands onher hips he guided her as she began to ride him,
as she got a fast pace going, he went back to her tits, rubbing them and
squeezing, Trish began to scream in ecstasy as orgasms swarmed over her, one
after another. Dave released another huge load of cum at the feeling of Trish
puss queezing his cock. Trish continued to ride as cum began to seep from her
pussy. She collapsed next to Dave, still recovering from her orgasms. As she
regained her strenth she hopped back into the shower, Dave was getting ready
to leave when he heard Trish remark that that was the best fuck she had ever
had. He said bye with a big smile on his face.

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