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PAIRING: Candice Michelle/A Fan

1st, my fanfic will often deal with strange situations/pairings, so if your
easily shocked/offended, don't bother reading any further. Also, a lot of
these stories deal with wrestlers that are "Past There Prime", so to speak.
Just imagine all the wrestlers in the best shape of their career, and you'll
be fine.

2nd, please don't post this on any websites or message boards without my
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3rd, keep any feedback constructive please, and I'd prefer if sent to my
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4th, this story is written from the viewpoint that what happens on TV isn't
real, that the wrestlers are actors and know it's just a storyline.

5th, I'm not really sure where Candice Michelle lives, city wise. She's from
Milwaukee, so that's where I set the story. Also, in the story, Candice is

6th, this series isn't written in any chronological order. Just random
stories with a common thread, that all have a WWE Playboy cover girl in
them. This story takes place around the time Candice's Playboy issue comes

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Cover Girls: Candice Michelle In Strike Three, We're Outta Here
by Nero Rain (

Flopping down on her bed with a loud sigh, Candice smiled up at the roof,
closing her eyes as she relaxed. Feeling her tense muscles start to unwind
instantly, she snuggled into her comforter, her own bed providing the relief
the best hotel bed couldn't. Looking over at the clock radio on her desk,
she purred, scooting up further onto the bed and slid under the covers,
wrapping the big blanket around her body, loving the feel of her heavy
blanket around her body.

Looking at her nightstand, she smiled at the small calendar resting on top
of it. Reaching out for it, she grumbled slightly as she had to move closer,
grabbing it and lying in on the pillow beside her head.

"Milwaukee Vs Cincinnati." Candice read, smiling. Reaching for the phone,
she hit speed dial, lying back on the bed as she waited for the other end to
pick up.


"Hi Carrie." Candice said cheerfully.

"Hey Candice." Carrie said. "You back?"

"Just got in."

"What's up?"

"You doing anything tonight?" Candice asked, grinning at the schedule in her

"No plans." Carrie said. "Why?"

"Wanna go to a Brewers game?" Candice asked, giggling as Carrie moaned.
"Please? I haven't seen many games this year..."

"You're not missing much." Carrie said. "There just as bad as last year...and
the year before...and..."

"Please..." Candice whined. "I don't get out at all lately. I'm beginning to
get shack wacky."

"You're just plain wacky." Carrie shot playfully.

"I know." Candice giggled. "Please? I'll pay your way..."

"Those games last forever..."

"You said it yourself, you don't have anything better to do!"

"Doing nothing is better than sitting on a hard plastic seat for ten hours."

"Three hours." Candice said. "Come on. You know you wanna."

"I know I don't wanna!"

"Please!" Candice said, resorting to begging. "I don't wanna go alone, and
you were my first choice!"

"Lucky me..."

"I'll get you beer!" Candice offered. "Delicious beer!"

Shaking her head, Carrie smiled. "How much beer?"

"All you can handle." Candice said. "And, if you get sick, I'll totally hold
your hair while you puke."

"Lovely." Carrie said, laughing. "You know how to sweet talk a person."


Sighing, Carrie smiled. "Alright. But you owe me."

"Thank you."

"You gonna pick me up?"

"Of course." Candice said. "I'm gonna take a nap, then swing by and pick you

"You can sleep thru the game." Carrie joked. "Trust me."

"Very funny." Candice said. "I'll swing by around five thirty ish, ok?"

"Sounds like a plan." Carrie said. "Just give me a ring before you leave."

"Will do." Candice said, exchanging goodbyes before hanging up the phone.

Pulling her blanket back up over her shoulders, she smiled as she curled up,
setting her watch alarm for four thirty before snuggling under the warm
blanket, the long flight home quickly sapping her strength and making her
doze off.

* * *

"Come on, come on!" Candice urged playfully, taking Carrie's hand and
dragging her towards the ticket wicket.

"I thought you were gonna call them in?" Carrie asked.

"Got lazy." Candice said, moving up to the window. Pushing her large
sunglasses back into place, Candice smiled at the woman behind the counter.
"Hi, I need two tickets."

"Alright." The woman said, turning her attention to her computer. "Where

"As close to the field as possible." Candice said.

Punching the information into her computer, the woman nodded. "I have two
seats, field level, by the visiting dugout."

Smiling, Candice quickly nodded, producing her overworked credit card. "I'll
take them."

Taking her card, the woman ran it thru the machine on the counter, punching
in the price before it spit out a long receipt. Ripping it off at the base,
the woman handed it to Candice along with her credit card and a pen. Doing a
quick price check, Candice signed off on the pair of tickets before pushing
the pen and paper back under the glass. Waiting for the ticket machine to
spit out the tickets, the woman handed them to Candice, smiling at her.

"Enter at gate two and enjoy the game."

Taking the tickets, Candice turned and walked towards Carrie, handing her
hers as they walked around the stadium towards gate two. Smiling at the
non- existent attention she was getting, Candice couldn't help but feel a
little bit of pride for her disguise. She hadn't been recognized once the
whole time she was out, and was beginning to like it. Anytime she went out
without the disguise, she was sure to get mobbed by WWE fans. Restaurants,
baseball games, movies, it didn't matter. Wherever she went, WWE fans were
sure to be.

Moving to the gate, she handed the ticket taker her ticket, smiling politely
as he handed her the ticket back after scanning it. Moving thru the gate,
she moved towards the security table.

"I need to look into your purse, Ms." The guard said.

Nodding, Candice handed him her purse, which he gave a quick inspection to
before handing it back, motioning for Carrie to repeat the process. When he
was convinced they were clean, Candice thanked him before moving away,
looking at her ticket as she tried to gain her bearings in the large park
and find her seat.

"Why do they do that?" Carrie asked. Holding up her tiny purse, she said,
"Look at this thing. I couldn't hide a fingernail in this thing."

"Someone tried to hide a bomb in their shoe." Candice said. "Your purse is
bigger than a shoe."

"Not much bigger." Carrie said. Pointing to her left, she said, "This way."

Quickly moving in behind her friend, Candice followed her as she weaved thru
the crowd, moving quickly to her isle. Seeing people look at her and then
look away without incident made Candice smile. She thought she was going
over the top with the blonde wig, but now she was happy with the choice. It,
along with the glasses and the Brewers cap had seemed to make the perfect
cover up.

Quickly diving into the isle they were looking for, Candice smiled, reading
her ticket.

"Shouldn't be hard finding the row, anyways." Candice joked.

Smiling, Carrie nodded. "How much were these seats, anyways?"

Smirking, Candice joked, "I think I could have bought the team for that

Nodding, the two girls bounded down the stairs, eyeing their seats as they
neared them.

"Seat three." Carrie said, looking at it before looking at the guy in seat
one. Looking at Candice, she motioned to the guy. "What about him?"

Seeing who she was pointing at, Candice smile, leaning in and whispering,
"Does he come with the seat?"

Laughing, they reached the bottom, standing beside the isle as the guy
looked up, smiling at them.

"Gotta get by?"

When they nodded, he quickly stood up, moving out of the isle and letting
them pass by before sitting back down.

"Thank you." Candice said, adjusting her glasses.

Waving his hand, the guy turned his attention back to the Reds taking
batting practice on the field.

"No problem Ms Michelle."

Hearing her last name, Candice froze, her eyes locked in the same general
direction of the guys. Not knowing what to do, she turned as looked at him
for a minute, awaiting a further reaction from him. When none came, she
shifted uncomfortably, looking at Carrie for advice.

"He knows me!" She whispered.

"So?" Carrie whispered back.

"I didn't want to be recognized!"

"Then you shouldn't have worn that stupid wig!"

Pouting slightly, Candice turned back to the guy, who was still watching the
field. Getting more and more nervous by the minute, Candice finally broke
the silence.

"Umm, did you want an autograph or something?" she asked.

Turning to her, he shook his head. "No thanks." He said before turning back
to the field.

"Oh." Candice said, slightly relieved. "Not a wrestling fan?"

Turning back, he said, "Oh god, huge wrestling fan. I've been watching since
I was a kid. Never miss it." before again returning his attention back to
the field.

Confused by his odd behavior, Candice looked to Carrie for advice again, but
again found none coming. Looking back at the guy, she said, "So, you don't
want an autograph?"

"Yea, I do." He said. "But I'm not going to bother you. Someday I'll get
one, but I'm betting you didn't buy these seats to sign things all night."

Blinking a few times, Candice tried to think up an appropriate response to
what he had said.

"Thanks." She finally mumbled.

Waving his hand, he smiled. "No problem."

Nodding, Candice looked up at the clock, noting it was getting close to game
time. Deciding some small talk was in order to get rid of the weirdness she
was feeling, she said, "Umm, you already know me." Motioning to Carrie, she
said, "This is my best friend Carrie."

Turning to face her, he smiled. "Hi Carrie." He said. "I'd offer you a hand
shake but, knowing my clumsiness, I'd probably touch something on Ms
Michelle that I shouldn't reaching across."

Giggling, Carrie smiled. "No problem."

"And I'm Candice." Candice said. "Call me Candice."

Offering her his hand, he smiled. "Eric."

"Eric." Candice repeated. When he nodded, she shook his hand. "So, come to
many Brewers games?"

Shaking his head, Eric told her, "Just in town for this game." Smiling, he
added, "I'm one of the millions of people trying to see all thirty ball
parks. I've only got a few to go."

"Oh?" Candice asked. "You're not from around here?"

Shaking his head, he said, "Seattle. I just happened to have some time off
work, found a cheap flight, and here I am."

"How many do you have left?" Carrie asked.

"Eight." Eric said. "Toronto, Washington, Baltimore, Boston, both New York
ones...and a few that I can't remember right now. Have a list somewhere."

"Planning on going to any of them?"

"As soon as my wallet recovers from this trip." He said with a smile. "Like
I said, I went on this trip because of the cheap flight, and my buddy got me
a deal on the hotel room."


Turning towards the stairs, Candice waved her hand, motioning for the
popcorn man to come her way. When he made his way down the stairs, he
stopped beside Eric, looking at Candice.

"Two popcorns, please." Candice said, reaching into her wallet and pulling
out some money. Taking the popcorns, she handed one to Carrie and held on to
the other.

Smiling at her, Carrie said, "I thought you promised me beer?"

Smiling back, Candice asked, "Have you seen the beer guy go by?"

Hearing the small crowd roar, the trio turned their attention to the field
as the Brewers ran out of the dugout. Setting her popcorn on the floor,
Candice clapped and whistled, smiling as they took their positions and
started doing infield drills.

Smiling at her friend, Carrie leaned over, whispering, "I think you can lose
the disguise. It didn't work."

Looking hurt, Candice said, "It did work..."

"You look like you have a dead rat on your head." Carrie said. "Now lose the

Pouting, Candice pulled the wig and glasses off, putting them in her purse
as she adjusted her Brewers cap. Seeing Carrie look at her, she said, "What?
This wasn't part of it! I'm a Brewers fan, incase you didn't notice."

Shaking her head, Carrie smiled as she dug into her popcorn, anxiously
waiting for the beer man to make his first appearance of the night.

* * *

"Hi, Candice Michelle?" A voice asked.

Sighing softly, Candice turned towards the voice, putting a smile on her
face. "Yes?"

"Hi, Candice, I'm Adam, from WWMP." He said, holding out his hand. When she
shook it, he asked, "I was wondering if we could do an interview with you."

"Sure." Candice said, going to get up before he held up his hand.

"You don't have to move." He said. Looking at Carrie, he asked, "Would it be
alright if we got in there?"

Nodding, Carrie stood up, moving a few seats down to allow Adam and his
sound guy into her seat.

Testing the mic, Adam pointed across the field. "The camera is over there."
He said. When she nodded, he waited for the prompt from the director before
turning to Candice.

"Hi, we're here with WWE Diva and Milwaukee's own, Candice Michelle."

"Hi!" Candice said, waving her hand in the general direction of the camera.

"So, what brings you to the game tonight?"

"Oh, you know, I just got back from doing some shows for WWE, and I had some
time, so I decided to come out and support the Brewers." She said, her smile
never fading.

"Come to many games?" Adam asked.

Shrugging, Candice said, "Not as many as I'd like to, but you know, I get to
at least a few a year."

"Alright, now, I gotta ask, who's your favorite Brewer?"

"Oh, gosh." Candice said, smiling as she looked at up, trying to think.
"Well, there's..."



Popcorn flew in all directions as Eric's hand shot out, coming to a rest
about an inch in front of Candice's face. Buckling slightly under the impact
of the foul ball slamming into it, his hand moved slightly, brushing her
nose before he pulled it back, Candice screaming as she reacted to what had
taken place.

Cradling his hand in his lap, Eric pried the ball loose, doubling over in
pain as he pulled his fingers free.

"Ohmygod!" Candice screamed, trying to piece together what happened.

"Look!" Carrie said, pointing to the big screen.

Turning her attention quickly, Candice saw the hitter at the plate foul a
ball off, sending it screaming towards her face before Eric's hand shot out,
knocking over her popcorn and catching the ball just before it collided with
her face.

Shrieking again, she turned to Eric, who was still cradling his arm in his

"Ohmygod, are you ok?" Candice asked, just as a pair of attendants arrived,
asking the same question.

Trying to flex his hand, Eric yelped in pain, shaking his head. "Yea, not so
much." He said. "Something's wrong."

Taking him by the arm gently, the staff quickly helped Eric to his feet.
Moving out from his chair, Eric took the ball, smiling at the frightened
girl sitting behind them. Stopping the attendants forward progress, he
smiled at her as he held out the baseball, chuckling softly as she took it,
her face lighting up instantly. Letting the staff guide him, Eric walked up
the stairs, his arm still clinging to his body as Candice watched him move

Turning back to Adam, she asked, "Could we do this another time? I'm not
feeling up to finishing this right now..."

As Adam nodded and he and his soundman made their exit, Carrie quickly
scooted over to Candice, asking, "Holy shit, are you alright?"

Nodding, Candice turned back to the field. "Eric caught it before it hit
me." She said. Looking at Carrie, she said, "Did I say thank you? I didn't
thank him, did I?" Whining softly, she shook her head as Carrie wrapped her
arms around her, giving her a hug.

"I'm sure he knows you meant to." Carrie assured her.

Watching the staff usher Eric up the stairs and towards the back rooms
quickly, Candice shrugged with a sigh. "I hope so."

* * *

Trying to focus on the baseball game, Candice kept her eyes glued to the
batter, unwilling to take her eyes off the action for a second after her
close call earlier. Looking up at the scoreboard between pitches, she
realized two things.

1. The Brewers weren't going to win, barring a miracle.
2. As it was the seventh inning, Eric had been gone for five, and she was
beginning to wonder if he was coming back at all.

Hearing something from behind her, Candice tried to ignore it until the next
pitch sailed in. When it did, she turned and looked up. Seeing someone
coming down the stairs, Candice eyed the person until she realized it was
Eric carrying an armload of food. Smiling as he struggled with the tray, she
quickly turned her attention back to the game long enough to see the next
pitch before turning back to him.

"Nice catch!" someone said, making Eric smile.

"Thanks..." he mumbled, moving down the stairs and smiling at Candice. "You

When she nodded quickly, he moved to his seat. Holding out the food, he
asked, "Could you hold this for a minute?"

Taking the tray quickly, Candice watched as he sat down before handing it
back. Looking around the tray, he quickly found what he was looking for,
pulling a bag of popcorn out of the pile and handing it to her with his
right hand, reaching across his body.

Seeing the bag, Candice smiled. "No, I can't..."

"Take it." He said. "I blew yours up going for that baseball."

Looking at him, she smiled as she shook her head, reaching over and taking
the bag. Watching as he shifted in his seat, she was about to ask if he
needed any help before he pulled his left hand out from under the tray,
making her gasp.

"What is that?" she asked, pointing at his arm.

Looking down, he held up the arm in question. "This?" He asked, pointing to
the large plastic device on the arm. When she nodded, he said, "It's a temp
cast. Just something to keep it in place for now."

"Did you break anything?" She asked hesitantly.

Nodding, he said, "They told me I broke several things."

"Ohmygod, I'm so sorry..."

"Not your fault." He said, waving the large plastic hand in a dismissive
gesture. "After the game, I gotta hop in a cab and get to the hospital to
see what they can do for me."

"Cab?" Candice asked. When he nodded, she asked, "Don't you have a car?"

"It's in Seattle." He said.

Nodding, she told him, "Ok, I'll drive you."

Shaking his head, he started to say, "I don't think..."

"I'm driving you to the hospital." Candice said firmly.

"I don't want to be a nuisance." Eric said. "I'm sure you have better things
to do than drive me."

"Nuisance?" Candice asked. When he nodded, she shook her head. "If you
hadn't caught that ball, I would have caught it with my face! And if it did
that to your hand, imagine what it would have done to me!" When he tried to
say something else, she held up her hand. "End of discussion. I'm driving
you to the hospital."

Shaking his head, Eric smiled. "Pushy, aren't we?"


Looking over at Carrie, he asked, "Are you ok?"

Smiling a wide smile, she nodded, holding up a glass of amber liquid. "Never
butter." She slurred, giggling softly.

Looking at Candice, Eric grinned. "Beer man been around, has he?"

"Several times." Candice said with a grin. "I think I'm funding his

Shrugging, Eric reached for his pretzel. "I think they get paid a
commission, so you're probably doing something anyways."

"Beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer..." Carrie chanted, her head
flopping from side to side before her arm shot up. "BEER!"

Shaking her head, Candice smiled at Eric. "To many more and I'll be paying
bail to."

While Carrie was involved in her beer dance/chant, Candice turned her
attention to Eric, smiling at him. "I meant to say it earlier, but thank you
for catching that ball."

Smiling, he shrugged. "Just instinct from a life time spent playing ball
growing up." He said. "No biggie."

"You broke your friggin hand!" Candice said.

"I've broken my leg drinking." Eric said, turning his attention momentarily
towards the field when the crowd clapped.

Looking at him, Candice shook her head in bewilderment. "How in the world
did you do that?"

"Ever jump off a roof?"



Looking at him, she grinned. "Is there a story behind that?"

"Not one your gonna hear."

"Come on!"

"It's embarrassing and involves me in a cape." Eric said with a grin. "And
nothing else. That's all you need to hear."

"Now I really wanna hear it all!" she said, prodding him in the ribs.

"In your dreams." Eric said. "I won't even tell the story to the people who
saw it but were to drunk to remember it clearly." Before Candice could
interrogate him further, he skillfully changed the topic. "When did the
bases load up?"

Looking at the field, Candice shrugged. "Dunno." Looking down at the pile of
food Eric was shoveling into his mouth, she asked, "Making up for lost

Looking at the food, Eric smiled. "Nah. Just hungry."

"You're gonna weigh a ton."

Shaking his head, he scooped another cheese-covered nacho into his mouth.
"I'm one of those weird people who can eat anything and just stay the same

Her eyes narrowing playfully, Candice shook her head. "I hate you."

Smiling, he told her, "Remind me of that next time a baseball comes flying
at your face."

"Eating all that stuff and not getting fat." Candice pouted. "I'm getting
fatter just looking at it."

Smiling, he said, "You have your popcorn."

"But popcorn isn't a bratwurst with onions, mustard, ketchup & sauerkraut."
Candice argued.

Looking down at his tray, Eric moved a few things, saying, "It doesn't have

Looking at him, Candice's eyes went wide. "You have one?"

Nodding, he set down his pretzel, pulling out the bun wrapped meat, holding
it out for the Diva. "Here."

Shaking her head, Candice refused to take it. "I can't." she said. "I have a
photo shoot coming up..."

"And you'll look just as hot after you eat this as before." He said. "Trust
me, one bratwurst won't make a difference. Come on, you know you want it..."

Smirking, Candice chose to ignore the veiled compliment, instead taking the
bratwurst with a smile. "Thank you." She said, taking a few napkins from his
tray and setting them down on her lap.

"Your welcome." He said. "That's thanks for driving me to the hospital."

Shaking her head, Candice said, "Me driving you is thanks for saving my

Shrugging, he smiled. "Whatever."

Turning their attention to the field, Candice and Eric looked up at the
scoreboard, both their eyes going wide.

"When did that happen?" Candice asked, reading off the score. Milwaukee 5,
Reds 6.

Looking out on the field, Eric noted that the bases were still loaded. "I
guess while you were arguing about bratwurst."

"I was not arguing!" Candice said, taking a bite of the bratwurst to prove
her point. "See? This is me, eating. I do it all the time."

"I never said you didn't eat." Eric said. "I can tell full well that you

Seeing an opportunity to get back at him, she glared at him. "Are you
calling me fat?"

Looking over at her, he shrugged. "I dunno. Am I?"

Now really glaring at him, Candice gritted her teeth. "Are you?"

"And if I was?"

"Then I'd leave your..." Candice started, before realizing what he was
doing. "I'm still driving you to the hospital." She said, smiling at he
cursed. "You're not getting out of it that easily."

"I can seriously take a cab!" He argued.

Smiling, Candice took another bite of her bratwurst, catching some
sauerkraut with her finger before pushing it into her mouth. "I can't let
you." She said around a mouthful of food.

Shaking his head, Eric turned back to the field. "I'm not winning this
argument, am I?"


"What if I just got up and took off?"

"You'd miss the end of the game."

"Yea, but you wouldn't have to drive me."

"I don't have to drive you, but I am."

"And why is that again?"

"Look at your hand. See that plastic case? Imagine that on my face."

"Beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer..."

"She's really shit faced. You realize she's gonna hurl, right?"

"She's good. She's a pro."

"That's comforting."

"Hey, she's not driving. And quit changing the subject."

"You must have much better things to do..."

"No, actually I don't. This'll be the second biggest highlight of my day,

"Right behind the baseball game?"

"Ok, third."


"Bratwurst, ballgame, taking you to the hospital."

"I figured the bratwurst would outrank me, but not the ball game..."

"Go beer, its your birthday, go beer..."

"How many more innings?"

Looking up at the screen, Eric said, "One third. Unless something strange

"If something strange happens, she's gonna lose it." Candice said.

Smiling, he looked over at Carrie. "How you doing champ?"

"Need beer." Carrie said. Looking at his near empty tray, she asked, "Do you
have beer?"

Looking at the tray, he shook his head. Reaching and pulling out a foil
wrapped object, he told her, "I have a hamburger."

"Deal." Carrie said, reaching and grabbing it from his hand, almost falling
over Candice as she did. Ripping the wrapper open, Carrie dove into the
burger, eyeing the usher who was staring at her. "What?" she slurred. Seeing
him shake his head and turn away, Carrie looked at Eric. "Kick his ass for

"I'll get right on that." He said. Looking at Candice, he asked, "You're
gonna drop her off first, I hope?"

Nodding, Candice said, "She's in no shape to be going anywhere but home."

Smirking, he asked her, "I thought you said she was a pro?"

Smirking right back, Candice said, "She is. Now, thanks to you, she has
ammo. She's already puked in my car once..."

"Sorry..." Carrie mumbled, taking another bite of her burger.

Looking at her, Candice smiled. "I ain't cleaning it up. You blow chunks,
it's you cleaning it up."

Hearing a bat crack, the three sets of eyes in the front row turned to the
field, Candice and Eric jumping up and clapping as Corey Koskie turned on a
pitch, sending it rocketing towards the outfield wall.

"Get out, get out, get out!" Candice and Eric chanted in unison, jumping up
and down and screaming with joy as the winning shot cleared the wall.
Turning quickly, she dove into his arms, hugging Eric tightly, jumping up
and down with joy as he smiled at her.

"Excited, are we?" he asked.

"A six run come back in the ninth?" Candice asked, her eyes lit up as her
smile stretched across her face. "Aren't you excited?"

Smiling, Eric shook his head. "Mariners fan."

Pulling back, Candice smiled as she swatted him playfully. "No celebration
hugs for Mariners fans..."

"If I say I'm a Brewers fan, would you hug me again?" Eric asked, smiling.
"Because that wouldn't suck, you know."

Shaking her head, Candice held up her finger, waving it back and forth.
"Hell no, traitor. You showed your true colors. No hugs for you."

"Shit." Eric said, smiling. As Candice giggled, he looked around her to
Carrie. "Ready to go?" He asked, watching as she rose unsteadily to her
feet. Reaching out his arm, he steadied her slightly, letting her hold onto
it as Candice led them towards the stairs. As she waited for the crowd to
clear out, Candice turned and smiled at him.

"Not gonna try and get out of me driving you?" she asked.

Smiling, he shook his head. "I'm hoping if I be good, I'll get another hug."

"That was a celebration hug." Candice informed him. "So unless you win
something, no more hugs."

"Man..." Eric said, smiling. Pointing at Carrie, he said, "Hey, I'm putting
myself in harms way here. She could back up at any minute!"

"Which, I told you, is your fault." Candice said. Seeing that the crowd had
thinned out, Candice motioned for him to follow her.

When he went to move away from Carrie, she latched onto him. "Please help
me." She warbled, her eyes letting him know she was dead serious.

Nodding, he smiled. Letting her wrap her arm over his shoulder, he helped
her from between the seats and towards the stairs, steadying her as they
walked up the stairs, taking them one at a time. Looking up at Candice, he

"How the hell did you keep getting beer for her?" Eric asked. "Aren't they
supposed to cut you off when your BAC is vodka?"

Giggling, Candice smiled. "You think a beer guy was gonna say no to me?"

Smiling, he told her, "I wouldn't."

"Yea, but that's just because you're looking for more ill gotten hugs."
Candice said.

"I'm betting they were looking for more." He said. "I'm the lesser to two

"You're a Mariners fan." Candice said. "That's pure evil."

"Even more than a Cardinals fan?" He asked, smiling. "They kick your guys
asses pretty good."

Smirking, she shook her head. "Ok, maybe not pure evil. But pretty evil."

Moving to the top of the stairs, Eric looked at Carrie. "You gonna be
alright now?" When she shook her head, he looked at Candice, smiling. "How
many did she have?"

Shrugging, Candice said, "I lost count."

Moving towards the exits, Candice held the door open as Eric carried Carrie
thru. Moving ahead of them again, she led Eric towards the underground
parking lot her car was stored in. Piling into the elevator, Candice quickly
pushed her floor button and waited for the door to close.

Looking down at Carrie, Eric smiled as he shook his head. Hearing snoring,
Candice turned and looked at her. Seeing the only thing holding her up was
Eric's arm, she shook her head. Looking up at him, she asked, "You get her
shoulders and I'll get her feet?"

Smiling, he shook his head, bending down and wrapping his bad hand under her
legs, carefully lifting Carrie up and cradling her in his arms. When the
door bell rang, Candice moved ahead of him. As she walked out of the
elevator, Eric watched as she moved. Watching her hips sway back and forth,
her perfect backside swinging from side to side, he stepped out of the


"Unnnngggg...." Carrie groaned, her head rolling away from the impact with
the elevator door as Candice jumped, turning and facing the two.

"What happened?" She asked, looking at Eric. When he didn't give her an
answer, she saw the blushing look on his face. Realizing what she had been
doing, she put the pieces together herself. Raising her eyebrow, she
smirked. "Aren't you glad you didn't get a cab?" She asked, turning and
starting away again, her hips shaking from side to side.

Shaking his head, Eric tried to focus on getting Carrie to the car.

"I'm betting Carrie won't be." He said, smiling as he approached Candice's

Unlocking her car, Candice opened the back door. "Just slide her on the
seat." She said. "I'll crawl in and strap her down as best I can."

Nodding, Eric moved slightly into the back seat, laying Carrie across it
before moving back. As Candice moved to get into the car, she bent over,
looking over her shoulder at Eric. "Don't bump your head." She told him,
giggling as she crawled in and wrapped Carrie up as best she could.

Watching her work, Eric shook his head. "This looks to practiced to be a
spur of the moment thing." He said. "You've done this before."

Crawling out of the back seat, Candice dusted off her jeans. "To many

Motioning for him to get in the front seat, she smiled as he did as she
said, glad he wasn't arguing anymore. As she slid into the drivers side, she
watched him try to buckle up, but finding it hard due to the fact that his
left hand couldn't manage the buckle. Reaching over, Candice took the belt
from him, snapping it into the latch before putting hers on.

"I just gotta run her home, then it's off to the hospital." Candice said.
When he nodded, she put the car in reverse, looking out the back window
before easing on the gas, pulling out of the parking spot before moving
towards the exit.

As Candice fiddled with the radio, Eric looked around, taking in the night.
"I wish I could stay longer." He said. Looking at Candice, he said, "In
Milwaukee, that is. I gotta catch a plane back to Seattle tomorrow."

Nodding, she pulled out onto the road, putting more pressure on the gas.
"What do you do for a living?" She asked, hoping to get some small talk

"I work for the Mariners." He said. Seeing her grin, he added, "Just some
front office stuff for the stadium. Not for the actual team."

"That's good." Candice said, grinning. "You already weaseled a hug out of
me, I'd hate to think I was driving the enemy to the hospital..."

"I didn't weasel anything!" Eric argued. "You hugged me!"

"You should have told me you were a Mariners fan." She said firmly.

"What, and lose out on a chance to get hugged by you?" he asked, smiling.
"No friggin way."

Giggling, Candice shook her head. "You're pretty hung up on that hug, aren't

"It was a nice hug." He said with a smile.

"Uh-huh." She said, smiling as she turned off the main road and onto a side

"It was!" Eric said, smiling. "Just a nice, friendly hug."

"I'm sure." Candice replied, turning into a driveway and putting the car in
park. "This is her place."

Nodding, Eric went to get out of the car but found his belt buckle still
done up. Reaching around, he tried to get at the metal button on the side of
the buckle, but found his arm about an inch to short. Smiling, Candice
reached down, pushing the button for him and releasing him from his prison.

"I feel like a little kid." Eric grumbled, opening his door and sliding out
of the car.

As Candice moved around to his side, he opened the back door for her,
letting her crawl into the back seat and unbuckle Carrie. Moving back out,
Candice fished thru Carrie's purse, quickly locating her keys as Eric picked
her up again, carrying her to the front door as Candice unlocked it. Opening
the front door for him, Candice led him towards a hallway. Looking back, she
grinned at Eric.

"Try not to bump her head anymore." She said.

"Try not shaking you ass anymore." Eric fired back, smiling at her.

Feigning innocence, Candice asked, "You weren't checking me out, were you?"

"Of course not." Eric said.

"Right." She replied. "Never heard that one before."

"Yea, well, I saved your face." Eric said with a smile. "I should get a free
pass on the checking you out thing. Even if I wasn't checking you out, which
I wasn't."

"Me driving you is your reward for that." Candice reminded him.

"Alright, how about the bratwurst?" He asked, smiling.

Pouting playfully, Candice opened up a door at the end of the hallway. "I
thought you gave that to me out of the goodness of your heart."

"I did." He said. "But I was hoping you'd let me check you out, out of the
goodness of your heart."

Smirking at him, she pointed at the bed in the room. "Just put her on her
stomach with her head over the edge. I'll take care of the rest."

Nodding, he moved over and laid Carrie as carefully as he could, rolling her
onto her stomach, her head hanging over the edge. Looking at her, he shook
his head.

"That doesn't look comfortable." He said.

Nodding, Candice told him. "Yea, but tomorrow, it'll be the least of her
worries." Moving over to the bed, Candice propped her arms up with pillows,
spreading them out away from her body before grabbing a trash can from the
corner and setting it under her head. "There, lets get out of here before
she starts hurling."

Nodding, Eric pointed at Carrie. "The bucket, I can understand." He said.
"I've used that technique myself. But what's with the arms?"

"To keep her from rolling over onto her stomach." Candice said. When he
looked at her, she shrugged her shoulders. "Trust me, I've done this

Nodding, Eric moved towards the door, moving out and down the hallway as
Candice followed behind him. Looking over his shoulder, he smiled as
Candice's eyes moved up and down his body.

"I check you out, you check me out." He said, smiling. When she nodded, he
added, "So we're even?"

"We're even." She said. "But you owe Carrie for that welt on her head."

Waving his hand, he smiled. "I'll be long gone by the time she realizes it's
that and not the booze that's causing her headache."

Giggling, Candice nodded, moving out the front door behind him and locking
it from the inside before closing the door. "Now, to the hospital." Candice
said. "It's not that far. Just a couple of blocks."

"That's probably a good thing with Carrie." He said, smiling. "They probably
have an alcohol poisoning kit on standby just for her."

Laughing, Candice slid into the drivers seat, waiting for Eric to get into
the car before taking his belt buckle from him, snapping it in before doing
the same with hers. Starting the car, she quickly moved out onto the road
again, zigzagging thru the narrow streets until she approached a large, busy

"This must be the place." Eric said.

Nodding, Candice pulled into the parking lot, taking her ticket before
searching out a parking spot. Watching her drive around, Eric told her,
"Umm, I think I saw the patient drop off door over there."

Not answering, Candice pulled into a spot close to the door, killing the
engine and undoing Eric's belt buckle. Before he could say anything, she
slid out of the car and closed the door. Quickly scrambling out of the car,
Eric stood up, looking at her.

"What are you doing?" He asked, confused. "I'm here. I think I can find my
way from here."

Pulling her purse over her shoulder, Candice informed him, "I'm coming with

Shaking his head, Eric quickly shot that idea down. "Candice, come on. This
is getting kinda silly. I don't need a babysitter, and I know you have
better things to do."

Shaking her head, Candice turned and started walking slowly towards the
front door. Realizing he wouldn't hear any reply she would make, Eric
quickly ran around the car and moved alongside her.

"I have nothing better to do." Candice said. "It's either this or do

"Doing laundry sounds pretty fun to me right now." Eric said, hoping she'd
fall for it.

Looking at him, Candice smiled. "I'm staying, and that's that. You saved my
face, at the very least, and I'm not going to make you pay for cab rides
because of your heroics."

"It wasn't heroic!" Eric argued. "It was instinct!"

Stopping, Candice turned to him. "Alright. We're at the ballpark. You hear a
bat crack, and look up and see a screaming death missile flying at my face.
You have time to make a choice. Would you catch the ball, knowing what you
know would happen to your hand, or would you let it hit me in the face?"

Shaking his head, he said, "That's not fair..."

"Catch or no catch?" Candice asked.

Sighing, he said, "Catch."

Nodding, Candice smiled. "Exactly." Pointing at his large plastic hand, she
added, "And your broke ass hand says that it was heroic." Shrugging, she
grinned at him. "Besides, this way you get to check me out more."

"I wasn't checking you out!"

Laughing, Candice moved towards the front door, watching as Eric scooted
past her and held it open for her. "Like hell you weren't!"

Smiling, he shrugged, letting her pass before moving in the door. "Alright,
maybe a little."

"Let's ask Carrie how little it was." Candice said, smiling.

"That's a good idea." He said. "You should go wake her up and ask her right

"Nice try." She said, smiling. Moving to the ticket taker, she pulled out a
number. Looking down at it, then at the machine on the wall, then back at
the ticket, she frowned.

Looking over her shoulder, he shrugged. "Looks like I'm in for a long

Thinking for a minute, Candice looked towards the admitting counter, and
smiled. Looking back at Eric, she asked, "Do you have insurance?"

"Travel insurance." He said.

"Is that like medical?"

"They give you a card, and if you need medical attention, you just give the
hospital the card and they look after it."

"Nice." Candice said. "A perk for working with the enemy?"

"A perk for paying a lot of money." He said.

Holding out her hand, Candice smiled. "Give me the card." When he gave her a
questioning glance, she assured him, "Trust me."

Reaching for his wallet, he grinned. "Famous last words." Looking down, he
grabbed the card out of his wallet before handing it to Candice, who in
turned handed him her jacket.

"Hold this." She said, grinning. "I'll be right back."

Turning towards the counter, Candice put his health card into her bra and
started walking toward the counter, her hips swaying from side to side as
she stretched her arms slightly, her large chest pushing forward,
threatening to burst out of her tight shirt as she successfully attracted
the attention of the guy working the counter. Moving over to the desk,
Candice leaned over it, not bothering to sit down in the chair provided,
instead using the angle to fully show off the neckline of her shirt, and the
cleavage it produced.

"Hi there." She said softly, licking her lips lightly as the guy stared at

"Hi." He answered, clearly not thinking about the conversation.


"Jjjjohn." He stammered, before regrouping, trying to act cool. "John."

"John." Candice said, smiling at him. "John, I was hoping you could help me


Pointing at Eric, she said, "You see, me and my friend over there were at a
Brewers game, and one of the players hit a ball at my face." When the guy
nodded, she continued. "Well, my friend over there caught the ball, and the
people at the stadium told him that he broke his hand."


Leaning over further, Candice smiled at John struggled to keep his eyes with
hers at least half the time. "Now, John, I told my friend that I'd come to
the hospital with him, and look after him. But the number we got, well, it's
gonna be a long, long wait..."

"We're fairly busy." John said, slowly losing the battle of looking in her

"I fully understand that." Candice said. "And I wouldn't want to...bump
anyone who really needs help, but I was wondering..." Bending over further,
Candice locked eyes with the young intern again, smiling at him, licking her
full lips playfully. "...Do you think you could find an...opening I could
squeeze into?" Her smile growing wider, she added, "I was hoping to make
this as smooth and as painless as possible. Just a quick in and out visit
without to much friction." Batting her eyelashes, pouring on the feminine
charm, she asked him, "Could you help me out, John?"

Nodding quickly, John tore his eyes away from hers and shifted them to the
computer. "I'll need his health card."

Nodding, Candice reached into the neck of her shirt, feeling John's eyes
burning a hole in her chest as she produced the card, handing it over to him
with a wink. As he quickly hammered it into the system, she remained leaning
over, silently hoping that he would hurry up as the angle was killing her

Turning back to Candice, he held out the card, watching as she took it and
put it back in her bra. "We have a few cases that have to go first, but he's
fourth on the queue." John said, smiling at Candice.

"Thank you John." Candice said, standing up and moving away from the desk,
her butt swaying softly from side to side as she moved.

Seeing the smirk on Eric's face, Candice started to giggle.

"Your fourth." Candice said, reaching into her bra and handing him back his

"Your something else." He said, smiling at her. "You didn't have to do

Shrugging, she smiled. "No, I didn't, but it was fun."

* * *

"Alright, Eric, we need to get that cast off." The doctor said, leading Eric
and Candice into the x-ray room. "It's going to hurt a little bit."

Looking at Candice, Eric grinned. "It's gonna hurt like hell. A little bit
is doctor code for hurts like hell."

Smiling, Candice watched as Eric lifted his arm, presenting it to the
doctor. "How do you know that?"

"Both my parents are doctors." Eric said.

"Both your parents are doctors, and you ended up working for a baseball
team?" Candice joked.

Smiling, he shrugged. "I wanted to be a baseball player when I was growing

"Get injured?"

"Nah, I just sucked." Smiling, he added, "Just because I wanted to be one
doesn't mean I was gonna get the chance."

Hissing softly, Eric grimaced in pain as the doctor unlatched the temp cast,
carefully sliding it off of his hand. Seeing the purple bruising covering
his hand, Candice gasped, her eyes going wide.

"Ohmygod!" she yelped, pointing at his hand.

Smiling at her, he tried to wave it off. "It's nothing..."

"Your hand is broken." The doctor informed him. "It's hardly nothing."

Turning and glaring at him, Eric tersely told him, "Thank you very much for
that." Shaking his head, he told him, "Can we get this show on the road?"

Nodding, the doctor led him over to the x-ray screen, getting him to hold
his hand palm out before leading Candice into the control room. Standing
still for a moment, Eric watched as the machine moved into place, snapping
off a picture before the doctor's voice came over the PA.

"Turn your hand over please." He said. "Palm facing towards the wall."

Nodding, Eric did as instructed. Hearing the machine snap off another
picture, the doctor returned to the room with Candice in tow.

"You can wait outside." He said. "I'll just be a minute."

Smiling at the doctor, Eric asked, "Look good?"


Shrugging, he cradled his arm to his stomach again, moving towards the door,
thanking Candice as she opened it for him.

"Does it hurt?" she asked softly, staring at his hand.

"A little." He lied. Smiling at her, he playfully scolded her, "Quit
checking me out."

Smiling at him, she said, "I'm looking at your hand!"

"Hand, ass, what's the difference?" he asked, smiling as she sat down next
to him.

"Big difference!" Candice assured him.

"Says you." He said, smiling. "You're just covering up for your own perv

"You're impossible." She said, shaking her head with a smile. When he
grinned, she sighed. "Men."

"We are nothing if not consistent." He admitted. "Pretty girl plus
opportunity equals leering."

"At least your honest." Candice said with a smirk. When he nodded, she
asked, "So, what do you do while working for the enemy? Are you like a towel
boy or something?"

"Yes, I'm a towel boy." He said, shaking his head. "I just towel the players
off after there done showering."

"Can I have that job?"

"Sure." He said with a smile. "I'll see what I can do."

"Mmmmmm, goodie." Candice giggled. "Naked, buff men plus Candice equals a
happy Candice."

"At least your honest." Eric deadpanned. When she giggled more, he smiled.
"Actually, I work in the office that books events for Safeco. Like, for
instance, if the WWE wanted to do a show there, they'd call me, and say, "I
want to run a show there, get me someone important." And I'd run and get
someone important who can actually book the event. I'm just the middle man's
middle man."


"Also, I'll be in charge of booking the World Series parade when the
Mariners beat the Brewers next year."

"Ha, ha." Candice said with a smirk. Her mind working over time, she asked
softly, "So, girlfriend not like baseball?"

"No girlfriend." He said. "Usually by the time I'm done work, I'm to
exhausted to deal with anything, let alone a girlfriend." Looking over at
her, he asked, "Husband not like baseball?"

"Not married." Candice said.

"Huh? Thought you were."

"A lot of people do." She said. "Had a serious boyfriend for a while, but
that died off when I joined the WWE."


"To much travel, plus to much jealousy. He didn't want to trust me, and I
didn't want to deal with his jealous bullshit, so we just broke it off."
Candice said. "His loss."

Looking her over, and smiling as she swatted him, he said, "Clearly."


Looking up at the scowling doctor, Eric almost flinched. "Yep." He said,
standing up. "Bad news?"

"Bad news." The doctor confirmed. "Multiple fractures and a few breaks in
several bones in your hand, including the middle and ring fingers."

"So, what, a cast for a few weeks?"

Shaking his head, the doctor said, "It'll require surgery to get all the
bones to set right."

Shaking his own head, Eric told the doctor, "No can do. I gotta catch a
flight tomorrow. I'll have to get it looked after when I get home."

"Are you from here?" The doctor asked.


"Oh. Well, I could prescribe some painkillers if you wanted. Just a few
until you get home." The doctor said. "It's gonna start hurting really bad
tomorrow once the swelling starts to die down."

"That'd be good." Eric said.

Leaning over, Candice whispered, "I thought it only hurt a little?" Smiling,
he shrugged, taking the piece of paper from the doctor.

"There's a pharmacy by the front exit. They keep these in stock, so it
should take to long to get them. Until then, I'm going to put the hand back
into a temporary cast." Motioning for Eric to follow him, the doctor took
them back into the x-ray room, quickly strapping the smaller plastic cast
over Eric's broken hand, snapping the case shut.

"Thanks, doc." Eric said, reaching out his good hand and shaking the doctors
before leaving the room, Candice in tow as they headed towards the front

"Gonna get that filled?" She asked, motioning towards the piece of paper in
his pocket.

Shrugging, he said, "I was gonna take it there and see how long it'll take."

Nodding, Candice followed him into the pharmacy, watching as he moved up to
the counter.

"Hi." He said, smiling at the pharmacist. "I have a prescription, and was
just wondering how long it was gonna take to get filled."

Motioning for Eric to give him the paper, the guy looked at it, telling him,
"About a minute."

"Seriously?" Eric asked. When the guy nodded, Eric made a motion with his
hand. "Do it up, please."

Nodding, the guy turned and made his way to a shelf, pulling a bottle of
pills down before grabbing a blank pill bottle. As he went about his work,
Eric moved over to the cooler, grabbing a bottle of water out of it and
setting it down on the counter. Watching the guy count out the pills, he
shuffled back and forth as the label was spit out of the printing machine.
Wrapping it around the bottle, the guy returned to the counter.

"This too." Eric said, pushing the water forward.

Nodding, the pharmacist rang the order thru, taking the money from Eric
before giving him his change. Grabbing the painkillers, Eric popped the top
on the bottle, quickly reading the dosage before popping two into his mouth,
downing them with a shot of water before he saw the pharmacist looking at


Staring at Eric, the pharmacist said, "Those pills are known to have some
side effects in some people, so you should be supervised for an hour, just
to be safe."

Glaring at the pharmacist, Eric fought the urge to throttle the guy. "You
couldn't have told me that a minute ago? Like before you gave them to me? I
don't have anyone to look after me!"

"I'll look after him." Candice said, looking up at the pharmacist. "What are
the symptoms?"

"Swelling, shortness of breath, lightheadedness."

"Thank you." Candice said, smiling as the pharmacist moved away.

Looking down at Candice, Eric shook his head. "That's as far as I'm letting
this go." He said. "You are not sitting here babysitting me. You held up
your end of the bargain. You drove me here. Now, you're going to leave, and
do whatever you were going to do before this happened."

Looking at him, Candice crossed her arms, looking up at him. "Who do you
think you are?" She asked. "You don't own me, and I'm keeping an eye on you
whether you like it or not." Before he had a chance to argue, she turned her
back to him, walking into the lobby and sitting down in a chair,
symbolically closing the door on the discussion.

Shaking his head, Eric smiled at her act, wondering what to do. Finally
giving up, he shrugged his shoulders, grinning as he moved over towards her.
"Can we at least go back to my hotel?" He asked. When she looked at him, he
held up his hands. "There's a lounge there, and it'll be a hell of a lot
better than sitting around this place." Smiling, he added, "Keep your mind
out of the gutter, missy."

Giggling, Candice shook her head. "Is that a good idea? I mean, what if you
have a reaction?"

Looking over at the pharmacist, who was trying to get as far away from the
arguing "Couple" as he could, Eric asked, "How long would it take stuff to
kill me if the shit goes down?" When he shrugged, Eric turned back to
Candice. "Answer your question?"

Shaking her head, Candice smiled. "Lets go."

* * *

Holding the front door open for Candice, Eric let her pass by before moving
into the hotel's lobby, pointing at the far corner. "The bar." He said.

Looking around the lobby, Candice took in her surroundings. "Nice place."
She said. "Cost much?"

"Dunno." Eric said, matching her stride for stride as they walked towards
the bar. "My buddies uncle owns the place, so they just put me up in one of
the empty rooms for free."

Looking at him, she grinned. "I thought you said you got a deal on room?
Free doesn't sound much like a deal for them."

Shrugging, Eric held the door to the bar open for Candice, again letting her
go thru before entering the bar himself. "I don't make a mess, and I clean
up after myself. Since they had a room open, his uncle didn't mind. But I
didn't know if they'd have a room until I got here."

"What would you have done if they didn't?"

"Went to a dive motel." He said.

Smiling, Candice sat down at the table nearest the door. "At least you had a
back up plan."

"I'm only in town for two nights, so a dive wouldn't have been that bad." He
said. Grinning, he added, "Any more than that and I'd have to work out
something better, but still."

"Nice of them to do that." She said.

Looking around, he nodded. "It was." When she nodded, he asked, "So, if you
don't mind me asking..."

Smiling, she finished, "You wanna know about Playboy, don't you?"

"Kinda curious how you got the cover." He admitted. "Does Vince go around
asking for volunteers, or what?"

"I guess Playboy sends him a list of Divas they'd like to see on the cover."
She told him. "And after a whole lot of people in front of me passed, they
finally got around to asking me, and I said yes." Shrugging, she said, "I
know it sounds corny, but I'm hoping it jump starts my career a little. I've
kinda been stuck doing jack shit for the last...forever, so I just wanted to
break out of my rut. And I've done it before, so it's not like it's any big
deal to me, nudity wise."

"Who did they ask before you?" He asked. "I mean, you'd be REALLY high up on
my list."

Smiling at his kind words, she said, "Well, the usual suspects, Trish, Lita,
Stacy. They all passed, just like always. Then, some of the newer girls,
Maria, Mickie James, and they passed, so they finally went to the girls who
have done Playboy before, and I was first on the list. Apparently Ashley was
on the list, but I got asked first and jumped on it."

"Ashley." He said, making a face. "Ick."

"Ick?" She asked, smiling. When he nodded, she asked, "Why ick?"

"She's a low rent Lita." He said. "Enough piercing to set off a metal
detector, and enough ink on her to write a novel. She should be a Suicide
Girl, not a WWE Diva."

"Yea, well..." Candice said, smiling. "She's blonde, has huge tits, and
isn't afraid to show them, so she's a Diva."

"She's also an accident waiting to happen and always hurt." He reminded her.
"I've never seen someone get hurt so friggin much in such a little space of

Nodding, Candice went to reply, but before she could, someone came running
up to the table.

"Candice? Candice Michelle?" The guy asked excitedly, staring down at

"That's me." She said, smiling.

Sticking his hand out the guy's smile was a mile wide as she took it and
shook it a few times. "Ohmygod, you are so hot!"

Chuckling nervously, Candice looked around, hoping that he hadn't attracted
any attention. Seeing almost all eyes on her table, and most of them
murmuring. Getting nervous, she tried to smile at the guy.

"Thank you." She said softly. "Did you want me to sign something?"

Quickly nodding, the guy produced a piece of paper, handing it to her. "My
name is Vic!"

~That's nice.~ Candice thought, quickly writing out a message and handing
the paper back to him. "There you go, Vic."

As Vic nodded and scooted away, Candice looked around, and found everyone
was still staring at her. Getting nervous, she looked at Eric, asking him
quietly, "You said you had a room?" When he nodded, she asked, "Would you
mind if we waited up there? I'm starting to get freaked out..."

Nodding, he stood up, moving towards the door as Candice quickly followed
him, not looking back as a few people called out to her. Moving with Eric,
she slid into the elevator, quickly pushing the "Door close" button and
sighing in relief as they closed.

Looking down at her, Eric asked, "Don't like dealing with fans?"

"I like dealing with them when, I'm like, at an autograph signing or
something." She said. "But, when I'm home, I just want to relax."

Nodding, he grinned. "Vic seemed a little...spaz like."

"I've had worse." Candice said. "At least he said, "Your hot!", and not what
he was thinking."

"Which was?"

"Your tits looked awesome in Playboy." She said. "Not that I'm mad that they
did, but I don't need to be reminded of it every time someone talks to me."

"I can imagine that would get tired." He said.

"Quickly." She confirmed.

Hearing the doorbell ring, Candice went to move out of the elevator, but
Eric stopped her, pushing the door close button again and letting the
elevator go up another few floors.

"Just incase someone got the idea to follow us." He said, smiling.

"Thank you." Candice said, realizing what a good idea it was. "I gotta
remember that one."

"Well, when you have to fight off groupies like me, you learn quick." He
said dryly, smiling as she giggled.

When the door opened again, Candice looked at him, awaiting confirmation
that it was the right floor. When he stuck his foot in the door to hold it
open, she moved out into the hallway, waiting for him to get in front of her
again before following him towards his room. Arriving at the door, he
quickly put his hand into his right pocket, trying to find his room card.
Pulling out everything but, he grunted in frustration, putting it back
before trying to reach around his body and get his right hand into his left
pocket. Fumbling slightly, he stifled a yell as he could feel the room card
tickling his fingertips.

"I can't get it." He said finally.

Nodding, Candice reached into his pocket, hiding her grin as he gasped, and
pulled the card out, sliding it into the door. Opening the door, she smiled
as he wedged his foot against it, holding it open for her as she moved in.

Letting the door close behind him, Eric moved in, emptying his pockets on
the dresser as Candice moved in, looking around the room.

"Nice." She said.

"It was free, so I wouldn't complain." He said. "But it is nice." As they
moved into the room, he told her, "I caught your Wrestlemania match. You did

"That..." She said, shaking her head with a smile. "Was the most pathetic
excuse for a match the WWE has seen in a long, long time."

"What?" He asked, confused.

"That piece of shit was a train wreck." She said. "And an embarrassment."

"It was ok." He offered.

"It was shit." She said firmly. "I really wanted just a straight up
wrestling match with Torrie, but Vince said that the wrestling spot was
taken by Trish and Mickie, and we got stuck with the tits and ass match. He
told me if I had trained more, which, you know, is kinda hard when we don't
have a trainer." Looking at him, he asked, "Like, what does he expect? Us to
just go up to the guys and ask them to train us?"

Smiling, he shrugged. "I'm sure they'd say yes. I would."

"Ha, ha." She joked, poking him. "Anyways, I just said fuck it and found a
wrestling school around here and go there on my down time."

"Good you took the initiative." He said. "Might help next time you want a
match." Looking around, he tried to find a clock and get the time. Spotting
one on the nightstand, he sighed. "Well, times up."

Looking at him, Candice said, "Excuse me?"

"It's been an hour." He said. Looking at the clock, he added, "Over an hour,

Nodding, she smiled. "I know."

"You don't have to stick around anymore." He said. "I'm sure I'll be fine."

"I know." She said again, shifting from foot to foot, looking at the floor.
"It's just...I was hoping something would pop up to give me a chance to say
thank you. Like dinner or something." Smirking, she said, "But you ate
everything in the stadium and you have to leave tomorrow, so I never saw any

Shrugging, he grinned. "You could do the Go Daddy dance." He said
sarcastically, laughing at his joke.

Smiling, Candice reached out, taking him by his good hand. "Alright." She
said, smiling at the panicked look in his eyes.

"I didn't mean it." He said. "I was joking..."

"But you said it." She said. "You wouldn't have said it if you didn't mean

Letting her push him into the chair set up opposite the bed, he said,
"Candice, you don't have to thank me..."

Shushing him, she smiled. "I don't, but I am." Leaning down, she smiled at
him, loving the nervous look in his eyes. "I'm giving you a special treat.
You're getting the super duper extended Go Daddy dance."

"Super duper?" He asked, smiling as she took off her coat and tossed it

Standing in front of him, Candice swung her hips in a long, slow arc, her
hand twirling above her head as she moved. Swiveling her curvy body, she
smiled at him.

"It's the Go Daddy dance, the clear heels edition." She said, smiling as she
dipped a bit lower, her butt waving in his face.

~Clear heels?~ Eric thought, remembering it from somewhere.

As Candice swayed and spun, he racked his brain, trying desperately to come
up with an answer. Seeing Candice get lower and lower, he came up blank with
each effort, his brain becoming splintered as she let her hand move out,
rubbing his chin as she winked at him. As she spun around to face away from
him, the answer suddenly shot into his brain, a split second to late to stop
Candice from sitting down in his lap.

~Clear heels. Chris Rock. Never Scared.~ His brain rattled off, feeding
him information. ~Stripper uniform.~

Feeling Candice's butt grind against his crotch, Eric moaned loudly, going
to put his hands on her sides before she swatted them away. Looking over her
shoulder, she smiled at him.

"No touching the dancer." Candice scolded him playfully. "Now enjoy your

As she grinded her butt into his crotch, she stretched out over his body,
wanting him to break the rules and touch her body. But his hands stayed put,
gripping the top of the chair as she drove him further and further off the
edge. Feeling something poking into her butt, Candice smiled, the desired
reaction she was looking for finally showing itself.

"Eric, I think have to say longer." She said, wiggling her butt from side to

"Not that I'm complaining." He groaned, his head tossing back as Candice
rubbed her plush butt over his cock. "But why?"

Looking over her shoulder, she smiled at him. "I think your having a side
effect from the pills." Grinding her butt into his crotch, she winked,
adding, "You're swelling up."

"You would be too!" He said defensively. "This super duper clear heels dance

"The super duper extended Go Daddy dance, clear heels edition." Candice
corrected him. Seeing him go to say something, she shushed him, smiling as
she leaned back, kissing him softly. "There, there." She said softly. "Let
nurse Candice help you." Rubbing her butt around softly, she purred happily
as his rod grew. "Oh no, it's getting worse." She said dramatically.

"It feels better to me." Eric said, looking down at her.

Shaking her head, Candice slid from his lap, coming to a rest on her knees
on the floor in front of him.

"No, it's defiantly getting worse." She said. "I'm going to have to medicate

"Jeez, cheesy much?" he asked, smiling. "Did you mug a 70's porno for this

Looking up at him, Candice's mood went from playful to serious in a
heartbeat. "Do you want a blowjob or not?" she asked bluntly.


"Then work with me here." She said, before her smile quickly returned. "Now,
where were we?"

"The swelling, Nurse Candice." Eric said, smiling at her, pushing aside the
stupid feelings he was getting, instead going along with the sexy woman's
little show. "It hurts so bad..."

"Poor baby!" Candice said quickly. "Where does it hurt? Show Nurse Candice
and she'll kiss it all better."

Stifling a laugh, Eric ran his good hand over his crotch. "Right here." He

Leaning down, Candice gave his cloth-encased rod a kiss. "There, does that
feel better?"

Shaking his head, Eric told her, "No, it didn't help."

"Not even a little?"

Shaking his head again, he told her, "No, it made it worse."

"Oh my." Candice said, quickly reaching for his buttons. "I think I'm going
to have to operate."

Hearing operate, Eric froze. "Umm, Nurse Candice." He said, hissing softly
as her hand ran over his crotch, opening his fly. "I seem to notice that
your missing a scalpel...I hope."

Nodding, she said, "Yes, it's true. I don't have a scalpel." Reaching up,
she slid her hand into the fly of his boxers, quickly pulling his cock out
thru the hole. "I guess I'll have to improvise."

Smiling, he nodded. "You know, if you had a sexy little nurses outfit, you'd
be all set." He said.

Looking up at him, she stroked his cock, purring as he moaned. "I have one
at home." She offered. "I could go get it..."

"No!" Eric yelled, surprising himself along with Candice. When she looked at
him, he started stammering, "No, don't go...I...umm...wait a second, I can
do this..."

"Not very good at role playing, are you?"

"Forgive me if my brain locks up with a goddess doing the role playing with
me." Eric said with a grin. When she smiled, he added, "Ok, umm...I don't
think I can wait that long, Nurse Candice. I might not make it."

Giggling softly, Candice leaned forward, swiping her tongue across the tip
of his cock. "It's that serious, is it?" She asked, batting his cock with
her tongue.

Jumping slightly, he moaned, nodding. "I think so."

Hearing his breathing pick up, she jerked his cock harder, her hand rubbing
roughly up and down his prick. "Are you experiencing shortness of breath?"
She asked, looking up at him with big, wide eyes. When he nodded, she asked,

Nodding, he tried not to smile. "It's like all the blood is rushing out of
my head."

"Oh dear." Candice sighed. Pulling back the skin on his cock, she dragged
her tongue along the exposed head, her eyes locked with his as he moaned.
"And this isn't helping?" She asked.

Eric froze, not sure what to say to that. ~If you say it is, she may not go
any further.~ He thought, looking down at her. ~If you say it's not, she
may stop altogether.~ Deciding to roll the dice, he shook his head. "I'm
sorry, Nurse Candice, but it's not helping."

Nodding quickly, Candice shuffled around, getting into better kneeling
position. "I think we're going to have to up your physiotherapy to guarantee
a reduction in swelling."

Watching in wide-eyed fascination, he moaned as she engulfed his cock with
her pouty lips, suckling the head softly as her tongue slithered over the
top. Gripping the base firmly, she slid her hand up and down, pumping his
dick as she sucked happily at the top. Sliding her tongue around his dick,
she bobbed up and down slowly, her pouty lips gripping his cock as her eyes
locked with his.

Moaning loudly, Eric watched as she bobbed on his cock, her hand gliding up
and down his shaft. Groaning loudly, he gripped the top of the chair with
his good hand, Candice's efforts paying off as she lapped as his cock, her
tongue swiping across the head as he moaned loudly. Looking into her eyes,
he moaned as she sucked harder, her fist twisting on his cock as it glided
around the base.

Her eyes locked with his, Candice teased him mercilessly, batting his
sensitive head again and again as his hips jerked slightly, pre-come oozing
from his cock as she sucked it loudly, slurping noises filling the hotel
room as she continued to work, needing to bring the swelling down. Moaning
loudly, she almost giggled as she noise send vibrations up and down his
cock, making him shiver slightly.

Looking down at her, Eric finally reached his breaking point, his want to
fuck the incredibly sexy woman sucking his dick finally outweighing his
reason. He didn't know if she wanted to go further than the blowjob, but he
was willing to try and find out. Moving quickly, he gently pushed her off of
his cock, having to fight with the brunette diva to finally get his member
from her sucking mouth. Looking up at him, Candice watched as he quickly
stood up, reaching down and taking her by the hand.

Letting him lift her to her feet, she started to ask, "What are you doing?",
but was interrupted when he kissed her, his lips crashing into hers fiercely
as his tongue slithered out, pressing against her mouth. Quickly welcoming
the newcomer in, she slid her tongue into the mix, quickly batting at his
with her own. When he pulled back, he smiled at her, gaining a confused look
from her.

"What...?" Candice started again, before he gave her a quick kiss.

Dropping to his knees, he smiled as she moaned, spreading her legs ever so
slightly as he reached out, his right hand grabbing the top button of her
jeans, the left hand bumping clumsily against her crotch. Grunting in
frustration, he pulled the useless hand away, fumbling with top button,
unsuccessfully trying to pry it open.

Watching in quiet fascination, Candice stared at him, wondering to herself
how he was going to get both buttons, plus the zipper undone with one hand.
Watching him lean forward, she moaned slightly, feeling his head press
against her stomach as his mouth grabbed the top of her jeans, his teeth
holding it steady as he yanked at the button, pulling her hips roughly as he
finally got the top button undone. Quickly adjusting his bite on her jeans,
he repeated the process with the second button, lucking out and getting it
quickly before yanking down her zipper.

Grabbing her jeans, he yanked them down to her knees, making it harder for
her to keep her balance as he looked up, whining in dismay as he found
another layer of clothing baring his access to her core. Fumbling under her
tight shirt, he slid his hand into the waistband of her panties, yanking
them down in rough, staggered pulls, moving one side down a few inches
before having to switch to the other. When they joined her jeans around her
knees, he yanked up her shirt, diving face first into her shaved core.

Moaning loudly, Candice pushed her pussy forward as best she could, the
standing position not the best one for ease of access, but she wasn't about
to argue. Feeling his tongue slid quickly into her pussy, she groaned
loudly, her hands grabbing his head and using it as a leaning post, her
balance dependent on the very head that was causing her to be unsteady in
the first place.

Lapping at her dripping folds, Eric breathed in through his nose, sucking in
deep breaths of her lust. As Candice whined and cried out, he worked her
over as best he could, he squirming making it nearly impossible for him to
keep his mouth attached to her slick love hole. Cleaning her pussy again and
again, he savored her lovely taste, which was fueling his own lust.

Looking down at him, Candice growled, his wholly inadequate tongue work on
her constantly moving pussy not enough to quell her urgings. Reaching down,
she grabbed him by the hair, pulling him roughly from her crotch. Staring
down at him, she smirked at the sight, his chin covered in her greasy pussy
cream as he stared up at her, wide eyed.

"Fuck me." She growled, smiling down at him. "Now."

Jumping up, he grabbed her, tossing her onto the bed. Moving quickly, he
ducked between her legs before they came back down, sliding his body between
them and wedging himself in front of her pussy. Grabbing his shaft, he lined
his dick up with her dripping hole, smiling as she looked up at him.

"My pants..."

"Can stay on." He said, leaning down and kissing her as he thrust into her
soft hole. As she moaned loudly around his lips, he grinned wickedly. "You
wanted it now, you're getting it now."

Whining softly, Candice tried in vain to get her boots off, but Eric's
constant thrusting made it impossible to get one foot behind the other and
kick them off. As he pulled out again and again, her pants worked there way
lower and lower until they were balled up around her boots, the bottoms to
tight to fit around her footwear and let her take them off.

Screaming out loudly, Candice gave up on her pants, her hands pushing up
above her head and bracing against the headboard of the bed, which was
slamming rhythmically against the wall as her eager lover gave her exactly
what she wanted, a hard and intense fuck. Wrapping her legs around his
waist, she pulled him in with each thrust, his cock raking across her
sensitive clit and plunging deep into her needy pussy.

"Fucking bastard!" Candice screamed, her back arching as he hammered into
her again and again. Leering down at Eric, Candice smiled, her lover's eyes
intense and burning bright with lust. She knew she had him just where she
wanted him, balancing on the verge of fucking her into a coma at a moments
notice. "Don't stop, Eric, don't stop!"

~You needed this.~ She told herself. ~When was the last time you had sex?
Seven, eights months ago? And when was the last time you GOOD sex? What, a
year? Maybe more?~ Thinking of the last guy to get between her thighs,
Candice almost spat. ~Fucking jobber Vince hired. He was cute enough, but
he only lasted just long enough to actually have the nerve to call it sex!

Reaching down, Eric fought to pull her shirt up, and growled when he
couldn't get the tight fabric up with one hand. "Pull up your shirt..." He
told her, looking up into her eyes.

Smiling, Candice asked, "Why should I?"

Rearing back, Eric slammed into her again and again, punctuating each word
with a thrust, "Because, I, asked, you, nicely, now, pull, your, fucking,
shirt, up!"

Screaming with each thrust, Candice quickly complied, letting her hands
leave the headboard long enough to peel off her shirt and toss it somewhere
she didn't care about. Before she could get her bra undone, Eric reached up
and yanked it down roughly, spilling her tits out over the tops of the cups
and letting him attack her nipples. Crying out in lust, Candice wrapped her
legs around Eric's waist, pulling him into her pussy with each thrust of his
hard shaft, her fingers holding his head in place as he lapped and sucked
her nipples.

"You wanted my titties, huh?" Candice growled, yelping and crying out again
as he nibbled the hard nub softly. "Fucking play with them, Eric! You
fucking wanted them, now play with them!"

Pushing into her with hard, quick thrusts, Eric raised his head up, lurching
forward and kissing her roughly, smiling as she screamed into his mouth with
each thrust. Feeling his good hand rubbing her left breast, Candice moaned
loudly, her hips pushing up against his pounding dick. Looking into his
eyes, Candice smiled as she saw the excitement in them, his enjoyment
evident as he pushed into her tight, slick pussy over and over again.
Feeling his hand squeeze her breast softly, she moaned again, arching her
back to push her chest up into his grip.

Groaning loudly, Candice braced her hands against the headboard, her body
quivering softly with each pounding thrust. Shrieking loudly, she wanted to
grab him and hold him still, his constant movement driving her wild as he
pushed into her hard and fast, his pounding thrusts making her perfect body
shake and shiver, his head dancing from breast to breast, compensating for a
lack of two hands by using his mouth to taunt and tease her tight nipples.
Reaching one hand down, her bad hand, she held him tightly to her chest, her
good hand redoubling it's efforts to keep her from slamming head first into
the headboard, not wanting this night to be over so quickly due to a

Feeling Eric pull out of her pussy, Candice screamed in rage as he slid off
her body. Quickly sitting up and glaring at him, she pushed herself up to
her knees as he quickly shed the rest of his clothes, kicking off his pants
before trying to get his shirt off, peeling it down his bad arm but sticking
it on his cast.

Quickly kicking off her boots and pants, Candice sprung out towards Eric,
catching him off guard and pinning him to the bed.

"Why did you stop?!" She yelled, reaching down between them and grabbing his
cock, pulling it up and raising up off of him, sliding it around until she
found the proper opening before dropping back down, howling with pleasure as
he reentered her.

Smiling up at his Playmate, Eric asked, "A bit wound up, are we?"

"Very!" Glaring down at him, Candice smiled a wide, toothy grin. "You are a
fucking asshole! I told you not to stop!"

Smiling right back at her, he asked, "I'm sorry. But your still gonna help
me, aren't you, nurse Candice?"

"Your fucking right I'm gonna help you!" Candice yelled, bouncing up and
down on his shaft. "I'm gonna help you so much!"

Pushing himself up into a sitting position, Eric wrapped his arms around
Candice, holding her close as she launched herself up and down in his lap,
her arms wrapping around his shoulders and pulling him tight to her body,
stopping her bouncing long enough to lock her lips to his, craning her neck
and resuming her motions. Whining into his mouth, Candice cried out as she
arched her back, forcing her face away from his and her chest into his
grasp, an invitation he quickly took to and latched onto her left breast,
holding it somewhat steady as she continued to ride him.

"You are so hot..." Eric moaned, batting at her tight nipple with his
tongue, making her coo.

"God, I'm so gonna come...gonna come..." Candice panted, looking down at
Eric, pulling him up to kiss her again. Looking down in his eyes, she asked,

Smiling, Eric shook his head. "Not yet." Blinking a few times, he shook his
head. "Getting kinda...dopey though."

Whining, Candice slowed her bounces, holding a quick pattern as she rubbed
his cockhead over her most sensitive spot. "Dopey?"

Nodding, Eric kissed her, holding her head close with one hand as he
peppered her lips with quick kisses. "I think it's the pills, Nurse

"Oh...DEAR!" Candice cried out, arching her back as her body let loose.
Holding Eric tight, Candice started dropping down on his shaft quicker and
quicker, going for speed over precision as she fucked her patient.

Pushing his hips up to meet her drops, Eric leaned back, making sure to give
her all the room she needed to get her pleasure. "Come on, Nurse Candice.

"I can't..." She cried out, looking down at him, having to use every last
ounce of willpower to keep playing her part. "You're the patient!"

Smiling at her, he pushed up into her, moaning along with her as she started
sobbing. "Don't worry." He said, smiling at her. "I'm sure we can come up
with some more techniques to help with the swelling. Can't we, Nurse

Sobbing louder and louder, Candice gave up trying to hold on or be quiet,
screaming her head off as she shook and bounced on his cock, her body
quaking with orgasmic tremors as she leaned back. "Yes, yes, YES!"

"Please come, Nurse Candice." Eric grunted, flipping his hips up and
slapping his crotch against hers. "You gotta take care of yourself before
you take care of me."

Nodding her head in rhythm with her bounces, Candice rubbed her hands up her
body, taking care of her needs neglected by Eric as he concentrated on
pumping up into her pussy. Screaming and crying out in passion, Candice
flung herself forward, pressing her body up against Eric's and using her
sweat as a lube to slide her chest across his, using his body to take some
of the pressure off of her legs as she sobbed and cried out in orgasm.

"Fuck, Eric, fuck..." Candice screamed, her head flailing from side to side
as her long hair whipped around, covering her sweaty face as she continued
to bounce. Feeling Eric let himself slide down onto the bed, Candice put her
hands on his chest, holding herself up as she rotated her hips slowly,
groaning pitifully as she felt her lust begin to subside.

Letting her arms go slack slowly, Candice dropped her body down, laying
across Eric and letting her head rest against his, her forehead lined up
with his as she stared into his eyes with her half closed set.

"Was I good, Nurse Candice?" Eric asked, smiling as he kissed her panting

Sucking in deep, greedy breaths, Candice asked, "Why couldn't you just take
a blow job?"

Chuckling softly, he rubbed her side softly with his good hand, making her
moan. "Aren't you glad I didn't?"

Kissing him back, Candice pulled off his shaft, rolling to the side and
laying on her back beside him, staring up at the roof as she kept drawing in
long, heavy breaths. "Very. Very, very, very."

Looking over at Candice, Eric smiled as he shook his head. "That was

Looking back at him, she smiled. "How would you know? You didn't get off."

"And?" He asked, smiling. "Sex with you is amazing enough that getting off
isn't that important. Just getting looked after by nurse Candice is enough
to make me wonder if I'm dreaming."

Grinning, Candice reached over, pinching his arm, making him yelp.
"Convinced now?"

"Fuck, that hurt." He grumbled, rubbing his arm. "And here I was getting
ready to compliment you..."

"Oh, compliment away." Candice said, rolling over onto her side and looking
at him. "I always like hearing people singing my praises."

"Conceded much?"

"I don't think so." She said. "I just happen to think I rock."

"Well, glad that's cleared up." He said sarcastically, making her giggle.
Rolling over onto his side to face her, he reached out, rubbing her side
softly. "I was just going to say that you look just as amazing in person as
you do in Playboy." Thinking for a second, he smiled, saying, "Well, better,
actually. The whole three dimensional look suits you very well."

"It does, does it?" She asked, grinning softly.

"It does." He said. "Three D suits you."

"So, are you talking about my old Playboy pics, or..."

"I picked up your new issue at the airport when I landed in Milwaukee." He
said, before grinning, adding, "And I sounded way to excited about that..."

Grinning, she told him, "It's Playboy. Guys are supposed to get excited over

"Well, I got it, but only for the articles." He said with a smile, making
her giggle.

"Sure you did." She said. "So, how to my articles rank among the WWE Divas?"

"I'd say...second." He said, smiling. "I'm hoping honesty counts for

"It does." She said. "Nurse Candice gives extra special care to people who
are honest." When he smiled, she asked, "Who was first?"

"Sable's first shoot." Eric said. "He first shoot was smoking hot, and it
was so different, because it was the first time a WWE Diva did a Playboy

"What about Torrie and Sable's combo shoot?" Candice asked. "Two Divas for
the price of one..."

"That one was nice, but Sable was getting a little long in the tooth to be
doing it. If it was just Torrie, maybe, because she was looking amazing, but
Sable kinda drug her down."

"Wow." Candice said, smiling. "I never thought I'd hear a guy saying Sable
was dragging anyone down by being nude."

"Well, when it's Torrie in the same photos as Sable, it really exposes her
flaws." He said. Reaching out with his good hand and pulling her closer, he
smiled as she squirmed slightly. "Now if it was you and Torrie in the same
photo shoot, that would have killed."

"Would it?" She asked, still smiling. When he nodded, she leaned forward,
kissing him softly. ~Time to get this show back on track.~ "Eric, could you
do something for me?"

"Of course."

"Could you go sit up at the top of the bed? Like, leaning back against the
head board?"

"I suppose so." He said, leaning in for another kiss before pushing himself
up, quickly scooting up to the top of the bed and spinning around, smiling
as he found Candice right behind him as he sat down. "Now?"

"Now, sit back and relax." Candice purred. "Let Nurse Candice do her job,
ok?" When he nodded, she said, "So, Eric, I think it's time to take your
temperature." Candice said, crawling up the bed and flopping down beside
him, letting her head rest in his lap. "This is an oral thermometer, isn't

"It is." he said, smiling. "But sadly, it doesn't tell my temperature."
Seeing her confused look, he grinned, telling her, "It only tells me how hot
you are."


"Hey, come on, that was a good one!"

"It was alright." Candice admitted with a smile. Leaning down, she slid her
tongue out, slithering it around his cockhead and making him moan. "I think
this is better."

"Much better."

Flicking her tongue out across his cockhead, she purred as he moaned. "Do
you like this, Eric?"

Smiling down at the goddess in his lap, he said, "I'd like it better if I
was doing it to you to."

"That can be arranged." She mused. "Later. For now, time to help you."

Nodding, Eric moaned again as Candice lapped as his cock, dragging her
tongue over the sensitive flesh, snapping at the head with her lips. Feeling
him shift slightly, Candice did the same, following his cock as he sat more
upright, leaning over and cupping her breast with his good hand, squeezing
the mound softly and making her moan.

"God, I wish I had two good hands." He said with a grin. "Your stacked."

"Guys and boobs." She joked with a grin. "Always fascinated by size."

"And who was it who paid to get them bigger?" Eric asked. When Candice bit
her lip and grinned, he nodded. "Exactly. You got them done, now appreciate
that it worked."

"What worked?"

"Your plan for attention." He said.

"I didn't want attention!" Candice lied with a grin.

"You so wanted attention." He teased back, rubbing his hand over her bare
chest and making her moan again. "And I'm betting you get plenty."

"I'm getting plenty right now."

"You are." He admitted, smiling down at her as she lapped at his shaft. "But
I think you need more."

"More?" She asked. When he nodded, she said, "What do you mean? You only got
one hand..."

"I do." He said. "But..." Grinning, he flicked out his tongue. "I do have
other methods."

Her eyes lighting up, she quickly pushed herself up onto her knees, moving
backwards onto the bed. "I like the way you think." She giggled, watching as
he followed her. "You gonna be on bottom, or..."

"I take it your talking about a sixty nine?" He asked. When she nodded, he
quickly laid down on the bed. "I'll take bottom. Wouldn't want to smother
you to death."

"Hey..." She joked. "I'm a big girl. I can handle some weight."

"True." He said. "But it's more fun this way." He said. "This way, I can
still get at that beautiful, shaved pussy, and you can give yourself
whiplash sucking my dick."

Grinning and moving to straddle him, she reached down, giving his cock a
pump. "I really do like the way you think."

Ducking his head between her thighs as she got on top of him, he pushed his
head up, kissing her wet core. "I thought you might." Dragging his tongue
over her pussy, he moaned as she took his cock back into her mouth, sucking
it softly. Reaching his hands around her legs, he grunted in frustration as
the large plastic cast came into view. "Fuck I hate this thing." He
grumbled. "I can't do what I normally do." Feeling her lips gliding up and
down his shaft, he moaned, "Can you hear me?"

Pulling off, she said, "I can hear. Busy sucking." Before moving down again
and taking him between her pouty lips, suckling him softly.

"Oh god..." He moaned, running his tongue over her wet slit, drawing up her
tasty moisture. "My last girlfriend used to tell me I was actually not bad
at this stuff. Just hard to do with only one hand."

Pulling off of his cock with a swirl of her tongue, she told him, "Do your
best, Eric. I know I'll do mine."

Nodding, he realized it was time to stop talking, action being needed.
Quickly dropping his gimp hand to the bed and out of sight, he tried to
focus on what he could do with his good hand. Reaching it around her firm
thighs, he slowly inserted a pair of digits into her hole, lapping and
sucking at the top where her protected clit was stored to ease the
insertion. Pushing his hand in deeper, knowing he needed more depth to do
what he wanted, he grimaced slightly as his arm tensed up, the angle of his
attack putting a strain on his shoulder, but he pressed on, lapping and
sucking as he started pumping his fingers in and out, dragging the pads of
his fingers across the "Floor" of her pussy and making her sob softly around
his cock.

Arching her back softly, Candice pulled off of his cock with a sensual moan,
her hips rolling around as he lapped and sucked and fingered her, his crude
improvisational work doing better than either of them expected. Looking to
her left and seeing his cast hand lying on the bed, she moaned again as he
pushed his fingers in deeper, her sliding legs moving out giving him more
room to work with and allow him deeper penetration. ~God, if he's this good
with one hand, I want him when he's got both working.~ She thought, crying
out softly as she stroked his cock with her hands. Moving back down, she
cried out softly as she took him back into her mouth, nursing the head of
his pleasure stick.

Moaning softly, Eric fought to keep his mouth on her pussy, his neck aching
from the angle of his attack but willing to take the pain to give her the
pleasure. Savoring her deep, heavenly taste as his tongue twirled around her
hooded clit, he smiled as she moaned around his shaft, her pouty lips
holding fast around the head and sucking softly, her tongue slipping and
sliding around in a pleasurable mimic of his. His slick fingers pushing in
and out of her wet, sloppy pussy, Eric wrapped his lips around the base of
her pussy, forming a tight seal and sucking softly, her clit trapped in the
pleasure zone and making her arch again, pulling off of his cock as she
sobbed loudly.

"Oh fuck, Eric...fuck!" She cried out, stroking his cock with one hand as
she reached back with the other, trying to find his plunging hand but coming
up short as he stroked and licked her twitching pussy. Groaning loudly, she
dove her head back down, twisting her lips and pumping her hand as she tried
to match him pleasure for pleasure.

Moaning softly, Eric pulled back slightly. "God, I think I should have
waited a few minutes before we did this..."

Pulling off of his cock with a slurp, she asked, "Did what?"

"Let you blow me." He groaned. "God, Candice, stop..."

Giggling, she kept stroking his dick. "Stop what?" She asked innocently.

"Stop jerking me off." He groaned, his breathing picking up.

"Stop?" She asked, playing confused. "I thought you wanted me to take your

"God, feels so good..." He moaned, his hips bucking slightly. "Please

"Huh?" She joked. "Can't hear you..."

Continuing to twist her hand up and down his shaft, she smiled as his hips
bucked slightly. Reaching out with both hands, she went for the kill,
jerking him hard and fast as she pulled him back between her lips, ignoring
his calls for her to stop, knowing his body was telling her what it really
wanted and keeping up the pace.

"Fuck...fuck!" He groaned, his hips surging up as he started to come, seed
shooting up from his balls and out of his shaft, making Candice pull back
quickly as the first load hit her mouth, making her sputter softly as she
kept jerking him off.

Giggling, Candice sat back and watched his rod spout off, sending shot after
shot of jizz into the air and onto the bed, not caring about the mess it was
making and instead focusing on pleasing her patient. "Come on, Eric, come!"
She urged him, his jerking hips slowing down as he slumped to the bed, her
relentless pumping not stopping until she was sure he was finished, and even
then only slowing down for a while before finally pulling off. "God..." She
giggled, looking around at the mess he had made. "You ain't sleeping on this
thing tonight." She laughed.


Realizing that his tongue bathing had stopped, she dismounted him and turned
around, looking down at him. Seeing his eyes fighting to stay open, she
smiled. "Was it good?"

"Christ..." He mumbled, shaking his head. "Why didn't you stop?"

"You needed to come!" She giggled. "I can't let a patient of mine not come!"

"Fuck..." He said softly, reaching up and rubbing his forehead. "My head
feels like it's going to explode."

Her giggling dying down, she turned serious. "Eric, are you ok?"

Nodding, he said, "I think so. I think it's just the painkillers kicking
into high gear." Looking at her, he grinned softly. "I told you I was
getting loopy..."

"Are you gonna be ok?" She asked softly, not wanting the night to be over so

"I think so." He said, continuing to rub his head. "No amount of pain relief
is worth the swimming and spinning my head did right after you made me

Looking down at him, she smiled, rubbing his chest. "Need a break?"

"I could use one." He admitted. "Which I'm betting isn't what you wanted to

"It's ok." She promised him, leaning down and giving him a soft kiss. "I'll
just keep myself busy till your ready to go again..."

Feeling her exit the bed, he pulled himself up, trying to follow her with
his eyes. "Keep yourself busy?" He asked.

"Keep myself busy..." She said, smiling. "And give you something to watch
while you take a little break." Looking around, she smiled as she spotted
the mini bar. "Is it open?"

Looking where she was looking, he nodded, pulling himself up and sitting on
the edge of the bed with a groan. "It is, but I gotta pay for everything."

Moving over to the bar with swaying hips, she bent down at the waist,
pushing her ass up and opening the door. Looking in, she smiled, reaching in
and pulling out a bottle. Cracking the top, she poured the contents into the
ice bucket. "Don't worry." She said. "I'll pick up the tab."

Nodding, he watched as she gripped the bottle tightly, holding the neck as
she moved back towards the sofa, rubbing her hands over the top of the
bottle. Seeing him looking at her, she grinned. "Gotta warm it up. To cold."

"For what?" He asked.

Grinning, she sat down on the sofa, looking at him as she spread her legs
wide, slouching down and pushing her pussy out, making sure it was in plain
view for her lover. Pulling the bottle up to her lips, she stuck out her
tongue, lapping at the top of it, giving him a perfect view of what her
skilled lips had just done to his shaft, wetting the bottle and verifying
that her hands had warmed up the glass sufficiently. "To keep me busy." She
purred, letting the bottle drift down and come to a stop in front of her

Watching with rabid interest, he moaned softly along with her as she rubbed
the bottle top along her pussy, adding extra wetness to the smooth glass
before pulling it towards her, sinking it slowly into her pussy. Licking her
lips as she sunk into the plush sofa, Candice thrust the bottle into her
love hole, stopping when the base became to wide and started to stretch her,
pulling back and smiling as she saw his eyes focused on the glistening

"Oooooo..." Candice cooed softly, pushing the bottle in slowly and feeding
his view. Looking at him through heavy eyes, she smiled. "The things you do
to keep yourself happy on the road, huh?" When he smiled and nodded, she
leaned back, letting her other hand move up to her chest and begin teasing
her nipples, the nubs becoming soft from lack of attention but quickly
returning to form with her nimble touch. Rolling her head back, Candice let
out a long, low moan, the lukewarm bottle not her ideal lover, but a good
temporary substitute while her first option shook the fog out of his eyes,
something he was slow to do. Hearing a yawn, she lifted her head up and
looked at him with a smirk. "Boring you, am I?"

Shaking his head quickly, he said, "Oh god no!" When she giggled and moaned
softly, her wrist flicking back and forth, pushing the bottleneck slipping
and sliding in and out of her pussy, he added, "Like I said, these pills
aren't fun. Watching you right now, on the other hand, is."

"Be more fun if it was you doing it." She purred softly, adding a twist to
the bottle, a squeak to her moans. Looking at him, she asked, "Do you like
it when I keep busy, Eric?"

"So much." He told her. "I'd love it more if it was me instead of that
bottle in you right now, but..."

Looking at his crotch, she smiled. "It will be. Soon. Until then..." Arching
her back softly, she cried out, the bottle making accidental contact with
her pleasure node.

Stroking his semi hard member, Eric drank in her show, watching as her
glistening body writhed and squirmed on the sofa, the bottle doing his job
better than she thought it would. Watching as her hand stroked and teased
her nipples, he took special care to pay attention to them, knowing she was
giving him clues as to what she liked. "You can have no idea how sexy you
are, Candice." He told her, gaining her lustful attention. "I'm sure you
think you're pretty hot, but you are so much beyond that. You are so
stunningly sexy."

"What did I tell you about compliments?"

"That you like them?"

"That's right." She moaned softly. "Keep em coming."

Sliding off the bed and onto the floor, Eric took advantage of her closed
eyes and moaning mouth, crawling across the floor to her and kissing her
foot, gaining her attention. Slowly moving up her legs with soft kisses, he
dodged around the plunging bottle as he lapped at her thighs, making her
squirm as he reached up and took over for her on the bottle, letting her
hand guide it in a few times to show him how deep to go before taking over
completely. As her hand went up to join the other on her breasts, he crawled
further into her lap, the bottle not missing a beat as he kissed her firm

"So cut." He told her. "You looked so good in Playboy. I know you did it
before, but if that issue doesn't fly off the shelves, something is wrong."
Kissing her belly as she arched her back, moans erupting from deep in her
lungs, he asked, "Does this feel good, Candice?"

"Oh god, Eric...god...."

Re-gripping the bottle at a different angle, he rested his arm on her knee
and used it to guide his hand in and out of her crotch, his head curling up
over the top and finding her love button peaking out from her dripping
folds. Lunging forward with renewed energy, he wrapped his lips around it as
best he could, the bottle breaking his perfect seal and causing him to suck
and slurp at her wetness, her hands reaching down to cradle his head as she
cried out, her body beginning to shake again.

"Oh my god...oh my god...Eric...Eric!"

Not wanting to break his rhythm to give her an answer, he nodded as best he
could, hoping it would be enough to show her he knew what she meant, keeping
his smooth, steady strokes as he lapped at her clitoris, using the
glistening glass to his advantage and licking in long, sloppy strokes,
drawing her fleshy nub out of it's hiding place and exposing it to all of
his loving attention.

Rolling her head back, Candice sobbed and screamed, her body shaking as she
came with deafening intensity, her high pitched screaming making Eric wince
as the sound split his ears and threatened to permanently damage his
hearing. Bucking her hips wildly, Candice yelped in pain as the bottle was
pushed slightly past her limit, but Eric quickly adjusted, pulling it back
and keeping it's pumps shallow and quick, hitting her pleasure node as he
tried to keep his lips with her clit, but her bucking and writhing on the
rapidly soaking couch was making that next to impossible.

Groaning out with a flop, Candice sunk into the couch. Feeling movement, she
forced her eyes open slightly and spotted Eric moving onto the couch with
her, his bottle play never slowing down as his lips found new targets,
lapping at her heaving, sweat soaked chest gently, teasing her taunt nipples
with loving care. Letting her hands drop down, she slid one into his lap,
finding it's way to his crotch and gathering the information she needed.
Pushing the bottle away, she took it from him and tossed it carelessly away,
hearing it bounce off the bed and land on the floor with a thud, somehow not
breaking as she quickly crawled into his lap. Looking down at him, she
reached between them, gripping his shaft with her soft hands and guiding it
back into her fluttering pussy, her nerves still raw and electrified from
her orgasm.

Feeling her drop into his lap, Eric moaned softly as she wrapped around his
re-hardened member, holding him lovingly as she let her head rest on his
shoulder, panting in greedy, air hogging pants. Wrapping his arms around her
loosely, he gave her the space she needed to slide up and down, her body
oozing pure sexuality as it moved in perfect rhythm to there needs. Feeling
her lean back with the need to groan, Eric leaned forward, peppering her
throat with soft kisses as she bounced in his lap, all the curves he
proclaimed to love in Playboy on full display and his for the taking.

Pulling his head up and staring down into his eyes, Candice let her forehead
rest against his, crying out in passion as her eyes burned into his.
Screaming out loudly, Candice held him close, his hands on her back as she
rode up and down, her neck working overtime to keep her forehead locked with
his, sweat pouring down her face and onto his, hot breath being pushed out
of her lungs and onto his face, and him returning it in kind, adding to the
heat her body was already generating.

She couldn't figure out why she was just staring into his eyes, knowing his
head could be doing much better things to her, but she held him tight, the
look in his eyes driving her wild and spurning her on, her firm, sexy body
gliding up and down in his lap slowly, seductively, his cock stretching her
pussy in ways that a bottle could never hope to do.

Moaning softly, Eric broke free from her hands, tilting his head and kissing
her lips, making her moan softly. Pushing away, he ducked down further,
aiming for her neck but finding her chest, her chin pushing his head down
with each bounce. Leaving his useless left hand behind on her back, he
curled the right one back to her front, cupping her slick chest and stroking
the nipple gently, looking back up at her as she groaned. Seeing her nod
softly, both pleading with him and giving him permission, he ducked down,
taking her other nipple between his lips, moving his head in time with her
slow, methodical bounces and lapping at the tiny nub. Letting her head fall
back with a loud groan, Candice ignored the clumps of hair plastered to her
sweat soaked face, her eyes fluttering closed as her still sensitive pussy
rode his shaft to both of there delight.

Shifting his hand under his head, Eric slid his mouth to her other breast,
kissing and licking in between the two orbs as he went, her salty taste
filling his watering mouth. Latching onto her with both arms, he held her
tight as he rocked backwards, before shooting forwards, taking him to his
feet as she wrapped her legs around his hips, unsure as to why he had moved,
but unwilling to stop. Digging her heels into his thighs, Candice pushed
herself up with great effort, her legs burning as he waddle walked back
towards the bed, dropping back down as he put his first knee on the bed.
Lifting herself up again, Candice held him tight as he crawled onto the bed,
waiting for her to drop down again before dropping down himself, laying her
flat on her back and getting in position between her now slack legs.

Propping her legs up to give him total and unimpeded access to her core,
Candice pulled his head from her chest and up to her face, kissing him
softly on the lips as he plunged into her with equal tenderness, the wild,
animalistic fucking from before gone as the heat of the night and from there
previous actions sapped there strength. Moaning softly with each thrust,
Candice kissed him over and over, breaking apart only long enough to draw
another greedy breath before pulling him back in, his lips craving his and
demanding the contact he was only to willing to grant. Looking up into his
eyes, she knew he was fading fast, his youth and excitement being overruled
by the high power pain killers the doctor had given him for the hand she had
completely forgotten about.

Motioning for him to sit up, she kept him in position between her legs,
letting him thrust into her as she took his cast in her hands. Looking up at
him and asking for permission, she reached around and snapped open the first
latch on the plastic case. Seeing no resistance, she undid the second one,
then the third, and finally the fourth one, all the while bouncing softly on
the end of his penis as he pushed into her, his good hand doing good and
stroking her sensitive love button gently. Opening the cast up, Candice
slowly, carefully pulled it from his hand. Setting it aside, she took his
hand in hers, motioning for him to open it up and show her the damage.
Seeing him wince slightly as he extended his fingers, Candice looked at his
hand in fascination. Pulling his hand up to her face, she kissed the bruised
palm gently, looking up at him as she did.

"I'm so sorry for this." She said softly, tiny yelps pouring from her body
as he pushed into her over and over again.

"Not your fault..."

"I should have been paying attention..."

"I'd do it again..."

Pushing his hand up to his chest to protect it, she rolled them over softly,
his body collapsing on hers when he realized her plan. Planting her hands in
his chest, she pushed herself up with a flip of her wet hair, spraying sweat
around as she sat back down on his cock, moaning softly as she traced out
his chest muscles.

"I know you would." She moaned, riding him with more urgency now, knowing
that, orgasm or no orgasm, he wasn't going to last much longer, and wanting
to send him off to never-never land with a smile on his face.

Blinking his eyes slowly, Eric tried to fight off the power of the pills,
but was having little success. "Fucking pills..." He mumbled, reaching his
good hand up and cupping her face.

"It's ok, Eric." She told him, smiling as he rubbed her face softly. Moaning
in pleasure as she continued to bounce up and down in his lap, she giggled
as he tried to sit up, only to fall short and drop back to the bed with a
grunt. "It's ok." She told him again, hoping he'd realize it was true and
let her do the work. Leaning down before he had a chance to sit back up, she
hovered her head over his, her hips taking over the work of pumping him in
and out of her tight pussy. Leaning down and kissing him softly, she moaned
as his arms wrapped around her body gently, not having the strength to hold
her tight, but wanting to do something. Looking down into his dazed eyes,
she purred, "Are you coming, Eric?"

Trying to come up with some witty reply, he found his brain completely
unable to form more than basic words, and merely nodded slowly, grunting,

Stopping him before he could talk more, she smiled at him, moaning softly as
he hit her pleasure nodes in just the right way. She desperately wanted to
get one last batch of release from him before she lost him to
unconsciousness, but realized that was a long shot at best. Leaning down and
kissing him hard on the lips, she noticed his efforts to kiss her back were
getting less and less. Smiling at him, she said, "Come, Eric. Nurse Candice
demands you come. It's the last part of your treatment."

Chuckling softly, Eric smiled at her. "You are so beautiful." He told her,
moaning softly as his cock started flexing.

Smiling down at him, she brushed her hair out of her face. "Duh. Tell me
something I don't know." She teased. Feeling his hips jerk, she moaned along
with him as he exploded, her hips gliding up and down, up and down in long,
smooth strokes, pulling the orgasm out of him whether he wanted it to leave
or not. Pushing her lips hard against his, she demanded one last hard kiss,
her lips willing on his as he held her firm, the last of his strength being
poured into her lips and into her pussy.

Groaning softly, Eric let his head fall back, his eyes blinking as the room
started spinning, the high power pain killers not meant to be put in a body
as active as his and reacting badly for him, his eyes blinking slower and
slower as Candice's hips mimicked there speed, coming to a rest against his
hips as he closed his eyes for good, a deep sleep instantly setting in as he
snored softly.

Looking down at him with a smile, Candice carefully dismounted him, making
sure not to wake him up as she crawled off the bed. Standing up on the
floor, she turned back towards him, smiling at the sight of her tired, worn
out lover snoring softly, his body stretched out on the bed as his cock
shrunk quickly.

"Thank you, Eric." She said softly, moving over to the bed and leaning down,
kissing him on the lips quickly and softly before standing up and moving
towards the her clothes. Looking down at her body, she sighed softly at the
sigh, sweat soaking her from head to toe. "I need a shower." She mumbled
softly. Looking back towards the bed, she gauged Eric's level of sleep,
trying to judge in her mind if a quick shower would wake him up, knowing he
needed his sleep.

Making up her mind, she gathered up her clothes and quickly scurried into
the bathroom, closing the door most of the way, forgoing closing it
completely to avoid the click of the door. Setting her clothes down on the
closed toilet, she moved quietly into the shower, turning it on and dodging
the initial stream of cold water it blasted out with practiced ease before
settling in under the warm water.

Feeling the hot water hit her body, Candice couldn't stifle the small moan
that escaped her lungs. She hadn't realized how tired her muscles were until
the water connected with them, the heat sending blood pumping through her
limbs and making the aches of her pleasure come roaring back. Reaching down
and rubbing her sore thighs, she moaned softly as her back throbbed softly,
each movement producing a new ache.

Standing up and ducking her head under the water, Candice let her head drop
slightly, water running down her face. She'd forgotten how much energy it
took to have sex, let alone good sex, and Eric's exercise in pleasure
brought all of her memories flooding back in a hurry, making her smile.

"If that's what I gotta go through for that much fun..." She said, reaching
out and turning off the shower quietly with a smile. "Then so be it."

Grabbing a towel from the rack and drying herself as quickly as her sore
limbs would let her, Candice quickly got redressed, pulling her clothes on
with no small effort and sliding her feet into her shoes. Moving back
towards the door, she opened it slowly, peeking her head around the corner
and smiling as she found Eric in the same position as she had left him,
snoring softly on his back. Moving out of the bathroom and back into the
main room, she smiled at the sight of her lover. Looking around quickly, she
did a mental check to make sure she wasn't forgetting anything, checking her
clothes to make sure she had everything she had worn into the room. Turning
and moving towards the door, she slowed as she approached it, stopping as
she reached it. Looking back over her shoulder, she sighed softly.

"You can't leave him like that." She told herself. "At least cover him up."

Moving back into the room, she looked around, spotting a sheet he had taken
off the bed and grabbed it, lifting it up into the air and tossing it gently
over his prone, snoring body. Wincing slightly as it dropped over him, she
waited to see if it would wake him up, half hoping it would, but he remained
asleep, not flinching an inch as he was covered. Moving back from the bed,
Candice took a few steps backwards before stumbling, squeaking softly as her
right foot hooked in something before sending her left one sprawling
backwards, stopping abruptly as it hit something and sending her to the
floor with a thud. Flinching slightly at the noise, she peeked over the edge
of the bed, keeping an eye on her lover, and letting out a sigh of relief
when he didn't awaken.

"It would take a bomb to wake him up." She murmured, looking around for the
source of her untimely fall. Spotting his pants wrapped around her right
foot, and her left resting on his suitcase, she smiled as she shook her
head. "This is some kind of sign." She told herself. She wasn't completely
sure that bailing on Eric after what they had done was the right move, and
his pants and suitcase blocking her escape only proved to drive that point
home. Pulling his pants off of her leg, she smiled as she crawled towards
his suitcase. "Since I'm already here..." She murmured, reaching out and
carefully lifting the lid up, opening it up. Looking at the top of the case,
she grumbled, "Boring...boring...boring..." Sifting through his soaps and
shampoos, she turned her attention to his clothes. "At least he can dress
himself nice...wait...what do we have here?"

Moving his shirts out of the way, she dug down into his suitcase, pulling a
glossy magazine out from under it's hiding place with a smile. Holding up
the magazine, and looking at herself on the cover, Candice smiled. "Doing
some advanced scouting, Eric?" She asked. Flipping open the magazine and
looking at the pictures inside, she smiled. "I do look good." She giggled.
Looking up at the bed, she shook her head slowly as he snored, hitting a
hitch and sputtering softly before picking up the rhythm again. "Eric, Eric,
Eric..." She muttered, shaking her head. Sighing again, she smiled.

She couldn't bail on him. He'd been to nice, to fun, and way to good in the
sack. But he wasn't from around Milwaukee. Letting the magazine drop
slightly, she weighed her options, trying to figure out what to do. Smiling
as a thought crossed her mind, she looked around for where her purse had
fallen in her crash landing, grabbing it and pulling it to her side. Opening
up the top slot, she reached in, grabbing a marker. Stopping, she giggled as
a thought crossed her mind, sending her scurrying into her purse for a
small, blank index card, pulling one out of the stack she kept for fans
wanting autographs but having nothing to sign, and grabbing his pants,
finding his wallet quickly and opening it up, scribbling something down on
the card before sticking it into his wallet. Stuffing his wallet back into
his pants, she grabbed the magazine again, mulling over her options, knowing
she only had one shot at this and wanting it to count.

Going over the words in her mind, she scribbled down her note, trying to
keep her girlish giggling to a minimum as she wrote it out, not wanting Eric
to find it until the pills wore off. Setting the magazine down on top of his
suitcase where she was sure he would find it, she pushed herself to her
feet, grabbing her purse and stuffing the marker back in as she sprinted
quietly to the door, her giggling picking up as she opened it quietly,
looking back over her shoulder for one last sight of him before sliding out
of the room, letting the door close and lock behind her as she moved into
the hall.

* * *




"What the fuck...?"


Pushing himself up into a semi sitting position, Eric groaned as he looked
around the room, trying to get a read on what was thumping, until he realized
it was his skull. Dropping back to the bed with a groan, he clutched his
throbbing skull, trying to get the dull pain under control as the room
started to spin, his rapid up and down movement not agreeing with the pain
pills finishing there run through his body.

"Fucking doctors." He grumbled, pulling his broken hand into his lap as he
sat up again, slower this time. Looking down at himself, he pulled the
flimsy sheet up and looked down, realizing he was nude. "What the hell did I
do last night?" He mumbled, trying to put the pieces together. Looking
around the room, he looked for clues, trying to find something that would
spark his memory.

Spotting the empty glass water bottle sitting beside the bed, everything
came flooding back in a hurry.

"Oh my god." He groaned, blinking his eyes as he scanned the room, trying to
find any sign of the Playboy goddess that had shared his bed the night
before. Not spotting her, he leapt up, stumbling towards the bathroom.
Finding the door open and the light off, he whined softly, knowing it was a
long shot but moving towards the door. Closing his eyes tightly, he moved
into the bathroom, snapping on the light before easing his eyes open, hoping
to find a vision of nude goddess, or even a clothed one, in his bathroom.

Finding it empty, he sighed, flicking the light off and moving back towards
the bed, his mood going from bad to worse as he came to the depressing
realization he was alone. Sitting down on the edge of his bed, he let his
head drop, scratching the side of his head and grumbling softly. Going to
sigh again, he looked up, spotting his suitcase opened and his Candice
Michelle Playboy issue sitting on top of it. "Why weren't you here this
morning?" He grumbled playfully. Starting to smile, he was going to say
something else, when he looked down at the magazine, getting confused when
he saw the cover was covered in silver marker. "Did she sign it?" He asked
no one in particular, reaching down and plucking it up. Twisting it around
to get in the right angle to read, he quickly realized that it had a lot
more than a simple signature on it, and quickly tried to get his focus back
on track, wanting to make sure he was reading the note correctly.

Dear Eric,

Thank you very much for the catch, and thank you even more for the post game
celebration. I had a blast, and I know you had a few too! I hope you hand
gets better ASAP. Hopefully I took your mind off of it for a little while.

If you're ever in the area again, and you start to feel some swelling, don't
hesitate to call me (Look in your wallet. Behind your drivers ID. That's my

If you ever remember the name of the other team you're missing, or if you
just want to start your whole stadium tour over again, LET ME KNOW!!! I
don't get to see enough baseball games, and I wouldn't mind seeing all
thirty stadiums with you. I'm sure we could find ways to cut the costs of
the trip. I could pick up the rooms, assuming you don't mind sharing a bed.
All you'd have to bring is some balls and a bat, and we'd be all set. If we
took our time, maybe catch a game in the afternoon, watch another in the
hotel from the comfort of the bed, I think it could be the road trip of a
life time.

Who knows? I might be able to convert you into a Brewers fan yet. I have
plenty of tricks up my sleeves to change people's minds, and I hope your
willing to hear me out and let me try and persuade you to see things my way.

See you at the ballpark!

Your Go Daddy nurse,

Candice Michelle

Smiling from ear to ear, Eric dove towards his jeans, grabbing them and
holding them in his teeth as he went in search of his wallet, pulling it out
and opening it up, tossing things on the floor as he scrambled to find the
note, and yelling with joy when he found it just where she had promised it
would be.

"Thank you Candice." He said with a grin, letting his head fall back, and
finding himself looking directly at a clock. Spotting the time, his eyes
went wide when he realized how late it was, his mind becoming clearer as he
remembered that in all the hustle and bustle of the night before, he had
forgotten to leave a wake up call at the front desk, and he was now in a
race against time to catch his flight.

Tucking the note back into a safe place, he made sure it was secure before
putting his wallet back into his jeans, stuffing the other things back into
his pocket as he scrambled to get dressed, forgoing new clothes in favor of
not missing his flight as he flew around the room, one hand useless save as
a clothes hanger, the other working over time to get his body hastily
covered in clothes as he threw things towards his suitcase.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck..." He chanted, scrambling around the room, making sure he
didn't miss anything, or at least anything he couldn't replace, before
slamming the top of his suitcase closed, making sure Candice's Playboy was
safe and secure before zipping it shut, flipping it onto it's side and
grabbing the handle as he raced towards the door. Double-checking that he
had his room card in his pocket, he stuffed his feet quickly into his shoes,
bending the heels down as he grabbed the door handle, opening it hastily and
pushing his suitcase out with a foot, gliding out of the room and letting
the door close behind him.

Grabbing his suitcase, he turned to bolt down the hallway, but stopped,
turning towards the door and smiling. Looking at the plate on the door, he
smiled as he read off the number. "Room 334." He said to himself, committing
the number to memory as he turned and moved down the hallway to the
elevator, smiling as the number repeated over and over in his mind. "Gotta
make sure to get this room next time I come back." He said, thanking whoever
was looking after him as the elevator door opened as he pushed the button,
cutting down on his wasted time.

Watching as his room door disappeared behind the doors of the elevator, he
smiled as he pushed aside his minds search to remember the baseball teams he
had yet to visit. As the elevator opened in the lobby, fiddling with his
shoes slightly, getting his heels into the back of them as he strode into
the lobby, he smiled to himself, thinking instead of all thirty Major League
baseball teams, and the number sitting comfortably, securely in his wallet,
and all the fun that would be going into visiting them.

Moving up to the desk, he flashed the clerk a smile as he reached into his
near pocket, his headache long forgotten as he pulled the keycard out,
putting it down on the desk. "Hi, I'd like to checkout." He said, pushing
the card towards the clerk.

Taking the card and punching in the ID number, the clerk checked over the
room number, going over it's ID. "It says here that you used the mini bar bottle of water."

Trying not to smile, he asked, "I take it no one paid for it?" When the
clerk shook his head, Eric smiled, unable to hold it back any longer as he
reached into his pocket, pulling out his wallet and producing his credit
card, making sure not to disturb Candice's number. "That's alright." He
said, giving the clerk the card. "I'll make the person pay me back later."

Nodding, the clerk swiped the card through the reader before handing it back
to him. "Did you enjoy your stay with us this trip?"

Eric's smile got wider at that, but he played it off as best he could. "I
can honestly say that this was the best vacation I've ever had. This is a
wonderful hotel, and it met my needs perfectly. Thank you."

Oblivious to the grinning man's hidden words, the clerk smiled. "I'm glad to
hear that. And I'm sure the manager will be to."

Nodding, Eric asked, "Could I leave a note for the manager, actually? He's
my friends uncle..."

"I'll make sure he gets it."

Taking the note pad and pen from the clerk, Eric smiled as he scribbled out
a thank you to the manager, adding that he could expect repeat business,
this time of the paying variety, from him in the future, his mind already
going over his finances as he took his credit card back, wondering how much
a trip back to Milwaukee would cost. Moving towards the front door, he
smiled as he hailed a cab, waiting for the yellow car to pull up beside the
curb before piling in, thoughts of a return trip making him forget about the
dull pain in his broken hand as he looked forward to revisiting Miller Park,
amongst other stadiums, with his personal nurse.

Leaning back in his seat, he looked at the driver. "The airport, please."
Feeling the car lurch forward, he relaxed as the trip was out of his hands
now, his rushing doing all it could to keep him on time. Looking at his
watch, he smiled. ~I'm sure Candice would put me up if I missed my flight.~

Looking out the side window, he grinned, a thought crossing his mind.

"She does owe me for that bottle, after all." He thought, smiling at the
memories of what that one bottle had done as he watched Milwaukee fly by his

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