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READ THIS FIRST!!! We, Kristi and Dice, want you to know that this is
fiction. Once more, fiction. It ain't true, didn't happen and probably won't
ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Courting Christian
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside the office of ECW General Manager Theodore Long, the ECW Assistant
General Manager, the lovely and sweet, Tiffany is seated at the desk, dressed
in a short white skirt and a black buttoned blouse as she is replying to a
text message on her pink Blackberry when the office phone rings. Tiffany
pauses and presses her soft lips together as she finishes her reply and sets
the Blackberry down on the desk and picks up an ECW contract for a possible
new arrival to the brand. Tiffany starts to scan through the contract making
sure all the right points and details are stated when the phone office begins
to ring. Tiffany sets the contract down on the desk and picks up the phone.
"Theodore Long's office..." Tiffany says in a sweet, charming voice.

"Holla Holla... Tiffany, this is Teddy..." The familiar voice of ECW General
Manager Theodore Long says with the loud sound of a several car horns honking
being heard in the background.

"Oh hey Mr. Long!" Tiffany says excitedly with a cute laugh. "I mean...Holla
Hola..." Tiffany says, pressing her soft lips together and glances up at the
clock inside the office. "Ummm...Mr. Long, don't you have that meeting here
soon at your office?"

"Yes I do and that's why I'm calling, I'm stuck here in traffic, so I need
you to handle the meeting... I know it's a big task baby girl, but I'm sure
you'll be able to handle it..." Teddy Long says.

Tiffany bites down on her bottom and softly sighs "Oh gee Teddy...I don't

"Don't worry Tiffany, most of the major negotiating has already been taking
cared of, you need to make sure the contracts are signed," Teddy Long

"Ok!" Tiffany replies and laughs "I can do that!"

"That's what I like to hear, now the individual you'll be meeting with should
be arriving soon.... Holla Holla!" Teddy Long says before he hangs up,
leaving Tiffany very little time to prepare for the upcoming meeting. Tiffany
stands up from her seat behind Theodore Long's desk and starts to slide her
hands against her white skirt to straighten it out.

Less than five minutes later, there's a knock on the door of the office,
"Teddy?" a male voice says from out in the hallway.

Tiffany rubs her soft, pouty lips together before she nervously cups her
hands together and calls out "Come in..."

The door opens, and current free agent Christian enters. Christian is wearing
black jeans, a tan colored button shirt and a brown jacket, "I'm here to see
Teddy Long..." Christian says after he glances around before saying anything
to Tiffany.

Tiffany blushes a bit and smiles "Hi...I'm Tiffany, the Assistant General
Manager of ECW, I'm be handling the rest of your contract." Tiffany says
locking her adorable eyes with Christian "Mr. Long is terribly sorry to not
be here, he got stuck in some traffic..."

Christian smirks a bit, "All right... well I was hoping to talk to Teddy
about a few small factors..." Christian says as he closes the office door.

Tiffany innocently smiles as she steps back towards the desk and picks up the
contract before turning back to Christian "Well...I'm sure I'll be able to
address those factors with you..." Tiffany says as she carries the contract
in her hands and walks over towards the leather couch before sitting down.

"All right.... that sounds good..." Christian says before he walks over to
the couch and sits down. "I'll be real blunt about this, Teddy wants me here
on ECW to replace Matt Hardy, who showed his true colors back at the Rumble,
plus everyone knows I'm an instant and proven World Title contender.... so
I'm very, very interested in challenging whoever wins between Finlay and that
guy who talks funny..." Christian says.

"That would be Jack Swagger..." Tiffany replies before nodding her head and
glances down at the contract, scanning the contents with her eyes "I see that
Mr. Long has worked that detail into your contract already..."

"Good ol' Teddy... always one step ahead of the game..." Christian says with
a smirk, "Now are there any extra incentives I should know about... I don't
want to end up getting the shaft like that MVP character on SmackDown because
of a total number of wins..."

Tiffany looks up at Christian and sweetly smiles before shaking her head "Not
that I see...however, I did notice one item that I believe you will like..."
Tiffany pauses and bites down on her bottom lip cutely "In the contract it
does state that Mr. Long will arrange for your own private dressing room
including catering..."

"Boy... Teddy is really determined to get me here..." Christian says before
he checks out Tiffany, "But how do I know I'm really wanted around here...
cause I've had some big offers to stay where I was, from RAW.... from Japan
and even some groups over in the

Tiffany lightly flips her smooth blonde hair back and scrunches her nose up
slightly "Well...would there be anything you'd like to include in your
contract? Mr. Long and I are very negotiable..."

Christian smirks a bit, "Oh really? And exactly... how negotiable are you?"
Christian asks.

Tiffany pauses for a moment and cutely laughs "Well...I think I can be very
negotiable." Tiffany says with a confident nod of her head "Is there
something certain you would like in your contract?"

"Yeah... I'd like for you to help me with some... personal matters from time
to time..." Christian says with a grin.

Tiffany looks at Christian and raises an eyebrow as she sits next to him on
the couch. "Ummm...ok..." Tiffany replies before nodding her head "I think
that could be worked out..." Tiffany says before pausing and then asking
"Just what kind of personal matters though?"

Christian smirks, "You look like a smart girl...." Christian says before he
starts to lean towards Tiffany. Christian tilts his head and begins to kiss
the side of Tiffany's slender neck while he places a hand on her skirt
covered thigh.

Tiffany cutely laughs and squirms slightly as she feels Christian's lips
against her slender, sweet scented neck "Mmm...I don't know about that..."
Tiffany replies as she feels Christian's hand sliding underneath her white
skirt, against her tanned, soft thigh.

"Mmm... I think you do..." Christian says as he again kisses the side of
Tiffany's neck while he slides his hand back and forth against her soft,
smooth thigh.

Tiffany turns slightly and places her hands gently on Christian's shirt
covered chest to lightly push him away from her. Tiffany blushes and smiles
at Christian "You want me to have sex with you?" Tiffany asks.

Christian smirks, "Boy you are smart..." Christian says before nodding his
head slightly to answer Tiffany's question.

Tiffany lightly licks her lips, locking her adorable eyes with Christian
"Sign the contract first..." Tiffany says in a soft, sweet tone.

Christian smirks a bit as Tiffany hands him the contract and a pen, "Teddy
picked a good assistant..." Christian says as he flips the contract to the
last page and signs his name.

"Good..." Tiffany says as she takes the contract and pen from Christian
against he signs on the dotted line. Tiffany sets the pen and contract on the
coffee table before she turns to Christian and starts to eagerly go to work
on the belt of Christian's pants, unbuckling the belt and sliding the belt
easily from his waist.

"Mmmmm... I think I made a good choice...' Christian says as Tiffany pulls
the belt through the loops of his pants before she undoes his pants.
Christian leans forward on the couch and takes off his jacket. Tiffany slides
off of the couch and onto the floor, positioning herself down on the floor in
front of Christian on her knees as she gently slides her hands against his
legs before she starts to lower his jeans. Christian licks his lips as
Tiffany slides his pants down his legs, freeing his hardening thick cock.
Christian takes off his t-shirt revealing his toned, tanned upper body as
Tiffany wraps her right hand around his cock. Tiffany licks her soft, pouty
and moist lips as she gently guides her right hand up and down Christian's
rapidly hardening cock as she lifts her adorable eyes and looks up at him.
Tiffany feels his cock enlarging against her soft hand before she lowers her
blonde haired head and gently brushes her wet tongue against the head of his

"Mmmmmm...." Christian moans as Tiffany strokes his cock while she flicks her
tongue against the large head of his dick

Tiffany cutely slides her wet tongue back and forth against the head of
Christian's cock, nicely lathering the tip with her saliva before she opens
her adorable mouth and lowers her head to take Christian's cock into her
pleasant, hot and wet mouth. "Mmmmm..." Tiffany softly moans and wraps her
lips against his shaft before she starts to gently bob her head.

"Ahhhh.... mmmm..." Christian moans as Tiffany bobs her head slowly up and
down on the top half of his cock while she keeps her right hand wrapped
around the lower half.

"Mmmmmm....mmmmmm" Tiffany softly moans against Christian's cock as she
steadily bobs her head up and down on the upper half of his shaft while she
guides her right hand against the lower portion. Tiffany lightly turns her
head on his cock as she scoots closer between Christian's legs, remaining
down on her knees.

"Ahhhhh..... ohhhh damn..." Christian moans as Tiffany continues to slowly
bob her head up and down on his cock. Tiffany slowly lets go of his cock as
she starts to lower her head further on his dick. Tiffany's soft, moist lips
drag up and down against Christian's long and hard shaft as she lifts and
lowers her head at a quicker pace, eagerly taking him further into her
incredible skilled, wet and perfect mouth.

"Ahhhh.... mmmmm....." Christian licks his lips as he watches closely as
Tiffany lifts and lowers her head up and down on his shaft at a nice, brisk
pace. Tiffany gently slaps her wet tongue against the bottom side of
Christian's cock as she quickly moves her head up and down his shaft,
expertly slurping and sucking his large cock.

"Ohhhh.... ahhhh shit..." Christian groans as Tiffany twirls her tongue
against his cock while she takes it a bit further into her warm, wet and
soothing mouth. Tiffany glances up at Christian as she smoothly and expertly
moves her head up and down to suck on his thick and long shaft. Tiffany turns
her head slightly and slaps her tongue against the tender underbelly of his

"Mmmmmm... come on..." Christian moans as Tiffany's tongue hit's against the
bottom side of his shaft. Christian leans forward and starts to unbutton
Tiffany's black blouse. Tiffany cutely laughs around Christian's cock as she
turns her head smoothly on his cock, slobbering his shaft with her saliva as
Christian manages to unbutton her black blouse.

Christian licks his lips as he sees Tiffany's large, round and juicy tits as
he unbuttons Tiffany's blouse. He then begins to pull off of her body, which
causes Tiffany to raise her arms one at time so that the can easily slip out
of the sleeves of her blouse. Tiffany slowly and gently lifts her head from
Christian's cock, watching the saliva drip down his shaft. Tiffany bites down
on her bottom lip and innocently looks up at the newest Superstar to the ECW
Roster. Christian smirks down at Tiffany as she starts rock backward on her
knees until she leans back to lay on the floor. Christian slides off the
couch and kneels between Tiffany's legs before he places his hands on her
waist in order to roll up her skirt. Tiffany raises her incredibly smooth,
gorgeously tanned, long legs into the air as Christian rolls her white skirt
up to her waist to reveal her nicely shaved pussy. Christian gently lays
Tiffany's legs against his muscular chest, draping her legs over his
shoulders as he scoots closer to the ECW Assistant General Manager. Christian
licks his lips as he scoots on his knees to better position himself before he
guides his thick, saliva covered cock into Tiffany's tight, warm pussy.

"Ohhhhh...mmmmm..." Tiffany softly moans as she feels Christian's thick cock
penetrating her moist and warm pussy. Tiffany closes her eyes, laying her
blonde haired head completely back against the floor of the office while
Christian starts to smoothly pump his shaft into her.

"Ahhh.... ohhh..." Christian moans as he rocks on his knees as he thrusts his
cock firmly in and out of Tiffany's tight, wet pussy.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh yeah..." Tiffany cutely moans as she lightly slides on her
back against the floor as Christian increases the pace of his thrusts to fuck
her tight, warm pussy.

"Ahhhh... mmmm.... shit..." Christian moans as he slides his hands against
Tiffany's legs as he pumps his cock harder and faster into Tiffany's pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah...mmmm Christian" Tiffany moans as she lightly pushes
herself back against his deeply thrusting cock as he continues to pound her

"Mmmmm ahhhh.... ohhh yeah..." Christian licks his lips as he pumps his cock
faster and harder into Tiffany's pussy while she pushes forward against him.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh yeah!" Tiffany moans as she starts to playfully grind her
tight and wet pussy against his shaft, feeling each thrust becoming quicker
and firmer.

"Mmmmm.... ahhh.... awww...." Christian leans forward a bit so that his
thighs are pressing against Tiffany's legs as he slams his entire cock into
her pussy. Tiffany arches her body slightly and rolls her eyes back as she
feels Christian's cock ramming deeper into her pussy, as he begins to pull
her tanned body against his cock. Christian grits his teeth as his ball sack
smack loudly against Tiffany's smooth skin thanks to each of his sharp
thrusts. Christian then slows his thrusts down until he completely stops and
pulls his cock out of Tiffany's pussy. Tiffany licks her lips and sits up on
the office floor before she turns onto her stomach and lifts herself onto her
hands and knees, showing her off her nicely tanned, juicy ass to Christian.

Christian smirks, "I think I'm going to really enjoy myself in ECW..."
Christian says as he puts his hands on Tiffany's ass cheeks. Christian
lightly squeezes Tiffany's ass with both of his hands before he pushes his
cock back into Tiffany's moist and warm pussy.

"Ohhhhhh!'ll definitely love getting extreme each week!" Tiffany
cutely moans and tilts her blonde haired head back and starts to lightly rock
forward on her knees as Christian pushes his cock deeply into her tight

"Ahhhh... mmmm.... aww..." Christian moans as he rocks on his own knees while
he thrusts his cock in and out of Tiffany's wet pussy. Christian slides his
hands to Tiffany's waist as he quickly increases the pace of his thrusts.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh Christian" Tiffany sweetly moans as her nicely tanned, juicy
rounded ass smacks against his muscular waist while his cock drives deeply
into her pussy.

"Mmmmm.... ahhhh... aww..." Christian licks his lips as he pulls Tiffany back
towards himself as he drives his large, thick cock in and out of her pussy.
Tiffany slowly glances over her shoulder and smiles back at Christian while
she smoothly and steadily rocks back and forth on her knees as Christian
continues to thrust himself into her tight pussy.

"Mmmmmm... awww yeah... ahhh fuck...." Christian groans as he drives his cock
deeply into Tiffany's tight wet pussy while her ass smacks against his toned

Tiffany starts to quickly rock back and forth on her knees to push herself
eagerly against his shaft. "Ohhhhh! Mmmmmm! Ohhhhh!" Tiffany moans as she
grinds her pussy against his cock.

"Mmmmm.... ahhhh shit.... awww.... mmm..." Christian licks his lips as he
rapidly drives his cock into Tiffany's moist pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh shit!" Tiffany moans as her pussy tightens against his shaft
and she begins to cum.

"Mmmm.... ahhhh.... shit... aww..." Christian groans as he starts to cum
inside of Tiffany's pussy as her pussy juices drip all over his cock. Tiffany
closes her eyes and licks her lips as she feels the warm rush of Christian's
cum exploding into her pussy as he gradually slows down his thrusts.
"Mmmm.... ahh..." Christian tilts his head back as he comes to a complete
stop. Christian pulls his cum spent shaft out of Tiffany's wet pussy.

Tiffany cutely laughs and glances over her shoulder to smile back at
Christian "I really do hope you're happy with signing with ECW..."

Christian smirks, "I'm sure I will... as soon as I win the ECW title..."


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