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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 3: Tappin' That Ass
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a RAW live event, the duo of Shad Gaspard and JTG, who makes up
the WWE's resident professional criminals, Cryme Tyme, are sitting at a table
in the catering area eating some barbeque chicken and drinking some Colt 45's
as they talk. JTG is wearing blue baggy jeans and a long black t-shirt, with
a baseball cap that he's wearing backwards, and Shad is wearing black baggy
jeans, a white tank top and a black baseball jersey. "Yo, yo, yo homie... you
know, these fly divas have some hot booties... I mean like BAM, top notch
butts..." Shad says as he picks up his Colt 45 to take a drink.

"Yeah dawg! I love it! I like them nice juicy hot asses!" JTG says as he eats
his chicken, "Damn... you know a lot of them got ghetto booties too... Like
that Sharmell on SmackDown... fuck homie, I'd love to take her back down to
the hood!"

"Yeah man... oh and don't forget about that white hot teacher Michelle...
Whew... Fuck I'd go to class just to see her write on the damn chalk
board..." Shad replies.

"Fuck yea homie! Awww man...I just..." JTG trails off as he looks behind Shad
as WWE's loony, overly hyper Women's Champion Mickie James comes into the
catering area and watches her as she goes over to the buffet spread. Her back
is facing JTG as she gets her meal, and JTG has a wide view the shape of
Mickie's ass through the material of her clothing. "Yo... yo... yo... yo...
fuck Shad... turn around dawg and get a load of that!" JTG says as he points
to Mickie James.

"What?" Shad says as he turns around on his seat to look at Mickie, and his
eyes go wide as he looks at her ass, "DAAAAAAAAMN! Mickie's got back!" Shad
says as he licks his lips.

"Fuck... damn... now she's got an ass straight from the hood! I'd love to tap
that all night long... ya know what I mean" JTG laughs as he laughs a bit.

"Yeah dawg... Shit, I bet she'd be down for some HARD Tyme..." Shad says as
he cups his hands around his mouth "Yoooooo Mick!" Shad calls out to get
Mickie's attention.

The newly crowned WWE Women's Champion, the happily-psychotic and loony
Mickie James raises her head up and glances away from the catering table as
she presses her lips together "Yep! Yep...Who said my name!?" Mickie James
asks in a slightly annoying, perky and excited voice as she turns around to
face the resident criminals of RAW, JTG and Shad Gaspard, while she's dressed
in a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a white tank top.

"Yo! Right here home girl... come over here..." Shad Gaspard replies as he
waves for Mickie James to come over to the table where he and JTG are sitting

"Yeah home girl... come on over..." JTG says as he licks his lips as he
pushes the plates of chicken wings and the drinks a bit down the table.

Mickie smiles excitedly and nods her head "Ok! Ok!" Mickie replies in an
upbeat tone as she slightly skips over towards the table that Shad and JTG
are sitting "So what's up!? Huh!? What's up!?" Mickie asks with a excited
smile as she places her hands on her rounded waist and presses her shoulders
up as the loony, but fun-loving Mickie James stands by the table.

JTG laughs, "Damn home girl... turn it down some..." JTG says in response to
Mickie's overly-hyper persona. "But Yo, yo, yo, listen me and my Dawg Shad
were just chillin' and talkin' and we saw you right over there..." JTG says
as he distracts Mickie as Shad leans backwards on his seat slightly so that
he can get a better look at Mickie's backside.

Mickie eagerly nods her head "Yeah!? Yeah!? And what!?" Mickie asks as she
presses her lips together and looks forward at JTG as Shad Gaspard slyly
glances at Mickie's rounded, juicy ass in her tight-fitting jeans.

"And... well... yo homie you tell her..." JTG says as with smirk.

Shad shakes his head and licks his lips, "DAMN... baby got back..." Shad says
as he's not paying attention to his partner in Cryme Tyme is saying and is
now almost staring at Mickie's hot, round ass that is perfectly highlighted
by Mickie's tight-fitting jeans.

Mickie glances over her shoulder and catches Shad Gaspard as he stares at her
rounded, hot ass. Mickie smiles excitedly "Oh! You wanna fuck!? Don't you!?
Huh!? Huh!?" Mickie quickly and eagerly says as she nods her head "I'm really
good at it!!! The bestest of best!!! I really am!!!" The happily-psychotic
Mickie James says with her eager, loony eyes slightly widened with

Shad Gaspard and JTG both exchange looks quickly and they then both look at
the happily-psychotic, slightly annoying but fun loving WWE Diva. "Yooooo..."
Both men says with big smiles on their face.

"Yo, yo, yo, yo, yoooooo Home Girl... you think you can take it to the hood?"
JTG asks as he licks his lips slightly.

Mickie scrunches her nose and raises an eyebrow for a moment as she bites
down on her bottom lip "Hmmmm..." Mickie presses her lips together as she
glances down and removes her hands from her rounded waist before she looks
up with and excited smile on her face and the loony Diva, Mickie James,
quickly and eagerly nods her head "Oh yes! Yes I can! You bet I can!"
Mickie quickly says as she slightly jumps up and down with excitement "I
can go to the hood! I betcha I can!"

Shad and JTG both exchange looks again and nod their heads at the same time,
and they both stand up from the table and take off their t-shirts to reveal
their hot, muscular upper bodies. "All right home girl... you're gonna go
down to the hood..." Shad says as he starts to unbuckle his big belt that is
holding up his jeans.

Mickie eagerly licks her lips as she watches JTG and Shad Gaspard as they
begin to remove their clothing "Oh boy! I wanna go! I really do!" Mickie
excitedly nods her head before she places her hands against her white tank
top before she quickly removes the white tank top from her body, exposing
her large, rounded and bouncy tits.

JTG licks his lips as he takes a long look at Mickie's large round, bouncy
tits that move with every movement the WWE Women's Champion makes. "Damn home
girl! Fuck... how much damn milk have you been drinkin'?!" JTG says as he
quickly undoes his belt and pulls it through the loops of his jeans.

Shad has removed his own belt and has also undone his jeans and is lowering
them, "Shit Dawg, I bet Mick has another diet to get like that..." Shad
laughs as he steps out of his jeans and now stands in front of Mickie
completely naked, and with his large black fourteen inch cock hanging between
his legs.

"Yeah! Probably a diet of dark meat... right Mickie?" JTG asks the
happily-psychotic WWE Diva as he removes his own jeans to free his long
thick thirteen inch long black shaft.

Mickie presses her lips together and nods her head "Oh you bet I do! I do! I
really do!" Mickie quickly and excitedly replies before the happily-psychotic
WWE Women's Champion lowers herself down onto her knees in front of JTG and
Shad Gaspard. Mickie reaches forward with her left hand and excitedly smiles
as she wraps her left hand around Shad's thick, hardening fourteen inch cock
and begins to stroke her hand eagerly against his cock at a quick pace while
JTG begins to push down his jeans.

"Awww yeah home girl... mmmm you know what to do with a big black dick..."
Shad moans as Mickie excitedly pumps her left hand up and down the length of
his now fully stiff black rod.

"Fuck... Dawg! She's gonna get some hard times..." JTG says as he gets out of
his jeans completely and quickly moves next to Shad so that Mickie can wrap
her right hand around his thirteen inch shaft.

Mickie smiles excitedly as she turns her head to glances up at JTG "Oh yeah!
I'm gonna to the best I can! I promise! I really REALLY DO!" Mickie excitedly
says as she wraps her right hand around JTG's hard black cock and begins to
smoothly and eagerly stroke his cock as she strokes Shad's black cock at a
similar quick and eager pace.

JTG laughs, "All right home girl... well show us a little somethin' and have
a piece of my big black dick...." JTG says as he does his version of a crotch
chop by thrusting his hips forward against Mickie's hand as she strokes his
meaty shaft.

Mickie presses her lips together and eagerly nods her head "Ok! Ok!" Mickie
quickly replies as the happily-psychotic Diva leans her head closer to JTG's
hard black cock as she continues to quickly stroke his cock before she
presses her soft, eager tongue against the head of JTG's black cock and
begins to circle her tongue around his cock as she continues to stroke Shad's
cock as well with her left hand, stroking his black rod at a quick, smooth

"Yo, yo, yo... home girl loves some black dick!" JTG moans as Mickie licks
the head of his big stiff dick as he thrusts his hips forward again, pushing
his shaft against Mickie's right hand and tongue.

"Shit homie, she's probably just gettin warmed up..." Shad replies as he puts
his hands on his powerful waist.

Mickie lifts her head away from JTG's cock for a moment and tightens the grip
of her right hand as she turns her head to face Shad's impressively large
black cock and lowers her head towards his cock. "Oh I am just getting warmed
up! I really am!" Mickie excitedly replies before she places her tongue
against the head of Shad's black cock and gently smacks her tongue against
the head of his cock while she guides her right hand down JTG's shaft and
takes his large ballsack into her hands and begins to massage his balls.

"Awww yeah... mmmm now that's the shit right there..." Shad moans as Mickie
James hits his rock hard black cock with her happily-psychotic tongue. Shad
puts a hand on top of Mickie's head and pushes her hair back as he watches
her coat the head of his cock with her saliva.

"Yo dawg... home girl's got a hold of some big nuts!" JTG laughs and licks
his lips as Mickie massages his black ballsack with her hand. Mickie closes
her eyes as she gently slides her tongue around the large head of Shad
Gaspard's black cock before she opens her mouth and lowers her head on his
massive black cock. The happily-psychotic Mickie James presses her lips
around his black shaft and begins to easily and eagerly bob her head on his
cook as she begins to suck on the cock of the tall and powerful member of
Cryme Tyme as she happily massages the large black ballsack of JTG, before
she begins to guide her right hand back up his smooth black shaft.

"Awwww... fuck dawg... Mick's got experience with a dick from the hood..."
Shad moans as Mickie bobs her head on his stiff black cock.

JTG nods, "Yo, homie... you think home girl can get me in there too? Cause
a real honey can handle two big black dicks at once..." JTG says with a
mischievous smirk on his face as Mickie turns her head from side to side
as she sucks on Shad's huge black cock.

Mickie opens her eyes and glances up at JTG as the loony Diva twists her head
on Shad's cock before picks her head up from Shad's cock causing her warm
saliva to drip down Shad's long, hard black shaft. Mickie presses her lips
together and eagerly nods her "Oh! Oh! I can! I know I can!" Mickie says with
an excitedly smile as she gently pulls JTG's black cock closer to the black
cock of his Cryme Tyme partner, Shad Gaspard.

"Awww yeah dawg... Mickie's gonna get to the hood now..." JTG laughs as he
and Shad Gaspard stand closer together so that the happily-psychotic diva has
both their cocks right in front of her rather large mouth. Mickie licks her
lips as she tosses back her soft brown hair before she opens her mouth and
lowers her head as she impressively takes the large black cocks of Cryme Tyme
into her warm, soothing mouth. Mickie gently presses her lips against Shad
and JTG's cock as the loony Women's Champion begins to slowly bob her head on
their black cocks as she gradually bobs her head at a eagerly-quicker speed.

"Mmmmm... ohhh shit homie... whew damn..." Shad Gaspard moans as Mickie bobs
her loony head up and down on both his and JTG's big black cocks and both men
start moving their hips back and forth, thrusting their meaty cocks in and
out of her mouth.

"Awww damn dawg... yo, yo, yo... she's a hood-honey for sure..." JTG moans
and licks his lips.

"Mmmm...mmmm...ohhh yeah..." Mickie moans around Shad and JTG's cock as
she impressively takes JTG and Shad's cocks deeper into her warm, wet and
psychotically- soothing mouth. Mickie's warm, wet saliva drips against JTG
and Shad's black cocks as they begin to grind against each other while
Mickie bobs her head at a decently quick rate.

"Awww... fuck... damn... yo homie... I bet she wants to get fucked right
about now..." JTG groans as he gradually starts to step back, while removing
his cock from Mickie's mouth. The wiry, tough, black stud leans against the
table as he says to Mickie, "Yo, yo, yo home girl... get those jeans off...
so you can ride my big black dick..." JTG says as Mickie continues to suck
on Shad's black cock.

Mickie slowly lifts her head off of Shad's cock and gently flicks her tongue
against the head of Shad's black cock "Awww...but I'm having fun!" Mickie
slightly pouts as she starts to circle her tongue once again on the head of
Shad's black cock.

Shad licks his lips, "Don't fret home girl... you get on JTG... and you can
suck my black dick some more..." Shad says with a slight moan.

Mickie lifts her head away from Shad's cock and presses her lips together
with an excited look on her face "Really! I can! I can really!?" Mickie asks
with her adorably loony eyes widened before she bites down on her bottom lip
and stands up. Mickie James unbuttons her tight-fitting jeans and pushes them
off of her rounded hips. As Mickie guides the jeans down her smooth, stunning
legs, her rounded and hot ass becomes exposed to the two fun-loving criminals
known as Cryme Tyme.

"Awww yeah... fuck... that is a white ghetto booty right there!" Shad says as
he moves to take a long look at Mickie's hot, juicy ass.

JTG laughs, "Yo, yo, yo, yo homie... You can tap her ass dawg..." JTG says
as he lays down on the floor of the catering area in front of the loony WWE
Women's Champion.

Mickie presses her lips together "Oh this is going to be soon fun! Oh it is!
I just know it!!!" Mickie excitedly says as she kneels down on the floor with
JTG and mounts her hot, loony body on top of JTG's hard, thick black cock and
lowers herself completely down on his cock "Ohhhh Geeee!" Mickie moans as she
places her hands against JTG's smooth, muscular black chest and begins to
wildly rock back and forth on JTG's cock.

"Awww yeah girl... that's good..." JTG moans as he Mickie begins to bounce
up and down on his big black cock with her usual overly-energetic style. JTG
puts his hands on Mickie's hips and starts to lift her up and down on his

The large, powerful Shad Gaspard then steps over JTG so that he's once again
in front of Mickie and he smirks, "Here ya go home girl..." Shad says as he
pushes his black cock into Mickie's open mouth.

"Mmmm...ohhhh...fuck yeah..." Mickie moans loudly as Shad's large, thick
black cock enters her warm, wet mouth once again. Mickie presses her lips
around his shaft and begins to eagerly bob her head along his shaft as she
sucks on his meaty cock while she starts to bounce and rock quicker JTG's
cock as she gently grinds her loony, hot body against his black cock.

"Mmmmm yeah home girl... take that black dick..." Shad moans as he grabs two
handfuls of Mickie's hair just as he starts pumping his large fat black cock
in and out of Mickie's warm wet mouth.

Underneath the loony Women's Champion, JTG is quickly pumping his cock upward
into Mickie's tight happily-psychotic pussy as she bounces and rocks on his
big stiff cock. "Ahhh fuck dawg... she ain't stoppin' for nothin'!" JTG

"Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm!" Mickie's excited moans bounce against Shad's hard black
cock as she quickly bobs her head against his meaty black cock, taking him
deeper into her saliva-dripping, eager mouth. The happily-psychotic Mickie
James twists her head on Shad's cock before she instantly deep throats his
entire black cock as she slams her hot, loony body down on JTG's black cock
as he thrusts his cock deeply into her pussy.

"Shit yea... fuck..." Shad grits his teeth and he pulls his large saliva
covered cock out of Mickie's mouth, "Home girl... I can't wait anymore...
gotta tap that big hot ass of yours..." Shad says to Mickie before he starts
to walk around to get behind her. He kneels down behind the loony Diva and
he pushes his entire black cock into Mickie's asshole as she rides JTG's
stiff black cock.

Mickie grits her teeth together as she feels Shad Gaspard enter her tight,
hot ass from behind as she glances over her shoulder with an eager smirk
"Ohh yeah! I love it in the ass! I really REALLY do!" Mickie moans as she
presses her lips together before she thrusts her body forward against JTG's
hard black cock as he thrusts his cock up into her pussy.

"All... hot hood honeys do..." JTG moans as he keeps his hands on Mickie's
round hips as he pumps his cock deeply up into Mickie's tight pussy.

Shad grits his teeth as he puts both of his strong black hands on Mickie's
shoulders as he slams his cock deep and hard into Mickie's asshole over and
over again. "Ohhhh yeah home girl... you got a nice big ass!" Shad groans as
his balls crash against Mickie's ass cheeks with everyone of his powerful
thrusts. Mickie tilts her head back as the happily-psychotic Diva begins to
sweat as her hot, crazy body rocks back and forth quickly in between to the
two black criminal studs of Cryme Tyme, Shad Gaspard and JTG, as her body
slams down hard on JTG's cock while her body is jerked back against Shad's

"Awww... ohhhh shit... yea... fuck home girl!" JTG moans and licks his lips
as he watches Mickie's large, round bouncy tits sway back and forth as she
slams down on his cock. "Ohhhh yo, yo, yo... poppin' a big... 40!" JTG moans
as he starts to cum inside of Mickie's tight hot pussy.

Shad keeps his hands on Mickie's shoulders as he drills her big, hot, juicy
ass with his dick. Shad uses all of his strength to slam his cock in and out
of her ass, "Ahhh mmmmm fuck Mick... I like big... butts... that are just so
damn FINE!" Shad grunts as he starts to cumming deep inside of Mickie James'
tight asshole.

Mickie presses her lips together as she tilts her head back feeling the
double assault of warm Cryme Tyme cum flood her pussy and asshole "Ohhhh
boy!" Mickie moans excitedly as sweat drips off of her body "I told you
I was able to go down to the hood! I did! I did!" Mickie excitedly nods
her head with a smile

"Yeah home girl you did all right..." Shad says with a big grin on his face
as he keeps his big black cum spent cock inside of Mickie's asshole.

JTG licks his teeth, as he puts his hands Mickie's round sweat covered tits,
"Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo... Mickie... you can do Cryme... and do the Tyme... so
you can get some hard times... any time..."

Mickie smiles excitedly "Really! I can! Oh boy I'm excited!" Mickie says as
she happily nods her head as she cutely bounces a bit while still on top of
JTG's cum-spent black cock.

"Yeah..." JTG laughs as Shad pulls his shaft out of Mickie's ass, "But, yo,
yo, yo, yo... listen... Seriously home girl... you need to chill and take
your meds..." JTG says with a smile.

Mickie scrunches her nose up and raises her eyebrow before she presses her
lips together and nods her head slightly "Oh! I'm like totally on my meds!"
Mickie says as she nods her head again "Yeah! I'm on my meds!" Mickie smiles
and nods her head again "Yeah! Yeah! That's why I'm so happy!"

JTG looks up at Shad, and both men have raised eyebrows and then they say
at the same time, "BAIL!" Shad pulls Mickie off of JTG, who jumps up to his
feet. Both men quickly grabs their clothing and hastily gets dressed before
running out of the catering area, leaving Mickie behind.

Mickie sits up on her knees as she places her hands on her hips as she
watches JTG and Shad Gaspard leave as quickly as they can from the
happily-psychotic, loony WWE Diva. Mickie frowns a bit and lowers her
head as she snaps her fingers "Shucks! I lose more guys that way..."


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