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This is my first diva story and my first erotic story in probably a year
and a half. I think I've done a good job and am finishing up a similar one
involving Trish Stratus. Tell me what you think!

Crazy In Carolina
by Revolution

Despite being months away from a return to the ring, the rehab process for
Lita's neck was going strong. Lita had full use of her neck and had been
cleared to work out for several weeks. Her body was back and as tight as it
had ever been. She looked great, she felt great but she was still months
away from being able to return to work. WWE was preparing to do a solid two
week tour with only one day off. There would be only one day in three weeks
that her boyfriend Matt Hardy would be home. It just so happened that Lita
had to be in Stamford to do voice overs for MTV Heat on that day. It was
already tough enough not seeing Matt for three or four days per week but
they hadn't been apart for three weeks maybe ever. Lita was sad but she
didn't want Matt to worry about her so she kept a brave face.

The couple days Matt had before he left were spent doing all sorts of
errands. Matt was exhausted and all he and Lita got was one little quick
fuck. Matt apologized but Lita understood that his mind was elsewhere. He
needed to mentally prepare for such a gruelling schedule. The night before
he left, Lita invited over Greg Helms and Shannon Moore, two of Matt's best
friends. She ordered in some food and they all had a good time. It was an
early night as the guys had a 4am flight to catch. Early next morning, Lita
kissed Matt goodbye and sent him on his way.

The first week went by and Lita was fine. She was missing Matt but she was
keeping herself busy by working out constantly. The second week started to
get rough. Lita was really missing being intimate with Matt more then
anything. She managed to keep herself somewhat satisfied with her collection
of sex toys but it still wasn't the same. In the third week, things started
getting really bad for Lita. One night, Lita was giving it to herself in the
ass with a butt plug and trying to dream of it being real but it just wasn't
working. She pulled the plug out, threw it against the wall and started to
cry. Lita was fiending for cock, she needed it bad. There were still a few
more days left and Lita's cravings got worse. She started to think that Matt
wouldn't be enough. Lita recalled her younger days when she loved getting
banged by more then one guy. Her mouth watered as she thought of all the
dick. Lita called Matt, Greg, and Shannon to invite them all over the night
they came back for a good time.

Lita got anxious waiting for the guys to arrive back from their trip. Lita
went and laid in the tanning bed for an hour or so to get a nice fresh tan.
She then came back and showered off, grooming her pussy hair. She liked to
keep a nice, very trim bush. A little landing strip was all she wanted. Lita
got dressed wearing a pair of black cargos, a black sportsbra with a tight
pink shirt pulled over top. Lita fixed her fiery red hair and make up in the
mirror. She pulled her shirt up a little too show her naval. Lita finished
it off by putting on her favorite black choker. The time was drawing near
and Lita began to cook her special chicken dish for their dinner. She set
the table with several pitchers of beer and some vodka for herself.

The door opened and Lita rushed to meet her man. Matt dropped his bag and
Lita hugged him, kissing him passionately. Lita asked where Greg and Shannon
were and Matt told her that they went home to drop off their stuff and
they'll be coming over in a little while. Lita kissed Matt again and told him
to go get cleaned up. Meanwhile, Greg and Shannon arrived. Lita welcomed them
into her home and they exchanged compliments. Matt came down and the three
started telling Lita all about the tour. It was a great tour but they were
glad to be home. Lita served the dinner and everybody began eating and
drinking ... and drinking and drinking some more. The guys moved into the
living room with their drinks and Lita joined them shortly. It was time to
get her plan rolling.

"Alright guys, how about we play a little game of poker?" Lita suggested.

"I didn't bring any money with me," Greg replied.

"Me neither," Shannon added.

"Hmmmmm ... How about we play some strip poker then?" Lita asked.

"You're not very good at poker, honey," Matt said.

"I've been practising. You're not scared of losing to a girl, are ya?" Lita

"Alright let's play!" Matt said.

The poker game began as all four of them kept on downing drink after drink on
this night. Shannon lost the first hand and took off his shirt. Lita lost
next and took of her shirt revealing her black sports bra. Shannon lost again
and lost his pants. Matt lost his shirt next and then Greg did as well. The
game and the drinking continued as Matt lost his pants and then Greg did.

"I win!" Lita shouted as all three guys were in their boxers.

"Wait, wait, wait, you're not afraid to keep going are you?" Matt asked.

"You're the ones that are losing, why not?!" Lita said.

So the game of strip poker continued and Lita lost the next hand and she lost
her black cargo pants. Lita was now down to her little pink thong and black
sports bra. She played it cool but the game was going as well as she could
have hoped. Lita lost the next hand on purpose and pulled her black sports
bra over her head, exposing her nice big breasts. Matt lost the next hand but
Lita stopped him before he took off his boxers.

"Allow me to do the honors," Lita said.

Lita yanked down Matt's boxers and took her lovers prick in her hand for the
first time in weeks. Lita stuffed it inside her mouth and started rubbing the
underside against her tongue ring. Greg and Shannon got up to leave but Lita
shouted at them to stay.

"Don't go anywhere! I need it all and I need it bad! I need all three of you
to give it to me everyway you can," Lita confessed.

Greg and Shannon checked with Matt to make sure everything was cool with him.
Matt told them to do whatever Lita wants because she's the boss. They were
all really drunk by now and pretty much free of all their inhibitions. For
years, both Greg and Shannon have had their eyes on Lita but never would dare
act on it due to their friendship with Matt. Both of them realized that this
might be their only shot to get some of Lita and they weren't about to waste

Lita pushed Matt down onto his back on the coffee table and straddled his
face. She held her firm ass inches above Matt's face, letting him face her
wet pussy. Matt began working a few fingers deep into Lita's anus, knowing
just how much she likes things in there. Lita then yanked down Greg and
Shannon's boxers. She took a cock in each hand and started stroking away.
Her long red hair covered her smile. She was smiling and almost drooling
at what she was going to do with all this dick. Lita got down on her knees
and started slurping on Greg's cock while stroking Shannon. Matt moved
behind his girlfriend and pushed his long thick cock into her pussy. Matt
grabbed onto Lita's butt for support as he began slamming into her warm

"Mmmhhh Matt, baby, ohhhh I've missed that! Ohhh unhhhhh baby!" Lita moaned
then stuffed her mouth full of dick again. Despite their smaller stature,
Greg and Shannon were packing big rods. Lita alternated sucking both of them
for a little bit but that wasn't good enough for her. Lita opened her mouth
wide and tried to fit both dicks inside. She couldn't do it at first but she
tried again and took both big cocks in her mouth. Lita fought her gag reflex
and took the two fat dicks deeper into her mouth.

"Ohhh fucking stuff those cocks in your mouth, you fucking slut!" Greg

"Don't call her a slut," Matt shouted.

"Oh I'm a dirty fucking slut tonight, I'm a nasty dirty girl," Lita said,
taking the dicks out of her mouth. "Now shove that cock up my ass, Matt!"

Matt grabbed Lita's toned waistline and laid her down on her back. Lita
lifted her legs up high in the air, pushing out her asshole for Matt. Matt
sat down right before her ass and pushed his big cock deep into her asshole.
"OHHH YEAH! It's been too long since I tapped this ass!" Matt said.

Greg and Shannon positioned themselves on the left and right of Lita's face.
Lita sucked on Greg while stroking Shannon and vice versa as Matt pounded her
asshole. "OH FUCK MY ASS! FUCK IT HARD MATT!" Lita yelled.

"You just suck this cock, Lita, suck it with your slutty mouth," Shannon
said. He slapped his cock against Lita's tongue then pushed it into her
mouth. Matt grunted and groaned as he slammed into that ass.

"Lift your head up," Matt instructed. He pulled out of Lita's ass then stood
over top of her face. Matt grabbed Lita's red hair and rammed his cock down
her throat, making her taste her own ass. "How's that fucking taste?" Matt

"Mmmhhh mmmh I love it!" Lita responded. Lita kept bobbing her head on Matt's

Her asshole was wide open so Shannon took the chance to find out how it felt
inside Lita's anal cavity. Shannon grabbed onto Lita's slender legs and
bucked his hips, fucking Lita's asshole.

"Ohhh fuck! Holy shit, Lita, fuck your ass is good!" Shannon exclaimed. He
pulled out, and slowly went back in her gaping asshole. He liked looking at
that wide open asshole then entering it with his cock. Lita lifted her ass
a little higher in the air. Greg stood over top of her, facing Shannon. He
pushed his dick down and entered Lita's sopping wet pussy.

"Oh my god! Ohhhh fuuuck! So much cock! Ohhh yeeah fuck my pussy! Fuck my
ass! I LOVE IT!" Lita moaned then Matt shoved his dick back in her mouth to
quiet her down. Lita was heaven, a cock in her ass, one in her pussy and one
deep in her throat. Greg pumped downwards into Lita's pussy as deep as he
could while Shannon enjoyed her ass. Lita enjoyed this position for a little
while longer until she wanted Greg to get a feeling for her asshole. Lita
laid down on her stomach, slightly lifting her gorgeous butt in the air.

"Take my asshole, Greg, take it now!" Lita directed. Greg stood over Lita's
ass and gave it a couple SMACKS! He slapped his stiff cock against her fleshy
buns then spread them apart. Greg eased his big thick penis deep inside
Lita's asshole. He leaned forward a little and began humping her butt, pretty
much sitting on top of it. Lita let out louds screams of joy as he stuffed
her asshole. Matt came up from behind and spread Lita's thighs out and worked
his dick into her pussy. He looked down to see Lita's toned buns spread apart
by one cock wedged in her asshole and his in her pussy, it was a beautiful

"Unhhhh ohhhh fuuuck me hard!" Lita cooed.

"Look at that," Shannon commented, "Look at that dirty girl take those two

Lita enjoyed the double penetration of her pussy and asshole but she was
ready for more. She wanted to get dirtier and have more dick inside of her
holes. Lita laid Shannon down and straddled him. She lowered her fine ass
down onto his prick. She arched her back, sticking her butt out as much as
she could while it was filled with Shannon's dick.

"One more ... Matt, get your cock in my ass too," Lita demanded.

Matt came behind and worked his cock inside of Lita's asshole alongside
Shannon. Lita's ass was being stretched apart like there was no tommorow
with two big cocks stuffed inside of it. Lita's body shook as a mixture of
pleasure and a little pain shot through her.

"There's two dicks in my ass! TWO FAT COCKS IN MY ASS! I love it! Ohhh fuuuck
I love it!" Lita exclaimed.

"And one in your slutty mouth," Greg said as he gave Lita something to suck
on. She sucked tight on his cock while having her asshole ripped apart by
Matt and Shannon. Shannon dug his fingers into Lita's ass cheeks, spreading
them apart as wide as he could. It was such a tight fit in there with two
cocks in Lita's butt. Shannon could feel Lita's hot juices dripping out of
her snatch down onto his crotch. Matt tugged on Lita's hair, making her turn
her head so he could see the look of ecstasy on her face. Soon, Lita wanted
to let Greg in on the fun. She laid him down on the ground and sat down on
his cock in a reverse cowgirl. Lita spread her legs out then Matt returned
to his spot inside of her asshole as well.

"Yeah! FILL MY ASS! Uhuhhh! FUCK YEAH! Pound my ass until you cum!" Lita
shouted. Her asshole was once again filled to the brim. Shannon took a
little breather and just watched Lita get double ass fucked. Matt leaned
forward, ramming his tongue down Lita's throat. Lita had trouble kissing
as she let out wild, uncontrollable moans of pleasure. Her body rocked as
she went through orgasm after orgasm.

Matt pulled out of Lita and picked her up. He bent her over on her knees and
re-inserted himself deep in her asshole. Matt knew he was about to cum and
wanted his target in position. Lita stroked off Shannon and Greg, not letting them
lose their arousal. Matt SMACKED Lita's tight butt again and again as he
pumped into her. Lita didn't even have to say anything, she knew Matt was
gonna give it to her where she wanted it. Matt finally couldn't take anymore
as he quickly pulled out. Several large streams of cum shot from his unit,
landing all over his girlfriend's firm booty. Matt shoved his dick back in
her ass, one more time, and when he pulled it out, the rim of her asshole was
covered in cum.

Shannon was up next. He entered Lita's asshole, which was slick from Matt's
jizz. He gave Lita a few good pumps then had to yank it out. Shannon shot his
big load down onto Lita's butt, covering it even more. He rubbed the tip of
his cock against her ass, enjoying it until Greg pushed him aside. Greg could
only thrust into Lita's asshole once before he had to explode. Greg completed
the drenching of Lita's ass with steaming hot cum. Cum just dripped down
Lita's tanned buns and from her wide gaping asshole.

"Ohhhh that feels sooo good," Lita cooed. She dug three fingers into her
asshole and pulled them out. They were covered in a mixture of her three
fuckers semen. Lita sucked the cum and taste of her asshole off her fingers,
one by one.

"You like that? You fucking cum slut," Greg said.

"Mmmmm, taste so good," Lita moaned. "I want more, do you have more for me?"

Greg stepped forward and Lita got on her knees infront of him. She filled
her mouth full of saliva and began going to work on his piece. It wasn't long
before he had another raging hard-on going. Lita toyed with his nuts while
deep throating his large unit. "Yeeah, that's it, suck that fucking cock,
you're so good at it," Greg moaned grabbing handfulls of Lita's hair. Lita
brought Greg right to the brink of climax and then stopped, she didn't want
him to cum just yet. She pulled Shannon over and started working on his tool.
This time, Lita used her large breasts. She wrapped them around Shannon's
prick and slid them up and down. Lita sucked on the head of his cock while
giving him an incredible tit fuck. Lita also brought Shannon to the brink of
an orgasm. Next up was Matt. Lita smiled as Matt brought his piece infront
of her.

"You know what I want," Lita said.

"You've been such a dirty girl," Matt said as he began slapping his cock
against Lita's face. "Such a nasty girl!" He told her, still smacking her
around with his cock. Lita opened her mouth wide and Matt inserted. He
pushed his cock deep into Lita's throat and held it there until Lita gagged
for air. He released his grip on her head, letting her breathe. Saliva
dripped down Lita's chin as she took a few breaths. Matt rammed his cock
back into her pretty little mouth and held it there. "Are you ready?" Matt
asked. Lita nodded as she took some deep breaths. Matt grabbed the back of
Lita's head, and pulled it tight to his crotch, forcing his cock down her
throat. He then pushed it away and pulled it back in, fucking Lita's mouth.
Matt pumped his big tool deep down Lita's throat at a rapid pace. Lita
slurped and gagged but Matt didn't stop for a second.

"What a fucking slut! Shove that cock down her throat!" Greg encouraged.

"She's my fucking slut," Matt said.

"Not tonight," Shannon said. Shannon moved in and forced his cock into Lita's
mouth alongside Matt's. Greg stepped in and did the same. Lita's mouth was
stretched in a painful way as the three men filled it with meat. Lita pulled
her mouth away and then closed her eyes.

"Cover my face with cum, give it to me," Lita said. She stuck out her tongue
and waited. The three guys jerked off, feeling her tits and staring at her
slutty face. Greg was the first to cum. Most of his cum landed on Lita's
face, some of it dripping down into her mouth. Shannon was up next and he
sprayed his cum all over Lita's cheeks and some onto her tits. Finally, Matt
rested his cock against Lita's tongue and jerked, shooting all of cum into
her mouth. Lita held out a mouth full of cum for everyone to see and then
swallowed it in one big gulp. Matt grabbed her hair and fucked her face a
little more until he lost his wood.

"Look at that," Greg said. He just stared at Lita, whose face was dripping
with cum. There was cum running down her cheeks, covering her eyes and stuck
in her hair. There was cum dripping down her tits and not to mention her ass
was drenched with three loads. Lita took her cum covered self upstairs and
took a nice hot shower, washing the goo from her body. When she returned
downstairs, all three of her men were passed out on the couch. She sipped
some vodka and looked on with pride at how she had worn out these three
young studs.

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