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Consoling Paige
by Generic Dudeguy

Renee is walking back to her dressing room after filming Total Divas when she hears a mournful noise. She figures out it is coming from Paige's room and goes to investigate. Paige can be heard sobbing behind her door. She knocks on the door and asks, "Paige, what's the matter honey?"

"Uh, it's nothing. I'm just being dumb and emotional." The pale diva speaks up through the door with bated breath.

"Come on now Paige, you're not like the other whiny girls. When you're upset it's about something real. Can I come in? I hate hearing you so upset."

"I guess. You're not gonna want to listen to me bitch though."

Renee comes in and closes the door behind her. She sits on her knees next to Paige, who has the only chair at the make up desk. "Now tell me what's wrong, girl."

"It's just... It's just that, I wish I had a real relationship, you know? This stupid fake thing with that band guy, that's just for TV! I wish- I want something real, right! Just like every body else- I want someone who loves me and I've been so worried about finding the right person for me, and-"

Renee brings her hand up to Paige's face and runs her knuckle over her cheek. Paige takes a moment to catch her breath as she feels Renee's soft hand caress her pale skin. "Paige? Have you ever heard that sometimes, the right one has been right there, all along?"

Paige gives Renee a curious look as she breathes in as best she can. Before she can say anything, Renee moves closer, gliding her hand behind Paige's neck and twirling her raven hair. Paige gasps as goosebumps cover her neck, but she is too surprised too move. She doesn't know how she feels about this yet. She has long wondered about her bisexual curiosities and now she is being taken by another beautiful woman. Renee leans in and brings Paige's lips to her. Paige kisses back, their lips locking sensually until Renee grows bold. She finds a moment and slides her tongue into Paige's succulent lips, swashing her saliva with her crush's and tasting the concoction. Paige feels the advance and tickles it with her own tongue, loving the sweet taste of Renee's salivation.

The pale goddess makes her own advance as she wraps her arms around her lover, bringing her closer and hugging her tight. Renee returns the favor and they rub each other while making out. Then the blonde moves her arm back back around to grasp Paige's large breast, causing her lover to moan into her mouth. With her other hand, the skinny backstage personality eases her way down Paige's mid rif, slowly finding her crotch through her signature camo leggings. Paige gasps as her lips part ways with Renee.

"Ohhhhhhh, we're gonna have to bring this to the floor baby!"

Renee lets go as she feels the tight leggings growing moist. Paige gets out of the chair and lies on her back on the tile floor. Renee gets down on her stomach, spreading Paige's legs and placing her head between those gorgeous thighs.

As she rubs the inside of Paige's thighs, she looks up between them and locks eyes with the porcelain princess who asks, "Well what the bloody hell are you waiting for? Eat me!"

Renee pinches Paige's leggings between both hands' thumb and fore finger, gently and sensually tugging them off her pale legs. Beneath them is a white thin laced thong, already quite wet from the excitement. Paige shoves them off with impatience, grasps Renee's hair and pulls her face into her pussy. Renee opens wide and gets a mouthful of succulent, dripping, tasty pussy. She sucks on it and feels the juices pour into her mouth as she feels the sweet and salty lubrication on her tongue. She sticks her tongue out and searches for the clitoris buried between the thin lips of her lover. She feels something poke her tongue, and when she licks it slowly her suspicions are confirmed from Paige's shiver and groan. Renee goes to work on the sensitive pleasure center, feeling it push into her mouth and harden like a little cock. She sucks and strokes it with her tongue, sending chills up Paige's spine. She squeezes her thighs as Paige pushes on her head and bobs it in and out of her snatch.

"Oh baby, I had no idea you wanted to fuck my pussy like this!" Paige nearly screams from pleasure.

Renee just moans in agreement as she continues going down on her. Paige is so wet that each time Renee bobs her head out and back in her pussy makes a sloshy, slapping sound. When Renee laps at it with her tongue, she sends liquids splashing back on her face. She squeezes Paige harder as she picks up speed. Paige, sensing herself reaching the very beginning of an orgasm, but not wanting this to be over nearly yet, pulls Renee out of her cunt and sits up. She leans Renee on her back, then flips around and lies on top of her on the sixty-nine position. Her liquids drip onto Renee's face as she begins undoing the blonde's belt buckle and jean shorts. She spreads the zipper wide and holds down her white panties enough to reveal the beautiful, meaty, trimmed pussy beneath them. She reaches in beneath the cute blonde curls and spreads those fat lips, seeing the clitoris spilling out.

She licks at the soaked organ and feels it tingling at her touch. Paige may be new to this, but she is not clueless. Renee is quickly overtaken with bliss as her lover dines on her pussy. She squeezes her thighs together against Paige's head as she is overwhelmed by joy. She shivers, feeling Paige also shaking on top of her as she sucks on her little shaved pussy. As she does so she reaches behind it and squeezes Paige's plump ass in her hands. The firm ass cheeks resist her touch, and she jiggles them as they clench harder from pleasure. Renee runs her fingers into the crack between them and locates the little pink hole she lusts after. As she consumes the pretty pink pussy she slides a finger into the tight ass hole, wriggling it around and feeling it close around her. She pops her index finger in and out as Paige clenches around it to increase the sensation.

Paige squeeze's Renee's hips and shoves her tongue deeper into her secret lover. Renee trembles with each bob of Paige's head, bringing the pale beauty's mouth and nose slapping into her crotch. The sounds and feelings of this oral sex are driving them both crazy. Neither can resist cumming much longer, but they hold out as much as they can to continue fucking. Soon Paige's whole lower body is bucking atop her ride, and she feels the pressure build in her spine as she nears her climax. Finally she has to let it out as Renee plunges into her again, spraying her ooze all over her lover's face. Renee quickly pulls out and opens wide, letting the fluid fill her mouth. She licks the pussy clean while she builds up herself.

As Paige reaches around and toys with Renee's clit, she pushes her tongue into her fuck shaft. Renee is now trembling against her tongue, shaking sharply, until she too cums up and oozes on Paige's tongue. Paige laps it up and swallows the bittersweet fluids. She rolls over on her side, both ladies exhausted. Paige feels so much better, having completely forgotten her troubles.

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