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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 4: Playboy Covergirl Blowing A "40"
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a RAW brand live event, the WWE's resident professional
criminals, JTG and Shad Gaspard are in the indoor parking garage of the
arena, and are by the long expensive black limo belonging to Vince McMahon's
Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman. Both men are dressed in black jeans
and black tank tops, except JTG is wearing a black baseball cap as he uses a
wire coat hanger to try and pop the lock of the limo's door. "Come on dawg
you almost got it..." Shad says as he leans against the side of the limo.

"Yo, yo, yo... shhhh homie... this takes careful ski-zills..." JTG says as
he manages to have the wire coat hanger catch the lock of the door in order
to unlock. JTG gets a big smile on his face, "Yo, yo, yo, yo, yoooooo... we
ourselves a big black ride..." JTG says as he opens the door.

"Awww yea... that's what I'm talking about homie..." Shad says as he high
fives his partner in crime.

"Yo... yo... we should take this and go get some hos... and take them down
to the hood..." JTG says as he gets into the drivers side of the car and
sets to work on starting to hot-wire it in order to start it.

"Yeah... damn... that's an off the hook plan right there..." Shad says with
a smirk before he looks around to see if they are going to be caught by
anyone, and he sees RAW's Candilicious diva and Playboy Covergirl getting out
of her rental and is looking right at both men. "Aww shit... yo dawg..." Shad
says as Candice starts to walk over to see what they are doing.

"What homie? I almost got it..." JTG says as he continues to work on
hot-wiring the limo.

"We got company..." Shad says as he smacks JTG's arm.

JTG turns his head and looks outside of the limo to see the hot GoDaddy
spokeswoman approach the limo with a curious look on her face. JTG quickly
gets out of the limo and smiles, "Yo, yo, yo, home girl... what's going on?"
JTG asks.

The stunning, Candilicious RAW Diva Candice Michelle presses her lips
together and raises her eyebrow "Ohh...the question...should be what's going
on with you two?" Candice asks with a slight seductive shriek in her voice.
Candice exchanges glances between Shad Gaspard and JTG with a soft, sultry
smirk before she glances over the luxury black limo belonging to the
Executive Assistant of RAW Jonathan Coachman. Candice places her hands on her
smooth, rounded hips as she dressed in short white skirt and a tight-fitting
white top, and she raises an eyebrow as the hot GoDaddy Girl and Playboy
Covergirl waits for a response from the residential criminals of RAW.

"Nothin' going on here home girl..." Shad says with an innocent looking smile
as he folds his massive arms over his chest.

"Yeah home girl... nothing is going on... we were... just checking something
out for our home boy Coach..." JTG says as he lies through his teeth as he
leans against the open driver's side door of the limo.

Candice bites down on her bottom lip as she slowly nods her head "Ohh...
cause it seemed like to me, you two were looking to get in a bit of
trouble..." Candice replies as the hot GoDaddy Girl tosses her soft, silky
dark brown hair back, while keeping her seductive eyes locked on JTG and
Shad as she slowly slides her wet, soft tongue against her lips as she
licks her Candilicious lips.

"Who us?" Shad says with a grin, "We ain't getting into any trouble..."

JTG nods his head and licks his lips, "Yeah... cause it ain't trouble till
ya get caught... and we ain't got caught yet...." JTG adds.

"Ohhh...well...I like to get into trouble..." Candice says with a slight
laugh before she slyly smirks "I love being a bad girl..." Candice says in
a soft, sly voice as the former Playboy Covergirl takes another step closer
to the black limo that Shad Gaspard and JTG were in the process of stealing
Jonathan Coachman's personal limo.

"Word?" Shad and JTG both says at the same time as Candice completes her
approach towards the limo and places her left hand on the smooth surface of
the vehicle. Being a man who thinks on his feet JTG snaps his fingers, "Yo,
yo, yo, yo, yo, yo... home girl... you wanna check out what's inside this
black beast?" JTG says as he smacks the roof of the limo with his right.

Candice presses her lips together and slyly raises her eyebrow "Mmmm...I
lovvvvvvve tooooo!" Candice replies with a slight shriek as she steps around
Shad Gaspard and takes a quick, but noticeable glance at the crotch of Shad's
black semi-baggy jeans before she lifts her head up and smirks at the
muscular, strong black stud of Cryme Tyme "I see you're packing a "40"
downstairs..." Candice says with a slight devilish laugh before the sly,
seductive Diva opens the far back down of the luxury limo and slides her hot
Candilicious body inside of the limo.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips as he walks towards the far back door of the
limo, "Oh I'm packing more than just a "40" home girl..." Shad says as he
gets into the back of the luxury limo.

JTG closes the driver's side door and he jogs to the far back door of the
limo, "Hey fly honey I packing something better than "40"..." JTG says as he
closes the door of the limo once he is inside and both members of Cryme Tyme
sit on the smooth leather seat on each side of Candice.

"Yo... home boy Coach rides in style..." Shad says as checks out in interior
of the limo.

"And they call up criminals... dawg that's fucked up..." JTG laughs.

Candice smirks as she glances to her left at JTG and then glances to her
right at Shad Gaspard as she licks her soft, pouty lips "Mmmm...I love to
ride in style too boys..." Candice replies as the hot GoDaddy Spokeswoman
presses her lips together and glances down at JTG's crotch "Ohhhh...I bet
you're packing a "40" too..." Candice shrugs her shoulders "It's too bad
that I'm...well you know...Too hot to handle..."

"Yo, yo, yo... home girl... no one ain't too hot to handle...." JTG says,
"Especially since we're packing some big heat..." JTG says as he grabs the
crotch of his jeans and jerks it a bit.

"Yeah home girl... ya wanna see what we're packing?" Shad asks as he removes
his black tank top to reveal his smooth muscular black chest before she can

"Homie, you know home girl wants to see what we got..." JTG says as he too
removes his tank top and both men toss their black tank tops towards the
front end of the luxury limo.

"Mmmm...ohhh...let the fun begin!" Candice playfully shrieks as she slides
her Candilicious body off of the smooth, leathered seat in the back of the
limo and kneels down on the floor of the limo in front of JTG and Shad
Gaspard shortly after they remove their black tank tops from their criminally
smooth, muscular upper bodies " that hot! And I know hot..."
Candice says with a proud smirks as she sits up on her knees more to lean
forward to place her soft, seductive hands against the smooth, stomach
stomachs of JTG and Shad Gaspard. The former Playboy Covergirl slowly moves
her left hand up from JTG's stomach to his chest as she gently slides her
right hand up Shad's upper body.

JTG licks his lips, 'Oh Home girl you haven't seen hot yet..." JTG says as he
unbuckles his belt, then unbuttons and unzips his jeans in order to push them
down from his waist to free his large thick black cock, which is already

Candice's soft, seductive eyes widen as she licks her lips and locks her
eyes on the sight of JTG's semi-hard long and thick black cock "Mmmm...that
is hot..." Candice softly moans as she gently wraps her left hand around
JTG's cock and begins to stroke his cock at a smooth, quick rate as she
lifts and lowers her left hand repeatedly on his hardening black shaft.
Candice glances over at Shad Gaspard while she stroke JTG's cock as she
watches Shad quickly unbuckle his belt to remove it from around his jeans
to that he can take off his black baggy jeans as well after watching the
quick, enjoyable treatment that his partner in crime's cock is receiving
from the stunning Candice Michelle.

"Damn... yo... I gotta get in on that right there..." Shad Gaspard says with
a smirk as he quickly removes his black jeans to free his own huge, black

"Yo, yo, yo, yo... mmmmm damn home girl is quick to get her hands on black
dick..." JTG laughs and moans as Candice pumps her left hand up and down on
his hard black cock.

Candice presses her lips together "Mmmm...well...I am very hands-on..."
Candice moans softly with a sly, adorable laugh as the Candilicious Diva
wraps her right hand around the shaft of the muscular, powerful criminal
known as Shad Gaspard and begins to smoothly stroke his cock with the same
rate and movements that she is stroking JTG's cock at. Candice tosses her
silky, soft dark hair back before she leans her head down and pulls Shad
and JTG's hard black cocks close to one another before she gently laps her
soft, wet tongue back and forth against the heads of JTG and Shad Gaspard's
black cocks.

"Word... I can see that home girl..." JTG says with a grin and sits back on
the leather seat of the limo as Candice takes a few moments to circle her
soft wet tongue around the head of his stiff black shaft.

"Damn dawg... home girl is smoking'..." Shad says as he feels Candice's right
hand move up and down his large, stiff black cock as he puts his hands behind
head. When Candice turns her head to face his cock, the large powerful black
stud groans as Candice slides her Candilicious tongue up and down the length
of his black dick.

Candice closes her eyes as she coats Shad's black hard shaft with her warm,
wet saliva as she gently slides her tongue up Shad's powerful and hard black
cock. Once Candice lifts her tongue to the head of Shad's black cock, she
flicks her tongue against the head of his cock before she pulls her head away
from his cock and turns back to JTG. Candice opens her lust-filled eyes and
smirks at the fun-loving criminal JTG " I too hot to handle?"
Candice asks in a soft, but sly voice before she opens her mouth and lowers
her head on JTG's cock as she wraps her lips around his hard, thick shaft and
begins to smoothly bob her head on his cock as she starts blowing his "40"
while she strokes her right hand quickly against Shad's black cock once

"Naw... you ain't too hot to handle home girl..." JTG says as he turns his
black baseball cap completely backwards and he moans in pleasure as Candice
bobs her head up and down on his stiff black shaft.

"Yo homie... I gotta tap her ass dawg..." Shad says as he frees his big black
pole from Candice's right hand and he pushes himself from the limo's leather
seat and he carefully maneuvers himself around Candice and kneels behind her
on the floor of the luxury limo. The large black stud raises Candice's short
white skirt up so that it's over her sexy hips and he licks his lips when he
sees that the WWE's 2006 Playboy Covergirl isn't wearing any panties. "Yo...
she loves trouble..." Shad says as he grips his black shaft and he presses it
right against Candice's asshole and pushes it in, catching her completely by
surprise as she sucks on JTG's dick.

"Mmmmmm...ohhh fuck" Candice groans as she slightly smirks around JTG's
shaft as slows down bobbing her head on his cock while Shad Gaspard pushes
his thick, hard black cock into her tight, hot asshole "Mmmm...too hot..."
Candice moans around JTG's cock before she starts to smoothly bob her head
on his cock once again while Shad starts to swiftly slam his cock in and out
of Candice's hot ass.

Shad firmly holds onto the sides of Candice's waist as he pumps his large
black cock in and out of Candice's hot tight ass. With each one of his
thrusts, the powerful black stud pushes more of shaft into her and soon
he's driving his cock balls deep into her. "Ahhh... yea... damn dawg...
her ass is all that..." Shad groans as he balls hit against Candice's hot

"Mmmmm... yo, yo, yo, yo... she knows how to blow a '40' like the home girls
from the hood..." JTG moans as he puts his right hand on Candice's head and
flips her soft hair back as Candice lowers her head down completely on his
meaty black cock.

Candice moans against JTG's cock as she presses her lips tighter around his
hard and thick black shaft as she quickly and smoothly bobs her head up and
down on his cock. "Mmmm...ohhhh I love being bad...." Candice manages to moan
around JTG's cock as the hot Candilicious Diva starts to smoothly deep throat
JTG's entire black cock as she pushes her hot, stunning body back against
Shad's thrusting cock into her asshole.

"Mmmm... ohhhh you're so... bad you're good home girl..." JTG moans and licks
his lips as he gets more comfortable on the leather seat of the limo.

Shad helps Candice move backward by pulling her every time he drives his
shaft forward, so that she feels every inch of his black shaft go deep into
her asshole. "Yo... dawg... you wanna take her down to the hood?" Shad grunts
as he pounds Candice's ass.

"Aww shit yeah homie..." JTG licks his lips and Shad responds by pulling his
large black dick out of the hot tight ass of RAW's Candice Michelle.

Candice lifts her head up from JTG's hard black cock as she glances over her
shoulder at Shad Gaspard after he pulls his powerful black cock out of her
tight asshole "Hey now...that wasn't hot..." Candice says with a sly smirk
as she keeps her lust-filled, devilish eyes locked on the muscular, powerful
Shad Gaspard as JTG scoots forward on the leather seats in the back of the
limo as his long, hard black cock drips of Candice's sweet, warm saliva.

"Hey home girl... don't fret... you're gonna get a trip to the hood..." JTG
says as he leans forward so that he can take hold of Candice's arms and pulls
her up onto his lap.

"Yo, yo dawg... makes sure she can get to blow my '40'..." Shad says with a

"Right homie... check it..." JTG says as he turns Candice around so that she
is facing away from him as she sits on his lap, but JTG's dick is not in her
hot Candilicious pussy until JTG lifts her up and lowers her down on to it.

Candice grits her teeth together as she grinds her hot Candilicious body
down on JTG's cock as she firmly sits on top of his black criminal cock
"Ohhhh yeah home... boy..." Candice moans as she begins to rock back and
forth against JTG's cock. Candice licks her lips as Shad Gaspard steps in
front of the beautiful, stunning former Playboy Covergirl with his hard
black cock directly in front of Candice's face "Mmmm... time to make
things hot..." Candice groans as she leans her body forward and opens her
mouth as she takes Shad's powerful black cock into her warm, wet mouth and
begins suck on Shad's "40" cock as she smoothly rocks her body on JTG's

"Mmmmm... awww yea home girl..." Shad Gaspard moans as he puts his hands on
Candice's head as she bobs her head on his large black cock as she rocks and
bounces on JTG's big stiff shaft.

"Mmmm whew... home girl's been taken trips to the hood before..." JTG says
as he puts his hands on Candice's sexy waist as he begins to thrusts his
shaft upward into her hot, tight pussy.

"Mmmm...mmmmm..." Candice moans around Shad's black cock as she gently
twists her head on Shad's cock while she quickly bobs her head, taking the
powerful, muscular Shad Gaspard's cock deeper into her hot, devilish mouth
as she gently taps her tongue against the underbelly of his black cock.
While Candice sucks on Shad's "40", she rocks her hot Candilicious body
back against JTG as she grinds her warm, wet pussy against his shaft as
she bounces and slams down harder on his cock.

Shad Gaspard leans his head back as the devilishly beautiful former Playboy
Covergirl sucks on his stiff black cock with more speed as she works her
tongue against the underside of his dick. "Awww... ohhh yeah home girl...
mmmm... ohhh damn..." Shad groans as he starts to cum inside of Candice's
warm mouth, giving the hot diva a mouthful of his '40's' warm juice. JTG
continues to thrust his shaft up into Candice's pussy as he leans back all
the way limo's leather seat so that he has more leverage to drive his big
black cock sharply into Candice's warm, wet Candilicious pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh that isn't too hot for me..." Candice moans after she lifts
her head up from Shad Gaspard's cock and after swallowing her his warm,
criminal cum, she licks her lips and turns to glances over her shoulder
at JTG "Still too hot for you?" Candice asks in a soft, sly voice as she
smoothly rocks her body back and forth on top of JTG's cock as he thrusts
up into her pussy deeply as she remains facing Shad Gaspard.

JTG licks his lips, "Nah home girl... ain't too hot for this home boy..."
JTG replies as he pumps his large cock up quicker and harder into Candice's

"Yo, dawg... she's straight from the hood..." Shad says as he gets his
clothes and gets dressed.

Candice closes her eyes and tilts her head back as she leans her hot
Candilicious body back against JTG's smooth, muscular black chest as she
grinds her pussy down against his cock "Ohhhhhh....ohhhh I'm too hot to
handle!!!!" Candice shrieks as she starts to cum against JTG's black cock
as sweat drips off of her hot, stunning body.

"Awww... ahhhh yea home girl... mmmmm fuck yea..." JTG moans as he feels
Candice's warm cum flow from her pussy all over his pistoning black cock.
The fast-thinking, quick-talking member of Cryme Tyme licks his lips and
starts to cum inside of Candice's warm wet and tight pussy. "Awww shit yea
home girl..." JTG groans.

Candice closes her eyes at tilts her head back as she feels the sudden rush
of JTG's cum into her pussy shortly after she cums "Ohhhh...ohhhh ahhhhhh!"
Candice shrieks.

"Mmmm damn girl... we gotta keep this going down in the hood..." JTG moans
as he finishes cumming inside of Candice's pussy.

Shad smirks, "Yo homie... leave that to me..." Shad says as he opens the
limo's back door and gets out of the limo and he closes it.

Candice presses her lips together as she rests her hot Candilicious body
against JTG "Mmmm...we better be going down to the hood..."

"We will home girl..." JTG says as he licks his lips, "Damn where did..."

Before JTG can finish what he's saying, the driver's side door of the limo
opens and Shad gets in the front seat. He looks back over the drivers seat
and smiles. "Yo... home boy's limo driver gave me the keys... we're heading
to the hood in style!"

JTG laughs as Shad starts up the limo, "Awwww yeah boy!"


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