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Featuring: Velvet Sky(TNA), Greg Marasciulo(Trent Barreta in WWE).

Consolation Prize - Velvet Sky Style
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

July 25th, 2013. Backstage at the TNA Impact Wrestling TV event at the Broadbent Arena in Louisville, KY, the former WWE Superstar known as Trent Barreta, the handsome high flyer who competed as Greg Marasciulo in an unsuccessful attempt to capture the TNA X Division Championship in the high-risk Ultimate X Match is backstage, favoring his back as he heads along towards the shared locker room for the X Division stars.

"Damn... And I thought the Japan tour was rough..." Marasciulo says to himself, still clad in his ring tights he wore for the match, with his nicely muscular upper body on display as he heads along, knowing he missed out on both the title and a guaranteed TNA deal by failing to win the match not too long ago.

His thoughts and gaze would soon turn to a woman heading in the opposite direction to him, but when the two locked eyes she slowed herself down to a stop, placing hands on her hips and eyeing him up as he approached her. None other than TNA Knockout and former singles and tag team champion in the stunning Velvet Sky. She's also clad in attire seen on the show - tight jeans that hug to her one-of-a-kind, juicy ass, and a tight black "Rock & Roll" top that shows off her large breasts along with some sexy cleavage.

"One of the new X Division guys, right?" Sky questions with a raised eyebrow after checking him out. "Looks like you didn't win though..."

"Yeah, well, I can catch a break since I've never been in a match like that before..." Greg says as he stops in front of her, still holding his back slightly. "Climbing up ropes to grab a belt? Not my idea of a fun night..." He says with a hint of a smile.

"Too bad... But say... You look a little familiar to me... Have you been around TNA before?" Velvet questions, again taking a look over his muscular and desirable frame.

"Apart from last week?" He chuckles slightly. "Maybe from the WWE? When I used to be Trent Barreta... Well, I still am in the indies now thanks to swapping which letter is doubled..."

"Oh? Another ex-WWE guy in TNA huh? That's a new one..." Sky says with sly smile, her interest clearly being perked up now. "So... Are you up to the standards like the other WWE guys I've seen them to be?"

"Standards? Not if you mean how many titles I won..." Marasciulo starts to say, before he's cut off when she boldly steps forward, placing her hand onto his crotch and giving a firm squeeze, clearly feeling him up to see how endowed he may or may not be.

"Oh no honey... I'm talking if you're packing something like the other former WWE guys are..." She smiles seductively as she gives him another grope, making him groan. "Mmmm... Feels like you are... And that's good news for you and me... Really good news."

"Oh... Oh yeah?" Greg questions even with a wide smile on his face from being felt up by this stunning female wrestler. "How's that?"

"Simple honey... I love testing out a new, big cock... So how about you come with me and I'll give you a consolation prize... Velvet Sky style..."

* * *

Moments later in the changing room designated for the TNA Knockouts, the sexy and now bottomless Velvet Sky is on top of a naked Greg Marasciulo in a sixty nine, pressing her curved and tanned frame against his equally desirable body as she sucks on his cock, which is - as she assumed - clearly to her liking as she eager slurps on the long and thick to match manhood. With one hand gripping his thigh and the other holding an opened bottle of lubricant, she bobs her two-toned haired head back and forth onto his rod, keeping her full lips wrapped right around his meat as she sucks away on his tool with clear lust, showing a naughty side as she blows the hunk she's only just met minutes ago.

"Mmmmph! Mmmmm..." The former WWE Superstar has his mouth busy as well, moaning into the long-time TNA Knockout's pussy as he eats her out, making sure his handsome facial features are pushed right up into her snatch that's already noticeably wet, further proof of her desire along with how she's lightly pushing herself back to grind against his mouth. It puts a smile on his face as he kisses and licks over her folds, sliding his hungry tongue into her to probe and taste, each flick causing her to moan in response while her groans into her snatch from the way she's pleasuring his cock, giving him more than enough incentive to keep dining on her as his hands run over her thighs and shapely backside.

"Mmmm... Ahhhh fuck! Yessss..." The former member of The Beautiful People stable lifts her head off his rod to moan, raising her hands so she can pour some lube onto her fingers before she reaches back, taking advantage of how he's groping her butt so she can slide a finger into her own asshole, lubing herself up with steady pumps of her digit back and forth into her self. At the same time she goes back to sucking him off, taking his inches deep as she sets the bottle aside to further focus on blowing him with deep and swift motions that cause her stylish hair to sway from the effort put behind the motion. "Mmmm! Mmmmph! Mmmm..." She groans, carefully rocking herself back against the tongue sliding around inside her snatch while she fingers her own ass, and keeping her lips brushing up and down onto his tool as she leaves a layer of her saliva onto his shaft from the skillful, repeated motion as her face looms down close towards his base.

"Mmmm... Mmmm! Mmmm!!" Fluids of a different kind are now over the chin and lips of the former member of the Dude Busters tag team in WWE from both the rubbing action being done to him and how he's been eating away at her tasty, damp snatch, letting his tongue roam around every part of her pussy that he can reach as he shows as well he's no novice when it comes to giving back some oral pleasure. "Mmmm! Mmmm... Mmmmph!!" He can't help but moan from the way he's getting blown with pornstar-like skill, feeling his dick being taken in deep into the warm and wet mouth of the stunning female wrestler on top of him as he keeps his face pressed right up into her pussy, lapping away at her to drink up the plentiful juices there and keeping her moaning as well.

"Mmmmph!! Mmmm!! Mmmm..." The former TNA Knockouts Champion groans as she pushes her pretty face right down onto him so she can deep throat all of his big cock, impressively not gagging even for a moment as she stays down on him, moaning around his inches as she keeps on finger-banging her own asshole in order to slide in the lube deep. "Mmmm... Mmph!! Mmmm!!" It's not long through before she goes back to sucking him off with force and speed, the dirty slurping sound ringing out as she moves up to half-way and then goes right down to the balls over and over again, leaving saliva seeping past her pouty lips as it trickles down his rod and onto his crotch and balls and still managing to grind her wet snatch back into the face of the hunk she's on top off.

Giving her pussy another couple of flicks with his tongue, he pulls back from her so he can catch his breath with a big smile, unsurprising since his dick is deep in the mouth of one the hottest women in all of wrestling. "Mmmm... Shit! You treat... Ahhhh... All the new guys like this??" Marasciulo asks as he licks his lips clean of her pussy juices.

After dishing out another long suck, she pulls off from with with a loud "pop" sound and a groan before she looks back over her shoulder at him.

"Mmmm... Only for the biggest cocks baby... I fucking love them big, thick, and hard!" Velvet says, groaning as she pulls her finger out of her asshole before she scoots forward a little, now on her hands and knees.

"So not my stunning good looks and personality?" Greg jokes with a smirk, picking up the lube bottle and pouring some out onto both his cock, using his hand to get himself ready by rubbing it in with a couple of pumps. "Ouch babe, I'm hurt..." He fakes being insulted as he moves up to kneel behind her.

"Mmmm... I'll make it up to you..." Sky says, her voice dripping with seduction as she jiggles her ass exactly like her infamous ring entrance. "Tap my big, sexy ass... And give it to me good!"

"Sure beats getting knocked off some ropes over a ring..." He says with a chuckle, before pushing his cock into her tight asshole with a firm thrust, groaning instantly at the pressure but thanks to the lube he can slide in a fair amount of his inches into her stunning backside, more than enough to start slowly pumping in and out of her as his hands move onto her toned waist. "Ahhhh! Mmmmm fuck! Damn, that's a fine ass..." The former Trent Barreta in the WWE hisses as he eases his dick in and out of her snug asshole, watching as he member pushes into her hole and then reappears with only the crown staying inside her before he repeats the motion, allowing her back passage to get used to this invasion so he can, in time, get more of himself into her thick booty.

"Mmmmm! Ahhhh... Is that fucking it?? I said... Ahhhh! Give it to me!!" The former TNA Knockouts Tag Team and singles Champion says with a groan, gazing back at the stud behind her with burning lust in her eyes as she starts to sharply push herself back against his thrusts that, to her liking at least, are too tame but would be more than enough for any normal woman to handle. "Mmmm... More! Ahhhh... Harder you fucking prick! I want it! MMMM!!" She moans and grits her teeth, still wearing her tight black top that strains against her slightly swaying tits as her body works backward against the incoming pumps into her snug asshole, her gaze still locked back at him to show how much she wants to be slammed as she's getting shameless in her desires rather quickly, considering he's getting fucked by a still relative stranger.

"Damn, such language! Reminds me... Ahhhh... Of a couple past Divas I've had... Mmmm..." The former FCW Tag Team Champion smirks with a groan as he gladly gives in to her demands, putting force and some more speed behind his motion and soon making her moan out as he sends his cock in deeper into her ass, timing it just right as she moves back against his actions. "Mmmm! There were just as pushy as well sometimes..." He adds as he pumps his rod into her backside with a steady and firm pace, watching her butt cheeks shake a little from the force both he and the stunning Knockout taking this are putting into their actions as he fucks her up the ass from behind as she stays down perfectly in the doggy style position.

"Mmmmm! None of them have... Ahhhh! An ass like mine!" The woman previously known as Talia Madison groans as she continues to lustfully rock back and forth against the stiff pumps into her one-of-a-kind booty, taking the cock of the hung stud behind her in deep to her back passage but still craving more as she continues to get nasty, almost effortlessly taking this anal sex like she's all too used to it. "MMMM!! I've got the fucking best ass... Ahhhh... In this company, and any!!" She hisses again as she closes her eyes, giving a sharp push back to take another thick inch into her juicy ass, her pussy getting even wetter than it had been when she was getting eaten out, but now she's not even touching herself there, using her hands to keep herself off from the floor of the Knockout's locker room they're in so she can keep getting this swift thrusts straight into her rump.

"Mmmmm! Someone's pretty high on themselves... Ahhhh! Aren't they?" The hunky high flying grappler who just missed out on becoming X Division Champion tonight says as he keeps on briskly pounding into the stunning ass in front of him as his rod slides in deep, almost going in balls deep as he dishes out the steady but forceful thrusts, unfazed by the needy, almost slutty way she's rocking back against him. "Not gonna lie... Mmmm! This is one hot fucking ass..." He grunts as he gazes down at those perfectly smooth, tanned, and rounded cheeks that his cock is pumping in and out off with erotic easy, and not just from the lube that's been used - it's obvious she's no stranger to taking up the ass, and she can take even more of his size from the looks of it as she continues to push back against his thrusts while he drives right forward into her juicy booty.

"MMMM! Awwww FUCK baby!!" Sky groans as she gazes back at him. "Mmmmm! Pull out stud... I want to ride that fucking cock with my ass!" She almost demands more than asks, her eyes full of lust once again as she stops her rocking motion.

"Sounds like... Mmmm... A good enough plan to me..." Marasciulo handsomely jokes around about how much she wants this, easing his dick out of her before he lays down on the floor of the Knockout's changing room. He makes the quick move to grab the bottle of lube once again, pouring some out onto his cock for good measure seeing how lust-driven she's being.

"Good enough??" Velvet narrows her eyes seductively as she mounts him, getting into a squatting position and using a hand underneath herself so she can guide his manhood back into her ass with a groan. "Ahhh!! You're really gonna get it now, you fucking asshole!" She almost growls in desire, but pissed off at his cocky attitude and turned on by it at the same time.

"Funny... Ahhhh... Feels like I'm fucking your asshole..." Greg grins with a moan as he watches her sink down onto his rod before she leans back, her arms down behind her to rest on the floor, giving him a perfect view of both his dick being in her backside and her very wet looking pussy on display as she faces him.

"Mmmm!! Ahhhhh! You fucking love this!!" The curvacious stunner hailing from The Big Apple says with a groan as she starts to fuck herself on his big dick, lifting her ass smoothly up and down onto him in order to take him deep within her still snug asshole, causing her to moan as her tits, still contained within her tight black top, bounce in time with her bouncing motion as she rides his shaft with her gorgeous ass. "MMMM!! Oh fuck!! Mmmm... Love that big dick in my ass..." She groans, tilting her two-toned haired head back for a moment as she quickly builds up the rhythm and rocks up and down on his tool, taking him deep into her back passage while she licks her pouty lips, further showing off her intense desire and how much she's getting off on taking it up her thick backside like this.

"Mmmm... Never said I wasn't enjoying it babe..." The Mount Sinai, New York-born stud says as he rests his head against his hands, laying back and enjoying both the show and the feeling of her tight and sexy ass all around his manhood as she swiftly raises and lowers herself onto his tool with perfect timing, another sure sign that she's experienced to say the least in some anal action. "Ahhhh! Who would love... Mmmm... Watching a chick go wild..." He says with a smirk and a moan as he watches her tanned and gorgeously curved body ride his thick and long cock, seeing his pole vanish up into her rump when she drops down and seeing it reappear when she quickly lifts herself up just to repeat the motion that makes them groan out in complete pleasure even from how snug her ass still is.

"MMMM! Fuck! Ahhhh... So fucking good! MMMM!!" The former TNA Knockouts Champion gasps as she bounces away onto him so much that her stylish hair is shaking and her big tits look about ready to burst out of the straining top she still has on, but she's too caught up in her own lust to care as she keeps taking the cock of the handsome and desirable hunk underneather straight up into her tight asshole. Now she's moving a hand around, going onto her wet pussy and starting to rub herself, making her moan out loudly at her own stimulation but at the same time continuing to move herself swiftly up and down over and over again onto his manhood with swift and forceful motions. "Oooooh FUCK! MMMM!! Ahhhhh!! Deep in my ass..." She groans without shame, sweat beginning to form across her tanned and sexily curvy frame as she continues to go wild on his huge length, taking him up deep to really fill up her back passage more than most red blooded women would be able to handle, and yet for her perverted desires it's still not enough as she keeps on riding him now as she rubs her own pussy with her hand.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm yeah.... Shit, you not had any... MMMM! For a while?" The former WWE Superstar still appears stunned, but pleasantly so, by how lust-driven the beautiful female wrestler is as she bounces swiftly on his dick to take him right up into her thick and sexy ass, her cheeks now touching his thighs when she drops down to fill herself up with all of his nicely thick inches. "Mmmm... Or you one of these... AHHHH! High standards chicks or something?" He's still able to handsomely joke about as he groans from the pleasure he's getting of her still tight back passage being all around his rod as she slides up and down on him with the kind of pace that even a seasoned porn starlet would struggle to keep up for this long. However she's so in the zone, craving this big dick to pound her stunning butt, that she keeps on riding him even as her top is ripping along the front from the strain of her large, bouncing breasts and her hair starting to stick to her pretty facial features.

"AHHHH! Ooooooh! MMMM!! I get plenty from... Uhhhhh! My man!" She manages to say between loud moans as she keeps her now sticky fingers brushing back and forth across her soaking wet snatch, keeping herself up and squatting on him with the one hand reaching back so she can continue to drive herself up and down on his thick manhood and stuff her gorgeous ass full of his man meat. "MMMM!! I just love... AHHHH!! Some big... FUCKING... Cock!! MMMM!!" She groans again with closed eyes as she keeps on bouncing her booty onto the rock rammed deep up between her tanned and perfectly rounded cheeks, showing her ass was made to take some dick, especially one as long as his as she continues to show her almost primal desire as she grunts and moans, lifting and lowering herself right onto his tool to fuck her ass on his shaft.

"Damn... Mmmm! Hope your boyfriend or whatever... AHHH! Doesn't mind I've getting a piece of you..." Marasciulo says but the grin on his face shows he doesn't exactly care either way.

"MMMM!! Ahhhh... Don't worry stud..." Sky says with a groan as she eases herself up and off from his dick. "I've had plenty of fun before when he was out injured... He's very... Understanding..." She says with a lusty grin, using her hands to rip off her top from her body, freeing her large breasts that bounce sexily now free from their tight restraints.

"To keep tapping that ass? I bet he is..." Greg smirks before he moves up and catches her by surprise, scooping her off her feet and down to the floor so she's resting with her shoulders and neck down on the floor but her ass up off it.

"Enough talk! Fuck my ass you fucker!!" Velvet demands with a glare, bringing her legs down close to her body as she hooks them, in the process spreading her legs to offer up her now slightly gaping asshole to him. "Fucking pound me like a slut!! I fucking need my big, sexy ass stuffed! NOW!!"

"You didn't say please... But alright..." The grinning former Trent Barreta in the WWE moves to stand over her, placing his hands on her thighs to keep her in place as she holds the piledriver-like position, allowing him to push his dick back into her asshole and once deep inside her, he proceeds to start hammering into her, making her moan out loudly as she tilts her two-toned haired head back. "MMMM!! Ahhhhh fuck yeah!! MMMM!! I'll fucking stuff your ass!!" He grunts as he plunges his shaft right down into her still nicely snug but far from as tight as she was when this started butt, rocking his hips sharply back and forth to drive his manhood right down into her, the sound of skin slapping against tanned and sweat-coated skin ringing out around the Knockout's locker room they're fucking in as he bangs her booty like it, and she, deserves to be.

"AHHHH! YES!! Mmmm!! Fuck fuck FUCK!! MMMM!!" Gasps and groans escape the stunning TNA Knockout as she takes the anal pounding she practically begged for, and it's rendering her unable to do anything but just remain down and take it, clutching onto her legs to hold them close to her large tits that are bouncing already from her body jolting back with each thrust she takes into her thick backside. "MMMM!! Yes! Ahhhh!! OOOOOOH FUCK!! Mmmmm!!" She moans loudly but without shame, her mouth hanging open with her tongue nearly falling out, so lost in the pleasure she's getting from having her stunning ass being fucked hard and fast by this handsome, desirable man she's only just met minutes ago and who is now balls deep inside her ass with his long, thick cock.

"Mmmm! AHHHH!! Yeah... I'll give you... MMMM!! What you want babe..." The former member of The Dude Busters tag team says as sweat beings to drip off his rugged facial features from the effort he's putting into ramming his dick deep in and out of the asshole of the curvacious female wrestler underneath him. His balls are smacking into her skin every time he plunges down to stuff her back passage full of his man meat but his grip on her prevents her from moving anywhere, so he's got a clear path to push right down into her booty before pulling up to the half way mark to repeat the motion. "MMMM!! Ahhhhh SHIT!! Mmmmm!! You must really... Ahhhh! Love anal, huh?" He manages to grin as he moans, moving one of his hands across to push a couple of fingers into her dripping wet snatch, showing off his own sexual skill as he times his pumping motion of his digits with the thrusts into her ass, so he's double penetrating her in both her lower holes at the same time and never missing a beat with either action.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! YESSS!! I fucking... MMMM!! Love getting FUCKED IN THE ASS MMMM!!!" The former holder of the TNA Knockouts titles in the singles and tag team ranks almost screams out as she glares back with pure lust, moaning again and again as she takes a finger banging in her pussy along with the deep and hard thrusts right down into her back passage, her rock hard nipples of her large tits grinding against her own legs as she clutches them close to stay in the piledriver position. "MMMM!! I'm so... AHHHH!! Fucking easy... MMMM!! I just have to get FUCKED by big cocks in my ass!!" She moans again without shame, looking more like a dirty, cock-craving, anal-loving whore than the gorgeous female wrestler she is, sweating hard as her stylish hair sticks to her face and her boobs continuing to bounce as her body jolts back against the floor with every swift thrust into her booty that she's made to take.

"AHHH!! Mmmmm... You said it... MMMM!! Not me..." The stud who failed to win the Ultimate X Match earlier tonight sure looks like a winner her as he keeps on driving his dick right down into the lustful Knockout's one-of-a-kind ass, going balls deep every time he pumps into her with swift, forceful pumps and all the while keeping his fingers moving rapidly in and out of her snatch while he does so. "All I know is... AHHHH! Mmmm... Is that damn... Ahhhh! This is a fine ass..." He manages to groan out as he delivers pump after deep, quick, and hard pump right into her back passage that's still nicely tight around his manhood despite the repeated pounding he's been dishing out to her as she lays back and takes it along with his expert fingering of her soaking wet snatch as his digits do in to the knuckles.

"AHHHH!! AWWWWW FUCK!! MMMMM!! AHHHHH! AHHHHH!!" A sudden rise in pitch of her moans, and her eyes looking like they are rolling into the back of her head, and the double assult on both of her lower holes finally becomes to much to handle as Velvet Sky starts to cum all over the fingers of Greg Marasciulo while he hammers away into her ass at the same time. She pants for breath as her juices flow out all over his fingers to further soak them, the fluids now dripping off his hand and down onto her tanned body that still jolts roughly every time she takes a thrust balls deep into her butt. "AHHHH! MMMM!! Awwwwww fuck!! Ahhhh!! MMMM!!" She doesn't even last all the way through her orgasm before she has to let go off her legs, just slumping back to the floor as her hips move against his pumping hand as he keeps on fingering her while he fucks her ass at the same time, her legs hanging limp and up in the air as the only thing still keeping her in the piledriver-like position is his own grip on her.

"AHHHHH!! FUCK!! Mmmm!! AHHHH!!" The former WWE Superstar has to fight to stay in control, his cock starting to throb inside her back passage as he continues to pound right down into her sexy ass with every last bit off energy he's got left, only pulling his fingers out of her dripping snatch when she finally starts to come down from her sexual peak. "MMMM!! Oh shit! MMMM!! Gonna bust soon babe..." He manages to hiss out, withdrawing his cock from her well fucked and now left gaping asshole, setting her lower body down on the locker room floor as he now moves around so he can knee down by her two-toned haired head, gripping his shaft as be begins to furiously stroke himself off, aiming right down at her face as he does so.

The gorgeously curved TNA Knockout hadn't even opened her eyes let alone recovered from her orgasm, so she could only gasp and groan when she felt the first thick load land on her face as Greg Marasciulo starts to blow his load, sending streams of spunk across the stunning facial features of Velet Sky. Pressing her pouty lips together, she just lets him get his as his jizz splashes all across her cheeks, nose, forehead, and lips, with some landing onto her stylish hair that's been sticking to her face from how much she'd sweat from getting fucked hard in the ass. When he finally milks himself dry of the final drops, he's able to step back and stand up to admire his work as she lays flat on her back, covered head to toe in sweat and now with her face plastered with so much cum it would look more likely that three men or so had just finished on her rather than the one, grinning hunk.

"Damn... When they say it's Total Nonstop Action... They weren't kidding..." Marasciulo says as his chest heaves as he catches some much needed breath after that intense fucking session.

"Mmmm... Damn right..." Sky says with a moan, wiping spunk from away from near her eyes so she can gaze up at him. "We Knockouts do it better... But none of them "let loose" quite like me..." She adds with a sexy smirk.

"Since I might not be around again here... I'll take your word for it... But are you just gonna lay there all night or what?" He asks with a smile of his own.

"Well... That depends on if you want to go a second round..." Velvet says as she manages to sit up. "And if you mind sharing with my man... Because as good as you were? I don't think you could hang with my Chris..."

"That a challenge babe? Bring it on!" Greg says, folding his arms across his chest. "Besides, sharing a hot chick with another dude? That's nothing for me..."

"Good..." She says with a grin, impressively getting back to her feet by herself. "Because this time? We're gonna need a whole lot more lube for what I want..."

* * *

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