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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Kaitlyn(WWE), Dolph Ziggler(WWE).

Crazy Is As Crazy Does
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the taping of the edition of WWE Smackdown for June, 28th, 2013, the former WWE Divas Champion, the stunning and perfectly curved Diva known as Kaitlyn is skipping her way down a corridor, attracting looks for a reason for once other than how gorgeous she is. It's due to the fact that she's dressed head to toe in the clothing of her heated rival and the current Divas Champion AJ Lee. From the pink and black knee high sneaker-boots with socks, the extremely tight-fitting jean booty shorts that cling to her thick and full ass, the pink wristbands, and the stretching to almost bursting Love Bites merchandise T-shirt that's clinging to her large breasts. She has even dyed her hair to brunette, a departure from her usual two-toned look she's known for.

Kaitlyn is smiling to herself as she continues to act like her former best friend turned nemesis, especially after her appearance earlier on in the night distracted Lee to cost her a match against Natalya. As she heads along, she comes to a stop when she notices a locker room door that's marked with the logo of WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler, the man who is dating the often unglued to say the very least Lee. Smirking, Kaitlyn glances down the corridor in both directions and seeing the coast is clear, she boldly steps into the locker room.

What she sees makes her smirk a little more, licking her lips in fact as the unmistakable athletic form of Dolph Ziggler is in front of her, clad in only a towel around his waist as it seems like he's just gotten drying off after having a shower, but that unique blond hair shows who it is. He seems to be having quite a conversation with a voice on the other end of the cell phone he's talking into, a hand on his hip as he holds the phone away from his ear so the other voice can rant for a moment.

"Listen babe, you're pissed off, I get that!" Dolph states, talking into the phone. "But it's gonna work out! So I'll be the World champ again, and everything will work out fine!!" He says, having not yet noticed the Diva who's walked in, but is about to as she starts to skip around him from behind. "You just have... to..."

Ziggler trails off, his attention going onto that busty beauty who's moving around him, her large tits bouncing with every animated step she's taking as she moves just like her rival and his girlfriend. "...Hey, listen babe, I've gotta roll, but I'll back at hotel later on... Say, remember what you were saying before, about Kaitlyn... Yeah, and she was dressed up just like you for "some reason" or whatever..." He speaks, his eyes roaming over her big tits in her T-shirt to her huge, sexy ass in those jean shorts. "Oh, no reason babe. You play nice with Big E and don't be tossing him around again..." He says, before abruptly hanging up the call.

"Hey Ziggles!!" Kaitlyn says, coming to a stop in front of him and putting on a sing-song voice to openly mock AJ Lee. "Did you miss me? You know I think about you, like, all the time, every time! Even though I'm still hung up and keep talking about Daniel Bryan, about Kane, about CM Punk, and about that ring guy..."

"Say... "AJ", you're looking a little... Fuller that you usually are..." Dolph says, seemingly playing along with this act of hers, making not to how she's filling out that official AJ merch T-shirt a lot more than she does.

"Oh Ziggy! You're such a kidder!" Kaitlyn says, putting on a laugh as she starts to play with her long dyed hair. "You know that I'm the same, obnoxious, back-stabbing, slutty, and of course crazy little girl that I've always been!" She adds with a smirk.

"Well, she's... I mean, you've got your ups and downs, sure..." Ziggler says, not exactly leaping to his girlfriend's defense as he seems more interesting in seeing where, if anywhere, this is leading to. "But hold up there "AJ"... You know something? If you are so slutty like you say you are... Then why aren't you acting like it?"

Raising an eyebrow slightly, Kaitlyn tilts her head to the side in the style of her rival. "What do you mean Ziggly-Puff?"

Smirking again, he moves to untie his towel from the side. "I mean... Why aren't you already down on your knees, blowing me if you're such a slut?" He challenges with a cocky tone, tossing the towel away to reveal a thick and long looking cock hanging between his legs, trying his luck to see what the stunning Diva is after here.

Taking a long look over his impressive looking shaft, she starts to smile as she eyes up his muscular body. "You... You're so, totally right!" Kaitlyn says, staying in character as she surprises him by suddenly dropping to her knees in front of him, taking a hold of his tool with both hands as she start to stroke him.

"I mean, usually I'm more used to having to deal with a group, maybe a dozen or so guys at the same time... But I guess a slut like me deserves a change, once in a while, right?" She asks, smirking up at him as she sees a great chance here to get back at her former best friend by fucking her man behind her back.

"Mmmm... Hey, you do whatever the Hell you want to babe..." Dolph states, not exactly objecting to be jerked off by a woman other than the one he's supposedly happily hooked up with. "When you steal the spotlight like I do every night, I can Show Off anytime, and to anyone I want to..."

"I know you too well Ziggy..." The stunning Diva states knowingly as she strokes his cock a couple of times, spitting onto the crown so she can use her hand to rub her saliva onto his hardening inches, the smile on her face widening as he sees exactly how hung and thick to match the resident Show Off of the WWE is, having a dick that any red blooded woman would go "crazy" for.

"You'd have to be, oh I don't know... Out of your mind to turn this down..." She adds, taking another shot at her rival that she's currently dressed as before she grips his base and guides his rod into her mouth, wrapping her full, pouty lips around his bell end to suck on it, making him groan as she swats away at his piss slit while slightly grinding her lips around the head of his rock hard dick.

"Mmmmm... No way I'm turning this down... Yeah..." The blond stud says with a moan and a grin, playing along with the scorned beauty and watches as she starts to bob her dyed brunette haired head up and down along his shaft, just holding the base for support as she lets those ripe lips and her warm, damp mouth do all the work on this meaty pole.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm... Shit! Looks like you've learned some new tricks "AJ"... Because this feels damn good..." He adds, knowing if he tells the rival to his current girlfriend what she wants to hear, he's going to get plenty more out of this and considering right now he's got half of his length inside of her obviously talented mouth, only more pleasure is coming his way as she smoothly slurps on his tool with a steady motion.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmm!! Mmmm..." The Houston, Texas beauty smirks around the dick she's sucking as she gazes seductively up at him, his words having the effect as she picks up the pace of her up and down motion on him, sinking her head down further onto him as she places her hands on his very muscular waist to slightly tease his incredible abs with her fingers.

"Mmmmmph!! Mmmm!! Mmmm..." She moans around his inches, getting turned on by dishing out this sex act herself on the Hollywood, Florida native as she effortlessly rocks her head along his size, easily getting his pole coated with her spit while keeping her pouty lips tightly pressed around him. Her long dyed brunette hair is swaying from the steady motion her head is doing as she works over his member with a bit too much enthusiasm, considering she's sucking off the boyfriend of her hated rival but she can't deny how hot is to handle the long, fat cock of such a sports entertainment stud like this.

"Ahhhh... Mmmm!! Awwww fuck! Fucking suck that cock babe..." The former World Heavyweight Champion groans, staring down to watch the pretty face of the former Divas Champion raising and quickly lowering on his manhood, loving the feeling of how damp and wet her mouth and more than impressed by how much of his size she's taking in without even gagging when she drops down onto him.

"Mmmm... I know how much you love blowing me "AJ"... Ahhhh... Show me how much you love that cock..." He grins as he encourages the stunner dressed up like his girlfriend, seeing the lust in Kaitlyn's eyes as she continues to bob away swiftly on his rod, her saliva trickling down his inches to his crotch and balls from the repeated, rapid motion to keep him moaning as she gobbles up his dick with the kind of porn star-like skill that would leave a normal man more than just weak at the knees.

"Mmmmph!! Mmmm!! Mmmmph!!" The usually two-toned haired Diva's groans bounce off of the cock she's slobbering over as she keeps on rocking her head back and forth along almost all of his length, her full lips gliding with ease over those fat inches that are slightly dripping with her saliva, causing her "Love Bites" AJ Lee T-shirt to become stained with her own spit from her repeated sucking action.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmmph!! Mmmm!" Still holding onto his waist, she boldly drops down onto him, causing them both to groan out as she shows off her oral skill by deep throating every inch of his cock, no signs of gagging at all as she presses her lips against his crotch and rests her chin on his ballsack for a long, horny moment. Smirking up at him, she slowly raises her head up and off of his tool with an audible "pop" sound, catching her breath and licking her lips before she uses a hand to again stroke his rod, making her pink AJ wristbands get stained from her spit in the process.

"Mmmm... Damn "AJ"... You usually gag like a virgin when you try and deep throat me..." Ziggler says to further encourage the Diva dressed up as his girlfriend, but the smirk on his face shows he might well just be telling her what she wants to hear.

"Oh please... Considering I've been with Daniel Bryan... Kane... CM Punk... And most of the locker room..." Kaitlyn lists in as she continues to play the part of her rival, scooting back so she can stand up and start to slide down her tight fitting shorts from her powerful, tanned legs. "We both know that AJ Lee hasn't been a virgin in a very, very long time..." She adds with a smirk, stepping out of the garment as her completely shaved pussy is revealed.

"That so? I wonder if that hot looking cunt of yours is still how I remember it..." Dolph says, stepping forward and licking his lips but before he can saying, he's caught off guard when she performs a very-AJ Lee like move by jumping up into his arms and wrapping her legs around his muscular body.

"Why don't you give it to me Ziggy babe, and find out?" Kaitlyn challenges him, giving him a grin and staring into his eyes as she lowers herself down slightly, making herself moan as she rubs her pussy against his still rock hard length.

"Don't worry babe... I know exactly what "AJ" needs..." The former Money in the Bank winner states with a smirk, gripping her thick ass cheeks as he blindly guides his dick up into her already wet pussy, using a stiff initial thrust to get right inside her snatch and it makes them both moan out in pleasure as he gets up into her very tight feeling hole.

"MMMMM!! Shit!! Holy fuck... Now that's what I'm talking about..." He groans as he starts to thrust up into her, delivering a series of forceful and focused pumps of his rod into her snatch, giving himself a little time to get used to a snatch he clearly wasn't expecting to feel quite as fantastic as she does, but no way he's complaining as his hands grip those full butt cheeks so he can work on giving it to the needy, horny Diva who is wrapped around him.

"UHHHH!! Mmmmm!! Oh yeah... Mmmmm!! Fucking give me that cock..." The winner of Season 3 of NXT's rookie competitions moans out, her T-shirt covered chest pressing in to his incredibly well defined upper body as she hold him tight with arms around his neck and legs around the waist, showing she's going to give as well as take as she starts to bounce herself on his cock even while being held up.

"Ahhhhh! MMMM!! Uhhhhh... Yeah!! Don't hold back handsome... MMMM... Give it to me hard!!" She groans as she tosses her long, dyed brunette hair back and feels his mighty rod sliding quickly and with pace into her snug and damp snatch while she manages to get into a rhythm of her own, timing her sharp bounces on his cock so she can drop down onto him every time he thrusts deep up into that love tunnel.

"Mmmmm! Awwww fuck!! Yeah!! You like that Kait... "AJ"? Huh?" The master of the Zig-Zag says with a grunt as he drives his dick straight up into her, unfazed by her riding motion on his tool as it just gives him more pleasure, allowing him to sink in deep to her tight hole with more of his thick member as already the smack of skin hitting off of tanned skin is ringing out when their bodies connect.

"You like being fucked... Uhhhh! Mmmm... Fucked like a dirty fucking slut??" He asks but doesn't seem to care about an answer, more focused on how awesome it feels to have his man meat stuffing into the snug snatch of the gorgeous, usually two-toned haired Diva who is mounted on him, her large T-shirt covered tits rubbing against his chest from the way she's jolting up and down on his pistoning cock.

"MMMM!! Fuck yeah!! You know... Ahhhhh!! What a filthy kind of slut I am..." The former WWE Divas Champion states with a grin, taking another shot at the woman she's currently fucking the boyfriend of in their locker room, continuing to move her body sharply on the dick that's pounding right up into her wet and tight twat as she grits her teeth and stares lustfully at the handsome hunk who's hammering her.

"Fill my... MMMM... Sluttly little cunt up... Ahhhhh!! With that big fucking cock of yours Ziggles!!" She groans, staying in character of her own rival as she raises and lowers herself with force and speed onto the shaft that's slamming up into her snatch as the two desirable sports entertainers engage in this sinful, but increasingly shameless fucking as her already stretched to the limit AJ Lee T-shirt starts to stick to her upper body and large breasts as sweat starts to form over her.

"Mmmm!! Damn right I'm... UHHHH!! Gonna fuck the shit out of you..." The cocky and handsome Superstar says as he lifts a hand up to sharply spank her thick booty before gripping those cheeks again for support as he continues to drive his cock all the way up into her tight, wet snatch of the former model that feels made to be banged hard over and over again just like this.

"MMMM!! Yeah!! That's why... Mmmmm... I'm the fucking Show Off!!" He groans as he pumps his cock time and time again up into that wet but still very snug pussy, showing his strength as he easily holds up the curvacious beauty who's wrapped firmly around up up so he can pound her snatch, not bothered at all by the fact he's cheating on his girlfriend with the woman who is not only her nemesis, but is dressed up exactly like her.

"Mmmmm!! Ooooooh Ziggy baby... Ahhhhh! You're so fucking good..." Kaitlyn gasps with a naughty smile as she stops her bouncing motion, unwrapping her legs from around his well defined waist. "You know a slut like me... Mmmm... Has had so many cocks in her... But you've got one... Ahhhhh! Of the best..." She adds between moans as he gives her a few more thrusts for good measure before he pulls out of her twat.

"Oh, I've heard all about how many guys you've been with "AJ"..." Dolph says with a smirk, all too eagerly playing along with the busty beauty as he sets her down onto the floor, about to say more but stopped as he watches her start to pull her tight-fitting Love Bites merch T-shirt up from her tanned body.

With a smirk, Kaitlyn pulls the shirt up and over her head, letting her massive, perfectly rounded breasts bounce free. "So... Since I'm always so out of my mind and all that..." She says with a smirk to him, tossing the shirt aside. "Care to remind me how a dirty whore like me loves to take that fantastic fucking cock of yours?"

"Remind you? Fuck that babe, I'm gonna show you..." He states, stepping forward to take a hold of her, moving her down to lay on the locker room floor as he lifts her thick rump off from the floor, and knowing what he's going for she reaches up, pulling her legs in towards herself so her pussy is open for him as he leans over and pushes his dick back into her.

"Ooooooh shit!! Hell yeah Ziggy! Haven't done this... MMMMM!! Position in a long while!!" The former WWE Divas Champion moans as she watches him start to plunge his rod in and out of her already wet but still nice and tight snatch, a big smile on her gorgeous face as she takes this pile driver position that's already making her rock back slightly on the floor as he stuffs her pussy once again.

"MMMM... Give it to me Ziggles! UHHHHH!! Give a filthy, dirty, psycho slut like me what she... Mmmmm!! Really deserves!!" She groans and licks her lips, her big tits starting to bounce already as she takes his dick deep into her love tunnel, keeping a grip of her own legs by the knees while he holds her thighs and works his fat shaft in and out of that fine, snug snatch to give her perhaps not the kind of fucking she thinks her rival takes, but certainly the kind her and her one of a kind body truly deserves.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmm SHIT!! Yeah... Fucking that cock babe..." The former United States and World Heavyweight Champion says with a groan, feeling sweat forming on his own muscular frame as he focuses on getting more top notch pleasure from stuffing his rod into her tight and increasingly getting more and more damp pussy as he can with each and every thrust down into her. While he knows he's cheating on his girlfriend, there's no way he can turn down getting a piece of the curvacious, usually two-toned haired stunner taking it below him, even if she is the heated rival to his current flame.

"MMMM... Oh yeah!! Mmmm... I know exactly what a chick like you... UHHHH!! Really wants..." He adds in a cocky tone, not making it clear if it means what AJ Lee would want, or what the former Divas Champion currently taking his cock in and out of her pussy wants, but certainly showing he's got no plans of stopping ramming his tool down into that snatch like he currently is, working his muscular frame to swiftly, forcefully, and repeatedly dip his man meat in and out of her snatch.

"MMMMM!! Oh fuck!! FUCK!! Uhhhh... Fucking own that pussy!!" The dyed brunette haired beauty demands, gritting her teeth as she stares across and watches that fat, long shaft plunging deep down into her soaking wet but still erotically snug snatch before quickly pulling out to before the half-way mark and then driving back down into her to cause her to rock back against the floor of the locker room.

"AHHHHH!! Ooooooooh YES!! Hammer me Dolph!! Fucking slam the shit out of me!!" She moans out again as she sexily licks her teeth and now gazes up at him, taking in the sight of this athletic, sweat-covered body as he pounds away into her love tunnel with thrust after hard and fast thrust that would otherwise leave a normal woman a moaning, spent wreck a long time ago. Whether it's due to really wanting to stick to her arch rival and former ChickBusters best friend or just caught up in the lust between the two stunning sports entertainers, she's showing no signs of wanting this to stop yet as she begs for more and to be fucked again and again.

"Ahhhhh... Sure fucking thing baby... MMMM!! Gonna pound you real good like only... UHHHH!! I can!!" He hisses as he leans down and forward, hooking her legs over his shoulders to lean over her, holding her down like almost in a pinning combination as he spreads his legs apart for leverage, and proceeds to work his hips with force back and forth to slam his cock straight down into her snatch with balls-deep pumps that make them both moan out loudly and without any hint of shame.

"MMMM!! FUCK!! Uhhhhh yeah!! This is why... AHHHHH... I'm the damn Show Off around here!!" He moans as he pumps in and out of that almost dripping now but still nicely tight twat, his balls slapping against her tanned, sweat-coated skin when he brings his hips forcefully down towards her and stuffs every thick inch of his member straight into the Diva with dyed-brunette hair underneath him with another series of stiff and fast thrusts.

"FUCK!!! OOOOOOOH MMMMM!! Yeah!! UHHHHH!!! Oooooh shit!!" The native of Houston, Texas gasps with a saucy smile on her face, loving every moment of this sinful encounter as she takes a pounding from the boyfriend of her nemesis as he stuff that big Hollywood, Florida cock straight down and deep into her begging for is snatch that's taking this pumping better than many a porn star could ever wish to handle.

"Ahhhhhh!! MMMMM... Keep that fucking cock coming baby!! MMMM!! Fucking love it when you treat me... AHHHH!! Like the disgusting, dirty slut that I am!!" She adds between moans, impressively still managing to stay in-character as she takes this intense banging that's left her snatch soaking wet but still pleasurably snug, and is making her large boobs bounce as her body continues to rock back on the ground each time she takes one of those hard, balls-deep thrusts into her pussy.

"MMMM... You wanna be fucked... AHHHH... Like a slut?" Ziggler says with a groan, wiping some sweat from his forehead as he pulls his coated with her juices cock out from her well fucked snatch. "Well... There's only one I know that a true slut takes it. That's up the ass, and from behind..."

A look of pure lust comes across her face as she smiles up at him. "Get me some fucking lube Ziggles and you can tap this slutty ass of mine." Kaitlyn all too quickly says as she rolls over, already getting up onto her hands and knees.

"Damn, she's really into this dressing up stuff... Or just really fucking hates AJ..." Dolph says to himself as he quickly heads over to a travel bag, pulling out a bottle of sexual lubricant from it to show he's used to tapping some asses backstage. "Hell, if it gets me tapping that fine ass of hers, I'll roll with it..." He smirks to himself before he heads back over, already popping the lid off the bottle as he approaches her.

She licks her lips, watching him get down behind him before she's made to groan, feeling some lube being poured down into her butt crack and over her asshole, being made to rock forward slightly when he uses a finger to push the liquid into her clearly super tight hole.

"Mmmmm... Ooooooh fuck..." Kaitlyn groans, biting down on her bottom lip as she gazes back, swaying her thick backside from side to side as he pumps his finger in and out of her ass for a couple moments, pouring some more lube out to make sure she's extra ready for what's to come. He finger-bangs her plump rump for a couple more moments, making sure plenty of lube has been spread into her back passage before he pulls his finger out, now applying some lube onto his own cock as he uses his hand to ensure his thick and long cock is ready to go and tap that stunning booty of the usually two-tone haired female.

"MMMMM!! Ooooooooh FUCK!! YES!!! Ahhhhhh!!" The only female winner of the Seasons era of NXT groans and tilts her head back with a wide smile on her face, feeling the cock of the man she was once caught making out with during that very third season of NXT being pushing into and past her vice-like asshole. She turns her head to stare back with a look dripping with desire as he starts to steadily thrust into her thick and sexy ass, causing her to groan as she already slides a hand under herself to rub her soaking wet snatch as she takes his shaft into her backside from behind in this classic doggy style position.

"AHHHHH!! MMMMM!! Yessssssssss Zi.. Ziggy! MMMM!! Fuck my ass!! FUCK IT!!" She shamelessly yells, sweat dripping from her face as she further shows how much she wants it by pushing herself back against his thrusts, craving his big meaty cock deeper in her tightest of holes and only dressed in wristbands and knee-high sneaker-boots and socks just like her rival and his girlfriend would wear.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Ahhhhhhh... MMMMM shit!! FUCK..." He groans and grunts, gripping her hips as he again shows off his well practiced hip ability, pumping his manhood smoothly and steadily forward into her ass, watching her thick, perfectly tanned and rounded cheeks jiggling each time she moves back to meet his thrusts when he pushes forward firmly into her booty.

"Holy shit... MMMM!! FUCK!! What a fucking ass..." He moans out, moaning deeply as he slides his tool in and out of her asshole, keeping a few inches still in her as he pulls back, and is certainly looking to work more and more of himself into the curvy beauty with dyed-brunette hair who's in front of him, as he fully intends on giving her thick and juicy ass the kind of pounding that it deserves.

"Oooooooh FUCK!! MMMM... UHHHH! Bang me like a slut baby!! UHHHHH... Like a nasty... MMMM!! Anal loving whore!!" The horny babe from Houston, Texas moans out, rocking herself sharply backwards to meet every incoming thrust between her butt cheeks, showing her sexual ability to be able to still give back what she's taking even after this long and intense sex session she's having with the boyfriend of her heated rival.

"MMMMM... I fucking... AHHHH!! FUCKING LOVE getting my big FUCKING ASS FUCKED!! MMMM!!" She shamelessly moans out, keeping her fingers working across her dripping wet pussy while she's getting pumped from behind by the Cleveland, Ohio-born hunk as he skillfully continues to ram his man meat into her full and stunning rump, as it appears clear she isn't playing a character when it comes to her love of some hard, anal sex from the way she's getting off on this.

"Mmmmmmm SHIT!!! Ahhhhhh!! MMMM!! Fucking love a BIG... JUICY... Fucking ass like this!!" The former World Heavyweight Champion in the WWE says as sweat drips from his muscular body, feeling his cock throbbing slightly inside of her tight back passage as he keeps on stuffing her booty right full with his member, hammering away into her asshole as she pushes back swiftly against his motions, making those plump cheeks jiggle when they smack back into his ripped waist.

"Oooooooh FUCK!! MMMM!! This fucking ass... FUCK!! UHHHH..." He groans again, keeping a full hold of her hips as he slams a thrust straight into her, making a loud slap ring out around the locker room as his skin connects with her tanned and sweat-covered skin, and that noise rings out again and again as he continues to drive his cock right forward and deep into her juicy ass.

"Oh FUCK! OH FUCK!! I"m gonna cum!! Keeping fuck my ass Ziggy! Keep FUCKING ME!!" The former Divas Champion basically begs, wildly finger-banging her own pussy while she keeps on pushing her big, full ass back roughly against the deep pumps she's taking from behind so that both of her lower holes are being filled with a long, fat cock stuffed into her backside and her own fingers shoved into her twat.

"GONNA CUM!! GONNA!! FUCKING... MMMMMMM FUUUUUUCK!!!" Kaitlyn moans out as she starts to orgasm all over her own digits while getting banged doggy style up the ass by Dolph Ziggler, her huge tits swaying as she manages to still push back against his motion but focusing on finger fucking herself through an intense sexual high, her juices splashing down her digits and hand to make her AJ Lee wristbands become ruined with her fluids. She can only grin however, knowing she's gotten one over her rival by getting a top notch to say the least pounding in all of her holes from his boyfriend and all not just behind her back, but while she's been dressed up and acting like her unglued nemesis.

"AHHHHH... MMMMM FUCK... Shit... You... You are something fucking else babe..." The self proclaimed Show Off of the WWE states as his chest heaves for breath, giving her ass some more deep pumps as he manages to control himself despite that red hot scene of the beauty in front of him cumming hard, and feeling her back passage clamping around his rod in the process.

"But I hope... MMMM SHIT!! You're fucking ready... MMMM... For one big fucking load that's coming your way..." He states, giving her thick rump a firm spank as he delivers a couple more stiff thrusts deep into her ass, feeling his member throbbing within that glorious, tanned booty that seems built to be banged time and time again, but feeling his limit approaching he knows he has to pull out, standing up and gripping his dick he looks over her now opened up asshole, the result of her expert anal pounding ability.

"Nuh uh Ziggles! Hands off mister!" The woman he's been cheating on his girlfriend with says with another lusty smile, impressively able to move over to him despite having just been rocked by a huge orgasm moments ago, as she takes a hold of his shaft with the same hand she'd been using to finger herself with, causing him to groan in delight at the sensation of her juices being rubbed over his inches as she strokes him.

"You know... A slut like me has to... Finish you off like only a real... Filthy... Slutty... Whore can!!" She states between deep breathes, causing her large breasts to heave before she leans her dyed-brunette haired head in toward him and greedily takes his dick in, not hesitating in going ass to mouth as she starts to bob her head steadily along the shaft that has just come straight out of her own backside.

"MMMMM fuck!! Holy SHIT!! MMMM!! You just do... UHHHHH!! Whatever the fuck you want to!!" The sweating stud from Hollywood, Florida moans out, grinning and staring down as the stunning, busty beauty yet again kneeling in front of her in just soaked through wristbands and knee-high sneaker-boots and socks, watching her pretty facial features push down deep onto his shaft before quickly raising back up to repeat the motion.

"Awwwwwww FUCK!! MMMM... I've shown off... MMMMM!! All I need to tonight..." He's still able to boast even as she easily handles his fat length inside her still pleasurably warm and damp mouth, her hands gripping his toned midsection as she hungrily goes to work sucking on his tool, tasting not just her own ass but her own pussy juices from off of his inches as she slurps away on the dick that's been deep in each of her holes.

"Mmmmph!! Mmmmm... Mmmmm!!" She can't help but groan again as she blows him, dragging her tongue along the underside of his meat as she takes him back and forth between those pouty, full lips of hers that seem all too well trained at sucking a big, fat cock like this, as she applies more than a healthy amount of her saliva now onto his size, having more than cleaned off "herself" from him.

"Mmmm!! Mmmmm.. Mmmmph!!" She gazes seductively up at the man who's dating the woman who took the Divas Championship from her, but she feels like a winner and them some having been brought to orgasm by him and now she's feeling his manhood twitch inside of her oral hole as she rocks her head smoothly and steadily up and down onto his length.

"MMMMM SHIT!! Here it... AHHHH!! Here it fucking comes baby! MMMMM..." He groans deeply, putting his hands behind his head in a typical Show Off pose as Dolph Ziggler starts to blow his load inside of the mouth of Kaitlyn, who grins as she lets the first blast of thick spunk fill up her mouth before she pulls him out, letting him see the shots land into her as holds her lips wide apart. Stroking away at his rod, she makes sure every blast that he's got is sent out into her, with only a slight trickle ending up onto her lips as the babe with dyed-brunette hair keeps her eyes locked up at the hunk she's managed to all too easily get to cheat on his girlfriend.

"Ahhhh... MMMM... Oh yeah... Mmmmm fuck, that's fucking hot babe..." He says with a smirk, seeing the huge amount of spunk that she's collected in her talented oral hole before she lets his starting to go limp dick go, pressing her pouty lips together and with a loud, shameless gulp, swallows his cum down before opening her mouth with a gasp as she licks her lips clean of the last remains of his sexual high.

"So... Ziggy babe... Who is the dirtiest, most slutty tramp in the WWE today?" Kaitlyn asks, still able to play her character of the woman she hates even after all the far from innocent acting they've both been involved in.

"Oh without a doubt babe... It's AJ Lee..." Dolph states with a chuckle, still playing along as he looks over her stunning, curvy and sweat-coated body as she stands up.

"Don't you fucking forget that either... Handsome..." She says with a wink and a smile, turning as he plays up her part, skipping over to grab the Love Bites T-shirt off the floor as it appears that she's used him perhaps a lot more than he thinks he's been using her.

Standing back, Ziggler just shakes his head with a smirk as he watches Kaitlyn collect her clothing in a very AJ Lee-like manner. "Maybe Punk was right... There is something about crazy chicks after all..."

* * *

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