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PAIRING: Torrie Wilson/Two Fans

1st, my fanfic will often deal with strange situations/pairings, so if you're
easily shocked/offended, don't bother reading any further. Also, a lot of
these stories deal with wrestlers that are "Past There Prime", so to speak.
Just imagine all the wrestlers in the best shape of their career, and you'll
be fine.

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4th, this story is written from the viewpoint that what happens on TV isn't
real, that the wrestlers are actors and know it's just a storyline.

5th, this series isn't written in any chronological order. Just random
stories with a common thread, that all have a WWE Playboy cover girl in them.
This takes place around the time of Torrie's Playboy cover.

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Cover Girls - Torrie Wilson In Wet And Wild Workout
by Nero Rain (

Feeling another yawn pushing it's way up from her lungs, Torrie tried in vain
to keep her mouth shut, settling for putting her hand over it and letting the
yawn out when she realized it was futile to try and hold it back. Shaking her
head, she finished off the last of the yawn before leaning forward, scowling
as Billy came strolling back to there seats, his hands full of egg McMuffins
and hash browns, a coffee held between his chest and arm.

"How much longer?" He asked, crumbs of food falling out of his mouth as he
flopped down beside her.

Crinkling her nose up in disgust, she scooted away from the falling food. "A
few more minutes before we have to board." She said. Looking over at the mass
of food, she asked, "Did you get me anything?"


"Of course not." She grumbled softly, her stomach grumbling slightly in it's
own form disgust for his thoughtlessness. Looking at her watch, she asked,
"Why did you get our flights this early. Even the wakeup lady at the hotel
was half asleep!"

"Dunno." He said, more interested in the sandwich in his hand than the blonde
to his left. "Only flight I guess."

"Miami is a major airport." She said. "Spokane is a fair sized airport. They
must have had more flights..."

"What do you want me to say?" He asked, looking at her, annoyed at the
disruption in his gorging. "These were what I got."

Shaking her head, she turned away, looking out the windows of the terminal
and looking at the jet parked at the end of the long tunnel. "Hopefully we
won't be to much longer. I wanna grab something to eat on the plane."

"Now boarding flight 315 to Miami..."

"My hero." She joked, standing up and grabbing her suitcase.

"Grab my suitcase?" Billy asked, holding up his food as proof as to why he
couldn't get his own suitcase as he walked away.

Watching him go, Torrie started to say something, but stopped herself,
shaking her head as she grabbed his suitcase and drug it off the chair,
dragging the wheel-less suitcase towards a luggage cart and hoisting it on
with a grunt. "After like six years, you'd think I'd be used to it..." She
grumbled, grabbing the cart and pushing it towards the entranceway, waiting
her turn to move as Billy shoved and elbowed his way to the front of the

Leaning forward and resting her head against the metal of the cart, Torrie
wanted to close her eyes and go to sleep, debating whether it would be worth
it getting another flight to grab a few more hours of sleep.

"Torrie Wilson?"

Taking a deep breath, she stood up, putting a smile on her tired face and
turning towards the voice, smiling at the male and female fan standing behind
her. "Hi." She said.

"Wow, it is you!" The woman said, her face beaming.

"It's me." She said, smiling. "Can I help you...?"

"Oh!" The guy said, snapping himself out of his trance. "God, we're sorry.
Standing here spazing..."

"It's alright." She assured them. "Gotta wait for the plane to board."

" you think...if it's not a problem..."

"Got something to sign?" Torrie asked, realizing the question before it was

Quickly nodding, the pair went for their bags, zipping open a side pocket,
reaching in and grabbing something. Holding out the small pieces of paper,
they smiled at Torrie.

"Could you sign our tickets?" The guy asked. "We flew in from Jersey to see

"You did?" She asked. When they smiled and nodded, she grinned. "Hope it was
a good show."

"It was." The woman said. "I couldn't believe it when Sable came back!"

"Yea, that kinda shocked me to." Torrie admitted with a smile, taking her
ticket and signing it.

"Umm..." The guy said, looking slightly embarrassed as they moved the line
up. "Do you have any idea when...umm..." Looking at the woman, he stopped

Laughing, the woman looked at Torrie, who was looking at the guy, confused.
"I think what my boyfriend is trying to ask is do you know when your Playboy
is coming out? We tried to find it in the stores, but they only had last
months issue."

"I believe..." Torrie said, taking his ticket and signing it. "In a week? I
think this coming Tuesday, but don't quote me on that. It's not out yet,
that's all I know for sure."

"Ok." The guy said, looking relieved that his girlfriend had taken the heat.

"That it?" Torrie asked.


"Spit it out, guy." Torrie joked. "We've already got the Playboy question out
of the way."

"Could we get a picture?" He asked.

Smiling, Torrie nodded. "Of course! I've got nothing better to do..."

"Except move up in line..."

Looking back, Torrie shuffled forward, moving the cart before turning back to
the couple. Watching as he pulled his camera out of his carry on bag, she
whimpered softly as she saw a few Snickers bars beside it. Looking up at her,
he saw her looking down at the bars. Grabbing one, he held it up. "Want?"

Sighing, she shook her head. "I would...but I don't take candy from
strangers." She joked. "My mom taught me that." When they laughed, she said,
"Ok, so, pictures?"

Nodding, the guy motioned for his girlfriend to get beside Torrie, holding up
the camera and taking a quick picture as she got in place, before changing
places with her, going to put his arm around her, but stopping. Seeing that,
Torrie smiled, grabbing his arm and putting it over her shoulder. "That's for
offering the bar." She teased, looking back at the camera and smiling as his
girlfriend took their picture.

"Thank you so much Torrie!" The woman said.

"No problem." She said, turning around and pushing her cart ahead. "Made the
line go quicker, anyways, right?"


Moving up towards the check in gate, Torrie reached into her pocket, grabbing
her ticket and holding it out, letting the ticket taker rip off the end as
she moved past the gate.


Turning to face the ticket taker, Torrie smiled. "Yes?"

"You have to leave the cart here."

Sighing, Torrie nodded, grabbing the suitcases and lifting them off the cart.
"I'm sorry." She said. "I forgot..."

"Let me get that!"

Looking back, and seeing the couple come through the gate, Torrie smiled,
watching as the guy moved towards her. "Do you need a hand?"

Smiling, she nodded, nudging Billy's towards him. "If you don't mind..."

"Torrie! Torrie!"

Letting her head drop, she sighed loudly, wanting to bury her face in the
sand as Billy called out her name.

"Torrie! Help!"

Looking up at the couple, Torrie smiled softly. "Looks like I gotta get it."
She said. "But thanks for the offer."

Grabbing Billy's suitcase and dragging them both towards the sound of his
voice, her mood went from tired to anger as she saw Billy standing off to the
side, three security guards surrounding him, another two moving towards them.

"Hey, hey!" He yelled. "Back up, rent-a-cops!"

"Excuse me?" Torrie said quietly, drawing the unwanted attention of the five
officers. "What seems to be the problem?"

"Is this guy with you?" One of the guards asked.

Realizing the guards hand was on his gun, Torrie debated whether to say yes
or no. ~I could just leave him.~ She thought to herself. ~Maybe teach him
a lesson...~

"Of course she knows me!" Billy yelled. "She's my fiancÚ!"

Not wanting to, Torrie nodded her head. "I'm his fiancÚ." She said. "What did
he do this time?"

"This time?" Billy said.

"He claimed to have a bomb." The guard with the itchy trigger finger said.

"I joked!" Billy said.

"Billy..." Torrie whined softly. Looking at the guard, she said, "He doesn't
have a bomb. Trust me, he's just being stupid." Seeing the guard look at her,
she said, "He really doesn't. If he did, do you think he'd tell you?"

Looking back at Billy, the guard slowly pulled his hand away from his gun.
"It's a serious offence to make threats in a airport."

Shaking his head, Billy pushed past the guards, moving towards the gate.

"Billy!" Torrie snapped, gaining his attention. "Take your suitcase! My arm
is getting sore."

"My hands are full!" He argued.

"Then you're leaving it here." Torrie said, grabbing her suitcase and moving
down the hallway to the entrance ramp, making Billy scramble to catch up.

"Hey! Wait up!" He yelled, huffing and puffing as he made his way beside her.

"Billy..." She whined softly, moving onto the plane. "I'm tired, I'm sore,
and I just want to sit down and relax." Looking at her ticket and trying to
find her seat, she whined as she saw it. "You didn't get me a window seat?"

"Got what I could." He mumbled, moving into the seat and plunking down.

Looking down at his suitcase in the isle, Torrie sighed as she reached up and
opened the overhead compartment, hoisting her suitcase up and into the
compartment before grabbing his, lifting it up and stuffing it in, letting
his be the outer one, knowing he'd probably be up and down ten times during
the fight to get something.

Plunking down in her chair with a sigh, Torrie flagged down one of the
stewardess. When the woman made her way over, Torrie gave her a polite smile,
her face not showing how tired and pissed she was. "Excuse me." She said
softly. "Is it to early to get an orange juice?"

Looking down at Torrie, the woman shook her head, making Torrie's face light
up, until she spoke.

"There isn't any food on this flight." The woman said. "It's a budget flight.
I could probably get you a glass of water..."

"Never mind." Torrie said as politely as her rising anger would let her.
"Thank you." When the woman turned and walked down the isle, Torrie turned
her glare towards Billy. "A budget flight?" She asked, watching as he popped
the last of his food into his mouth, guzzling the lukewarm coffee down,
spilling some on his already stained shirt. "They have no food!"

"I know." He said. "Why do you think I got breakfast before we boarded?"

"You could have told me!" She hissed.

"I did!" He said.

"No you didn't!" She insisted. "If you would have, don't you think I would
have gotten something at McDonald's to? You know, assuming you bothered to
tell me you were going?"

"Whatever." He said, leaning back and closing his eyes. "Turn your light off,
will ya? I didn't get much sleep last night."

Scowling at him, Torrie shook her head as she reached up and hammered off her
light. ~Yea, staying up playing video games with the other retards will do
that.~ She thought, crossing her arms over her chest as she prepared for the
flight, her stomach rumbling and her head thumping with a headache.

* * *

"Alright, seriously, Billy, please stop." Torrie groaned. "It's an hour drive
from the airport home. Could you stop fiddling with the dials for like ten

"I'm just trying to find a good station." Billy said, his hand continuing to
push the seek button on the radio.

"You've been over them all three times." She said. "And they haven't changed
in years! How can you not know what's good and what isn't by now?"

Ignoring her, Billy kept pushing seek, moving from station to station,
stopping long enough to catch a fragment of a song before switching to the
next one. Reaching below the radio with his other hand, he went to grab
another dial, before Torrie's hand shot out, slapping his away. "What the

"It's like nine hundred degrees in here!" She said. "You do not need the heat

"I'm cold!"

"It's spring in Florida!" She said. "People kill to have this kind of
weather. It is not cold!"

"I'm cold." He said, resisting her attempts to push his hand away again,
grabbing the heat dial and cranking it open full.

"Fuck that." She said, reaching out and turning it off. "If you were cold,
you shouldn't have just worn that filthy shirt and shorts." Looking over at
him, she scowled at the sight of his filthy wife-beater. "Do you ever change?
I think you wore that in WCW..."

"I do change, snob..."

"Snob?" She spat. "What? Just because I'd like you to change your t-shirt
more than once a month? That thing can probably talk it's so filthy!"

"Now you're being stupid."

"Says the person who's cold in seventy six degree weather with the sun
pounding down on the car."

"Now you're just being a bitch."

"I'm tired..."

"Your always tired."

"I'm always fighting with you." She snapped. Seeing him reach for the dial
again, she punched his hand away. "Leave the fucking heat alone! Just that!
Fuck with the radio, the glove box, whatever, but please, for my sanity, just
leave the heat alone!"

Seeing his hand reach out, she watched him carefully, watching as he
reached for the radio dial. Sighing in relief, she turned her attention back
to the road, trying to steer the car home and not into a lamp pole. Hearing
a dial click, she expected some radio station to come blaring over the
speakers, but instead caught a blast of hot air in the face. Firing her hand
out, she slammed the dial back down to off, snapping her head around and
glaring at Billy, who was laughing hysterically.

"You think this is funny?"

"Hysterical, yes."

Clenching her teeth together, Torrie pointed at him, her anger boiling
over. "Thirty minutes. That's all I ask for. Thirty minutes of hassle free
driving, but no, it's always fucking with the dials, or windows up, windows
down, or piss breaks every five minutes. Are you a fucking child?"

"Says the person throwing a temper tantrum..."

"I'm about to throw something else..." Torrie grumbled. "Could this day get
any more stressful?"

Hearing a noise from behind the car, Billy spun around in his seat, looking
out the back window and laughing harder at the flashing lights behind them.
"I think it just might..."

Looking in the rearview mirror, Torrie whined as she saw the police cruiser
behind her. Realizing it wasn't going to go flying past her onto fight
some crime, she slowed down, pulling off to the side of the road, Billy's
laughter ringing in her ears as she killed the engine and dropped her head
onto the steering wheel, bouncing it off the hard plastic. "You have to be
fucking kidding me..." She groaned, her left hand reaching out blindly and
finding the window down button, rolling down the window as she heard the
patrol cars door slam shut. Sitting up, she turned towards the window,
looking up as the officer came to the window.

"License and registration, please." He said.

Nodding, Torrie reached up to her sun visor, pulling it down and pulling
out her registration before retrieving her license from her purse, handing
them to the office. "What's the problem, officer?"

"Your doing seventy-three in a fifty zone." He said, looking over her
license. "And you ran a red-light a few blocks back."

"I did?" She squeaked. When he nodded, she sighed. "I'm sorry. Is it going
to be one ticket or two?"

Looking down at her, he pulled up his sunglasses. "What?"

"One ticket or two?" She asked. "You said speeding and running a red
light. I was just wondering if it they got put on one ticket, or two."

Looking slightly confused, the cop asked, "Your not gonna try and talk
your way out of it?" Realizing what he had said, he quickly started to
backtrack, saying, "I mean, you..." Before Torrie cut him off.

"Look, officer..." She said, reading his nametag. "Lynch, I'm having a
really messed up day. My husband..." She said, pointing her thumb at Billy.
"Keeps frigging with the heat and radio, and I got distracted. My fault, and
I'd just like to get this over with, and get home. So if you could just write
out the ticket, or tickets, and let me go on my way, I'd be grateful."

"If you say so..."

"I really do." She said. "Like I said, I messed up. Won't happen again."

"Here you go." Officer Lynch said, ripping off the ticket and handing it to
her. "For the record, it's only one."

"Thank you." She said, taking the ticket and giving him a wave before rolling
up the window. Looking over at Billy, and seeing him chuckling, she glared at
him. "Three blocks." She spat. "Three blocks from home and you get me a
fucking ticket because you can't leave the fucking heat alone!"

"It's not my fault it's cold." He laughed.

Letting out a sigh, Torrie shook her head, starting the engine and putting
the car back in drive. ~Don't give in.~ She thought. ~He's just fucking with usual. Don't give him the satisfaction of getting even more angry.~
Pushing her foot down on the gas, Torrie paid close attention to the speed,
ignoring the blast of hot air that hit her as Billy switched the heat back
on. ~Get home, then get away from him.~ She told herself.

Pulling onto her street, she pushed her foot down a little harder on the
gas, boosting the speed up to fifty, eager to get home as quick as possible.
Turning the steering wheel and starting into her drive way, Torrie finally
started to relax, the sight of her home comforting her.


Hammering her foot on the break, Torrie's head whipped around, looking for
whatever she was about to hit. "What? Why?" Torrie asked quickly, not finding

Unbuckling his seat belt, Billy opened his door, sliding out of the car. "I
wanna grab the mail. See if my thing came." Standing up beside the car, he
leaned in, asking, "Get my suitcase?" Before slamming the door shut, ignoring
her glare as he turned and shuffled towards the mailbox.

"Are you fuck..." She started, before shaking her head, taking a deep breath
to try and calm her nerves. "Don't let him get to you." She repeated, putting
her foot on the gas and driving up the driveway.

Pulling up as close to the house as she could, Torrie turned the car off,
pulling the keys out and hooking them on her finger before undoing her seat
belt and opening the door, sliding out of the car. Moving around to the back,
she scowled as Billy hovered around the mailbox, looking through whatever it
was had come, purposely staying away to avoid doing any work.

"Isn't it the guys who are supposed to get things for women?" She asked
herself, popping the trunk and reaching in, grabbing her suitcase and pulling
it out. Reaching back, she grabbed his suitcase and jerked up, only to be
stopped and pulled back by the weight of it. "What the fuck?" she asked,
reaching in with both hands and heaving the suitcase up and out of the trunk,
grunting with exertion. "This thing weighs a ton!" She said. "How does his
weigh more than mine! I actually change my cloths!"

Shaking her head, Torrie started shuffling towards the front door of her
house, her luggage slung under her arm, Billy's grasped in her hand as she
slide the key into the lock. Turning her body into the key turn, she sighed
as she heard the lock snap open. Pulling her keys out and setting them back
in her pocket, she gathered herself before gripping the doorknob, giving it
a twist and throwing the door open, rushing in and stumbling over something
as she raced towards the alarm. Dropping to the floor with a grunt, she
pushed the luggage aside as she quickly jumped up, knowing she was running
out of time.

Getting to the panel, she hammered in her code as quickly as she could,
praying it was quick enough. Hearing the familiar beeps of the alarm, she
sighed with relief, leaning against the wall and rubbing her elbows, looking
back and glaring at the muddy track shoes that she had stumbled over in her
haste to get in the house.

"Fucking slob..." She grumbled, looking up as the slob in question came into
the door, stepping over the shoes with a knowledge that they'd be there.
Watching as Billy looked over the mail in his hand, she asked, "Was it really
necessary to go check the mail before we got it? I almost killed myself
getting our suitcases in!"

"Hey, I'm waiting for something!" He said defensively, dropping the unwanted
mail onto the couch as he pulled out a magazine with a smile.

"Sports Illustrated?" She asked. When he nodded and smiled, she asked, "You
were waiting for Sports Illustrated?" As he nodded again, she said, "You do
realize it comes every week, right?"

"I need to read it!" He said. "It's the only magazine I get..."

"Besides ESPN, Maxim, FHM, Stuff, Maxim UK, FHM UK, Playboy, Penthouse..."

"It's my favorite!"

"Could you please pick up your shoes?" Torrie asked, rubbing her forehead in
an effort to try and clear up the headache that was coming. "They've been
there for like a month, and I keep tripping over them."

"Then step over them." Billy said, plunking down in his lazy boy and opening
up his magazine to the first page. "What's for supper?"

Choosing to ignore him ignoring her request, she said, "You just ate!"

"Like two hours ago."

"Like twenty minutes ago." Torrie grumbled, grabbing her suitcase. "Get a

"Does that mean your not cooking something?"

"That would be correct." She said. "I'm stuffed still."

"Do we have anything to eat?"

"We have a kitchen full of stuff." Dragging her suitcase towards the
staircase, she said, "Knock yourself out..." Before adding quietly,

"Could you make me something?"

Sighing with frustration, she said, "Billy, I just want to get my stuff
unpacked, and maybe go work out..."

"Work out?" He asked. When she nodded, he said, "At this hour? The gyms

"Mike will stay open if I ask him to." She said. "You wanna come along? I'm

"No." Billy said quickly.

"Of course not." Torrie grumbled softly, climbing up the stairs. "Let me go
out after dark alone just because you're to fucking lazy to get off your ass
to work out. Pretty soon your guts going to slap you in the face when you do
you shooting star press..."

Dragging her suitcase into her room, she hoisted it onto the bed. Zipping it
open and looking into it, she sighed softly, looking at the neat mess it was
in. ~Do I really want to do this?~ She thought. ~I could just put this off
till tomorrow...crawl in bed...curl up with Billy...get some sleep...~

"Torrie! Where's the Pepsi? Torrie!"

"Yes, I have to." She grumbled. "In the fridge! On the door!"

"Are there any clean glasses?"

"Did you do the dishes like I asked you to?"


"Well then?" Ignoring his grumbling, she reached into her suitcase, pulling
out some of her clothes and walking them over to the laundry hamper. "Get
this done, get out of here for a while." She told herself.

"Can you wash me a glass?"

Throwing the clothes into the hamper with a grunt, she yelled, "Can't you
clean a glass?"

"I'm reading!"

"And I'm putting my stuff away!"

"Can you put my stuff away to?"

Putting her hands over her face, Torrie took slow, deep breaths, trying to
calm herself, trying to ignore Billy. Shaking her head, she moved over to the
phone. "I have to get out of here." She said firmly. Picking up the phone and
punching in the number, she held the receiver to her ear, waiting for the
other end to pick up.

"Mike's Gym..."

"Mike?" She asked quickly.

"Hey Torrie." He said. "Calling late."

"I know." She said, biting her bottom lip. "I was hoping you were still

"Should I assume for the regular reason?" He asked with a smile.

"Yea." She said. "Would you mind staying open for a while? I need to work
out, and I don't feel like doing it here right now..."

"No problem." He assured her. "I have to do some paper work anyways, so if
you don't mind going it alone..."

"Is Alex there?" She asked hopefully.

Looking out into the gym area, and spotting a guy spotting one of the few
stragglers left at the gym, Mike told her, "He's here. Want me to ask..."

"If it's not to much trouble." Torrie said, biting her bottom lip. "I know
I'm a pain in the ass..."

"I'm sure he won't mind." He assured her. Chuckling, he said, "It's either
this or the Roadhouse marathon on TBS. I'm sure he'd pick seeing you again
over that."

"So long as he doesn't mind." She said.

"You want me to ask him before you come out?"

"No, no, that's ok." Torrie said. "I don't wanna guilt trip him into staying.
I'll be down shortly. Just gotta finish up unpacking."

"I'll keep an eye on the door and watch for ya."

"Thanks Mike."

"No problem Torrie. See you later."

Turning the phone off and tossing it aside, Torrie quickly went about
unpacking again, a smile creeping onto her face as her happy mood finally
returned, having been suppressed the whole road swing on the WWE due to
Billy's antics with "The boys" and his muddy track shoes nearly killing her
when she came home.

"Would it seriously kill him to pick the fucking things up?" She mused,
pushing the thought away quickly before it killed her mood again. "Think
positive." She said to herself. "Your getting out, and getting a workout.
Focus on the positive."

Tossing the last piece of clothing from her suitcase into the laundry basket,
she smiled at her handy work, gathering up her shampoos and soaps and quickly
carrying them into the master bathroom, setting them in her small corner of
space. Moving into the bedroom again, she glided over to her closet, opening
it up and reaching it, pulling out her gym bag and giving it a sniff.

"Whaddya know." She said with a grin. "The filth around here doesn't cover
everything..." Reaching in and double-checking she had her workout gear, she
zipped it back up and slung it over her shoulder. Looking towards her
dresser, she smiled as she thought of something. "Why not..." Moving over
and opening the top drawer, she reached in, pulling out something and quickly
stuffing it into her backpack with a smile.

Moving out of the bedroom and back down the stairs, Torrie hopped down to
the main floor, a smile covering her face. Moving into the living room, she
peaked her head in, scowling as she found Billy stuffing his face again, his
head buried in the Sports Illustrated that ruled his world, ESPN blaring on
the TV. Looking around the living room with rising anger, she asked, "What
the fuck happened here?"

Looking up from his magazine, and muting the TV, he looked around, not seeing
what she was seeing. "What?"

"There's pizza stuck to the couch!" She yelled. Looking down, and seeing
something chunky on the floor, she started, "And what the hell..." Before
stopping herself, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, hoping that when
she opened them, the tornado of filth that was the living room would be gone.
Opening her eyes, and seeing it was still there, she scowled. "I'm going to
go work out." She said. "Are you sure I can't talk you into coming?"

Fiddling with the remote, Billy looked at the TV, getting a reading on his
sports scores, and then looked up at her. "Do you really have to go work out
tonight?" He asked. "It's really late."

"I know, and yes." She said. "You just had to have that White Castle on the
way home, so I have to go work out. Sorry. That's the rules. You coming?"

"God no." He said, putting his head back in his magazine. "Pick me up a
burger or something when you come back."

Rolling her eyes and shaking her head, she spun around and moved towards the
door, stepping over the muddy track shoes and side stepping Billy's suitcase
as she grabbed her keys off the hook by the door. Opening the front door and
looking out into the darkness, she whined softly as she moved out, scurrying
as quickly to her car as she could, diving in and locking the doors.

"Get this over with." She mumbled. "Get him a burger? Get him some fucking

Putting the keys in the ignition and turning the engine on, she slid the car
into reverse, pulling out of the driveway before starting towards the Gym.
Something clicking in her head, she whipped her hand down, patting her front
pockets before groaning. "My gum..." She mumbled, realizing that she had left it
somewhere in the house. Waving her hands, she said, "Not going back. Stores
on the way anyways."

* * *

Looking out into the gym area, Mike sprung up from behind his desk and raced
towards the door, spotting Alex as he finished cleaning up a piece of
equipment. "Alex!" Gaining the trainers attention as he moved towards the
changing room, Mike waved his arm. "Come here for a sec."

Jogging towards the bosses office, Alex dodged pieces of equipment, hopping
over others that people had left lying around, making a mental note to clean
them up on the way out. Moving into the large office, Alex moved over towards
the desk, looking at Mike. "Yea?"

"You got any plans for tonight?" Mike asked, sitting down at his desk,
glancing over the paperwork before looking up at the trainer.

Scratching the back of his head, Alex nodded. "Actually, yea." He said. "I
gotta go drop off some payments for some bills, stop by the grocery store.

"Oh." Mike said, nodding. "Just that, Torrie just called and said she was
coming by. Asked if you were around, so I said I'd ask if you'd stay..."

"I'll stay." Alex said.

Looking confused, Mike asked, "I thought you had bills to pay and stuff?"

"I do." He said. "But they can wait."

"You sure?"

"For Torrie?" Alex asked. "Fuck yea I'm sure!"

Laughing, Mike asked, "Why?"

"Have you seen that girl?" Alex said. "She is fucking smokin! And it ain't
like she works out in some baggy ass track suit. That sight alone is worth
pushing some bills to the back burner."

Smiling, Mike just shook his head. "You're a dog, man."

"Yea, because your staying open because of her sparkling personality..."

"She's really nice!" Mike said defensively.

"So are a lot of the fat pigs that roll through here." Alex pointed out.
"And how many of them do you stay open for?"

"None." Mike admitted.

"Exactly." Alex said with a laugh. "I gotta take a shower and get into
something that doesn't smell like death, so I'll be in the locker room. Lemme
know when she gets here, ok?"

"Will do." Mike said, returning his focus to the paperwork in front of him as
Alex left his office, glancing up every so often to check the parking lot to
see if Torrie had pulled in.

* * *

Pulling into the parking lot, Torrie bobbed and weaved around the concrete
dividers, moving as close to the front door as she could before shutting it
off. Waiting for Mike to spot her and wave, she reached over to the
passengers seat and grabbed her backpack, pulling it out the drivers side
door as she got out, slinging it over her shoulder and quickly moving towards
the door, aiming her keys behind her blindly and hitting the alarm set
button. Seeing Mike moving towards the door, she relaxed a bit, slowing down
and waiting for him to unlock the front door before moving in.

"Thank you Mike." She said, moving in and waiting for him to turn around.
When he did, she moved closer, giving him a quick hug.

"No problem." He assured her, hugging her back. Turning towards the front
door, he grabbed the lock latch, rolling it locked. "So, how are things?"

"Good, good." She said, nodding as he turned to face her, matching his slow
stride. "Just got back from the road, so trying to unwind."

"And you came here?" He asked with a grin.

"What?" She asked, smiling. "Working out unwinds me."

"I suppose." He said. "How was the trip? Do anything special?"

"Not really." She said glumly.

"So, I should skip Smackdown then?" He asked.

"Well..." She said, smiling. Biting her bottom lip, she said, "I did kinda
have a bikini contest..."

"Ahh." He said, nodding. "One of those."

"Yea, one of those."

Grinning, he asked, "So I should tune in, then?"

"I'd appreciate it." She said, smiling at him. "It's bad enough doing them.
I'd hate to think that no one was watching."

"I'll tune in then." He promised. "I'm sure when your in the house,
everyone's watching you anyways."

"Awwww..." She cooed. "That's sweet. Thank you."

"It's the truth." He assured her.

"Anyways..." She said, waving her arms around slightly. "Did Alex stick
around, or am I on my own?"

Nodding, Mike moved towards the locker room. "He said he wasn't busy, so he
stuck around."

"Great." She said, grinning from ear to ear. "Don't think I have the
motivation to go it alone tonight."

"I would have stuck around."

"I know." She said, reaching out and punching him lightly on the arm. "But no
one kicks my butt like Alex, and that's what I need tonight."

"I understand." He assured her. "He told me to go grab him out of the locker
room when you got here..."

"Ok." Torrie said, smiling. "I gotta go change, but, when you get him, would
you mind sticking around for a sec? I got something for you guys."

"Sure." He said with a nod, walking with her towards the locker rooms,
splitting off as she went into the women's changing room. "I'll tell him to
meet you by..."

"Treadmill." She finished with a smile. "Won't be long."

As she disappeared into the changing room, Mike walked to the next door and
pushed his way in, moving past the shower room and into the locker room.
Seeing Alex sitting on the bench in front of his locker. "Torrie's here. You

Smiling, Alex asked, "She wearing her spandex?"

Shaking his head, Mike smirked at him. "Yea, she wore it here. Hot women
always wear revealing outfits in strange neighborhoods in the middle of the
night. Makes them feel safe."

"Ha, ha." Alex said, pushing up off the bench and standing up.

"She said to meet her out by the treadmill."

"Ahh, cardio tonight." Smiling, Alex walked towards the exit to the locker
room. "She runs really good...especially in spandex."

"Do you ever stop thinking like a pervert?" Mike asked with a chuckle.

"Not when a blonde goddess like Torrie is hanging around." Alex said. "She's
so hot, it's almost against the law not to think about her like that."

"Just try not to make some stupid comment around her." Mike said. "She brings
in a pile of other wrestlers when they're in town, and I like it when the
business makes money. Money is good."

"She should bring in more Divas." Alex said, reaching out and grabbing the
door handle. "Money is good, but chicks like that are better."

"You only get to say that because you don't pay the bills around here." Mike

Moving out of the locker room and towards the treadmill, Mike and Alex looked
around, seeing if Torrie had come out. Seeing she hadn't, Mike sat down on
one of the bench press boards. Looking up and seeing Alex looking down at
him, he asked, "What?"

"Why are you sticking around?"

"Other than the fact that I own the place and can do what I want?"

"Yes, other than that."

"Torrie asked me to." He said. "Said she had something for us." Seeing Alex
grin, he shook his head. "Not that, asshole."

"Then what?"

"Dunno, but I know it's not that."

"Might be."

"Probably not."

"I think there's a good chance it could be."

"This coming from the guy who thinks Klingons are real."

"Hey, the universe is vast. You don't know what's out there."

"I know what's in here."

"And that would be?"

"A moron." Mike said. "Now shut up."

* * *

Setting her backpack in a locker, Torrie unzipped her coat, quickly hanging
it up before pulling off her top, folding it up neatly and setting it in
another locker.

"Ahh...the perks of coming in the middle of the night." She said with a
smile. "Limitless lockers..." Giggling, she added, "And your pick of the
studly trainers." Unhooking her bra and tossing it in the locker, she undid
the buttons on her jeans, shuffling from side to side to wiggle the tight
denim down her ass before sliding them down her legs, kicking off her boots
and pulling them off. Hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her underwear,
she bent down to pull them off, grabbing her boots and jeans off of the floor
as she ducked and set the whole works on the bench behind her. "Some one on
one attention from Alex helps the workout go faster." She mused with a
giggle, grabbing her clothes and folding them up neatly, piling them in the
empty locker with her shirt.

Alex was her favorite trainer for the simple fact that he didn't leer. She'd
tried literally dozens of trainers at Mike's gym before she hit upon Alex,
and all of them before him had the same staring problem that made her feel
like they were sculpting a conquest, not a client. And while there had always
been an undercurrent of flirting with Alex, he seemed to know enough to keep
his thoughts to himself and his looks to quick peeks. He focused on getting
her in the best possible shape he could, and she, in turn, focused on getting
in the best possible shape she could. It was a partnership that worked
because both focused on the common goal.

Not that it stopped Torrie from teasing Alex a bit.

The track suits and baggy workout outfits that she'd covered herself in with
her prior trainers had been quickly replaced by spandex sports bras and
shorts, leaving little to the imagination about what Alex was sculpting with
there workout sessions. On the road, with Billy and the boys, it was still
strictly track pants and baggy shirts. But in the privacy of an empty gym,
with her friends, out came the spandex.

Reaching into her backpack, Torrie pushed aside the track pants and shirt she
kept on top just incase Billy decided to do some snooping, instead reaching
down further into the bag and pulling out the skimpy, stretchable fabric of
her preferred workout clothes. Lifting her leg up to push it through the leg
hole of her shorts, Torrie smiled as it hugged her calves, knowing if it was
clinging to her that low, it would really mold to her higher up. Pushing her
other leg through the other hole, she tugged them upwards, pulling them up
into position and giving the waistband a quick snap, giggling at the sound.

Looking down at her legs, she smiled at the result. "I work hard." She
reasoned. "I've earned the right to show off a little."

Grabbing the sports bra, she quickly pulled it on over her head, tugging it
down over her large breasts as she stuck her arms through the opening.
Fighting with the fabric, she pulled it into place, jerking it around to make
sure it was on straight. Looking down at herself, she smiled again.

"Alright, maybe not a little." She giggled. "But hey, it's my body. Show
it off if I want to."

Reassuring herself with a nod of her head, she reached into her bag, grabbing
her track shoes and pulling them on, tying them tight as she stood up
fully, reaching into her bag for a scrunchie and moving over to the bathroom
area to find a mirror. Pulling her hair back into a tight ponytail, she tied
it up with the scrunchie, checking the results in the mirror. Looking at her
hair, and drifting her eyes lower, Torrie giggled as she shook her head.
"Giggling like a retard over some spandex." She mused. "After you've posed
in...oh, stupid!" Scolding herself, she quickly raced back into the locker
area, moving to her bag and reaching in, grabbing something and tucking it
under her arm. "Don't forget those, dumb ass." She grumbled.

Moving back to the mirror, she doubled checked her hair, stepping back
and making sure everything that was supposed to be covered was covered. "And,
more importantly, everything that's not isn't." She said.

She knew it was wrong to lead Alex on. But she really did like him as a
trainer. He was the only one in the whole place that was willing to stand up
to her and tell her "If you eat that, your gonna look like shit." Or "Skip a
workout if you want, but don't think it's gonna look so good in the next
Divas magazine." All the other guys said what she wanted to hear because of
who she was, and what they wanted from her. Alex told her what she needed to
hear, whether she liked it or not, regardless of whatever thoughts he might
have running through her head after a heart pumping workout that left her
spandex clad body soaked from head to toe in sweat.

"And if wearing said spandex is the price I gotta pay to get that kind
of attention..." She said, moving towards the door, before giggling and
finishing, "Then it's shit to pay because I like doing it anyways."

Grabbing the door handle and pulling the door open, she made sure to
tuck her present behind her back, not wanting to spoil the surprise as she
moved out into the workout room, smiling and waving at Alex and Mike as they
waited patiently by the treadmill.

~Figured I'd start with some cardio.~ She thought, moving towards them. ~Alex
likes seeing me bounce when I run anyways, so give him a treat for sticking
around after hours...~

"Hi Alex." She said, moving towards him and holding out the arm that wasn't
slung behind her back, giving him a hug. "How you been? I've been slacking a
bit lately, so haven't been in..."

"Been good, been good." He said, smiling. "Missed my favorite client coming
to visit me, but I'll live."

"Awww..." She cooed. "Well, I'll be sure to come in more lately. Just been
busy with photo shoots and tours and stuff."

"I heard about your photo shoots." Alex said. "Congrats on getting Playboy.
First time since Chyna that they did something like that, right?"

"Correct." She said, smiling as she reached behind her back. "And..." She
said, pulling her hands out, extending one to each Mike and Alex. "They gave
me a few advanced copies."

Looking down at the magazine, Mike reached out tentatively, taking it
from her. "You sure?" He asked. "I're kinda naked in it, aren't

"Last time I checked, yes." She said with a smile. "Totally nude." Before he
could say something else, she quickly added, "And I know you two are gonna
get an issue anyways, so I figured I'd save you two the money and all the
"Oh, I don't get that dirty magazine." Bullshit and get you a copy myself.
At least then I know, right?" When Mike finally nodded, blushing slightly,
she smiled, pointing to the cover. "I even signed it. See?" When he nodded
again, she kept going, trying to take some of the embarrassment out of it.
"And, since the cover is PG 13, you can even hang it up with the other
celebrity autographs...assuming that I make the grade as a celebrity..."

"Of course!" He said quickly, finally regaining his voice. "I'll hang it
up as soon as I get another case. I used the last batch the last time your
WWE friends rolled through and I haven't been out to get anymore..."

"No rush." Torrie said, giving him a wink. "I'm sure you'll want to look
at it first."

"Don't I get to look at it to?" Alex asked with a grin.

Smirking at him, she shook her head. "No. You get to kick my ass with a

"Will do. I didn't get my workout today, so I'll probably match you." He
said, setting the magazine aside. "I only read the articles anyways..."

"Sure you do." She joked. Looking at Mike, she asked sweetly, "Gonna
join in? Or are you itching to get a look at the mag?"

"I'll join in, in a bit." He said. "I'm just doing up some paperwork for
taxes that I have to get done and out, then I'll come out and let Alex kick
my ass to."

"That sounds like fun." Alex said with a grin. When Mike grinned and moved
away with a wave, Alex turned back towards Torrie, clapping his hands. "So,
ready to get started?"

"Ready as..." She started, before groaning. "In a minute. Forgot something."

Shaking his head, Alex smiled. "I'll be at the treadmill." He said. When she
nodded and turned around, sprinting towards the locker rooms, Alex started
walking backwards, watching as she ran. Seeing her disappear into the room,
and his show with it, he quickly made his way to the treadmill, getting into
position and turning back towards the locker rooms, making sure he was
looking in the right direction for when Torrie came sprinting back out.

Coming out of the changing room, Torrie looked around for Alex, spotting
him across the room. Smiling to herself, she watched as she saw him trying to
look at her without looking at her, making it look like he was interested in
something on the treadmill. Realizing what he was watching for, she almost
grinned. "Walk, or run?" She asked herself. Looking at her trainer, she
grinned. "Run."

Sprinting towards the treadmill, she couldn't help but chuckle softly as
she saw his gaze turn from passive to full attention, her bouncing run
bringing all his focus to her. Pretending she didn't notice his leering, she
moved to the treadmill, dodging around the large amount of workout equipment
in the way and pulling up beside him. "So, ready to rock?" She asked.

"Are you?" He asked with a grin. "Forget anything else?"

"Hey..." She said softly, smiling as she held out her hand. "Needed gum.
Even made a special stop to get some." Holding out a piece, she asked, "Wanna

~Yea, a piece of...~ He thought, before reaching out, taking the gum.
"Thank you." He said, popping it into his mouth. "Why did you have to stop?"

Moving over to the treadmill and punching in the correct speed, she smiled.
"I dunno. Just always chewing it."

Smirking, he moved onto the treadmill beside her, punching in his speed.
"Always need something in your mouth, do you?" He joked.

Gawking at him, she reached over, swatting him as she laughed. "Get your
mind out of the gutter." She scolded him playfully. When he smiled, she said,
"And no, I don't." Grumbling, she added, "Billy probably wishes I did..."

Hearing the grumbling, Alex asked, "How is Billy? Hardly ever see him
around anymore...except when he comes to pick you up."

Scoffing, she asked, "How's he doing?" When Alex nodded, she said,
"Lemme see. Fat. Lazy. Annoying. A slob. Ignorant."

Looking at her, he shook his head. "That doesn't sound that good..."

Sighing, Torrie shrugged her shoulders. "I dunno." She admitted. "I
mean, I still love the just seems more and more I don't really like

"I understand." He said.

"I mean, like today." She said. "We're driving home from the airport,
it's late, I just wanna get home, and work out..."

"Which I'm grateful for." Alex said. When she looked at him, he said,
"Like I said, I didn't get my workout in today, so it makes it a lot easier
to do it when you have company."

"Exactly!" Torrie said. "And Billy doesn't realize that. I keep asking
him and asking him to come along, but it's just a lost cause." Smiling, she
said, "Good thing I have you to keep my company, huh?"

"The feelings mutual." He assured her, risking a glance at her chest as
she jogged along the treadmill. "Anyways, you were saying..."

"Oh, duh." Torrie said, shaking her head. "Christ, my brain is scrambled

"It's ok." He said, smiling.

"Anyways..." She said, smiling to herself as she caught him looking at her
chest again. ~Dude, just stare.~ She thought to herself. ~You know you want
to, and it's not like I don't know you do it...~ "We were driving home, and
he would not leave the radio alone. And when I finally got him to stop that,
he started fucking with the heat..."

"Heat?" Alex asked. When she nodded, he asked, "It's like eighty outside.
What does he need the heat on for?"

"Because he's a pussy." Torrie spat. "Anyways, he kept messing with it,
and I finally snapped and yelled at him, and in the few seconds that it took
me to bitch him out, I ran a red light." Looking at Alex, she held up her
hands. "I mean, what if a semi was coming the other way? I could have been

"Jesus..." He said, shaking his head. "Nothing happened though, right?"

"A cop pulled me over." She grumbled. "Three blocks from home, and I get
a ticket for speeding and running a red light."

"Two?" He asked. When she nodded, he asked, "Do they put that on one
ticket, or two?"

Laughing, Torrie said, "I asked the same thing!" When he started laughing
with her, she said, "One ticket. They just check off a bunch of stuff and
hand it to you."

"So, pretty much, it was Billy's fault?" He asked. When she nodded, he
asked, "Is he gonna pay for it?"

"Not likely." She spat. "He's to busy spending his money on video games
and pay per view porn..."

"Why would he need pay per view porn?" Alex asked. When she looked at
him, he grinned. "Someone not holding up their end of the bargain in the

Laughing, she reached out and swatted him again. "I hold up my end
plenty! If anyone doesn't, it's him." Smirking, she said, "It's hard to get
excited and in the mood when you know it's not gonna last past five minutes."

"Good lord." Alex laughed, shaking his head. "To much information."

"Hey, you're the one who asked about our sex life." Torrie reminded him
with a grin.

Smiling, he said, "Yea, but I just wanted to know why he orders so much

"He's a pervert." Torrie said flatly. "When we're on the road, sometimes
I wake up in the middle of the night and he's watching something." Looking at
Alex, she said, "Have you ever had to explain to a hotel staff how "Ass
Masters Of The Universe 6" got on your bill?"

"Not lately, no." He joked.

"It's not fun." She said. Looking towards the offices, She asked, "What
did Mike say he was doing? Business?"

"Yea, business." He joked. When Torrie looked at him, he grinned,
holding up his hand and making a stroking motion. "I know what kind of
business he's taking care of..."

"Stop that!" She laughed, reaching out and trying to swat him, but he
dodged it this time. "God, why did I give you guys those?"

"Because you were right." He said. "We'd get them anyways."

Shaking her head, Torrie sighed, turning her attention forward, smiling
as she saw out of the corner of her eye Alex's gaze return to her bouncing
chest. "Men." She mused.

* * *

Reaching down for the handle to the door, Mike twisted the knob, opening it
and moving out into the gym. Closing the door behind him, he looked towards
the treadmill, looking for Torrie and Alex. Not finding them there, he
started walking into the gym area, looking around before he spotted them
moving towards the butterfly machine.

"I hate this fucking thing." Torrie grumbled, sitting down on the edge of the
seat. "It kills my arms..."

"That's the point." Alex said. "Or did you forget your working out?"

"Ha, ha." Torrie said sarcastically. Looking up and seeing Mike moving
towards him, she smiled. "Done already?"

Looking up and seeing Mike coming towards them, Alex grinned. "That was
quick...even for you."

Shaking his head, Mike moved over to the large machine. "What are you two
yammering about?"

Giggling, Torrie told him, "Alex said you were taking care of business."

"I was." Mike said with a nod.

Her giggling turning to laughter, Torrie shook her head. "No, I mean, taking
care of business." Holding up her hand and making a jerking motion, she
laughed louder as Mike's face turned into a scowl.

Turning to face Alex, Mike shook his head. "Classy, man. Classy."

"Hey!" Alex laughed. "I'm not the one who went into their office with a
Playboy saying they had to take care of business..."

"I did have business!" Mike argued. Seeing them still staring at him, he
threw up his hands. "And I did look at the Playboy." He admitted. Looking
at Torrie, he said, "You looked amazing."

"Thank you." She said with a smile. Giggling again, she said, "You really
weren't in there long. I'm kinda disappointed..."

Sighing and rolling his head around, he said, "I just wanted to give it a
quick look over before I did my work, so I could get out here and hang out
for a while." Seeing them laughing, he chuckled softly. "I was gonna wait
till you were gone till I gave it a full look over."

"Uh-huh." Torrie said.

His chuckling dying down, Mike scratched the back of his head nervously.
"And speaking of looking things over..." He said, looking at Torrie. "I was
looking at the memberships while I was in there, and I noticed that yours
and Billy's expired yesterday..."

"Ohmygod!" Torrie said, putting her hand over her mouth. "I'm so sorry, Mike!
I've been on the road, and I don't ever use my card to get in, so it just
slipped my mind..."

"It's ok." He said, waving his hand dismissively.

"I'll get it straightened out ASAP." She said. When he nodded, she gave him a
sweet smile before leaning back into the weight machine. "You know I'm good
for it."

"I know you are." He said.

"Anyways..." Alex said, looking down at Torrie. "Back to work."

"Meanie." Torrie said with a pout. Reaching her arms up and hooking them in
the machine, she pulled them together. Seeing Alex's eyes on her, and knowing
he wasn't just looking to spot him, she smiled a little. She knew why he had
picked this machine. He tried to talk her into it every time he could. With
her arms at her sides, her chest was exposed. ~He really is a tit man.~ She
thought to herself. Looking up and seeing Mike looking at her as he moved to
the machine in front of her, she shook her head slightly. ~Guess that makes
two...~ Looking up at Alex, she asked, "Are you just gonna stand there and

Looking down at her, he quickly went into panic mode. "What?"

Giggling, she decided not to call him on his staring. "Are you gonna work
out, or what?" Looking over at Mike, she asked, "Or since Mike is hear now,
your gonna be lazy?"

"Actually..." Alex said, looking at her, making sure to keep his gaze
confined to her face this time. ~Not that it's a downgrade.~ "I was gonna
talk to you about your nutrition."

Now, it was her turn to go into panic mode.

"Nutrition?" She squeaked. "What about it?"

"How are you doing?" He asked, seeing her hesitation. "Doing good with the
food choices?"

"I'm doing ok..." She said. Seeing him looking at her, smiling, she whined.
"I was doing ok." She confessed. Sighing, she said, "I kinda pigged out at
White Castle on the way home today. Billy wouldn't shut up until we went
there, so I grabbed some stuff..."

Laughing, he smiled at her. "That's not so bad..."

"You didn't see what I ate." She said glumly. "That's the reason I came in
tonight. The burgers guilt tripped me into it."

"Well, whatever gets you coming in." He said. "We love having you here."
Looking over at Mike, and seeing him staring at the Playboy cover girl, he
asked, "Don't we?"

"What?" Mike asked, snapping out of his daze. "Yes! Of course! Your always
welcome here, Torrie."

Before Torrie could start teasing his boss for his space case behavior, Alex
said, "Besides, everyone is entitled to a cheat day now and then. You'll go
crazy if you have to give things up cold turkey."

"I think I have them more than "Now and then"." She said softly. "It's
just...on the road..." Trailing off, she grumbled, "And with Billy nagging...
it's hard to make good choices."

"You'll do fine." Alex assured her. Smiling, he gave he a quick glance.
"Besides, it doesn't seem to be hurting. You still look amazing."

Looking up at him, she smiled. ~A compliment?~ She thought, before thinking,
~Or flirting...finally.~ "Thank you." She said softly. "I do work out
whenever I can at the hotels." Looking over at Mike, she asked, "Think I
look ok? You seen the whole deal in Playboy..."

"You do look amazing." Mike said, wondering why he was being brought into the

Blushing slightly, she smiled. "Thanks guys." She said softly. ~Billy stops
saying stuff like that when he gets laid.~ She thought to herself. ~Maybe
Mike and Alex...~

"So do you make any good food choices when you're on the road?" Alex asked
hopefully. "I mean, you look great, but still, nothing but White Castle and
Burger King and you'll be a chubby in no time."

Her train of thought broken, Torrie burst into laughter. "No! I do make some
good food choices...probably more often than not." She said. "It's just,
sometimes, your driving from town to town, and your late, and your hungry,
and...well...White Castle looks pretty good at three AM when your running
behind schedule."

"I hear that." Alex said. Smiling, he said, "Now you got me thinking about
getting some."

Pulling her arms together over and over again, Torrie whined, "Have I
mentioned how much I hate this exercise?"

"I think it's been brought up once or twice, yes." Alex deadpanned.

"I hate it to." Mike said. "Wrecks my shoulders..."

Deciding to put the obvious out in the open, she mused, "It makes my tits jut
out." Looking up at Alex, she tried to look like it was some sort of huge
revelation. "Did you notice that?"

"Kinda hard not to." He said, not showing any emotion.

"You look fine." Mike said, hoping that would be the last talk of her tits.

Looking at Mike, she smiled. "You should know. You were in studying my
Playboy." When he blushed and looked away, she giggled. "How did my tits
look, Mike?"

"Is there any way I can answer that without getting slapped or called a
perv?" He asked softly.

"The truth would to fine."

Sighing, he shrugged. "You look, amazing." He said.

Smiling, she asked, "See? Was that so hard?"

"Probably not as hard..." Alex started, before Mike cut him off.

"Alex, shut up." He sighed.

Giggling, Torrie shook her head. "Geez, Mike, lighten up." She said softly.
"It's not like I'm obvious as to what guys do with Playboys."

"I wasn't doing that!"

"I know." Torrie laughed. "We're just joking with you." When he sighed and
shrugged, she said, "If it's any consolation, Billy keeps a copy in the

"He does?" Alex asked.

"He does." Torrie said. "Just not mine." Looking up at Alex, she smiled. "He
hasn't gotten a copy yet. Doesn't know I have the advanced ones."

"So we got one, and your husband didn't?" Alex asked.

Nodding, she said, "He's seen me naked. Doesn't need a Playboy."

"Still, I'm sure he'd want one." Mike said.

Shrugging, she told them, "If he wants one, he can buy his own. I was given
these ones as gifts, and I'm using them as such. I got my one hanging on my
office wall, and the rest I'm giving out."

"How many did you get?" Mike asked, before adding, "If you don't mind me

Smiling, she shook her head, happy to see his face was returning to a normal
color. "I don't mind." She said. "I got five copies."

" have one." Mike said. When she nodded, he said, "And you gave us

"I gotta get you another one." Torrie reminded him. "Ones going up on the

"So that only leaves one left?" Mike said. When she nodded, he asked, "Are
you sure you wanna give us two?" Ignoring Alex's glaring, Mike said, "They
were gifts after all..."

"They were." Torrie said with a nod. "But you guys do a ton for me, so it's
no biggie. I don't think any other gym would put up with me coming in after
hours as much as I do."

"You're a good customer." Mike assured her.

Looking up at Alex, and clearing her throat to get his attention, she asked,
"You keeping count?"

Nodding, he said, "Eight more, then off to the next machine."

Whining, she asked, "Next machine? You mean there's more?" When he nodded,
she whined some more. "Man..."

"Hey, you wanted a workout." Alex reminded her. "What kind of trainer would I
be if I didn't put you through a good workout?"

"A nice one?" She offered with a smile. When he chuckled, she kept working,
counting down her movements until she hit zero. Sliding her arms out of the
machine, she looked up at Alex, standing up as Mike did the same. "So, what's

"Weighted squats." Alex said.

Rolling her head back, Torrie chuckled as she whimpered. "Aren't my legs
worked enough?"

"You did your cardio." Alex admitted, motioning for her to follow him to the
squat bar. "This is for muscle strength."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Torrie giggled. "But this is the
last one?"

"The last one." She said. "Then you can go home and hide Playboys from

Nodding, she moved to the bar, sliding under it and reaching her hands up,
grabbing it. Looking down quickly, she smiled as she shook her head. ~Another
one with my arms raised and my tits sticking out.~ She thought to herself.
~He must sit at home and thing about these things.~ Smiling, she added,
~Well, at least he's making an effort to make it subtle...unlike Billy.~
Looking up at Alex, and adjusting herself under the bar, she smiled, pushing
her chest out slightly, trying to make it look natural. "Is this right?" She
asked. "It's been a while..."

"Umm..." Alex said, moving around the bar and looking at it. "Your good. How
much weight do you want?"

"Surprise me." She said with a grin.

Reaching down and grabbing some light weights, Alex set them on the bar,
looking for any sign of discomfort. "Good?"


"Alright." He said. "Maybe...three sets of five, and one of ten?" He asked.
"Think you can handle it?"

Grinning, she nodded. "I'll do my best."

"You always do." He said. "That's why you rule as a client."

Smiling at him, she said, "You're pretty kick ass as a trainer too." Looking
at Mike, she said, "And you are the best owner, bar none."

"I try."

"Speaking of which." She said, bending her legs and sliding down. "How's

"Doing great, actually." He said. "Finally breaking even. Made good profit
for the first time over the last few months."

"That's great!" She said, smiling. Giggling, she asked, "So that means you'll
be around for a while?"

"I hope so." He said.

Smiling, she told him, "Well, if it doesn't work out, you can use the gym in
my basement. Billy built it...and never uses it."

"If this place goes under, so do I." Mike said. "I had to take out a mortgage
to pay the bills a while back, but, since I'm making money, I don't see me
losing my house anytime soon."

"That's good, I guess." She said. "But, if you did, you could crash at my
place. Work out of home!"

"I'd be out of a job too, you know." Alex joked.

Looking up at him, she grinned. "You could be my personal trainer. No one
kicks my butt like you do."

"I dunno about that." Alex said. "A lot of the guys around here are pretty

"Actually..." Mike said. "You were like the eighth trainer she's used...and
the only one that lasted more than a few weeks."

"Really?" Alex asked. Looking at her, he asked, "Really?"


"Wow." He said, stunned. "Why?"

"Well, like I said, you do kick my butt." She said. "And the other guys made
me feel uncomfortable, so I kept switching."


"They leered." She said. Deciding it was Alex's turn to blush, she said, "Not
that you don't, but at least your not drooling."

Biting his bottom lip in an effort to try to keep from blushing, he said,
"Well, I wouldn't say I don't drool...just not in public."

"At least you try to keep it to yourself." She said. When he shrugged, she
smiled. "So, does that sound good to you guys? If this place goes under..."

"God forbid."

"God forbid." She agreed. "You two could move in and run a gym out of my

"That sounds like a plan." Mike said with a smile.

"I'm sure Billy would be thrilled." Alex joked. "Two guys moving into your

Trying to shrug, and finding the bar blocking her way, she said, "Some of his
loser friends spend so much time on my couch playing video games and eating
my food that they might as well live there." Looking at them, she grinned,
saying, "Only fair that I get a few guys of my own to move in, right?"

Ignoring the feeling he got that said "She's saying more than she's saying",
Alex nodded. "Only fair." Watching her bend down and come back up, he said,
"And, that's it."

Looking at him, she pouted. "That's it?"

Breaking out into laughter, Alex asked, "What are you pouting for? A minute
ago you were whining about doing more work."

"I was." She admitted, sliding out from under the bar, making sure to stick
her chest out, smirking as the two sets of eyes were drawn to them for an
instant. "But now were all talking and having fun."

"Well, fun or not, that's all you get tonight." Alex said. "Don't want to
burn you out and send you back to the WWE injured." Grinning, he said, "They
need you healthy to pimp the hell out of that Playboy."

"Yea, I suppose." She said softly. Rocking on her heels, she smiled as she
moved forward, holding out her arms. "Thanks for staying open for me, guys."
She said, moving to Mike and giving him a quick hug. Moving to Alex and doing
the same, she grinned as she pulled back. "I hope you don't mind I'm kinda

"These cloths are getting burned anyways." Alex joked. "After a day of being
around sweaty people, they aren't fit to even wash."

~If only you could teach Billy that.~ Torrie thought, before grinning. "So,
you guys heading home?"

Nodding, Mike said, "I am...after I do some more paperwork." Looking up at
her, and seeing her smiling at him, he said, "Real paperwork."

"Making money is rough, huh?" She teased, slowly backing up and moving
towards the locker rooms, waiting for them to follow.

"It's more paperwork." He said. Smirking, he joked, "I'll be making
soon as you pay your membership fees."

"I'll get it to you next week..." She said, before asking softly, "If that's

"That's fine." He assured her. "The house isn't going to go poof because
you're a week late."

Grinning, she asked, "How long would I have to hold out to make it go poof?
I could get used to have you two moving in."

"That does sound like a good plan." Alex said, trying to sound like he was
joking. "You sure Billy wouldn't mind?"

"I wouldn't care." Torrie said, moving to the door of the women's changing
room. Giving them a smile, she said, "He gets his boys to play with. Only
fair that I have mine, right?" When they both gave her a dumbfounded nod,
she smiled. "I gotta get changed. See ya later."

Pushing into the locker room, Torrie giggled to herself as the door closed.
"And boy, couldn't I play with you two." She giggled, shaking her hands to
try and get the nervous energy out of them. Shaking her head as she walked
through the shower room and past the bathrooms, she moved into the locker
room. "Geez, aren't you a flirt tonight." She mused to herself.

Moving in front of her locker, she kicked off her track shoes, stepping
on the toes of her socks and pulling them off as she set to peeling the tight
spandex from her sweaty body. Pulling it up and over her head, she pulled it
through the tangle of her hair before holding it out in front of her.
Smiling, she pulled it in, sniffing it softly before pulling it away. "Maybe
I should burn this." She said, before laughing. "I don't think Mike and Alex
would appreciate that."

Sighing, she tossed the top down onto the bench before pulling off her
bottoms, folding them up and setting them in one of the empty lockers, before
repeating the process with the top Reaching down and grabbing her shoes and
socks, she set them on top of the outfit, before reaching into her backpack
and pulling out her hairbrush. Stepping over the bench, she looked back and
smirked at the spandex before moving towards the bathroom. "Stinky or not..."
She said, grinning to herself. "It did the job. Even Mike was getting into
it, which is unusual." Moving over to a mirror and running her brush through
her hair, starting to untangle the knots that a days worth of travel and
working out had cause, she mused, "Well, he does stay open late. He doesn't
have to do that, even for me. So there's gotta be something to that."
Grinning, she added, "The Playboy probably put some thoughts into his head.
Glad I brought them now."

"And Alex." She said, giggling as she finished with her hair. "Christ, he
was all but fucking me with his eyes the whole time. I think he'd fuck me
retarded if he got half a chance."

Moving back into the locker room, Torrie looked across the room at her
backpack. Stopping in the doorway, she looked at it, and her jeans and shirt
folded neatly and tucked under it, her shoes tucked away into the locker
beside them. Looking at the locker to the other side, and seeing her gym
clothes packed neatly up, she scowled as the memory of her near collision
with the floor due to Billy's shoes earlier came flooding back.

"Fucking slob." She growled. "Why do I put up with him?" Smirking as she
moved across the room, she mused, "Especially when I could have two cut hunks
like Mike and Alex living with me instead...I'm sure they'd be useful for
more than just working out..." Giggling, she set her hairbrush back in her
backpack, zipping up the side pocket. Looking at her street clothes, she
sighed softly. "Do I really want to go home?" She asked herself. Remembering
the state her living room had been in before she left, and Billy's only
instructions before she left, she scowled more.

"Not "Be safe", or "Call me when you get there."." She grumbled. "Get me
a burger. Like he needs another burger!" Letting out a long breath, she asked
herself, "Maybe I should see if Alex or Mike wanna do something." Reaching
for her shirt, she stopped herself, pulling her hand back as an idea popped
into her head. "Maybe I should see..." She started, before shaking her head.
"No. What has gotten into you?" She asked herself. Shaking her head, she
asked, "And why are you talking to yourself?"

Letting her hand drop, she sat back on the bench, shaking her head. "They
wouldn't really...would they?" She asked. "I mean, Alex and I joke...and Mike
was joking too...but...really?" Slumping over a bit, she said, "And what
about Billy? I mean, I do love the idiot...even if he is a slob...and lazy...
and ignorant...and did get me a ticket...and won't lift a finger to help
around the god damn house...and won't fucking even make me check in to see if
I'm safe going out after dark by myself..."

Pushing herself up off of the bench, she waved her arms at her clothes with
a growl, reaching into her backpack and grabbing her shower gear before
storming out of the locker room and towards the door to the gym.

"Time to see if they'd make good housemates." She said firmly, grabbing
the door and flinging it open, striding the few feet to the guys changing
room and pushing the door open, striding inside.

* * *

Sitting down on the bench, Mike rubbed his face with a towel, wiping the
sweat away. "Torrie did good today." He said.

Doing the same, Alex cleaned his face, grinning at Mike. "She looked fucking
smokin to. Spandex was made for chicks like that."

"Your really enamored with the whole spandex part aren't you?"

"A blonde goddess with D cups sweating and bouncing around, and your not
enamored with it?"

"She did look good." Mike admitted. "Billy's a lucky guy."

"I don't know about that..." Alex said. "Torrie didn't sound so happy with
him. Hasn't for a long time."

"Probably just a rough patch." Mike said. "They'll work through it."

Laughing, Alex shook his head. "Jesus, are you her marriage counselor or

"No!" Mike said. "I'm her friend. And I wouldn't want to see her upset."

"I don't think she'd be all that upset." Alex told him. "Spent most of the
workout before you got there bitching about him. I think there's some serious
issues there."

"Still." Mike said. "Hopefully, works out." Before Alex could keep going,
Mike changed the subject to something he knew Alex would talk about. "Nice
of her to give us those Playboys. I was thinking about getting one anyways
to put up on the wall."

"I'll be getting another anyways." Alex said. "Subscription." Smirking, he
asked, "Come on, tell the truth. If Torrie came up to you, right now, and
said "Fuck me", you'd shoot her down?"

"I never said that."

"No, but your all "Billy's a lucky guy" and "I hope they work it out."."

"Billy is a lucky guy, and I do hope they work it out."

"So you wouldn't?"

"Again, didn't say that."

"Well then, give me an answer." Alex said. "She asks, what would you say?"

"Moot point." Mike said. "She wouldn't ask. I'm her friend."

"Yea, cuz friends don't fuck."

"Is this all your going to be talking about?" Mike asked. "Because..."
Trailing off, he tilted his head to the side, listening for something.

"What? What do..."

"Shut up for a second." Mike said softly. Arching his eyebrow, he looked at
Alex. "Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"That hissing." Mike said, pushing himself up off the bench. "Sounds like
water running...or the showers." Looking at Alex, he asked, "Did you leave
the shower running?"

"I haven't taken one yet." Alex said, suddenly getting serious as he pushed
himself up off the bench, following Mike across the room to the hallway
leading to the bathroom and shower room.

Creeping into the bathroom, Mike moved to the first stall, putting his hand
against the door and pushing it open softly, tensing up and preparing to jump
back if something came out. Seeing it was empty, he moved down the line,
moving to the second stall and repeating the process, again finding nothing.

"Why do I feel like I'm in some B grade slasher movie?" Alex whispered,
moving into the bathroom and taking the next stall.

"Because you sound like the horny bimbo in every slasher movie." Mike
informed him, moving to the fourth and final stall and pushing it open,
finding nothing. "All you ever talk about is sex, and you'll fuck anything
that moves. They die first, you know."

"Thanks for those reassuring words." Alex said sarcastically. "Just for that,
you get to check the showers first."

"What?" Mike hissed, snapping around to look at Alex. "No! What if there's
someone in there?"

"Then kick his ass!"

"What if he's naked? I'm not fighting a naked guy!" Mike argued. "Hand slips
and you grab his junk...or he kicks your ass and has his way with you..."

"Oh for fuck sakes..." Alex groaned, rolling his head around. "Would it make
you feel better if we both went in together?"

Nodding, Mike asked, "You lead, I follow?"

"Fuck that." Alex said flatly. "Your gym. You lead, I follow."

"Alright." Nodding, Mike moved towards the entrance of the shower room,
checking over his shoulder to make sure Alex was right behind him. "You
better not ditch me and let me get ass raped, or I swear I'll fire you!"

"Fucking Jesus..." Alex grumbled. "I'm right behind you. Now lets go. It's
probably just a faucet pissing water or something stupid."

"Alright." Mike said, moving to the door. "On three?" When Alex nodded, Mike
got in position, taking a few deep breaths, steadying his nerves.

Jumping into the shower room, Mike went into the best fighting stance he
could muster, Alex rushing in behind him as they scanned the shower room,
starting at the near bank of showers and finding nothing. Moving across
the room, they checked each station in order.

"Nothing, nothing, nothing, Torrie, nothing, no...what?" Mike asked, breaking
out of his "Nothing" trance and snapping his attention back to the fourth
shower head from the door to the gym.

Or more precisely, what was under it.

"Torrie?" The two guys asked in unison, both of them still not sure they were
seeing what they thought they were seeing.

Realizing her audience had arrived, Torrie looked over her shoulder, giving
them a sweet smile and a little wave. "Hi guys!" She said, doing her best to
come across as nonchalant. "Man, that was one kick ass workout, huh?"

"Yea." They mumbled, still staring at her, trying to figure out what she was
doing nude in the guys shower room, there mind processing it the same way it
would seeing a hippo on stage singing opera.

Ducking her head under the stream of warm water, she slicked her hair
back as she spun around to face them, showing off her front as the water
cascaded down her body. Leaning her head forward and out of the stream of
water, she gave them another smile. " you guys have plans for
tonight?" Seeing them still staring at her, and not speaking, she giggled
softly, waving her hand. "Hello? Guys? Earth to Alex and Mike..."

"Torrie..." Mike started, before stopping, knowing he had to choose his
words carefully. "Your naked."

Looking down at her body, she looked back up at him, nodding. "Uh-huh."

Seeing that statement hadn't had the effect he thought it would have,
Mike asked, "You do realize you're in the men's changing room, right? I did
put signs up, didn't I? I could get in trouble if I didn't..."

"I know where I am." Torrie giggled, turning back towards the wall and
grabbing her bottle of soap from the ledge. "And yes, the men's and women's
changing rooms are clearly marked, so don't worry. Your not gonna get in

"That's good." Mike said, staring at her nude body, his mind long since
given up trying to figure out why she was there, and instead forcing him to
enjoy the fact that she was there. "So...given that you know you're naked,
and given that you know you're in the guys changing room, that leads me to
ask...why are you here?"

Looking over her shoulder, Torrie put all her acting skills to use, looking
confused. "Taking a shower." She said.

"Ah." Mike said, his eyes drifting up and down her nude, wet form. "Were
the women's showers broke?"

"Nope." Torrie said, grabbing her loofah and squeezing some soap onto it.

"Then...aside from taking a shower...why are you here?" Mike asked, hoping
the answer was simple and to the point, as he didn't think he could handle
complex right then and there.

"I like this shower better." She said, grinning at Alex in an effort to
get his brain moving. She didn't mind him staring at her, but she had at
least hoped he'd talk at some point.

"And that would be...why?" Mike asked. "I didn't know they were fact, I know there not any different than the ones in here."

"There not." Torrie admitted. Looking around, she mused, "Actually, it's
kinda spooky how much they are alike. There the same color even." Looking at
Alex, she asked, "What color is the guys locker room?"


"Same as the women's one." Torrie mused, lathering up her chest.

"So why do you like this shower better?" Mike asked.

Turning around to face them again, Torrie smiled. "The company." She said,
holding out the loofah. "Someone wanna do my back?"

Looking between themselves, Mike and Alex tried to figure out what was going
on. Seeing the other didn't have the answers, they turned back to Torrie, who
was still holding out her loofah. "Could you say that again?" Mike finally

"Does someone wanna do my back?" She asked again. Looking down the row
of showers, and seeing another loofah hanging off a showerhead. "Actually..."
She mused, turning back to the guys and pointing at the loofah. "If someone
wants to get that one, you guys could do my front and back." Pouting softly,
she asked, "Unless I'm on my own here..."

Looking at Alex, Mike's brain finally came back online, snapping into action.
"You got the back." He said quickly, moving across the wet floor gingerly and
grabbing the loofah off the showerhead, quickly moving towards Torrie as Alex
snapped out of his trance, moving across the room before Torrie held up her
hands, stopping them.

"Whoa, whoa, hold up." She said, giving them a million dollar smile. "You
guys want to get soaked?"

"What?" Alex asked, confused.

"Your clothes." Torrie explained. "Your gonna get soaked if you wear them in
here." Smiling, she said, "You should probably take them off before you help
me. I wouldn't want anyone else getting wet..."

Looking at Mike, and seeing him looking back at him, Alex asked silently
what they were gonna do. Even he, for all his rambling, couldn't imagine the
situation that was presenting itself to them. Shrugging, Alex took the
initiative, reaching down and pulling his shirt up and over his head, tossing
it out the door to the bathroom, honestly not caring if it landed in a puddle
or not, as he was quickly moving onto his shorts, pulling them down and off
before kicking his shoes to the side, seeing Mike was only a step behind him
in the getting naked department.

Smiling as both guys started towards her, Torrie held out her loofah for
Alex to take, offering up the soap to Mike. "I need a really, really good
washing." She informed them, spreading her legs slightly to brace herself for
the groping that was to come. "Head to toe. Don't miss a spot. Any spot. Got
it?" When they both nodded, she giggled. "I know you guys haven't showered
yet, so, maybe, if you two don't mind...I can help you guys out to?"

Taking the bottle of shower gel from her and squeezing some onto the sponge
in his hand, Mike handed it back quickly, eager to start his task. "What do
you mean?" He asked, tentatively reaching out towards her. Seeing her push
herself towards him, he relaxed a little, brushing the loofah softly against
her upper chest, making her purr softly.

Taking the shower gel and squeezing some onto her hands, Torrie passed
it back to Alex before turning her attention to Mike. "Well, I don't have a
loofah...but I was still hoping you'd let me clean you guys a bit...I mean,
it's only fair, right? You guys help me, I help you." Looking at Mike, and
seeing a demonstration was in order, she reached out, rubbing his chest with
her soapy hands, applying a bit more pressure than he had done her, letting
him know silently that a little friction was good. Hearing him moan softly,
she moaned as Alex began rubbing her shoulders from behind. "Sound good to
you guys?"

"Sounds great." Alex said, moving lower and rubbing her with firm strokes.

Looking at Mike, Torrie smiled sweetly at him, knowing immediately he
was going to need a little more hand holding than Alex to give her what she
wanted. "Mike?" She said softly. When he looked up at her, she said, "Little
lower, please?" When he moved the sponge a few inches down to the very tops
of her breasts, she smiled. "Little bit more." As he moved it down so it was
brushing across her hardened nipples, she cooed softly. "Right there." She
said. "Clean that spot good. It's really, really dirty."

Giving her a nod, Mike went to work, rubbing her ample chest with slow,
smooth strokes. Hearing her purr softly, he took it as a sign that he was
doing good and kept going, adding a larger range of movement and sweeping
across her chest, moving to the other tit, making her arch up to his touch.

"So good..." She moaned. "Clean me so good." Looking at Mike, she smiled.
"Is that your sponge, or Alex's?"

"Mine." Mike said, moving down a bit lower and rubbing her stomach.

"Dude, you own a loofah sponge?" Alex asked, his hands moving south faster
than Mike's, his hand rubbing Torrie's sponge across her ass, making her give
him a wiggle.

"Loofah sponges rock." Torrie moaned, looking back at Alex. "I don't wash
with anything else." Looking back at Mike, she grinned. "I hope you don't
mind me using your sponge..."

"I will never wash this sponge again." He vowed.

Moaning softly, Torrie look down between her and Mike, smiling at what she
saw. "I see you have something that needs cleaning too." She mused, before
looking back at Alex, and seeing him standing at attention as well. "You to."
Looking up at Alex, she smiled sweetly, groaning softly as Mike moved lower,
his sponge brushing across the bottom of her tummy, heading for her core.
"Would you mind if I cleaned you too?" She asked Alex. When he quickly shook
his head, she looked back at Mike, moaning, "How about you?"

"God no." He said, shaking his head. "Clean to your hearts content."

Reaching one hand down and the other behind her, Torrie fumbled around,
searching for and quickly finding the pair of cocks she was searching for,
gripping them gently and giving each a smooth stroke, making her shower mates
moan along with her. "God, there's so much to clean..." She purred, feeling
Alex's hands move back up her body and around to her front, cupping her large
breasts as Mike's sponge finally found her pussy. Groaning at the dual
stimuli, Torrie looked behind her, finding Alex pressing up against her and
kissing him quickly. Pushing her hips forward towards Mike's hand, Torrie
groaned as she looked back at Alex, smiling. "I thought you were supposed to
be cleaning my back..."

"It's clean enough." He said. "Besides, you said these were extra dirty. They
probably need some special attention."

"Lots of it." Torrie confirmed with a moan. Smiling, she asked, "Do you think
I'm clean enough?"

"No." He said quickly, not wanting to relinquish his handhold on her chest,
groaning loudly as she continued to pump his shaft.

"I don't know..." She mused, smiling. Looking back at Mike, she smiled. "I
think I'm clean enough. Do you?"

His mind racing, Mike tried to figure out what she meant. ~If she's clean
enough, she might want us to stop...~ "No!" He said quickly, shaking his
head. "Your still dirty!"

Giggling, Torrie leaned forward, kissing him softly. "I am dirty." She
agreed. "But I don't think that's gonna change. I think you guys got the
outside clean. In a minute, I think we should start on the inside."

"In a minute?" Mike croaked, his hips twitching slightly as her hand
continued to glide up and down his shaft.

"Yup." She said, groaning as her guys continued to rub her body, the sponges
long forgotten in favor of hand on skin contact. "Right now, I think you two
need a better cleaning. I mean, it's only fair, right?" Before they could
answer, knowing that their brains were to scrambled to understand her
meaning, she pushed away from them slightly, giggling at there moans of

Dropping to her knees quickly, Torrie leaned towards Mike. ~He is the owner.~
She thought to herself, gripping his cock better and pulling it between her
lips, smiling as he groaned loudly. ~Only seems right that he get the Giving his shaft a few pulsing sucks, Torrie pulled off
of his cock, looking up at him. "Could you turn the shower off, please?" She
asked sweetly. "It's getting annoying." When he quickly complied with her
request, she thanked him by pulling him back between her lips.

Groaning loudly as Torrie slurped on his shaft, Mike looked down at the
blonde head bobbing in his lap, hearing Alex groan softly as she continued to jerk
his shaft too, making sure to keep her trainer and his boss well occupied.
Slapping her tongue along the underside of Mike's rock hard shaft, Torrie
looked up at him, smiling as she locked eyes with him. Pulling up, Torrie
sucked and licked as she pulled his cock from her mouth, her tongue batting
around the head, making him jump slightly as she resumed the pumping from

"This needs a really good cleaning." She told him, motioning to his cock.
"But I want to get started on Alex's for a minute, then I'll be back, ok?"

"Ok." Mike said quickly.

Smiling sweetly, she asked, "Your not going anywhere, are you?"

"Oh god no."

Dragging her tongue across his cockhead, she giggled happily at the control
she had over him, so quickly. "Good."

Turning to face Alex, Torrie smiled up at him. "You said I could help clean
you up, didn't you?" She asked softly.

"Of course." He groaned, her small hand sliding up and down his shaft.

Leaning forward, she slid his cock into her mouth, her tongue lubing the
bottom as it slithered around. Maintaining her slow, steady pumps on Mike's
cock, Torrie sucked on Alex's, bobbing her head up and down in his crotch as
she applied a gentle suction. Looking up at Alex, she swept her long, wet
hair out of her face, locking eyes with him. Seeing the look he was giving
her, she smiled, whipping her tongue along the bottom of his hard shaft,
making him groan. She could tell this was a position he had envisioned her
in many, many times.

~Not that I'm completely innocent in that department.~ She thought, puckering
her lips out and sliding them down his cock, making sure he got a great view
of his dick disappearing between them. Wrapping her lips as tight as they
would go around his cock, she began to pull back, sucking in pulses and
whipping him with her tongue. Looking up at him with big, wide eyes, she
moaned as he groaned, his hips jerking as she saw his eyes light up.

Quickly pulling off, she re-gripped his cock, slowing the tempo. ~Don't want
this ride over to quick.~ She thought. ~Hopefully its just nerves, not proof
that he's a minuteman.~ Flicking her tongue out and whipping his cock, she
smiled. ~My roommates can't be minutemen. Billy takes care of that part

"Alex..." She cooed, biting her bottom lip softly.


"I have a favor to ask." She said with a smile. ~I could ask him to sucker
punch Mike right now and he'd do it.~


"Well..." She said, trying to look shy while stroking two cocks. "I still
need some cleaning...and I don't know if you'll do this type of cleaning..."

"What type of cleaning?" He asked, groaning as she twisted her hand gently.

Pulling her hand away from his cock, she ran it down her body, making sure to
get his eyes focused on it before stopping it at her pussy. "This type." She
said softly. "It needs a real tender touch. Would you do that for me?"

Nodding, he waved Mike out of the way as he dropped to his knees. "Of course.
I mean, your doing such an awesome job cleaning us..."

"You really are." Mike groaned, happy his cock wasn't the one let go of.

"Thank you." Torrie said softly. Scooting back against the wall, she slid
her butt out a few inches and pulled her knees up, spreading her legs and
presenting herself to Alex. "Please?" Nodding, Alex slid onto his stomach
and pulled himself towards her pussy, wrapping his arms around her legs and
diving his head into her crotch, making her groan. Looking up at Mike, she
gave his cock a soft tug, moving him forward. Pressing his shaft against her
pouty lips, she grinned. "Told you I'd be back."

"Hey." Alex said, grinning. "That's not all that fair. I have to clean you,
and he gets more cleaning?"

Reaching down, she stroked his face softly. "Don't worry." She told him. "By
the time I'm done with you two, I'm sure there won't be a dirty place left on
your body." Looking up at Mike, she grinned, saying, "I mean, I can't have
dirty housemates, right?"

"Housemates?" Mike asked, clearly to caught up in her hand strokes to even
begin to understand her.

"Remember?" She asked, giggling when she knew he didn't. "If the gym goes

"God forbid."

"God forbid." She agreed with a nod. "You two were gonna move in with me and
keep the gym open that way."

"Oh yea..." He said, nodding and grinning. "So, this is like an audition?"

Nodding, she said, "This is your audition. Do good, and you'll have a safety
net to fall back on."

Groaning as she leaned in and lapped at his cockhead, Mike asked, "Do I have
to lose the gym to have that? Because that sounds really good right about

"Sorry." She said, smiling at him. "My offer is for extreme circumstances
only." Lifting his shaft up and sticking her tongue out, she dragged it from
base to tip, making him moan louder. "Besides. If you guys moved in, where
would I go to do my late night workouts? I don't wanna give those up."

"That's a good point."

Going to answer him, Torrie was cut off by a moan coming up from her lungs.
Looking down between her legs, she groaned loudly as Alex picked up the pace,
running his index finger along her slit before pushing it in softly, his
tongue lapping at her pussy, keeping her mind occupied. Leaning over towards
Mike, she pulled his cock into her mouth with a moan, Alex's tongue and
finger work revving her up as she gave Mike a few healthy sucks, tugging on
his meat before popping her lips off. "God, having two workout buddies rules
so much!" She shrieked, her back arching slightly as Alex added another
finger into her wetness, his tongue work almost making her not notice the
doubling of girth in her pussy.

"You're the best workout buddy a guy could ever have." Mike said, moaning
softly as she re-attacked his shaft, pulling him back in for some more
sucking. Smiling, he said, "We really love your workout outfit."

Pulling off, she smiled up at him, her hips rolling slightly to catch Alex's
tongue. "You do?"

"Hell yea." Mike said, pushing his hips forward slightly, Torrie taking the
hint and pulling him back between her lips. "God, it just suits you so
perfectly." Looking down at her, he told her, "Spandex was made for sexy
women like you. Not the fat slobs who normally come in here wearing it."

"I picked it out just for you guys!" Torrie whined, her back arching and
pulling her off of his cock, her tongue dragging along to give him a
pleasurable exit. "Billy never gets to see it. He probably doesn't know I
own it! When I'm out on the road, or working out at home, all I wear is a
baggy tracksuit. But...oh god, Alex, yea, please, more! When I'm here, I
wanna show off for you guys, so I break out the tight shorts and the titty
top. God, it works? It looks good?"

"It more than works." Mike groaned, her soft tugs signaling she was ready for
him again. "You look so hot. So sexy."

Pulling him closer, Torrie sucked him back in, groaning and moaning as Alex
slid his fingers in and out of her sex, his nimble tongue dancing all around
her folds, searching desperately for her love button. Pushing her face
forward, she sank her mouth down further on Mike's shaft, pushing him deeper
and deeper into her mouth until he hit the back of her throat, making her gag
softly as she pulled back slightly. Looking down at his shaft, and seeing
what was still sticking out, she smiled around his member, looking up at him
and beginning her bobbing again, intent on sticking with it after so many
stop and go attempts. ~He seems to be a little less pumped up than Alex.~ She
thought. ~Might as well reward him for it.~

Holding her close, Alex flashed his tongue out again and again, her heavy
aroma driving him on as his body laid on the cold, wet tile floor of the
shower. Lapping at the top of her pussy with long, steady strokes, he smiled
with pride as she groaned around Mike's shaft. Reaching his other hand over
the top of her leg, he slid it down her stomach, teasing her belly button
before moving down deeper, his eyes straining to look up at hers as he moved
in for the kill. Pressing his thumb and index finger into the flesh on the
sides of her pussy, he pulled them back and apart, Torrie's groaning and the
sideways glance she gave him alerting him to the fact that she knew just what
he was planning, and her unwillingness to pull off of Mike's cock and tell
him not to telling him she wanted it.

Lapping at her soft flesh, Alex grinned as Torrie jumped from the contact,
her tender clit exposed to his vicious tongue lashing at last. Seeing her
back arch and her chest jut out, he had to fight the urge to reach up and
cup her breasts, the object of his lust for so long hovering just above him.
Looking back down and away from her tits, he put all his focus and effort on
the task at hand, lapping at her tiny nub, his fingers still stroking in and
out at a smooth, even tempo, her tight, soft walls hugging him hard and
making him realize that anything going in there was going to have a very,
very pleasurable time.

"Uhhhhhhh..." Torrie groaned around Mike's shaft, Alex's clit flicking making
her lips go slightly slack, drool pouring out of her mouth and onto her chest
as she kept trying to keep the seal nice and tight. Redoubling her efforts,
she sucked loudly on Mike's cock, her slurping echoing throughout the shower
room and making Mike groan in pleasure, his hips spasming forward slightly,
bumping his cock against the back of her throat gently.

"Fucking shit, Torrie..." Mike groaned, reaching down and cupping her head,
intent on simply brushing her hair out of her face again so he could see her,
but finding his hands not wanting to leave her head after they finished the
job. "God, you...are so good." He groaned, not wanting to spoil whatever
mood might be in the process of being set by telling her she was a great
cocksucker. ~If practice makes perfect...~ He thought with a grin, ~Billy
is the luckiest fucker on the planet.~

"Yea, she is a great little cleaner." Alex said, smiling up at her. "From the
little cleaning I got, I know that."

~He really didn't get much.~ She thought, bobbing up and down, slurping on
Mike's shaft. ~Maybe I should get this show on the road, for real.~ Pulling
back from Mike, and pushing his hands away, Torrie popped her mouth as she
pulled off his cock, running her tongue around the rim of his head, making
him twitch. "Mike..." She cooed, moaning softly as Alex went back to work
with his mouth. When she had the owners attention, she asked sweetly, "Do
you have any lube in your office?" Seeing his face change from a look of
pleasure to a look that said "Not this fucking joke again", she giggled. "No
more jokes. Promise." Leaning forward and kissing his cock, she said, "It's
just, with the two of you, and the one of me, I think I'll need it before
we're done. Right?"

"What would you need it for?" He asked, not really sure he was willing to
reveal he had lube in his office in front of Alex, even for Torrie.

Looking down and running her hand over her ass, she gave it a sharp slap,
smiling as the sound echoed throughout the large, tile room. "I can think of
a few things. So, do you?"

Sighing, he nodded. "Yea, I got some..." Looking down at Alex, who was
looking up at him with a grin, he shook his head. "One fucking comment out
of you, and I'm kicking your ass out. This is still my building, remember."

"Grumpy, grumpy..." Alex joked. "Go grab it, and lets get this thing

Reaching down and running her hand around Alex's chin, Torrie smiled. "My
thoughts exactly." Looking up at Mike, she smiled. "Please?"

Nodding, Mike took a few quick steps back, breaking Torrie's hold on his
shaft before he forgot what he was going for. "Be right back." He said,
moving over to the door and exiting the shower.

Looking down at Alex, Torrie grinned. "Guess it's just you and me, for a
minute." She said. Pulling up on his chin softly, she smiled as he pushed
himself to his knees. "I think I'm clean enough, for now." She told him.

"Then what now?" He asked, leaning forward and kissing her softly, her pouty
lips drawing him in.

"Mmmmmm..." Moaning into the kiss, she held him close, his legs rubbing
against her thighs. "I think you should get to enjoy me a bit." She said.
When he looked up at her, she smiled. "I mean, you work just as hard as I
do to keep me looking this good. It's only fair that you get to enjoy it,

"Of course." He said quickly.

Leaning forward and kissing him, she added, "Just no sex." Seeing him look
at her with the most pathetic look she'd ever seeing, she giggled. "Not yet.
Wait till Mike gets back. I wouldn't want to upset him by getting started
without him."

"I suppose." He said with a smile. "But anything else?"

"Anything and everything." She said. Grinning, she offered, "Want some more

"Not right now." He said, leaning down and kissing her breasts. "I want

"Those?" She laughed. When he nodded and cupped them, she moaned again. "That
is hysterical!"

Looking up at her, confused, he asked, "Why? Is it something I did..."

"Yes!" She laughed. "The one part on me that you go after is the one part you
have absolutely no part in making look good!"

Grinning, he rolled her nipples around softly, kissing her between the
breasts. "I dunno." He said, smiling. "I do a lot of upper body work with
you. That's gotta count for something."

"I guess."

"Lots of hours in the gym." He noted. "Lots of them when I should be home,
watching TV and eating shitty food. You hold me up a lot, you know."

Holding Alex to her chest, Torrie teased, "Well, I hope I'm not holding you
up from anything tonight..."

Looking up at her, he grinned. "Nah. I can live without power for a day or

Looking confused, she asked, "What?"

Smiling, he rubbed her chest softly, leaning in and lapping at her nipple. "I
was supposed to go pay my power bill tonight." He explained. "They told me
that I had till they closed tonight to get it in, or they'd cut it off. Then
you called..."

"Oh god!" She squeaked, clapping her hand over her mouth. "God, Alex, I'm so

Moving up pushing her hand out of the way, and kissing her softly, he smiled.
"Don't worry." He said. "I didn't care about it when I just knew you were
coming in to work out." Grinning, he rubbed her nipples softly. "Now imagine
how little I care about it now that you decided to be our shower buddy?"

Torrie leaned her head back, cooing softly. "Still." She said. "You'll regret
it tomorrow."

"I don't think so." He told her. "I'll be sitting there, in the dark, cooking
food on a series of candles, and be thinking, "Why didn't I pay that power
bill? Oh yea, because I was having sex with Torrie!", and suddenly, it won't
be so bad." Smiling, he added, "If I got to do you every night, I'd live in a
cave in the woods and wouldn't mind."

Giggling, she pulled him up, kissing him softly. "How do you know? You
haven't gotten to screw me yet."

"Which is something I think we should remedy..."

"Mike goes first." She said, laughing at the look that came over his face.

"What? Why?"

"Because he owns the place." Torrie explained. "And if it wasn't for him
letting me come in after hours, then none of us would be here. Right?"

"I guess..."

"Besides." She joked. "I might be a lousy lay."

"I highly doubt that." Alex said, grinning as he leaned his head back down,
kissing the tops of her breasts. "If you screw a tenth as good as you give
blowjobs, that cave is starting to sound cozy..."

Hearing the door open again, Torrie and Alex looked towards it, Torrie
smiling as Mike moved back into the shower. "Did you find it?" She asked.
When he held up a small bottle and gave it a wave, she motioned for him to
come down, giving him a peck on the lips. "Thank you Mike. I know how much
it means, cuz you know this jerk is gonna pick on you..."

"Hey!" Alex said, smiling. "I resemble that remark!"

"...But I'll make it up to you." She promised. When Mike smiled and nodded,
she looked down at Alex, telling him firmly, "And if I hear about any of the
guys around hear finding out about Mike', or you making fun of
him, I'll be looking for a new trainer. Understand?"

"Completely." Alex said. "Won't hear a word out of me."

"Thought not." She said. Leaning down and kissing him, she told him, "Back
up." When he moved away, she got up to her knees, looking up at Mike. "You
can put that down for a while." She said. "Don't need it yet." When he put
the bottle down on the floor and looked back at her, waiting for more
instructions, she grinned. "You get first crack at me." She said, her grin
getting wider as his face lit up. "How do you wanna..."

"Doggy style." He said quickly.

Raising her eyebrow, she giggled. "Been thinking about that much?"

Shrugging, he smiled, giving his cock a few tugs to make sure it was fully
hard. "I had a minute or two when I was looking for the lube."

"Ah." Torrie said, slowly moving away from the wall and getting down onto her
hands and knees, pushing her ass up into the air and waving it around for
Mike to gaze at. "Enjoy."

"Oh, he will." Alex assured her. Looking up at Mike, he grinned. "She is
tight! I had two fingers in her when I was..."

"Cleaning." She offered.

"Cleaning." He said. "And it was tight."

"I see." Mike said, nodding as he got in behind her, dropping slowly to his
knees onto the hard tile floor. Moving in behind her, he reached down and
gripped his cock softly, moving it around and lining it up with her. Rubbing
it up and down her pussy, he moaned softly at the intimate contact before
plunging forward gently, pushing the head inside before stopping, making sure
her tight vice was adjusted before pushing more in. Quickly working up a slow
rhythm, Mike slowly fed his cock into her, groaning at the tightness before
he bottomed out with a sigh. "God...that feels so much better than I
imagined..." He moaned softly.

"Feels pretty awesome on this end too..." Torrie groaned. Looking back at
him, she smiled. "Been thinking about this a lot, have we?"

Leaning down, Mike slid his hands under her, cupping her breasts softly as
he kissed her, moaning into her mouth as her body flexed to adjust to the
movement. "I've been thinking about this since you first came into the gym."
He told her.

"Wow, that's a while." She moaned. "Kept it pent up all that time, huh?"

"You always had Billy with you." He said, before smiling. "And, to the best
of my knowledge, never took a shower in the guys changing room, with Billy or

"I don't take showers with Billy, period." She said. "He hogs the hot water."

"That's ignorant." Mike said, pulling out and thrusting back into her softly,
moaning with her. "God, so good..."

"I hope I can measure up to whatever bar you've set in your mind." She said,
panting softly as he pulled out again, his hands massaging her swinging
breasts as he plunged in.

"You already have." He said, groaning. "God, you are so awesome..."

Reaching up and gripping her shoulders, Mike pulled her back softly with each
thrust forward, his hips meeting her ass with a soft thud, her moans and his
groans mixing with the slaps of flesh on flesh to echo around the shower.
Arching her back slightly, Torrie sobbed softly as she readjusted her hand
positioning, using the arch in her back as a spring to send her butt
backwards, meeting Mike thrust for thrust Squeaking softly with each plunge,
she arched her head back, letting out a long, low moan, her body electric as
her mind became cloudy with lust, her body quickly going on autopilot as she
kept meeting Mike in the middle. Her eyes fluttering closed, Torrie sobbed
softly, Mike slowly picking up speed to give her what her pussy was silently
asking for. Feeling one of Mike's hands leave her shoulder and move around
her head, she cooed softly as he brushed her hair out of her face, sweeping
it around to one side.

"Yea, yea..." Torrie moaned, her back arching harder as Mike's hands slid
down around her body, cupping her breasts again, squeezing the fleshy orbs
tenderly. "Yea, Mike...what?" She started, before feeling something brush
against her lips. Realizing both of the owner's hands were accounted for, and
his cock was more than busy, she slowly opened her eyes, smiling at what was
hanging in front of her face. Looking up, she grinned at Alex, moaning
softly. "Hello, there."

"Hello, yourself." He said with a smile, waving his shaft in front of her
face. "Was I going to get anymore cleaning anytime soon?"

Letting her jaw drop, Torrie waggled her eyebrows. "Right now sound ok?"

Brushing a few strands of blonde hair from her face, he smiled, gripping his
cock and moving forward, accepting her invitation. "Sounds great."

Letting his rod slide into her mouth, Torrie's mind burned off some of the
haze, knowing she had to concentrate a bit to work out the timing. ~I should
have practiced this before hand.~ She joked to herself. ~Oh well. I'm sure
Alex and Mike would be more than willing to help me hone my skills.~ Rolling
her tongue around Alex's head, she smiled as he groaned, before groaning
herself as Mike's pumps hit home. ~I wonder how pissed Billy would be if he
found out about this?~ She mused. ~Especially with how pissed I got when he
suggested the same thing with one of his idiot friends...~

Leaning back on his calves slightly, Alex groaned as Torrie sealed her lips
tight around his cock, her tongue doing a loop around them inside her mouth
and giving his cock the initial bathing, her sultry eyes glaring up at him as
she started bobbing her head softly, her hands straining hard to hold her
body mostly still as Mike continued to slide in and out of her from behind.
Moaning loudly, Torrie continued her slow, methodical head bobs, her lips
gliding up and down his cock as she slurped loudly between moans, her heavily
watering mouth sending drool running down her chin and onto the floor.

Putting his whole back into each thrust, Mike massaged her breasts gently,
pistoning his shaft deep into her tight vice, assuming he was doing good by
the noises she was making, but unwilling to try anything above and beyond
that for fear of getting stopped altogether. Looking down at Torrie, and
watching as her head bobbed up and down in Alex's lap while she pushed
herself back against his thrusts into her pussy, Mike couldn't help but
shake his head slightly. In all the times he had fantasized about Torrie,
taking her in his office, or the gym, or even this very shower, none of
those fantasies involved Alex being there, in any way, shape or form. But
as he took in the surreal sight in front of him, Torrie pushing back to
spear herself on his shaft while she fed Alex's into her mouth over and over
again, he couldn't help but admire it. He had no sexual thoughts for Alex.
He'd honestly preferred if the trainer hadn't stuck around, and it was him
alone on the receiving end of whatever marital problems and petty fights
Torrie and Billy had been having, but he wasn't about to stop just because
Alex was in the room.

~Besides...~ He thought, groaning softly. ~If she's willing to suck one of us
and fuck the other, I'm thinking she has something big planned for that lube
she made me get.~

Moaning loudly, Mike felt his cock twitch, his body going on instinct as he
reached up and grabbed her hips, pulling himself completely out of her pussy,
much to both of there dismay. Reaching down and grabbing his cock, he held it
tight, moving back from her as she pulled off of Alex's cock, her head
whipping around to look at him.

"Why did you stop?" She asked, her mind still in "Fuck" gear.

Smiling, he reached out, rubbing her slit gently, making her moan. "Need a
little cool down." He said, laughing as she pouted. "Hey, I don't wanna come
to quick. Unless you wanted this over with quick..."

"No!" Torrie said quickly, shaking her head from side to side violently.
"Take a break, get your shit together." When he nodded, she looked up at
Alex, smiling. "You need a break to?"

Shaking his head, he smiled. "Hell no." He said. "I got plenty left in the
tank, if you want it."

"I want it." She growled, leaning down and lapping at his cock. Looking up at
him from his crotch, she asked, "Wanna get behind me and see what Mike was
talking about?"

"No." Alex said, smiling. Moving back and sitting down, he motioned for her
to come to him, laying down on the floor as she did. "I want in you, but like
this." He said. "That ok?"

"As long as the you in me part is their, its ok." She insisted. "Want me
facing front or I have to ask?"

"Face front." He said, smiling. When she crawled up him and straddled his
waist, he reached up, cupping her boobs. "You know me to well."

"I don't know you well enough." She said. Grinning as she lifted up off of
him, and reaching down for his shaft, she said, "Still plenty of auditioning
to make sure you'd make good housemates, I hope."

"Still plenty." Mike assured her. "Sorry about stopping..."

"It's ok." Torrie insisted, sitting down on Alex's shaft with a moan. "If you
taking a little break is what gets me what I want, then that's fine with me."

Smiling, Mike asked, "And what is it you want?"

Groaning softly, Torrie started bouncing up and down in Alex's lap, reaching
one hand behind her to brace her lower back, the other gathering up her long,
blonde locks and holding them out of her face. "What time do you guys open

"Seven am."

"I want us to have to scurry to get dressed before the customers come in for
the morning." Torrie moaned, her bouncing getting longer and smoother. "I
want to have to streak across the gym to get to my locker and get dressed,
and have just beat the morning rush of people coming in to work out."

"That sounds like a great idea." Alex said, smiling. "Except for one

"Problem?" Torrie whined.

"Mike locks the doors." Alex said. "No one gets in till he opens them."

"Alright, new want." She said. "I want you to have to open late. Ok?"

"If I'm still in here with you at seven am..." Mike said, smiling. "I won't
care about the doors."

Laughing, Alex shook Torrie's tits softly, enamored with the large pieces of
flesh and implants. "Is it just me, or is this turning into some weird low
budget porno?"

"Hey..." Torrie moaned softly. "I think I'm at least high budget porn. I
mean, I might not be Jenna Jameson, but I'm at least...whoever comes after
her. Another big titted blonde."

"Briana Banks."

"Jesse Jane."

Looking between the two guys, Torrie smiled. "Why do I get the feeling that
who comes after Jenna is an ongoing debate between you two."

"It is." Alex said, smiling up at the bouncing beauty. "You wouldn't believe
the stuff that we talk about sometimes."

"That sounded way gay." Mike said. Looking at Torrie, he said, "Guy stuff."

"I understand." She groaned. "Next time you have a debate about it, give me a
call...shit, and rent a few of their flicks...I might be in a mood to do some
acting myself..."

Deciding enough talking had been done for the time being, Torrie leaned down,
her face hovering over his as she kissed him, her body continuing to slide up
and down his as she impaled herself on his thick shaft. Moving her body up
and shortening her strokes, she only slid down a fraction of his cock,
letting her tits dangle over her head as he looked up at her. "Fuck me." She

Reaching up and grabbing her ass, Alex got a good grip before pushing his
hips up, timing it to coincide with her pushing back, there hips meeting with
a slap as she groaned out loudly, his instant compliance meeting her needs to
the letter. Craning his neck up, he pushed his face into her cleavage,
lapping and kissing at her bouncing tits, her back and forth motion swinging
them around his face, the violent thud of crotch meeting crotch sending a
ripple through the soft globes.

Seeing she had his attention fully back on what it should be on, that being
driving his cock home into her pussy and not engaging in another pointless,
non-fucking related debate, Torrie pushed herself back up into a sitting
position, moaning as she started lifting up off of his cock again, Alex
grunting softly as she took his prize away and forcing himself into a sitting
position, his face level with her bouncing chest. His hands now free as
Torrie took care of the penetration on her own, he quickly reached up and
cupped her chest, holding them mostly still as he pulled her right nipple
into his mouth, suckling it softly as her rapid up and down movements
continued to pull her tits slightly, making him have to continuously readjust
his grip in an effort to chase her hard nipples around.

Letting her head drop back, she groaned loudly as her pussy squeezed and
fluttered, Alex's long, thick shaft giving her just what she wanted, doing
her just like she needed, all the worries and anger from the long day of
travel with Billy draining out of her body with each drop onto his cock,
each of the four stopovers her stupid husband had carelessly overlooked when
booking there flights long forgotten, her rumbling stomach from the six hour
flight because Billy, while grabbing a snack at the airport, had neglected
to tell her that the flight had no meals, a distant memory as Alex rolled her
nipples around softly, treating the hard, tender nubs gently as she sobbed
softly, his obvious hours and hours of mental preparation for this moment
paying off spectacularly for her.

Holding his head gently to her chest, Torrie glanced off to the side,
watching Mike watch them, stroking his shaft every so often to make sure it
was nice and hard. Giving him a wicked smile, she asked, "Ready to get back
into the game?" Licking her lips, she added, "I got something for you..."

"When he's done." Mike said, smiling as she pouted. "I want back inside, and
I don't think he's done yet."

Looking down at Alex, Torrie grinned. "Nah, he's not done yet." She said.
When he shook his head in her cleavage to agree with her, she pulled his face
back and kissed him softly, her tongue dancing into his mouth and finding his
surging towards her mouth at breakneck speed. Pushing her hair out of there
faces, she groaned loudly, her bouncing slowing down as she tried to keep her
lips locked with his, his hands pressed into her chest, massaging and rubbing
her breasts.

Groaning loudly into his mouth, she rolled her head back, her lungs burning
slightly as she panted in deep, heavy breaths, her pleasure mounting quickly
as she speared herself over and over again. Looking down at him, she whined
softly, her eyes narrowing slightly as her voice turned into a long, loud
croak, her body trying to lock up as she was hit with a wave of pleasure.
Seeing the look in her eyes, and feeling her bounces slow to nearly a stop,
Alex nodded, realizing the time for titty fun was over, and the time to give
her some payback for the awesome night she'd provided so far was at hand.

Softly holding her body, he laid back slowly, Torrie's voice sobbing louder
and louder as he got her into position again, pushing her higher up her body
and letting him get the fullness of his strokes into her, his full cock
pulling out and pushing in, speeding up with each thrust as she urged him on
with cries and moans.

"Come on Torrie, cum..." He groaned, somehow ignoring her chest bouncing in
her face in favor of locking eyes with the sexy blonde Diva.

"I don't think I have a choice in the matter!"

"You could make me stop..."

"Don't stop! Please don't stop!"

"I won't." He promised, reaching up and pulling her head down, kissing her
softly around moans and groans. "I won't unless you tell me to."

"I won't, I won't!" Torrie cried out, her back arching hard and pulling her
lips away from him, her hands slapping to the tile floor beside his body as
she pushed back to meet his thrusts. "Oh...fuck!" She screamed, her body
shaking with lust and rage as he reached up, one hand wrapping around her
neck and shoulders, the other cupping her ass, using it as leverage to pound
up into her.

"Fuck..." Alex groaned, his cock threatening to let loose in Torrie's tight
pussy as it fluttered and squeezed his shaft, trying to get him to join her
in blissful climax.

"Oh, shit, Alex, fuck me!" She groaned, not caring about his internal
struggle to keep from busting his nut, only worrying herself with her own
pleasure. "Fuck, fuck, shit fuck! God, so good..."

Thrusting up into her hard and fast, he gritted his teeth, using every ounce
of willpower he had to keep his emotions in check and please her as much as
he could, her head hanging down and looking at him, her eyes wide and vacant
as she came. Seeing her shaking begin to slow and her groaning soften some,
he kept up the pace, pushing up into her tight pussy even as she slowed her
own push backs, eventually stopping all together as she sat down in his lap,
her body dropping slowly onto his, her head resting on his chest, both of
them sucking in deep, heavy breaths. Seeing she was finished with her
pleasure, he slowed his pumps to a stop, letting his hips rest on the floor
as he tried to pull his dick out.

"Up, up, off..." Alex groaned, lifting Torrie's hips up slightly and pulling
his pulsing dick out of her pussy, sighing with relief. "That was close..."

Lifting her head up from his chest, she asked, "What was?"

Leaning over and kissing her softly, he smiled. "Almost came."

"What is it with you guys and being worried about coming?" She asked. "Is it
an ego thing? Because, seriously, both of you have outlasted Billy by like
ten times, at least."

"Not with me." Alex said. "It's just, I wanna keep going, so coming isn't a
good thing."

"Why not?" Torrie asked. Looking at him, she smiled. "You think I wouldn't
stick around and wait for you guys to get hard again?" Leaning down and
kissing him, she said, "If I gotta wait around for a few minutes for you guys
to get wood again to get another pounding like that, trust me, I can wait. I
got magazines in my backpack. I can keep myself busy for a few minutes."
Grinning, she asked, "Wanna come? After what you two did to me tonight, I
don't care where, either..."

Smiling, Alex shook his head slowly. "No." He said, making her pout softly.
Leaning up and kissing her, he said, "Not right now. Next time, I won't stop
though, ok?"

"Ok." She cooed, her lips molding softly to his.

Pulling back, he smiled as he waived her away in a dismissive fashion. "Now,
go, scat." He teased. "Someone else is waiting for you, incase you forgot..."

Quickly turning her head around, Torrie quickly said, "Ohmygod! Mike, I'm

Waving his hand, Mike grinned. "Don't be. I could have waited a few."

Pouting softly, she asked, "Not done cooling down?"

Shaking his head, he grinned, giving his cock a few strokes. "Oh no, I'm done
cooling down." He told her, making her face light up. Crooking his finger, he
beckoned her over. "How about you come over here and warm me up again?"

Looking back at Alex, Torrie giggled as she leaned down and gave him a quick
peck. "Come get some when you cool down." She instructed. When he nodded, she
slowly dismounted him, turning towards Mike and started towards him, crawling
across the floor on all fours until she was directly in front of him, his
cock waving in her face. Pushing her head up, she captured him between her
lips, sucking him softly.

Groaning, Mike looked down at Torrie, smiling. "You know..." He said. "Your
pretty good at making a guy want to do nothing but stay between those lips of

"Is that what you want?" Torrie asked softly, letting him drop out of her
mouth as she ran her tongue along the rim of his shaft, drawing another moan
out of him. "Whatever you want, you can have."

"God...that feels good..." He moaned softly. Looking down at her, he asked,
" finish me off?"

Nodding, she smiled. "If that's what you want."

"I do." He said. "Later. Right now, I want you standing up."

"Oooooo." She giggled. "This should be fun. Wanna do me doggy standing up?"

"Not quite." He said, taking her hand and moving over to the wall. Pushing
her back up against it softly, he moved in front of her. "Left or right


Reaching down and taking her left leg in his hand, he pulled it up and
hooked it around his hip, making her moan as it clicked in what he was doing.
Leaning down and kissing her, he reached between them and grabbed his shaft,
lining it up with her and pushing in, both of them warmed up enough to avoid
the initial feeling out process. Wrapping her arms tight around his shoulders
and adjusting her leg, Torrie moaned as he pulled out, her tender pussy not
used to having someone back in it so soon after an orgasm, and having to
adjust on the fly as she had no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

"Is this one of those things you thought of, Mike?" She groaned. "Thought
about doing to me?"


Smiling, she asked, "What about DP'ing me with Alex?"

"DP'ing?" He asked.

"Double penetration." She groaned, her leg moving with his hips as he pulled
down before thrusting back up into her.

"No." He said. "Never thought of it."

"Would you do it?" She asked. "For me? You already did a little..."

"Then I guess yes..."

"But I had other things in mind." She said, holding him tight as she let her
head drop on his shoulder. "That's why I got you to get the lube."

Pushing into her with slow, even strokes, Mike kissed her neck, making her
moan. "What things?" He asked, knowing what she meant, but wanting to hear
it. "Tell us what you want. You've been doing what we wanted so far, so tell
us what would please you."

"This works fine." She said, kissing his neck back. "But I want to try
something...something Billy wanted..."


"I want you in my ass." She groaned. "And Alex in my pussy. I have no idea
what it'll feel like, but I want to try it. Could we try it?"

Looking at her, he smiled. "Of course." He said, leaning down and kissing
her. "Just as soon as Alex cools down..."

"Thank you, thank you..." She panted, her breath still not back from the
orgasm, and not getting any better as Mike continued to pleasure her, his
slow, methodical strokes driving her crazy.

"What am I being volunteered for?" Alex moaned from the floor.

"Fucking Torrie."

"Alright then."

Holding Mike close to her body, Torrie kissed and licked his sweaty flesh,
groaning softly. "You like me close to you, don't you?" She asked. Feeling
his head bob up and down beside hers, she asked, "Is this one of your
fantasies? Did you dream of doing me like this?"

"Yes..." Mike admitted with a groan. "So, so many times."

Moaning, she told him, "God, I hope you have a lot more fantasies."

Nodding, he pushed into her again and again, refusing to speed up, refusing
to change anything about his long, slow strokes as she groaned and squirmed
in lust. "Lots." Pulling his head back and smiling, he told her, "I have
this one with us in the whirlpool..."

"That sounds so good..." She groaned, her body shivering as his hips slapped
against her. "A nice, long workout...then a nice, long workout in the

Groaning at the thought, Mike leaned down and kissed her, pressing his lips
tenderly against hers, lapping at her lips and baiting her tongue out,
dancing around his and making him chase it into her mouth. Wrapping her lips
around his tongue, she suckled it softly and stroked it with her own, making
him moan until she was forced to relinquish her lip lock, air forcing it's
way into her lung as she sucked in deep, greedy breaths. Her plant leg
burning with exertion, she squirmed around on the floor, trying to find a
position which would take some of the stress off of her leg and let Mike
continue with his fantasy. Feeling her shifting around, and correctly
guessing why she was doing it, Mike groaned as he pushed her left leg down,
making her plant it on the floor before pulling out of her. Seeing the look
in her eyes, he smiled as he kissed her, moving back as far as her tight arms
would let him and grabbing her hips, pushing and pulling and telling her to
spin around slightly.

Quickly figuring out what he wanted, she spun around and faced the wall,
leaning over and pressing her hands into the tiles as she spread her legs,
wiggling her tempting bottom at him. Getting back into position, he grabbed
his shaft and moved forward, pressing it against her pussy from the back and
plunged back into her, making her back arch as he bottomed out quickly.
Waiting for her to make her final adjustments, he pulled back and slammed in
quickly, catching her off guard and groan, his new, quicker strokes a
complete contrast to the slow, smooth strokes from just a second ago.
Reaching around her wet body and cupping her breasts, he pulled out and
slammed back, rapidly working up a fast pace as he pounded into her, her head
bobbing around as she let her neck go slack.

Shuffling his feet wider to get a more solid base, Mike picked up the pace
even more, his hips slapping against her ass hard and fast, making her sob
out in long, low sobs, her whole body shaking with each violent pump, her ass
rippling as his thighs connected with them, her tits bouncing around in his
grip as he softly squeezed and caressed them. Shuffling from foot to foot,
Torrie's hands tried to grip the hard tiles in a futile attempt to relieve
some of the building tension in her body, her whole body still being on pins
and needles from Alex's orgasm when Mike pushed into her earlier, and his
first slow and smooth and now hard and fast pumps doing nothing to calm her

Arching her back and sobbing and crying out, she quickly realized that taking
a break might not have been such a bad thing. But feeling her toes begin to
curl up and her whole body begin to shudder, she honestly couldn't care less
about breaks or rest periods. She just wanted release.

"Fuck, Mike, fuck me!" She cried out, her head looking around and trying to
lock eyes with the owner through the mess of blonde hair covering her face.
"Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop..."

"Fuck, Torrie..." He moaned, his hips throwing forward and slapping against
her body violently. "If I don't stop soon..."

"Come!" She urged him. "God, please come! I want you guys to be happy to!"

Almost laughing, but moaning instead, he asked, "You don't think I'm happy?"

"I want come!" She urged again. Sobbing loudly, she tried to shake her nerves
out, but found her orgasm had beaten her to the punch in the shaking
department. "Anywhere you want! Same deal as Alex!"

Wanting to hold off as long as possible, but wanting to please her, Mike
chose the latter. "Come Torrie." He groaned, rubbing her breasts gently, his
cloudy mind forgetting for a moment that he had the large orbs in his hand,
but remembering in a flash and reminding him to use that avenue of pleasure
to his advantage too. "I'll be right behind you...I hope..."

"You will..." She moaned, reassuring him "God, you two are so

Sobbing loudly, Torrie arched her back hard, her hands almost coming up off
the tiles as she pushed back to meet Mike's thrusts, her timing sketchy at
best as she almost pulled him out of her completely a few times in her
efforts to gain more pleasure. Feeling Mike's hands gently working her
breasts, she groaned in thanks, hoping he knew that groan was in thanks for
his efforts to give her that extra bit of pleasure. Feeling his strokes
become increasingly erratic, she whined, her body starting to wind down as
her mind started to cloud over. As her body gave out and she slumped against
the wall, she felt him pull out slowly, both of them groaning at the exit.

Going to spin around, she started to ask, "Where do you wanna..." Before he
stopped her, pressing her back to facing the wall.

"Stay there, stay there..." He groaned, aiming his cock for her ass and
fisting it quickly, his hand whipping up and down the worn out pole. Arching
slightly, he grunted as he shot out onto her ass and legs, his fist working
overtime to pump gooey ropes of semen onto her wiggling bottom.

Looking over her shoulder, Torrie chuckled at the impressive sight. "Wow..."
She moaned softly, watching Mike flick his cock, trying to get the last drop
out. "Backed up, huh?"

Stumbling back a few steps, Mike gingerly lowered himself to the floor,
dropping to his knees, smiling as Torrie did the same and scooted in front
of him, kissing him softly. Breaking back, he looked over her shoulder,
grinning. "I guess so."

Reaching her hand back and running it though the sticky mess, she cooed.
"See? That wasn't so bad." She said. "You didn't die..."


"And I'm betting it felt good..."

"So much better than good." He assured her. Leaning forward and kissing her,
he smiled. "You are a wonder woman."

"I try." She mused around his lips. "If only moron would see that..."

"If he saw it..." Mike said, smiling. "Then you wouldn't be here with us, now
would you?"

"I suppose not." Torrie admitted with a grin. Hearing the "Us" part, she
smiled as she looked over to Alex. "Guess we don't get to try my thing just
yet." She said. When he shook his head, she grinned. "Wanna keep me busy
until we do?"

Smiling, Alex nodded. "If you won't mind me doing one of my fantasies..."

"Not at all." She assured him.

"I can't guarantee it'll be pleasurable for you." He warned. "In fact, I
think I can promise it won't be."

"Painful?" She squeaked.

Shaking his head, he promised her, "No pain."

Smirking, she asked, "Just no gain?" When he shook his head, she grinned.
"That's ok. I need a little cool down myself. So, blow job? Hand job?"

"Tit job." He said with a smile.

Rolling her eyes, she giggled. "Should have guessed..."

"You really should have." He told her. "Wanna clean up, then lay down?"

Looking back at her ass again, she smiled. "I guess I should." She mused.
Looking back at Mike, and kissing him softly, she giggled. "You made quite a
mess back there." Pushing herself to her feet, Torrie scooted over to a
shower stall, turning the water on and letting it get warm. Looking at Alex,
she motioned across the room. "Get the lube. I'll be ready in a second." As
he scrambled up and moved to get the lube, she quickly ducked under the
shower, washing Mike's lust off of her ass, and taking the chance to clean up
quickly, ducking into the shower fully and washing of the sweat she was
working up before turning it off. Wiping the water away from her eyes and her
wet hair from her face, she turned around and found Alex standing in front of
her, lube bottle in hand. "Ready?"

"Just waiting for you." He said, tugging at his cock softly.

"So, how we gonna do this?" Torrie asked.

Motioning to the floor, he told her, "Just lay back and let me do the work."

"That sounds like a good plan to me." She joked, quickly getting onto the
floor, laying on her back as he moved over her, dropping to his knees over
her torso. Seeing his cock sticking up and pointing at her, she smiled,
leaning up and kissing the tip. "Hey you."

Quickly applying some lube to her chest, Alex put the bottle away as he
slapped his cock down on her chest, rolling it around her boobs, getting it
greased up. Looking up at him and smiling, she asked, "Thought about this

"A whole lot."

"Ever done it before?"


"Why not?"

"Never had someone with a big enough set to get the job done."

"Aren't you glad I just happened to like this shower better?"

"Very, very glad."

Feeling him grip her breasts and push them tight around his shaft, she
reached up and pushed his hands away, grabbing her tits and taking over for
him. "Lemme do this." She said, smiling. "You just worry about getting your
fantasy ride."

Smiling, he moaned softly as she moved her tits slightly, jerking his shaft.
"You are so, so awesome Torrie." He told her.

"I really am." She giggled. "Now, come on, get your tit fuck on. I wanna be
ready to rock with my fantasy once Mike gets hard again."

"I'm getting there, I'm getting there." Mike teased.

Looking over towards Mike, she smiled as she saw he wasn't lying. "Wow." She
cooed, Alex pulling back from her cleavage and thrusting forward gently, his
hips bouncing off of her large boobs, making them bounce. "And you were
worried about coming..."

"I'm worried about passing out." He informed her. "Coming tends to do that to
a guy...especially with the super orgasms you hit a guy with."

"I guess." She said. Smiling, she said, "At least I got to come...twice. With
Billy, not so much. Unless I do ninety nine percent of the work myself."
Looking up at Mike with a sweet smile, she asked, "Can I help you a little?"

Smiling, he continued to stroke his semi-flaccid shaft. "How so?"

Motioning him over with her head, she licked her lips. "Get over here and
I'll show you."

Kneel walking across the hard tile floor, Mike moved alongside her head,
scooting slightly up and letting Alex have all the room he needed to enjoy
his vice. Letting his limp cock dangle in her face, he grinned down at her.
"Alright. I'm here. What ya got for me?"

"Just wanna help you get hard again..." She said sweetly. Opening her mouth
and pushing her head up, she captured his cock between her lips, pulling the
soft member into her mouth and sucking on it. Bobbing her head up and down on
his limp shaft, she made sure to keep moving her chest up and down slightly,
jerking Alex off with each pump of his hips. Feeling Mike's cock begin to
swell in her mouth, she moaned softly, rolling her tongue around it, playing
with the limp flesh.

Groaning as Torrie continued to breath new life into his shaft, he looked
down, his attention drawn to Alex's tit fucking, watching as Torrie slid her
boobs up and down, matching Alex's slow, steady thrusts perfectly. Looking
back down at her, he moaned as she sucked and slurped on his knob, working
her hardest to get him solid again.

Reaching down, Alex took her nipples between his thumb and index finger,
rubbing them softly as he moaned, her massive breasts squeezing his cock
tight. Being a novice at this himself, he couldn't tell if she had honestly
done it before or not, but he wasn't complaining if he wasn't the first to do
it, Torrie working hard to complete another fantasy he harbored with her for
a long time, the porno style nature of there encounter showing itself in his
sexual preference. Hearing Mike moan, he looked up and watched as Torrie,
sucked on his dick, her focus for the cock between her tits never straying as
she worked over another in her mouth, both of them being pleased.

Feeling his shaft slowly work its way back to full strength, Mike groaned,
letting Torrie bob her head a few more times before taking her chin in his
hand gently, pulling her off of his shaft. "Good as new." He said with a
smile. "Thanks..."

"Please stay." She moaned, looking up at him.

"Stay?" He asked, confused. "Umm, I kinda gotta lock up when we leave, so I
can't go anywhere..."

"I meant, stay right here." She said, explaining herself a little more. "I
wanna suck you off."

Looking up at Mike, Alex grinned. "Are you seriously gonna turn down that

Looking down at Torrie, Mike smiled. "I thought you wanted the DP thingy?"

"I do." She said, ducking her head down, craning her neck and flicking her
tongue out, slapping Alex's cock with her tongue, making sure he didn't think
she had forgotten about the large slab of meat between her breasts. "But I
want this to. Please?" Smiling, she giggled. "I can do neat things with my

Laughing, Mike scooted closer to her head, brushing her hair out of the way
to avoid kneeling on it as he pressed his hard shaft against her lips. "Do
your worst." He joked.

Looking between the two friends, she said, "I want you two to come at the
same time, ok?" Seeing the looks on their faces, she said, "If one of you is
getting close, say so, and we'll work it out from there. I want a double
shot, ok?"

"This is seriously turning into a porno." Alex said.

"A high budget porno." Mike said with a grin. "Whatever you want, Torrie."

Looking up at Alex, Torrie smiled. "Alex?"

Nodding quickly, he told her, "I'm game. What Torrie wants, Torrie gets. I'm
not all that far off anyways."

"Good." She said, her nervous energy picking up. "Right now, Torrie wants you
to fuck her tits."

"No problem there." He said, taking over for her as she moved her hands away,
squeezing her breasts firmly around his cock.

Turning her gaze to Mike, she said, "And Torrie wants you to get your dick

"Again, not a problem." He assured her, waving his shaft in her face. "You
better do some good work to get me caught up to Alex."

As Torrie turned her attention to Mike's cock, grabbing it with one hand as
she slid the other under him, cupping his dangling sack, Alex focused on her
tits, moaning softly as he pushed and pulled between them. Hearing the loud
slurping and sucking coming from in front of him as Torrie focused on getting
Mike to the level of arousal Alex was at, Alex squeezed her breasts tighter
around his cock, rubbing them around freely, relishing the new found control
he had over them. Letting them go for a moment, he cupped them and slapped
them against his cock, groaning as the soft orbs pushed his cock around.
Pushing them tight again, he picked up the pace, knowing he had to be ready
when Mike was to give Torrie the come shower she requested.

His stomach twitching, Mike groaned loudly as Torrie bobbed her head
viciously on his shaft, whatever blowjobs he had gotten from her up till that
point paling in comparison to the one he was getting now, her mind focused on
her goal and unwilling to let anything stand in her way. As her fist glided
up and down his shaft, her lips following it up and down as he tried to keep
still, her relentless sucking and stroking working him up in the best way

"Fuck Torrie..." he groaned, hissing softly as her other hand stroked his
balls, rubbing the large sack. "No wonder Billy can't last, the way you suck
and fuck...fucking goddess...god damnit..."

Surging with energy, Torrie whipped her tongue alongside the bottom of his
shaft, twisting and turning it every which way, lapping up the remains of
there orgasmic explosion from earlier and whatever new pre come came out of
his cock. Feeling Alex's pumps begin to slow down, Torrie knew she had to
pick up the pace with Mike, not wanting to rush him to orgasm, but her needs
outweighing what she would have liked to do. She'd prefer that they never got
limp, came on command and never needed breaks to recover from a hard pounding
fuck, but, realizing that was impossible to ask for, she settled for what she
could control, which was dragging Mike kicking and moaning towards the finish
line to make sure he arrived at the same time as Alex and give her the carnal
act she craved.

"God, Torrie..." Alex groaned, hissing softly as he tried to hold out for as
long as he could. "You have such perfect tits. So big...and soft..."

Smiling and shaking his head, Mike groaned, "Dude, you have serious breast
obsession issues..."

Looking at Mike, Alex said, "And you have serious ass obsession issues.
What's your point?"

Pulling Mike's cock out of her mouth with a long suck, she decided to diffuse
the playful argument before it turned into a serious one. ~After seeing
Billy's friends go from humans to morons in the span of a fight over potato
chip flavor, I don't want that to happen here.~ "Boys, boys, boys..." She
mused, smiling up at them. When she got their attention, she let go of Mike's
cock, reaching up and rubbing Alex's chest. "I think I have awesome tits
too." She told him. Looking up at Mike, she grinned. "And my ass ain't to
shabby either. So quit poking fun. I think a little obsession is a good
thing...for me at least."

Looking up at Mike, Alex grinned as he resumed his thrusting. "Yea, you heard
her. Quick poking fun."

Grinning, Mike took his cock in his hand, waving it in her face while he
shook his head at Alex. "How about you stick to poking her tits?"

"Sounds good to me." Alex said, increasing the pace of his thrusts. "You
better hurry up though. I don't got far to go."

Shaking his head, Mike said, "Me to." Looking down at Torrie, watching her
flick her tongue over his cock, he smiled, asking, "Do you wanna start
coordinating us now?"

"Shut up." She giggled. "When your getting close, lemme know, and you'll get
your instructions, ok?" When he nodded, she pulled his cock between her lips,
resuming her bobbing.

"Oh...shit..." Mike groaned, reaching down and stroking her face, causing her to
rub his sack again, making him arch. "Fuck, baby...I ain't far off...shit
your good..." Realizing she wasn't going to pull off of his cock until she
was sure he was going to come, Mike looked at Alex. "How close are you?"

Giving her tits a few pumps, he groaned. "Ready when you are."

Pulling his cock away from Torrie's suction mouth, Mike moaned. "Alright,
sexy, what's up?"

"I want a double dose of come." She purred, looking up at them. Looking at
Mike, she said, "Your on face detail. Alex, I think it would be best if you
gave me a pearl necklace, don't you?"

"That...sounds...good...fuck..." Alex groaned, his hips moving in slower,
jerking movements.

Seeing his friend was about to come, Mike picked up his efforts, aiming his
cock at Torrie's smiling face, moaning as he felt his nut rushing up his
shaft. "Fuck Torrie, fucking god..."

Squirming on the floor, Torrie moaned loudly as Alex erupted, goo shooting
out from between her tits and striking her on her upturned chin. Reaching out
and grabbing Mike's cock, she aimed it towards her lips, closing her eyes as
Alex spat off again, adding to the mess what was quickly forming on her neck
as she jerked Mike off, her hand a blaze up and down his shaft. His hips
bucking wildly, Mike yelled out loudly as he came again, his balls barely
cooled down from the first orgasm as Torrie pushed him into another one.
Feeling his come roll out of cock, he quickly took control of his cock again,
pushing her hand away and pressing his shaft against her lips, shooting a
rope of sticky come onto her cheek. Looking down and trying to aim his cock
upwards, Mike watched as Alex came again and again, his freshness over Mike
evident as his cock spasmed over and over, sending rockets of come flying up
against Torrie's neck and chin. Aiming his cock over her nose, Mike jerked
furiously as he tried to give her more, a feeble load working its way out and
onto her face, his nearly spent cock unable to produce the massive, face
covering facial he had hoped for, instead settling for a few well placed
wads. Pulling his dick from between her tits, Alex jerked off the last
remaining strands of his lust onto her chest, working his fantasy into hers.

Looking down at the mess Alex had made of her neck and chin, and then at the
small amount of come he had managed to drop onto her face, Mike slumped
backwards onto his calves, his eyes threatening to close for good as he tried
to fight off the effects of his second mind rocking orgasm.

Cooing softly as Alex dismounted her chest, Torrie ran her hands through the
mess on her chest, giggling at the slickness of her flesh. "God, do either of
you get laid?" She laughed.

"Not in a while, no." Alex said, before adding, "I'm speaking for myself.
Dunno about him."

"Me neither." Mike moaned, still shaking his head.

Looking up at Mike, Torrie smiled. "Still with us, stud?"

"Barely." He mumbled. Shaking his head again, trying to clear the cobwebs, he
smiled. "I think Alex should have been on face duty. He had a lot more left
in the tank."

"You did awesome." Torrie assured him. Looking between them, she grinned.
"Thanks a million, guys. In the back of my head, I've always wondered what
that would be like, but the only guys I could think of to try it with were
Billy and his fuck up friends." Grinning as she pulled her index finger into
her mouth, cleaning it free of Alex's come, she said, "I refuse to let Billy
come on my face. He'd probably try and come in my eye so he could have a
story to brag about with the cretins he hangs out with."

"I tried to avoid the eyes." Mike said, slowly getting his wits back about

"You succeeded." She said, leaning over and kissing his deflated shaft.
"Thank you."

"You are very, very welcome." He said with a smile.

Pushing herself to her feet, Torrie waddled to a shower, kicking her legs to
get the feeling back into them as she moved. Turning the hot water on and
quickly cleaning the mess from her body, she turned to the guys, smiling as
she found them flaked out on the floor. "I take it a small break is in
order?" She asked.

"Uh-huh." They said in unison.

"That's cool." She said, turning off the water, taking a seat on the floor
and leaning back against the wall. Smiling at them, she said, "So, how are
you guys liking the idea of being my roommates now?"

"Roommates?" Mike asked, rolling his head to look at her. When she nodded, he
asked, "I thought we were gonna be housemates?"

"You were." She said, still smiling. "Then you two gave me two orgasms, and I
upgraded it to roommates...if you guys wouldn't mind sharing a room with me,
that is."

"With you, yes." Mike said, grinning. "With him, no."


"What?" Mike asked. "Would you want to share a room with me?"

"If Torrie was in it, I wouldn't mind."

"Maybe housemates are better." Torrie said with a smile. "I'm sure you two
could find your way to my bedroom when the situation called for it."

"Of course." Alex said.

"Speaking of home..." Mike said, wondering why he was bringing it up. "When
were you supposed to be home?"

Giggling, Torrie shrugged. "Like an hour ago? Maybe longer. Dunno how long
we've been in here. Why?"

"I was just worried about Billy coming and beating down my door." Mike said.

Waving her hand, Torrie shook her head. "Don't worry." She assured him. "He's
probably passed out on the couch in a pile of corn chips and beer nuts. Or
out at one of his moron friends houses acting like winning a game of Madden
NFL is the be all to end all of life."

"So he wouldn't even go looking for you?"

"Nah." She said. "If I don't show up by morning, he might realize I'm gone,
since breakfast won't be there, but other than that, he probably wouldn't

"You are way to hot to not go looking for." Alex assured her. "Of course, he
probably shouldn't let you go alone in the first place."

"If he didn't let me go alone..." She said, smiling at him. "Then you guys
wouldn't have gotten to take a shower with me."

"I'm beginning to think that in the shower with you is the best place in the
world to be." Alex told her with a smile.

Giving him a wink, she said, "I'm pretty good on a bed to." Rubbing her knees
softly, she added, "To bad you guys don't have one around anywhere. This
floor is shit on your knees."

"Yea..." Mike said, nodding in agreement. Looking at her and grinning, he
said, "If I had known you were gonna do this, I would have gotten one."

Laughing, Torrie told him, "If I knew I was gonna do this, I would have
gotten here sooner!" Looking between them, she said, "This was a pretty spur
of the moment thing. Was sitting in the girls locker room, thinking about
what a dick Billy was today, and decided to relieve some tension. Few minutes
later, you two were lathering me up."

"So, this was a heat of the moment thing?" Mike asked cautiously.

Nodding, Torrie said, "More or less. I won't lie and say I've never thought
about screwing either of you...or both of you, it's just, I never actually
acted on the urges before." Seeing the look on their faces, she grinned.
"And just because it's a heat of the moment thing, doesn't mean it's a one
time deal. The heat of the moment was more of what got me over the hump and
made me do it. Now that I've done it, and am having a wicked, wicked time
doing it, I don't think a repeat is out of the question."

Grinning, Alex said what they were all thinking. "You have no earthly ide
how happy I am to hear you say that."

Giving him a smile, she told him, "You got bigger shit to worry about, like
your light bill..."

"And groceries..."

"Groceries to?" She asked, smiling. When he nodded, she shook her head. "Do
you wanna order a pizza or something?"

"Nah." He said. "I'll get some sometime."

Looking at Alex, Mike grinned. "You can call in sick tomorrow if you want."
He said. "Exhaustion is a sickness, you know."

"I'll think about it." He told him. Giving his cock a few solid tugs, he sat
up, looking over at Torrie. "So, sexy lady, you ready to get your fantasy

"Like I'm not living it already." She said, smiling. Looking over Alex at
Mike, she asked, "Is Mike ready? It's gonna take both of you for this one..."

Nodding, Mike sat up, stroking his cock. "I think I'm good to go. So, what's
the deal?"

Pushing herself up, she motioned for Alex to lay down. "You..." She said,
pointing at Alex. "Your on bottom, in my pussy." When he nodded and laid
back, she smiled at Mike. "And, Mr. Butt obsessive, you get to fuck my ass.
Grab the lube."

Getting visibly excited, Mike quickly got up and moved across the shower,
grabbing his lube and moving back over to where Torrie was crawling on top of
Alex, moving up so she was hovering over his face. Leaning down and kissing
him softly, she said, "Wait till Mike gets in, then go fucking nuts, ok?"

Quickly grabbing his cock and lining it up with her pussy, Alex nodded and
moaned softly as she backed up, pushing him into her. "You got it babe."

Dribbling some lube between her butt cheeks, Mike lubed up her asshole,
making sure none of her rim was lacking in lubricant before applying a
generous amount to his cock, getting in behind her. "Ever butt fuck before,

"Once or twice." She said, moaning softly as she felt his cock press between
her ass cheeks.

"God, your ass is so fucking perfect." He groaned, rubbing her cheeks against
his cock. "This is gonna fucking rule."

"I hope so." She groaned. "God, I wanna try this so bad. Billy's begged me to
let him and one of his morons do it so many times, but I don't even consider
it. His friends are dirty bastards, and he's a prick." Looking at her two
lovers, she smiled. "You guys get first crack at it. And, since I don't have
two other guys in mind, any future cracks, ok?"

"Fucking yes ok!" Mike said, smiling at her.

"Get in me." Torrie groaned, looking at Mike. "Alex isn't allowed to start
until you're in me, and I want you both fucking me! Please, get in me!"

Nodding, Mike turned deadly serious, grabbing his cock and pushing it against
her asshole, forcing his head into her tight ring, stopping as she moaned,
letting her adjust to the new found intruder in the only hole on her that
hadn't been stuffed yet tonight. Hearing her moaning stop, he pushed forward,
dribbling lube onto his cock as he went, pulling out and applying more before
pushing back in, making sure to keep her well greased to make the entrance,
and subsequent fucking, as easy and pain free as possible.

"Oh my fuck..." Torrie groaned, trying to arch up, but being held down by
Mike on top of her. "God, your fucking huge..."

Not bothering to thank her for the compliment, he kept working in deeper and
deeper, the moans and winces of pain slowly turning to groans of lust as her
ass slowly accepted it's new occupant. Pushing in one final time, Mike forced
in as deep as she would take, his cock burying itself deep inside of her, his
hips resting on her ass as they both let our a groan of relief.

"Are you done yet?" Alex asked, growing impatient with being the unmoving
bottom part of the fuck sandwich.

Chuckling softly, Torrie leaned down, kissing him softly. "He's in." She
said. "God, is he in..."

"How does it feel?" Mike asked, adjusting himself to get into a good position
to fuck her when she gave the command.

"It feels..." She said, trying to find the right word. "Different." Looking
at him, she said, "Different, but good."

"So, go?" He asked hopefully.

Nodding, she smiled, looking between them. "Fuck me silly." She said, bracing
her hands on the floor.

Feeling both guys pull out at the same time, she arched her back up and
groaned loudly, her whole body feeling like her insides were being sucked
out. Waiting for the plunge back, she squealed softly as Alex acted first,
pushing in a split second faster than Mike, thrusting in up to the balls
before pulling out, not savoring the new entrance like Mike did, rearing
back and giving her pussy another pump as Mike began to pull out, no
apparent rhythm in sight as they both went at there own pace, pulling and
pumping, thrusting into her bottom holes as her top one urged them on.

"Oh fuck yes!" She groaned, holding Alex close with one arm, her body resting
gently on his. "God, harder! Faster!"

Looking at each other, Mike and Alex grinned, both of them quickly complying
with her request and picking up the pace, Alex pushing up into her pussy hard
and fast as Mike pounded down into her asshole with brutal force, rocking her
body and sending her sprawling onto Alex, her chest pressing into his face
before she could compose herself, pushing herself up back up onto her hands
as they gave her another pump, both of them thrusting into her at the same
time, making her scream out.

Reaching up and grabbing her shoulders again, Mike pounded down into her
asshole, her screaming and moaning working him up big time, giving him added
incentive to slam his cock home hard and fast. Re-gripping her shoulders, he
pulled her back to meet each of his thrusts, intent on keeping her from
moving, or at least keeping her squirming under enough control that he didn't
have to adjust his pumps, as he was getting into a very nice rhythm the way
he was going. Torrie thrashed and groaned with each thrust, his and Alex's
pumps coming in at there own style and pace, keeping her on her toes as she
had to constantly adjust and try to keep ahead of them, guessing when and how
each would push into her, trying to brace herself as best she could, but more
often than not guessing wrong and having to settle for holding onto the floor
and screaming her head off.

"God, I don't think I could ever get tired of your tits, Torrie." Alex
groaned, his lips and hands consumed with her large breasts, hoping she'd
give him a verbal answer but knowing her own mouth was consumed with
screaming and crying out in passion from the intense double fucking she was
getting. He knew her breasts were probably getting tender from all the
attention they were receiving, most of which was from him, and he resolved
not to be like he figured Billy would be like, pawing and groping her chest
blindly as if they were a toy to be handled roughly. Holding them steady
with his hands, he continued to pushed up into her pussy as he stuck his
tongue out, rolling it around her tight nipples softly, just touching the
edge of them, teasing them, a life time of breast obsession showing itself
in full force. Hearing her scream and sob continuously, he couldn't be sure
that his tiny efforts had caused any of that noise in the grand scheme of
things, but he hoped they had.

Rolling her head around, Torrie screamed out loudly, her body rocking under
the force of her two lovers thrusting, Mike's death grip on her shoulders the
only thing keeping her from sliding across the floor. As she arched her head
up to scream out again, her face plastered with long, sweat soaked blonde
hair, she gave up trying to guess in advance which one was going to thrust
into her, her body long since stopping giving her reliable data as to who was
doing what, save for Alex's gentle touching of her chest, which she
appreciated as a sharp contrast to the hard and furious slamming of hips
against her bottom. She had done plenty of hard and fast fucking in her life,
as it was Billy's preferred method, but the addition of a second dick and the
expanding of the time limit past a minute and a half added a whole new, and
very pleasurable, dimension to it for her, her whole body tingling as her
voice began to give out from her screaming, breaking down into a loud croak.

"Feels so good..." She managed to croak out, Alex and Mike taking that as a
hint to pick up the pace and slamming into her harder and faster, bringing
out another shriek from her worn out lungs. "God, more, more!"

Hearing her new instructions loud and clear, both guys pushed into her as
hard and as fast as they could, Mike slightly afraid that they were going to
break the poor girl in half, and Alex slightly afraid that she was going to
rip his cock off with her rapidly tightening pussy, her whole body
convulsing. Not knowing if she was coming or just enjoying the ride
immensely, both guys guessed coming, not slowing down a microsecond in an
effort to maximize her pleasure, ignoring the strain and pain in there backs
from the relentless pumping, there sexy blonde pinups pleasure the center of
there world for the time being.

Torrie shuddered on the floor, her knees screaming in pain from being
battered into the hard tiles for the last however long, her hands going numb
from pushing into the floor, her arms and legs both tiring from the effort
needed to keep her body upright and in easy access for her two eager fuck
buddies. But as her body began to spark up again, a new level of pleasure
coursing through her veins, she pushed all pain and soreness aside, her mind
reasoning with her body that she had two days she could spend in her hot tub
to get rid of the aches and pains before she went back out on the road, but
orgasms like she was about to be pounded with don't come along very often.
Trying to find a way to relive the numbness in her hands, she shuffled
around, Mike's hard gripping hands not letting her move very much, but
helping take the strain off of her arms and give him something to pull her
back onto Alex and his cocks over and over again, a very fair tradeoff in
her mind.

"Coming, coming, fuck, fuck, coming!" Torrie tried to cry out, her words low
and raspy from the assault she had done to her voice over the night.

"Fuck...I think I'm there too..." Mike growled.

Her mind working quickly, Torrie looked behind herself. "Off, off!" She
shouted at Mike. As he pulled out quickly, his body going on instinct as his
mind tried to find a reason for her sudden change of heart, she looked down
at Alex, saying, "On top, now!"

Quickly rolling them over, Alex repositioned himself between her legs,
resuming his pumping to keep her pleasure going, quickly realized that he had
guessed right earlier and was doubly intent on giving her another batch of

Looking at Mike, and watching as he quickly cleaned his cock with a sponge,
getting ready for whatever she commanded him to do, she waved him over with a
tired arm, her yelping returning as Alex pounded into her pussy, her sore G
spot taking the brunt of his wonderful assault. "Come here, come here!"

Moving as quickly as he could, his cock threatening to shoot off at a moments
notice, Mike got close to her face, her hands immediately whipping out and
snagging him, a blur of fingers working him over as he bucked and groaned,
wanting to hold off and postpone his coming, but knowing she had other plans,
and wanting to comply with her wishes.

Groaning loudly, Torrie arched off the floor, Alex pushing into her
relentlessly as she jerked off Mike, taking the tip of his cock around her
face and lapping at the head, his goo firing out without warning and
splattering across her face, his load almost non-existent as his tired balls
tried to churn out one last shot, his dick pulsing and throbbing as her pussy
and clit did the same, both of them reaching nirvana at the same time, albeit
via different routes.

As Torrie slumped back to the floor, Mike collapsed back, his head narrowly
avoiding the hard floor as it thudded off of his arm before he rolled onto
his back, his eyes snapping shut as he finally passed out, the
pleasure-a-thon finally catching up to the tired owner and forcing him into
darkness. Her eyes rolling back in her head, Torrie fought off the urge to
join in never-never land, her tired, achy body trying to shut down, but her
willpower just winning out.

"Stop...stop..." She moaned softly to Alex, groaning as he slowed to a stop
and pulled out completely. "Oh my fucking god..."

Panting along with her, Alex shook his head. "Is this really happening?"

Trying to turn to look at him, she found her body unwilling to respond, so
she merely nodded slightly. "I think so, yea."

Looking over at Mike, Alex said, "He is out cold."

"Really?" She asked.

"Really." He said. "Want me to try and wake him up?"

Shaking her head, she told him, "No. Let him rest." Groaning loudly as she
pushed herself up to a sitting position, she smiled weakly. "He did way more
than I could have ever hoped for." Reaching out and cupping Alex's face, she
smiled. "I figured you'd be the last one standing, anyways."

"I'm trying." He said, nodding. "Just tired as hell."

"Me to." Torrie admitted. Giving him a small smile, she asked, "Got enough
left in ya to finish?"

Nodding, he grinned. "I think so, yea."

Her smile getting a bit wider, she asked, "Got enough left in ya to take me
out into the gym and fuck me on one of the machines?"

Grinning, he said, "You really are a kinky little thing, aren't you?"

Giggling, she shook her head. "Honestly, no. It's just...well, I've come this
far, done this many fantasies, why not go for one more, right?"

"You can have as many as you want from me." He told her firmly. Smiling, he
added, "So long as I'm awake to enjoy them to."

Pushing herself to her feet, Torrie stumbled over to one of the showers,
turning it on and quickly rinsing off Mike's come before shutting it down,
checking and making sure she hadn't awakened her slumbering sperm donor.
Seeing he was still snoring softly, she smiled, moving to the exit as Alex
pulled himself to his feet. "So, got much left in the tank?" She asked.

Shaking his head, he grinned. "If I managed to put my dick in you without
coming, I'd be surprised."

"Ah well." She said, smiling. "It's the action that counts. Don't matter how
long it lasts. I can still say I did it."

Smirking, Alex followed her into the gym, waiting and seeing which machine
she picked. "I bet Billy says that a lot, huh?"

Giggling, she nodded. "Every time." She confirmed. Moving back towards a
familiar part of the gym, she smiled as Alex laughed.

"I thought you hated this thing?" He said.

"I wanna love it." She purred. "I think this might be the start of a new
relationship with the butterfly machine."

"I'll never look at it the same way, that's for sure." He promised her. "So,
how you wanna go about this?"

Motioning for him to sit on the board, she waved him back. "Get in there."
She grinned. "You tortured me in this thing. Only fair that I do the same to

"Like it's torture." He said with a smile, sliding into the machine. "More
like heaven."

"Thanks." She said softly, moving over and sitting on the board, laying back
and scooting towards him. "There." She said. "Get back to work."

Grinning, he reached down, grabbing his cock and lining it up again. "Have I
mentioned how weird and kinky this is?"

"Yes." She said, smiling. "That mean you don't wanna do it?"

"I do wanna do it." He said, smiling. "Really wanna do it. Just saying, is

Moaning softly as he pushed back into her, Torrie nodded. "So kinky..."

Thrusting into her softly, he paced himself, trying to go slow and hold on
for as long as he could, knowing he was nearly at the edge of climax before
he pushed into her.

"Yea, give it to me...nice and soft." She moaned, looking up at him. Smiling,
she told him, "You were soooooooo good with my tits, Alex. I know how much
you like them, even though you didn't help sculpt them, but you treat them so
soft, so gentle, so good."

Nodding, Alex pumped into her slowly, gritting his teeth in an effort to stop
from coming, his will to enjoy her succulent body for a moment longer winning
out for an instant, until he felt him shaft begin to pulse, letting him know
he had reached the point of no return.

"God, Torrie, I'm sorry..." He groaned loudly.

"It's ok." She promised him. "You two did so much good tonight. Come on,
come..." Looking up at him, she grinned as she slid back, letting him pop out
before sliding back down, her butt resting in his crotch as she reached down
between them, grabbing his shaft and stroking him quickly. "Let's see how far
you can shoot that thing." She teased.

Nodding softly, sweat pouring down his face and onto her body, Alex moaned
loudly as she pumped away, all the strength in his body rolling down to his
crotch and shooting out onto her stomach, a few drops of semen spurting out
of his knob and onto her skin before he groaned loudly, his pleasure
overriding his brain and beginning the shut down sequence.

Giving Alex's cock a final tug, Torrie smiled as he groaned, his eyes
fluttering closed as he slumped forward. Shrieking softly in fear of him
landing on her, she sighed softly as his arms hooked in the machine, making
him slump forward but stopping him from landing on her. Running her hand
through the mess he had left on her stomach, she giggled, shaking her head.

"You guys pass out as quick as Billy." She mused to no one in particular.
Grinning, she added, "Of course, you guys did give me three orgasms, so all
is forgiven."

Swinging her legs up and over the bench, Torrie slid up to her feet, looking
back at Alex with a smile. Moving over, she leaned down, giving him a soft
kiss on the lips. "Thanks, Alex." She said softly, smiling as she turned
around and moved towards the women's changing room. Pushing the door open and
moving into the shower area, she realized she had left her sponge and soap in
the other shower. Waving her hands, she said, "Fuck it." Turning on the hot
water, she quickly stood under it, moaning softly as the soothing water
splashed down her ache filled body. "Who knew fucking two guys could be so
tiring?" She mused with a smile.

Washing herself down quickly, she turned off the water, moving away from the
shower and towards the locker room, knowing she had to hurry and get out of
the gym before Alex or Mike woke up and talked her into round two.

"And three...and four..." She said, giggling to herself. Grabbing her towel
from her backpack, she toweled off, drying her hair before tossing the towel
back in, reaching in and pulling out a baseball hat. "Not dealing with my
hair right now." She said, grabbing her street clothes and yanking them on
over her still slightly wet body. Grabbing her other belongings and stuffing
them into her backpack, she smiled as she put her spandex top in, shaking her

"Look what you got me into." She playfully scolded the tight top, giggling
softly. "I'm gonna have to frame you and put you up in my office." Pushing
her stuff down and zipping the backpack closed, she slung it over her
shoulder as she pulled on her shoes, hopping towards the exit.

Pushing the door open quietly, she moved out into the gym, looking over to
the butterfly machine and seeing Alex still slumped over, snoring softly.
Smiling at the sight, she moved over to the guys locker room, pushing the
door open and checking on Mike, confirming he was still on the floor, and
making sure his head wasn't face down in a puddle or anything.

Chuckling softly, she shook her head. "Poor guys." She mused, moving back
towards the front door. Going to push her way out, she stumbled as the door
didn't give. Looking at it, confused, something clicked in her head.
"Locked." She said, suddenly trying to figure out how to get out of the
building before her friends woke up. "Side door?"

Moving towards the side of the gym, she stopped as she moved past Mike's
office. Looking around, she smiled, reaching down and opening the door,
peeking in and giggling as she spotted her Playboy resting on his desk, still
opened to one of her pictures. Seeing the pad of paper sitting beside it,
half covered with notes, she smiled. "I should at least leave them a note."
She reasoned with herself, sliding into his office and over to his desk.
Folding up the top page of his pad, she picked up a pen, quickly jotting down
a note. "Thanks guys, see you again soon..." She read off, before shaking her
head. "That sucks." Scribbling the note off, she thought again, smiling. "Hey
guys, thanks for the" She grumbled. "This writing stuff isn't
easy." She said, shaking her head. Wracking her brain, she tried to come up
with something better than "Thanks" and "Great to see you". Her face lighting
up, she giggled as she folded the page up again. "Need a new sheet for

Quickly writing down her note, she peeled the sheet out of the pad, looking
around and grabbing the scotch tape off of the corner of his desk and tearing
a strip off, moving back towards the door and opening it, holding it against
the wall to keep it steady as she held up the paper, making sure it was at
eye level and easy to find before taping it down.

Giggling to herself, Torrie slid out of his office and into the main area,
letting the door close behind her and moving towards the side door, making
sure to find the one closest to the parking lot. Pushing the door open, she
whined softly at the darkness, looking all around to make sure no one was
around before pulling her keys out of her pocket, getting her finger on the
door open button before bolting from the gym, listening for the door to close
as she raced towards her car, hitting the door lock and switching her finger
to the panic button just in case, diving in and slamming the door shut behind
her, locking up and letting her body relax, catching her breath.

"Fucking Billy." She cursed softly, before smiling, sliding her keys into the
ignition. "If you would have come, I wouldn't have, three times."

Turning the car on and putting it in reverse, she pulled out of the parking
space slowly, making sure not to hit anything, reaching down and turning on
the radio and putting it on her favorite station, smiling as the channel
wasn't immediately switched by Billy's hand.

"I deserve a treat." She told herself, smiling. "I worked hard." Giggling,
she pulled out of the parking lot, making her way towards the nearest White
Castle. "Billy can get his own."

* * *

Groaning loudly, Mike blinked open his eyes, trying to collect his thoughts.
Looking up and seeing a showerhead hovering above him, he let his arms drop
to the floor, one of them landing in a puddle of something, which he hoped
was water, the other hitting something soft. Looking to the wet side first,
he confirmed it was water, before shifting his groggy gaze to the other side,
trying to make out what his hand had landed in. Pulling up the loofah sponge,
he looked at it, before sitting up.

Looking around the shower room, he slowly began to piece things together,
trying to figure out what went down. Seeing nobody in the shower with him, he
mused, "I could have swore Torrie was in here...naked and fucking me..."
Shaking his head to try and clear it, he looked down at the sponge, wondering
aloud, "Did I fuck a loofah sponge last night?"

Pushing himself to his feet, he staggered towards the entrance to the shower,
knowing he had tossed his clothes there last night. Rounding the corner, and
finding the soggy clothes starting at him, along with Alex's work out
clothes, he said, "Well, at least me and Alex were naked." Shaking his head
to try and get rid of the thought that cropped up from that, he moved into
the locker room, moving to his stall and grabbing a towel, wrapping it around
his waist and tying it off, covering himself as he moved back towards the

Pushing the door open, he immediately looked at the big clock at the near
side of the gym, reading the time. "Six." He said, hoping it meant AM and not
PM. Looking around the gym, he tried to find any sign of Torrie. Seeing none,
he moved to the women's changing room, opening it up and quickly moving down
towards the lockers. Seeing her stuff gone, he shook his head glumly, moving
back towards the exit. "I fucked a god damn loofah sponge." He grumbled.

Moving out into the gym area, he went on the hunt for Alex, hoping he had a
better answer as to why he had woken up nude in the shower with a sponge in
his hand, praying it was for the reason his rattled mind remembered. Moving
towards the guys locker room, figuring Alex moved into the locker area to
sleep it off, he stopped as he heard a noise coming from the gym. Listening
carefully, he tried to place the noise, tilting his head to the direction of

"Snoring?" He asked, moving towards the noise. Getting closer and closer
to the source, he grew more and more angry, his fears confirmed when he
approached the butterfly machine. "Alex!" He yelled, moving over and nudging
the nude trainer with his foot, pushing him back slightly before he fell
forward, slamming face down on the padded seat as he woke up in a hurry.

"What the fuck?" Alex groaned, shaking his head. "What..."

"You feel asleep in the gym." Mike said. "And you're naked. I think your
getting ass on the butterfly machine."

Looking around and confirming he was in fact naked, Alex looked up at Mike.
"Your not?"

"I am under this." Mike said, pointing to the towel. "What happened last

"You don't remember?"

"I remember, but I'm thinking it can't be true," Mike told him.

"Why not?"

"Did we, or did we not, have sex with Torrie?" Mike asked. Holding up his
hand, he said, "I woke up with this." Holding out the loofah sponge, he
asked, "I don't want to believe I fucked this."

Looking at his boss in a strange way, Alex shook his head. "I know I had sex
with Torrie...which is why I'm out here..."

"You fucked Torrie on the butterfly machine?"

"Would you get over that?" Alex asked. "It happened. She said she wanted to,
and I wasn't saying no to anything she wanted last night. She was..."

"In a mood." Mike said with a nod. Looking around, he asked, "Any idea where
she went?"

Looking around, Alex whined. "You mean she's not with you?"

"Does it look like she's with me?"

"Man..." Alex said, slumping backwards into the machine.

"Dude, get up and get dressed." Mike said. "We got to open in like an hour,
and I don't need your naked ass scaring away customers."

Grinning, Alex pushed himself to his feet. "Didn't scare Torrie away last

"You don't know that." Mike pointed out. "She's not here. No telling why she

"I'm assuming it wasn't anything we did." Alex said, before climbing over the
machine, heading for the changing room. "Are my clothes still there?"

"There soaked." Mike said. "Hope you brought more."

Looking at Mike, Alex laughed. "This coming from the guy wearing a towel?"

"I have a change in my office."

Looking towards Mike's office door, Alex squinted his eyes, pointing at the
door. "You got...something on your door." As he moved towards the office,
Mike yelled at him.

"Dude!" He yelled. "Go get dressed. People coming!"

"I wanna see what's on the note..."

"I'll let you see it." Mike promised. Seeing Alex still looking at the door,
Mike groaned. "I'll wait for you to come out. Now go get dressed."

Nodding, Alex turned and sprinted towards the locker room, the sight of his
nude form racing towards the door making Mike flinch and look away. When he
heard the door shut, he moved towards his office, moving slowly as he waited
for Alex to come out, knowing it would be more hassle than it was worth not
to wait for him. Hearing the door open and close again, he picked up the
pace, catching up with Alex as they approached the door.

"Think it's from Torrie?" Alex asked hopefully.

"No, it's from the boogie man." Mike deadpanned. "Who else was here last

"Aren't you in a mood today..."

"I woke up with the distinct impression the night of passion I thought I
spent with Playboy cover girl and wet dream to millions, Torrie Wilson, was
spent with a loofah sponge, and I find you naked and rubbing ass sweat on my
very expensive machine. Call me cranky."

"Alright, cranky, lets read the note."

"Fuck you." Mike grumbled, reaching out and taking the note down off the
door, holding it up for them both to be able to read.

Dear Mike and Alex,

Thanks so much for staying open for me! Hopefully my little gift more than
made up for any inconvenience I might have caused you two. I really did need
a high cardio, heart-pounding workout, and boy did I get it! You two are
quite a team, and you sure know how to keep a girls heart rate up! Thank you
both for reminding me to shower before heading home, and thanks Alex for
putting in an extra weight lifting session. It really did the body good!

I really have been skimping on my workouts lately (I don't know if it shows
in my Playboy spread. Be sure to give it a good looking over and let me know,
ok?), but being out on the road, and working strange hours, its so hard to
find a gym that's open, so you two don't know how much I appreciate it that
you stay open late for me.

And Mike, I know I'm behind on my membership fees, and Alex with your trainer
fees, but I was thinking about something during out post workout stretching.
Billy hardly ever comes with me anymore, so I was thinking, if it was all
right with the both of you, that we could work out something, just between
us, on more of a week-to-week payment plan. I'm sure if you two put your
"Heads" together with me, we could hammer something out that would be good
for all of us. You guys do me a big favor staying open late and all, so I'm
willing to bend over backwards (Or whichever way!) to make this happen.

If you guys ever need a place to stay, don't hesitate to let me know. I'm
sure I can find a nice, warm place for you to stay.

I hope that works for you guys, because I can't wait to come back and get
another hard pumping workout!

Your wet and wild workout buddy,


Staring down at the note, Alex smiled. "Dude, you know what that means?"
Before Mike could answer, he said, "She wants to fuck again!"

"Very observant, moron." Mike deadpanned. Tapping the note against his hand,
he said, "I wonder why she didn't stick around and tell use herself..."

"Mike, she screwed us last night." Alex said firmly. "I know I've thought
about that hundreds of times. You probably have to. And your complaining she
didn't stick around to say bye?"

"I'm not complaining." Mike said. "Just wondering."

"Probably sore." Alex said with a grin.

Nodding, Mike told him, "I know I am."

"She said her knees were killing her." Alex said. "I think you should set up
something in one of the spare rooms."


"A bed." Alex explained. "She mentioned a bed would be good. And that storage
room you have in the back would be perfect."

"You mean the storage room full of extra weights and nutritional supplements?
Heavy weights and heavy boxes?"

"So?" Alex said, grinning. "I'll help you move them."

"You'll fall asleep on my butterfly machine again..."

"Dude, you need to let that go." Alex said. "And you really need to think
this through."

"Think what through?" Mike asked, confused.

"Torrie said she was sore from the floor last night." Alex said. "She likes
being comfortable. Remember, you said she went through like eight other
trainers before she got comfortable with me?"

"Are you getting to a point sometime soon?"

"Torrie is all about comfort." Alex said.

"You're an expert on Torrie?"

"I'm a pretty good judge of character." Alex told him. "And from the hints
she was dropping, I think she'd like a better place to get down if she
happens to come back, which she hinted at pretty strongly in her little

Throwing up his hands and sighing, Mike asked, "So what do you think I should

"Get a bed." Alex told him, grinning. "We can clean out the storage room,
move the stuff to the basement, and set up a bed in there. Make her
comfortable." Seeing Mike look at him skeptically, he quickly said, "And
with her, seriously, you want to think about her comfort." Smiling, he
played his trump card, knowing it would get Mike's attention. "Would you
want her bailing because her knees were hurting again?"

Suddenly realizing how good of a point Alex had, Mike nodded. "Now that you
mention it..." He said, a smile creeping over his face. Seeing Alex smiling,
he nodded. "Alright, I'll make some calls, see what I can do." He said. When
Alex smiled and jumped up for joy, Mike laughed. "And don't worry about
moving that stuff. I can hire someone to move it." Grinning, he said, "Gotta
save out strength for next week, right?"

"Exactly!" Alex said quickly.

Giving him a push towards the door, Mike grinned. "Go open the front door. I
gotta get changed and make some calls." He told him. As Alex smiled and moved
away, Mike called out to him. "Alex!" When the trainer stopped and turned
around, Mike smiled, pushing his door open with his right hand, his left
still holding Torrie's letter. "And clean up the butterfly machine." He told
him, pushing into his office and moving over to his desk, plunking down and
grabbing his phone book from the middle drawer, opening it to the furniture
section and punching a number into his cordless as he moved over to the small
closet, opening it and pulling out a fresh pair of clothes.

"Hi." He said as the other end picked up, smiling from ear to ear as he
looked down on his desk, seeing Torrie's note. "Could you put me through to
the bed department, please?"

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