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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 2: Psycho-Girl In The Hood
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

During the airing of Monday Night RAW the day after Survivor Series, Cryme
Tyme members Shad Gaspard and JTG are coming into the arena, laughing about
something they did on the way to the arena. "Yo, yo dawg, man I told ya we
should've went left!" JTG laughs as he talks to his large partner in crime.
JTG is wearing, a long white t-shirt and black jeans as well as a black
baseball cap that he's wearing sideways.

"Whatever homie... We got here... and we got that hot ride out there too..."
Shad replies as the two men walk through the backstage area, and Shad is
wearing blue jeans and a black tank top.

"Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo... dawg... I still can't believe that home boy left his
keys in the car..." JTG laughs.

"Yeah... that boy was a total fool..." Shad laughs, "But dawg, seriously,
hope we didn't miss that home girl rumble... I had some serious green down
on that..."

"Me too..." JTG then pauses and smacks Shad's right arm, "Yoooooo, we should
find one of those fly honeys and 'ask' them if we did... Ya know what I

Shad licks his lips, "Yea, fuck that'll be off da hook right there..." Shad
says as the two men walk around a corner and see RAW's vicious vixen Victoria
entering her locker room. Both men stop and smirk as they look at each other,
"Yoooooo..." They both say at the same time.

"Yo, dawg... you think psycho-home-girl ever been down to the hood?" JTG asks
as he licks his lips.

"Aw homie, you know those crazy ones are always down in the hood... She's
probably heading down there later..." Shad replies.

JTG smirks a bit, "Damn boy... yeah you're right... We should get her down to
the hood sooner..." JTG says, and with that the WWE's resident professional
criminals head down the hall way to Victoria's locker room, and both of them
knock on her door at the same time, and they keep on knocking in the form of
a rap beat.

The door to the locker room slowly opens and standing on the other side of
the door, in front of Shad Gaspard and JTG, is the vicious and dominating
vixen of the WWE Women's Division Victoria. Victoria has her eyes narrowed
and her teeth gritted as she cocks her head a bit to look at Shad and JTG
"What do you want?!" Victoria slightly snaps as she dressed in a pair of
tight-fitting black wrestling shorts with a black and red long-sleeved
bikini-like top. Victoria hardens her eyes into a solid glare as she folds
her arms over her chest.

"Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo home girl..." JTG says as he waves his hands around in
the air as he replies to Victoria before he points back at Shad, "Me and my
dawg here just got in... and we gotta know if the hot honey rumble took place
yet?" JTG asks.

"Yeah... and oh, home girl... if it did, who won? Cause I got some mad green
down..." Shad adds as he folds his massive black arms.

Victoria grits her teeth as she sneers and glares at the duo known as Cryme
Tyme. Victoria cracks her neck from side to side as she gets a sly smirk on
her face "It already happened! And I won!" Victoria slightly yells at JTG
and Shad.

"Awww shit yea... mo money for me..." Shad says with a smirk while nodding
his head in approving.

"Whoa... yo... you bet on home girl here to win?" JTG asks with a surprised

"Yeah... yo... home girl, you just made me a whole lotta green... those
cheerleaders are gonna pay up big time!" Shad says to Victoria with big
smile on his face.

Victoria raises her eyebrow "First of all...I am not your home girl!"
Victoria snaps at Shad and JTG as she balls her hands into tight fists "Now
leave..." Victoria says with her teeth gritted.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... what's with all the hostility..." JTG asks.

Shad smacks JTG's arm, "Yo... I bet home girl hasn't been down to the hood...
got her all mad and shit..."

Victoria keeps her cold, narrow eyes locked on JTG and Shad as she slowly
raises her right hand up and pulls on her raven-black and red highlighted
hair as her head twitches slightly "You didn't see what...I did to Candice...
did you!?"

JTG gets a big smile on his face, "Yoooooo... we all seen what you did with
that fine fly honey Candice... making out in the ring... that's fucking off
the hook..." JTG says as he refers to Victoria's pass association with
Candice Michelle.

Victoria grits her teeth "I wasn't talking about that you jack-off!" The
vicious vixen Victoria snaps as a wicked smirk crosses her face "I beat that
bitch's ass! Broke her fucking nose!" Victoria says in a psychotically proud
tone before she starts to laugh.

"Daaaaaamn!" JTG and Shad says as they both lean back after hearing what
Victoria did. "Yo... yo... home girl...why you do something like that? We
could break you off a little something..." Shad says with a smirk.

"Yo, whoa dawg..." JTG looks at Shad.

"Just chill homie... home girl is a bit psycho... she needs a trip to da
hood..." Shad says as he looks at Victoria.

Victoria raises her eyebrow "What!? The hood!?"

"Yea home girl... da hood..." Shad says as he steps from behind JTG and steps
right up to Victoria. The tall powerful black stud takes Victoria's right
hand and presses it right against his crotch so that Victoria knows what he
really means. "Awwww shit..." JTG laughs a bit as he stands off to the side
after seeing what Shad just did.

Victoria grits her teeth and raises an eyebrow before smirking "The hood,
huh!?" Victoria snaps "Maybe this bitch is ready for the HOOD!" Victoria says
as she reaches forward and takes hold of Shad's black tank top as she pulls
the tall, powerful black man into her locker room.

"Yoooooo shit dawg!" JTG laughs as he watches Victoria yank Shad Gaspard into
her own locker room. JTG follows them into the room a few moments later and
he closes the door just as Victoria rips Shad's black tank top off of his
smooth muscular black upper body.

"Damn girl... you need that trip down to the hood!" Shad says as he starts to
unbuckle his belt.

"Yea home girl! You really need it!" JTG adds as he takes off his long white
t-shirt to reveal his well-toned hot black studdly body.

Victoria grits her teeth as she glances over at JTG and shots him a wicked
glare "Shut up!" Victoria shouts as her head twitches a bit before she
lowers herself down to her knees in front of the tall, powerful Shad Gaspard
and pulls down his jeans after he removes his belt from around his waist.
Victoria grits as she glances back at JTG "What the fuck are you waiting
for!?" Victoria snaps at the lovable criminal JTG.

"Whoa... whoa... yo... take a chiller home girl... you're gonna get a couple
of big black 40's in a few..." JTG says as he goes to work on removing his
baggy jeans by just pushing them down from his waist after undoing his belt
to free his long black thirteen-inch black cock.

"Yeah home girl chill..." Shad says as he steps out of his jeans once
Victoria got them down to his feet, and his own large thick black
fourteen-inch cock hangs between his powerful legs.

Victoria grits her teeth together as she wickedly glares up at the powerful,
black stud Shad Gaspard. The vicious, psychotic Victoria reaches forward with
her right hand and roughly takes hold of Shad's fourteen inch hard and thick
cock as she begins to slowly move her right hand against his shaft "Yeah...
you like that!? Huh!?" Victoria shouts as her head slightly twitches as she
begins to stroke Shad's cock quicker.

"You got it home girl... stroke that big black dick..." Shad moans as
Victoria pumps his long black ghetto cock until it's completely hard.

JTG casually comes over and smirks, "Yo, yo... hey home girl... got more dick
for ya right here!" JTG says as he does his version of a crotch chop while
pointing right at his half hard shaft.

Victoria grits her teeth tighter and shakes her head as she glances over
at JTG "You're pathetic..." Victoria spits out as she wraps her left hand
tightly around JTG's shaft and begins to stroke his cock at a quick pace as
she turns her head back to face Shad's cock. Victoria licks her dominating
lips as she lowers her head and opens her mouth, taking Shad's large black
cock into her warm, wickedly wet mouth.

"Pathetic!? Yo! What the fuck?!" JTG yells and then quickly moans as Victoria
as moves her left hand up and down his black cock as it becomes fully hard.

"Chill homie... home girl... just wants the biggest blackest cock she can
get right now..." Shad moans as he places his hands on Victoria's black,
red-highlighted hair as the vicious WWE Diva begins to bob her back and
forth on his large black cock.

Victoria closes her eyes as the vicious vixen bobs her head quicker on Shad's
large, hard black cock as she roughly sucks on his ghetto-hard cock "Mmmm...
fuck you..." Victoria groans against Shad's cock as she roughly slaps her
dominating tongue against Shad's cock as she lowers her head further down on
his cock, almost deep throating his cock. While Victoria is viciously
dominating Shad Gaspard's cock with her mouth, she quickly moves her left
hand against JTG's shaft at a furiously quick rate as she guides his up and
then down his shaft to his ballsack.

"Whoa... damn home girl... we know you really need all that black dick...
but don't choke ya self..." Shad moans as he starts moving his hips back
and forth in order to pump his cock in and out of Victoria's hot dominating

JTG grits his teeth, "Yo... dawg... home girl... is going fucking psycho!"
JTG groans as Victoria roughly yanks on his big black cock.

Victoria presses her teeth against Shad's hard black shaft and begins to
rake her vicious teeth against the skin of his cock as she quickly lifts and
lowers her head on his cock, sucking at a rough and dominating pace. Victoria
lifts her head off of Shad's cock and tosses her raven-black hair back with a
wicked smirk " fuckers..." Victoria groans as she turns to JTG's cock
and places her tongue against the head of JTG's cock and begins to slide her
tongue around the head of his black cock as her warm saliva beads on the

"Mmmmm fuck... home girl... loves some black dick..." JTG moans as Victoria
slides her tongue around the head of his cock, tasting it like a piece of

"Yeah dawg... psycho girls love dicks from the hood..." Shad says with a
smirk as he moves to step behind Victoria and goes to work on undoing her
black and red long sleeved bikini top. "Damn... shit... how you take this
shit off?" Shad laughs before he starts pulling on Victoria's top, tearing
it from her hot vicious body. Victoria removes her right hand from around
JTG's cock as she slides her tongue off of the head of his cock and begins
to guide her warm, wet tongue down his long, hard shaft as she leads her
vicious tongue towards the large ballsack of JTG while Shad removes her
black and red long-sleeved bikini exposing her large, firm and dominating

"Fuck... that works homie!" JTG laughs and moans as Victoria moves her
vicious wet tongue against his large black balls.

Shad smirks, "Damn straight..." Shad says as he tosses Victoria's black and
red long-sleeved bikini top down on the ground. The powerful black stands
behind Victoria licks his lips and smirks, "So home girl... are you just
gonna suck on one dick are you want to get down to the hood?"

Victoria lifts her head away from JTG's cock and glances over her shoulder
at Shad as he stands behind her. The vicious vixen grits her teeth as she
glares at Shad "Shut up and fuck me!" Victoria snaps at the tall, powerful
black stud of Cryme Tyme.

"Fuck... you want some hard time? No problem home girl..." Shad licks his
lips as he bends down slightly, grabs Victoria by her arms and jerks her up
to her feet.

"Awww yeah boy... psycho girl is gonna get it straight from the hood!" JTG
laughs as he ducks down a bit in order to grab Victoria's tight fitting black
wrestling shorts, which he then quickly yanks down from her waist to reveal
her hot smooth dominating pussy.

Shad Gaspard then turns Victoria around to face him and he hoists her up
easily and he instantly impales Victoria's pussy with his large black cock.
"Aww yea..." Shad grunts as he forces his cock into Victoria's pussy while
he remains standing.

Victoria grits her teeth and tilts her head back as she smirks wickedly "Oh
you son of a bitch..." Victoria groans as she wraps her strong, dominating
smoothly shaven, hot legs around Shad's muscular black waist begins bounce
smoothly on her own force and momentum as she places her hands on his strong
shoulders "Ohhh fuck yeah!" Victoria shouts as she slams down harder on his

"Mmmmm fuck yea home girl... you like going down to da hood!" Shad grunts as
he wraps his arms around Victoria's hot body as he pumps his cock in and out
of her pussy.

"Fuck dawg! She's really down with the hood..." JTG says as he stands behind
Victoria and places his black hands on Victoria's ass and he starts to smack
her ass every time she slams down on Shad's cock.

Victoria grits her teeth as she powerfully thrusts her hot, dominating body
down on Shad's hard, thick black cock "Ohhh yeah you like that you bitch!?"
Victoria groans as she grinds her pussy against Shad's impressively large
cock as he deeply thrusts into her pussy causing her to roughly bounce up
each time "Ohhhh fuck!" Victoria groans as she digs her sharp nails into
Shad's shoulders.

"Ahhhh shit... Fuck... you ain't got nothing new I ain't see in the hood!"
Shad replies to Victoria as he steps backward towards the sofa and he sits
down on it, with Victoria still impaled deeply on his large black cock.

JTG laughs, "Shit homie... she needs a big black 40 bad!" JTG says as he
moves to the couch and positions himself behind Victoria. The hot black stud
bends his knees a bit and starts to press his cock against Victoria's already
filled pussy.

"Uhhh shit!" Shad grits his teeth as he feels JTG's cock press against his as
JTG forces his shaft his cock into Victoria's pussy.

Victoria grits her teeth as she glances over her shoulder and narrows her
eyes as she locks her glaring, fierce eyes on JTG as he pushes his cock into
her tight, cock-filled pussy as he joins Shad's cock "Is that all you got!?"
Victoria yells as she roughly thrusts her body back against JTG's hard black

"Girl... you ain't seen shit yet!" JTG groans as he puts his hands on
Victoria's hot slender waist and he begins slamming his cock in and out of
Victoria's pussy while Shad pushes his own dick up into her cunt as well.

"Mmmm fuck... home girl... you like being in the damn hood!" Shad grunts as
he puts his hands on Victoria's large, firm tits and squeezes them every time
Victoria drops down on his black dick.

Victoria tilts her head back "Ohhhh fuck yesss!" Victoria moans loudly as
the vicious vixen is sandwiched between to the muscular black studs of Cryme
Tyme, JTG and Shad Gaspard. Victoria wickedly rocks back and forth in between
JTG and Shad as she forces their cocks deeper into her wet, wickedly hot

"Ohhhh yeah... come on home girl... take it good and hard..." Shad grunts as
he and JTG continue to slam their big black cocks into Victoria's hot tight
dominating pussy.

JTG licks his lips as he starts smacking Victoria's ass with both of his
hands as he drills Victoria's pussy with Shad, "Ahhhh fuck... god damn...
home girl you got it going on!" JTG moans as Victoria slams herself back
against him.

Victoria closes her eyes as her head starts to twitch "Is that all you got...
you fuckers!?" Victoria moans loudly as she slams down roughly on Shad's cock
as she powerfully slams her dominating body back against JTG's cock.

"Hell nah... home girl..." JTG grunts as he pulls his cock out of Victoria's
double stuffed pussy and he sits down on the couch next her and his partner
in crime Shad Gaspard. "Yo, yo, yo, homie... let's tap her ass..." JTG says
with a smirk.

"Fuck yea dawg..." Shad says as he puts his hands on Victoria's waist and
easily lifts her off of his big black cock and he scoots from underneath her
in order to stand up. Shad then lifts Victoria up from the couch and lowers
her down on to JTG's black dick with her back facing JTG.

JTG puts his hands on Victoria's hips and guides her downward so that her
tight dominating asshole comes down onto his big black dick. "Ohhhh fuck..."
JTG moans as Victoria gets settled on his dick.

Victoria grits her teeth as she starts to viciously rock back and forth
against JTG's hard black cock as his cock is deeply inside of her tight,
dominating asshole "Ohhh yeah...fuck yeah..."

Shad Gaspard stands in front of Victoria and spreads her smooth powerful legs
apart, "Gotta keep giving ya hard times home girl..." Shad says as he plunges
his large black cock back inside of Victoria's hot pussy. Shad holds onto
Victoria's legs as he pumps his cock in and out of Victoria's cunt as she
rocks on JTG's dick.

"Awww yea... fuck home girl..." JTG groans as Victoria moves between him and

Victoria tilts her head back and narrows her eyes into a solid glare as she
glances up at the ceiling "You two are completely pathetic!" Victoria shouts
as she thrusts her hot, dominating body that drips of sweat against Shad's
cock as she grinds her body against JTG's cock in her asshole.

"Ohhh... ohhh yea... you're... a psycho home girl..." JTG groans and licks
his lips as he starts to cum inside of Victoria tight asshole as she grinds
herself on his cock.

"Home girl... you're... gonna get it..." Shad grunts as sweat drips off his
body as he keeps pounding Victoria's cunt with his large black cock. Victoria
grits her teeth tighter as she wraps her strong, dominating legs around
Shad's waist as she roughly grinds and thrusts her wickedly hot body against
Shad's hard black cock. Shad grinds his teeth as he keeps on fucking
Victoria's hot pussy, "Ahhh... ohhh yea... home girl..." Shad groans as he
starts to cum inside of Victoria's hot tight cunt, and he keeps on pistoning
his cock into her pussy.

Victoria closes her eyes as her dominating, hot body trembles as she reaches
up with her right hand and pulls on her raven-black, red-highlighted hair as
she feels the warm, sticky cum of the Cryme Tyme criminal, Shad Gaspard, flow
into her dominating, wicked pussy " bitch..."

"Ahhh yeah home girl... like that action from the hood don't ya..." Shad
grunts as lifts Victoria off of JTG and drops her onto the floor in front
of the couch. JTG jumps up from the couch and quickly goes to get dressed.

Victoria slowly lifts herself off of her floor and stands up keeping her
fierce, dominating eyes locked on Shad Gaspard "You're pathetic!" Victoria

"Yeah... sure home girl... you liked it..." Shad says as he gets dressed.

"Yo, yo, yo... home girl... you look like you need a shower..." JTG says with
a grin as he finishes getting dressed.

Victoria grits her teeth as she glances over and locks her eyes on JTG "Get
the fuck out of her before I beat your asses!" Victoria roughly replies to
both Shad Gaspard and JTG as her dominating, hot body trembles with anger.

JTG and Shad Gaspard both exchange looks and laugh before they yell, "Bail!"
Before Shad turns to head to the door, he pushes Victoria back onto the
couch, distracting Victoria as JTG swipes Victoria's small travel bag from
the floor. Both men then run out of Victoria's locker room, leaving the door
wide open and Victoria by herself.

Victoria slowly stands up from the couch and grits her teeth as she slowly
scans the room "Those good...stupid..." Victoria pauses and
raises an eyebrow as she spots a specific item missing "What the hell..."
Victoria's head starts to twitch as she notices her small travel bag missing
" fucking PAY!" Victoria shouts.


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